The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MOB HCDEKN HCME NEW/ Conducted lor this newspaper In the Interest of its women r*»ders by recognized »uthorltles em all pli»s«e of home miklii<. Florence Brobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor Commencement Parties Are Here ! • Mrs. Thurn Gives 'Recipes for Graduation and Wedding Parties. ( Dear Friends in Blythcvillc: Next to tile winter holidiiy entertaining. June parties arc probably Hie nicest of t'r.c entire year. Parties lor brides and graduates, luncheons and teas, dinners for the wedding party, supper nances lor graduating classes. ; These call lor all the ingenuity and skill of the housekeeper. Make gco-J use of (lowers in decorations at this lira? of year, for t'rc house as well as the table; get away from traditional forms at the table and in the menus; don't be afraid to be "different" Oils year, especially if that difference Is amusing. Shop abuul lor tile needed new things for the table; line]is. gla;>s, silver, eliina. Prices arc still tots' on these and a sufficient supply not. only makes the party easier cl preparation and serving, but the hostess who knows her linen cupboard, her china and glass, lar silver supplies are complete. linn a mintl at rase and she is a better hostess lor it. Menus Now for a commencement parly menu, for high schcol graduates. Perhaps it is dancing with supiicr afterwards: Assorted Sandwiches Ham Mousse Salad Iced Fruit Punch Spicy Cup Cakes 19:14 Ice Cream (as illustrated) Coffee Candies Recipes for tile cup cakes and ice cream are given elsewhere on tl:e pace, txir the sandwiches use assorted cheeses, mashed, seasoned, blended with a little cream or mayonnaise. Snappy cr.cese and pimiento arc especially tangy and EO?,± Spread some an very thin slices of rye bread; others on white. Also use a mixture of chopped walnuts and mayonnaise; another of ground smoked salmon and mayonnaise; another of chicken and celery chopped fine and blended with mayonnaise. Shower Luncheon 11 a- a bridal shonier luncheon, wliv not. this manu?: Cantaloupe Ball Fruit. Cup Lani^., Croquettes New 1'eas in Ramekins Mew Asparagus, Butter Sauce Rolls and gutter Casserole Strawberry Shortcake Tea Coffee Gaudies Wedding Dinner The dinner menu to be served afte.- the ceremony, may be as siin- pb or elaborate as the purse per- niit-:. But the tendency in the last few years has been toward simplicity, no matter what the social position. If the party is very small. all are served at one table; otherwise, the bride and groom and their parents, or closest, relatives are ai one table and the attendant-; and 6'iCjts at ct'-ers. This menu will b: equally effective as a luncheon or dinner. Honey Dew Melon Hors d'ocuvrcs of stuffed celery. olives, radishes, small canapes of anchovy paste, patr, cream cheese Fruit Punch or Sparkling Cider to tcast the bride Half Broiled Chicken Asparajus Hollandaisc Cheese Balls (crisp fried ones) Roils and butter Hrirtc'5 Cake Strawberry Mousse CDffec Nuts Candies Boxes of wending cake as favors Tile bride's cake is cut at the tsbic while the wedding cuke is a daik fruit, mixture, previously cut nmt put in little boxes for the E»3sM. Here are recipes for each: Bride's Cake One cup shortening; one anl one l:alf cups sugar; three fourths cup milk; two and one half cups flour; four teaspoons baking powder; one half teaspSbn salt; one quarter tca- rtmlcs for graduates may be simple or elaborate as the occasion do- nands. Reci|)es for the delicious cup cakes illustrated and refrigerator ice cream given elsewhere on the page. ! Refrigerator Can Do Much of the Cookjng During l Hot Weather. ' \ So much of Uie cooking can b done In t'nc refrigerator these day» Salads, salad drCKlugs and the oth cr cold sauces, frozen desserts, th cooling beverages, chilled meats, a owe tlwlr