The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 8
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. PAGE EIGHT- lEUfELfl IS EEITEI DF fARK.y COUNTER NEWS Vcslwal] Of The Rhinclancl Blylheville Rated As Underdog In Game Wilh Little Rock B¥ J. V. FKIKND For the second successive week Haley Field holds the spotlight u , the Ai-ka'nsas High School Confer ence grid wee. Disappointing in losing to Ihe powerful Pine BlutI Zebias, Ihe Blytlieiille Chlckasaws can get back Into the running, as well as Ihe good graces of the fa)! 1 ;, against the Tigers cf Little Rock, defending Big 15 champions-, Friday night. If they should again f«ll hi their second big test the tribe probably ,can be counted out as far. as championship hopes are concerned. ,They are definitely behind the well known 8 ball by falling before Vine "Bluff and must bear down all the way to hold \\hat they have The Zebras, who.played an in- 'spired brand of ball, entertain one of the "dork horses" of Ihe loop, Ihe Fort Smith Gi!z?IIes, at pilie BlutI, and if they continue nl tiie same pace should chalk up their third win. Bob Cohan's North. Little Hock Wildcats, whose unexpected i-i-7 beating at the hands of the Hus- sellville Cyclone proved to be equally as stunning as the upset of the chicks, have a chance to get up off the floor as they tackle Uie F;rrest City Thoroughbreds, not . considered among the stronger members of the loop. Holds Special Interest ' ' The Hot Springs-El newal holds special inleiest Tiie Wildcats lost a 19-13 thnller to Hope, while the Tiojans used their superior weight and power to crush Jonesboro. Not counted oh In the pre-season dope to cut much of a path, the bojs fiom the Spa may do some upsetting before it Is all over. But El Dorado will bo a slight favorite. The rest of the clubs go outside the circle for opposition: Hope tackling Walnut Kidgc at home; Clarksvillc ploying host to representatives' from Bob Burns' home town,' Van Buren; Jonesboro In- 1 vad.ihg; Little -Rock for a skirmish with Catholic High; Camden at Texarkana, Fordyce at Smackover; Benton is. Arkadelphin at Benton; RUsseltville at Paris (Saturday). The defeats of the Chicks and North Little Rock Wildcats featur- . ed the third week of play. Although the Zebras v,eie rated strong and past experiences had proven them to be constantly dangerous, they Here considcicd the underdog, • especially.In view of the fact that the Dlldymen .were playing On their o^wn home giounds But tlie dope bucket rccehed a severe walloping when Russellvtllc turned back North Little Reck Expcits had picked the 'Cats as the "team to beat" ] Hop* Gains Prestige Foy Hatnmons' Hope Bobcats, considered a strong contender, gained more piestlge by their victory over E! Dorado Accounts of the game credit Hope as, never being serloubly endangeied despite the apparent closeness cf the score 19-13, ' Little Rock's power was not, to be disputed after theh 2fi-Q rout of Byfd High of Shreveport (La",) Cly'de Van Sickle is believed to have assembled another strong aggregation and one of then strongest supporters, is Ben Epstein, sports editor cf the Arkansas Gazette Ben said they really 'have it" and arc certain to be tough ~ possibly tougher than Othel- results' Hot Springs 18, Jonesboro 0; Clarksville 34, Cohwny 13; Benton 26, Fordyce D; Forrest City 13, Morrilton 0. The Camden - Prescotl game re ., postponed until tcntghl because of damaged power .lines that left the city in darkness, for some time. Mystery : Surrounds Ace Hurler; Scries To Opev Tomorrow I.inus Frey, Billy Myers Harry Craft Linus Prey icfi. second baseman; Billy Myers, center, shortstop, ami Harry Craft i-Wil center- leKlcr, form the heirl of the Cincinnati club's defense. .'ore when he' entered the ring, and hat is something no one seems to mow. Tlie garden announcer call- d : Garcia the champion of the forld nt the e'jid of the fight. The adio ai'motme'ers proclaimed him hampion of the wpilcl, but only In Cnllfoi-nla arid Ne'w York, which iakes about as much sense as call- ng Alf Landon president of the United, Slates, but only in Maine nd Vermont.' . ••• When the news -of the Filipino's letory reaches Paris the Interna- tonal Boxing Federation will meet u solemn session In s;ine bomb- iroof shelter and call him champ- on of France, and Manila, of ourse. will throw up n ferocious ooking slatue In his honor and iftil him ns the universal con- ueror. ' Although he is champion In New fork and California as a result of ipostpil being recognized as the ntddleweight tltlcholUer by the oxlng commissions of these two Tricky Viunanova Backs Do Not Dance Just .To Please Customers By NBA Sctclce VILLANOVA, Pa., Oct. 3.—Mim- rice Smith is In danger ol being read right out of the Union of Welch And Bolt Win Matches Straight falls featured b:llt wrestling- matches at the American Legion arena last night as Roy Welch downed George Bennett in one bout, and Benny Bolt grabbed ormc, mp of - •lysee If wo uldiVt ,,o,-e than Ha'""" the . state ,vhore lie is considered just ?ur lc< 0 the ' -- " lrnc<1 ">•"'» u chm nn , W «' eh ' favorttc wl(h Garcta fCr , yearS| was - to ° tou » h (or 1 ' 1 w ' '••" get n nether" ISO-pounder hamplbn. , There are 45 states.whose boxing inul no tne luss | 0 ' ring and a series cliucficd of body . , m one of ™&^^^&^L*z^$*& hey apparently are -going to- stick ,„ elgllt nilmites'theV' made it two 'lEivclght champion. In January of it wns one of the" hat year, Apostoli knocked him local mat fans have s ,«t. but wasn't given the title bc : on the same card' cause It - was an over-lhe-wcighl straight falls match. In July of the same year.I Stcele suddenly defended his title against Hcstak, a fcllowtownsmaii, \nd was knocked out in the first T)und. Tlie N; B. A. then climbed on the Hostak bandwa'gou but the .,ew York and California. commissions refused to do this on the grounds that the bout wns sched-j tiled .for' only ten rounds in the llrsl place, and in the second, Apcstoll flattened Corbett last November. Tti (lie meantime, a fat number lira -- wo b5n" < eeltel in <' ec '"M i» .Australia Stresses "Kct-[i Pit" Austvaiin 1UP) '~ eovcrnment has lent KAmtr " l! ff Kee l' ™" * r S 'l "? ^ , ,T Icc . ll ' r1cshl f »" " ( " >C sU lvcrsl "f 5 - , Tllc ™ l °, PT , '°. Brl> " 1 se«l education. nmm S s " Today's Sport Parade ;By HENRY McLEMORE York Sultans wouldn't, give a look in at the title, even NEW YORK, C«t. 3 (UP) — I doubt if there is a more disorderly mind in captivity than mine, but even it Isn't disorderly enough to grasp the confusion that exists todaj In the middleweight boxing situation. Here U Bedlam with Gloves on if there e\er was such a thing. - Matters weren't helped a great deal by the goings-on at Madison Square Garden last night when Ceferino Garcia scored a technical kncckput over Fred Apostoli, a reformed elevator operator \vho probably has,had enough of the ups and downs In the ring and will soon be back at the business of calling "sbtth floor—children's underwear, garden hose, plajer pianos, women's budget shop and house furnishings." Just what did Garcia win by stepping, Apostoli In the seventh round? To answer that one you'd have to kttow what, titles Apostoli though he came troni Brooklyn. Before this could worry them very much, however, Hostak knocked out Krclgcr, who quit the ring and started making n good, hon<vit living as a rookie. Stcele retired and efforts were made to get Hos- Uk and Apostoli together, but their managers don't like one another and wouldn't talk business. Besides, or so the story gees, Hoslak's manager, one Druxman, is also a promoter in Seattle and doesn't care to expose his chief meal