The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
Page 6
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SB WT, I,E. •JEWTUS ME: Victory Tuesday Would Give Billiard Team Undisputed Ruimer-up Post Commercial 1-eapie 'Tram W. 1.. Pel. Robinson ......... ..... G Pastime ................ •* R. IX Huzhes . ........ t Teaeliers ............... 4 Ark-Mo .......... .":... 3 T«ry ................. 2 Liberty ................ 2 Kayiies ................ 1 .571 .5" 1 .500 J33 .287 .101 First hair games rfmuininc io be jjluyrd Tuesday nielil: I'aMime vs. Haynes and Ark- Mo vs. Terry. Ro?s Ascends to Third Ring Throne lly J. I'. FH1KM1 C. I. Statistician CoiKiit'rallng I'-flr allnck in three b!g Innings. Pnstimc Billiard Parlor defeated R. u. Hughes 11-C !n* night and slipped into second place in the Ccmmcrcial Softball rnce Tile defeat wns tlie third straight lor Bob Grimes' crew. In Hi! first game Ark-Mo Po\ver pounded out an easy 18-5 victory over Liberty Cash Grocers. Dan Warrlngton, a youngster in junior Ugh, was the winninj; pilcli- fr for the cr.e artists. After nn unsteady start the elonyrited yout!" settled down and pitched nicely. Hr was scored on 111 only two innings ami allowed hut six lilts in all, Taimadgc Hucy, crack Hughes s!clc-wliepl?r. just up from an attack of chills and fever, in an ef- fcrt to break h!s team's losing streak, pitched for th? Clothiers lie yielded twelve blows. incl'.HlLiig thrse doubles, a triple nu<l a home run. Ncwconwrs Carry Punch Andy Bcvlll, a recent addition, providrd l£ = spark for tile Pastime will. Tile pasture guardian cracked out a double and a homo run. scored two rims, and drove In six. l^dtotler, nnotlicr rceruil nt third. also came through \vitli n pnir of safe blows and handled two chances cleanly In the field. Preston Browning continued his tcnsallonal hilling with two doubles. 'Tiny 1 ' Glover pounded out 8 . long triple In the third. Jimmy Smotherman and Barnes also got two hits. Maxwell and Hucy, each with two, were the offensive lenders for the losers. "Skeetcr" Bishop, a mere mite o! a lad, filling In nt right field, syas the hero of-U^Ark-M9.Power tri- ump'jr -In four trips to the plate the stripling poled out (hrec hits. He crossed up "Sharlic" Scruggs In the second inning by pasting a slow ball offering over third base for a double, scoring two. He singled cleanly in the third and seventh innings, driving In run in the latter frame. Srtiunh Wins Debut The Power company blasted Scruggs for fourteen hits, every member, except Hires and Micron-, collecting at East one hit. John Bage and Bishop led In the assault with t'rre. safeties. Kettlngcr urn 1 . Allen garnered two each. Peters. R. Payr.e and Besharse led the Liberty group in hitting with two hits each. Charlie Uites slapped out a triple In t'r.e third. .C. V. Sebaugh', making his first start, pitched well for Ark-Mo. He was touched Jor ten hits but kept them fairly well scatterel. First Gsme :n (Ideating Jimmy McLurnln. king of Hie wcltcis. i:> liii'ir 15-rouml tout 111 New York, Barney Row ^hlcafio Judsh fighter, climbed to his third rln- thrune. ROM. kin'i of the lightweights and junto iKhtles. is Ihc lirsl fighter of his class Io hold cur welter titie r.l liie same time. At left Barney's nan s rnlscd In victory: rlvht. Ross Is standing over Mci.nniln u.s the Irlshiriiin slipped to his haunclies In the 911 Bunch, cf J. Klmilnghani. 