The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 6
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;J?AGB six RJ.yTHRVlLbR. (AUK.) COUIUiViK NJJWS 1SW Prefers Upper Berth Win Both Boys and Givls- Titles at Osceola Friday j night; Lcachville Upset.j OSCEOLA, Ark., March 2.—Lux-; •ra High school teams won nil in? • . .onors In the MU&Mppi Oou:uy , .enior ba^ketb:iH louMicnm'nt i'.'ki, . ere Friday and Saturday. T.'.: f ••'[•>' ' -on 30 to 21 over Sha«n<:s in !hi>. ..nals, and the boys surprise;! fnnsj •.'ith a 24 lo 21 victsiy In thej .namplonship game against Leach-] •.He, who was rated a sure v\:!i- :r from D:E beginning o! tri2 .urncy Friday afternoon, i Luxorn ulrls. a pie-tournay 1:'.-j . ;nie, whose auslanduig ;e:'.n-. ov-' . • r>. long; poicxl of years is a tra- . '.lion, rim true to lorm, eliminal- g Keiser In the first game of Ihe ; .urnamcnt, scoring 53 to Reiser';, i ..:, look a forfeited victory !ro::: • lylhevillc a:itl defeated Shawn; 1 -\ j : to 21, In the chanipions' :y.::ie j '.iurday night. ' \ Shauiice's strong ter.m re.icl:;ci e finals after successive victurhs ; er Osccola ana Wilson, who I'.ieri ored ten points against her re. '.ecllve 25 and 18 i>cims in th? :o games. Wilson defeated Lericn- • .lie, 21 to 9 in the first game o! i . :e series, placing her in the semi- aals against the ultimate chnm: ;enshlp contender. Luxora boys, dark horce of th: . urney, came through lo the final; .. :th admirable display of Warn 1 :>:•£ hi preliminary grimes against • sceola, Wilson and Sbawuse, and .irprlsed with a victoiy from Ue •'ivorite Leachvlllj Lbns. \vitli n . '. ick play, described by coaches p.: • -wheel 1 ' play. When the 'lle cmitciidcrs rallied to dcfcus: :. was too late to rave the game. •he championship score was 2-1 to :.l. Scores made by the Luxor; inners on the way to the chom- :onship were 26 to (i r.galnsl Os- :ola; 20 to 17 against Wilson, antl J to 15 against Shawnee. Shawnee .on Her place In the Ecml-flnals Ith a score ol 27 to 9 against Kcl- .. ?r. Leachvillc defeated Ulytheville 20 ' i 15 in the preliminaries, and in .ie semi-finals won 50 to 9 against VhltUm, who reached the scml-fl- lals after a victor} 1 of 23 to 12 over \rmorel. .\Cg'-Uij, i.'JJ**S«H»a.a.««~—rr-^ _. •_-- . -s-. GOT OF HUES S BILL MICH Indians and Robins Launch Campaigns Boston Boys Won't Always Languish in Second Division Declares William. ; BY Wll.MilM. B. McKI-:CIINIi: : >Fan:i;fi-r, ISc.slon liravc-j ' (Copyright, IKtl, NBA Service, Intr.i I refuse tu say thai tile Bravts will be iirT.neiH conlendcrs thv' year, and they sure to have a lisrd llglil on tlu-lr Imnds lo gi I i even to far as the first, division. \ but I can trntlifiilly promise lint • my club will play bsttcr fcascbiilli tlian it did hi 1930, v.-hen we n::-- IshcU sixth. i There Is daylight ahead. We a/e' slowly rniiliiin^ from the grountl up,so if we on show v. certain - Cv- arce of Improvement over the i:a-i: season we v:ill be more than pleas-' c<J. 1 am positive V:B will clt> th.^.j 'flic lust '.eaion ::av.' us hl'/hi", in the rac: any time since lf)^5 v hen tae club loo!', illth. Fir; the next throe summers we woun.l; lip l:i .seventh each fall, Jropphii;' cislith in 1929. A couple cf young outfielders we i patching up that part of on: 1 earn. 1 expect great, things ol Paul who is worrying the management. * • « Ens Keep 1 ; 'Km Going The Pirates finished fifth last 3 ear with n team that was seventh In club fieldin;: and sixth in batting v. 1th 11 percentage of .303. Jewel Em did an well with Ihe Pirates last year ns any "Miracle Man" cculci. Pie Traynor v;ar> out. for a time with that trick !;:ick of his. Pitcher Bi.Tinc was lost io Ihe club for 10 v.Tft-i. Heinle Meine's health went bloo'.o and he had to leave the tenm to rest up. It seemed that every ttme one of the Pirates slid to n l:asu he caine up v.ith a compound fracture of a frw dozen vertebrae. | cf.