niipetlzlng qualities to the Iclneis of good refrigeration. F» Instance this frozen cake: Frozen Chocolate Cake Line a refrigerator pan with wax cd paper, add PhiiTdclphln Ic cream alter It has been Jroesn fo one hour nnd beaten (see recli j below). Out a piece of chocol* cake to tit the pan. place on top o the Ice cream and return to th< automatic refrigerator, to freeze solid. To Eerve, turn onto platte and sprinkle with chocolate spree* les or top with chocolate sauc Use gingerbread in place of choco Refreshing Beverages Are A Necessity During Summer Season. inye and, lemon juice, and the rest of the water and chill. Juit before serving add tlie ginger ale and lee tube*. Onmit Titae Four oranges; one kiuon; three cup» water; otic to one find one lhalf cups ayrtip. the- juice from the fiull, drain and mix well with the syrup wnler. Place In the n'frlgcra or In a glass Jnr to chill. Serve U tat! tlaws topped wllh an Ice cream dipper. A cool beverage for brlwvuu u-als refreshment, or lo vUli meals is pluxm » ncc#«tlt3 vlicn wsim wcatlH'r brgliu, Such rinks are easily wd quickly irppurcd 1C there Is u supply ot ottleil bevcnigi'.s kept on hand, . reasonable quwntlty »f fruit, especially oranges and lemons, feud of course plenty of tea and cof- for king or combining Kith oilier Ingredients In u punch. Try hi'sc on the fimilly In the coining inonltis. , Cider Blend One quart elder; two or«n*eji one cup water; two lemons; ant bottle ginger nle. Add tin: fruit Jukes and watei to Ihe elder mid place It In the refrigerator In & glass Jnr to mcllo* for several hours. KITCHEN BY MAKV E. IMCIIJK NBA S*rrk« SUff Writer The mont delightful sight In tin world to u rc»l housekeeper Is : kitchenful of bright, shining pot and pans, each qualified to do II special task to perfection. Tht* lovely efficiency pie-sup posts, however, a very special kin of care on the part of tike liouse licforc serving, add u bolllo of | keeper. Hor aluminum, ennmc Small Cakes and Cookie? Are June Party Essentials Smnll cakes and cookies are al-1 lemon. To olher. add two squares mcsl as essential to net weather! melted chocolate and one teaspoon entertaining as frozen desserts and j vanilla extract. Spread batter thin cold beverages. It is a good policy : In shallow pan rubbed with short to make rich jumbles or cup cakes ! filing or in Individual pans. Bake rather ttian the sponge cake type. '• in moderate oven at 280 degrees Keep in airtight containers. HERE'S mm Orange Cup Cakes | is used, cut cake In fancy shapes. Four tablespoons shortening; on:. Spread with any icing desired. cup sugar; two thirds cup of milk; ! one egg; two cups flour; three teaspoons baking powder; one eighth teaspcon salt; cne teaspoon orange extract; grated rind of one orange. Blend shortening and sugar. Add beaten eggs. Sift flour, baking powder arid salt- together and add alternately with the milk to the first, mixture; add flavoring and grated orange rind; mix well. ^ Bake in jreascd cup cake pans, in moderate even at 375 degrees F. about twenty minutes. When cool cover with orange icing. Cocoa Cup Cakes Follow recipe tor orange cup cakes, using one half clip cccoa in place of ona bait cup of the Hour | served lime and time again in the same style. Why not treat them with a little imagination and dress late cake; or any rich cake ma* in a Hat layer. Philadelphia Ice Crnm One half cup sugar; one fourth cup water; two cups whipped cream; one teasposu gelatine soaked in one tablespoon of cold water; one and cne half teaspoons vanilla. Make a syrup by boiling sugar and water together for five minutes. Add gelatine and when melted chill. When thoroughly chilled combine with whipped cream. Add flavoring and freeze. Freeze until solid for about on? incji from the edge of the freezing tray, (about one hour). Beat thoroughly, freeze for two hours more