The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, MA11CH 2, 1931 JBLYTnEVfLLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEffS CLASSIFIED ADS T\vo cents a word, /or first, li'-scrlion and one • cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement latcn for less than We. Count the words and Bend the cash. Phone 306 PAGE SEVEN FOH SALE FOR SALE—liaby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blj'toeville. 20-CK-TF TOR SALE—Alfalfa and timothy buy In car load lots or less, W. II. Werner, Canalou, Mo. 27P-K13 I-'OR SALE—Kir and snapped yellow corn. W. T. Rlley, Now Madrid. Mo. 2'IP-KV Eleven (11) cast, ai'.J accretions thereto. Such sale will be made subject to n puor deed of trust In favor of the St. Louis Joint Stock Land Bonk in tlie original principal sum of Seventy-five Hundred and no- ICOths Dollars ($7500.00), and with the understanding that nil taxes ond special assessments which become duo or have become due on or before the date of sale will be paid out of the purchase money, ud the purchaser will be re- uired to execute bond with ap- roved security to secure the pay- cut of Hie purchase price and lien will be retained upon the nrt as additional security. VITNESS my hand 'as such Commissioner and the seal of said courl this 23rd day of February, 1931. Seal) R. L. GAINKS, Commissioner. ecil Shane, Solicitor for Plaintiff. 23-2 brown gravy, ma.shed ixHtiioes. car- ' from n plain omelet aj:d sheuld 1)3 rets iu orr.ngc sauce, griip2 inilt ;serv?d with a SAIK'C £-.ieh as tcxm- r.nd rablasc s.ilad, coco.iiiut c pie, milk, coftce. rcinijto. mushroom. medium white o: cheese a.u:i-c. EKSS arc cheaper tills spring than they have been for many years, so it behooves the economical housewife to malic use of thr-in in uny tables|xx>iis Hour, a ways. FOH SALE—Trees and shrubbery. Htasunablc. Will plant and guarantee to grow. W. S. Lungdon Highway 61. 27C-TP FOH SALE—White rock cockerels. Mis. Euscne UickcrEon, I'lion? 1507-F-3. 28C-K5 WILL TAKE CAB as down payment on ten acres on hijhwny ^iious? and barn. Box 127, Bly- tucviile. 2P-K5 "OH KENT FOR RENT—Furnished room wit I 1 bath and furnace heat. NO. 1110 Chickasawba Avc., Phone No. C45 FOR RENT, - - Bedroom, private bath, close' in. Phone 785J. Mrs Be!!c M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR KENT—Bed room, 110 Dougai Phone 200. 2CP-K: WANTED WANTED — House-keeper. Appl Frisco Rooms, opposite Prise Station. ' 27P-K POULTRY WANTED — Markc prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad fit.. WES of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phon 6-1. • 24C-T WANTED — Family Washing: Washed and ironed by compe lent white woman. Mrs. Browi 70-t S. Lake St. 17CK-T, POULTRY WANTED—Market pr ces. any quantity. Marilyn Ha 1 chery, 210 S. Fourth St. QC-T WANTED—Salesman with car. Mr. Wood, No. «0 N. Fifth. 2P-K SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN SoiilTU- Six ei;ss. 3 (ablespajns butter. 3 cups mil milk, teaspoon white 1 tcaspjon salt. BOARDING HOUSE lend themselves to almost i iny course in a meal. Sttilfed with | Cream butler and b.Mt In flour. >icjuniii delicacies, tl:ey iinke. u When pertcctly bl?nded, slowly ucld tempting hors d'oouvie; rantinei, milk, stlnlna caiismiuiy. Cuok ovor with cheese, they furnish a worth | hot wuter until mixture tiitck.nis. white main dish; as a garnish or : Remove from heat and ndcl yolks c£ in jelly, (hey do much for a fatad; : eggs teateii until thick nnd lemon ar.d in custards r.nd Cronus ttey i coloied. Add sail ar.d vvpyn provide ncuiishmg desv.Tis. -told in v:hil?s of e.,-js beaten \V!:en a cusianl is n-rved f or l|Jli»tier iiiull silll nnc^dry. Turn lu- dcssert, keep in mind th:it ti !'02:l-' tu a bum-rod baking i!ish or but- ly iiiiioinit of protein is Eur>;>l»e:1., tc '-' cc! melds mid place In n pan of hot w;U3r. in n moderate even unt:l firm to the touch. Do nut la winer boll w'.ule the souffle is baking. II will thirty-five minutes. Ibrd cocked eggs and rcoms serve.! in n tran ::u!;e an csc'-'lloiit substitute for chicken n la kin; for a party I.UNi'lIKOM-lk-cJ broth earrot