The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 29, 1945 · Page 12
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The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 12

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 12
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Cagers Tangled; Danner Back; Gophers Fatigued DICK TRACY W-ri ir-w fiiiaiiy r'ki oi Avyiki raAi'i WITH THEM HA THE CROOKS AS SOON AS I WAVE PLENTY OFPBOQE ILL EXPOSE TMEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE-DOPE PEDDLERS . AND THIS IS MV FIRST EVIDENCE I j il WARDENJ, THERE'S 7 YOU DON 'TV I TRANSFER THE PRSONEPJ J SMi A SMUGGLING If OUT OF CELL 12. XM nrffjl fccE I Sf BUSINESS OOMG Fl TTfTTv Pv MOVING IN THERE. Itt CX OKI RlGHTEy M 1" Iihs Ry 11ALKKY HALL A gaudy mixture of Minnesota basketball troubles and the crazy-quilt pattern of national collegiate court play In general intrigued local cage followers today. As the weekend found Purdue beating Minnesota, 54-45 minus Gopher star Bulzie Lchrman, the Big Ten race was thrown Into a four-way affair with Wisconsin the newest upstart. And the national picture becomes fogged with thrilling uncertainty because it Is absolutely impossible to pick out one team and say "this is the best. Here's your over-all champion." The Gophers now look forward to another trip to the Iloosler state to meet Indiana at Bloom-ington Saturday night. But they Big Ten Standings W L Trt. Pis. Op Pt. Ohio SUte .... 4 1 .W)0 244 206 Iowa 4 1 .800 229 189 rilnols 3 1 .750 187 164 Wisconsin 2 1 .67 127 132 Purdue 3 4 M 306 340 Michigan 3 4 . 428 2S 323 Indiana 2 3 .400 246 253 Northwestern . 2 4 .3.43 23 270 Minnesota .... 1 S .166 244 284 THIS WEEK'S GAMES Monday Wisconsin at Purdue Friday Wisconsin at Michigan, Purdue at Northwestern. Saturday Minnesota at Indiana. Michigan at Iowa, Wisconsin at Ohio SUte. don't know about Butz Lehrman who still is ill in bed. Butzie, himself, says he'll make it, but ' Coach Mitchell says "I don't know about boys, who are in bed a few days before a game, having much chance to play." Mitch liked the Gophers work t Purdue, says fatigue beat them. They had a defense pretty well set against Boilermaker plays, but some fresh Purdue blood got in there and . 4arted sinking 'em from beyond the foul line "so," simply stated the Mitchell, "you can't do anything about that." It is his pinion Minnesota could have won with Lehrman in there. Meanwhile the University of Iowa basketball squad today had the added power of Dave Danner, second highest scorer in the Big Ten conference last year and re-' cently discharged from the armed forces. He Is not too healthy, but Coach Harrison said he might see art time play In the remaining games. On the national front, Wisconsin plays at Purdue tonight in the .'start of a busy week which finds the Badgers playing three times on the road. And you may find your future national champion in a list that embraces Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State, Oregon, Notre Dame, DePaul, Tennessee, Kentucky, Army and Navy. By JIM BYRNE This is going to be one of the most unusual weeks of the high school basketball season as far as coaches and players are con cerned. No one has to worry about Henry, or what to do about Jim Mclntyre, because the fast stepping Pats draw the bye. With Henry out of the picture for a week, interest will focus around the Marshall vs. South and the Roosevelt vs. Washburn games. The Cards and the Tigers are scheduled to play at 8 p.m. while the Roosevelt-Washburn game is booked for the afternoon, but possibly officials will move the latter to the first game of the evening. PREP POINTS: First place may be sewed up, but as the second half of the season starts, six Lteams still have a chance to slide into second place. Roosevelt has it now but