The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1949
Page 7
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.'•I WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 194!? ni.YTTlKVII.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NRWS PAGE SEVFW 21 Dyess Seniors See Historic Points in Ten Eastern States While Making Educational Tour Twent-ono seniors, sponsored by Mr. mid Mrs. U K. Oeden, Louise Oircstman, and Everett Grist, returned to D.vcss Monday, nfler a 15-day |k{our which look them lo Washington. D. C.. New York City, Hie Natural Bridge, Mammoth Cave, and other of historic points in 10 Eastern Stales. Chattanooga, Term., was the des- + (Illation for (lie first (lay's trip and ihc> parly visited Lookout Mo'.l'.Uin and Rock City. After spending the second night at Ashevllle, in North Carolina, the group attended tlie program ol "Creation" al Natural Bridge, Virginia, on the third night oul. Washington, B.C., was reached tlie next day by way of MonticeMo. Hot Springs Joins 'Churches Arrange Mammoth Parade State Competition To Herald Start of Bible Schools To Get Industries Harrison High School Awards Diplomas to 21 Thomas Jefferson's doorway, which thr street car companies copied seemed to get the chiel attention there. See Senators In Action HiRhliBlUs ill Washington, D.C., nnd vicinity were: Washington's Monument, the Tomh of Ihe Un- Itnown Soldier, Bureau of Printing and KngravinK, tlie. Capitol, (where the group saw the Senate in session', Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, Ml. Vcrnon. Christ's Church at Alexandria, iSVhere Washington and Lee worshiped >, and the Franciscan Monastery. An all-day tour city by Gray things .of interest as: a i.onr of NBC Studios, where an explanation Jyot how broadcasts by radio and V television are given: St. John's Divine Cathcdcral, which will be the Graduation exercises for the Richard B. Harrison High School LHTLK FfOCK. May 25—ifl'p Hot Springs lias Joined the spirited Arkansas competition for industry. Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce Manager Jack Nelson told the Arkansas Development Conference here yesterday that Ihe resort city, for the first time in liis history, Is Koins after new Industries. Hc|)f>ili)lK that plans Iniw brett made to raise S1SO.OOO for atlrncl- IUR industry to Hot Springs and Garland County, he warned: "The rest ot you had better get up on your toes. We're going to .«how y<ui how to get Indti.strv." Nelson deplored the si/e ol (lie stale appropriation for advertising. He said the Hot Sprlnus Children from l!l\(hcvilK> Clnirrh. i-s Saturday, will Jii-JiiUl I lie Dally vnrnllon Hihle M-lmuh which me lo stall next Mundny tn nu> the Churches, with n uarad 1V1VIIHIM O. IltllllaUil I11KU OtiJ^JMl , t , , t _ • '^ Senior class will be helrt Thursday j Ch T "' Camm "^ *\»"** '>« ^ci^rch' &M££ i"^-1»"S-««r .^Kr^r K «lve CT iptoi,.T. lh " ' 1^ Pl " >liCltS ' '»•"«»'-<» ">r » The |muule Is sp<m:;mrd by the mythcvUlo Minister in 1 Allium-i- in fonjuLifthin wflh the lllythpvlllc "Y" 's bicycle jmrntli'. Special fedtui t's oT Ihe pur n dr 1 j will be n police c.M'cnt, fin- depiut- ! niinit trunks, (lie limit School lli\n, i nnd cms mid t nicks filled will) 1 children bplwcen (ho approximate i R%C of font 1 mid lt>. I Bible .Si'liimls will n|icn Mondny HI thi? First Uapli.fl. KiiM Mcllmd- 1st. Fii-M l>resl)ylei-lnn. First Olirlst- inn. Ciilvnry mid l.uke Slirr[ Ol Hitches, but children ft Din Ihe I*'u! I Ctnspp] TJI her uncle, HIP