ti'.imjilinns. apple sauce, molasses ttioktcs. milk. t<jn. Dlr^MLK—Pork chops and apples en MiM-rule. seullopcrt poUUv's. butlercil cauliflower, pear and po.i- nul butler salad, ptne.ipple nnd dnlo pHMiiiK, milk, colfee. By Ahem) ;j •Rierff, BV SISTER AIARY With fashions more •'leminir.e' hail they have been in year*, many t woman is longing for a sugges- and plan tlie res! covdingiy. The locd value at c;;^ Is lilnli. They are a rich source c;f vitr.:iiln A. and the vitamin D which Is found principally in cc:i-Hv3r oi! h present in t!i? egi; yolk in a ccn- siderab'.o aino-.v.ic. iv./ di'.r.n- slzed efjg. \vei',;hing abDut tuo un;l one-half ounces in the shell sup- ' luncheon. plies 70 calories—25 protein nnd j Ejga a la Benedict, are always 45 fat. : prpiilar r.nd cisy to prepare. A i j iUlr Althcujh C£y> centjin most of; split and toasted Enjlish innfllM i y li1v the too<l elements needed by U'.v.'.forms ilu !ou»datio'.\ for this disli. | j u j'y body for Us ,deve'.o;n,i3:it, never- On each mufTin Is placed a slice of theless they liiust be properly cc:m- ^coSd bci'i-:! imn snutcd in butt'-r. Oil billed v;Uh other fcxxls. A diet- of. this Is plnced a "drcpped" or p:s?.ch- mllk, eggs, kafy vegetables andjcd eg;; ar.d a cre.'.m cereals is ;I!:ROSI perfect in tilance jinlsce b pjuret! ever the uv.ole. ei emrgy value, vitamin LOST AND FOUND I^CoT—Letton, papers and poli- i cics New York Life from car, Saturday night.- Ifindcr return• to Louis (Cherry. -. •'- '»..• i .2P,-K5 PERSONAL Pavinj Districts 2 and 3 The Tax Books will close in very short time. Thereafter the penalties and other costs will ndd W.'c to your tax. Yon can see the advantage in paying nov,-. C. J. EVRARD. 27C-K13 NOTICE 'OF COMMFSSIONEK'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as Commissioner of the ChKncery Court for the Chickasawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under and by authority or the decree rendered on tlie 23rd day of February, 1931, in a cause pendin; in said court n-licrciu ^^. O. Usrcy was plaintiff snd R. -E. Jones and otheis were defendants, will, 0:1 the 5th ciay o! .March, 1D31, at the co'.irc house in ion of a curve or a dimple. The person who has kept herself slender by means of restricted dieti.u; ran add Jier iwunds as she will, but he girl who l.s just naturally Wj :hin has a diiTercnt problrm. Underweigiit is seldom wholly a natter of diet, although the other causes usually go hand in hand with faulty fcod habits of sonic sort. The person who is undenveislu from some obscure physical cause, mental conflict, or overwork faces different problem than the one who is thin because of faulty food habits. The underweight who has no appetite Ehould select foods which will stimulate a desire for food. Lack of appetite oncl small consumption of fco3 itsuatiy goes with small stomacil capacity. As : the appetite increases and the amount of food eaten each meal increases the capacity of the stomach foi' fcod increases with ths inevitable reaction of a natural'dcsire for food. In other words Hie first thing the too-thin person must do is to actually stretch her stomach. Maybe Sleep Is Xrrtled The person who is thin due to an inordinate amount of activity in proportion to his physical ability to hold food enough to maintain the activity and at the same time gain In weight must increase his sleep -rest periods., iThen. there ore the underweights wbQ.4jjfre-.-Chc appetite and the de ( ' sire' to gain but'wHo do not 'eat thy right-foods. Milk, which is'so yal- as a food, can\ be taken in niany forms—hot, cold, v>1th ncidfd cream or milk, sugar, or both, in cocoa nnd chocolate, in custards sherbets and ice creams and buttermilk ar.d is one of llie easiest foods to add to the diet. The following suggestions nre specific and will form a working basis for those undent-eights whom trie dietician can help. Fruits and fruit juice.', suctulent vegetables, yeast breads and meat broths stimulate the appetite. Tiies; foods a perfect elimination. which is essential for gcod health before a gaining diet can be considered. Plenty of good, wholesome food normally