The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina on January 20, 1901 · Page 5
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The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina · Page 5

Greenville, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 20, 1901
Page 5
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THE GREENVILLE DAILY NEWS, SUNDAY. JANUARY 20. igoi. WOMEN AND SOCIETY. Items of Interest Anrncg Greenville's Cu lured SocLty Pe i- buriag ,ht Past Week. Mr. and Mis. William Wilkins entertained at iheii- charming home on Mcliee 1 fen ace laHt Friday evening in honor of tlieir guest Miss (iuei-ltiid of Savannah, lia. There ure three nets of hours running from 5 to 7. 7 to 10 olid 10 to 12. The d.-'j'.vir.g room wa. beautifully deii,, the. color scheme being whl.e and jrwn. Holly and ivy sot oti' ihe- red finish of the reception linll, and the smoking room deeora- tion.-. v.e-e. carried out in the same t tyle. T!;e dining room, leading from W.e. hall, was a dainty dream of white v i;h pink carnations and sruilax. The retire sceue wa pleasing, but not so than the bright j'oung ladiej who i;s. islcd Mrs. Wilkins in receiving during the evening. Mrs?. Wilkins wore a handsome black lace gown over black taffeta silk, simply set off with exquisite old corals, which suited to perfection her brunette beauty. Miss Guerrard received in an exquisite creation of dotted mouseline built on yellow silk. Yellow jasmines garlanded the skirt and artistically adorned the corsage. She was indeed a symphony in yellow. Mrs. Frank Clements was irresistible in a jeweled gown of pure white satin. Mrs. Bartow Thomas Whitmire wore a yellow and white satin gown with real lace, and received with grace. Mrs. Theron Earle was gowned i:i cream silk, relieved here and there with bits of real lace. Mrs. William Hill was charming in a handsome black evening gown. Miss -Nan Earle received in a dainty white argandy over taffeta. Miss Kmily Beattie was in a so'l pale green embroidered mouseline over silk. Mr. Wilkins was supported by Dr. Curran Earle. and Coulter Cothran. Delightful refreshments were served throughout the evening. The reception of Mrs. Annie S. Cruikshank at the Southern hotel last Friday afternoon was interesting and of unique design. It was on the order of a guessing contest. A love-story being written out on a slip of paper, leaving numerous blanks to be filled out with the names of late books, the hero's name was Richard Carvel and the heroine Janice Meridith, and so on. The lady having the greatest number of blanks filled correctly received the prize, which was won by Mrs. H. D. Wilkins. Mrs. Cruikshank received with Mrs. Raymond Cruikshank and Mrs. and Miss SUAmand. The rooms were darkened and lighted with exquisite old candelabras. Cake and fruit were served by Miss McDavjd and Miss Kt.Amand. Mrs. Frank Clements gave an informal whist party ant Tuesday afternoon at her home in North street in honor of Miss Guerrard. Miss Tjiieia Sloan received at her lovely home on Townes street Saturday evening, in honor of visiting young ladies. Mrs. Thomas F. Parker gave a luncheon Thursday to a few friends at her home on Washington street. Mrs. A. 15. Sinkler entertained yesterday afternoon at her large and spacious home in McBee avenue in honor of Miss Minnie Sinkler of Charleston. The house was darkened and brilliantly lighted and the berries from the mistletoe sparkled in the glowing light almost like diamonds. The pictures, windows and walls were decorated in a most artistic manner with holly, ivy and evergreen. The entire scene presented was most striking and unusually attractive. During the afternoon light refreshments were served in a very dainty style. The guests were charmed with the cordial and delightful hospitality of the hostess and the afternoon proved a source of pleasure to all who attended. Rachel Hemphill. ' AMONG THE PEOPLE. Some You Know and Some Yon Don't Tbe Ebb ind Flow of the Human Tide. O. B. Hartzog has returned front a visit of several days to Barnwell. Mrs. Hartzog, who accompanied her husband, will not return for some time. Emmett Williams of the firm of Williams & Arnold of Greenwood is spending today in the city. Miss