Nii74irenc Chinch nnd A.ssrmUly of f'rod nro cxnecled to participate In the puriidc. iillhiniKh the M-hools _ for ihuse churches will no! sian of \ Mtmday. The youngsters will ill 1he 1'lrst Melhod Ihe parade, which will si art nl 9;;«1 .Siilurday miiinini:. The routs of Hie parade from Ihei e will lake the children norlh In Walnut I-ilrcet. and on Walnut et,sl to Franklin, aiul south lo Cherry.! and on Cherry -Street east to l.iikej Htioet. Al l.uke Sheet Ihe piuiide! will be roulcil norlh lo Main and I emit lime to '21st Street, then norlh to C'liic'kusiiwbii. nnd back lo the point ot bcginlng. Transportation will he furnished for all children no! riding ble.ydcv Au estimated SOI) will paillclpale In the pnrudc. Shields KdvvLuds. Mix H. A. Jfli\r.i mid Mis, II. O. Purllnw, Mothers nssiMlnu Mrs. Kulhiyn Wood, 1-unnP Iriu'llCT, \\TLC: Mis. l';iul .lobe, Mrs. 'J', 1. youy, juirt Mrs. Hindld Sudbury. Mrs. I.illlun Knxnk, Omnl tent-lux wn-i ii.-islstcd by Mrs. W. 15. Corjh. Mis. nyrtm Null. Mix Miifih WhU- Kltl, Mr.s. R. 1;. Drrtmun nnd Mis. J. W, Adorns, Miss Minnie Koslcr, Yin Inn lou- The city of Troy, In A*U said to have been named for King 'I'lons, wax In existence bclort ISM B.C. It was renamed Ilium *bo<* 1214 B.C. Rev. J. A. McDiiniel, executive secretary of the Memphis Branch Urban League, will deliver the cla.s.s theme. Max B. addre.w, choosing a* his "Democracy, My Heritage.' Reid, pre.sirtcnt of the BlythevUlr School Board, will present the diplomas and awards. Special musical selections \vill be presented ru- the c horn I club, who will sing, "Build Thee More Stately Mansions" nnd of New York I the senior boys will sitig, Lines included such "Stout-hearted Men," Members of the graduating c! nre Charles Lcmy Harr, Abner Branch Jr., Ollie May Galloway, Melvln James Campbell. Kdwavrl Fowler. Mattie Lee Fowler, Leolhu Arceliu.s Hampton, I re John- COURIER laiBest o! Golllic dcsifin In Ihe world when finished, la period of 55 years has already been used in construction): lunch at the Rcstiuiraiu Down Under al Rockefeller Center: Madison Square Garden; Columbia University: Brooklyn Bridge; all Ihe way to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building; a walk through Chinatown; the Bowery: Harlem, where '(50.0(10 Negroes live; the Litile church Around the Cor- bcen performed since fearl Harbor; been performed since Perl Harbor; Macy's. tlie largest department store In the world; and a trip to Bcri- loe Island to thr top of the Statue of Liberty. For entertainment the group nad tickets to the Cavalcade of America broadcast, starring Ginger Rogers; and attended a show at Radio City Music Hatl. where the largest stage in the world of theaters exists. Visit Gettysburg Battlefield Leaving New York on May 18. the party roamed the Gettysburg battle- Held Wednesday evening. Thursday night the group was guests of the seniors at Buckhannon, West Vir' ginia. at their senior play, "The Sunshine Twins." Morehcad, Ky., juniors and seniors entertaind the Dyess boys and girls Friday. May 20. with a weiner roast in their local park. Arriving at Mammoth Cave In Kentucky Saturday, the group enjoyed the all-day tour of Mammoth -. on Sunday. Supt. Lowell K. Ogden stated that he believes any high school graduate will be a more appreciative citizen and far more sensitive to the problems of government after having seen Washington, D.C., many of the historic shrines, .and scenic spots of Eastern United States. A cross section survey among the seniors