The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE 1. 1934 CAII.]! conun van fr * CiA*sifiED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION EXPERT Tr»«WrtW aw* /U«ta« iM) ttoptirlaf. II. S. Blwk' (16 K. go*. Call Ui-J. 22ck6-W Daily rate per Jiie roi consecutive insertions: (Five average woras to a line) One time per line 1 Two times per line per day . - 0 Three times per lin) per day .. Ofc Eix time* per line per d»y .. 0*c L'onth nt« per lln* Wo Minimum charge Me Ads oruertd tor tnrce or su times and stopped before exptra- L'on will be chargco for tlie num L*r of times the a4 appealed an( adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ol the city trust be accom panled by cash, Hates may l»e tally computed from above table. NO responsibility will be tauen mi more tlmn one Incorrect la- lertioa of any classified ad. Advertising ordi'lia tor irregu- M insertions tab' the one time rate. Stradivarioui Violin* Net lmic - iSunihia* 'Machine, made instruments are ^^ *"• furniture t«|»lrfni—tpholsterimj Also automobile upliolstering. Wo il bo slad w refer you to cus- orners- as to quality and work- nanshiu. Complete line samples. New Ucalkm 111 No. Second JENKINS & SON 5-CH-6-5 „ to U«tKt detected easily because lh«y look PHILADELPHIA CUP)— Deter- ! alike," Nobel enpUlned. "The hand minim; the authenticity of " dlvarlus violin is not as difli itui^auus uumi u» nut «.» umi FOB RKNT Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed llardin, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102 lck.-tt Former Tnrasher HOME on Barfield road, I mile from town, Al conveniences Reasonable. Call the Courier News. 31clc4 nmd« vxiolln, like the human f»c« Diwupted Ofiice I sorttble. Sliado*) 1 silhouettes arc situation." accepted a» a natural result ol j Dtptrtnwru tatdi dtu)*d . tfmnen trutncr In kMin t**nl ' ' lo ......... an}' coon»e,tlen wjth lh« «r- that figures of one Idtr, and IniMcd voiMn tpottlng ^ _ __ SACRAMENTO Cal. iUl>> — A' kind InUrfcrred with (Inures uf scanty attire wouM be "»pok«o to" ' ' " shows tho character and style of bun on sunshine «llhouctuu IB Uw anolhor variety in tins accounting Individually. cult us it appears, according 'to the maker." • | of rices ol the State Sales T»* Ad- Hans Nebcl, a violin malter here, Not oucu during Ills 30 yean W,inlnUtraUoti Knt young wouwn ,vho lia? been consulted frequently * violin by persons who believed they of (all aehedute. TtM tchedute: Sept. UcJOO at CnixvMuy, N. V.; Oct. I, Oonn. BUt« »t Store; Oct. 13, Bowdotn, home; Oct. JO, Hav- erfordO home; Oct. 27, Amherst, home; Nov. 3, Trinity at Hartford; Nov. 10, Wllllami at Wllllaautown, Uass,; Nov. n, Rochester, home. MOD£RN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrby Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 164. 30-ck-tf HOUSE. Can be used for 2 apartments. 916 Holly. Call 290. 30pM Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water free. 619 W. Main Call 332-J. If USED CARS WE HAVE THE CAR VOl! WANT SUIT— SEDAN, —TERMS TO •32 FORD TUDOR 4-Cylinder '33 CHEVROLET COACH .... •31) FOKD COUl'E .......... •3U DODGE Buy — SEDAN. A Real UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 w. walnut, call 303. 5-30 c klf 4 room honw with bath, Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. in Divi-J siou. Call 650 or M8. 