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Middletown, New York
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MIDDLBTOWK DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, OOTOBBB 18. ind Pants If yo-i need Cid Glove. i Wilbur. IONS. a inter Stock A I I II -'ll 1 CUB i fit.

Muklletown, N. Y. i I A Miidletown, N. Y. lri i i nts th" cteam Boiler v.

OK- ite Steel. MiudletOSD, 8 I. Tho 'Ii '-t n'- novelties" T.ll IllDit Do not f.ul to i i Cull one Vi! Jic-town, i I* .1,1 on -it sbnrt notice. an I asu-ottment. LI-J Jacket for Room we can Alddletown.

N. Y. i We Are Not Running a Bank I Our ri. Imve turned nil I our Into AND OUR New Fall Goods bnvc been the cause of this commotion. Our new stock of Lace Curtains -ASD- I ai nil in At Popular Prices, NKW LINE OF Gem Folding Beds OFFICIAL CITY PAPER.

FIRE ALARM BOXES. 14--Wlokhaoi A Cor. Prince, O. W. B.

B. ii vortb Mroot ani Ixiw avenue, hat shops. itSSftSSJSotSSSwuinor type stop. and Montgomery st. 1 K-Orond BVODUO and ITlnio street.

23--Wlclfiiamavonuo, corner Liberty street, Moln street corner Wost street. 28--Nortnnircni, tornor Wick bum avenue. 2V--Jamus and Henry Htrevui. 27--Norm unrt John stroets, crossing. K8--Lake ttvonuo und WostnlTOOt.

Ma.nntri-Gt, corner Monbagen avenue. 34--r-ultonand Millutrcoft, 35-Hlgb uml BO--Canal Direct, oomlcnHory. 41 Fulton Btrcct and avenue. 42--Academy ind lloutuon avenues. 43--K.

jln utriU and Kullroad avenue Main street, loot ol Orchard atreel. 4O--Academy cnuo and Genung street 17--Myrllu and I'rospcct axcnucs 48--Grant Direct und avenue. 67--FraTnOln wjuaro 1 BtroKo of bell donovoB circuit broken. 3 I stroke ol boll donotis Clilol'n 3 HlroVes of bell dcnotu. Wo'clock time 4 ulrckiH of boll dcnolcx recall.

IIro In out. thai lend all your tnulc. We want A a. Oo SB North Street. NOTICE The display in our eouth window of Men's S2.00 Siioes New $jT Unless tho copy for changes In etaading udvcrtlbcraonle IB furnished us Jl o'clock a.

m. of the day that tho changes are required we can- r.ot iuaure their insertion as wo have such larKO number to sot ovory Key found --Girl want( --lildi wmtcd --Mdnona wunltd runted --Situation uunttd --bhotmjtlar wanted a found --Swo lociilM of h'octeoollo --Sec of Morris Wolf locul of McyprSL(M) Ca --WiatrrgoodH --Girl vtaUtiHn niniill fumliy. Vfill bo ul tho Mjillson Ilousc --StoiJiiit O'Neill Konlenellc --bllutitloa Mtiotofl to do houaowork --Millinery nnd cloakH at Mondela in --Klnue. underwear al Camon Townor's of Aisrloulture lluroau. Weatb NEW YOKIC, N.

Oct. 18, 1892--A. M. For Eastern New York and New LUht showers, followed fair wealhtr during tho day, and on Wednesday followed by showers Wed Stationary temperature soulh easterly winds. Temjinrnture.

At TulMll's Poarmaoy, 27 St. opposite Casino: 3 I- M. WnUrproof i K'lilroml Shoes J2.00. Gtrmim CM Shots OD. CVco Ciilf Bkcchcrs All rundc to onlcr and win runted Follow the tricks to 0.

HANFORD'S, 43 STREET KlSOt UOON 4 UI Seta 0 OU Comliitc Oct 18--Mnsiuorado-Uall ot Cltlaeoa' Ool IP-Gen SlicrltloD ul CuHlno Oct 20--Jm 11. Wiilllok'a "Uondlt King Co Cutino Oct 21-- Metropolitan Glee Club.Canine. OU fl-SH-t'umpWn plolcstlvnl Bpwort LtuKuu ul 1'itui'riM K. Church -Chrjfantln-lEum cilo'blton nl th Koorni Ucc li-17--Kulr Mldd'eto 'n Lodge. 1 1- al A Mat-in bl HoouiH WE FIT MORE TRUSSES than any other house In this section.

Whj Because our customers are certain of a correct fit--and prices arc 11 will pay you to visit us. MCMOSAOLE UOCEKS, Air Gusions and Pillows of Rubber Soft and yielding--allord comfort to many a weary Invalid. They are part of our large stock of Surfilc-ul Supplies, a. Crutches, Tru-scs, Rubber Bottles for hot watc-r. and all s-orts of k-ncci" for nur-ory an- slclc room Kcx.r.ic* jidentMMllDK lo Betrard to the Columbian Day Kxereltee lo Dr.

B. V. K. Montfort, clerk ol the Board ol Education, of statement yesterday In regard to the ubllo announcement that the Catholic Kihools of that elty, which Lave ar- anged for a parade on Friday next, we Ignored when the parade for the ubllo schools was set on foot. He says hat as soon as It came to the Board's notice It held a special meeting and resolved to, and did Invite, the parochial chools to join 'n the parade on the Co- umblan day.

This meeting was held October 4, but appears that Instead of going direct to Dean Penny, of St. Patrick's Church, or Father Henry, pastor of St. Mary's, he action of the Board of Education was communicated to Brother Aloyius, principal of St. Patrick's School, who in some way did not convey the message aa It was Intended, to the pastors of the churches who are at the cad of the schools connected with their churches. The clerk also says that the Invitation Is yet open for acceptance.

