The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1944
Page 6
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813 /Only Uj>ej cent of our oil goes to Ame'rtca'ifpassenjer cars. ' * -^T—~-^ Motor -v£hlcle mileage «'fis 8 per cent"higher in (he first ihiee monllis of 1844 than it was for the same 1943 period. Points On Beef Will Be Higher New OPA Revisions Will Be Effective Beginning Sunday WASHINGTON, June 29 <U.P.) —Beef will roach (lie .highest point level since rationing began next week. Etfecllve Sunday, mast rationed cuts ,of bee/ will require two .nddl- tlona.1 points. Ten-inch rib roasts nnd jriiuip roasts will be iooiensed one point. At the same time Jamb rons!."., eak-s and chops will be put ))tick on the ration Jlst. Rptlou ,vs)um will range from "7 to 10 points per pound, OPA chief Chester Bowles says the revisions arc necessary: to provide more uniform distribution of beef and lamb. The meat-bulter-cheese ration of 30 • jiolnts per person each four weeks will remain unchanged. Pork, veal and the cheaper cuts of Inmb and beef stilt will be point-free. Buller will be unchanged at 12 points a pound. And margarine will remain at two points. Ejofl cheeses, which have been ra- lion-frec during the past two weeks, will return to the ration chart at four points a pound. The only other announced OPA change is an increase In the point value of canned milk. Two points now are required for three one- K-iund cans. INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL 'V/VV BICCfK AW EGGS When >our pplleft ,are ready for egg production, a "' ' good^Egg Mash is v'rlal. INTERNATIONAL Egg Mash .contains en abundance of proteins, t.att, vitamins and miners so essential for a profitable .egg record. Feed your poetry this nutritious feed, blended to help hens lay up io their capacity. For .over 50 years, I.NJER- ' NATIONAL Mills have dovelpped a line of poultry feeds at modest prices, equal to the best Feeds offered on the American market. Feed INTERNATIONAL and raise your egg production. *" ASK FOR INTERMAtlQNAL KG MASH SEE YOUR DEALER TOBAY OVER 100 MILLION BAGS ALREADY •SOLD . THEY MUST BE GOOD jy '\* **** Listen To A Man of Action! OMER WHO HAS rfRFOJtHEI) A GREAT SERVICE AS GOVERNOR Opens His Campaign For The Senate TONIGHT THURSDAY Radio Station KOTN—Pine Bluff HELD—El Dorado KC.MC—fosarXana KFttC—Hot Springs KFPW-Fort Smith KtiTJI—Joncsboro KFFA—Helena P. M. « »«2 ? 6 PP " ' / '• "° Pa ' 9B | 1 PPrVOi , to >ig er OS6 With the citizens ' the .JUis.ten in tonight HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Ogltsby .As 7>,ld Tp Menno Puerksen Ten Days On The' Grinder' JV One thing Hint stands .out .most viv.Wly iu .my .....,..„., from that, twining pewd is the pack drills. Pack .drills wore an institution jn the British Army, something reserved /or punishment. If a man broke n rule or did anything .that clu- maiulod punishment he was sentenced to so many days at pack drill. This meant he had to put on every ounce of equipment lie had, 72 pounds of it, and -then he was put through parade ground drill 'for an hour on Ihe .double, or twice the usual speed- Anytime a man muffed .an order it meant more time. Jf he muffed them bad enough a block of concrete would be loaded atop his pack. A prick drill under a hot sun could almost kill a man who wasn't all man. H was also n great Institution for*—— old timers to conspire agnlnsl a newcomer or n man lliey suspcclccl ol being a sofly, lo get him into some sort of jam EO he would get a pack drill sentence. And them, If lliey succeeded, lliey would break n rule at the same lime lo gel n serve drill w 11 h Some of and soldiers were glad to take punishment !or the enjoyment of seeing .fellow .they con- pansy under er," (drill ground) was enough for me. r resolved never again. l . remember llial for Christmas I drew another Icnvc, but gave Hint oiic : up loo, to a boy who hadn't. received -one . mid- who was yery anxious lo sec his mother, ChrisU mas' night 1 stood guard, my first guard duty with the British Army. Arid .while w.alkliig my .dark, .Rio?my -post .that night I remembered lhat 11 was just exactly 15 years before, on .anolhcr Christmas night, T had walked my flr,sl guard duly w.H>i ' .Ihe .United Stp.les Army al Port Crook, Neb., ns un Amcric.dn soldier. New Year.'s Day Xouiyi us