land serve. | Strawberry Ice Cream Pit Hull three and one half cups of strawberries and !ct stand with one half cup powdered sugar while a meringue h made of three large egg whites beaten till stiff and dry with nine tablespoons of sugar.. Put a layer of strawberries In a rich pastry shell. Caver wltV Alices of Philadelphia Ice crearr ; frozen very hard. Add remainder lot strawferrtes and completelj cover with the meringue. Browi meringue quickly under broiler Serve at once. Peanut Brittle Ice Cream One and one half cups milk; on> tablespoon cornstarcli; two eggs six tablespoons sugar; two third .String; bSans are monotonous if 1 cup peanut brittle; one cup whip linger ale. This Is a surprisingly lefreshhig beverauu and lias » much more hiterestlut' flavor than l?]nin elder. C»fe Au l-ait Hip One pint milk; two tablespoons jrot'.nd coffee; two tablespoons of sugar; four tablespoons of Ic; .team; one teaspoon vanilla. Q.® s t u P DAN THOMAS — GEORGE'SCAR'BO'l* i about fiiteen minutes. If large pan Vegetable Lends Itself to Numerous Methods Preparation. ,6f called for in the recipe. Use one teaspoon vanilla extract in place of orange extract and rind. Spiced Cup Cakfs gUis and pottery till require ill: terent treatment to be al the Tlie papular aluminum is uvull- 1 nble of course In nmny brands and weights. Naturally, Ihe Iwavler the metnl the longer It will last but all aluminum wears well and Is light to handle. A good scouring Sculd milk In an enameled (ton-1 P°»'der easily dissolves stains. If Ic boiler, ndd Hie llnoly ground!* 0 " remember that alkali Is It* P'ng cream; two teaspoons vanilla Scald the milk and put in the cornstarch which has been mixed ; them up "occasionally. Tiese reel- with, the sugar. Cook over boil.,, ,. | PCS are simple, bul delicious. j in 5 water for twenty minutes, or Follow recipe lor orange cup ' Striiur Beans and Tomatoes i boil over direct heat, stirring; con- cakes using brown sugar and silt-1 One pound string beans; -'•»» — •.. '— »— -.-..-- ... . one half teaspoon cinnamon ; pound tomatoes; one onion :ne fourth teaspoon nutmeg and 3ne fo'.irth. teaspoon cloves with dry onolstantly for five minutes. Add • tl:. . one [beat*" egg yolks and peanut brit- eighth teaspcons ginger; two ta- 1 tie. • which has been rolled fine blespoons shortening; grated lem-' w 't^ a rolling pin. and ccok in dou- and the sugar nnd allow la land for fifteen minutes. Strain uid chill. When rcndy to icu'e, piucc hi a beverayo shaker with Ci? cream and vanilla and shnki. Country Club l > unch Three cups sugai 1 ; three quarts '.'ftler; one pup strong tea; twelvj f-iiioiiE; Iwelve orungi's; one qua;t ijriue juice; one Einntl can cnsli- tl ri:w.»pple; two qunrts of plngjr nlc. ihe sugar and water Aether for eight minutes, ntld tea and cl.ill, Add the o v angc. kmon Juice and pineapple. Place :u the refrigerator 10 mallow for two hours before s?r 3dd i«o quart bottles of gi art] plenty, of Ice cubes. For II parties this recipe .nuy. u| course, be divided ii'.tii third';. II icivui In u punch bowl, ad'l rgunr tir .''Ices of orango and lemon Sci\'.< about fl|ty. KrailttJ Mint Chocolate Two squares chocolate; one cup water; one half cup sugar; oi\e fourth teaspoon salt; one quart o milk; one teaspoon vanilla; ons half tcnspoon peppermint extract one halt pint Ice cream. Melt the chocolate and ad< water, boiling until thick. :Add su g»r and milk and cook f\ve mln utes. Chill, arid flavorings, salt, and ice cream and beat with a wheel egg beater until well blended. Serve In tall ditties with or without the addition of another tablespoon of ice cream. arkenlng agent for aluminum, you an care for it accordingly. The jest equipment Is n natural soap or washing, wood for .scraping half a clothespin for cleaning and wooden spoon for stirring dm- ng cooking) and very fine suntt- )aper