It Is now too lato, Dean Penny says, to change their arrangements and there will bo two parades on Friday, one In the morning and tho other In tho afternoon. Both will go to Washington's Headquarters, sing patriotic songs and salute the American flutf. RETURNING FROM THEIR HUNT- Memre. Hat-klun and llrown Ilad Good Huocee. lo Ike Went.

Mr. George Hanklns returned to this city last evening from Onlol, whore he and Mr. O. Harry Brown went a week ago last Friday after game, Harry's faithful dog, "Jerry," returning with him. Mr.

Brown stopped over In Buffalo to see friends and will return to this city to-night. From the Instructions tho man at the desk at the Russell House received "A large box coming by express, Please receipt for," It naturally leads us to believe that they wort successful hunters The Middlotown Dally Time has a circulation considerably larger than the combined circulation of all the other dally papers i In this city. SOME OF THOSE BROKEN WINDOWS not yet mended-- and November sre nearly due. Wo can sell you the but wi; can't make you put In McMO.SAGI.K KOC.KRS, Druggists, rtl1 Sl If Yonr Food Distresses You after eating, und It's harder work to digest it than toonrn it, a sign you our Kisenco. A luasimon- ful after mouls will relievo you.

We make it and can recommend it. 75 cent" bottle ROGERS. SAYEB ft HULSE, Mulberry St. Cor.Fulton. ol Improved MASON FRUIT CANS Which we 85 Cents Per Dozen.

A a i Fresh Green II utter received Fresh Delaware County weekly. If jou never heard an Everett piano you cancot possibly have any conception of its beauty of tone. It does noi pay to buy a poor piano. A poor piano Is not cheap at any price, but we wll tho Kvcrctt on such ensv you may as well have Rood one iw a poor one. Tho Everett 1 pianos arc among the constructed und most durable pianos In tho world.

If you intend to purchase a piano why not look at the A piano Is not obtained every day, and It Is sometimes best to "make slowly." have the largest, finest and most complete slock In this city, and 1 costs nothing lo look at them then why not call on us before purchasing Wo are cither willing pianos and organs at lower prices and easier terms than any one elfcin this scstlon, or we arc not. A call and comparison of prices will prove whether what wo say true or not. COREY Art and Music Store. Casino Thcatru Bulldiux, town, N. Y.

Middle- LADIES, do you wish to keep your hands In perfect condition the coming season; eolt, smooth and white: 1 Use our Cream Lotion. do you like a dress- leg for the face after shavlne which and refreshing? Use our Cream Lotion. Qiney's Pharmacy, 4 CAST MAIM STEBXT. 1 I I I --The liandll King Thursday nighl --The slorj will bo told three weeks from to-day. Band masquerade al Iho Casino to-night.

--The threatened rain still holds off. It should bo very welcome. --Remember Iho masquerade bull Ibis evening at tbo Casino. --Miss Maggie MeL. Eager will give akirin -) at Bath, this month.

--Carl Marwlg will conduct a dancing school In Poughkeopsle during the coming season. --Next Friday, Oct. 21, Columbus Buy, Isa legal holiday, and Ihe banks will be closed. --The glee club will ghe jou some lively campaign eoncs al Ihe Casino tomorrow night. --Eierj seat house will be sold for Wallick'a Bandit King at the Casino Thursday night --The Republican Glee Club met last evening and bad an excellentlohcarsal ulllic Assembly Hooms.

--There will be a ono mile opnn roller skating contesl at Nash's Winter Garden en Wednesday night. --The presentation of tho Baud it King at the Cailno Thursday night, will bo the 2,800 pcrformancu. --The Military Bund will pic-use all who attend their masquerade ball this evening al tho Cunino. --A jounjr milkman who lives near this city, and a Middletown young lady, il rumored, lira soon lo bo married --A very inleresllng meeting of the Kpuorth Study was hold with Miss Giacu Elliott, on Little avenue last evening. --The i Rank, of of Xcwburgh, has accepted Ihe Invitation to take purl la Ihe Albany parade on Friday --A commiltce of ladies of the A.

M. E. X.ljn Church, East avenue, will ghc a church sociable Thursday evening, Ojt 20. Every one Is Invited. Our friend Frank E.

Mills, of Spriog.lde, has enabled tho TIMES office force to sample homo superior met cider of his manufacture. --A good many ladles will RO to the Casino to-morrow night to listen to Gen Gco. A. Sheridan. They arc alwujs welcome at Republican --EdUon has juslputon the market a patent electric which la remarkable for shari cnlng scissors, the dullest pair being f-nisbcd In five seconds.

--Prank Palo Is cmplojing ton men and three carts in excavating for the new building about lo bo cicclcd by him al Iho coi ncr of Broad and Rowan streets. --Mr. H. B. Howell, of Iho fur hal works, Is a proud man lo-day, on account of the arrhal at his house last night of a new member of his family, a bouncing ten pound boy.

Mother and child are doing well. --Mr. Walllck says of Mr. James O'Neill who will appear at the Casino Saturday night, "Ho Is tho best actor that has over visited Mlddletown. He Is equal lo Mansfield, and I hope he will bo greeted with a crowded house." --Mr.

James O'Nulll made a fortune and a reputation playing Monte Crlsto Ho will appear at the Casino Saturday evening In Fontcnellc. No bettor attraction will bo played at the Casino. Saturday evening. Seats now on ealc. --Hcnrlch Daniels, the man who committed suicide on Erie train -1 Saturday morning, proved to bo a cuttle dealer hailing from Ontario, Canada.