Scotia Macdonald has returned from a stay of several months with friends and relatives in Atlanta. Elias Day, a farmer from near Eas-ley, spent yesterday in Greenville. Mrs! C. D. Noell of Danville, Va., is visiflng her sister, Mrs. R. L. Graham. Dr. lh Rutledge Donaldson of Atlanta is 'visiting relatives in the city for a few days. Dr. Donaldson was best man at the West-Brown wedding at Belton last Thursday. Hon. IT. B. Butler of Gaffney was in the '. city yesterday on his return home from Columbia. E. J.; Gage', New York; M. Knowles and 8.' D. Silan, Atlanta; William O. Powers, Richmond; Albert T. Kdg-erly, New Hampshire; H. P. Garland, Baco, Maine; C. P. Emery, Lynchburg, are among the visitors in the eity today. Trainmaster A. Ramseur is spending today with his family here in the city. . Mrs. J. L. Dean returned yesterday afternoon from Belton, where she attended the West-Brown wedding. J. R. Haynes left yesterday on n business trip to Honca Path. Ralph llauiscur, Wilkins Cngle and U. I. Mc David of Clemson College are t:imiiig todiy in tne city with friends and relatives. A. F. McKissiel; of Peler was ami n the vis to. s in the. city yes-jU.ic.iiy. .Ic lin Henry Mct-ee. who is engaged Ckdim.nt, is spending todav in the Icitjr. 1'. es'dcnt A. I'. Montague of Fur-man I'niversity left- yesterday for Honed. Tath, wlieje lie will deliver an address. Mrs. J. E. R:nine is voting Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Henry i'i i-jaitatiburg, where she is having any number of charming social attentions. It is with deep regret that the friends of Mrs. A. M. Speight learn that her condition Ls not improved. Mr. and Mrs. W. !. Thor.ipr.on and four daughters of Alabama are stop- u':nr lit. the Stmttipm lintel Mr- Thompson has decided to locate in ui ceuvine. Miss Amies I.inscomb. who has been vkiiting Miss Mat-tie Giireath, has returned to her home at Greers. G. N. Cox of l'ickens wp.s npinn;; the visitors in Greenville yjsHvduy. TROLLEY PARTV. Mrs. Florence AUop Delightfully Enkr-tiincd Thursday Evening. One of the happiest and most delightful social events of the past week occurred Thursday evening when Mis. Florence Alsop gave a trolley ride to about thirty of her friends. The evening was grand, the moon, stars and heavens seemed to be in perfect unison with the happy and congenial party. The weather was cool but exhilarating and delightfully pleasant for such an occasion. No happier party ever enjoyed a trolley ride than those who boarded the car at the West Knd drug store on Thursday evening. The car, with C 11. Owens in charge and Motorman IMerney and Conductor E. O. Moseley, started with about thirty passengers from the drug store at 8:15 o'clock, i he ride included a run to the Poe mill, back around the circle and to the Air Line depot and return to West End, occupying about forty-five minutes. After the delightful ride the party were invited to the handsome residence of Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Montague, Furman campus, where they were served light refreshments in a most fashionable style. A few hours were then spent in playing games and entertaining social converse, which was a delightful finale to one of the most pleasant and enjoyable entertainments ever given in the city. The guests of Mrs. Alsop were: Miss Lucy Vaughn of Virginia, Miss Sue Harris, Miss Maude Montague. Miss Jessie Thomas, Miss Isa Thomas, Miss Curran Hartley of Edgefield, Miss Aileen McGee, Miss Ida Mai McGee, Miss Alpha McGee, Miss Margaret Moore, Miss Katherine Moore, Miss Lucia Sloan, Miss Evelyn Gardner, and Mr. George M. Buchanan, Mr. Robert. M. McGee, Mr. R. .1. Cox. Mr. T. C. Gower, Mr. Cliff Plowden. Mr. Chester Hatch, Mr. Ernest Hatch, Mr. Covington, Mr. E. Blair Rice, Mr. J. B. Workman, Mr. Jamie liilge, Mr W. E. LaGrone, Prof, Hugh C. Hayns-worth and Prof. Columbus B. Martin. The party was chaperoned by 1'rof. and Mrs. Hennette Eugene Geer. LEE'S BIRTHDAY Celebrated by the LiKal Chapter. Darters f the Confederacy. ' The local chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy appropriately celebrated the birthday of Gen. Robert E. Lee yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. John II. Houston in Washington street. There