31] Maxwell, rf Hucy, p Tolals FfclDAY, JtNfi 1, 1984 DEAN BflOTHERS BflFFlE BATTERS Dizzy IViir Male's Good Roast In This Corner BY ARTKRENZ Totals Score by innings: ICO '230 0-0' ii3 COT x—n Summary: Home run—Ucvill. Tliree bass lilt—Glover. Two base | hits—Browning 2. uevlll. Kim tal- ted in— A. Kiniiinglingn 2. Wr.lUlc Unncli, Thomasson , 2. Glover. Dro-.vnini:. fic'vll) ii, War-' on balls— off Wnrrtngton 2; olf Hu- ! ey 1. Struck out— by Wnrrington 2: I by Hucy 1. Runs— Marshall Maxwell, Hucy, Barnes, llcdbetter. Browning 2, McAfee. Bevill 2. Er- '. rors— \V1iittlc 2. J. C. Kinnln?-am. j Tliuninssiiii 2. Unnch 2. J. Suiotl'.- I ermnn 2. Time of ijamo— 1;05. 'Jin- : plrrs— Pucfxjit and Rimer. Ark-Mo Power Thomas, ss 5 Taylor, 2b 4 Kctlinger. 3b 5 Uage, cf \ 5 Hires, . c s 4 Allen. If ' 4 Bishop, rf 4 Micro*, c 4 Sebaugh, p 3 AB H PO A Totals 43 14 21 Liberty AB Peters, c ........... 4 ,C. Lutes, lb .......... 4 Aycock. 3b ......... 3 H. Lutes, ss ........ 3 ;scniggs. p .......... 3 Crook, r-, .......... 3 .G. Payne, If ........ 3 3 3 3 0 1 0 1 1 •2 10 H PO A 260 1 10' Barry Gray son $ANrl?ANClSCOYOUNGSfER j WHO BURNED UP \ THE DIFFICULT PAR 71 PRES-nVICK LINKS WITH A 66. UNDER MACDONALD SMITH'S PJECOROFORTME COURSE, IN WINNING THE BRlTlSH AMATEUR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP FROM JAMES WALLACE-, SCOTSHIPWRISHT. SYI4ANDJ3. shiuv may go oil for sonic time.' and MOST OVERWHELMING MARGIN SINCE TWEY win move games tlnn they lose, but : STARTED P1.AY1NG THE FINAL OVER 36 HOLES Walter Johnson cioub'.s th»', any 0:10 cf t^icm ever again \vlll re- sain thc form t' nude them the i American League Hig Three. Johnson is dubiou.-, aboil tpllch- j s ''oultlrr for two years. He must' a defensive bDxor but what defenw 'IIR apparatus once it starts to re-' tm ' c l>iil'<.'d a tendon. Too many; I,e did use was too clever for the j bcl. 'curve balls. I guess. He was mer- | punch-as-punch-can Caldwell. "It's delicate mccliniilstn—dim- ; r1e -"- < iro l>l>ins; hooks over the oul- j side corner. ; "The hitci'. in his shouider final- , ly became so pronounced that lie : ciuiMn't pull his ami all the way ! back. Toward the- finish he was; mere or less the ball up i there." i leronie and Paul Chalk Up Nearly Half of Cards Karlv Wins BV JIMMY DONAHUK NEA Service Sports Writer Just auom half the victories I'r.e ilsh-ridinj St. LDuls Cardinal-.; ave chalked up In the National Leak-lie have been dished otr Uc jccct right arms of those "Diz/.y" Mothers. Paul and Jerome H. D?au It l.s "I this point of the pennant •ace that the immortal Patrick 'Icniy wouTd arise and. In i:Ls mos'. t-mfted manner, remark: "If this be dizziness, make l!r cst of it." And .Manager Frankie Frlsi-h i making till.' most of It. When the Fonnmm Flash IDT ivcr the reins of l:e St. Loole cn- 'rant In July of last year. |i!s b\z- gest problem was the grca'. "I am" !«>• from the wl!ds of Oklahoma Jerome Herman, the original Dizzy. Tlie self-classed "greatest Imriei ?vcr lo ma*e the majors" had bsen a problem li Gabby Street before Frisch took control, and Pranklc was nivarc of Ihe fact thfit lie had !:is hands full in handling a pilc.:- ?r who was as temperamental a' a pampered doll of the Follies. * * • Street and Dean ahvnvs were at swords' points. Gabby knew Dear was a good pitcher, but he hinted several times that tr.e loquacious one spread dissension in the ranks "He probably could win about 25 sanies for me, but he'd alSD ruin my ball club," Lhc former Cards' manager once remarked. "My otliei players would be mad enor.jh t chcvv nail.j and fighting timonp themselves if tr.ey had to lister lo that for any length of time. I c;"' win a pennant without him. 1 The funny part about Dlv.zy v:a that, along with, his boasting, he was a go'jd pitcher. In 1932 hr cried for steady work on the hill ailing Naticnal loop larrupers : .bunch of weak sisters, and threat- •(•riins! to knock t.