or steel wool for scouring vitli thorough scalding und wlp- ng. Care of Enamel Ennnwlwarc requires ilry. If food slicks II usutilly will ed sandwiches, chocolate .cup cakee, stewfd rhubarb, milk, tea. . • DINNER: Fillet of flounder Iron utensils often nre covered I*" 1 wlltl tomatoes and onions, «p»i with a thin coating of some sort I «"«<" timbafcs. stuffed beet salad, of .shellac,when shipped from the sour cream raisin pie, milk, cot^ factory. This must be removed and fee,. the Iron "seasoned" before using. First let tho utensil- stand forl several hours ,ln water In which I volume, bundling since nurd knocks nmkoI washing sodn hns been dissolved. Kor a ropy of Sti4er Mary's new '5» DtsKrii," MM| te» it chip, Nor will the average stand hcnt without checking, which leads eventually to chipping. However, U lias Htlle tendency lo discolor and stains nrc easily removed with any good scouring powder. Wood must bu used (u rscraplng und stirring hi enamel wure, too, because mctul scratches the glauc of enamel oud mrikr.5 dark streaks. Hot soapsuds, thorough scalding and drying keep this material at Us best. U food sticks and burns let the pan cool before putting water In It. Then soak and scrape off Wush in warm soapsuds and dry. | Then rub with unsnlled fut und ct stundjln n wnnn oven for two or three hours and tlicn hcnt to lie smoking point. Let cool and vush In hot soapsuds, scald -and Iry, Rub well with fat for the second time and heat slowly and .horoughly ,in the oven. Wipe off .he surplus fat with a soft crumpled pnpcr and the utensil Is ready ingreSicnts. Omit orange flavoring.; on rind; one half teaspoon salt. t bl e boiler for two minutes. Bent One cup floured raisins may be! Brcwn the sliced onion in the! 'he egg whites until very stiff, mid fat. add the skinned whole toma- r °'d into the hot, custard. Chill and [ toes and raw beans. Cook in a i a ^d the whipped . cream and va- cne j covered enamel sauce-pan until t nllla. cup svijar; two eggs; three fourth. tender, add seasonings and serve.,. Freeze until solid for about one added if desired. Rich Chocolate Cakes One I'.alf cup shortening; , .,. cup milk; (wo cups flour; two tea-; If li:e tomato is not juicy enough. : ; ncn from the edge of the freez- jpoons baking powder; one fourth i add a few tablespocns of hot wat- ] ' k "S tray (about one hour). Beat tcasp:on salt; one fourth tea-ler during cooking. spoon soda; one teaspoon vanilla: extract; two and one half squares | unsweetened chocolate. Blend shortening and sugar; acid well beaten egg yolks. Sift, spoon pepper. j thoroughly, freeze for one and French String Beans j half hours more and serve. Two tablespoons bacon fat or but-1 Biscuit Torioni ' ter: onj pound string beans; one One cup dried almond macarcons: half teaspoon salt; one half tea- two c "Ps thin cream; one third cup Two Vrranda Pinch cups loganberry juice: burned particles with wood. If the burning was ba.d and some of the spots obstinate, melt a small amount fat slowly In the pan and scrape again. • -Olass (s popular and requires no special preparation U it's one of the brands particularly constiucted to withstand the strain of expansion and contraction. The gloss measuring cups.j mixing bowls and miscellaneous dishes used In Uie kitchen will wear better If they arc immersed Special Service Bureau Room 305, 481 Elfhth Aye. New York, N. Y. to use. I Tomorrow'* Menu BREAKFAST; Shredded fresh pineapple, cereul, cream, crisp broiled bacon, bran bread toasted, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Casseiok vcya- tables, rye bread und chccFc toast- Faelai? Antborhed FRIGID AIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigldalre Parts Factory Trained Mechanic! Reasonable Charges Day 87 -rhMK- Nlffet 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 467 Main St., BlytheTiBt Juice of