revealed a few interesting facts Joyce Langdon summarized a common opinion by saying, "After all the Jews and Italians of New York with dialects nnd curt statements for all, 1 certainly appreciate the friendliness of Southern blue eyes. People are different." Nellie Ward agreed with a large segment by emphasizing the educational value of learning how to get around in city transportation systems, hotels, meeting people, and developing self-confidence. Town Wins Highest Praise Sammye Gray. Virginia Chrpst- man, and Bobby Harris enjoyed the God-given beauties of nature In mountain scenery. Number One with them placed second and third with many others. Don Humphries and Peggy Harris K hit a popular note by stressing the value nf seeing historic places to make the realistic. They think visit- ChaiVs Kelly, Waller Kizznit Jr.. Hurley Margerum. Kellogg Valentino Morion. IxM'ine Neai, Ora V. Po-stell. Rulhie. Mae Rlchurd^on, Cecil Clay Rollins. T. C. Smith, Kv.i I Mne Soward. Ellis Stinnett and Dovetta Taylor. | The baccalaureate program was held Sunday in Ihe Pilgrim Rest t Baptist Clmrcli with Rev. E. M. .lohnso'l. pa.stor of Ihe Avcry Chapel A.M.E. Church in Memphis delivering the sermon. The choral el A.M.E Church in Memphis de- lections during the program. Continued from Page 1 N • roiinhy. llr- was killed In bultle In Trance In World Wnr II. The Chamber of Commerce and municipal officials In rrreni years have been placing emphasis on the need loi- obtaining more indu.stiie.; fur Blvlheville. but the idea Is nnl lieu. M.-iyor T. J. Mahaci iti IPl'.'l w-:is doing Ihe very same thine, for in that first issue of Ihe Dallv Bly- iheville Courier he placed stress nil the need for more mills and factories (o provide economic stability for RlytlicviMr. Crime news 2fi years ago reflect-, lhat H ojKrstor in 'he business of stealing chickens had i been captured and sentenced in L justice of tlie peace court to pay a 1S28750 fine and serve 90 davs In 250 Attend Picnic for Sixth-Graders Marking End of School Year Activities DP'S Flood India NKW DELHI —</vi—A census recently taken by Ihe rehnhilitallon ministry places Ihe tolal number nf displiiri'tl persons fmm u-r*1 t^ik- l.stan ill .1.412.0(111. Ou ihv b.i-is of claims filed. lhcs<* ili>|)l;ici'il IHM-.sons havi- iihuiKhmrd properties worth $ll,1UT.OI1tl.OOI). Livestock India's River Project Subject of Conference NEW DELHI. India — (,<Fl— A seven-year plan for the coordinated development of India's major river valley projects will be discussed at a New Delhi conference. The Works. Mines and Power Ministry says irrigation and electricity ministers of provinces and slates will attend. Purpose of the seven- year plan is to avoid a scramble for financial aid. technical personnel and material. American cities g slower rate in the than ever before. i-ew at a much 1930-40 decade Ing Washington. D.C., will make governmental problems more vital. Joyce Appling received a chonis of vocal approval when she nominated the Creation of Natural Bridge and Mammouth Cave as the most, awe-inspiring of all the works of nature. Mrs, Lowell K. Ogden, sponsor, said, "I consider it a pleasure and R privilege to take a group of responsive and well-behaved seniors on an extended tour of their nation. As a teacher, I'm just giving n little more than classroom experiences/' And Ihere was a reminder of the prohibition days, which appeared under the caution: HIO BOOTLEGGER BACK. The itcin follows: "The constable's office Informs the Courier that