shipped to Brighton to Ink'o up a defensive posltloii on the coast in nntlclpfllion of a possible. Qermnu Here my 'outfit was sad- pcriencc wilh pack drills. We liad jxisl come hi from a :iard Ihrcc-hour march and I was almost dead from fatigue, Jylng on iiy lied resllng. My sergeant, n ough, overbearing fellow, came iroiind nnd ordered me to lake ny shoes off for foot inspection after the hike. T liad been bccotn- ng resentful of this sergeant's imimer /or some llinc, so I rcf.used .o obey. He ordered me tuken to llic comnifliidlng .officer. "On The Carpel" Om- commanding officer nt this .ime svns Major Willis, .who died a Hero's .death til Dieppe. When lie wkcd me to state niy case I lold him I had nothing' lo say t that I Bullly and ready for my pun-^ Ishmenl. The sergeant thoii slated • his case. Major Willis looked up' my record licforc- saying anything further. Then he said, "You have disobeyed a direct order from your 1 superior, which Is a court martial^ offense. Do you wish to take iny. punishment or do you want the I court martial?" , "I'll tftke your punishment," I said. "You were scheduled lo go on lenve Monday, he replied, -''but instead you are goirfg to gel 10 days of pack drill ami : will be confined to your quarters." II WHS .my birthday and I was feeling prelly cocky, despite Ihe iliack .drill sentence, so after I had been marched put of the major's office by Ihe guards, I .asked lo be marched back In .again. I knew there was n rule against increasing a sentence once It had been passed and I wanted to have a little f« n - Major Willis looked up at me In surprise, nnd asked what I wanted this time. "Sir, I snld, "It is my birthday nn ( | it is going to be a' hard day for me under pack drill. I would like lo have a cigar." 1 Gel Tho Cignr Al first the major's face began to cloud up but then h e changed his mind and laughed. He asked what kind of cigar I liked. I lold him I wanted one like Winston Churchill smoked. He offered me the price of n corona, but I refused, sayiug I would .consider It nn honor If he would bring me rt cigar' And sure enough he showed up later on the drill ground, bringing me that cigar. But that 10 days on .llic "gr fnd - ly dis.appolnte.d to .fln,d were npl considered weH' ,we ( enough orgau.lzed and equipped to fill Uie position nnd we spent our time al Brighton dojng gunr.d .^ind .kitchen dyty, .Our 'spot was .Tilled by an- otlier battalion with a full quota of ,cjiri')ers .and .w.ith .m.ore lra,ln- ton In the kllchcn washing pols and puns, nnd I caught the flu. I knew m v outfit wjis ,dtte to be shipped back lo Aldershol. for' fur(her (raining and ; became /earful that If l was sent lo the hospital, J would never get lo rejoin) my outfit, but would be reassigned. Reassignment w a.s .one o/ Jhe biggest dreads among soldiers who had buddlcd and trained together so I decided,Dot, to report niy'illness. I thought It would be over in a few days, pm i jjnid 'tor this stubborn foolishness. Ordered on March When my outfit boarded Ihe buses to go back lo Aldershol I was running a high fever and by Ihe lime we arrived I was so stiff I could hardly get, off the bus. I did manage lo get lo the barracks <-.._ sl»y wllh my outfit too, but three days Inter .when we got, orders lo do an ciKlurance march In which we were required to do 10 miles in an hour and a half, fire on liic rorujo after arriving at our destination, and then return, l began to pay. H was cold and rainy when we started out. My fever wns running up again, hul I determined to curry on. Afler carrying our 12 l.-omid pack those 10 nillcs we hatl to lay down in the mud to do our /irlng. Every man's teeth were clmuerlng and I fell as though I IVM dying. Somehow .1 lived through il and made II back to the barracks. The next mprnlng I was so 111 I couldn't, get out of: bed, for my legs had 'drawn up with the cramps. Ci\pt. McCortcll came around to see what was up. First he gave me f sound scolding and then lie sent for Ihe medical officer. By (.his lime I felt that I would have lo go thrpugli 4 my stubbornness, so I told Die medical officer • I thought I would be all right If he ivojild ' just leave me Jn bed a few days. He decided lo leave -me there.. And I rcnlly did think a day or •two would fix me up.'instead,Hay in bed 15 .days. Capt. McCorkcil caine by