-.eir ears down with ! fast balls. Given steady wcrk, h? proceeded i lo do just that in winning 18 games. ; Last season lie again <Jid soine ' heavy heaving of the onion, chalking up I'D wins, and selling a n»» strikeout record of 17 against thi Chicago Cubs. It was after this psrformanc< thai J. H. Dean made the remark: "If you thing I'm good, .you ovglita. see my brcther, Paul, now with Columbus. He'll be with thc Cards some day."' Lo, and behold, there was Paul in the cards' spring training camp this year! After looking the youngster ovei in the south. Nfniwgcr Frisch wa; asked for his opinion on tile second of the dizzy boys. "If he run pitch like his brollicr the Cards are In." was FrankieV confident reply. i Paul nnt only is pitching lik' •his brother, bin he it pitching bct- | ter than the original giddy guy I thereby fulfilling a prediction he made in 1932, when 112 was t'.:c star of the Columbus Red Birds. It was while riding on a train .-.en route to St. Louis that Pan -.made his forecast. Someone had j brought in a paper that carried story to fee effect Hut Paul Deai 17-year-cld brother of the famous Dizzy Dean, had pitched the Columbus team to a 3 to 2 victon over tils Giants in an exhibition game. "Give me another year In baseball." the younger member of thf Dean clan nonchalantly remarked '"and they'll be calling fiiat dlz?.> guy Paul Dean's brother!" Paul D:an, in action, and his older brother. Jerome H.. aren't so er. Yankees Trounced by Senators, Browns Defeat Tigers; Dodgers Win. The leading Cardinals of the National league, playing before only 603 paid admissions at Cincinnati, defeated the Redlegs by a sco/e of 3 to in 10 imilim and continued in their search "for Ihe senior loop title. The front running Cleveland Indians of the American league were swamped by the Chicago Americans but managed to hold their position. The Cards won on a double by Manager Frankie Frisch that drove In the winnlnj run. The Iteds missed chances to sew up the bail game In the seventh. Rheni was the winning pitcher and Derringer the loser. The Chicago Cubs hit the ball hard to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates. The score was 11 to 5. Klein nil his 14th homer and Babe Herman got four hits. Bush was the winning pitcher and Swift the los- dizzy—at least when thesi're out en that old hill. . . . They've won nearly half the games the Cards have on the right side cf the ledger this season. BTIIPLEM The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the New York Giants 6 to 2 at I Brooklyn. The Dodgers had a big ! inning in the seventh when they tempt to score after scurrying back j counted all 6 of their runs. The to third. Struss was the winning' defeat dropped the Giants Into a pitcHer and Galehouse the loser. ; tle wlt '' the Cu!) s fo- second place. The Chattanooga Lookouts won' Tne Wn!te So* walked over the rver the Atlanta Crackers 6 to 3. Cleveland Indians 12 to 5 with Tho Lookouts rndcd a seven game Bon «ra setting a 'hard pace, hit- losing streak when Ed Linke's Jive ! tin £ nis I2!1 > homer. The Sox hit _^ ™ r, • ' ' n Put-ODt Play Retires' Prlir-.,« With IW, Full I tlKVMS With Bases r-Ull ?