flvc orang'cs; juice of two| In a panful of cold water and lemons; 0119 pint of ginger ale; one pint water: one fourth cup Sugar. Boil water, sugar and one half cup add loganberry juice, or- broughl slowly to the boiling point and boiled for five or ten minutes. cool in the water. If you would keep your glass clear and shining wash in hot soapsuds, scald and WATERSPAR , ENAMEL &?, in 24 bright, rich colors I sugar (powdered); one tr.irri cup dry ingredients together and adrt I Wash and string the b?ans and! swe< >t cooking sherry; one pint alternately with milk to rirsl mix- | cut langtliwiss two or three limes. I whipping cream; dash of salt, ture. Add vanilla and melted cf.oc- ; Cook in boiling water until ten- j Dry the macaroons and crush, olate; fold in egg whites beaten j der. then drain. Heat in tr.e hot j S° alc in light cream for at least stiff. Put into muffin tins rubbed I butter or fat and seasonings and OIIe hour. Add the sugar, salt and with shortening and bnkc in a , serve at ciicc. - sherry and pour Into freezing tray. moderate oven at 375 degrees F. j Sweet, Pungent String: Brans ' Frcezs till solid one half inch from .iboul twenty-five minutes. Cover; One pound beans; two table- j llle edge of freezing tray, teat til! with rich chocolate icing. i spoons butter; one teaspoon sug-l 8 " 100 ^ and fold Into stiffly beaten Maple Nut Cakes : ar; one fourth teaspoon ginger; cne j cream. Qiie half cup shortening: one cup :ha!f teaspoon salt: one eighth tea- . Return to freezing tray or pack light brown sugar; two eggs; one j spoon pepper; on? half teaspoon "' individual paper cups, loppin teaspoon vanilla extract; one half , lemon julc.;; one fourth cup boutl- ^ atl '' *"'h macaroon crumbs an cup milk; one and ouc half cups I Ion. flour; cne fourth teaspoon salt; two : Wash beans and cut lengthwise Cne .ipron flavoring: eight egg whites, brntcn. Bland shortening and sugar: sift all dry iiizrcdicnts twice togclh?r and ndd alternately with the milk In the first mixture. Beat egg whiles stiff nnd fo!d Into the mix- stn "l 5 ture. Bake in one large round loaf m >ts. pin. nibbed with shortening, in mrderitc oven (350 degrees) for forty minutes. Ice lavishly with boi!e;l while icing. Wedding Cake Tliis recip; makes three leaves, giving sixty, small one-half inch slices for boxing. Bake in a vory slow oven about five hours, or steam three hours then finish in the oven by baking one hcnr. Ten egg yolks; two cups sugar; o:-? cup aour cream: one cup mo- hres; lour cups Hour; one tca- jpocn soda: two teaspoons cinnamon; one teaspoon ground clove; 0:1? tenspcon allspice: two cups cttr- rnnts; two cups rnlsins; cue half |ioiml citron, sltcc-1: one half pound fus. chopped: on-: half pound almonds, blanched and sliced; four One tablespoons strawberry jam; elghl e;g whiles beaten. Cut in small slices when cold and place In smoll white boxes. Tie with narrow white satin ribbon Place one box beside each guest' teaspoons baking powder; one cup chopped nuts, preferably pecans. • Blend, shortening iiiicl sugf\r; add egg yolks, flavoring and milk: beat well. Add dry ingredients silted together: add nuts; mix in and bouillon and beaten egg whites. Bake in null- beans arc tender, (in tins rubbed with shortening in mcdcrate oven at 315 degrees F. One or in two inch lengths. Par bail for thirty minutes, then drain. Melt butter in sauce-pan, add seasonings and cook until butter Is absorbed. Then add lemon Juice and bouillon and simmer until String Bean Salad pound ccld cooked beans; freeze for at least an hour. a bowl and add vinegar. Let marinate for twenty minutes. Then drain and mix with oil and seasonings. Serve with lettuce and mayonnaise dressing. To Our Arkansas Customers and Friends Thin is a special invitation to ytni und to all of your employees ami friends, ami a very urgent one to visit