tick- el and gate nltrnclton to any undue clanger. ' | My suggestion for the settling of the tangle Is to assemble all able- bodied persons weighing between 145 and 1GO pounds and play n game cf eenlc-inccny-mlny-mo, the winner to be given the title. But only on the condition that he promises never to defend It. C'UVLER STICKS CHATTANOOGA, Oct. 2—Kiki ; the tirst Chattanooga o finish a tull season since 1933. Rocknc System Coaches for sabotage. Big Clipper Smith Is taking .liberties with the dogma of Knute Rockne that are nothing short of scandalous. Die-hards look askance 'at the Villanova strategist's contributions to the aesthetic side, caring not a whit that they are practical as well as pretty. When the old Notre Dame star's backs go into a pas de niiatre, or perform a series of thrilling en- trechats with a swish of silken Ircascrs and rhythmic swinging o! arms,' Clipper Smith is hot trying to amuse the customers. He Is attempting to bemuse the opposition. •-.... Smith succeeds mere often' than not. Last season his troup was acclaimed victor on all -but: one occasion,- and that lapse, -.was merely a sharing.of honors with South Carolina, Tlie previous season was likewise clevcld of:failure'. The Clipper has harnessed his players' physical energy; set it to music and caused it to flow smoothly and rhythmically in basic Notre Dame, f:rmations and numerous .variations thereof. ; Eleven young men gel thalr heads together in'a huddle, then suddenly storm up to the ball'roar'4 Ing defiance at.' the enemy. There arc . ' preliminary arm .stretching exercises by the back- iield quartet and then, to the ac- cciiipaniiiielit of their own full- throated chanting.' (hey war and glide through a 'shift with ;\r;iv undulating like those of Pavlowa doing "Lc Cygne." Conies a momentary pause and then the s;un<J of terrific Impact as the Wildcats, charge. Villanova employs as deversifieO an offense as you arc likely to see In college foclball. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshesl Stock Guaranteed Renl Pricf* ; Stores Wert Optometrist "HE AlAKES 'EM, SEE" Ortf Joe UMCI' Ston NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For-Prompt Laundry «nd Cleaning Servict Look at Them! FRIDAY, OCT. 6th The New 1940 FORD 8-V AND 1940MERCURY8 PHILUPS KIIWSRY Unite.! Press Slslt Correspondent' NEW YORK, Oct. 3.-The mystery surrounding Hie inlfbty ri-ht arm of Kcd nulling, Yankee ace was to be lifted today when the four-time American League champions staged their final drill be/ere engaging the. Clnclnntitl- Heds in HIP-.-opening e'athfi or-the world .'•cries tomorrow, • . mining, -who n asn .(, p| t (. hc(l swcc the Brcivns knocked him out of the box on Sept;,, 17. was .scheduled lo millmber his arm for the Inspection of Manage!- Joe McCarthy, What Ruffing shows McCarthy will determine the Yankee pitcher f;r the opening skirmish. While McCarthy i s assuming' a pose of wori-y and unxlcly about Ills pitchers, Manager Bill Mc- Keclmle of the Reds lias His moundsmcn all lined up to face the |m-er that is the New York Yanks, It'll be lall Paul Derringer in the opener, Bucky Walters In the second game Thursday and Gene Thompson In the third game at Cincinnati Saturday. There is some justification for, McCarthy being upset about Rut- nng. The ccld and rainy weather 1 of the past fcvl days hasn't helped Rufling's arm which'has been both- ; ering him since mid-September "fluffing tells me he wants' to throw a few more before making up his .mind about his nrnr" said MvOorlliy. "If lie decides lie's reads' ieiUie'11 pitch the -opener. 