The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 5
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JANUARY 25, 19-15 Legion Divided Over Whether Neisi Vets Should Be Members HOLLYWOOD Jan. 25 IUP>— A:I |iitra-organlzii(loi«il fcii^ lins split <• no American LCJ;!O'II wide open on ('".' Pacific coast. The issue is should n Jiijxiuese- ;• American veteran of World War II nc entlth'c! to join an American Legion Posl? Some 2flu rrtjpilious members of Ino Hollywood I' 591, all of then wteruns of this war, have stood iiit'ii 1 ground on tho iiicmbcrMilp 'I3"ts of Jupaiicsu-Ainericnii veterans. .Furthermore. they accuse (lie Lc- Sions district cnmniantlcr, Dirk 01 on, of (!ircini'nin(. lo expel Harley M . Gkii, ivlio has an lion- ninmc nicdl.-al ciisohavKe from the II. S. Aimy, an,; William G. Sclmic- «er, tlie youthful post, commander nh<> supported Oka. The 200 members (if Post 591 niso "avo given Sclmcldcr a vote of confidence and S uy they will ink.- 110 action nuainst the '28-yt-ar-old Oka who was inducted iiito the post nloiig with 33 other World War II veterans. The ia rl! ct of their criticism, Commander Jlortnn, savs lie did noi <leny Oka memta'shi,', in t,,e \ f . gion. Horlon caiUcnds he criiiciwd Post 501 for ] 1 nl)]ici-dn g Oka's Induction as the first JapaiiMD-Am.-r- io«n o be Kiven legion meinljer- HaH " ? is irkcd ^causc the Hollywood P nst publicity coiuicmn- «l Hood River Legionnaires for icialc «„» the Iiaim . s of U)c nose-Amorican soldi,,, n, m ,, lclr T»e di.stri:t rccoiul vice com- >n«'"ler. Kin 8i , cy Morgan, Ls even eh?!?''' ( l Vii " "°'' tml in his dom '»- cial on of Post 591. He called it a bunch of Mexican hoodlums" | ^ = this morning, still undecid- .tibicHy chairman, Milton Lnban, »as tinwii uclded fuel on the fire a id us expected to cause the foml to flame higher than ever. Hoivevcr the Hollywood post's y chairman, Milton Lnban, ire oml er than ever. Lnban E ays, ••! do ™t rcganl the American Lceion as the organization for World War II re i cm , s . And I expect to get kicked out for this stafemeiii." Then Lnban added: '-" 1 " 1 !>rc!)111 ' ed for lha t even- Fire Yesterday A grass fire near Nabeiv Store yesterday aflcrnoon resulted in no damage. 1945 Income Tax Primer BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS How To List Your Income From All Sources Here is ihc sixth of 10 niuliorl- atlvo, easy-to-follow articles toll- )i"g Die vragc-rarnliit; taxpayer how to prepare |,i s income tax return. Renders should clip and .save each Installment ot the series. ny s. HUiiTON' HEATH NEA Staff Writer Th c average reader of these articles will find tlmt most of his income goes into Hems 2 ami 3 But there are some rather frequent sources that would go into Hem 4. These include pensions, retirement !><iy and annuities; taxable profits on endowment policies; rents (and royalties, .handled the same way) and profii.s on sales of assets including real estate, stocks and bonds, etc. For each of these there Is a schedule on Page 3, which, peculiarly enough, is on the hack of Page i, Pensions Pensions, retirement pny and annuities all arc treated identlciilly in Schedule A at (he lop of Page On line I enter the total that yon paid, in lump sum or instnl- mriiis. for (he pension, if V ou paid naming, enter "O." on line 2 write the amount ot pension received tax-free in prior years; if you did no pay for the pension, you cannot legally have received any tax- free income from it and the answer here also should be "O." Subtract he amount on Line 2 from that on Lino 1 to gC ( Line 3. which is the remaining investment that can be amortized tax-free. . ..