-lucU at 'all_ this year. Ens will' have lib men nround the lop. The! Pirates beur wjuchiny. . a\ee ROTH SMCKS APPl.5 OOT OF QMJK IT'S A PIPPINS-" Warning Waners Each, year the Pittsburgh Pirates take a championship ball club to spring training camp, rtr.d Old" Man Hoodoo always lakes ths same train. This year Bo;s Jewel Ens, who did pretty well with a crippled gang of buccaneers iasl season, is praying ,for the Waners io quit v.aning, bill already the lightning, has struck. Paul Waner the olher day reported to the hospital as is his usual custom and this time lie had inl JOm.KSS WORK OI,D MIXES j .(OPL1N, Mo. tUP)—Miners, un-1 able to get work, have returned toj abandoned workines In nn effort to '• make a living "prospecting." Hunr o'r;di of men are engaged in these Independent tasks. takiiiR out sc-me weeks as much as $4,030 worth of H can mean only one thing when the" follows gel pop' i:nd liot dogs is about to burst upon us ond this at the top with rod and reel !u hand is Big Chief Rc^c-r I at work in their New Orleans training camp. Below. Wally together. Another reason of baseball, layout proves it. The gentleman 'Ckinpaugh. boss of the Cleveland Gilbert, Brooklyn third baseman. peannls. perched Ijidians, brushes And on Vco'.ey Schulmcrick nnd Boll Wor- lm on h!s tatting prowess while icokie Paul Richards catches any balls-Gilbert fails to hit. lijnsto.i both of w.ioin aio joijii^j ((] ^ r i s ] lt , uierc seems to ba an earnest conversation earns on between Baseball Commissioner Judge v'c have needed 'badly. Schiilmerick Kcnesaw Mountain Laudis, left, and our ro'.unrt Uncle V/ilbcrt Robinson, mother o: Ihe Robin flock. :omes from the Los Angeles Pu-1 - — • about our club, however, is trie ' !! [-j0f Cof'ss" NiJlTlpd After Dry Enthusiast iOTTA rfOKjlM i HAT& STOW6 i . TfiAlWNG.' Twms'fo "\Vas Star Uaotcr Tirew Tempts Funrra! Gllrsls BROCKTON. Mss. tUP)—During a badly Infected .leg. Bathin™ Florida he stuck his foot into the |to 5tc!U mouth of a man-eating denizen of i m the ocean deeps. Perhaps he! wanted to find out If It had teeth. I Or, i! being bitten by a barracuda was anything like being bitten by Bemsy Dreyfuss. . i At any rate, he came on" second I best in the battle with the barracuda, If barracuda it was, and has been put on the shelf for repairs even before the training perioti gets under way. Arirues With Proxy Besides his '.eg infection, Paul hss literally put his fcot into! it time and ajain by arguing wilhi Proxy breyluss about the matter of! financial reward. Mr. Dreyfuss lias! his own ideas of the wages of • playing and doesn't like to be told h? is STong. Pittsburgh has sent away a 'lot of good men whr', cotfdn't be won over to Heir Drey-) fuss' monetary policies. 1 Last year Brother Lloyd was the I V/aner jvho did the waning. He didn't rally quickly enough from an I op;ratlon for appendicitis to. be! r.ny good to the Pirates through', most of the season. For a time itj was feared he might never play' ball again. Toward Ihe latter part | .of the season he played oil and onl and his strength seemed to be re- i turning. Now thai he appears to J be un-Waned again, it is Brother Gordon (Mickey) Cochrane. catcher of the world c'.iiimjiion Atra wake at the home of Joseph : letics who stirred on the football allcinpu'd field for Boston University, once 1 oiyie !y;ew , drcpkicktd ft 53-yard yoal ng.iivist 'Brown University. Grlgas here, two men barrel of ' cellar. .iflu Cuasl Leayu: club, v.'here lie- atsd nmong the best of the til- ways-vigorous crop of comers, v.v xitight Wcrthlnglon from Roche.;-, ter. He's mighty handy at llu- • pU>tc, they tell m?. H these two boys can come through, it will take a great, loud oil my shoulders. Third base is a problem right now. So fa-.