The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 10, 19.16 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION wnl*wt ' *** eu *" 1m " Mtuluium I'k.rf. 10. I Urn* e*r U»e li€ tl»ee. Per Jfne p«r 4*y ]y,« « llznBi per line per d»r I Moot* per line Canal lira tTtrx. word, u tiVTinV AM ordered for thr*e, or iK time* toft I topped'before eiplrition will b« r.«»r k 'ed for tb» BuMber of tlmee tbe ad ».i>p«*re4i u>4 »d]U4ltmtiiit of bill mnde. All CUulried Adxertlning copy , a h- •mted by uerioni residing ouulde of !»• city must be »cco[ti|>*i[«<l Ly e*gk iut*« • •T 1« twllgr computed from the tbore UUe. AdTertleinr order for -IrreroUr lAtir- lloiii ukee t>ie ou» time rate No reepuDtlbMitgr will be taken for more Ifcftu oaa incurred JonerlioB of tni eU». •ifled id. . PLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER jncwa — For Safe PACK F1VB Fo/Se/. New stake truck bodies 12 ft. long for long wheel base (ruck. Factory built Indies, only a few It-It at the old price. Hlytheville Mntor Company. 1'hone .122. (i-7-ck-G-M Used Underwood Sunsirand | electric posting machine. Can l>e used for adding machine only. In the very . best of condition. Hlylhe-j villc 1M o t o r Company. Phone -122. 0-7-fk-«-i<l Used Trailer, 24 ft. Nahors Trailer with 1000x20 tires in the very best of condition. Terms. lilytheville Motor Company. I'hone ' For Ice Cold Watermelons,' day or night, call :i( Ice Plant, Osceohi. (i-K-pU-(i-M Kmnll iijir I :,ll .1: <-!.il,ll, 11':. l-loll.l- ro'K Hill. I. IMimn IWI 1113 ni-ck-li 3n-|,l:- I 1 of mi (iraj. Mrs. r'roil C. Dnvis for all (>'|>p.« til ll.-rjilifHi. tt'urk pnni-amm-il Siitiou |iiirllii,-ul ,\u. LI. U'j .S. .Swonil HI. LOANS 11 you want a \% GI Loan to buy a home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH 1JLDG. I'hone 20JM or 502. G-2'J-ck-G-lii ItuljysitliliB, liny ,ii K l,t. «„(„; . Cull J4^u ur 4li:r r I,, __ . Wla-n you >il slave nt^edA cleunitiK or .•IJlirilij; rait U'jai. All wurk ginir- lll '« :|i . lloiiiica im>' I Call <U2 ! auil Vine nil fuunijatiurm repuirt *u fcVunk Crucfceu. IS 1 l'i>k-'fi|l A f.-\v i ) M.Tin ).!IS Call 210 K. l.awn uioM'brH tliBriienoil and rtjLi«irB. Alt lypci tml kintlB. W» (1 ieclilUe in " , uveiLauliux. Vee, " | Joliver. lllytlieville e iilck un anil Hacblne Shop. *| 5 K"O(i used stools for fountain or restaurant, \vitli foot rest. All "> for SM.OO. 2 dosks for store or office. I. new $:)5.0() and I used roll' top '520.0(1. C. C. AilaniK.I Adams DriiR Siore, Hoi-1 land. Mo. 6-7-cMi-l 1 Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone For Rent Complete sawmill, Inlerna-, tional power unit in good condition; large carriage and edger. 20" planer. This mill sold nil together. Four frailer wagons; 8 heavy young mares; extra mill parts; -2;. extra carriage and other mill parts; small International motor. This mill is running in Pride Addition, S. 21sl SI. I am retiring from business. S. 2Ist St., Pride Addition, O. S. Rollison. <;-7-ck-U-14 l.ilr],, //arm Weather b Aid Cotton And Other Crops MEMPHIS. Term., June i). (UP) •Agriciilliire Extrusion agents to- iy rcporlotl .Iwo weeks of favor- >'c wcalhcr would be necessary > offset claniuiic to cro]>s caused ' excessive rain ami cole! weather. Warm weather enabled most fur- crs to plant, or .eplaul their cot- n crops ami turn their attcntloi-, eon. and oilier Iced. cro|K ilnr-! MV, IB the past week. ' '"' l rrifun, privato i«;ky, Mr.s. : ill. AUic lroiini, convcni^i n:s. oil w. sin (itiHir. i'iiun« 207C. {>-pk-\'l xturcs. New Drnl (Mf.-. 1>.