• On Line 4 show the amount of pension received last year If it was greater than the "amount of emamlng investment shown on Line 3. subtract Line 3 from Line 1 to get the amount of taxable pension tor Line 5. But If Line 3 s greater than Line 4, write "O" On Now take 3 per cent of Line 1 < hat- you paid f0r thc pension) ' ' °" V' nc , G writc e»hw tills a « cent figure or the amount shown on Line 5. whichever is the »i-eei- amount. Line 6 now shows .he taxable portion of your pen- ston. retirement pay or amuilly. U . li'iiiinl shares (heir ,me A,t,l'llinm uoes In tli« viotii_],,,,,,, ..,, _ ,. . 1M! " I1M ' ""'I mem BOOS 111 the right-hand „ iwslte the S-slgi). Itt'iitfl Did you rent u house, lint „ room last year, or imy part of ih up. iJivldr by Die number of rooms. In Column r, rliaruo the reViled rouins ivilli their slim- of gc'llcral expense. , •, If you own (be property, In 6ol- year? In these days of hoiishi:; j imui'i s i uv .v'iu'tvpelfor'cxainple shortaee /j.any <ll<| rent at least :i! "luilr of two-fa, iv f mie S 1- S 0 u?' 1 ,,^ 1KlU ! C " ' S l ° «»'»"" I iu «" '" Column ^vo, cane re join |)iofll or loss. i dcpiveliition, i,, | u ; eomputed In ^1 S ^"'! 1 5..?.^: 1 :°™» l^use of Schedule P below. The'toShon which you rented all or part. H you rent the house from another owner, anil sub-rent all or part, in Column 1 show Die lypo of property—for example, "one room in our residence." In Column 2 report'the Rrnss rent received. Itcnoro Column 3, In Column 4 i-hoiv ivlinl vflui!)e;!t for repairs. In Schcduli>~. r >G'i ifj\- tliei- down the page, list ntr'Q'iit-pf- pockcl expend I tu res for rent; Kent, !t(ihts, lilrexl muid or janitor ser- viee (not your own work); and for telephone, _• house limy be 0 per cent a year, on » brick or .sione Milldliu! 2', per cent. Depreciation npplii's lo ciwi of UidlrttiiB dills': not inoliiritiiB lund. If you owii tlie buildln;;, in Column Tj 'stihstiliitjc for ix'iil Hie expenses that, for iriiome- omier. take the ]>Ince of re'nf linj'- nicnts. Do not eluu'Bc intereel nnd tuxes here; there Ls •juib'lhia'j place for ihem. . ; ' Whcllier you rent or own' you are entitle,) lo wprr euut'.h yeni 1 ' - it •" J " ('< ' < V'tV • 11 J C and water If the depreciation on the funilslililgs y Din-In,; 3ii vt-c-tr. of Id-M i:e r,,nUl on.; ,,f (,l our house. Tulul rcium, aho.n In Co]v m ,.H, mi a ralinc o:u- hone »ero n 3 roll Total ej.pcnaes O OOiM.90 NO'I'li: If this room was Ili-pf :iv.iit:ililc for rental Hut year iiruiini was not used by Ihc family, and was vacant part of II,,,- lime ,.nly f, luck «f a rmmicr, the entire S147.5U c:m \,e ili-<lueted from rental r. wived, and (he t<>om will s l, !lw a deihulit.U. loss. If. when m,'. rent tlie roam was usnl f.,r family pnrposr.s, y,,,, ,;.,„ ( . h ,.r e e niily SB-52 o >lU.r>0 cir S1K.1I, in which case Ihc room would return a profit o "V'ou can use this ..;a, w ,, lc |jiod ,„ ,.