1 If Ruffing isn't ready, then the Yankee band wagcn is going to lose a lot of supporters. With Lefty Gomez apparently out of the series with a pulled muscle in his side, the loss of Ruffing wculd make the Reds' cause skyrocket. Without Ruffing and Oomez, McCarthy would be np' r agaiiist it for pitchers. His opening game chcice, if Hutting's arm isn't ready, would be between Monte Pearson ami Oral Hiklobrand. Pearson has pitched only one go:d game in five weeks and -has gone the route only eight times this season. It's true he has pitched and won a world series game each of the past three years but his many aches and pains, real cr imaginary, always make him a gamble every lime he starts. Behind Pearson, McCarthy .has Hiidcbrand anrt Bump Hadley arid neither of them is any Derrlifer or Walters. Without Ruf/ing in form, the Yanks are not only 3-1 shot.s—hardly better than 8-5. The break in the schedule which gives the clubs a day fcr travel between the two cities is perfect for the Reds. Derringer and Walters! cim pitch the" first two gomes in New Yw-k, rind come back and mirl the foitrth and fifth gSm'es' in Cinnlimnti riml gel their three (lays rest, _ In addition Clone •Ihomps:!!, (he 22-year-old rookie who has proved his inettlo under Ore. will lie ublc to make his start iu the third game before a friendly home town audience'. Both clubs, held ' Idle by rain yesterday, -.vcrkout at Yankee Stadium today, weather jicfmlllhiK. Manager MeKcchhie has the Reds in their best condition since July 11 when Ival Orxximan was hurl In the all-star gnine. .Second Baseman Lohnle Fi-cy's injured heel and Shorlstcp Billy Myers' bruised Ill- stop arb both healed. With the exception of miffing- and Gome/! all (lie Yartks are In 'condition. The Rods have a far different no'ntal attitude than the Cubs of nst year. Bill McKcchnlc's miiel, experienced, way .cr handling his Players apparently has built up heir confidence to a high pitch, McKeehnic giuie two of his Mars, Walters and Myers, permission to off at tlieir h-.ines on Ihcir vay east. He did that all season and he saw - no vea<;-n why he sliould change any rules for Hie voi-ld series. Jack Doyle. Broadway betting caniml&vioncr, cojillniied to quote to :i ngainsl the Yanks and 12 o 5 against the Reds. Man (,;> man jets make the Yanks irj-s favor- (es. If Ruffing is univble to pitch •he opener the price on the Yanks Is likely to shorten. Sullivan Foe, Now 86, Derides Modern Fighters UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. (UP) — r 1 * nmic Fite § e "ld, a. wiry little ? nsl P (Ul . "W-M years old, fought in. the ring GO years ago when prize fights were prize rights and hot ''sissy stuff," as he put il. * Fitzgerald, farmer and slotie cutter, says he was. never knocked down or out, and stayed four rounds, with then world's champion John L. Sullivan to win a silver tropliy. Beavers Have Round Tail WINNIPEG, Man. (UP) — Nine nutria, a species of South American swamp beaver, arrived in Winnipeg over Canadian National lines consigned to .the Blyth Fur Farms of East,Kildonan. The animals, similar to the Canadian beaver but with a rat-llkc tail instead of the flat beaver appendage, will be used for breeding purpcses. Read Courier News want ads. Save Your Soybeans See us about a Massey Harris Clipper Combine Pull 0-foot cut. Full width, straight through separation. Power take-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. K.R. SI. Phone 555 5 i-T THE TOP WHISKEY BUY FOR THE MONEY ( Now three j-c.irs old — enrichcj and mellowed to perfection by an extra year in tli c \vootl. comer—a quality whiskey since IsSO and made the quality way. 3 The Mlsttindinglbrfe-year- olii Kentucky slriaigfit bourbon u-biskty selling for aroma! ,t dollar a prill. Notre Dame ,Michigan, Norlhwesiern, S li o w Plenty In Early Games BV STKVE SNIDER United |> ress staff C'ori-es|ioiidcnl _ CHICAGO, 0<:t. 3 lUPJ-Prellm- mary skirmishes revealed today the Midwest has no less than Jive major football powers to carry on its mass revival after three disastrous years, Noire Dame, Michigan and Northwestern