The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI-.N'O. 1G8. ; THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NbnTftRAb*. An*A««» ,™ „„ -Z"'"" ^ * "" » * k? BJj'thfivllle Courier BlyUicvllle Herald Blyihcyillo Dully News Mississippi V'Blley . ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI gy 11,1.13, ARKANSA^WKDNKSDAY. OCTOflER /(,. I'M!) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CE&TS - Vandenberg Assails, Connally Supports Repeal Of Embargo WASHINGTON, Oct. WASHINGTON, Ocl /! Tom told FROM REDS, 2-1 •—' .— + • [ \\Says American Made Plane* Superior To German Airships . nal for one belligerent" it will become "a target for the Athm- '' other.' • "In my opinion," lie (old the sen- site. "Oils is tile road that may lend us to war and r w in not voluntarily take 1(." .yamlenberg, a candidate for Die 1840 Republican presidential nomination, spoki- after Senator Tom Connally (Dem., Tex.). They disagreed squarely on Die fundamental issue in this debate-how test to keep America out of the War. Vamteiberg submitted the following nutshell summary O f the position of (he isolationists"We are guided by (he one single hard-headed thoiight—lhat to repeal (he amis embargo is to strike down a great indispensiblc insulating defense against our involvement In tills war. "The repeal, though labeled otherwise, is in its essence a deliberately unneiitral effort which may tco easily be the forerunner of others when once the habit starts. "The substitution of so-callsd cash and carry as respects munitions is the enactment of i-elattve- Jy dangerous and complicating factors which seriously hamper if they do not finally destroy our detachment. "We are guided by the one slu- : Ele .hard-headed thought that the retention—of thc arms embargo itntl pel-Imps plunged into its tlark and cruel dejrtlis." Connally charged that (he present )nw prohibiting shipment of war materials but allowing rj s vessels lo transport otlier materials to belligerent.? would involve the American N a 1 i o n s May Protect 'Bell' Individual!^ Or. Collectively WASHINGTON, Oct. 4. (UP)— Decision on collective or Individual navnl patrol cf the Western hemisphere pence zone awaits belligere nt hostilities. He said u. S. slilps, would be sunk and the' history of the World War repeated. He said Ihal (hose such as Senator William E, Borah (Rep rd who contend (lint repeal of Hie awns embargo would involve the country in war have .built (heir argument upon a false premise' He said that iliey seek (o frighten the people into accepting (heir told and baseless statement." "They make (hat blunt claim without any jiroof," he said "I challenge it and deny it, 'i refuse and (he country will refuse to accept their claim as a fact. It has no basis in truth or in tile light . -. '•-.VSMjibtyiinyolvc us. In any or-the-compromising factors"'that repeal is not '.'relatively .the 'surest road lo peace and that it may ally be the roiid lo war. '"I oppose repeal because I believe repeal makes us relatively vulnerable wliilq ' embargo leaves relatively 'immune.' The senator termed the proposed title and carry plan a "cash register suggestion" destined to mend our faltering- economy "by reaching (or war profits" behind a shield of technical but highly transparent and lictilious neutrality. 1 " • .