-I1. Nlnlli. rhono 231 Sheet music and all kinds of musical instruments and supplies. We also have licen appointed dealers for (he famous well known line of Century. Hot ails 15e copy. Over ifiOO selections to choose from. Now in .stock. 1'arkhursl Company. (i-'l-ck-()-17 Buy your Gould's Electric I'linip now before they lie- come scnrce again. Plant- ,ers Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf Wonted to Trade Will trade 41-12 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5lh and Walnut, (i-li-ck-ll 1 llen Motor Tune-np mftcbitie fac- rccoiulitioncr. Motor Kales. Main. I'tione fi09. 4j20'Ck-t/ GO 15u. Whippoorwill Peas. Rlyfheville Curb Market. 130 K. Main 6-7-ck-t.I For Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tt New Phonographs, automatic record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 makes (o select from. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-C-17 >vlml roil liavc nn.l ,lcin't «• \vlint ivc havo ynii ilo UMIIE > clini. (.•inriiiili'ccl. Klliort Jlnffi i|- Slioj., .|(>I Ensl .Mniti Slr> IL.' So!). :i ck-i( Help Wanted issitl I" Un from r'jtrturv I,, I "rrkly.^rst In IMiol llllli. llv. SMim.K Pnrlnrics llusiiiliil^. (Tlnirrh. C,.ni-i-ri>«. Unlit,.s rn-'iit I'iirks l>a,i H.-s.irts. C,,,,,,|rv llo s. ]\irniPr« \ Owners. |.|c Tl Wrili- loilay f,,r 1'YH-r'VrKlt (HI I. OHIO. Kr,<<' t)o1:iils. '['Ji !)•'[,t. I-'-O. DAVTO; I0-|ik 1 Wanted To Bin Just arrived large shipment. Traveling bags and accessories. Piukhursl Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 Gon.l Ji-raoy niilclj row? no BC9. O [ik-Gilli Picture frames made to order O'Sieen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf iX'Forvir.'iiian will n.^c.l rir v n:i to |ir,-ri-ir,.||. No rlc J.. ,1. Owinn I-I.I.-1 DONT TAKE A LOSS. Oc the lop price for your car or truck from PHIU.II MOTOR CO. Today. i (i-3-ck-l Ol-l kniinks Finrl cAincraa for nnrl 0-.SIc,.|L's Slu,IF n . j| 7 '. ck . Jrocrrj more wllfi livmi; ,jiinrU'r«. (<i- Ct'llinr with •! rrnlnl houses. A|«tiri)s- Inip.tcly 2 ac-roa of l:iml. Frnnls n Hwy. 61. hor.lors on Oillon licit,, irl.'al tnr»ti.,n for In.lnMry. Hpe ll.K:li«nnlfs (lorccry, N. llwj-. 01. 2 used 61 International combines with motors reconditioned. Price reasonable. Company, Phone -KM. ' Friiehntif gasoline trailer, '1250 gallon wi(h :{ com- part menls, landing gear, 1000x20 tires painted white in perfect condition. Priced to sell. Terms. Hrylhcvillc Motor Companj'. Phone •122. fi-7-ck-fi-M pay rai>> for n».-il furniltire. irc-o r.r « hniutr full. Call •J11U2. Winted to Kent M. (1 .J S,.( i or 'r, 'ro.,1,, l^nlml ^^|iorl. \rlti Kmall lion.I nn fur Itp.1«il1!\l('. Wril Mi'l.. !.,•:! l.vill... u'si 1 .! liriys Vlione 2f« 7-iik 1 I The STRIKES ARE Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Rlytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements Tb« OoarMr *utboriMd U> «I ln« c*ndld»t«j, Democratic primary: HHEKIFT AND JACK HNLTT BOWINBOIt WILLIAM BERRYMAN COUfTTT JUDtiK OENK E. BRADUET ROLAND ORKKN FOR TAX A8BKBOOB DOYLE HENDERSOW W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.EKK HARVEY MOKRia COUNTY COUET CUEKK ELIZABETH BLYTHB COUNTY TECARORKB DE1.IJV PURTLJt 8TATE KKTREKKNTATITI AIJBNK WORD E. C. FLPHCMAN IJC8UT! "DUKIE" 6PBOK L. H. AUTRT W. J. WUNDERIJOH (For re-i^Htlon) STATE SENATOR 3. I.KE BEARDKN JHFP1SRSON W. SPECK , ClltCCIT JlllXiK E. O. WAH1J I. M. C1KRKR SURE- OUT AND GO! lilch 1'iirt Till' port n f Ntnv Orleans Is KnM t" be lu'NpmiHlMi*. I'lllu'i- cllroclly in- ItidmTlly, for VI) mil:; of every illur firrnliUIni; 111 (linl clly's I mile. for n ironii nolton crn|) line) improv- r.d. l.nsl Wish Kulrillnl The lust \ of OovcriiHr HOCK. of Texas, was tlial Ms iinwo !io marked l)y a pccnn tree anit 'in <>l(l-fa.shicimxl \v:iliinl. anil Uint mils from (hn Irecs !