The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLFimVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEW* It OF HITLER LIKELY TOM Nazi Collapse Would Open Way for Communism or Hohenzollerns. This Is thr last of a serin of four articles on the situation In firnnany. BY WII.UAM I'll]ML' SIMMS (Copyright. 193-1. NEA Service. Inc.) BERLIN.—Alter Hitler—what? Well-iwsted observers here say llie Nnp.i chieftain Is racing against time; that, having risen to power by making ute promises 10 n desperate populace, he must produce, c,- make way. Seme give lilm a year. Some give him wo. But nil agree l.ial he his yet to consolidate his )»;vcr and that many perilous pitfalls must be safely negotiated before lie does. Suppose he falls? "Should Hll!er fall," one of the best-in formed Germans of my acquaintance told me, "the Nazi regime would mosl likely be followed by a military dictatorship. "In such event, Hitler would probably remain as a sort of figurehead it the mention of the Otrmtn 1m- ptrii] crown. And when the Nazi chf« or ittff (poke of it lying on the battlefield, his face became > tragic matk. A friend, sitting next, nudged him In t pleasant Jibe, and I lie Prince's Prince Wilbelm there I* a "but." Price If Too High In cold blood, cicrmtnu themselves declare, the/ would pay no such price to bring back ihe monarchy. Tre crown Iruly does lie on the battlefield. But If events themselves —events which have nothing whatever (o do with crowns or monarchies—conduct the Urnnaii people back to t;-c tatik-llfUI. thej nilalH very cuncrlvably III! Uncrown again incidentally. economists predict that the next ycnr shoukl bf n pretty good one for Geriiinny. dom?.sllca!lv spwik- 11"K. She plans to .spi'iul billions ! of marks on public works uud "tJi- jcr employment projects. FRIDAY, JUls'E.l, 1931 | Looking On In Missouri Inside Slants on Vie News Originating in the Heel Country ol the 8how-Me State. BY MAX STURM May 12, circumstances took an unusual turn. Elmer Drlsklll who confessed to the killing, but was put on the witness sland for question!!!'. Altho he was given an opportunity to HAYTl. Mo.—Memorial Day saw ,LO IKISO ON IN MISSOUFI .. d!>ln) tlmt he Wlleti Mllls hi sclf- u fair representation of the pcpu-|boll in Pemlscot counly. This sub-! Jt ' ft '" : '« »hcii Mills allegedly curs- lace of the Hcc-1 country weklm 'l'^' 1 "" « f Missouri, which went f d llllu "' ul "natchcd to his gun, -1 inemJ, ^Z imw tr^ '" "™""«°<^ IX'mocratIc In re- "e his ordinal confession mcmuci., 01 inc nnny mix j c( , m j.,.,,,.^ | s l]|e ^^ of mu( . h ed with framing the murder o unusually large number of pretty Lum Mills near Bragg City on glrls-slinllar to the reputation of Kentucky. But It Is more gratifying to have this reputation more or less proved and upheld. Miss Grncllc Moore of Cnruth- ersvillc accomplished that when she was unanimously voted "Miss Southeast Missouri" In the Ozark I'oplar . xiM ul(l et{on In the various slix-unis and bodies o! v/iilcr In this .section of Mls- In I'emlscol county, Wolf Bayou, I'unhcot bayou, the Mississippi j Republican and'beiiiocriillc '_ river and Its chutes and some ol | tide of the country Indicated, the larger drainage ditches were j of hitercst and still declared his only reason the part of ' 01 lakm '< Mil!..' life wus ihoc MC- Demociatlc lenders to hold It thai Person hired him to do It with a way. Like other counties of llie l )lo "' l!>e ° r " ttam of mules, a set golle uf harness. 200 bushels of corn n,o and 40 acres of land rent free. McPherson was held without bond on the murder charge. Ifoth al :oi Mardl Grus festival Hluff last wi-ck. Courwi Mows EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS By Horace Wakelii-ld Phillips Motor Co. : llnil they have bct-n fooled. | Hitler lias dune 1 one colo.^al • Ernest Rohm louse expression broke Into a wan smile. '' lln out irk- editorial. In ••exposing' llie BUIIR- Jisli, tliey just, weren t bit- Republicans, -ijut W lien the prl- . thing fcr the Ceriums He ""'' : mnry i-lcclion day appeui-s, they j restored their national seK-rcsiwct. w 'i l>n Nnwt Tronlinnn, a Haytlan will Hock tu the polls und vote for j find Riven them utw ho|K?. Hut ir«ho hus SIKIH the Bieutcr jiarl-of' the wtukcat candidate on the 'nnvliihuf should liapiwn to snatch l|lls " rc UshhiB on llie Mississippi Democratic ticket, hoping to noin- i these from Ihein again, no« or'. l ' ivcl ' uni1 ln tllc bayous und chutes limit- him und then two-time and 'toon, (here would hi- trouble : '" Pemlscot county, was asked lor, ;loubte-crass his own- selection at '• (Till-: KSIH ! llls op'nlon 011 why the fish didn't .the geneial clc-ciion and vote for • • : b' 1 * 1 Wednesday, he had tills to the Republican convenllon-picked TORONTO. Out. iUl'j—The- As-;aiy: "When the wind is blowing nominee. U's an old. old trick. . ." foclatlon of Operative Millars, with \ Irom the CIIKL—like It was Weti- i ... ' Observers here believe ilohm was! hendquarters