The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1944
Page 3
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- 29, Men In Service- Tuo men' from' '-this section cltmiced across e.icii oilier recently wliile hurrying nboul Dielr work of preparing for combat duly. Hiram w. pin,, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dill as Bijuletle, <uitl MayficW (Sonny) Lloyd were the couple pfc Hlrajn pill wrote his parents of tlie encouulcr from the Pnqltic war Master Sergt. Paul Damon has been : ti;a.ns[errcd from Camp §bcl- »y, liaUicsburg, .(Wss., ( 0 camp Hol>- Instp, Little Rock. - ' • - Pvt. Garrard Caiidlll, son ot Mr nnd Mrij. G. G. Caudjll. now 'is seeing plenty pf front line action in New Guinea, according to a -Icttcv received yesterday by Ills friend ,m CC ,' , , Dra " of '•Blythcvlllc. Cau- Ulll told Doan that i )e enjoys news from home which h6 receives in the Courier News. -H c - a lso Ibid of fighting the Japs auct said "We're not giving them any chance lo resl."'ire entered the service in January, 1943 and has been in foreign serylcc since .13 .weeks after his induction • Politico! Announcements, Tte Courier Newa m« been M. thorteed .to annpunce th» foUowtot csndidacla, «ubj«t to th, rjenio. cratfo prtmary in BfATR JJEPRJESENTATITl AUME WORD (fcr ^e-electloi), Post No a> W, J, WJJNDPRLIPH (fpr re-election, 'ppsj, No. J) 3, JLEE BEARD^l' (for rereleptlpn, Post No. J) liU.QIEN B. 'C E. p, "GENK" AB&) coimrER mm EPSON iH WASHJHGTOH The Blockade Against Nazis BY FKTEK EDSON Cpurjcr N.ewis \Vas.hlnjton Corrcspojideui A pet, jppic Jpv .copXViUl Jo.unge rategist* Is the ppssl.ble espopsUC collapse pf pernmny— how, ji»lij.ij ! fliul ji bushel Rf big jjfs. 7'h'is ji'lcbv holic acndeniic cliscii5sjp(i )ias 'b' .heightened since .Hie Inv.-isloii Frpnce and the advances in'-Uniy, j-cvea|in;g s pcrntany's terrible siiprl- ages in manpower, the lack of 'alr- power und the deterioration of all ' of- licr'fighliliig . ,|:ven though the csennans do ap.- peai' lo be worse oft than even the military authorities thought "possi- . ..,„- ,-._.„! .ATTORNEY TVIE 0. SPENCER MARCUS. FIETZ (For 'lie-election) BBKKIFF AND COUEOTOI •4 HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. CBUppy.) WATSON COUNTY TREASURER ' R. B. (8KEET1 STOOT *OSS DELLA 'PURTLB COCNTX JUDQ1 KOLAND pKEEN .(Tor .re-section) PWIGHT H. BLACKWOOD "'" COtRl ' ,. (For re-election) C.ODNTr CLERK T. W, POTTER (JPT ye-electJoB) ble, theie is of cqurse no use .counting the Nads .out ye,l. And w)«n the collapse comes !(, (nay be from a different direction thon'ln'1918. After Hie Jast war, Genera.1 JiU- dendorf blamed ^tlie collapse'on the Gernian people. There is a dlstJoc' lion tp be made, however, "in -th'at it was' LudeiiclorlT, Hlndfliiburg «nd the olher mllilniy leadeifi ivho 'to)d the socialist cl\jlian politicians tho> should sue foi peace because t,he country could nght 119 loui>u Ijjla time Ihere (iien't anj oopo aion IJpllllclons lo be Iqld ^to sue lot peace and If Hitler fignls (,p the last.rinn the Jist Ilallnii Kprfllc .and the last Aryan Quisling Jt will be a complete bicakriown of (he e> yjlinn populitlon v,hic'i will end this war for him. GERMAN FOOB SITUATION IMPROVED The food situation in Germany )s bcttci flow than m the last war Says Dingle .Mackintosh JFoot,' 9rjt- Jsh Parliamentary Secretary to the 'Ministry of Economic Warfare who lias been in Washington to con.Iec wiyi U S Foitlgn ^onomic Ad ministration officials This improved food situation Ins been one rf the mtiln causes of Germany s ability to hold out thus far She ftas .had ityo good harvests and up until this year she has had whatever Xood she )«is .been able to .get frogi the scorched Ruiilan ,pk.ra,lne, o,«d by jobbing the larders of France, the low countries, Noraaj and Qen- .mark Because the German .food jl(Ua- tioh has been betfer, Jt has -,be3n argued that fixxls .should bejel Into the German conquered countries, to si'.ve their bta vmg nopuHtton nnd particularly tlieh children Sw* lisa, food htvs been conaldeied cop tr,aband bj the in tlelr I blockade of Nazidom and only small in— ajuouuts have been