><• illslvllnili'd mill pluntcil tlirniiKlicuil Ilio .stale, mid liis wish is iH'int! ciivneil mil. Iruliculions wor c tnnt Hie com o]) would be Boot! and prospects Tllll ('Old VL'niis, IKK Min-s. is I lie most prnbiibln lininc of lifn nn ntlioi- ^Us. iujcorilini; In si icnli.slM juul iiioincni, wlici hnvi> c.sliiiKitw! jtll:lt the H'liipPnUun: nf Mill's clnins to at Ic.-i.sL -III bulrnv xcro nl tiifjlil. Read Courier News Want Ad? Landowners If you arc troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLAC1DE It's a Sure Killer Gel a .Supply Today Special Prices On Qnanlity l.ols! PLANTER'S HARDWARE Phone 515 CO., INC. 126 West Main St. Dr. ). L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 09 W. Main For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. * CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Itnttery and Electric Radios 2I!MV Mnin Phone 3443 BUT BE SURE YOUR CAR IS SAFE... Drive that car in here. Let us give it a complete check-up now .. . Avoid Spoiling your trip with untimely and expensive breakdown while away from home. DRIVE IN TODAY! NO DELAY! Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Texaco Gas and Oil' Phone 578 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 Local * fang Distance Movlnr Uo|ut»tn*« Hflp and xinlptutut. Afl. uuatalr ImiiTMl. Contract Haullna and Kilo. BtiTlcia. Hen* 8crrlcf) A Storage C*. P boa. 2*01 rerfmt repalrtuc for tndaT'n «*- «uMte footwnr amarcd when rebuilt In vnr aiMdcrm ihop. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOVAI,, SMITH, CORONA !>nd REMINGTON I'OKTAHI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. , I'HONE MM (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Krosh Stock Cimranlei'd Kcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rots Roaches ' Bjddle Exterminators Member N»iT Pert C*ntr*l US H. Third Bt . rtuM t7H Sceusraubou ;y° u '«"ice on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly , and more economically. Hove your brakes checked for safety. Wo have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and I trucks. T, t. SEAY MOTOR CO. Comiilcte Slocks of Parti For Chrysler Prodncti 121 E ' sute n»« s» Ifcforc you start out on that summer vacation trip. . . let our mechanics check and double check your car, Test lotteries! Change Oil! Reset engine iimimr! Ttinc-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured i»f smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & llroaHway Service Mobilgos WRECKER SERVICH Telephone nfii Success FKKGK1,KR_AND HIS FRIENDS" JUMB AMD ^fKECKLK TOOK AM OLD L4Dy HOME IM A TAXI AFTER SEEIIJ& HERFAIMTONA DOWNTOWN STceiir-rHBTAXj DRIVER woo^a 7O CENTS OFF THE BILL WHEN FRECKIES WAS TMAT ^AUCH SHORT OF PAYMENT' Knsincss Is liooming BY KDQAR MAfiTIN . 1 GOT SOMl BU1LDBRS BfiE Of MY PBOPtRTY, hMO NOW Vrt PRlSlOtNT OF THtVffi« COMPhW. , . off THE 20 CENTS, I SKIP IT.' YOU WWE DO»»S THAT OLD LADY A GOOD TURN I RY MERRILL*BLOSSEH ARE YOU ALL RI6Hf NOW. iMA'AM? Yes, THANK YOU---1 GUESS i jusr WALKEP TOO FAR. TRYIMS TD MAKE DELIVERIES. ALLKY OOP EXCUSE ME JUST A MINUTE i HEARTHS 10:25-FREIGHT TRAIN WHISTIIMG- FOK ITS DOUGHNUTS •' 1 V'«EE KOVV A RKbHT LEAD OPE.MS VCD UP f 'S SIP.' V WAMTA KEEP / SOUR LEFT IM HS PACE EVERY ^\ MIMUTE-- KEEP 'IM OFF SALANCE..J ...AND A BLOW LIKE ,.,„ .„ J(KT PURE LOST MOTION... NO SNAP! 70 REALLY 6ET THE MOST OUT OP A _ PUNCH, VOU.... He I>oesn'( I,ike II SAY. 1 .' WHO'S GONU\ F1-3HT TKS KILl PH-L, ME OR YOU ?? MCW & r -T UP OUTA THEEE AM' OET TO WORK' BY V. T. HAMILTON

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