e.v.cry morning to see me and the boys'.were all swell'to inc. Sometimes the pain would become — terrific from (lie finmps' that some of the boys ha,d .to slay .with and the Ark. Network ^BROADCAST 10 P. M. over KL11A—LUlle Pock •KTHS—Hot Springs U-JU30 A. M. Friday Over KUOA, Silosm Springs no needless encfooch- tires in thefurther- , .and with the the state, he pressure upon HOMER ADKINS CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE I spent .my .full .time .at .Brigh- for Travelers in Wartime r ;-j|-'. for advance'ainfqrmation about the best use of transportation today Take a minute to call Greyhound for full information before you take a trip—you'll avoid possible disappointment and help wartime transportation: It pays to find out about schedules and fares in advance and to learn what .departure times are best for you—when the most seats are available., Greyhound Bus Terminal 103 i\. Fifth GREYHOUND CORRECT My statement in the Courier News of June 2Gtli regarding maiden .voters was in error. It should have read : "Any citizen attaining the age of 21 years after April 10, 1942, is entitled to vote in the coming election without a poll tax receipt, whether he or she is in the armed forces or not." There Is No Mistake about FIGHTING FIFTH WAR BONDS being the WORLD'S BEST BUY! Or That R. B. (Skeet) STOUT Is The MAN For TREASURER me to keep massaging my legs. Once I almpj-t killed myself by taking 17 aspirin tablets all at once, trying to kill the pain. I probably wouldn't have had the courage to stick it out without going to the hospital if it hadn't been for Capt. McCorkell's scolding and Sgl. Stevenson, a medical orderly who kept accusing jne of "bloojin," (British slang for soldiering on the job.)' Set. Stevenson was the man who later saved my life at Dieppe. TOMORROW: British spirit Airman From Luxor/a Is Awarded Air Medal LUXORA, June 29 — The Air Medal IV.TS recently awarded to Tech, Sorgt. Laccy D, Towcll, who Is serving with the 15th Army Air Force In Italy, In ceremonies at his Italian base. Sergeant Towcll, son of Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Tpwell of Route \, LUX- ora, won the medal for "meritorious achievement In aerial flight while participating In sustained operational action against the enemy." Recently promoted from the rank of stalf Eorgeant, .the Luxora 5,0!- dJcr Is a radio gunner with a p-21 Liberator. Hn js a J941 graduate of Burdette High School and! prior to his enlistment Jn September, 1942, he vfts a sl.ude.ixt pn(l farmer. lie received ills Army technical twining at SJpux Pjills, ipwa, Radio School piifl Las Vegas, Nev., Gunnery School. Read Courier Newp W«nt Ads. MEMBER OF SKLECT A LOT IN BEAUTIFUI, ^SSM MEMORIAL PARK. V|5lHECTORS/|?IL terms On Family Cemetery Lots ^"»G^^>}5 HOLT FUNERAL HOME IBERVIUO NATION-WIDE Fhone .571 for Details 1^' WEDDING FLOWERS Our expert .florists will handle decorntlons for weddings, parties and other occasions. Call us for an'.estimate. T J«FLOWERSHOP F.T.I). Service '" We Deliver Anywhere P'i. 491 Mrs. J. SI. (Mac) Williams, owner Glencoc Hldg. Little Rock Sportsman Drowns While fishing L1TTU3 FICCK, June 29 (UP) ~ Tom C. Laloiide of Little Rock drowned when a rowboat from which he was fishing with two companions capsized in the Jake above Nlmrod Dnni. C. B. Cowan of Little rtpck says the boat was nl-.iut 100 yards from' shore when .it began to ship water'. " nnd cajisized in deep water Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today Romance In ' the living 8'oove as^ » Flying Tlget cuts *T. up with the cutest chick in townl ' ""* ~J»KS3£a^ *&> [ROBERT BENCH LEY ROBEII mn. wmm i tmrn-nrnmuttm IFREDDIE SLACKO.JORCHESTRS' News of the Day Short Pepsi-Coin Company. Long Island fit y, N. ¥. 1 ranchisfid Bottler! Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of .BlythevUk Friday and Saturday 'Sunset Serenade 7 with Roy Rogers & .George (Cabby) Hayes SERIAL:."King of tile Mo.un.lics" Short KMETAILSTOREHO OPEN Every Morning at 8:30 CLOSE Wednesday & Sunday at 12:30 CLOSE Saturday Night at 11 o'clock CLOSE other evenings at 6:30 WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY THE 4th SPECIALTHIS WEEKEND Fresh Cocoanut Layer Cokes 590 Hart'sBakery B/ythevif/e Owned, Employing Blytheville People

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