South, Central, Mar shall, Washburn and West are still in the running . . . With so many teams losing players on graduation, new stars should pop Friday. When George Kertesz Game League Okays Report on Fish Laws By JIMMY ROBINSON The acceptance of the report of the legislature's interim committee on the recodification of the game and fish laws (from some 65,000 words to 14,000) was the most important subject brought up by the Minnesota Game Protective league at the Ryan hotel in St. Paul last night. The league recommended no additional fox bounties to be paid by the state and if the state is to contribute to fox bounties that they be paid from the general revenue fund instead of the game and fish fund. Senator Wendell L. Ledin, chairman of the interim committee, told the sportsmen that the first Minnesota conservation commission was set up in 1871 and it was known as the fish commission. The group was appropriated $500 by the state that year, but spent only $113.90. The first hatchery was established in St. Paul and It yas known as the Willowbrook hatchery- In 1876 the commission imported salmon eggs, a project that failed. The group elected Irven A. Larson, Taribault, president; C. J. Mortinson, Ortonville, vice president; Thomas Wann, St. Paul, second vice president; B. L Evans, Windom, third vice president; Earl Fuller, Park Rapids, fourth vice president; Phil Gagnon, Robbins-' dale, general secretary; Carl Niss, Faribault, recording secretary; Forrest Dudley, St. Cloud, membership secretary, and Walter Zapp, St Cloud, treasurer. Frank Blair, acting director of game and fish, was pledged support in his present position. 12 MINNEAPOLIS STAR JOURNAL Mon., Jan. 29, 1945 No 'Stop Mclntyre' Talk This Week; Henry Has Bye came off the North bench last Friday he wasn't given much consideration, but when he paced the Polars in the second quarter his name crept into more than one of the half time' gossip circles. Referee Johnny Sammon was going to make sure he had a few friends in the stands Friday. He brought 13 of his "athletes" from Annunciation grade school, and lined them up with seats in the front row for the afternoon game. Southwest's Dave Garner was just another substitute before the Henry game, but he started against the Pats and tallied 15 points, five more points than any other player had scored against them in five conference games. Jim Stark of Washburn and Jerry Eckberg of Marshall each rang in 10 points when their respective teams played Henry . . . Garner is one of the smallest players in the league . . . Other games Friday find North playing West, Edison against Vocational and Central meeting Southwest. 69 HAL S EVV 4-i At L laWjS EVERETT McGowan, now operating his own ice show, says Norval Baptie, the former North Dakota wizard of the ice, still manages a rink and can do figure skating . . . Norval must be two years younger than the Constitution but he still has his original hair and teeth . . . Bob Wiese, Jamestown's gift to Michigan's fullback heritage, has been transferred to the naval academy at Annapolis . . . Won't be out for football, though, expects to be there only four months . . . THEN there are some bridge players who have the cruel and inhuman suffering which fell to the lot of Frank (Dad) Mapes... He sat through a recent session wherein there were six small slams and three grand slams each and every one against him and his various partners . . . When Willie Hoppe made his world record three cushion billiard run of 25, it came after an exhibition match with Charley Peterson, wherein Bill had gone out with an unfinished 18 . . . THE fans hollered for more, insisted he keep on so he did, to the tune of an additional seven straight . . . This might have been quite appropriate; when Mr. and Mrs. William Newton ordered flowers sent to a friend's 