us, the REYNOLDS PACKING COMPANY, on Tuesday, June 5, 193-1, from 1:00 P. M. until 5:00 P. M. This day is set out as our "SPECIAL ENAMEL " about twenty-five minutes. Spread [two tablespoons vinegar: four ta- tops willi mapie icing, and while still soft sprinkle with chopped Afternoon Tea Cakes egg; three fourths cup su- blespoons oil; one half teaspoon each cf salt and pepper; a few grata; of paprika. Place the cold cooked beans In Read Courier News Want Ads. gar; two tablespoons shortening melted; cne and one half squares unsweetened chocolate, melted; one ! eup flour; one teaspoon baking j jowder; one half teaspoon salt; wo thirds cup milk. ' Separate egg, beat yolk; add su- . ir slowly; add shortening and hocolate. Sift dry ingredients; add llcrnately with milk to first mix- uic. Fold, in tcatan egg white, 'artly nil paper baking cups, set ach in muffin tin and bake in a moderate oven at 345 degrees F. about fifteen minutes, cover tops white Icing and decorate with ' nuts or cherries. j Small Fancy Cakes ; half cup shortening; one plate. —MHS. GEORGE THURN. Kead Courier News Waul Ads, Hip sugar; yolks of three eggs; ons islf cup milk; two cups flour; two teaspoons baking powder. Blend shortening and sugar: add beaten egg yolks. Sift flour with baking powder and add alternately with milk to Ihe first mixture. Divide batter in half. To one part add_. one teaspoon lemon juice, and grated rind of one half SWEEI&PUREFLOUR A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR At Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. DISTRIBUTORS VISITING DAY Wo believe you will be amply paid for your visit. We will cnturtiiin you to the best of our ability every minute of your visit with us. W^ are hoping and expecting hundreds of customers and friends to visit us on this occasion. Take this for that "day olT" that you have been promising yourself for many weeks. A good day's rest ami recreation will do you good. A great baseball team will play the Reynolds Packing Company's tcnm, beginning at 2:00 P. M. This will be an exciting, bard-fought game. Both teams are at their best, and will give you a real game. There will be music and hot sandwiches "to-bool". At 4:00 P. M., there will be drawings and prizes as follows: First: $5.00 in Cash. Next: 4 Country Style Cured Hams. Next: 10 - 1-Lb. Packages Breakfast Bacon. Next: 10 - l-Lt>. Packages Pure Pork Sausage. We are expecting you on this occasion. Very truly yours, W. G. REYNOLDS, President. Reynolds Packing Co, Union City, Tenn. Dries hard In 4 boors I Like magic, your tables, chairt and other furniture can bike OB new baoty! Ju»t broafa am Watcnpar Quick-drying Enamel. One eo*t ii generally ample. But even 2 coau cut tfe applied and you use your furniture the • _ same day! Watcrepv coats but little ffl, K|J and b caw t* apply. ~ **"* PURE TURf ENTINE Gal .. $1.M Beautiful.high glojs PLASCO PAINT _ SuJuble for in«nnr or exterior surfaces. Brwhes evcnly;hai exceptional covctiugquality.Z'lcolars. ».50 GlIlM CALCIMINE, All Colors,.... Per Lb 12c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL ... Gal, . . $1.10 WALL HIDE brings One-day Painting• ^ Eivlsttoyjs of mess! Ytuircurtamiand pic- liirei can be hung (Eic Nine day wall; ar.d ceilings arc pintail with Wall hide ^ One QUAIIT coatiimii.tllyciuxifli. ISwishaW* cotp^- . . - WALLPAPER CLEANER Each;.... lOc UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart.,. LADDER Strong, 5-lt. t\!£ with shell $1.25 GOLD STRIPE BRUSHES hir« Mattes, Enimtl Eruvh . " VVJIBiwh. . Calcimine Brush . 20c . 65c- .§1.50 Steel *M Cleans pots it pans .easier! ScPkf. Qulclc*drymg clear WATERSPAR VARNISH Extra durable. For interior or exterior use. Will not turn while. Dries fast. 1.35 Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGESK3T

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