-' I reaction of the new neutrality icy. It was .explained At the ^ u ^ department today In cautious discussion cf llie declaration of Panama. The United Slates now has naval missions In Brazil and Peru, and Argentina employs, some of our navnl -experts in a non-mission capacity. Presence of United Stales officers in ihose nations-might bear on future Panama declaration developments. Neither President Rcosevelt nor naval sources here would discuss the declaration in which reprcscn- By BROOKS SMITH UnilcJ rre«« sun Corrcjjiouilcut MEMPHIS, Tezin,. Oft. .|-Ona- fourth cf Ihe Cienmm nlr Hoot Ims wcomc temjwrarlly U.SHCS.S for com- im /Ij'lng uficr one month of war "Manse of stipcTl:|. cpmllly of AWeiv lean planes m«l by (ho lirlthh nnd r-Vciic-li, cajit. U|[|i« Hlekelibackor, World War hero, said loday. ' American planes have been proved superior in aerial combat to any ether in ihe world, lllckcnbnekcr declared. 30 I'nvy'-hesald. "no foreign ,.„. mem dare ever (hlnk lu lerms or wnr against us. if they should ever "<••*" foolish; uui- people nopcl not roar invasion. W« have- ihtv best n ii ,'' CS " l " nl ' lu lllc >vort<| ." itii'Kciilmcker said Poland was overrun quickly by Nni-1 nrmlcs bc- <:'<MIS<> lie,- ni|. r 0 ,. cn W(IS |nr el .| ni . id was dfsiroywi foe nl) practical puipoBcs wlliiin 4B. hours after Bill Dickey's Ninth r rn n ,,T Inning 8™^ ScOTSS tFUfT Keller To Win Game Does. Not Consiclcv Cimm- beflain's Statement To Cdinmons As Final happen •said, becniiso lier ,r,.s could not bettor 'quality' O f - tatives of 21 pan American republics agreed, lo ban warring nations from Jls "safety band" and asserted the neutrality of lh<, western hemisphere nntlctis south of can- ada. .,. i«.«j,j «* »>.u, . /iy ojtiti, in.j I'lancs HatMaaya other, ,™. anc " vw ? bllUy tlra " n!1> sln » r u » heir superior ((iiallly is so mncrncy " mt 25 l lcf . t ' c » ( ' u ° German planes are valueless," : nickciibacker, president of Ensltti\ Ali-llno.v was America's nt of our own experience." Connally, who helped draft the administration program, cotipl'd his plea for its adoption with a demand for appropriations (o provide the United Stales with an unbeatable two-ocean navy, an army built up to authorized .strength and increased aircraft defenses Connnlly (old his colleagues that the United States was dragged into the war because Germany attacked or sank our ships and destroyed, ^ American lives and- car.-- - Retention of-"- llie exislinp- law which prohibits-sale of arms'. am-.Urality patrol"faV'-'toVe'n" before"^ munition .and implements of war, Panama conference was nrre than to belligerents but places no re- 1 an idea. He said alhhnrcsUon sine Ions on shipment of other 'crence ycslerdav that'' plant were articles would result, ho said, In Proceeding to put 40 wa Tin,- dc- new disaster lo - American ships stroyew on the ocean pa ol but With Slllimnrinn.: loE.itr u, .,...:. *~ M*., f .,. ..-*.., .. JJ^tlUl UUl been That formidable naval challenge to the hemisphere neutrality program would place large responsibilities on the United States navy appeared obvious. But such challenge is far frcm assured and neither would any new world republic be bound to repulse it if there were such « development. If collective action were agreed upon, (he cnnbincd senpower of Sou(h America might be ample, for instance, (o prevent submarine Invasion of proscribed waters. 