The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1939
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VOLUAIR XXXVI—NO. 5f>. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OV NOHT.iKAHiVAm,.^' „ ' "*" * -*" 1 * TT *-/ Ulythcvllle Courier le Herald Mississippi Valley Ijuidor Blytheville l tally N CW3 , WBDNKSDAV, MAY L'-l, IM!> SINGLE COPIES PIVR CENTS Praises Scores Of Millions Hear King George's Radio Speech Today 27 TRAPPtD IN SUBMARINE DEAD WINNIPEG other tradition in a series of smnshings of precedent -on the royal visit which brought the king and queen tcday to the heart of their Canadian dominion. It seemed to some that the kins; and ills advisers on the Canadian tour were .entering.a phase of a "more-dynauiic'Vconception.,or tlie duties of a/cfliistitufional monarchy -Ulan lisa -sixisled-hitherto. ,,VV. '__; The king parapnrased the famous saying of the British statesman who said "we must call in the'new world to redress the balance of the old" when the king said: "For a long period in history it was the mind of Europe which led the marc)) and fixed the aims of progress in the world but that tide of Inspiration is no longer running as it tlid in times gone by. The Christian civilzaton of Europe s now profoundly troubled and challenged from within. We are striving lo restore its standards hut the task is long and hard. Asia, loo, is i ,r~'n"-Y""i ' """•' ""'• (UPJ-—The United and the British Empire never will settle their tiif- - by force or threat. King George VI told the world today in nn "Empire Day" broadcast. His words, the most vital pro- - — nouncemciit on international affairs the king lias ever made, were heard by scores of millions in his far flung empire which covers out fourth of tlie earth's surface The king said: "Canada and tlie United States have had to dispose of searching differences of aim and interest during tlie past 100 years. But, never has one of these diifercnccs been resolved by force threat. No man, thank God, will ever again conceive of such arbitrament between the peoples of my empire ami the people of Ihe United Slates." Thus the king as king of each of the separate dominions pledged them, so far as lie was able, to peace with the United Stales. He cited the example of the United Slates and Canada, living as good neighbors • for more than 10U years Without, recourse lo war. This incursion into the field oi international politics broke an- S1IILJHEE Ten Escaped When Wind Destroyed Barracks At Great Britain Will Propose Mutual Aid INCIDENT Pact With Soviets Prison Farm CUMMINS PRISON FARM, Ark., May 24 (UP)-Pivc negro convicts, who escaped late Monday during n violent storm, were still at large today in the dense swamplands between here and Gould, prison officials said. Of the ten prisoners who made breaks for freedom during the confusion of the storm, which destroyed a barracks here and did damage at Camp Warren, two were shot and killed yesterday as they attempted to.wrest, guns from two trusty guards. The oilier three gave up when posses tracked Ihcm down with bloodhounds. fast its mind is deeply disturbed, is this not a moment when Die old world, in ils turn, might look for hope ami guidance to the achievements of the new?" Elaborate arrangements were made to broadcast tlie king's word in every part of tlie British empire despite the fact that 250 languages are spoken in (he empire and despite Ihe wide difference in time. It was estimated lhat scores of millions in the empire and ihe United Stales heard this speech. At Die time lie sjx)ke it was S a m, Thursday in Australia. May Order Exclusion Of Grover C. Bergdoll WASHINGTON, May 24 (UP) Gcnxrd Reilly, labor department solicitor, said today that when Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, World War draft dodger, arrives in Newj York tomorrow from Germany the government probably will order Will Be Kept On Mississippi County Farm Says Wynne Report Mississippy comity is to use prisoners of Cross county on its penal farm, it was announce'd at Wynne yesterday. County .fudge S L Oladish, who has gone to Hot Springs for a ten days vacation, could not be readied for a statement but it was understood that the agreement was confirmed by him. Nazi Dominated City Council Revives Tense Feeling By Complaint UAN2IG, May 23. (UP)-Danzig scnl a vigorous new nole to Poland lodny protesting alleged violation of the sovereignty of the free cltv over which Germany and Poland have been in bitter controversy. Following a German chauffeur's report lhat he had been fired upon near the Polisii frontier this morning Arthur Greiser, Nazi vice president of the Danzig senate, dispatched a protest to the Warsaw points in Danzig shot at. by government. The note contained • understood to include: 1. Harmless passersby on the frontier at Dlr.whau territory have );ecn Polish soldiers. 