„„,,,„(,. .„„, ,. 0|) , lrt ,.,,„,.,, ilaction „„ a rn,,:,, in y nm - hi )ln , llstt! as an offi,-,: ,„• woLHshni, by J»l «,- "^ at.achcd schcduie" a,,,, cuter the finat „ c „,, , ,„ .„,„„. today „ , 1>roilucc Stlie(llI(R A , B v , h , cil her penslnn. W£ MAYfiOSf SMOKED HOW TO COOK MAYROSE SMOKED BEEF TONGUE Cover with cold walcr; bring fo ,1 lioil; rc'ducu heat: ami simmer 2.U I,, ; ( | lollre . Kw ,, |()I1|;il( , in Hie liquicl unfil „,,,: u ,„,, (l) haiullc;, Ilicn romovo the outiT skin. Klicu tilT ornss (issue and carlilii K c from Ilio ];ir B i: ,. m l of MM lon^im. SMOKED BEEF TONGUE WITH SCALLOPED POTATOES 12il!ccs Cooked 4 cups cooind Smoked Beef Ton B uo sliced pofalocs 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk 1'lncc Iwo cups of <ilu«t po| L-lisscrolc. Kiirinklc with one lal>lcs|>oon l!,nir Cover will, |J,u, s)l(ts ()f _ m , )U ,, ,,, , r Repeat in layers. A,ld mill ( m lr ,,,,| |, , KL „, a :!50' V. oven fur :ifl K ' , , lllimU H un , no anil Inkc .-inr.lln.r 2U (,, . , j PtStECT FOR SAmV<!CHE3 Here is .smoked beuf tongue at the |>eak of finest flavor ... different, more delicious thnu any you've ever tasted. Every smoked beef tongue bearing the Mnyrosc lafrel is picked for choice quality ... then given ii special mild cure so tlv>t it need not!« "soaked" WONOESfUl SERVED COtD W1IK YOUR FAVOK. irE SA1AD . . . P.-uiy.«r.y| 0 ,, K . a bi nr( . c , lsy ? firx ' vlle " "iwo's a M.iyn>M> Smokwl »ccr Jonguo in I ho refrigerator. Kniov it cold-sliced v.itb y our favgrite salad. before cooking. Served hot or cold, you get full, delicious flavor in every bite. Look for Mnyros* Smoked Beef Tongue on dispuly at your favorite meat merchant.. . individually wrapped in transparent cellulose! R[/,uy ARE . . .-.-.-llcay when you laslc a sandwich of iM:i. vr o:=c Smok li«f longue.Tryit williEjuidwiclisnrc "r tnarni.iladc-and u-u! '•ri-'&y $?$ provide for your leimnts,- - .'uiww Add Hie loinis .for (jolumiv*. 'i J ! ">d B, nnd .subtract tli<!lr /slim im,'!., ll ! l> ,'' a ' l ' 1|>ts s!l0wn '» 'U>' r"" t '"' "'" r<1|mlll1( t (1 r '"> I'" Ollu'r Source?; "'-'tiedule D — ([iiins niui IOS.MS 10111 sales or cxrlKiiiBcs-oijeiis up ,,?, "! a j ly complications (o he dls iikM'd here, If u gives you Irmibli J HWKI-.M thai you ask your Intel mi Krvemio office for assistant! i Is worth notiiiB. however, Hint «nii<m K |, you I,,,,, ,, ol chli]n „ 10liS °" Hie sale of your own resldeiiu o D ii(. r personal im>|>city. If you mould make, u profit on siieli 11 L ' H would be taxable und must reported. ' you liiul nu endowment nolM t>"'f, subtract tlip.todil that you . d the company from (|i,, nill (, u »>' value, mid report Hie profit in while E, in the rl|>hMmnd Now add DIP Items of Income In li'i' riBhi-haiul column „„ , );11!C •, »iul enter their .sum on We 1 ns item i. . ' " ' "" Or, Inge 1, ,i ( i ( | (I,,, fi,,,,,.,,., )„ OK- iiMil-hnnd column (Items a. ;i mul 11 lo jjel tlie iitiioiitil of Item li wliicti is your Income for lax pm 1 -' pu.'.es. Din, w(la [in , )f u y( , mSi ,„. was purl your wile's? In liiji lutter e«s<- sopimilc her liu-omc from yours-u w m save you money. At this point, unless Item ri ex- «'«lcd $.