1 ' United States neutrality patrol clown 2G German: ships and Wiring 1 (he Congressional Medal of frbn'o'r* Because of -this nation's suporlbf quality of planes, he sald,--lne United Stales need never few Invasion If 11 sufficient quantity is built up.. He advocated an nlr force 10 limes' the.present strength. This preparedness, he said, should be built up through peace time avla- j lion Industry Hint would give the' United States an adequate military aviation reserve for defense iriur- prses only. . . • • "With an air force of 25,000 pllols nnd 50,000 planes and a strong plans .remained substantially un'• lle ' n "with submarines lying- In wait to that no definite figu . To statements I hat embargo vc- '" n e peal would i-esull in advantage to ™" UIM the European Democi-acir:;; Con- ] - 1 " ' "• nally i-cplied "1. reply will, Kr* Frf,i n, . » justice and truth that the reten He told the senate that before [Ion of the. uiv' nboiit iiie .ii lallswe ,- M | • W ; •assignment of 'This nation can afford lo make Bieat temporary sacrifices" 'to assure for Itself pe Ouv true obligation Is-lo children or America, who uiiii , i . ------ . will be set back 100 years In tlielr opportunities- If we i«rliclpate in tills European vroi'. rcmcmto- (nnl.wc can uf , we" nfford. throiigli the malnle- iimice of iibsoliile nciUrallty. to suffer llie conscqucnccx of lowerlnE om- standard of living for a short time to prevent happenln? here ' In - (he old ,»c said Ihal regardless of which nation wins the wnr that belli' me victor and vanquished hnvo completed their economic ruin for years lo come." what Is hnpp'enln" we rid." Ill IEEE.IPIS IN •Cl hauslecl The ofnce of Kale Jackson, Mississippi county sheriff and collector has publicly denied published dispatches from Little Rock that Mississippi county was ciic of several counties in which the collector's supply of official poll tax receipt books was exhausted before the American soldiers fired a shot in the World Wnr "the spoils of our joint victory-had been pledralal- rendy in sordid secret treaties concerning which neither our people nor even our congress knew a single tiling.'" "It was a shell game In more (han one meaning of that phrase," he said. "Let's remember that, my countrymen." uiB'iti-al embargo will result in an unfair advantage to Girmany and ti "How assumption,' pcaiin: bring when not the character of the ....„_ but the carrying of the cargo in an American vessel which present. Ihe real danger of our involvement. more A '"<>''ieaii waiiiiips' to co-perate •etcn- ; vitil South American naval: units in patrol lanllc? "(leadline' Insl Saturday night occasioning (he, use of 'drug store' receipts. More than 1,200'.such receipts South At-1 were issued in Greene county -when if and (lie dictator stales," j 2 What action would be laken to r<*<lcd InTcou'cclcrs n'aUcina'thms" P.PY' 2 ^" ^.Z^^rW, I rth^edlSr-pSi ib^ut. rss^-s w^s/'^' * M '«* *- ^^ to r>fr*s h'e ! ch= b ^ ,r " *U J* _«"t <*** - United A*™ '" """* "°" "* Vnndenberg said that if the coimlry enlered the present war it cold expecl two results: "l^We would get such a regi-''•' to assume a position of legal of our lives and our ? n<l rc!!l neutrality. Since under "The repeal of the embargo act Is necessary If the United States mation livelihoods 20 minutes after we entered the war that llie bill of rights would need a gas mask rtml individual liberty of action would quickly become a mocking memory. "2. We would come out of thc victory with an infinitely, pyramiding debt that might stagger $1CO,000,000,000 and never could be vcarried or repaid. "Please God that we shall not be led astray," he cried. Charges Negligence In Tonsil Operation Vauda Lee Blyeth has tiled suit in circuit court here nEainst Dr L. L. Hubener, seeking $10.000 damages for injuries allegedly resulting from thc unskillful performance of an operation to remove tonsils. The plaintiff charges thai the physician negligently removed a major pcrtipn of her palate during Hie. operation which occurred in