was present a large and enthusiastic attendance of the members of the chapter. Mrs. Bythewood, the ea)able and efficient president of the, chapter, read a paper. Mrs. James A. lloyt read a very interesting paper on personal war reminiscences. Miss Theresa McDavid gave a successful and thoroughly enjoyable rendition of negro dialect. An interesting paper was also read by Irs. Patterson. At intervals during the evening appropriate and unusually attractive music was furnished by Mrs. J. E. Beattie. Mrs. R. II. Kennedy and Mrs. J. W. Howell. At the conclusion of the regular program a half hour was spent in highly delightful and thoroughly entertaining social conversation. During the afternoon delicious refreshments were served in a fashionable manner by Miss Jessie Castell, Miss In je olden time, a rider was lost, and in more recent days the want of a Shoe has entailed kindred calamities. We have on display in our window the "Patapsco Shoe," to which we write- your close inspection. We know you will marvel at the price at which we are able to sell you this Shoe $1.50 per pair, with our guarantee as to wearing qualities. We will give you a new pair of Shoes or your money bBck if the "Patapsco Shoo" is not all that we claim for it: We take pains to (it jou. SPENCER Next Door to McAlister& Beattie, Dry Goods, Carpets - and Shoes, FASHION AND FIT. Arc the two important items in a woman's thoughts when she buys Shoes. Durabi ity is a "Matter of Counte," a quality that any c b-bler can furnish; but style, grace, beauty and FIT are items that involve artistic taste, trained genius, educated talent a' d expert knowledge ef the foot and its needs. "QUEEN QUALITY" Shoes for Women Isadmitedly the HEIGHT OF ELEGANCE; beautiful and up-to-date m appearance. In addition, these Shoes are PERFECTLY EASY ON THE FOOT. In this respect they surpass any woman'x shoe made in this or any other country. Styles for every use and occabion. For street, dress, house or outing. Three Prices--$2.00, $2,50 and $3.00. McAlister & Beattie, NEW IDEA PATTERNS. Mary Good and Miss Elizabeth Wad-dill. The walls of the spacious parlor were decorated in the most tasteful and artistic maner with Confederate and United States flags, red, white and blue draping the windows in a pleasing manner. Interspersed here, and there were a number of palms ;md hot house plants and altogether the room presented a lovely and patriotic scene. One of the most attractive features of the decorations was the picture of General Lee placed over the mantel and surrounded with n heavy wreath of laurel leaves with flags on either side. The afternoon was made pleasant and enjoyable to all by the cordiality of the hostess. ENTERTAINED IN SPARTAN BURG. The following was published in the Spartanburg Journal Thursday afternoon: One of the most fashionable func- tions of the winter was the card party given by Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Montgomery Tuesday evening, complimentary to their guest, Mrs. Eugene Bates, of Greenville. Hand-painted score cards on violet designs were given, and a spirited game of six-handed euchre was greatly enjoyed. The prizes, which were unusually beautiful, were won by Mr. and Mrs. W. VV. Stover, who are being so warmly welcomed to their former home. A delicious course supper followed the game. Mrs. Montgoinry is a fair hostess, far-famed for her hospitality and sweet personally, and Tuesday evening's entertniinnent proved a delightful illustration of the fact. Mrs. Bates, theguest of honor, is a very handsome r.nil ot tractive woman, and is receiving many cordial attentions here. Mrs. Bates was the recipient of another beautiful entertainment given Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. T. S. Crawford and Mrs. David Greene-wald, on Pine street. The clever and thoughtful entertainers had prepared a unique plan for the pleasure of their guests in the form of a "Favor-its AAthor Contest." Bright questions were answered on dainty cards with the names of well-known authors, and the book-loving guests had ample opportunity to bring their learning into use. The afternoon was a delightful one, made so by the grace of the hostesses and the eon-genial party of guests