|,089.0S, yon Imvc tli,. ih-lu 't> use the tuble" «n ]i ll( ;c 2 to (ie- eruiltie your IHV. in u,,. mxl Ilr . "fie I shun siiBBost why vou slioiilitii l. l )e too quick iilamt ,|o'iiH' i he Corsnir-m is (he only ,,lr- >«uie u.scd in tile geiitml i'ucillc .oj-eccivc an official,cltiitlon, AffNA Gets Jap Post uu y«si,id. 1p .,i,,, v f , n .l»"(iiit.'so welfare mini^lcr |,«s Ibcon nimicd immitions tnin'j--li.|' succccdiiiK fiinjhn |.- (1 | ;iw . ' who rosiuncd "i,,r |,,.,.,)||, ,,.,," sons," ju'i-ordinn to Tokvo v - Mn .'"W'lrasts. V,, ? hi,la ,, n ,v "'," lunUassiidur'lo Hunljimi. 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OUR SURPRISE One Lot Fine Bislk Candy as Follows: Rare Chocofaf-e Pcaniwf Toffee Fine Assorted Chocolates Chase Vanilla Wrapped Caramels Fresh, Delicious Old-Tiroe Orange Slices ALL BY THE POUND One Pock Camel Crgaretfcs fo^ach Customer. By thc Case Saturday—Coca-Cola; Dr. Pepper NuGrapo, Grange, Root iiccr. I'leuse rcmcmhcr-wc havu m.wy O(|RM- SMITO ileuis in our store. W'licn y,,,, c.mie in io Iniy. lo,,k , )V( 'i- our \vhnle s nek ami lu,y whal von need. \Vo wilt a ciale this courlcsv. II FIRST DRY GOODS, NOTIONS and GI1 : T GOODS 2020 W. Main Phone 949 PAGE FIVIS, In Ilin WAItNINd OltDKIt wta Dlslricl, Mlsslssljiiil Coun- Dottle fine Hnrnetl (col), PlalnllfT, hn No. i>es llurnetl tcol,), Dcfendnnt, ' • he defeiidiml Jmncs HanTett Is it'ieby wnrneil to iipiwin 1 within .hlrty days In the court named In :liu capllou heivor mid miswer Hit,' 'otnpiiilnt of (in., piiiiniiit jjeuic •inn Diniiett. Dated this 2-1 day of January, 1945 HAltVKV MOHKIS, Clerk l>y Dm Is Mutr. I), c. •'run!: C. Uuuulas, Ally, for Pltf IViey A. Wrlijlii, Ally, ad Ulcm A 'lln-jjiitco canister of veal mickcd 1II.U12*. !* ai , opened In En?' m .1938, ana (lie content* :to bo tdiblo. Do f ALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? PAS;rE&TJr, nn improved powder to he spilnklcd on upper or Jpww.. plnici, liojci? falsa (cijth mojeJIrmly In place, Do not slide, slip nor rotf -No guiixmy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling rALSTEETH b nlkailnc (non-acid). Dos? not squr. Checks. ' plite color'- (denture bi-cnth). -Get rA&rEEfl'H at any drug store • i You're llio (jirl who knows tlio nnawttfl ... ivlicn yoii'choojw) I.ifo-Slrklca for traveling nuout-town nil day .. . nml for frcsl;, vilnl cliorm como .evening you must look your bcatl JIurpcr's Utizittlr unit The Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Phone 2342 ,. Full Stocks of,.« , ......... DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- ;; ; \\'i'. liiivc! a «»ni|ilc(cly cifiiippcd ncrvicu•.department.. (nu-k '"'' lncdlil " k '- s - Wc si'1-v'w-.aiiy make car or". BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CALL mo for your STONEVILLE i COTTON SEED i Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers Also Seed, Sacks J. L TERRELL Ill S. Ililwy. Illyilievillc, Ark. Ph. 2631' -=2== Recapping and Done Ky Vulcanizing The Hawkinson M "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!"' PATENTED SIlvlIIOD M0DINGER-POETZ Highviuy Cl Xorlh 2201 FIELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS SPEAR Poulfry, Dairy and Hog ?eeds Blythevilie Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Sf. Blythevillc, t>r«one'856 t>

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