A note was found on his person which slated that the sulcldo was premeditated. --Tho ORANGE Co. TIMES (semiweekly) Is out to-day with an extraordinary amount of local and other reading matter, and can bo had at tho book stores for 2 cents. Tho TIMUS was the first to give you a big quantity of read- Ing matter for a small sum of money. --Rev.

Charles G. Dllworth, pastor of tho Rhincbcck Baptist Church, will preach a gospel sermon In Faith Mission rooma, Mill street, to-morrjw, Wednesday evening at 7:30. Mr. D. will also give an address at the same place on Thursday evening.

Subject, Christian duty at the ballot box." I-KBSOMAL MKNTION. --Charles Wolff, la much better --Mr. E. W. Danton, of Newark, la In town to day.

--Mrs. S. M. Cole Is visiting relatives In Oneida county. --Dr.

J. C. Carllea, of Newark, State Veterinary of Xow Jersey, was In town yesterday. --Bert Wolf bus gone to New York a tow days' visit. HU health is much Improved.

--Mr. W. K. Stansbury arrived off quarantine at 3:40 D. m.

yesterday and will arrive In town thle evening. --Henry Powers, of this city, proprietor and editor of Sl. 1'uul's Herald, wenl to Albany on business this morn- Ing. --Mr. W.

H. Mllllgan and wife, of Montieello, are vlsillng at the residence of Mr. Jerome Palmer, on avenue. --Mr. and Mre.

Charles Crlsl, ol Piedmont, South Dakota, are visiting Mrs. Crlsfs sister, Mrs. John D. Paret, on Liberty strcel. --Mrs.

Marlln La Tourelte, of Mont- Iccllo, Is stopping with Mrs. W. H. Harrison on Hanford street on her way home from New York. --Mr.

Nelson Knapp went to Now York on Saturday and returned last night with his family who have been spending a week there. --Miss Eliza Stowarl, of Liberty who had a severe stroke of apoplexy on Friday last, Is slightly improved al- ihough slill In a crlllcal condition. --Mr. John W. Preston, formerly of thlscily, now In Ihe Jewelry business In New York city, and wife, are in town for a few days visiting friends.

--Dr und Mrs. Tiffany, of Afton, N. who have been spending their honeymoon with Ihe family of Dr. J. H.

Decker and Mrs. Payne at Ridgebury, returned to-day. --Ex-Assemblyman Mase, of Matloa- wan, Is In falling health. For years he has been a sufferer from asthma, and of late a serious lung difficulty has made Its presence felt. --F.

C. Holbort. cashier of the Farmers State Bank, returned yesterday from his old home In Orange county, New York. He says Mrs. Holbert Is improving in health and will return In tho near future.

This will be good news to her many friends at th Is place. --Plamvillt (Xcb Alliance, Oct 14. --Mr. Chas. Sears, of Montgomery, the popMlar and excellent candidate of tho Republicans for Supt.

of Ihe Poor of Ibis counly, was a caller at tho TIMES ofllce to-day. Mr. Sears has a great many Democratic friends who Clve him their votes, In addition to the solid Republican vote. FRED M'fiUJREJUSr DIE, THE COURT OF APPEALS DECIDES AGAINST HIM. The Judgment and Sentence of Ihe Orer end Termlner Ii AlBrnitd--Will Probably bo He-sentenced Mext Monlli.

Fred McGulro, the murderer ol Mrs Amelia Gregory, under sentence to be electrocuted In Sing Sing prison, ban been unsuccessful In his appeal from the verdict of guilty and tho sentence rendered al the court of Oyer and Tar- miner, held In Newburgh In April last. He was then sentenced by Judge Bart- letttobo electrocuted tho week of June 0, but his counsel, Wilton Bonnet, put In an appeal which was argued a few days ago at Albany, Mr. Bonnet appearing for the prisoner and District Attorney Hlrschberg for the people. The following dispatch was rccoivod this morning from Gorham Parks, clerk of tho Court of Appeals: ALBANY, N. Oct.

IS. limes, MittdMown, y. People vs. McGuiro. Judgment affirmed.

COKIIAM PARKS, Clerk. It is believed that McOulre will he re-sentenced in November. NO ARREST YET. The Port I'olloo Still Looking for Ilio Oilier llurglam. No arrests have yot been made of ihe other parties who robbed tho milk wagon of Ephrlain Shay, at Port Jervis yeslorday, for which ono of the number was shot by Chief Yaplos.

Cue of the follows has been traced down tho Deckertown road three miles. The dead Ihlef has not yot been Ideu- lined. Tho bullet which killed him entered tho small of tho back and patsed ihrough one lung and lodged lu the nuek. An anchor Is marked on tho man's right arm and on Iho left Is a woman and urn of flowers. The tramp shot by Chief of Police Yaples av Port Jervls, Is thus described Ho was evidenlly about 35 yeaie years ol age, had strongly marked a prominent large bead and a broad arid somewhat projecting forehead.

His hair wus brown, slight ly sprinkled wllh giay, and ho wore small mustache. Ulsheight rtasabout 5 feet, 3 Inches, his lii-uie was medium stout but not ilesby. i'no hand wan no- tlcoubly small and unueed to manual labor. His ruluient consisted of coarse, heavy suit of dark plaid, of cheap texture and material red flannel drawers and undershirt, over which was worn a black cotton nogligo shirt pair o) coarse cheap shoos nearly new. The dead burglar looked like a man who might under favoilng circumstances have become respectable ano useful member of society.

HIa general appearance was not at all unprepossessing. A SERIOUS RUNAWAY. A MIRACULOUS ESCAPE. Brakeman HUM Falli From the Top of OH Train to tho Bottom of a High JCm- bankmeat. About 10 o'clock thrs morning as George Milan, the middle brakeman on Conductor Henry Popoler's extra eait bound train No.