required by everybody must be supplied before adains the and ash constituents. BBS ioalllc Is a. delicious change Biytheviile, offer for highest bidder, upon to the a credit of three months, the folio™;; dc- fcribed real estate located in sai District and County. lo-»lt: Fractional Northwest Quarier (NW!1) north of Bayou in Section Thirty-three (331, Township Sixteen (16) r.orth, Ran;c so-called "fattening" foods. use of weight -E FAY O.DAVIS 1'Jione -111 Conls Rc'lincd— Dresses Remodeled— Everything- Cleaned. KE-NU CI.KANERS riiouc us Local and lon^ distance haalin?. Special rates mi carload lols. Team for local haulin». V. n. \VASHA5t TRANSFER 1100 criickasnivKi I'hnnc 851 JACK nEUt Radiator Expert, if ncv,- v:itli us. New nnd Vised Radiators For All Cars Jackson Aiilo Parts 20.10 W. Main—Phone GO HAY Ono talc or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 8Ec u;i •Shuck e!'. Me tier Uu., in car lets. Cotlon S(.if« Sales Co., Inc. Blythcvlllc, AvS. Phone 174 or LD 180G. foods alone might do inor; harm than good. This general menu fcr a day should be kept in mind. nrcakfast^-Fruit, cereal with sugar and cream, eggs, toast or o'i:er brcati stuff with butu-r, milk, or coffee. Lunchco-i Cream vegetable soap, croutons, fresh fruit cr vegetable salad, bread or roils with butter, dessert made of milk and eggs served vatli .cream, tea. Dinner--Bouillon, meat, potato, ccokcd vegetable, raw vegctnblc or . salad, bread nnd batter, dessert. Alter this diet has been provided, the reinforcements can to brought iu. Mid-iv.oruing ana mid! afternoon lunches are rui easy way to increase the fcod intake. A n!cis? of milk or eges tier; just tefor; going to bed is often effective. However, hi the zeal to add fats and carbohydrates to one's diet. Scare must be taken ti proven:; istomach upsets. One ct the saks! '. ways to add tats is in the season- i ins of vugsta!>!:s. serving cream with the breakfast cereal, dcssorts which combine f rram with | f:uit, and usiiiT extra brepd and butter. Milk au:i cc;s are fattening and. if plenty of frrsli ve tables :in:l fniiis arc used, can u t -1 included in a R.iiniic diet in abun- dimce. A miart of milk a day in place of the usual p:nt Icr an;. an extra cgs. salted nuts, a piece ;of candy after luncheon or dinner, en extra pal of butter at each meal, liic-s together with larger propor- ticns of food generally will about an appreciable gain in wei^:: ]for the too-thin person. - Gentle exercise in the fresh air j airj plenty cf sleep will insure i healthy flesh ur.tlor a clear cr-m- [plcxicn if the background o! a cor- jrcct dint has been furnished. I Daily .Menu I BREAKFAST-Oiangi; juier. ce- Ireal. cream, creamod fis'.i on : toast, milk, coffee. i LUNCHEON—Asparagus iu ram- jltlns, bran and raiiin bread, nil'] lOnrt date pudriiiiij with whipped 1 j cream, milk, lea. I DINNER-Pot roast of beef \vitr, •££/ \ ...-JAR-tfp Asew-r FOR te wew wrtofe-viKo RACKET V Ptl-f -fH 1 LlJG oM UISTSD (M BOOK cnV TOR #100 To WRITE Voii UP } x Tl( 1 Book f ~~ I iT'WASHiVTri 1 OTFICIAU "BOCsK QF Slt-V/ER'^PUArreP StlCiTS —— VOLJ MtlSCCE IM ,0*i THAT QtJ£ ,' WAS 3"Lj3T-Io GET A .-,•-••=• -< LOT OFTE^ CEWT %^'^ WAMttS AM IMPORTANT LOOKI.MO OF -Trie T>EoPLfi Wrlo WERE -7b BE WlTr) A OF BIO NAMES; -file BOOK -TllERE "To THE rioUO"R OF New York Cotton New Of} cans Co I ion NKW ORLEANS. Mnr. a lUP) — Cottc:i dosed steady. 0]>cn hkh low 1120 11M 1108 11-1 ; MM 10B WO 1107 1107 121-2 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 5 - ' ' : OH'SVEI,L- Check This List For the Man Whose Property is in Need of Attention BECAUSE 1. New building is not active. 2. Prices are clown 25 to 30 percent under last year. Cuplio.irrts Dcora Garage walks Or driveways Nrw floors over old llooflii? >alnt . Screens or scrrcn iloors or recover side \valls New 1 front entrance Windows <T frames New trim I'arf ill oils Enclose porch looking for work. BUILD-NOW Use Our Helpful ervice and £->bO SOSfe uwcy \MILL e£ RVSWT? E&AL SOHS PCC.ULf. FAT.OfF. C'.BJI DY htA SCTV1CE. irlC. T6v.M, TneV 6CT£ff TrtF. CAf 13 .

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