2. Thnt nn official Danzig commission of which the Polls). ( !ipi Q . matic representative.; had been in- fovmcil was hindered In its investigations by Polish soldiers wllh bayonets fixed on iheir rides. 3. Polish soldiers crossed into Danzig territory while on patrol 4. Polish military airplanes new over sovereign Danzig territory. 5. An unarmed and harmless Daiwiger, who was on a holiday was juurdered at Kallliof by the Polish diplomatic . --• ;' ' -' taken by chauffeur of n represriUiiUve. 6. Tile chauffeur . wa ' - - ~ -«v iJL *i.u*ii n en I) met „ .-...., „. conclude » imiliml nid pact wllh Soviet im,a «,,,| P,,meMinister Neville Chamberhu'n ii ,ou?im n the House of Commons (hut he Imd "every reason" to hope lor a full ^cement with the Soviets ,n an e h laic "1 have every reason to hope" ' that, as n result of proposals which His Majesty's government is now in a position lo make on (he question arising It «-ill Ije round possible to reach n full iijjreemenl at an early dale," Chamberlain lold the House of Commons after Ilio cabinet had ncied on the question o( an accord with the Soviets. Tlie history making decision of the cabinet followed weeks of negotiations duriinj which the Moscow government had demanded a stronger accord among British. France mid Russia than the Chamberlain cabinet Imd previously been willing to offer. , * . ----- ^--......^i.i^ n (l ,-) Liitvuii uy Polisli diplomats for security over the Polisli frontier. The note demanded that the Polish government take steps to reestablish peace and order en "the Polish-Danzig frontier and lo find means of "qiileting the almost 'hysterical nlllliide" of Polish ofiiclnls before irreparable harm has been done." The action of the Danzig Nny.i government in sending the note revived In full force the tension wllh Poland. No Immediate Trial Of Concubinage Cases came down found her the cellar" stairs mother slumned tlie washtub. She ran from loi.-se screaming. Neighbors and found her mother un- cmiscious from carbon - monoxide him excluded from States. the United Manila Store Owner Is Sued For Slander Jim Critlcnden lias filed suit in circuit court here against Harlan Shaver, doing business as Shaver's Busy Bee Store at Manila, and his wife. Mrs. Tola Shaver, seeking damages of $2,500 for alleged slander, Crlttenden charges that Mrs. Shaver, acting as an employe of her husband accused him of stealing groceries from the store which lie claims lie had purchased, that the accusation was made in the presence of other persons and that'his reputation was injured thereby. Howard Mnycs of Lsacliville is attorney for the plaintiff. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight nnd Thursday, scattered thunder- slion-ers In norm portion Thursday. Memphis nnd vicinity—Generally fair tciilgiu and Thursday except for local thimdershowers Thursday afternoon, little change In temperature. Polish War Chief Talks to French To discuss plans for joint military action in fulfillment of the recent Anglo-FrencK guaranly to Poland, Genera Tadeusz Kas- - After today's cabinet meeting a government spokesman lold the United Press lhat British foreign secretary Viscount llalitax would soon, possibly wllhln 2-1 hours instruct. Sir Willtnm Seeds. Ihe ambassador ul Moscow, to propose to the Soviet government the conclusion of a mutual uid pact. It was considered almost certain lhat Britain would not make such a proposal lo Soviet Minister Viiicheslev Mololov unless nsstircd in advance It would be accepted by Moscow, it also was understood that the British and French nr- raiiBcnieiiUs to bring Turkey Into ;ne,security front also hinged upon' the $196,103 In FarmChecks Is Received Checks totaling SKW.ira.OO for the .second lol of 1038 agricultural conservation checks arrived In Bly- thcvllle yesterday nftornoon, after liavlng been long past due. The checks were being distributed to farmers of Western Mississippi county today at Mmillu. and Lrachville and farmers in ihe Immediate vicinity of Ulylhevlllc may call «t. the Ulylhcvllc olllce of tho extension ngents at tlic court house tomorroiv if a notice Is received Notices were mulled today. Along with the