275, was In the act of putting up a brake between Otls- vllle and White Bridge, the staff holding It snapped oft oauelng him to fall from the train which was running at twenty miles an hour. He struck tho ground on his head rolling over and over, and finally landed at the foot of a forty-foot embankment. Strange to say he was not killed, but arose and walked some distance, when he boarded a west bound train. He was taken to Port Jervls and placed In Hunt Hospital. An examination showed him to bo terribly cut about Iho head and hands and bruited about the body.

His escape from daath was miraculous. ANOTHER CONVICTION WAUL. AT CORN- Henrj 1 Trl nd Nulitou Carr Thruwu Outiif IIU Wagon Hiuf Iluilly About eight o'clock list night whllt driving homo Mr. Nelson Carr, who lives bejood tho State Hospital, turned too short from West Main Into Mill street, upsetting his wagon. Ho wat thrown out and rcceited severe i.iju- rles.

His left wrist and nose were broken, and ho received several cuts about the head. Or. Strublo was culled and dressed tho wounds, and sot the broken members. The horse tan homo, doing no damage to Itself. TO AID THE ORGAN FUND.

of Grnoe Cliuroli In Give an KII- lertHluinetit lu the Cititluo. Ths ladles Church will give an entertainment for tho benefit of organ fund al the Casino on Thursdj evening, 27th. Among the attractions there will bo a series of tableaux by the members of St. Cecelia Guild and their friends, a Gypsy dance by Ihe Circle of KlngV Daughters of the church and the presentation of a drama, "The Ladles of Athens," by well known local talent. Booths for the sale of confectionery, lemonade, etc will be erected.

A BRAKEMAN'S ILLNESS. Flrnt Voteri to Farnrte. The First Voters' Club will meet tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Republican headquarters to escort tho speaker, General Sheridan, to the Casino. The members will please rcnort promptly. The line of march Is from Union to West Main, to Qanford, to Hlgblandav enue, to Wickham avenue, to North to Orchard, to East Main, to James, to the Casino, whore the parade will dismiss.

The Glee Club will also parade. Republicans generally are invited to fall In behind tbeFIrbt Voters' Club. KticklHiid County UoinocrnU The Democrats of Roekland county mot Saturday. Thomas Flncgan was ro-nomlnatcd for Member of Assembly and Cyrus M. Crum re-nominated for County Clerk.

It required sixty ballots to nominate a candidate for Superintendent of the Poor. Matthew D. Marks, of Clarkstown, was finally selected. Whiit-i tho Mmter With Ihe Hotting Men It Is now 48 hours since tho first publication in the JVhis of the fact that $1,000 had been left at this nfllco to bet even on tho re-election of President Harrison. Still no person has appeared to put up Fetes.

Loud of Just as Erie train 30 pulled into the James street depot last night a load of hay in crossing the track at North street in some way upeot, blocking both tracks and delaying that train about live minutes. Senator tu lie In Newburgli. Senator Eugene Hale, of Malno, will addrcts a Republican meeting In Now- burgh on Saturday evening of this week. Besides the meeting there will be a parade of Republican clubs. Juxneot Great Lack.

J. W. Parllman, W. T. Grlggs and Bryant started to-day for Me- Kce's pond.

If tho amount of bait taken Indicates the catch It will bo a big haul. riewbarch'e KeKlmratlon. Saturday's registration In Nowburgh Previous Saturday. 2,482. Total vote last fall, 4,974.

fleUTakengtakoii IIU Train mill ilroughl Uack to Jack Munday, brake-man on Ai train 6, wus taken ill on bis train this morning before arrhlng at Cornwall and wits removed nl that station and brought back lo Middlotown on train 1. Befoto arrliing hero ho be came delirious from the effects of morphine administered by a Cornwall physician and It was with difficulty that he was restrained from jumping from the train. I is feared his trouble Is pneumonia. mien Hit' 24th Will Go. Erie agent Lutes has received a communication thai the 24th will bo taken to Newburph Pi-ldaj rnoi nlng over the LMo and thence to Albany via the West Shore.

This would Indicate thai the Albany people are to pay the entire expenses of the trip and settles the question which has been agitating the minds of the members ai to when the company would leave hero. Attending Sjnoil lit Albany. Rev. and Mrs. Charles Ucattle and Elder Erekiue Mills, of the Second Presbyterian Church, and Elder J.

McCoy, of Unlonville, loft town this morning for Albany. Mrs. Seattle goes to attend tbo meoling of Ihe L-u- dies' Missionary Society. Tho gentlemen go as delegates from the Presbytery of the Hudson to the Synod now being hold at thai placo. A A horee attached to a milk wagon, the property of Eugene Peels of Eight- and-a-Half station, ran away on North street this morning.

Turning Into West Main street the horse ran as far as Knox's crossing, it turned up the irack and became caught In the cattle guard. No damage was to any extent. A Verdict for rialntlff. Tho suit In Justice's court yesterday In the mailer of Henry Rlkor vs. Ahern Jfc Monahnn resulled In a verdict for the plaintiff of $30 and costs.

Tho suit was brought for stono furnished Ibe mason contractors wall built In the First Presbyterian Church yard. T. N. Little for plaintiff and W. B.

Royce for defendants, Seuteuce-Ue III in Out. The trial of Henry Luhrs, of Cornwall, for selling liquors without a 11 cense, was held on Saturday before Justice K. S. Talbot and a jury. S.

E. Dlmmlck was the counsel for Luhrs, and Prank H. Cassedy couaeol for the Law and Order Society. Mr. Luhrs was arrested on Wednesday and was put under ball.