25th wedding anniversary some time ago, the florist unthinkingly picked out a bouquet of snapdragons and bachelor buttons . . . VISITING around over the week-end was George Higgins, for mer Twin Cities sportscaster . . . San Diego is planning a huge dinner and reception for Pepper Martin, the old Wild Horse of the Mudcat band, on the occasion of his taking over the managerial baseball reins . . . Mr. Martin is now completely reformed; he wears a coat and regular pants in public, has grown positively dignified ... And DO YOU REMEMBER the time when (thanks to Jimmy Hegg at Curly's) when you got cigarets you didn't say "thank you very much," the clerk did . . . Peterson Tops Senior Skiers Gus Peterson of the Moon Valley Ski club scored a double win in the senior division of the Franklin Co-op combined cross-country and slalom meet at Wirth park yesterday. His time in the crosscountry was topped by Gayle Larson of the new Vorlage club, who skied In the intermediate class, with a race of 21:20. This was a big day for the Pet ersons, as son, Roland, also scored a victory in the juvenile slalom class. CROSS COUNTS SENIOR CLASS Won by Gus Peterson. Moot Valley, time 22:56; second. Henry Hgl. Minnehaha. 30:26. INTERMEDIATE CLASS Won by Gayle, voriage. miv.jn: aecond. Bob Sanderson. Vorlage. 22:40; third, Loula Keller, unattached, 25:13 .JUNIOR CLASS Won by Bob Gordenler, unattached, time 23:36; second, Dick Wicki. VoilagB. 23:5i; third, Don Muuay, unattached. JUVENILE CLASS Won hv Bob Huston. Minnehaha, time 2V34; aecond. Torn Hettle. unattached, 37:27; third, Virgil Hegle. Minnehaha. 3100. MIDGET CLASS Won by Dick Penning, unattached, time 33:32; aecond, Kenny Neil-sen. unattached. 38:30; third. Earl Wahl, unattached. 84:30. GIRLS' CLASS Won by Robert Huiiton, Minnehaha, time 3V32: aecond, Natalie Cam-mey, unattached, 47:00. SLALOM Senior Class 1st mn 1. Gui Peterson. Moon V... 19.0 Intermediate Claw 1. TA Bldwell. unatt. 23 9 2. In Russell, unatt. .... 2 8 3. bob, Sanderson. Vorlage 24.8 Junior Class 1. Jim Johnston, Vorlage .. 7 2. Jack Stevens. Vorlage ..26 4 3. Bob Grodenier. unatt. .. 31.8 Juvenile Class 1. Poland Pptflnnfi unntf . A 2. Marshall Sclaraw. unatt. 36 8 Midget Claw 1. Jim Swanson, Vorlage .. 40.0 2. G. Towbrldge, unatt. ... 45 5 3. D. Ronnlng, unatt 72 1 . i . i.. i i 1. Natalia Gammry. unatt. 60.5 2nd Total run Time 23.0 420 23 7 47 6 22.3 49 1 2S.7 60.3 55.5 50.2 26.4 628 25.2 S7.1 24 2 41.5 49.2 78.3 39.0 79 0 758 121.3 52.0 124.1 5501 115.06 . Sammy Byrd Wins With Golf Record SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS U.E Sammy Byrd, former New York Yankees outfielder, held the top prize $1,000 in war bonds in .the 18th Texas golf tournament after firing a brilliant 66 on the lat.t round yesterday for a "total of 268 to nose out Byron Nelson by a single stroke. . By.rd's 72-hole total was 16 strokes under par for the regulation par 71 Brackenridge park laout and the Detroiter established a new record for the Texas open beating 271. Harold (Jug) Mc-Spaden, Danford, Maine, came in third with 270 and Claude Harmon of Grosse oPinte, Mich., took fourth and $450 with a 275. Washburn Anxious to Get Ray Smith L. A. Fleenor, acting principal at Washburn high school, admitted today that he is anxious to acquire the services of Ray Smith, present Blake school football coach who was at one time a prospect for the grid coaching job at Washburn. Ray Ross and Jack Wells, present coaches, are anxious to be relieved. STEPHENS WIN NO. 10 STEPHEN. MINN. Stephen took their tenth straight game by defeating Hallock 46 to 28. The Champs now train their sights on the district title. Gliders Take on Favorite Role The NAC Gliders are now all alone at the top of the Twin City Hockey league through virtue of their thrilling 3-2 overtime win over the Al Bermans at