June, 1939. Howard A. Mayes of Leaehvillc and Percy A. Wright are attorneys for thc plaintiff. Claim Shoe Shine Boy Took Money From Coat Asking a shoe shine boy (o get a cigarette from his pocket almost f 0 ^ W ', w - Shav « «20- The fclded bill, missed by Xf r . shaver after he had put on h( s coat at a local barber shop, was found in the shoe of Kcosevelt Talmn, nogro shine boy, officers said. The negro, age 20. waived preliminary hearing in Municipal Court today and was held lo circuit court with a ball bend set at $500 international law any belligerent nation may purchase arms, ammunition and Implements of war from a neutral nation, such as the _,, -, .......... ,..,_ .JIlln;\J States commitments in the Western hemisphere increased by (he Panama declaration? i Examination of the declaration text, shows these - questions lo be premature because HID first step .In elfecting the neutrality z:ne is to be by persuasion. Belligerents now are being Informed that the Pan American republics have circled themselves with a lilie running roughly 300 miles offshore, but not „,,,„„„. . .»vtu.,, <ia lilt tw/niiiJ- e-, — —- ..wu Unitel Slates, then fov the United lnc i lldl "B Canadian waters, within States to prohibit such sale by law is to be unneutral. 1 ' Negro's Treasure Hunt In Arrest, Fine ^Tommfe Johnson, negro who 1 ^. b L ,! 1 ' e ." ne ? which "no hostile arts shall be performed" by belligerents. What is to. come next -will depend, first, on the attitude of belligerents toward this new- sea neutrality policy and, second, upcn thc Pan American republics, themselves. If any belligerent refuses to receipts. It was stated here that thc erroneous Impression that such receipts were used in Mississippi county might hnvb developed from Jong distance calls made to stale officials, regarding me question of using such receipts If (h c occasion required. At thai lime, a few hours before the 'deadline' It was feared mat the supply at the Blythc- vllle office of-the sheriff might be exhausted before "the mtdnlght barrier fell. Preparations were " la f• j° ]f" e such receipts if the printed official receipts supplied by he stale did not prove sufficient However when the 'deadline' wss reached there were some 25 or 30 the In Prril )! cd . forms sll » 1ctt - K0 needed. While tho Man Succumb^ To Bullet'Woim'd By Negro Odls Clurk, 20, member of a well known I'cmlsc'ot County, Mo family, died at llie Walls Hospllal shortly bctore 'noon today frem n .gunshot wound inflicted by n ne- "iiro who fled immediately after the shooting which took place laic Sunday nflei'iioon near Cooler. Claude Clark, father of llie slain man, Is reporlod t,o have offered a subslanllal reward" for Ihe ap- prchens.I:n of Ihe negro, known only as Robert; who went lo near Cooler two mo'nlhs ago. Chiunberlaln'ti speech lo Iho House of Commons yesterday, a well Informed foreign office soiirco said loilay. Adolf Miller probably will go lo Warsaw on Thursday and then climax his penco offensive with nn address lo the Rclchslag In Devlin on Wdnynl I p.m., it wan understood In Nncl circles. ' Chamberlain's speech was not considered an answer (o Ihc Uusso- acrnmn peace dccliuallon of Insl week nnd Hitler, it was Indicated lias decided lo slake 'Immediate clinncM of ending ihe wnr on his forlhcomlng speech lo tin. Rcich- K his oilers are rejected by the Allies Germany plans consullnilon with Russia and Italy us lo tli next steps lo bo lakcn. Asks Kooscvcll Action WASHINGTON, Dot, 4. (UP) — Sonntor Edward .jolmscn (Dciu Col,>, Introduced a-resolutlon todn requesting President