In Kansas City, Mo., - ncsday—you mlylil as well pull In 1 In "most of the murder cases In right. They, also, doubt whether will hold 'Its :i9th annul conven- -yniir lines and go home. Pish won't Pemlscot. county, self-defense la :he German ]«op!e wish to return lion here June -I to 8. This will lillc when the wind's blowing from claimed. But last Thursday at to the battlefield, there to pick up i te the- (list convention held In llie east. Bui If it's blowing rbm Canithe'rsvllle In the preliminary the Imperial crown. Nevertheless, !Cini[id;i by the association. the west, the bile okay." ' hearing for Will McPherson charg- 5% Money For Crops We arc in position to make lonns to those fjinn- ers who neetl rmids to finish their crops, on the security of crop and livestock ;'.t live per cent interest. If you need money ljufoi-e your rent check arrives, see us, we can help you. Live Stock Finance Corporation plytheville, Ark i for a while — for such a regime wouM scarcely be other than temporary alfalr— a stop-gap. "After thai, It Is difficult to pre- llci wnat would- happen. Communism mljht r.ave its chance. Ccr- . lalnly it wouM make another effort to come Into power. "But, the European situation permitting, I should say the Monarchists would stand a better show than the extremes of lie Left. I)»n»rr of Civil War "In any event, should the Nazi {•Mhrer fall, there would almost certainly be civil war In Germany Adolf Hltkr | or something dangerously close to It. Unquestionably there would be chaos, for a time at least. "Amons Hitler's followers are many extremists, and tr.ese mlgln break away from his leadership and attempt to seize power." At an official tea here I eat near Prince August Wilhelm, third son Of the former Ka!=cr. He was h Nizl unifotn. a red. white, ati'i black swastika brassard on hts left arm. It was one of those Informative affairs tr.e Nazi government is now sponsoring for the benefit of diplomats and Journalists here, and ovo- bv the west window Reichstnlnlster Chief of Staff Ernest Rohm, of the N'ael Storm Troops, stood talking. "Frequently." he said, "the Ideas. Reaction and Monarchy, are con- 5W"red KinlviOent. although j*t bottom they have nothing to do Trith each other. But when Reaction writes tie word Monarchy on Its shield, it is doing no service to the monarchical idea. Crown lies m Battlefield ! "If the German people again wished to give them.«"lve<i ^n ov°-- iord, they would do it against, ra- . ther than on be'ialf of, the Reactionaries. "Anjhow, I believe this: The German imperial crown lies on tne battlefield. I doubt whether U>e German people wish to flfht for it .there." ,- : • IWric* Augmt T?:!h»te A group of additional new models for the ^S34 Chevrolet line *#ff*yr,' full-size cars lity and reliability Right at the peak of Chevrolet popularity—with nationwide demand sending production to new all-time "highs"—Chevrolet dealers are displaying an additional group of four new models. These cars are identical in quality with all 1934 Chcv- rolets. And the prices have been set at -encli incredibly low figures that you can now buy a Chevrolet for $-WU! "A Chevrolet for StWr That's the wwld's lowest priirn for a six-cylinder car. The lowest price, also, for a car of this si/.c, wheelbase and power! And a figure that sounds even more impressive after you find out what it buys: A great big, full-size, long-wlicclbasc car, 169 inches from bumper to bumper. A cnsliion-halaiiced SIX of surprising smoothness, power, sn:ip and dash. The most economical fnll-5i7.e car that money can buy—a record-breaker for gas and oil mileage, as >vell «9 long, dt-|>cndalilc service. And every closed model has a Body by Fisher. [Nobody interested in motor cars can afford to let 'another day slip by, without eccing this "Chevrolet for $190." CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETKOIT. MICU. AND VP List price of Standard Sii Spoil Rnidiltr at Hini,llicli., ftW.OO. H'ilh bumptn. spare lite and tire lock, ttl9 lift price ia $13.00 additional. Prices subject to chinfrwitrioiit notice. Comp.ira C/ievrolc('iJow<ftJfrn»d ftkf* J/ic/t«v C.M.X.C. terms A General Motor! Value. Last Time Today Mai. 2::»l), 10-2tx Nile 7:!:'), I0-S5c Wallace 'Beery 'VIVA VILLA' Kalty Arbuckle Comedy Novelty Rt-ol Saturday Only MAT. ;inil Mte— Ilk - 25c KVKl,YN VKNABLE, IIil GUY STANDING anil KEN TAYLOK in 'DOUBLE DOOR' SKKJAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday .MATINEE & MITE—10c-35c I Together agairt! IJT love again! floppy a,g a in! OF With a grand casi beaded by. . ROGERS i All of them in this dra- ; ! matic romance from 5 : KATHLEEN NORRIS'.;! ! "Manhoftan Love Song." ] • A sfory of modern ; i yovifh defying 'life I.; i . . - - ''A v • • '.Produced by WINFIELD SHEEHAN: : Directed by JOHN G. BLYSTONE: SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. Blytheville, Ark. Paramount News Our Gang Comedy I '*!

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