Tue evidence that was given at the trial was strongly against him. The case was given to the jury at 12:20 a ui. Sunday morning. They were out about three minutes and they returned with ihe verdict of "guilty." Then offieoi Curry looked around for his prlsonei receive his sentence, but he coulu not bo found, as ho had skipped. Mr.

Dlmmick claims that tho sentence could not bo pronounced, as it wus Sunday and It wub unlawful. Hut aa luie AUB a criminal ollenoo It was the sentence was pronounced, Hut and six months' imprisonment In the county jail. It now reinalne for Mr Luhre' bondsman to produce the pribou- or or pay the bond ol WOO. OBITUARY. Juhli Couifoil, M.

U. Dr. John Harvey Uomforl died laoi evonmi! at o'clocn at tho residence ol nU slsior, N. Jennie Comfort, neai Scotchtown. Uls age was 55 years.

The deceased was born In gunk, Ulster county, and was a sou ol Theodore S. Comfort and Jane Me Williams. His father now al rater- son, N. J. His mother died In 1874.

Tho graduated from Bellevue Medical College and began practicing medicine In Mt. Hope, ibis coun- vy. Ho then wenl to VVust Hoboken, N. whore he was located for a time. Later he went to New York oily where he had an office in 23d street lor sonic 20ears.

Ho had a disease of the bone In the right limb which had troubled him since ho was 16 years of age. An ah- eccis formed a few jeari ago and compelled him to glveup hli piactlce. After his health failed bo nadc hit- home with his brother, Virgil, a real estate agent In Brooklyn. About a year ago he came homo and has since been llvlne with his ulster, Miss Jennie Comfort, near Scotchtown. The deceased Is survived by his father and five brothers and four sisters as follows: Jamoi Bloomlngburg George S.

and Virgil of Brooklyn; Theodore, of Scotchlown Alanson, of Mlddletown; Susan, wlfo of D. Wll- kin, of Montgomery; Pbcebo E. wife of John H. Tweddlo, of Montgomery Surah of Now York city and Jennie athomt). He united with the Bloomlngburg Reformed Church when he wa" a young man, under Ihe pastorale of Rev.

S. W. Mllle, D. D. While a resident ot Ner.

York he was a ruling elder of thi Westminster Presbyterian Church, Edwin Uean, pusttir. Later, in Brooklyn, he held the same oHlce in the Green avenue Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dr. Mendcnhall, pastor. Tho deceased was a very coneclen- llous, upright', consistent Christian gentleman.

Tho notice of the funeral elsewhorj. WEDNESDAY LVENIX6 6ENERM. 6EOR6E SHERIDAN, The Famous Campaign Orator, to Speak in the The people of Mlddletown and vicinity will have an opportunity on Wednesday evening next, October 19th, at tho Casino, of listening to tho far- famed political orator, General George A. Sheridan, of Louisiana. Ho Is one of the very bent, and there Is no campaign speaker more sought after than General Sheridan, and was only by ehcer.fcOOd fortune that ho was scoured for Middlotown.

Every body should hear him. Tho ladles, as usual, will be welcome. Bear In mind the date, Wednesday, evening, October 10th, and tho plaoo-- Iho Casino. NEWBURGH'S TENTH. UN Action on tlie Iiivltatlou to Vlilt Albany.

The Nowburgh 'Mcyram says "tho Tenth Separate Co. hud an animated meeting aftir Iho drill on Monday ttlght. A loiter was road asking the company to parade at Albany next Fri- Jay. A general expression of opinion onlhesubjeel followed. Mr.

Haatingt luuding lu the discussion and discharging some heavy ehot lu Iho direction ol thoehalr. Finally tho invitation was accepted, but afujr adjournment an undercurrent of ditaatlbfacilou became rauuifcsl. Many had arrived at the conelubion that tho company could nol go to Albany on tho 21st and lo Iho Ar- inory dodlcaitoualMlddlelown on Nov. 18th. It was alwgolhcr loo much of a good thing U) crowd into four Keeks.

"he revulblon of feeling has bccotno so slrong lhat the acceptance of the Al- bunv invitation will probably bo roeeln- dud on Monday. Tho boys would rather go lo Middlotown, und they are right. It woul do to go bttuk on Orange county." LATEST. Special to the P. H.

HIS BIRTHDAY REMEMBERED. A FATAL ACCIDENT AT WAVERLY. KnflnM on tha Lohlfh Road Collld. Tlili Morning. Special to Ihe DiibT TIMII.

WAVBIU.Y, N. Dot. 18-Thc yard engine collided with tbo twitch engine on the Lohlgh road to-day. Tho engineer wai killed outright and tho 0re- man 10 Injured that be aftorv.ardi died. Pasiemore, a brakoman of Towanda, was struck by a caboose and killed.

THE MAONETIC 4 'BLAINE. Hl at the Fifth Avvutio llot.l AllnoU Crowd. Hpeolal to Ihe DAILY Tmin NKW YORK, Oct. 18-rhoro has boon a big crowd al the Fifth Avenue Hotel to-day trying to see Mr. Blalue.

He breakfasted with Senator Kugene Hale, of Malno. EXCITEMENT IN KANSAS. lot Valuable Jewell Hurled Unr- Inc tho War. (Special to the Diiur KANSAS CITY, Oct. 18--Thoro Is big excitement In Wyandoilo searching for worth of gold jofcoli) burled hy the Quantrell gang during tho war.

lu Ohloaco'e guburbi. Special to lue IMILV Tmni, CHIOAOO, Oct. a tiro lull morning In the Knglewood suburb. The loss Is half a million dollars. Sov- oral women wore killed by jumping from Iho windows of a hole).