Rocscvelt I Join with (her neutrals In nrgln belligerents in Euroiic lo ontcv ml "an Immediate armistice." The resolution said lhat "Hie Urn is auspicious for the United Stale lo use 11.S intluence lo promote in armlslicc," ( ilip Kame ivns.not decided until Iho Inst, half of the ninth, inning when Keller tripled with one down and scored on Dickey's blow lo Miller uric,- oiM« Bg | 0 j m ,| been hilcntloimlly walked. It WHS n (oiiKli • gmnn for Paul Jfi'i-lngoi- (he lanky Cincinnati rlelil-handcr, lo lose, but' it would been as lough for Red Rnf- 3 atfd 1 and went out from to WcCormlck. Keller (lied out - tlo hits, no / to lose. wn« iilven sparkling support by llie Yankee Infield which imidc Mure- double plays. The .piny by piny account, lol- Flwl ClnclnimU—Wcrber filed oul to ' '.Vssurnncis Not : LOMDON, Opt, 4. (UPy-^Povelgi Sccrclary VLscJnnt llallfnx said to day In llie 1101156 of- Ixu'ds'.tlm assurances, .from llio, present Qer innn govcrnineiit "oru not - eiiougl to re-eslalilish jience but we nr ready and nn.vlcii.s (o Join hnnd wllh acmmiiy In (ho work of icn u'octd reconstruction." Hull Warns Ships J .\V/\SHINaTON, 'Oct. '1. (UP) — Secretary of State Covdcll Hul today Issued u ne\v, wornlUK i'ct Ainerlcan mci'chnnt. ships to slaj (oiit.of Kui'opcah belligerent zones but' reiterated that, this- Onllci .athtcs does not recognize legality of "unrestricted Interference wit) .American ships inui commerce." ••' Hull• said .Hint ndvlcos received here Indlcnteil there . would prob- , --a-- , --V-.-J • ••i-'nnni vi iv m t IVUUfu [JluU- Otficcrs from Cooler had gone nbl >" be an Intensification of world Hnffmnn .tills afternoon after fnrc "ffnlnsl merchant shipping In receiving a call that n negro nil- " le European war area and that It swerlng to the description 'or the ! *' BS believed a<lvlsablc lo worn wanted man had been locnlcd lu that community. Funeral services wilt be held Thursday altcrnoon, 2:30 nt Number slilpplng. Russian Trade t'lan.i? STOCKHOLM, Oct. 4. lot. will be itcrnoon, 2-30 o'clock I •^^"'-'UM, uci, i. ius>)_ Eight cemetery where'. l Hllsstl1 lotln y tirrangcrt to c mndc in the family rDnt Nol ' wc 8lnn ships lo carry on were net time trade with Great Britain opened negotiations for similar Clark; too sons, ^^^ W " h Swe ' le " nlul Dc "- He L, surged by hi., wife, itfrs.! -' Joy Clark; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Clark, all four brothers, Melvin, .„...., „, and Ariin Clark, all ot Cooler, and four sisters, Mrs. Mabel Lawhon, Nadine nnd Ramcl Clark, cf Cooler, and Mrs. Evelyn Brazil! ol Mexico, Ky. • ; Officers plan (o take the negro if found, ' powers through suborder lo avoid the naval blockade of llie Baltic Sen, It was understood. Hiniiiiions illakc 1'laiis LONDON, Oct. 4, (UP)—Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa arc each sending n cabinet ..... „.„ „„„ . the re- W11 " c if e "irregular" claims to be part Indian has pub]iM *'"' consult among them- Jiiesuon, based on the issuance of been arousing much interest selvcs nlld "they may effect indi- tlle cn 'ergcncy receipt forms will among negroes of Blylheville and v!H "* 1 "" '""'-"•" """'- - "" ""* ' '""' ' " ' Dell about, his "buried treasure" but this was temporarily stopped by officers who arrested him on n charge of false pretense. virtual or collective patrols as they agree by mutual ccnsent." Mr. Roosevelt- was asked yesterday what would follow if there were | a repetition now ol not be raised in this county it wa 0 generally regarded in legal circles here as well as at Little Rock that srah receipts