assembled. SPLENDID CASH SYSTEM. Mahon & Arnold, one of the leading dry goods establishments in thje city, have recently put in their large store a strictly up-to-date and thoroughly progressive cash system, known as the liarr Package and Cash Carrier system. The system is a great labor saving device and is the same as that in the leading stores of the north. It has five different stations and works satisfactorily in every respect. A SLAUGHTER SALE. Because of the great increase of business in his dry goods department R. L. R. Bentz will begin to sell this & STALL Sloan Bros. week his entire ,.tock of shoes at cost. He has a splendid line of Reynolds' shoes for men and also an up-to-date line of Heys-Partridge shoes for ladies. THE EXPLANATION. Columbia Record. The pronenesK of the legislators to vote for extension bills is generally explained by the idea that they do so in order to wiu the votes of those who are benefited by the extension. If that be so, they ought to lose the votes of those who pay their taxes within the legal time limit. If prompt taxpayers should take this course they would forever put an end to tax extensions, for they are in a majority and could soon teach legislators that it is not politically profitable to cater to tax delinquents. Brussels proposes to mark the opening of the new century by holding a competition for the best show window among the stores. BUSINESS NOTICES. Don't forget to use a little Prickly Ash Bitters when the stomach or bowels are disordered. It quickly corrects such troubles and makes you feel bright and cheerful. Lewis & Hartzog, Special Agents. . ('ut this out and tajte it to Carpenter Bros. ili-ug store and get a free sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, the best physic. They also cure disorders of the stomach, biliousness and headache. v A system regulator is a medicine that strengthens and stimulates the liver, kidneys, stomach and bowels. Prickly Ash Bitters is a superior system regulator. It drives out all unhealthy conditions, promotes activity of body and brain, restores good appetite, sound sleep and cheerful sprits. Lewis & Hartzog. When threatened by pneumonia or any other lung trouble, prompt relief is necessary, as it is dangerous to delay. We would suggest that One Minute Cough Cure be taken as soon as indications of having taken cold are noticed. It cures quickly and its early use prevents consumption. Bruce sc Doster. Irregular bowel movements lead to chronic constipation Prickly Ash Bitters is a reliable systemregulator; cures permanently. Lewis & Hartzog. When you have no appetite, do not relish your food and feel dull after eating you may know that you neeu a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Price 25 cents. Sam ples free at Carpenter Bro's drug store. Prickly Ash Hitters cures the kidneys, regulates the liver and purities the bowels. A valuable system tonic. Lewis & Hartzog. If troubled with a weak digestion, belching, sour stomach, or if you feel dull after eating, try Chamberlain's Stomach and liver Tablets. Price, 25 cent. Samples free at Carpenter Bros drug store. Such little pills as DeWitt'B Little Early Risers are very easily taken, and they are wonderfully effective in cleaning the liver and bowels. Bruce & Doster. Purify the sewers of the body and stimulate the digestive organs to maintain health, strength and energy. Prickly Ash Bitters is a Tonic for the kidneys, liver stomach and bowels. Lewis & Hartzog, Special Agents. I have been suffering from chronic diarrhoea ever since the war and have used all kinds of medicines for It. At last I found one remedy that has been a success as a cure, and that Is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. P. E. Grisham Gaars Mills, La. For sole by Carpenter Bros, and all medicine dealers. Pepsin preparations often fail to relieve Indigestion because they can digest only albuminous foods. There is one preparation that digests all classes of food,, and that is Kndol Dyspepsia Cure. It cures the worst cases of indigestion and gives instant relief, for it digests what you eat. Bruce & Doster. I A Word to the Wise is Sufficient. CLOSING OF OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SHOES! As we