one of Hie big still operators , . . was recently retertsod from the penitentiary and is hack home. Such travesties on Justice as this is what encourages law violators to act ivilh impunity. Why should they fear the law, when there is such woeful disregard for the enforcement of the law by our governor and the lawmakers, who conceived the lenient paiole system " Merger Announced Another news Item announced 'the merger of cotton compress interests in which Ihe Citizens Compress purchased Hie slock of thr. Lesser-Goldman interests in another compress and announced the formation of a new $250.000 cor- Sxiration. The advertisers In that, first Issue of Blylheville's daily newspaper included Bertlgs. Gillen Furniture Co.. Smith Music Shop, and The New York Store which advertised sheeting a! 11 cents per yard, percales at. 15 cem.i; work shirts, 69 cems, men's socks in all colors. NATIONAL STOCKY, \ril)K. 111.. May 25. l/Vj— UJSDAl- lines O.IKII); fairly active; sli'img lo '2S lilnhcr than Tuesday's aveninc; good to choice IBO-'^IO His Ifl.YS to mostly 20.00; top 20.% for several loads. jnoslly \vplKhl.s nmler :>30 Ibs; 250300 Ibs lfi.75-lil.75; mostly 19.00 up; HO-no Ibs 18.75-10.15; 100-130 Ih pigs scarce; odd head 111.7.1-111.75; sows 100 His down ir.50-17.75; over 400 Ibs H.75-1G.25; slugs 12.0014.51). Cuttle 2,000: cnlvos 1.200; slecrs and heifers active- ami ;|I-OIIR in 50 hifjhcr; cow.s slow and some deals 2,1 lo 50 lower; exceptions being some good light rows; bulls firm; vealcrs 1.00 higher; several consignments good slcns 25.00- 2U.2.'); fow medium 23,fiO; choice mixed steers and hellers 2(1.15; good to choice largely Itf.Ofl-fti 50; common i\iul medium 21.00-'M.50; few good cows ID.OO-IO.OO; common and medium beef rows n.Ml-ld.OO; eanners and cutters 13.50-17.00. + Klxth-ntiulc stndenls from five units in the Hlytlieville school .sys- | lem were at Walker 1'iuk ye.slcKtay 'for the picnic Unit marks Die closing of school ni'llvllli's tilts year Other school groups an- pliinutni- pii-nii-s for olhor (lays (Ills week There were more than U50 stnd4-ti(.s, ciicheis. ]-finni mothers and uuc.sts nt I he picnic yeslerduy. Diirlng lln- morning, (he gnuin rntci lalnmcnl was In n n cxlilbil building, uml fter the pU-lltc lunch glimc. 1 ; were direiMed by j. p. Cianoll. dln-clor ot tin- Illylhevllle "Y". S c h o o Is icpvo.senlrd Im-liidi 1 Lunge. C'ciilinl, Sudbnry, Nmtilirr Nine and Clear Luke. Invited (jiio.sls liirludril Miss \viii- nie Virgil Tmncr, <Sliertor of elr- menlai'v education in Illylhevill Schools, W. n. Nicholson, superintendent, Karl Nail, Omar Stevens Mrs. !•:. K. llnrdln, Mrs. K. !•'. Krj and MhLS Hardy, Sndluuy mothers who asslstnr Miss Alma Triers and Mrs. n. c (McLean. Icachers. Included: Mr Icrshel Jackson, Mrs. Shanks. Mrs. W. O. Penny, Mi Here's a Low-Priced Cotton Chopper We soil n collon chopper al n ri'.'isiuiiilili' price . . cluipprr which dues n Ih:il i.s IKIUIH! ID s;ilisl\ vnil. MAYCO Jack Robinson Implement Co. Your KerKUsitn Dealer Kiisl Main I'lidiic 'i',\1 FOR wee csT/AMres eXPfRT K4D/0 SAUS AMD SftHUCf / BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. I 138 E. MAIM ST. BLYTHEVIILE,ARK\ and nine cents; drew shli Ls, $1 ; khwkl pants, $1.49. There also an advertisement by the Gem Thc:i- irp, and another by the Grind Leader offering silk hose for $1,25, The nos in those days sometimes contained typographical c i 1 ror.s — "tnoodish" hnls for En.ster were offered at 44.05. The first issue WHS a Ionr-pa£;r ])!ipt*r nnd new.s from the rest of the world wa.s furJH.'rhed by the International New.s Service. A sl.stcr of the editor. Mrs. E. J. Tleaton. Mill lives in Blythcville, nnd the widow of the man who was mayor in still lives at 420 West Walnut. Say U . , - With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco* Bnlldln; • Phone 4491 or '4747 Spend the Week-End in MEMPHIS It THE LIGHT OF THE tTAII HUH /* TUt UWM Jirtf f/Mf CtOtUUf Fm» food . . . famous music and cooling breejei from th» Mississippi River trt th« perfect ingredients for glorious evenings this iummer — in MempViis «t Hotel CUridge. You'll din* ind danct with the tmdrtest crowds, in an atmoc- pher* designed for romance on the beautiful Magnoli* Roof. Delicious Table d'Hote Dinners ir» reasonably priced and you can remain fo dance at no extra cost, any nighf except Saturday night. Plan your parties and come to Memphis — and Hotel Claridge for memorable evenings under the stars! FIRE SALE REGARDLESS OF PRICE, ALL THESE ITEMS WILL BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER ON THIS SPECIAL AUCTION SALE! Thursday, May 26 SALE BEGINS AT 2P.M. —SALE ENDS WHEN EVERYTHING IS GONE! • Groceries, Furniture, Hardware, Notions • Yes, we had a fire . . . and now you have a wonderful chance to buy some practical items at a fraction of their worth. Here are just a few: new and used furniture, kitchen cabinet, small electric appliances, portable radio and victrola, washboards, 14 dozen fountain pens, razor blades, wrenches, flash lights, paint, floor cleaner, ice boxes, tarpaulins, candy, toothpaste, ladies anklets, men's socks . . . and a thousand other items. Be sure to come down Thursday. HOTEL CLARIDGE East Main Street SWAP SHOP Main and Lilly The SKCRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescript ion Service ROTHROCK DRUG CO. 1'IIONK 4IS1 MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH Frrsh Chunnrl Catfish FtVrd Chicken RiiMXt Fork Riiiint Brcf Chicken & Dressing Steak & C.riVT Three teieUblw Special Sptcial HOT DOGS ................. ISe IMMKIIKGF.KS ........... I9e CLUB STI:AK, FR. FRIES ss • C'lnllcis T-Ronn it Sirloirn "Where Friends Meet and Eat" the NiCKLE STAND Vickie Snliha, Prop. 103 W. Main GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • KerriKcrxlors Honschdld — Commercial * * » • Air Conriitioninj • * • • Rmlios—Record Players * * * • Washers • Gas Engine* We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 20S-aO» W. Main Phone 3011 The ill fitting loot* oxford Utftt floes iif>t "hu| the ankle" I* mad* sniij; and comfnritbl* here. Finest work at reasonable CMC H-R4.TCRS JQ J H LI T Y SHOT SHOP i I '• w M a i «M s •• ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DOKTCHSOY NO. 2 SKED SOYBKANS Re- clcancd, Tested and Tagged. PRICE $2.75 l'*r Bushel. !!>•!!) Soybean Support 907° Pariiy. Price PniHurr rtinre soybeans \ir.r atre by pUntiiiK Dorlchioy N«. 2, y,rider In in 18 yield uontesU ' Seed Fur Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION ISOO West Main ('hone 85K-857 THH dl!\\rs «>\IP\Vi \\\ \l 1 0|\> Reol l»tc-i». - \l. rf'ju-]'' l-.m- |--i.'.:" Phone 521 Phont 30751 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Types Kxcepl Cancerl Clinic S11 Main, Hb'theville. ArV. rhune 2S2I 4% HOME LOANS Klbcrl S. Johnson The Kctiiitable Life Assurance Society I'honr SJ2* ETtnlnjn PRESCRIPTKMS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prw*» Kirby Drug Stores

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