still arc the big three. Added to these, on the basis of exceptional showings In open- Ing games last Saturday, are Minnesota and Purdue. Despite Its defeat at Notre Dame, Purdue must be reckoned with. The boilermakcrs were severely crippled, their attack cut to half its normal .strength, and .still they held Ihe Irish to three points on n fiejii goal by John Charles Kcllelicr, ],% pound substitute quarterback. . Minnesota's G2 to 0 victory ovei Arizona, KW-jM-isiiiK even to insiders who have been watching the reconstructed big ten champions in secret drills, placed (hem definitely in line. At Nebraska Saturday, Minnesota will discover for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, -198D certain whether It was (Hr'am cnp- . ti'Jl.e of challenging . tlx> nation's best. This week nlso brings Into the cjien Northwastr-i-n niicl Michigan co-favoj-ilcs for Minnesota's con-' fr-rrorrfl championship since (lie closing days of [lie 1938 campaign. Northwestern Introduces its brilliant sophomore brigade led by tlie prep-school phenoni Bill Decorrevont In its opening against hcma's big six champions. Michigan plays traditional itHra-stuto rival, Michigan State. True .strength of Notre name's offense-may be determined against Georgia Tech Saturday. The Irish I had thc-lr fundamentals down pat against Purdue but It was too cai-ly in the year for polish and the sort of deception that carried (hem through eight straight, games without a' scratch last fall. The only optimistic note resulting from the Purdue game was Hob SagRan's exceptional punting in lie clutches and the One all-round play of Lo\i Zontinl, right half workhorse, who has plugged unheralded through two seasons. . . • . The early games produced two other candidates for personal nn- ional honors. Both or them—Harold Van El-cry of Minnesota- and Nile Khmlck, Iowa—were sensations a/; sophomores but were slowed by injuries their junior year. EASTON, Pa.. Oct. 2.—Lafayette's football team has been hit by seven casualties in a squad cf 31). ' THE TOBACCO THAT > SMOKED SO. COOL IN TESTS SHOWED ME THE FULL-BODIED '/VWKIN'S 1 CIGARETTES. P. A. SURE IS THE JO/ SMOKE! *\ "MAKIN'S" FANS! A "pointer" for, yoii in these facts about cooler smoking! • * In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned 86 1 DEGREES than the average of the 30 other of the largest- selling brands tested... coolest of all! TET these facts be a tip to you.' ~ Save your tongue from excess ''biting" heat with Prince Albert... the tobacco that won the verdict "cooler smoking" in impartial 'smoking bowl" tests (as above). Get nil the joy of rich, ripe taste and full, fragrant body of choice, ripe tobaccos-anti get it mildly! Prince Albert is "no-bite" treated. 'Crimp cut"-spins up fast, so neat! (Tasty, yet cool in pipes, too.) fine roll-your-own cig- areUos in every bandy tin ol Prince Albert O i Everything for your entertainment and comfort. Watch Society Fife Of Courier Hewn F»r Free Show Gnerti TUESDAY PAL MATINEE & NIGHT I'wo Admitlctl for the Price of 1 A NATiOM TERRIFIED! What happens when a too realistic broadcast strikes terror into the hearts of a nation's radio fans? RBLPH BVSQ CEGF.CE BHRBIER av sunon- Fnnnu JEHUS Also selected shorts Admission SJ.ilinco lOc it 2Ke, ISc i sec Weds. - Thurs. <. The Greatest Adventurer^^P^I Romance \ "&£n * ever Fi ' med! - \^j& CftRY COOPER . ...: NEW BEAU GESTE L*&jms&& ' Brjaii DonleVy --"Siisaji Hayward J. ejrrol.NaishiflonaWO'Sonirar'^ iaraesSfeplietisori'KS"'""*''* 1 -."' - k-SU-.* *. •«•- Mso Faramounl N'nvs A Comcily Admission .Matinee lOc Jt 2Cc Night IGc & Sfic Sfatlneei Fri.-S»l-Sun. Admlnslon always lOc & Z8r Tue,-Wed.-Thur. COPVRICHT 1939, NATIONAL D1ST1UEBS PHOWICTS CORPt«»TION, NEW VOKK THE NATIONAL JOY VnOKE • '^°'*?**?* S '""'"

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