allowed .principally to Greece. The jyiillsli blpckudo, augmcnleci by JJ. S. naval .and air n'td after Ainerjco entt'ccd the vvai', lins npt .been confined to .food, but liiis been .against everything (lie enemy might need. The Cull story of the blockage operations cnnnol now be told, but In general, says Mr, Fool, the German-Japanese efforts to bent It have In the last few years been confined to winter operations when nights .are longest a,nd vyeather the Worst. Only approach lo Germany has .been through the western i'rench ports on the Bay of Biscay. Ships .allcmpUng to make Ihe run have had to make ti, e voyage nonstop from Japan, without refueling, completely blacked out and with radios scaled. There, have .been .Ihrce i>usy sea- sons. In the spring <af mj, Axis snip? were cngageu In this truffle ooin ways. In jtlie whiter of 1943 only a few got througli.'Some were 1 sunk by ji.nvol, and oeajjy all those Hint were pvcrlnktn were scnl- llcd. So despernto have the Germans become tor souie trjaterials, principally nlloy ores jm) Wgetriblo oils, Hint there lips been some blockade running in submarines. The cll nuix camp Ihls past Dcccnihcr yhe Ihe Gci'innns .sent out 11 ,d(<slrpyers to csco;l In one shipload of j^' Eoergy-fill • "Vitamia Vulu* BACON IT'S TO /?EM WP ME THAT eTHING. Al^FUL 15 GO TO HAPPEN TO ME IF I THE PR, MATTRESS-BOX SPRING ^^ > .2 for the price of one WE ARE OFFERING FOR OUR JULY SPECIAL: 1 60-pound layer felf tngttress, Our t Peerless, marked on Jabel . , /. . 1 AAACerta Box Spring with heavy ticking & good coil spring construction mm, Tin- convoy wus Intercepted ID lie JSny of uUcuy nnd scvornl of {lie destroyers sunk by nnvnl uun- •nre ami aerlnl bonibtnu'. In tliu lust •16'iuoiitlis tt Is not Iwlluvcd tint -")' sinus have nimlc Hie oullximiil " fixmi Qenunny lo Jupun. ;r\ic blockade \wpuW l»avo itwfty J|i)Directive, of course, If It im'd not Bup|>le]\ic.utcd : l>y' nrocluslve buying of SpjUil^n nnd 3'oi'tjj^yese s«i)j)lles by U. S. nnd British" jjov- ,ern|ncnts, H's nil a purl of Dili modern ccoviptnlc wjirfarc. EXOHLSIOn SPRINGS, Mo, (UP) —Nq.w .{lenulllon p|f; devotion': Sgt. £p$s Styiel )m« bep.M ovcrsens lliree months nnd , Ims -written his wire )"TO , COO iilrmnll Rollers nml Ims ' .her, rojies ,every oilier day. ., ,sons, driving dp pcattfy.- Wiijdoboro . for n hljjli school K'ra'duatlon, got a iirgc bull moose ouf, of season and the liaid wry. The moose charged Into tliclr automobile and wis kill- eu Instantly, Clocked* Fresh EvejyDay! Better Bread Costs Less! •s *, 5 £ : ti.ricst top-crop wheat •is baked into :tbi<; f mh- flavored, 'fresher bread. A.scnsation at this .thrifty prjcc!' JULY SPECIAL PRICE WAITRESS and SPRINGS HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. T'rcm mid SPAM, BUTTER OLEO CANE SUGAR GRAPEFRUIT JUICE TOMATOES EGGS CO'.Slicks Pound Kut.inu'rc l ' 5 I'oiuiil WMEiMELONS RED-RIPE EXCELLENT QUALITY VINE RIPENED — JUMBO 27s each 29c 2lb$.21c LARGE JUICY SUNKIST LETTUCE CHERRIES PLUMS APRICOTS AVOCADOS LIMES ORANGES Large Heads . Iceberg High Color, SemirFreestone Clean Selected U. S. No. 1 Quality California Bings Fresh, Ripe, Firm Fresh, Freestone, Good Color For Sfnart .Salads Juicy, Thin Skin Sweet Juicy Floridas Pound 13.c Pound 12c 5lbs.25c Pound 35c Pound 29c Pound 27c Each 15c Pound 20c 5 IBs. 39c SAL DRESSING K P'NUT BUTTER PORK&BEflNS !^ flK .;«? ^ PRSCES QUOTES srass FOR BETTER V Mi&m Blended to hold rich flavor, amber color wlicn Iced. cosrs lOc HAMS, Shank end.. SPICED LUNCH MEAT .... . |b 45 C WIENERS; Super Delgxe Ib. 35c BACON, Sliced grade A . lbJ9c COTTO SALAMI, cooke'd .. . . . . Ib 42c PORK SHOULDERS, for bgrbecuing . .'. '.- '. Ib 3k SPARE RIBS, lor barbecuing .,Jb.22c BEEF RIBS, Meaty . . : . : . 7 ; . . pouna 20c ALSO A COMPLETE VARIETY OF LUNCHEON MEATS ij ! . '! i ' * f ' KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY ' th YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEI »ny Kroger brand item, Uk«' !t w wen u o» btlter other, or ret.ura aouied portloq in'origiptl md wt wUl 'gh» you donate yoir »oo«y'UeJL.

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