would probably be valid, especially in view of a broad • to SGme '""""""'"fed minister lo Great Britain to co- jan for safe keeping because of ordinatc the empire war i-.icnsurcs receipt j'»ie high feeling among residents Secretary of Dominions Anthony - "I the section in which the Clark Eden annount id Lnwller famines have long of Commcns. *•- *•*•«"' *-, | — -n^v. VKWII IIUY>' \ji ll(U JUOvItCH ii , * - •"-« »J> (V UlUitVl rfe was fined Sla in municioat attack by thc German pocket battle-1 cnter P rc «"on of votins rcquire- ccurt today and granted an ap- ship Admiral Scheer on " '" "" peal lo circuit co\ lr t with, appeal. vessel within thc neutral bond set at 5100. The negro, who lives at Dell :s alleged to have been obtaining pretext that he replied thai ho did not think such hostilities would involve us in war but avoided saying what if any- on the thin '" . IJWVtvtl- IY , n ( ' I. -~"..^ > »\.*Jll»L.- r on n British• — ",.'" llle "cent Hendcrson- utral area. H e;? Iat " sh ras * r »'i"g of the state supreme court. lived. Explaining . plans . Tlie gun shot wound entered Mr. ( Ilc 'l Imperial war for a modl- cabinet Eden . Clark's neck, causing his body lo sa ' 1 ' thai thc ministers would come be completely paralyzed. «here to center en the best means The shooting climaxed au argu- i of coordinating Uic war efforts of mcnt between Mr. Clark and thc tne lionli " lcn - s with the war oper- Selkirk, for (ho llrst oiiU'-DIMngglo look a high fly fi-om Prey. Goodman struck 'put for. Ihe third out No runs, no hits and no errors Now York-CroaHtl out on- fly (o Oooclmmi. Rolfc worked the count At Oct. 4 fMn , ., . (,VP)— Angola: pcnllontlary . licgnn ?ft' IhvcsllBatlcn of It, books today niter it . former ;rmdlloj-'a, ronteslon l"f>VPnlAM -n unn i..)n, I « t.. ii.i^ '_ .1 •. revealed a schhdnl ' prison walls, insider. die Cecil T. Phillips (old assistant District Atlomey .Mm n, Frldcc '55,555.03 since to l)n-ger. No criors. Second „ Clnclnnall-McCoimlck .slammed (he llrst pilch lo left field for the lirsl hit of thc gome. Lombardl hit into a double play from Rolfe to Qordpii lo Bohlerni nt flril cinft wont down swinging, No runs, i hit, no eiioru. New Ynrk-DlMngglo went- out on a fly lo Goodman. Dickey look jdlke 3 caller!.'solklik look strike ln-ce fpr the thlld out. No rims no nits, no ori-cjs., Thh-d lllllllij; Ollicliuinll—Bcrger vfcnl down , Mycis diovc a sashing to light neld. 13cirin S er hit into a double play fjom Oroscttl to Ooidon lo Dnhlgrrn. No mil!, ') hit, no cirors. Now Yoik—am don fowled out to McCormlck at flist base Dahlgicn Bi-oundcd out from Frcy to Mo- coimlck. Rtiltlng drove a Imrd single (o Beigor In left field. Ciosottl fouled out, to Lombaidl. No runs i lilt, no cuois. j Cincinnati—Wcrbei groiuulert out' nom second to flist. Keller look" a. fly Irom Prey for Ihe second out. Goodman took four balls for tho first walk of tho game. Orodmnn ' slolo second. McCormlck singled lo left field dilvltiK In Goodman with the- fhbl run. Lombard! went cut trom^riuffinEjo Dnhlgren. 1 ruir. l hit nml .no errorf. New- York—Rolfc'.flli'f! ouf,"to aopdman i n < right- ffclq. Keller look strike'thice. DIMagglo hit a slow single past third. Dickey went out on n b'rllllant play by McCor- „ , .„ ... - - mlc!; nt f| isl base. No mils. 1 hit lie declined to bo released i nml no errors. One man left on tn boil and said he.wanted lo plea guilty. Phillips, who resigned auditor-.on ,July a, presiimab! would be sent back to Angola I iorve o senlcnccr , . .His foi-mararrest wns made la.