checks was a lol of 1031 checks totaling $50DO. which have been expected lor many months, There arc yet about ten more of Ihe 1037 checks unpaid Including those for Ihe Lee Wilson Company, which are expected lo be paid Ihls week. First checks for 1038, which ar- rlvcil some lime ugo, amounted to $200.000, nnd another "- According, ;to\present , )930 French Soviet mutual assisl- ance trc.ily would be •merged into a triple alliance but details re main lo be decided inter. Permanent 0rgan izalion Expected To Be Perfected Here Tonight than S'150,000 lo• make n- total • of about $910,000 pnld lo farmers of the Northern district of the coimly. It has been announced by H. v. Richardson, senior Hold assistant in the Agricultural Adjustment ministration. Ail- Ellison Hearing At Ship Calls For Aid After Forcible Boarding; Warships To Rescue HONCi KONO. May 24. (VJP)-A Japanese light cruiser ordered tlie big Hr.llsh passenger liner ifan- pura lo hull at sea, fired two shots across IfcMxnv, mid sent n party of ofllccrs and marines aboard It lo "verify Us papers," before an HOS appeal brought two British destroyers lo the rescue, passengers said today. The 1U.OD8 ton Peninsular and Orleiilnl liner was hailed on (ho weH sens four •miles south of Waglan Light House at cluht n in today. First reports were (hat a rtostroyci hailed the ship, jiut pa.sscngors on their arrival, said that at 8-1! a JniMiieso light cruiser slgnnlei the linnpiira from a distance of a mile to heave lo. 'llicn, (bey snld the cruiser closed nnd, I hough the •ship had halted, llrcd two sliola across Its bows. The cruiser launched a boat containing lour officers and n pnrty :>f marines, passengers said. They boarded Ihe ship and said they wnntal (o examine l(s log. Capl. I* li. I'lirlHt, the master, refused and radioed Ihe Brltlsli Hong Kong naval base for aid. Two British destroyers, one Ihe Duchess, were sent at full speed lo the rescuo, First reports said; that Hie Japanese' made oil as lhb (ic- ! 6lroyorj( approached:-.'--' .,=-,'•;.,•Bui' passengers,said Ihe Jn'pivu Two Missouri Men And Arkansan on Death List; 32 Alive SPEmtSESSIBI Says Cost Would Be Fai Less Than Special Elco --••" i"" 1 -"-"** 1 -""^ MUU uiu dupcmose, nfler remaining aboard tlie lian- inirn for 20 minutes, rejoined the cruiser before Ihe Duchess, nrsl of tlie destroyers, arrived. Passengers said they bellcveil the Japanese cruiser Hew an nilmlrnl'i nag. Cnpl. Parntt of the Ranpura dc- i r .- j I cll "«' to make a statement but It IS Continued! wns understood lhat British au- tliorltlcs' Intended to make a vlgor- Primnry hearing for James El-1 Clls protest lo the Japanese, par- lisoii, 30-ycnr-old Kelser farmer llciilnrly because of the belief thai tion MTTIJ! HOOK, May U (UP)— Assorting that a special session o Die legislature could lie called fo less thmi one lentil Ilia cost of i special election, Slate Senator Mint pin Cumuilngs of Fiiyclloville todaj Pledged support of Die sato l«> nnd the workmen's compensiilioi (\CV, . Scnalor oummlngii, chairman o Ihp joint, budget committee- of Ihi lO'JO legislative session, said thai a speclnl session should be calle< to enncL compensation nnd sale; lax laws with emergency clause 1 for slightly.more t| ml , $10,000. Farm Leaders From County To Attend Lit tie Rock Meeting •••']"•' ' involuntary mnn- ; Hie cruiser new nil admiral's charged w nvountary mnn- ; rser ew nil amiral's fla Hlaughler in ^connection with the n " (1 bccniiso Rear Admiral A. ,1. I, dentil of Edwin E. HaskcU Jr., late Murray, newly assigned lo Ihe Monday near Joiner, wns post- China Squadron, was a passenger lionoil from today until Thursday '» lllc Hanpura. There seemed some suspicion that The case is to be heard Trials of Mrs. Dora Snlch, 25- B" » •"-" Vlliiv; LO LU Ui; I hL til II -••-•- iFV-w-ili-lJ .IVIIJL, .TH^JJll, IUI I LI HI I >eforc Magistrate G. L. Wnddcll, " IC boarding wns olicclcd ilclllier- The third dinner meeting of Ihe while woman, and six ne- , ateiy because Murray was a pas- illsiiensc with Die plan. be obtained icnlghi nnd the petllioii forwarded lo Kiwanis IntcrnnUonn' All are yet In Ihe county jail here her 4-year-old dnughier, Marlenc, Garrett. who yesterday made bonds ______ Mihelich slill is' alive. •' —•--• >.... j IILIIUU UUILUS of $1000 each. Oilier negroes arrested on the charge are: Oils Freeman, Early Boys alias "Son" Hicks. Hubert Guy and Roy Newsom. They were arrested Sunday. British Ex-Champion Enters political Arena LONDON (UP)_jn c |£ Peterson, former