- us I can see. it Is Mi open Sight between Chatham, whom we had lasV yc'.ir as n regular: Wilson, a boy from Roches-' ttr; Walteis. whom we have lurt- on the squad two years, and Drc*-' pen. frum (he Eastern I.engue.l liriescn is a second baseman, he has played at Ihird. He may be the answer lo our problem. I 'Ihe', r:sl of the infield, is pretty! v/ell set. At shortstop we'll have old nab Mmtmvlllc; Magnirc ls : back for Eccond base, -and both Sliecly and Johnny Neun \viil Eet a chiincc 1 at first. There was some trdk thnt I \vouW shift Maranville to second this: Monroe. I year, b'ji. now I feel sure he will- to a!- his old position. The Rabbit 1 is getting old, but he can still I show most of the boys how !o | I handle the short field Job. He '!•>, ! one of Ihe wonders of bnsebnti. and 'i 0:11 not nl all cor.ceined about. I how he will nil Ills position. A! Eoal will give us a pun;h behind the bat we have needed badly. I am counting on him to to-1 ceiue a. fine running mate for] Croniu. I The pitching will bD betier, I; believe. Seibold, Frankhouu', Zacr- 1 ary, Cunningham, Brandt, Haid :uid i Sherdel form ths nucleus of R staff ! thnt ought to give us ft fairly the | sturdy defense on the mound. Young McAfee is a coinsr.'and v,-e arc not overlooking any; la try r.ut iv-"'. 1 ,' material as it !s oltered to us. Tiie most encouraging thing our indication that It will set better hitting. That was where we weru weak Insl season. We finished sixth,! but at the plate- we were a bad : seventh with i\ teat:', sueragc of .201—jusL one [mini bitlcr Ihan the Cincinnati Recjs. This shows thai our pltcliin;. general defense r.nd base running must have been a little betur than average. With more punch Uierc is no reason why «-e can't climb higher. JACKSON. Miss. (UP) —"Hit Coifee" is Ihe name of a conimun- ily in Mississippi. It ts named alter an old settler, I an ardent prohibitionist who. in the days of saloons, always kept ? i steaming jjot of coflce on the E'.r^vs In his store. It was never empty and visitors • were poursd hoi coiSce whenever Byr.1 Askcrt for Husky's Skin j lhe >' ' ra " M a cm> - - ' MONROE. La. (UP)—Citizens of, . Monroe have petitioned Rear Ad- M nnwii w v /rrrn A r miral Ricbard Bynl for the P 2U ol ! „ NORI-XDLK. Vn. (UP -A copy of Unalnsku. lead hushlc of Byrd's "•« "nnon i.mes. aai u June ~t. do^ le.un in Little America. Un-. f 13 ' ™* wntainmg the firrt au- alnska hero ol hundreds of dashes ! he , nl:c £lor J' ot ** B l i;tlc cf , v " i ' ' " met his deal!'i °°' B OS " 1K ' b i r F - p - Harris. Fuster, in charge of Uic Byrd Scuth ; Wellington v.'ho delea'led Napoleon". I Polar exhibit recently displayed in j ' Read Courier News ~.ini Ads. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Carl Coan, the lad who ran Say Conger 1 into the boards of :he Madison Square Oardtn rack, observed his 20th birthday just six days after his victory. ..Rather .odd. isn't it. that Coan got into that race by accident. ..Bill McKnlfT, his teammate, got the Invitation but tft'o hours before the race Carl v.-as substituted lor Bill, who icok sick.. .Throughout their entire prep and college careers Coan had never beaten McK-ift until mid-January of this year ...Medical men said Carl had a menta.1 psychosis... Lawson Robertson, Penn coach, said Mc- Knifl just had his "number".. William Wrigley is being photographed fewer times this yea ...He's <v bit camerr. shy since the Cub fadeout of last tall Girls of Hornersville anc! Beys of SenalK Ta!-:: : County Cage Laurels.. : HC1.CO.MB. V.C.. March 2.—paying in stellar fashion in a last (!•.. . perate chance at tin 1 Dunklin ton;. • ly championship, the Home.-;.... yiris' :\y. Saltiiiay '.iilht CAttur:.! the final contest frc::i the S?nath Ulrls for their second ti-.v;-es::'.i county title. ! Both championship- 1 . \VCEII lo '."'.? MJtli eh:l of the county, as th; .Se- |iialh bays delcated t!i» Cain;)i..'" jfive, last, year's cliatui)'.t.':.s. in '.lie final round. 