The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 6
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(ARK.) NEWS TUESDAY, OPTOPER 3, 193') ^BETTER HOMES The Minimum Home Regular Repainting Of Home Is Advised By.Ex- I perls t Because there Is no such tiling Tas a perfect paint—a product equal- 'sine in durabillts the surface to n which it, is npphed, the home ov,nei rdoes not bu> just gallons of inlnt Ibnt actually years of paint decoia- '•'io'i and palpi protection io'i an V, Paint Authoiltles agiee that, the ''value of a paint is dctcimined By the years of seruce fiee frcm milntenance The frequency V, m •^hicli a home should be painted depends on several factors, but, both painters and builders adMtc jBSlnst letting the surface of lie i materiar become exposed to we '•leather alter paint has peeled OL torn away. To preserve the e\tei- or material, homes should be regularly lepainled, and undei most drcumblances tnc work can be done •7Uh funds cbtalncd from qua I- led lending institutions unto lie Modernization Credit Plan of the i-edcral Housing Administration Wears B\ Chalking There are mnny Mays in which lalnl shows wear, but it is gen tally believed that the most desii- .ble and normal way paint can \leld to weather is tlnough Ihe oiocess known as "chalking." When the vehicle of a paini •weathers," the pigment powders off in a gradual pioccss, leaving (he film smooth and still piotec- live O\er a period of years the lalnl film thins, but satisfactory teruce and surface beauty aie ualnUined dvirlng the life of the . . ijaint 11 , Some I'Jints I'eel [I Some paints do not "wculhpr" In 1 I i progressive piocess but fail b\ racking, peeling, and washing I uiav. Paint, authorities say that this scaling is caused by idealistic nlms incapable of expanding ami contracting with the surface as lunatic conditions demand Sometimes the paint washes away be- -ause certain pigments form solu- i Me salts or have not sufficient af- H Inity for linseed oil to foim a firm Low-Cost Homes Plans Are Encouraged By FHA Interest In the production, ol homes within the purchase price ol the majority of families, already at a high pitch, has been Inlensifiec by the Federal Housing Administration's supplementary program encouraging the financing am building of Jicmcs in the $2,5W price range, FHA officials say. While the Federal Housing Ad ministration Intends doing nil with in its power to encourage th greater production of such house: i» "stpck" or "prepared" plans wl be devised for general use. Th large fuel economies are passibl lonstruction Of FSA. House Near Gosnell Begins 'Die first of a number ot houses o be erected In this vicinity by he Farm Security Administration or farmers purchasing Innd """• tailed nt Gosiiell toctivy. The house, which Is to have five rfcms, bath find large porch, is being erected for J. C. Entauk nt a cost of approximately $SW He has recently purchased an B aero farm which already nad ' barn on it. Two other houses of this tyy will be started at puce oil fnrin between ulythtvlllc and Osceoln. Hulfman Lumber Company New Home ' About Ready The Huflmtm Lumber Company Is moving its plant at Yurbro nearer to Blytheville upon completion of the new structure two standardization which follows such ilans has been consistently avoided >y FHA. _ _ "Tli<f small house is not n large house compressed and trimmed down, FHA officials point out, rind II cannot be created by determining what can he left out of u large house. 'Hie principles of plan efficiency, economic use of materials, and proper equipment become para- imunt I" importance In the design ol small low-priced houses envisaged i» FHA's more flexible program for the financing and con- Openition I'roves Effective In Fuel Economies Is Claim An important faclor in home in grain ior un- unuin-"i& •»>" *.«..