[k hit pitching sent them ahead. Nel- tiie cult- to repair." he explains. Johnson believes Prrrell stands; nore chnnce of gelling back to tho risfrl track than Grove or Kimi- : sliaw. who threw enough fire balls I 'o develop o!d men's arms. He calls I R. Payne. c( . . .Besr.arsc, 2b-rl -Yarbro, rf-2b i T""' 5 32 10 21 e , Score by innings: Ark-Mo Power 050 302 5—18 .Liberty c. Gro. .. 021 200 0—5 . Summary: Three base hiis_c. Lutes. Two base hit^Bage. Rum balled in—Taylor. Ketsin^er 2 Caldwcll 4^ Bage 5. Bishop 2. Mie- ro«% scaaugh. Peters 2. Aycock R Payne 2. Sacrifice fly-Aycock. Double plays-c. Lutes (unassisted! Kettinger to Caldwcll. Base on balls —oft Scruggs 3. Struck o«t_b- Scruggs 3; by Sebaugh 1. Run' ' Thomas. Taylor 3. Kcttinscr , Caldwell, Hires, Allen 2, Bishop 2 MIerow 2. Sebaugh 2, c. Lutes Scruggs, R. Payne 2. Bcsharse. Er rors—Tr.onias, Taylor. Allen, Blsho 3, Sebaug*!, H. Lutes, Crook. G Payne R. Payne 2. Besharse 2. Yar bro 3. Time of game—1:10. Umpire —Borwntnj and Rimer. Second GiBie Hughes AB H PO Marshsll, c 3 A. Klnntrgham, lb 4 Whittle, ss 3 Humphries, 2b .. 2 B. Lut«i. ir ;; 3 •ApoW»uin, K 3 Dutch Welch Is Named Manager Oi' Osccola Team errell one of the smartest pltcli- rs he ever saw. j ' ' ' ; The Cleveland counselor ventures I rrrri; U Not Trouble Maker ', ic opinion that Grove and Earn-' I " crr -'l has DCCMI painted a con- j law now are learning more aboul j lc "" ous cllw - " Dl !>bovc passing the I OSCEOt.A. Ark.. June 1.—Dutc'. , . _ . ,._... , _. ilcliing Ilian they did In all tV.e I bllck wllcn t lll!1 ss broke against i Welch, former Southern Association i game under Welch's direction Sun- cars they whizzed hard ones by i ll '"' 1 Dl " " tli:it description ever *">d Cotton States League ball ptny- lay l:ere against the Memphis Dry ceola Engineers ball club at a meet ing here yesterday. Welch succeeds Otto Merz wlv had been serving ns tcmporarj manager. Welch's varied experience as a player and n manager, having j been head of the Jackson. Tenn club, will be an advantage to tin ] club, it is believed. The EJiglncers rlay t/'cir flrsl three Indian hurlers for n hits . while Sara Jones h * ld »>e Cleve- A rally in the ninth which net- i * nders ' n 5 hec , k ' Tl ™*» ol lne '"«"' slx nms S avp the M ™P his T S ' chic>:3 a _ wcond stralght wln over The Washington Senators the Birnrtneham Barons. The score t r °i"i«d the New York Yankees wns 13 to 9. Eups of Birmingham » to 3 at New York. Van Atta and hi for tlie circuit • Uhte yielded 14 hits t othe Nats Th{> N(lshv , |1c ^ dc(e!lted tne whUe Deaver kept Yank hits scat- el n tripk- ploy in the 12th Inning Knoxville Smokies, 4 to 2. The tered - Laz«rri hit for four bases. defeat the New Orleans I'eli- Vols sent four runs across on five i The st - Louis Browns turned on ,, , Lsttlc Rock Travelers flash- jthe Detroit Tigers and won 11 to 3. Pepper's homer, his third In three days, knocked Fischer off Travelers had counted oncjeachers Team H3S Steak ^ .