British and Empire heavyweight champion, j s fighting- in a new ring nowadays—tlie political ring. He spoke at a Liberal meeting in London and v:as in real fi"!it- ing form, especially when he'dealt with Adolf Hitler. — organization committee and Warren Olscn oi Chicago, sccical representative ol Kiwanis International, who nrrivcc. yesterday (o assist In the organization, arc confident that the permanent organization of the grouf can be effected tonight. If the minimum membership re' (lUircmcnt is readied tonight plum will piobably be made for a charter night event In which more thai 100 Kiwaniaiis from out of town as well as cfflccrs of other lod civic clubs will participate, i ANACONDA, Mont. (UP)— William Driver's automobile is intac-, thanks to a five-gallon can of mitt he was carrying, when the autc> mobile caught ihe, Driver exlliv i,ulshe,i Ihe flames with the fluid BIcn Proved Camera Shy SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Photographs of 200,000 people lakcn at the Golden Gate Intcriialtonal cx- liosltlon reveals that men arc camera-shy and women just love It. All of Ihe shots at wonn.'n showed them .smiling happily, while nearly all Ihe men hud a look of distress on their fnccs. Chicago Wheat July open 7G Sept. 75 3-f high 78 77 7-8 low 76 75 3-8 close 77 7-8 77 3-4 Chicago Com July open 60 3-1 Sept. 51 3-8 high low close 52 50 3-4 51 7-8 52 5-8 51 3-8 hlcli Chinese leaders. The lianpura incident was but one indication of Increased delicacy at relations between Japan and oilier powers along the China Coisl. Asks $1,000 For Injury From Rice Stix Factory Sarah Klines has filed suit In circuit court here against Rice Slix of Arkansas, Inc. In which she asks SI.OOO for Injuries allegedly received at the local garment fac- lory of the corporation. Siic charges that she was placed In charge of a pleat pressing machine without sufficient experience In Ils operation and lhat it was also defective. She asks damages lor Injury of her right forefinger , ami hand. 25-8 51 3-8 52 1-2 I claudc P. Ccoper is her attorney. Graduates Will SpeakAi Commencement Exercises The theme of the commencement program to be given Friday night at, the city auditorium will .„ 7 g In A Democracy" which will be carried out in four student speeches. Sixty-eight members of the senior class of the city high scnool will receive their diplomas at the exercises which will begin at eight o'clock. For the prelude, Miss Kathryn Drear, who is In charge of the music for tho program, will play Tsehatehwsky's "Andante Caut/- bilc'. Schubert's "Impromptu" will i i V \ SCd m*. the Clil5s Processional which will be followed by invocation by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter French genera! start i n Paris. M ™ ^, rtl " '")?-. Ml ? Jcau nourlaiJJRosenthal, respecllvcly. Miss will sin? "The Green Calhertralif""" " ' Ifahn. before W. D. McCIurkln, si' perintendcnt of schools, speaks t) (he group en "Educating for Di- mocracy Following a vocal solo, "Winds h the Trees". Thomas, by Miss D(- lores Psaliuonds, Miss nillfe Lcp gett; Die second girl in the histof cl tlie school lo be elected president of her senior class, will giw "The Presentation of the Class De> sign", an Introduction lo tlv speeches to follow. She is salula- loritm. ; Tlie first two speeches, "Leader- hip in Our Democracy", and "Individual Achievement" will be give) by Miss Molly Guard and Haroli Ruth Morris will play a violin •,„,„, Serenade". Picnic, before tlie last two student speeches are given. Jimmio Crcok will discuss "Fundamental Ideals for Americans" and Miss Mary D. Fitzgerald will speak en "Education for Social Responsibility". Tlie boys' quartet composed of Millard Edds, John Paulk, Eugene Autcu and Guy Rogers, will sing Jonson's "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes". Jerry Cohen, lirst honor student, will conclude this division or the program with the reading of the poem. "God Give Us Men". Mr. SfcClurkin will present the awards and honors which Include tlie history medal given Uy the United Daughters of the Confed- Revolution, the mathematics medal given by the school. Ihe Speech medal given by Oscar Fendler, and the English medal given by the Junior class Presentation cf diplomas will be by C. M. Buck, president of (he sch:ol board. The program will be concluded with the benediction by Ihe Rev. E. D. Williams, pastor of the First Methodist church, and tlie class recessional, ",\farche", Gounod. • A unique feature of the program will be the large letters, "L, I. p, E" which will be electrically illuminated as each student rises to speak, since Ihe first letlcrs of the subjects spell "Life". . ' Fifty farm leaders of Mississippi county, accompanied by the five county extension ngenl-s will no o LltllD Rock Friday for the ad- iress to be given by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace Tlie farmers will be accompanied >y D. s. Lnnlrlp and E. n Burns iBrlcullural agents, their nsslst- nl. B. W. Schrocder, and the home demonstration . agenU, Miss Cora Leo Colcmnn and Miss Inez Klnrald. men nboiml „..