- «ulntlon this winter will be the usci structlon cf homes for families in of st:rill-sash \\lmlows, which be- tl>e $900-$1.500 income range. Every square foot of space, every odd corner, every length of pipe, every pipe connection,, and every fool o!. lumber that can be eliminated must be saved. . durable film |; Mirror Panels Help Brighten Dark Room Dimensions take a holiday wild there Li n mirror-paneled wall 1 This is a good model of trie minimum home. Hcdiiccd to utmost simplicity, the house contains only living room, kitchen, bedroom, anil bath. Typical of many homes in this class, this model differs in the relatively greater amount of space given the living room. A mortgage of $3,600 on Ihe home was insured by the Federal Housing Administration after FHA appraisers assigned the property a valuation of 54,200. Monthly payment of $24.48, excluding taxes and hazard insurance, will amortize the mortgage in 20 years, air. ___ _ Storm sash are eligible for in- 61 ' Tllis wll) rmislied in two with storm-sash windows in those | mlles north of here on Highway areas where winters arc severe, be- '— -- «..i-u...i i- nvn cause glass areas arc known to be one of the greatest sources of lieat loss in the home. In addition, the pocketed air space between the regular window and the .slc'rm sash has sound in- ulation qualities and tends to deaden street noises, which arc magnified by the silliness of winter cause of proven fuel economics have been growing In popularity •neb. year. Where these- storm sash arc used the Insulating wnll <f captive air between the two sheets of glass keeps the inner window glass near room temperature. Where only one glass serves the window the ccld outside nlr chills the glass to nearly Us own temperature, while on the inside the wnrm air Is chilled In contact, with this cold glass, Recent, studies have shown that weeks, It Is said. The new viaduct, recently built (o eliminate a Frisco railroad, crossing and two dangerous curves placed the lumber company off the main Highway 01 route and caused the move, according to Alvin and Jake Huffman, owners. The plant is being erected on an acre of ground purchased from Mrs. Z.oa Thompson. This company also operates Seagulls Move Inland DIDDEFORD POOL, Me. (UP) — Though they never matriculated at Harvard, seagulls in this section have developed such a fondness for goldfish that, few remain In pools on private estates. STATEMENT OF THE oWNERslmf. MANAGEMENT^CIRCULATION FTC KKoiniiF.n wv THE ACT OF coNGUfcSS, Or Alir.tlST 24. 1!112. Blythevillo courier News, published daily at Blytheville. Ark. tor October 1, 1938. State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi, ss. , £il[OlUliOft UtlCjCF tllC ivnjiiti.iiit-a.u* 1 -" i ui j _"---i j Credit Plan 'of the Federal'Tloiis- plants nt ~Stcele and ing Administration. Mast builders I Mo. recommend "that the sash be installed to permit opening in mild winter .weather. Funds for the work, when undertaken under'the FHA -plan,'are obtainable from qualified -lending- institutions. FLOOU. '• PLAN the: room painter has handed to the amateur Is that cf "working from the light" in painting ccilifrgs. Two, reasons are, assigned:-tor this: .First,;;the painter is not in his own light; and, second , the Joins in the stretches where brush marks overlap are far,less likely to show by throwing a shadow. Paperhangcrs declare the same procedure "should bo followed in pape ing a ceiling. Where cel!,ih?s Reasons For Modernization . Are Outlined In Article Modernization can restore the any available nt the time charm of past centuries and endow house was built. Double Action Kitchen Doors Held Desirabh Double action doors bcl.KC.ei kitchen, butler's pantry, and cllnlnt room are being included in the' plans of many new homes. Older homes may benefit from the same convenience, however, as regular doors may be replaced with those of double action, with the financing arranged under the Modernization Credit Plan ol the Federal Housing Administration. Double nctiiiB door closers car new be obtained which are con Sealed in' the woodwork over tlr "door. Hold-open features arc regarded as standard in mcst fixtures of this kind. Simple to install and adjust, the mechanism is entirely out of sight and no cutting of the Fewer Trailers Noted In Yellowstone Park YELLOWSTONE PARK, Wyo. (UP)—People no longer are dragging their homes behind them when they come to visit scenic Yellowstcne National Park. The forest service said today only 1 43 per cent of the cars entering the park this year pulled trailers, compared with 1.73 per cent in ' Schilling, ie room i ing a celling, wnere ccu,iin;s <>"Not cnly because they lend a I pn ,,- e red toward the light, there is sense of unlimited spaciousness to ; nmch ,„„„, c hrmce cf-the, edge interiors, mirrored areas are be- c snmv i llg . u 1!m where the reverse It coming increasingly popular also ; Application is practiced. Doth palnt- because they brighten "twilight lng ^ paperhanglns; are eligible corners" and are smartly modern | te ' ms unl i c j- the Modernization __ 11 t • - ' i n^nrllf nlni», nt Ilin FpHpl'M HnUS- it with Ihe comforts and conveniences of modern life, declares nn editorial in House and Garden ' " . | Credit Plan of the Federal Hous- Boone Hall Garage Is Being Remodeled i The concrete building on Fifth as \vun j v .._.,...,...