the St. Paul Auditorium yesterday. The Bermans appeared to have the Gliders and especially Jack Flood stopped, but steady Jack bounced back in the overtime period to score a sensational goal after skat ing the length of the rink. At the Arena the Honeywells took the Muggsleys of St. Paul in another 3 to 2 game. In this rough encounter the Honeys found a new star in the person of Russ Olson, their new goalie, when he stopped 24 of the Muggsley scoring at tempts. The next games find the Gliders defending their laurels against the Honeywells at the Arena next Sunday. In St. Paul, the Bermans and Muggsleys will tangle for run nerup honors. Both games start at 8 p.m. Gliders (3) Bermani 3i "p7e G Landgren Holmgren L I Morgan 5"". R D Wajrnlld !.,on,. G Nlcholaon Moamna L W Breckhelmer joonson k w Gtoley Score by periods Glider 5 n a 13 Bermans 10 1 02 Gilder aparei shortrldge. Kuslillk. Hut- ur, jviuure, iasseri, ftcotvoia. Berman aparei R. Johnson, Marr, Maxey, Boeser, Robinson. Leak. First period scoring Breckhelmer flMlrhnl- son) 0:55; Scotvold (HodglnsV 5:58; Hodglns ioiulvwiui u. jf. renames None. Second period scoring None. Penalties Gooley (tripping), Holmgren (holding), Nicholson (tripping). Third period scoring Breckhelmer (unassisted) 11:45. Penalties R. Johnson (trip ping). Overtime period scoring Flood (unassisted! 3:55. Penalties None. Stops Berres 7 8 8 827 Landgren 5 8 7 321 Honeywells (3) Muggleys (2) Olson G Gabriel Loomls L I Toerjes Swenson K D King GustellUS C Meven Ness t, w Pleban Wright R W Ludden Honeywells 1 2 0 3 Muggleys 0 0 22 Honeywell spares Klrby. Lund. Owens. Muggley spares Tumlnelll. Trelchel, Lee, Schmidt, Vanelll, Connolly. First period scoring Neis (unassisted) 5:40. Penalties Swenson, major (high sticking). King (high sticking). Second period scoring: Lund (Swenson) 10:04; Wright (Guitellus) 1108. Penalties None. v Third period scoring Pleban (Meyers) 7:37; Meyers (Pleban 14:38. Penalties Swenson 2 (kneeing, tripping), Toenjes (roughing). Stops- Olson 4 8 1224 Gabriel 9 7 723 III ! II M I I II II I I IS I 700 So. foarth St., Minneapolis WRESTLING J MINNEAPOLIS AUDITORIUM J Cliff Hans I GUSTAFSON vs. KAEMPFER I TOMORROW (Tiies.) 8:30 P.M. 1 Tickets: Downtown Ticket Office I LADIES FREE: When Accompanied By a Paid Reserved Admission mm, GOT Where Does It Hart? Shoulders O Small of Back OvarShoulder Blades Heck Muscles When Does It Hurt? AIITrwTim. Qu Touch Wh I Movw Locstto the sore, atiff rnuacleo carefully, then rub on Omega Oil. 7hrver and whenever it hurts, if it't muscular pain, you have a real friend in good old Omaga Oil. Through three generatkna Omega Oil ha been a bleating to thnuaandi. It rubs right into the akin and goes to work fast. Extra strong but won't burn. Only lit at all drug atorea. TERRY WVVP AAP LAND. lrWUFW.-T HOPE- LOT'S OP LANP...J5 ME. EYAN KNOWS I WEVEK THOUGHT" I'D WHAT HE'S POIM- EVEC.AOAIM.TOUCH gJZINGIN A NAW DIET SO GENTLY.' TKANSM1TTEK THIS FAR INTD 4 -T MZ. EVAN AMD LIEUT. LEE WENT TO MAKE THEie MANNERS TO THE D2A60N LADY... I OUESS SUES THE LOCAL BEASSi THE BOSS SAID T& BE FRIENDLY WITH THESE CHINESE 5I)EJZILLAS WHO BUILT THE LANDING STEIR-WEEE COMES ONE OF THEAN0W. w- 3 YttOOCU I N ' A LEEADyVrlEY, eEOSCOYOllH I SUPPOSE WE LL 1USEP lO S ON have to 01ve them j china river j 7 everything but ; patrol... beeajc vnext months pay out your chinee Ck5AKfcT bHOKlAUfc IN I Htr I itkJiT-rr e TA-rm Alio Uic AJCli ! J W0ULP LIKE TO SHARE THEIR JJ i- GASOLINE ALLEY YOU C4N'T BUY A SABS CARRIAGE. THE OHB 1UA1 CKY J AND. JUPY HAD IS etINQ CSED. IK CM THE TRAIL OF THE ONE SKEEZIX WAS POSHED AROUND JN. , ! u . -v r T bsM hfj ip. -m KM f i7-mi err rvssx. , m sa- wmiiirtf v-wi CcJ IT WAS ONE T5 LLOYD'S CAVE OS tt'Hvl SKEE21X WAS BRAND Km. BACK IM 1921, Z4 SEARS AGO. THE TIME CAME- WHEN I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T NEED IT ANS MORE. W -TURNED IT OVER TO THE Ifi W IF I'M A QO0D ENOUGH M CRAW'FORDS AND THER BOS Wffli 5LEUTH. I CAN TRACE IT. W TRAVELED AROUND IN IT A Mf'f HERE'S WHERE ONE OF THE O iW'lSEAR OR SO. THEN, THEV "'.' 