The guests escaped In their night clothing A CollUlou at Special to Hie UAII.V Time. PiTTSUUKO, Got. olco- trloal car collided wllh a Republican procession to day, seriously Injuring (oar paradors. Tho oar was afterwards atlaood and windows smashed. Condition.

special to Ihe DULY Times. WASHINGTON, D. Oct. Harrison robtod fairly well last nlgl.i. A Good Pen is a Good Friend.

But ii poor pon--well wo will let you cxprccs your own opinion of them. Iho good pens wo tiro talking about Whiit wo wimt to nay of Kouiitnin Tens is thut wo have tho nukes Of poiw wo huvo tho Fairchild," moans the bo to About both of these wo tay further, if tin mil bring tin in back. Wo would like to Buy tho tvmioof dool pens ton, but tlioy tiro BO clump yovi cim nH'oul lo iko your own i isk. With Rood peitH you good HltiUoiiory nml ink-- thut means 9 North Stroo! Hanford Morton's. Dili' it- of Ladies' Furnishings Novelties, Notions, tho varl.

ty grout and i lo. It UM1 omnpnnitlwly uow no old hliop worn UUU.IK Kooli. In i i to our mul c'i mi MjM-k lo I'hntwo from. An Involcoot Ihoivlfliriitod uml i Oloioi. rvcclxed to-day.

I i C. W. 24 Noimi STiu.i.r. or Kisu. SOMETHING NEW hiakes the Doj uomfcrtablB. Matnina Gsod Natured, Sates. Waists "and Pants, waists in all Horn oi-nls to $1.50. I M-O lii-foro buying. Oeo. 16 and 18 East Main Strool.

Middlotown. N. Y. Mm. Cleiuciit II.

The funeral of Ihe late Mrs. Sarah i of Mr. Ulomont B. Moore, whose death In Brooklyn was noted In yesterday's TIMES, will occur this evening, when a brief service will be holdathor late homo In Brooklj n. Tho remains will bo brought to Middletown to-morrow on Erin train 1 and taken to tho residence of Mr.

Moore's mother, Mrs. Frances Moore, 40 East ave'Jiw, whore services will occur. The burial ft ill bo In Hillside Cemetery. Mrs. Moore's maiden name was Sarah A.

Tasker, and she was born in London, Eug. She camo to this country when quite young. She la survived by half sister, Mrs Henry Bassett, of Monroe, this county. One child, a son, died about ten jears ago when ono year old. It is burled in Hillside Cemetery.

Tho deceased was a member of Dr. Lyman Abbott's Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, having united with It when Henry Ward Beccher was pastor. The cause of death was heart difficulty, which had troubled her for several years. Two weeks ago she was attacked with rheumatism of tbo heart. Other complications followed, causing her death.

She was comparatively well when she visited here about Sept. 1st. Mrv. Jeunlv M. Beel.

Mrs. Jennie M. Reed, wife of William Reed, of 37 Genung street, died last night about 7 o'clock very suddenly. She was a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Force, and her age was 20 jcui-8. Her funeral notice appears elsowh ere.

A Largo SilinbBr of Mr. T. S. TJWMM'I Are liiitorlalurd alllli Hume, A large party of friends from Pon Jervls, Montlcollo, Jersey Cily and Middlelown assembled al the homool Miss Ida Tyiueson, of Otlsvlllo, yesterday afternoon In honor of tho sov.inty- olghlh birthday of her falhcr, Mr. T.

TymcBon. "Mr. Ty meson la a well preserved man, halo and hearty, and extended a very cordial greeting to their manj friends. AfUsr all hud arrived tho parly, led by Mr. Tyraeson, repaired lo the dining room, whore a delicately prepared table was sol, and an elegant dinner was served.

Al tho conclusion ol festivities the visitors departed wllh bosl wishes for ihe hosl. and wllh the hopi 1 lhat many years of good health and hupplncss might be bis. THE CHESTER WATER WORKS. Work to He Commenced Iiiiuir-illalvly. 1)10 Contract Awarded.

From Our Chester Correspondent. Tho contract for building Iho Chester wuter works wus awarded yesterday to Francis Lenord, of Norfolk, Conn. The conlraet price Is less tho price of pipe, which Is to be furnished by tin- corporalion. Pipe lo cost pel ion. Tho pipe Is furnished by a Philadelphia firm.

Tho Wulor Board adopted tbo Ludlow water gates. WorH will bo comtntnced Immediately at tbo dam and across the Mat 011 tho Ilcn-y Roe farm. Two miles of pipe has been ordered for delivery at Chester, Grcycourt and Monroe. Mr Theodore Miller, of this placo, will do the mason work connected wllh Ihe contract. COLUMBUS DAY AT WALOEN The Fire Dfl'tirtmuut to Parade and llui School Children to Hold Kxerolli-n.

The inspection of tho Waldon Fire Dcpartmonl will occur on Friday. The parade will be headed by tho Waiden Cornet Band and tho Waldon Flic und Drum Corps. Tho companies par- llcipallng will bo Enterprise Steamoi Fearless Hook.and Ladder Co. and Orange Il6bO Co. Tho scholars of tho Waldon Union School and Academy will observe the day with appropriate exercises.

The pupils will form in lino at tho school building at 9:30 a. m. and march to the Methodlst-Cht rjh escorted by tho G. A. U.