22-15. Tr.e llormnv .h ;BU-ls defeated the Ecncu:; LIX in '..i:- jmost cxcitinsf gnmc o! tn» tc;i:r,'.by a score c! aii-M. Trail..i.j • at the end of each ijMrler r.:. [ 1 never until the lail two' miiuius <.'. i Piny, In the lead, the :-!^'i:t:s-.....- • tenin with the anistic lODpiu: -T : -Tiny Brewer ana Blanchs Ii..v; J 'crept to within striking (Jis:anw'.. -^ i their opponents and with a flearh i i passed them with seconds left u play. With the score tied at 23-:!3, Brcv;er looped a long shot that pi; the Wildcats ahead by that margin and Hays took advantage of a Io;;l toss to increase tile leaO to t'"i^ points as the final thistle soun-el. The game between -the Sen.uh and Campbell c'agers was not sj closely contested, the Senath t:ys under Hubbard and Karnos. tak; i^ the lead at the end of the sei-L-i'..! quarter and never thereafter rcl.n- quisrnnt; it. Hubbard aceountsri !;.9 points ami his playing male . A 6, enough to v.-in the game. H is the second year of championship winning foi the Horn.vs- ville girls, wi*anin'.j fr&m 5am\ia;li last year with ease. However, ine Senath girls gave the atter.diiics a surprise by holding the kail !;-• .the major part of the cotitesl r. id demonstratuig a superior br.rU ot I basketball until the final i\uart;r. Senath boys have been knock^13 ; at the dcor of a county ehainpij'.i- ship for three years, and with Hno- bard, Hutchins, Karnes. Forci ail Koss in the lineup, were at Ust ^successful in going over. Both Senath and Campbell will represent the district in the a'.ircii! meet in March for southeast .M.s- souri honors. Read Courier News Want ALJS BRUSHING DP SPORTS By Lanfw l BUS— 011S 5U H3|S i i '.([Oiisiparnnii 3D[ia?3.nt j s\i\ii\ in main [IDIUU. ,,'0|qics(iiliui 'no i |ino.iM] jaq |i[3n puo rnoslliu JO} pur) O|ii[a([ jaop KlH.LI/Ji l mo OU fhs Classified for Results 306 CHESS LWS N5ARW AS MUCH HE ,. CHESS .1311 'pa-iuftiimi euii oqs—aJn •ra piiii uaiiEnutiis mojj 'ooj "! —sotloj alp tnojj p3?[tijq pan Snip 3(11 Ull-tt fiozcp Stijacj tuojj iJUtly •ojotn eDuo isu) 40q pan pin; 'IIIHOUI ao^i ui tU^ i>ifnf>J 3|nn oi;i pD3u|tl 'o8up -umi Ja!| |iasoi)| pucii onosiin ot|i 'januiaum oj paraoss etis su 'ODJ.UI "ivoc\ -3 u| SD.U oi[S juqi azu'C^- 1 01 JOE] JO) posnuiaq 001 su.\\ r)ii|tn. J3R JHfl 'iOll 01 350p jflOA J07BA\j- n f° jJ jo punoa EnojaiiD itiij; Ji:oi[ ppoa c aqj «ai.MS 01 aqi ]o .\B[ mil pd[ID5ll Otf 'b- •joop 3|ti rtiulti iipnoj 03 man )Eqi inunuoitilo nu tlits io| 01 siii3|Ri SU| JO UUUl C JOJ amiSbOdUll BUW 11 nifl •3H111CAI l^tlf sc.'A oq 'isa.u Suj -oy Ti[ OApoui J0|j3i|n ou puq an •sisui (Eiios-iod spi pni: iioisnpas iiijpoau sm ini" ' |iU]3AOp 'un[iODi^ad Ol asoU i31ins .Uuiiioa uuuj aiu o\ >a;n!!ojd s.o|aanv '.«iio3ja iin.we oi iuaraa.i|j3j oini oauojqo u( y.aOAi JO.\O|D siq ciq jo i Sti| DHB pun nicSn .tpno|3 HI jaq XiaiKipaunin puv 3|C|UU[1 '100; M ai|s SB 5uj^ jSnJis 01 pa|Ji PUB '11 - J31] OAOUl IM| plllioq puii qinoni inn 'ij -jsui i[S -qiDai jaq pntioj nutng c paa.toj jaq iv o^icpuuct ,«.« v aq aaq.u ni n 'rajv.Ml 1 ' ajpns ru]q uui ejq load JilCM iuin jo asn pooS 01 pa3(iqo os i sji| qi|.\v pniimm tujs jo AVOTJS 6m ^ *>in'u [i i 1° ucl ° c sc - ^ o>;[| 10u psp i 'ssau;j |>Ui7 ~f n 3 l-i 11 jo moiion 3111 nj Ja:i [)-i^B|(l p •punotf u ii;u - .iiiii pju.-i^; Joio paiil-Joi JsSuin 'Iicai| 001 ion •iaoir.|A ion ian n.icius—psoij .aqi jo apis 9U| ucdn i\n;ij IJCEUS Uj JHIJ13 pun Jaq iHipion, spnoM UHUJ £^ssaias|00 dai^ o> 0111153 io l inanioru e jo ^JO.M am inq sea •JdlC.U a;|] J»AO ino SlT^OO) dUOlS 3)q oqi uo 3a[qf!nB[ ivs ja^ii|[} '3n[i[i]Cd GJ^ ui pajjrir XldiOJOCa BBM pl^d '9HHI OUI09 JOJ l[dj aq pd&jdsno putl oi|nao 43U]I{) ]n3J9I];p U10JJ pdC "CpOOM nt oi9jA 18,1 pnu Xpp3 'o?noi| ]o iq°)i JO ino isn[ 8u;put:| omiu s3u[qi eui|i isjg aqi JQJ 9t|] s.acltip xo 5|i| i s,ai;y,, y atj iicn^. 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