22cktf Nicely furnished cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 119 Chlckasawba. ck&-11 COOL BEDROOMS. REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. '29 CHEVROLET COACH. . Clran, Runs «ood ...... $12* TRUCKS •32 C11KVK01.KT TRUCK, Ihnl Wheels, New Tires. Bargain At * 318 •30 FORD STATION WAGON. A Heal Handy Truck for the Faim •"• * 1J8 •33 FORD PICK-DP, with Closed Cab. Not Hurt *329 Many Others To Choose i^rom PHILLIPS MOTOR FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 870-J. 18c ktf 2 room FURNISHED Apartment and garage. Coo), reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. lie k6-ll Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c kS-30 WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO KENT Three or lour roon^ furnished or I unfurnished house with big shady yard, call 282-W 31ck4 WANTED: Servant room within short distance of 1100 Chicka- =awba. Call 218-W. U USED CARROT -•Corner lit & Walnut Sis. V- . _JPli«i» : :W» - Ml'... BUSINESS DUtECTORY COUNTY WORKERS UNION tor men and women over 16 Due*, *1 per year 24pk 6-21 CLEANERS, TAILORS We clean an< tl«re winter and bed cortn. Mo(h-fnof, fire proof nolti. Fay »exl falL ' _ tlmlqme Ctea*inf Stnice WANTED TO BUY We bnjr Chickens and Em, hlfb est prices p*M. Rite Price Grocery, rh«ce 234. Ill E. Main. 8c k6-9 Rcady-Made Slip Covers Approved by liouil Iloustkrtpine Choice ol food materials. FH Ciuarinteed—;i Usual Price Mrs. C. 3L Cray, asenl HIGHEST Cash Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. Be k6-8 Ask us about the Ilagen Honey Center Golf Halls. They're Better. HubbarU Hardware Co. 5ck6-5 WHEN you arc fish hungry come to McPall Fish Market, 415 W Ash. Fresh Fish At All Times. Ic k6- AUTOMOTIVE Milk fed FEVERS for sale. PIOK- ABD'S Store. 1M4 Chickasawba 17-ck-6-l r ROOM & BOAKD Roomers and Boarders—Home-lik atmojpifrr. Prices reasonable Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 510 W. Main Call 278-J. 1e M- FOR SALE OR TRADE I Have some good resident propcrt in Blytlievillc, Ark., close to soot school, I v.ould trade for residen property in Jonesboro, Ark., Dyersburg, Tcnn. W. B. Thompso Box 494, Blytlievillc. 31i> k National Cas n Register. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8 ck6-8 Start A Savlnts Account With Us On Every!bins for the Automobile Bubbard Hdw., Automotive Dtpl- fhunu 476 Phone FOR HALE REAI, ESTATE See me tor 3, 5, 10 or IS acre tracts fronlinj on Franklin Street be- ginninr at Missouri Avenue, E. M. TERRY phone 617 or 348 Second hand WINDOWS and: DOORS J. W. ShouEe, 315 W. Walnut. 30pk4 BARGAINS in good, clean, used ice boxes. Everett -B. Gee Sales Co. 22ck6-2'i CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytlievillc, Everett B. Gee. 22ckB-22 Fecrts, Floor, Groceries t Meats at Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 234, Kite Price Grocery. 9c k6-9 For Sale—1 good u«d Delco light For Sale or Trade i acres well improved in most beautiful section of Ozarks, It minutes from dandy town, 15 minutes from best fishing in state. Good house, plenty frail. Will sacrifice for ?J50, part rash, balance easy. Will consider trading stock of merchandise. J. C. (JIlAriN. Manila, Ark. POULTRY & EGGS Sell BS your poullrj. We pay high- rst prken tw hens A fryers. B. T. Worthy 315 E. Main. Hck6-14 plant, 1 battery radio set, 1 used electric refrigerator, new & used | SALESMAN SALESMEN WANTED electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sales WANTED:—To Co. 22 ck 6-22. WANTED job Wanted by boy just graduated from High school. Not afraid of work. Will do anything. Write Box J Care Courier News. 28xxtf FURNITURE UXWN CHAIRS Uunpnlnted *' Painted S2-50 THE AUKMO LUMBER CO. 25-ck-6-25 REPAIRING HOME LOAN—Free estimates on toots, painting and general repairs We can arrange TERMS if deslved. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER. CO. PHONE 100. over route vacated by Arnold Southern. Business well established, high quality line, pleasant, profitable occupation, sell direct to farm trade. Tills is a real opportunity to step nto a going business. Write quickly tor full particulars and free catalogue. G. C. HEBERLTND CO., Dept. 62 Blcomington. Ill 31ck4 FKKK H O Ij C Eslimitcs Roofing. Painting, Repairs. THE ARKMO. LUMBER CQ.. IO-ck-6-10 NOTICE Annual meeting of stockholders of Blythevlile Cotton Oil Mill be held at 10:30 A. M, Tuesday, June 12, 1934, at office of W. Gage &, Company, Falls Building, Memphis, Tenn. Among other matters to be considered will be proposed change of By-Law providing for amendments of By-Laws eliminating therefrom necessity lor notice oJ proposed change. W. E. Gage, President I. H. Fleming, Assistaut Secretary. I Be k6-12 WnUyaa ftew t QrW Ooun. Some of llw Bills huvo been employ™ huntin* for i>«llco«ts. Wt'«leyan Unlvtnity't varnlty foot- Sacramento Is hot at this lime little thouhtless In Hie matter or Head Courier New Want Ad> ball Mam 1W» tight gurnet on lit thounds o iou [anil try lo IK wnslblc and roro- ~ maker of all asked lo examine. N«bel 5»W. 1 ALLEY OOP TIINK (JKTS TOLD! OUR BOARDING HOUSE OH? VAUE, ARE YA ? WrVYNCH* SAV SO? WrtftTS SljOWHAftO GOT 10 SAV.TWK » J ITS A VIOOU? BE OF , TOR STOP AT Trf NEXT STATION, &M % I'LL ASK TOR A, •ROAx'D fvW CAN'T 6DESS OUR VvW 1O COLORADO / VOUR WAY OUT'-OP TOWN. AWR',6H7 -•<— BUT 1HV6 ^ A1NT A CASE OP f TVT LAW TO TH^ OTY I UM \TSUWERE HEAD1M TOR SOME PLACE \N ."> /J «A*Y- T=OK •WRECTtON UKt A BEAXbLE HGONOf I -DROVE TV\te ACROSS COUKTRV SEVEN \6M<S> WoC YVlTrAOUT ^ trtAP/ I WKD CROWS ROTW. COURT Of H« K1NS 6U22V.5. GRAND OF MOO- AVONE, VER HIGHNESS- SANDWICHES -BER5RETHEY OHOf SO ITS A SECRET, HUH? AVJRIGHT, PTEP HERE AN 1 SPILL «1SH TOAD, VOO K TOOGHEK, see ••!!!? ' BUT NOW,G£T TWS.'.VOU FISHV-EVSO UTARO- \ CAME r\ERE TO GET PET DINOSAUR, DtNNV.TtiAT VOO TOOK *WW FROM MV PA\-, FOOZV.' By Martia i 1 . 1 . aw, MIND HEADERS! a&2 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES *«» «£<•> VOOKlVi KT WASH TUBBS /fPHE R«iTTLEOFA MACHINE <5<JN ECHOED TJ FBOM -rue KPTHS OF THE A CROWD GATHERS. SOMEONE SCREAMS. ^~ TO HAV6 THlMieSB^CB U3AN"MEi A PrSTOL .} WOMEN POUR OUT Of- THE . ANPCHOXIWG FOR BREATH- IRON-JAM LM2RONlf POLICE! POLICE* MEN ADJUST GAS MASK* AND ENTER. AN EASY CASE TO SOLVE! SALESMAN SAM /LISSOM,"CHIEF !"lP YA CANT iMME A eeio/\RD PER TRACK DOWN THOS^ Ttuo BAMDITS, , BUDDY! IT'S A CASE 6 PER CENT! nev you _ I'M A NEW DEreCTtVE AN' TH'CHIEF TOLD Me Tft Q(U6 W A UFTONTH'CflSe UJORKtW'. ON I (OELC,THASS AN IDE SOM6 P'Trf 80VS ARE OFFtXJTV,WeHT NOW. t QOT A HUNCH TH6V'RE tOOCMUU 1 OM CASE pOWN «T ST. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OUT OF THE SKY! VJ ELL, I'LL 85 DOCGONED .'.' P BILL POSTERS.,.HUNDREDS OP A THEM,DROPPED FROM A PLANE!/ W«V, THIS WHOLE I THIMG IS JUST-A FBAME- ! UPl IS TWEOE ANV IM' DIVIDUAL SO INPAMOO? THAT >txi v*foou>jT D6FEMP MIM FOR A FEE? NONE. OTHER THAN...AVJD WE'BE GOING T& TAKE NtXJ IN LIKE A 36 CORSCT.ON FRAME! MR.MASOM,MEET MR.BLACKSTOMS, T^E GENTLEMAN \NHO WILL DO MY LEGAL V/ORK WHEW WE GO COURTING !! AMD EVERV OWE OF THEM \S A PICTUBC OF NOT 1 ABNBR T BlACkSTWi V/HAT HAVE >ffeU BEEW DC3INQ? MEANWHILE..,

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