Post of Wulden and music. A Puwdor lluuo SpeclEl UAIuY Tin pi. MtJMFOHD, Texas, Oa. uowder house exploded yesterday. One person Is dead anil another fatally Injured.

aoSHEN. Hr.ll- All Hit A i i i i i I I I I 1 1 A UNDERWEAR SPECIALJYOTICEI UNDERWEAR --At a meeting of the Men's Pastoral Aid Society of Grace Church last evening it was voted to provide leaflets for the Sunday evening services. A Bible class was formed In connection with St. Andrew's Brotherhood. Gflt a Smokrd Glaus IteaUy.

A partial eclipse of the sun will occur on Thursday beginning about noon and will continue until 3 p. m. The obscuration at tho time of the greatest contact will bo about half tho face of the sun. Advertlnliie Tholr Hall. The Citizens' Military Band bad a street parade this noon.

All the members wero attired in masquerade oos tumcs and attracted much attention. It was a good advertisement for their ball this evening at the Casino. The Line of March To-morrow. The First Voters' Club will meet at the elevator factory building to-morrow evening at 7:15. Tho parade will start at 7:30 sharp, headed hy tho Citizens' Military Band.

Vtlty We Don't Take llieiu, Every week the TIMES has offered to It patent medicine and other outside advertisements which we refuse to a fc 0 nough In fact Ui fill our columns. Tho reason wo refuse to take them is because tho agents want us to do BO at much less rates than we charge our homo advertisers. They say they get them Intoothor papers at a big discount from regular rates and Insist that wo shall do the same. But we take a different view of It, and think If any discount or advantage Is given It should bo to our own people here at home. Consequently you don't see many of these patent medicine ads.

In tbo columns of the TIMES, nor will you so long as our own people continue to pat- on 17.0 us so liberally. And from tbo expressions that we hear we are sure our readers are much better pleased that It is so. What la the Matter with Meyer Shoe Company Qo ami Hear Them All. A good many Democrats attendee! the Republican meotlng at tbo Assembly Rooms Saturday night, and wo trust a good many more will at tho meeting In the Casino to-morrow nlghl to listen to Gen. Geo.

A. Sheridan. This as it should bo. Wo always recommend Republicans to attend the Democratic meetings, for It Is In this way that voters by hoarlug both sides become educated upon the Issues ot the campaign. Tbe IB a firm believer In Republican principles, but at the tame lime Imlins to deal fairly with those opposed to It For this reason It gives pretty fully what the other side to say, and never belittles their meetings nor ridloulesor misrepresents or abuses tholr speakers.

Coinnitocement of Dancing Claw. The dancing class of Miss Llla Stewart met yesterday afternoon and evening ID the banquet hall of tho Casino. The class begins with a membership ot 80 and starts with every peospeot of success. Under Miss Stewart's graceful and excellent Instruction tbo members will undoubtedly become very proficient In tbo now and popular dances. Mrs.

Mary Andrus will preside at the piano for tbo class. "Jack" MtiDda? The New York Sun yesterday printed a column Interview with John Munday, the well-known brakeman on tho W. night line, describing the trip of eighty-four Columbus celebration fakirs bound from New York to Chicago. They were peddlers of medals, badges, and bogus official programmes, who have got through at New 'York and ready for Chicago. The article Is an arousing ono.

A riommit Whlit 1'artr. The Ladles' Whist Club met with Mrs. T. N. Little on Highland avenue yesterday and spent a most enjoyable afternoon.

Mre. Samuel M. Boyd tho lucky prlzo winner. Light refreshments wore served. Ju.t Think of It.

For one week only. Women's dongo- la spring heels, old price $2, tbU week Women's dongola kid opera and mon sense, old price 12, this week II 68 1 the County Laloit Mewl, at Ihe Tin no --Mian Mary Duun, of Now York olty, but formerly of this village, at yesterday. --Miss Annie Ky, who by constant work painting has Injured her lianJ, left Goshon yesterday for Jersey City whore she will rest for a tlma, --Complaint Is made that a jiurson who was peddling tea about Goshcu would outer a house and In placet- whore a lady wat present alone would abuse and Insult her If she failed purchase goods of him. Such sncakt should bo pounded Into a jelly, and this one In particular will meet wllh lhat fate If he falls Into tho hands of a certain Irate husband. This Is nol the first poddlar who lias done this thing at Goshen and tho police should be notified when tbo next appears.

--On Thursday night "Village Improvement" will bo tho lubjocl of lecture at Music Hall, --Tho Hoard of Trustees hold a luucl- ing last night, but aside from the auditing of a few bills no business of groat importance was transacted. The old story of widening Grand btreot wat again brought up and tills lime map of the proposed changes and petition were filed. --It Is the general opinion of disinterested persons at Gonhon that the Democrats by their nominations at Newburgh concede nil or very nearly all tho county oftlces lo the Republicans. Obituary --Mrs. Franklin Bull died ul her homo near Oxford Sunday.

She was a sister of Mr. W. D. Van Fleet, of Gosben. --Luther Pellon, of Montlcello.

died Sunday of apoplexy after retiring tho night before lu his usual IIIf ago was 74 years, lie IB survived by hlr widow and two sons and three daughters. Tho children are John, residing on the farm, Samuel New Yoik IKJllcoman. Mrs. TlmoOiy Comfort, of Montlcello, Mrh. John Hiicbanau, of Liberty, and Mrs.

Horace Klniie, of Now York. A t-lstcr, Mm. Hluuvelt, resides In Kockland counly. He WIIB an elder In the Presbyterian Church CLOTHING I GLOVES ANl MITTENS. Prvtn Oic chrftpent ttio fluent.