« night on an iiffldnvll. accuslnr; lilr cf taklnu $084.rill on .Inn 1 nn $2,110.30 on.Jan.. 211. Laid- lie nd nltlcd .lakhiB Uic other nmountj All of (lie money, I'hllllps (<,), Fridge, wns wscd-ln (lie 0|ierat!on of his dairy hei-p. discovered some burled Ireasurc but that he must have silver lo unearth the uiui-u saj-ing unat u any- n • . '"op«»,>n'erican republics I Carnival Men Draw It te said tint i mm.i », , ' iL h«* V "umber of ne- les had given him money on promises of sharing In (he "wealth" he purported lo find could or should do about It. The navy department cstlmalcs I combined South American naval j strength at G battleships, all around County Farm Bureau Meets -Thursday Night An excellent Is County . night. 7:30 Rustic Inn, it was i F'nes In Court Here .... „. „ . Ol ! c . of the employes of thc car. —, .-s built or nlval '"!« with the recent fair is building; 37 deslroyers; 22 siib-' Sn , lng lcn dll 5' s hi jail and au- marines; and 17 other armed vc.s-' ! unld a r ' nc following their sels including river gunboats. Bra-j nrrcs ' s Sunday. Ell. Chile and Argentina's navy arc j F «<1 Draeger w as nncd S15 and "•"•' ' ' |sentenced to jail on a charge of •petit larceny afi cr witnesses lesli- fied he found two quarters lost by a customer and Iit-i ihcm in his hand Inslead cf giving them to the about equal in numbers 300 Lose Clothes In. Fire At Forrest City FORREST CITY, Oct. 4. (UP) — youngster. The A boy who discovered he had lost _.„.. f , • - --• . 50cel . lls n (tcr riding n tlH-a-wliirl, ,!-.,» . :, — twenty live persons were out of operated bv Draeepr nd-»/i n,nt t ;'.°, *'Ji l ' 0C • f r tk , ^ d r « a ««»»• °f » S'MW ^arch be 'made f'o 'the mo, ]f a, to-, fire )aie last night which destroyed I Mark Wolfe was fined ten dollars affair I s open to ,-1.-, J t.. ., r iu laundry. a gaming charge after oparat- anyone Interested in lt s nroirnm i S Moslcy. owner of the ing, a gambling device which ofticcis officers said. \' s " l °S rnm . laundry, said more than 300 ttis-|hacl (old him could not IIP oijcra - Moinew iwt clothw. in the Wara «l hero ' negro over some whisky, according to Sacgcr Best, Herbert Oilmore and Arthur "Mut" Lacer, companions of Mr, Clark who wllncsscd the sluotlng at Ernest Mosby's negro beer place on the V. W. Coleman farm, cast of Cooter. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge ct funeral arrangements. Bandit Takes Victim For Unpaid Taxi Ride HOBOKEN, N. J. (UP) _ John Orr, night, counterman at a Newark restaurant, walked into the police station here and said a ban- dil had robbed the reslaurant and then invited him to go for a taxi ride—at the point of n gun. The bandit told the cab driver to lake them to the Lackawannh Perry here. When they arrived, the bandil stepped from the cab and politely (old (he driver lo take Orr wherever he wanlcd to go, at Orr's expense. ., •. Orr directed the driver lo (lie police station. alions of the mother country. The dominion cabinet ministers will confer with each ether as well as with thc British government, Ji'dcn pointed out. Medical Meeting Is Attended By Twenty Twenty physicians of Mississippi county attended thc meeting o( the Mississippi County Medical association held at thc city hall last night. It was the first meeting of the group slnfe June. "The Nfedlcal and Surgical Significance or Albumin In the Urine" was Ihe subject of ih c dtscusslcn led by two Memphis Henry G. Rudner Reed Will Respond To . Fox Hunters Welcom HEJ3ER SPRINGS, Ark,; Oct —Nclll Rccd of Blytlicville, Ark vlll deliver Hie response lo th ; : elconilng address of Mayor M F Vlnson wbcn the