intend going out of the Shoe business we will offer our entire stock of Ladies, Mens, Alisses and Childrens, both fine and coarse shoes, at and below manufacturer's cost. Remember this is a Genuine Closing Out Sale as we must have the room for our increasing Dry Goods business. Our room is too small to give up as much space as we have to for the shoe stock, so have decided to sell the Shoes out. Come early you know we carry the best makes. It is an opportunity of supplying yourself and family with Shoes for two or three years at a nominal cost R , L. R. GASH DRY GOODS AND SHOE STORE. LEADER OF LOW PRICES Agent for Buitenck Patterns, A little better than the best is why wejsell them: American Lady Corsets, all styles. R. L R. Bentz Fine Shoes for ladies and children. Bion F. Reynold Fini Shoes for men. Butterick Patterns, the only reliable Pattern. Hamlin Beattie, President, L. W. Parker, Vice President, $ i GREENVILLE, S. C We solicit your Savings Deposits. Interest allowed quarter y. j Mone to loan on city real estate and on good stocks and bonds. DIRECTORS.; Julius C. Smith, L. Rothschild, II. F. Ansel, Hamlin Beattie, Averv Patton, L. W". Parker. BUSINESS NOTICES. If troubled vvuli i-'ieumutism, give CliamberU:iu's f'ii.ii-ilaliu a trial. It will not eont you a ecni if it does no trood. One apulicntioa will relieve the pain. It u!ho cures sprains and bruines In one-third the time required by any other treatment. Cuts, burns, froBt.bites, quinsey, pains in the side and chest, glandular and other swellings are quickly cured by applying it. iivery bottle warranted. Price, 25 and 50 cts. For sale by Carpenter Bros, and all medicine dealers. The most soothing, healing and antiseptic application ever devised is De Witt's Wieh Hazel Salve. It relieves at once and cures piles, sores, eczema and skin diseases. Beware of imitations. Bruce & Doster. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, purifying little pills. You can't afford to risk your life by allowing a cough or cold to develop into pneumonia or consumption. One Minute Cough Cure will cure throat and lung troubles quicker than any other preparation known. Many doctors use it as a specific for grippe. It is an infallible remedy for croup. Children like it and mothers endorse it. Bruce & Doster. This season there is a large death rate among children from croup and lung troubles. Prompt action will nve the little ones from these terrible diseases. We know of nothing so certain to give instant relief as One Minute Cough Cure. It can also be relied upon in grippe and all throat md lung troubles of adults. Pleasant to take. Bruce & Doster. A new remedy for billiousness Is now on sale at Carpenter Bro's. drug tore. It Is called Chamberlain's stomach and Liver Tablets. It gives Huick relief and will prevent the at-tack if given as soon as the first indi-ation of the disease appears. Price '25 cents a box. Samples free. A coated tongue, foul breath and clogged condition of the bowels sug gests the use of Prickly Ash Hitters. It is just suited for such ailments. Lewis & Hartzog, Special Agents. OUT SALE BENTZ, I?. F. Caieh, becty and I ; NT. C. Poe, James H. Maxwell, F. F. Capers. ON TIME!! You will always be on time if you wear one of our guaranteed Watches. We have a full line in Gold, Silver aad Filled Cases. THE LATEST Fancies in Jewelry of -ill descriptions will alwavs be found at WILLIAM ANDERSOr, 132 S. MAIN ST, Southern Rilwaj Time Inspector. PENIOiN NOTICE I ? - The new Pension Law requiring all applicants to appear before the County Board, applications from the ' several Townships will be considered in the following alphabetical order: Austin, Bates. Butler and thick Springs on Mondays January 21. Cleveland, Dunklin, Fairview and (iantt on Tuesday, January 22. Greenville, drove, (ilassy Mountain and Highland on Wednesdav, January 23. . Oak Lawn, O'Neal, Paris Mountain and Saluda on Thursday, January 24. The representatives of each Township will hand in their lists at, the same time, with all the informetion within their knowledge relating to enx'h application. S. 8. CRITTENDEX, rhairman County Pension Board. J. R. CHILDRESS, Secretary. 1 ill:

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