7S FORMER OWNERS VNED. J SM 1 passed it on. iMri--wr rn U uiruu nirf Ktecn if akwi unpc E 1 fe3J 1 I CTC . I WINNIE WINKLE f;v; S"' ' DAISY FIMALLV G0TL-s I - HER BOOKLET Cr N L ZZJJZ, FROM THE JRU- - J I VES, AND - SSS21g ALLUREJVcV SHE'S V1 CHARM jl'fra 1DEVOURING L SCHOOL JJM'J EVERY j fl. vr fsJfM. WORD 7T IS YOUl? COMPLEXION RADIANT? IS YOU? HAIR STLB FASCINATING? DO YOU USE EXCITING TRICKS IN MAKE-UP? PO yOU WEAR PJ2AMA77C CLOWES? PO yOU WALK GRACEFULLY? HAVE YOU GOOD POSTURE -"POISE? 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Plastro Lone Ranger Lone Ranger Jack Bell-Newi Amanda Sings WMIN 1400 Kilocycles Ted Malone Ac Abner Blind Date Blind Date Counter Spy Counter Spy Spotlight Band Spotlight Band News-Sports Dick Wlnslow Kitty Carlisle March to Victory WDGT KLR-WCU I0 Kilocycles 770 Kilocycles News Sign Oft Suppertlme Serenade Invlt. to Dance News-Shangri-la Chuck Mulkern Concert Masters Concert Masters Good News Prog. Sign Off 00 : News-Henderson 15 Rlch'd Harkness 30!Author's 45 j Playhouse 00;. News 15-12. Red Cr. Cant. t.S. A.M. KSTP Cedric Adams Lennox Mills Friendly Tlma " Friendly Time News ' Music from West Midtown Time stu Mann News-Honor Roll Leo Relsman Or. Chuck Foater Or. Shall We Dance? WCCO Guy Loznbardo Royal Canad. Trans-Atlantic Quit Douglas Davles Rollle Johnson Saludos Amlgo News Music You Want Music You Want News-Jazz Jazz Unlimited Jazz Unlimited Jazz Unlimited WLOL OOisunrlse Roundup Sunrlsers is 1 Sunrise Roundup Farm Serv. Rev. 30 1 Farm Forum Sunrlsers 45 Sunrise Roundup Sunrlsers 7: 00 1 Alex Dreler News ol Worla Morn. News 7: 15 Farm News Breakfast News World News 7:30INews-Melges Musical Chimes Melody Trail 7:45Clellan Card Musical Chimes Melody Trail WTCN Eve. News R'w Rhythmic Age Sweet to Hot Sweet to Hot News-Waltz Time Pappy Trester Swing Session Gene Eyman "News-Walts Dance Time MAGAZINE 11:1512:00 Noon Monday thru Friday KSTP Morn. News Morn. Moods Mom. Worship Morn. Worship Muslcale Musicale Farm to Home Farm to Home 8:O0jClellan Card 8:15lClellan Card 8:30;Clellan Card 8:45Vlctory Parade Musical Chimes Musical Chimes John Raleigh Judy & Jane Dixie M'talneers Beauty Broadcast Happy Hank John Ford 9:00, Lor a Lawton 9: 15 j News ol World 9:30Flnders-Keepers 9: 45 ; Finders-Keepers Valiant Lady Light ol World Romance-Evelyn Bachelor's Child. Amanda Second Husband Bright Horizons Real Life Stories Morn. News Radio Star Club Radio Star Club Psalm of Lite Food-Fash.-Flct. Sammy Kaye Or. 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Glamour Manor Around Town Around Town l:15Today'( Children l:30Wom. in Whlta l:45!Church Hymns 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 rarno 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 ! Worn, of Am. ! Ma Perkins 1 Pepper Young 'Rt. to Happiness y Backstage Wife ';SUiifi Lianas 'Lorenzo Jones 5 1 Widow Brown WCCO Life Is BeauU7uT" Ma Perkins Noontime Newt The Goldbergs Joyce Jordan Two on Clua Perry Mason Tena & Tim News-VVm. Lang Woody Herman Or. Telephone Quiz Jimmy Dorsey Or. News-B. Crosby So. Am. Way Music Box Music Box News-1400 Club Calif. Harmonies Dennis Day Call of Day News Unity Viewpoint Back to Bible Back to Bible Kews-Muslc Homemakers Treas. Hymns Latin American Newscast Mom. Bible Hr. Music-Stocks Gospel Singer WLOL WTCN Melody Cruise Baukage Talking News by Hon correspondents P. Stone-P. Brlto Ethel to Albert Am. Woman Jury Bulletins " News-Foster John Ford-Newt So. St. Paul Femlnews Never Too Old Ladles Be Seated Never Too Old Ladies Be Seated News-L. 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