Look ourcobb wtlk Lug Klnvea igts. for these Goods IIYGIES rxncnirnAn IS MKS'S nil (lio Mrdlrinnl or Sniiltnrjr FUftlShlllg rcci i We are i inticlilowerl'iIce- tuociij. A A I I DEPAHTMENT. i ili-rn An Immnmo Muk if for. niul dinnc'ilc nllllK5 i i i i i i KV.M-I-..I.

unlUEnK nut 1" i oil JOIJLTC 1C. HulU-r, Clothier mul GoiilV 41 North Street Wool Blankets! Special Values at SI. 25. SI.75. $2.

S2.5O, S3 CO, $4- and S5 Por Pair. Women's and Soino of tho lic-l viiliio-) i.vor blmwn in llio cily. Ladies' All Wool Union Suits $2.00 Each. 45 NORTH STREET. MIDDUETOWN.

N. Y. Child's iio'l solo dongoln button, 3 u. fl. dongolnPat.

Up. fttxi 1 ii i iiriilihiilton 1 lwxlli.5ta8.» i tolOt I 00 flnokldbutton.S I'M llonewlalooll graln.U to 12 26 dill and examine our A. full lino of Mifsos Khoo-i from $1 no up inul piiccH. EDMOND BRADLEY No) Hi Mi.iilhUivm. N.

T. 6V bare commenced a great mark down sale for 20 days. A grand closing out ealo of boots, shoes and rubbers. Tbe goods must be sold In October. Need the money and shall sell at 25 per cjnt.

off. Call early. MBYKB SHOI COMPANY, Iteman Block, 44 James itreet. on Misses' dongola kid spring heels, old price thle week 08. Misses'dongola kid opera and common sense, old price 12, tbte week $1.08.

Boys' fine calf bal and congress, old price $2, this week $1.03. Men's fine calf bal and congress, old price (2, this week $1.68. For tblt week only. MEYER SHOE Co. A rleiuant Krlitinilirnnoe.

AboutouoOozon young men of tho literary debating noeloty of tho Y. M. C. A. serenaded Mr.

Frank MRS- toraon at Ills homo on Mulberry Btroul last evening. Mr. Maetcrnon Invited his friends In and Mr. Andrew UuUili- Innon In a few plua'unt words prcaontvu him in behalf of tho kooicty a beautiful etching to show tho esteem In which ho Is hold tho of the M. C.

A. Urollnlni a Ilrmucratlo Nomlmillnn. M. Holmes, of Norwich, who nominated for Congress from tin- I District, by the Democrats on October 10, declined the nomination. A Home The house of Bridget Owyor al Shin Hollow, was destroyed by tiro about 2 o'clock this morning.

The building wai near the Krle track, and It supposed to have caught lire from locomotive. Tim Il'JililHl Flri-llian. Gerald Hawk, the injured O. W. (1 reman, now at Thrall Hospital, Is about tho same to-day, except possibly a little weaker.

Will Drill To Night. The 24lh will moot to-night for drill preparatory to going to Albany. To Flowers limy bo Itept fit-nil for a loi.g time by jmttinir a pinch of into ila- v.ntor lu which they mo held. Tliej should not bo gathered while tho mm in Hliiiilng upon thorn, but curly in Ihe morning or after tho nun boon down for an hour. To revive wilted llowcrs plunge tbo steins to about ono-thinl of tholr length Into boiling water.

This wUl drive the snp bach Into tho causing them to become fresh. Then cut away tho third of Iho stem which has been heated and place the flowers in cold York World. Itobort Wadaworth, M.D., Wyoming, N. leased of Odontundor Mfg. Co.

an office right, having used Odontuti- dor very successfully In all minor surgical operations. Tbo doctor In well pleased with Odontundor, and says he cannot got along without It. Bo buys It In 125 lou, and cheerfully rocom- mends it In both surgical and denUl Tho doctor will answer any questions. Our Stocic is All Kinds of Winter Goods Wo nro ImrjriiinB in Cnnton Klmim-ln, Slinkcr Flilnncls, all FlnnnolH in Kwl, Gioy. Blue iiml While.

Our untlorwcnr stock raite hityurK, thoy can Uml any MSW, color or quality Children good! from 12coritH to 50 conK from U5 con's to $125. from 25 i-ontu to $2 Wo itrc bhow ing a Inviiitiful line of Drew from for fi-rnrc-d woi-blcd to $1.50 for lino silk and wool Alimi Cloth. ojwn todtv from 11 tonic uirtion wilo IIM of all wool 1'Yciich Hodfoid Oonlu -I" inclioi wido nl coble. KoguUr one iloll-ir. H.

E. Churchill 39 NORTH STREET. MIDDLETOWN. DO YOU I Fine Perfumes. That's tho kind wo soil and have a constantly increabinjj trmlo in them.

When in need wo can R. C. TUTHfLL. Jr. TIM! JOU HUNTING Chocolates! Bonbons and IN Seated Packages Only AT C.

S. Abrams', imuouisT. Uzln ind South MIMIitlii, I. Albert llull-l Old SUD4, A LINE or FALL SUITINGS. Tlio lutes' Jw'cni 1" Foreign and Domestic AM done under my pcnoeal HupurvltloB.

CHRIS KLOHS, TUB LKADNIO It estimated that 2,000 teeth are extracted dally by the UBO of Odontun- der. 9.OOO teeth extracted In monthi Dr. Uoblnion'i Odontunder DeoUl BREATHES THERE A MAN WITH SOUL SO DEAD," who to himself hns novcr said I want to get a bargain I If so ho can bo imitfled nl tho Front Store with bargains. Our stock of overcoats und ulsters, also suits, hu boon increased this week with now styles. Our line at $8, $10 nrd $12 nrc big sellers.

Ti our 50 cenU underwear and our $2 huts. Wo havo added now hat at $1.60 tqtiul to tho usual $2 hat nl our ono prico store..

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