—..-- — Large mirror panels may be _ lng Adminlstrnticn. built into the wall over and around .._— a fireplace, en a side or end wall, or anywhere eke It Is desired In the room. The installation may be financed with funds obtainable from , qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan ofj the Federal Housing Adminlstra- I tlon i 1 I "Working From Light" Advice For Painters There are many small details which the home v>ho decides to do his own painting should learn before he applies the first brushful of new color. One helpful hint the professlona which 'answers the question "Why modernize?" Nine reasons why modernization should be profitable were given. They are: 1. It may ccst less than buying or building a new house. 2. The owner may make his home more efficient and Improve its resale value by careful rcplnnnlng. 3. The home owner may obtain PHA-lnsured loans for mortcrnlza lion work up to $2,500 on eas; terms from his local bank. L .,,j v. u ., - „ — 4. Modes "cf life have chnngci trret, owned by the Lesser-dold- smcc l)l( . or | gmn i |, 0 use was built nan Cotton Company and occu- ^ lc ^.^ p m - c \-, on the front is n )lcd by the Boone Hall Gavnge, is ]ongcl . [] cs |,cd. but a shaded ter remodeled. 7, The house may be out of style with modern ideas ot good architectural taste. ', 8. The owner may want genuine 5'v»- •••••"" nllquc detail but should not de- .1"-"<»« l °> nivc 'himself of efficient plumbing and heating and other modem equipment. 0. The owner may be tired of his I present surroundings and feel that t is time to freshen up the decoration to give the house a new coat of paint and paper, and maybe even to put in some; new windows. Home Investment floor is said to 1« necessary. •Where-double action doors are installed under the Modernization Credit Plan, the funds are cbiaiuert compa . the peak year of 1931. Early season vislfcrs showed more of a tendency to live in trailers than those who came later in the season, the report said. GOOD FOR MALARIA! —And Malaria Chills and Fever! Here's what you s wa you wti Here's whnt you want lor race in the garden nt the rear is in,;, iv.,..~»..-"— . race in The entire building Is being n- watltc(] creased in height by the raising g . Th ' cre ftre new materials-tivall- of the roof and general repairs are being made. able which make the house more practical and comfortable. C. New mechanical The Bank of England carries Its com , cmcnl nnA premises, furniture, and fillings on . its balance sheets as assels to the value of one pound sterling. Ratio Suggested One of the first steps in building or buying n home Is to decide what type of home one wants and can I afford Mderal Housing Administration officials say. Keeping the home investment within two to two and a half times the buyer's annual Income is a wise rule to follow, they point out. ^^_ \IGHT ICOUGHS YOUR CHILD'S coughing at night —caused by tlirmt "tickle' or irritation, mouth breathing, or a cold-can often be prevented by rubbing the throat and chest witli plenty of Vicks VapoRub at bedtime. VkPORUB'S SWIFT pouUice-and- vapor action loosens phlegm, relieves irritation, clears air passages, tends to stop mouth breath- ing.andmvHcs healing, restful sleep. Try it. US UrOVG s Aaanrn.-oo v ..." "", A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless Quinidme and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac. tually combats the Malaria infec- fbi^SKS" It hnlos vou feel belter last. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless said, personally appeared Harry W. Haines, who having been dU> sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the Publisher of the Hlvtnevir.i. Courier News, and that the following is. to the best of hi knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management 'and If a daily paper, the circulation!, etc.. of ^« ? -'°« sfl i <1 P" bll ""°!J tor the date shown In the above caption, required bj-theAct of Aueust •M, 1912. embodied in section 411. Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse side of this form, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, edite. managing editor, arid Inisiurcc ripnn"or •"•"• Publisher, Harry W. Haines, Blytheville, Ark. Editor, Graham Sudbury, Blytheville, Ark. . • Managing Editor, Graham Sudbury, Blytheville, ArK. Business" Manager. Harry W. Haines. Blvthevillc, Ark. - 2. That the owner Is: Courier News Cnmpnnv. TOvlhp.villo. Ark • Harry W Hnines, Blytheville, Ark.; Journal Printing -—""» Frank W. Leahy, Guy Rogers, Allan Leahy, Edw. C. Stevens Point, Wis. . ' ., .. 3 That the known bondholders, mortcmrees. and ether seeurm olders owiiins or holdmsr 1 per cent or mora of total amount ol bonds, ilor!°anp5. or oHin- spriirltlns nrn: Journal Printing Co., Stevens Point, Wis, . 4 That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names pi tne -wiicrs, stockholdeis. snd security holders, if any, contain not onl> •he list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company bui also, in cases where the stockholders or security holders appear upon the books of the company as trustee or 'n any other fiduciary relation, the name of tlw person or corporation •or whom such trustee is acting, is uiven: also that the said two, pnra- •raphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledie and belief •s to the circumstances and t conditions under which stockholders, end- rcurity holders who do not appear'upon the books of the company as •iistces. hold stock and sccur.itit-s in a capMiiy other thnn that of a v rmafide' owner, and this affiant has no reason to telij-ve that anj 'her person., araociation. or corporation has any interest direct or ,in- lirect in the said slock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated b, "'"s That the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to paid iitecribcrs during the twelve months preceding the date shown above is S ' 1D7 ' HARRY W. HAINES,. Publisher. Sworn to .„„ subscribed before me this^th- «^« ^ (My commission expires July 22, 1941. SH£RwtN ^WILLIAMS SWP [HOUSE PAINT \ , large' s£o as it gives you much more Jor your money. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS ... made this Transformation at Littfe Cost I Why put up with shabbiness, risk decay—when it costs so httle to transform your home the new Sherwin-Williams SWP "Two-Step" wayl First Step: perfect surface preparation with the new SWP Under- Soater No. 450—the "All Surface Uniformer". Second Step: a perfect finish with SWP—America's most widely-used House Paint. Before you paint, B «t_*e facts ._. .^^ ^^ 5J.98 psmi, gei v^ »»»•>« • • • • PER GAU.ON IN S-GALLON PAILS ,5 Gal, SHERWIN WitLfAWS PAIN.T HeA-p'guAflT-_EBgj Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. . Shoiue "The Progressive Store" Phone 35 AVIlson Henry CUTS FUEL BILLS FROM 15% to 30? Kock Wool Insulation pluccil in your alttc will help maintain a more constant temperature in your home this winter, effecting n substantial saving on fuel costs, lu- sulation works for your comfort the year arpuml, nlso kecking yonr house corf in summer. It costs comparatively little. Phone -10 for a Complete and Free Estimate This Week. Phone 40 THE &RKMO LUMBER CO. Quality Service Our Service Angle There arc a fc\y kinds of service that cannot lie measured in dollars and cents, and ours is one. We are conscious of a fuller obligation than merely givim; you your money's worth. We concern ourselves with Providing the means of constant fire protection, safeguarding your family's health and contributing to your everyday] comfort and convenience. BUfTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, i«£r. -Water b Your Cheapest Commodity" If You Rent H, It's Only n House. If You Own II, It's a HOMK. Instead of paying rent to not pay it to yourself and enjoy the bcnclits home ownership? It costs no more. It's true thai nowadays anyone can afford to build a home of his own. Federal Housing Administration has provided a way. \Ye do the rest. Talk It Over With Us. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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