„ ... * were dead and 32 others nllvc and: well." ' * Seven of the survivors were brought lo Ilio surface In a specially conslruclod diving beH used. In a disaster for the first lime In Hie history of (ho United Slate's navy, ,'J'he 25 other smvlvors remained m the .submerged craft walling to bo rescued, it was believed the oodles of the dead would be brought up lost. The mighty rescue forces of the navy were brought into play ready to woik all night, if nece.ssary iiiulci oiders from the navy de- utmcnt In Washington "save the 'Ing nrsl." OJllccrs aboard the 10,cao-ton cruiser Biooklyn, In cliargo of the rescuo, said (ho work would con-* ttnuc night nnd day until the wpmlus lias been raised to the suifnce. The diving bell, part of the equipment of the crack 'rescue snip Falcon, was expected to be in constant operation until all aboard Imd been removed. • The first seven brought up were placed Immediately In decompression chambers but officers of the Falcon reported Hint they were in Road condition. These Included Lieutenant John c, Nichols of Chicago, fourth In command aboard he StniMiis. who immediately went lo. hia superior officer and reported the cause of the accident, the num- oel- of dead nnd tho number of survivors. little Rock Man Dead ' i- PORTSMOUTH,. May" 24 «(UP)"-' Dead in the submarine disaster as announced by the navy .'were-the following resldenfs' 'at , Tennessee, Arkansas nnd Missouri.. Elvin L. Deal, Copper Hill, Tenn. 1 lobert p. 'Thompson, teshvllle',' icnn.; aiicrmnn L. Shirley,. Little Rock, Aik.; Frank H, Schultz, st Kcnneth Dog Dies As It Lived, Following Fire Trucks BLAIR, Neb. (UP) — The town's rabid [ire fun died as he lived— clinslntt fire trucks. Rex, 9-year-old St. Bernard always deserted his play to follow fire trucks—hut his hobby ended abruptly one day. He came In loj fast. The first truck out hit'him squarely. •Shortly alter his accident, Hex heard Ihe familiar fire alarm-he struggled up, dragged himself some distance, then collapsed. New York Cotton NEW YORiT^vfay 24: <UP)Cotton closed steady. Rothschild Freed by Nazi Police Illy 3ct. Dec. an. lar. Afny open high 875 889 793 811 774 707 •7130 7U5 793 78fi 780 783 loyr close 87* 887 793 805 773 767 766 764 784 ' 778 776 774 '•**' iv* i tt closed nominal at 985, up n. ^ Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May. 24 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. .. Oct. ... Dec. ,.. Jim. ... Mar. ... May open 87G 805 78fi 700 779 789 high 893, 822 804 790 706 795 low close"876 887-9" 805 78S 790 779 787 ' 817. 799 790-2 783-90 787-9' Spots closed steady at 952, up u. £ . Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 24. ~ (UP)— Stocks advanced one to three points today to the best le\els since March 30 In tlie heaviest tradinz since April 12. '}• T - * T. 1 63 3 . 4 Anaconda Copper 24 3-4 Associated D. G 7 5.3 Beth, steel ss 1-2 Boeing Air 235-8 Chrysler . 703-4 Coca Coia ;....... 124 7-B General Electric 35 Oeneral Motors :.:. 45 fnt. Harvester 60 Mont. Ward .' .1. 50 1-8 N. Y. Central,...; 151-4 Packard Phillips Radio Schcnley . ... Simmons . ... Socony Vacuum Standard of N. Texas Corp! ... U. S. Smelt ... ,'U. s. Steel ... J. S3-8 35 1-2 81-2: 133-4 23 1-2 12 1-8 44 1-8 40 1-2 50 1-2 47 3-4 Livestock Baron Louis DC Rolhschild, above, head of Austrian branch of famous banking family, was reported lo have flown lo Switzerland following release by Nazi secret police -^l Vienna. He was arrested when German Iroops marched into Austria a „ ' year ago. ^ EAST ST. LOOTS, 111, SVfay 24. (UP)-Hogs: 800. Top. 6.75 170-230 Ibs., 6.65-6.75 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-6.15 Bulk sows, 5.15-5.90 Cattle: 2.700 Steers. 8,20-9.25 Slaughter steers, 7.50-12.25 Mixed, yearlings, heifers, 8.25-9.40 Slaughter heifers, 7.25-10.25 Beef cows, 8.00-7.00 Cutlers and low cutters, 4.50-5.75

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