Norlh ' Arkaiifsa Fox Hunlers' association conevnc. ere 'nmrsdny for Us annual fox lunt. Approximately 2,000 hunters fron 8 counties are expected lo par Iclpale in Ihe hunt. Attorney General Jack Holt wll peak Friday night, D,-. FI- C( ) Kol ;r ot JoncKboro will speak Satlir- ay morning and James Wynne o: ittlc Rock will speak Thursday. Base Damage Suit On Highway 18 Accident John Bearden, well known Lcach- lllc farmer, has been named dc- endant in a $1,700 damage suit led In circuit court here. Plnin- ffs In the acllcn are Huic Kal- cumb. Maggie Holcumb, Estellis Earnhearl and two minors, Martin and .Georgia Ray Halcumb. 'Hie plaintiffs charge (hat Bcar- dtn ncgllgenlly drove a truck onto Highway 18 from a side rand and struck the nulcniobllc in: which they were riding, me accident occurred on August 11, 1039. George w. Baihnin Is altornev for the plaintiffs. D gc R. LIvermore, respectively. . Besides llie 13 local doctors who Braggadocio Woman Dies At Hospital Mrs. Mary Grimes, wife of J. U. Crimes of Braggadocio, died yesterday noon at the Blythevilte hospital. She was 52. __ HI, for some time, she enlered Monday afternoon to" performed yesterday Besides her husband, she is were present, out of town mem- ' viveri hv n™ T 5ram ' bers here were: Dr N R Hoscv of \i o £ sops n " d Mrs Joiner, Dr. R L ~ \ o . MrsSam Puckworll. ot Canilh- ersvlllc. Monty Grimes of Dongher- 1)11 SC. Fifth Innlnj; Cincinnati—Craft bent out a drive to Red Rolfc at thlld base. Boigci wont down swinging, Myeis lilt into tlio third double piny of Hie came from Croselll (o Gordon lo Dnhlurcn No runs, i hit, no cuois. New Yoik—Selklik went out to McConiilek imasslstal. Gordon .slummed n base hit into left field. Guidon tcored on'a lilt 1 by Dahl- 6im>. Dflhljjren went on lo second on the nlay. Ruffing fouled out lo McCormlek nt (list. Orosetl! nied out (o Craft In center field. 1 run, 1 l>l(s. no eriors. One "man left or, bnse. Sixth Inning Cincinnati—Derringer rolled out fiom Ci-osettl to Dahlgren. Wnrber •Irovc a long high fly to Selklik Prey nicd out to DiftTaggio. No runs, no lilts, no errors/ New Yoik—Rolfe filed out to Cm ft In center field. Keller went out from McCormlck to Derringer. DIAfnggto grounded out from short to Hut, No runs, no lilts, no er- ' ws. Seventh Inning Cincinnati —Goodman , grounded out from Holte to Dahlgren. Mc- Oonnick rolled out from Crosetl! ',o Dahlgren. Lombard! fouled out :o Dahlgrcn. tio runs, no hits,:no errors. New York—Dlckcy'wcnl out on n high short fly'to Frej'. Selkirk Hied out to Goodman in right field. Gordon struck out to end the Inn- ng. No runs, no hits, no errors.' Eighth Inulnr ' Cincinnati—Craft went out toY Rolfc ..on R high infield fly. Berger grounded out from Gordon to^Dahl- iren. Myers also ut from Croselti gren. Myers also out from Crosetli irrors. New York—Dahlgren fanned for he first out. Ruffing waved at he Ihlrd slrike. Croselti rolled out rrm Werbcr lo McCormlck'. No uns. no hits, no errors. N'inlh Inning Cincinnati—Derringer rolled out rom Ruffing to Dahlgren. Wcrbcr vent out "on a fast play from Cros- ttl to Dahlgren. Frcy hit a high ly to right field to end the in- :lng. ^fo runs, no hits, no errcrs. New York—Rolfe went out to fcCormlcfc c n a fast play uhasslste d. Celler went around to third on a ard hit triple. DiMaggio received n Intentional pass. A hit by Dickey to center : field won the game for thc Yankees. Keller scored on the hit. 1 run, 2 hits. n:> errors. l»(h of Manila. fu»r»l ,«vte. to be ^ni^ionlVht. mS • cloudy.

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