^L^T rf their half of I he Inning. : n . . r II U Browns. Andrew: with i>eii- ; LJinner at laliaway 'Home Wlnm »e P'tcher. h s was the ans. The score was 5 to 4 in a hits, all in the seventh inning. loulhem Association game fester- 'ay. The 11!1 111 '\ic bas?s were loaded ans in hte last half of Ihe 12th ml one out. Gieeson slammed a Thu Teaciers team of the Com- ovv liner to Aker.s ut short and the mercial ,Suft Ball loop enjoyed a avelcr infieldcr rushed to second steak dinner at the home of the | inson team were visitors. A short o double one base runner and Rev. Marsh Callaway yesterday at j business session was held durina hen shot the ball home to catch six o'clock. i which plans were discussed for the mother as tie made a belated at-'. All members with the exception I next half race. of two were present and BUI Crowe and Marsh Caliaway jr., of liie Rob- :tlerc<l shirt fronts. Either" that r " lcrt llle C.tiiltord Guide, the big, er . was named manager of the O?- r they won't last much longer, and handsome right-hander turned over! Cleaners. f la'.c both have shown unmistak- ' a " cw Ic;lf '» Jll " c ' 1933 ' when' b!e signs of retlghSening their i Jo!lll -' ;011 became chief of the Tribe, j rips. ' I 'I wish I had 23 Ferrells, and Thrlr blazing siwcd having died ' " lat ^-'PIKia to be the major league '• ut. Louaconlng Lefty nnd trc Bi'-, ! ""• Johnson goes on. "Wcs was] •loose must devise other ways to . llrst on lh( ' nc:it nnd lnsl to lcnvp - . ool -hitters. ; l 'e always w.ns in condition. He | "1 was with Washington 10 sea- llkl ' s to l llav baseball. ' oils before I thought ol anything ' "' m 5'ad tVrrcll ts rcturnhig. It | ' wouldn't have been right [or a i young fellow with his ability to fade j out over a salary' disagreement. We* will be happy to be ba:k with I his brother. Rick, to whom he has j no; P ilctlc ^ sin cc they were the WE'RE SCOTCH ™t puiiipins; the ball by the boys." :n!ks Johnson. t Mf a Pitcher Better Ttinn Most of Them Tr.e Big Train sjys Perrcll will help the Bosion lied Sox it he is lclrnrs of Guilford county. N. C.. half as gocxi as he was during trc '. as . , kic ^' four-j-ear stretch from 1029 to 133' ' Al;<t 11OW tlial thc outfleldlng when he bagged from 21 to 25 en i k!ca ' Ws been knoclt ed wit of Wes' gagcments a vear for C'evelind he:xt1 ' l cx l>ect to see r.lm make a like breaking slicks. fine comeback." "Tlie only hitlers Ferrell won't -^ - . spring, and he'll tovc a mental map of them after one inspection." elucidates the Indian guide. At Cape GirardtaU. Mo. _ CAPE OIRARDEAU, Mo.-Jackie everything against him. and keptjChire, ill., in the" main event of a the situation ,,i, , n hand . j cnrd hcrc lhu WMlc _ Wes liad complained about his' Not by any means w« Burton That's wliy \vc advise everyone who wants to buy the most for Ins fco.1 dollar to go to C;ish Kecd Slore. It's viKht acro-s from thc olil posl- otticc on Main Street in Hlytliiiville and carries !it all times a full line of 1'nnna Chows, those reliable dollar Ftfa frnm thc lifted and lann proved feeds for live-Chcckcrbo.ini Bag stock and t>millry. Kvcryiliing you need in feed, folks, is here at Cash Feed .•Store where the liw prices are sure tcffl please yon. Call in or plume in for I'll,'-% ma Chows and Service! Cash Feed Store, '-ill Rist Main Street PURINA [CHOWS i I Aladdin Magic THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but' woman's work is never done',' is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of late years-and has clone much to lighten the burdens " of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. ..' • ; ; , You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised."

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