Middletown Daily Argus from Middletown, New York on October 22, 1894 · Page 4
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Middletown Daily Argus from Middletown, New York · Page 4

Middletown, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1894
Page 4
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*£ THE ABGTJS; MONDAY. OCT. 32. '94 c. PUBLISHER GEOEGE H. THOMPSON, a MACARDi-LL. J. F. BOBIXSOX, A. E. KICKIXSON. CITT EDITOB BUS M O N D AYOOTOBER_22. J i8M. Foi Governor, D VTID BFXXETT HILL. FOJ Lieutenant-Governor, D.vXIi-L ' LOCKWOOD. For Judge ot the Court of Appeals, CHARLES F. BROW N For Justice of tne Supieme Court, EDGA.R M CULLES For Representative in Congress, EUGENE S IVkS, of Rocklaud. For Member of Assembly--First Cis, net, BESJAMIX McCLUSG, of Xewbui-g'l For Member of Assembly--Second District, JOES KINS1LA, of Dee-par! For County Judg- 1 , JOHN C R. TAYLOK, of Middletoun. For Sbenff. GABRIEL TUTHILL, of Middletoun For County Clerk. CHARLES KETCHUP, of Cornwall for Justice of Session--, HENRY \ANDLZER, of Cornwall For Coroners, FRAXK FLYNN, of Goshen. \T. H POPE, of Xewburgh. For Surermtendent of the Poor, GIDEON C. HARDING, of Mt Hop? Vice-President Stevenson will speak in Poughkeepsia. Friday evening, for Senator Hill and the whole Democratic ticket. What is the matter with Canada? Canada is under high protective tariff, and yet, in no other part of the British possessions ia trade so flat. By way of comparison, things are booming this side of the line. _ -^M-- -Hon. Ira Shafer, the well known New York lawyer, who lives in the town of Lloyd, Ulster county, offers to bet $5,000 that Hill will carry the State and $500 even that he has 100 majority in Lloyd, which, in 1892, gave Harrison seventy-two majority -- on Hon. John Kinsila made one of the best Members of Assembly this district ever sent to Albany. He was diligent, alert, watchful of the Interests of his district and discharged every duty intelligently and faithfully. Vote for him. Ex-Gov, Joseph D. JBedla, of New Jersey, died, yesterday afternoon, in St. Luke's Hospital, New Tork city, from the effects of an operation for calculus. He was Governor from 1873 to Ig 7 §, and was a man of conspicuous ability. China's woes increase. News has just been received of a moss destructive flood, which has inundated a vast area of the best agricultural land, 150 miles in length by from ten to thirty miles in width, causing great loss of life and doing incalcuable damage. arrested,but the crowd had not nerve enough to punish him as he deeerv- od. ^ The prospects of the Democratic party in this State are growing brighter with every hour, Senatoi Hill's campaign has roused the party to new life and effort, and the work of organization has been carried on with such spirit that the party was never in better shape two weeks before election, Republicans in Central and Northern New York seeing the tide setting against them are complaining bitterly ot the apathy and inefficiency of the State committee, and the party leaders real- 123 that the fight will be a close one is shown by the fact that in addition to McKmley it is proposed to send out on a stumping tour their greatest spellbinder, Chauncey M. Depew. LATEST BYlElEGRAPH FOUR CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH. Tlie Residence of Rev. Koss Taylor Burned-Mr. and Tlrs. Taylor and Two Children Barely Escape the Flames- Three Men Leap rrom the Windows and *re Badly Hurt. BT TJNITBD PRESS. NYACK, Oct 22.--The residence of Rev. Boss Taylor, son of Rev. William Taylor, Bishop or Africa, was burned shortly after 4 o'clock this morning. Mrs. Taylor awoke and found the lower portion of the house in flames. She aroused her husband, and they, with two of their children, succeeded in reaching the ground in safety. Four other children belonging to the couple were burned to death. Three men employed in finishing the house, which was a new one, and who slept on the third floor, had to j u m p for their lives, and all were badly hurt. The ages of the four children burned ranged from five to eleven years. Stewart, the oldest, a n i "William, a younger brother, escaped. The origin of the fire is not known. The funeral of the four victims was held from St. Paul'd M. E. Church, this morning. The four bodies were placed in one casket. A COMSTOCK PRISONER GUILTY. Florence Halffht Conlcted of Sending indecent Pictures Through the Mall. BT UNITED PRESS. NE ' YOKE, Oct. 22.--Florence Haight, of Tnompsonville, N. Y.,was convicted, to-day, of sending indecent pictures through the mails. He was remanded for sentence. OFFICER SKELTON -.SUSPENDED NEGOT1ATINC FOR PEACE A. Peaceful Settlement of, Chinese-Japanese Troubles Possible, bnt Act probable. BT UNITED PHfiSS. ·*"-·"' LONDON, Oct. 22.--Tien Tsin des- patches say it is reliably stated that negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Chinese-Japanese trouble, are being carried on at Seoul. Nothing of peace negotiations is known at the Chinese Legation here and the officials do not believe such negotiations are in progress. Charged Wltu Usins Profane and Indecent Language. Special Officer John B. Skelton has been suspended by Captain Grier pending an investigation of charges of using profane and indecent language toward a respectable young citizen. The latter was m company with a young man whose bicycle was confiscated, oue night last week, for not being properly equipped with lantern and bell. Democratic County Committee Headquarters. Hon. W. H. Clark, Chairman of the Democratic County Committee, to-day,opened the headquarters of the committee in Empire Block. The rooms are opposite the offices of John P. Bradner, Esq. Mr. Emmet A. Wickham, of Wawayanda, will act as clerk of the committee during the campaign. NSW YOBS STOCK EXCHANGE 22POST JA8. P. TIGHE, Commission Broker. Stern Building, is Nortt street, Middietown, N Y. Stocks, Bonds. Grain and Provisions bought and sold for cash or carried on margin. NEW YOKE, Oot- 22, '94. High Low Close Bizgr .-..,».........."---· koa _'5 K ss Ose 74* 0-B.Q OnieajtoGas. D.L.W Dls. Oat- F Erie GteneraL, Electric- L . N L. 8 M. P N Y. N E N. V. O N. W N. P. Pfd O W Manhattan. B. T ......................... p. B... .................. B. I ............... . ........ 0-M.St.P ................ FT "P W. Union".!".""""";."'. CT 8. Cordage ............. Nat Iiead .......... ........ 40 Dee. "Wheat ................. 53^ Deo.Corn .................. ±9% May Oats... ................ 33 Jan Pork .................. M.2 35 Jan- Lard ................. 712 13 135i 28?i 107 ~ 87« 34 ~~637S~ 1S5K 28 -i 103% I S t 13JC 135 K 2S5£ 31 % 104 ZBK 87 H 40 52X $12 25 710 J8X 60 87 "i 12?4 40 51% 48*5 32% $12 27 7 10 DIED. ;--In this city. Dot 2ist, '94, of con- gam ption. Lavma YanSIekle, aged eighteen Tears, four men*he, twenty days Interment in Hillside Cemetery A RESULT OF A LYNCHING- Nellie FarreU, of Brooklyn, twenty years old, ate two and a half quarts of peanuts in three days. Her stomach gave out after it had digested about half the mess that had been crowded into it, and she died, Saturday night, in a hospital where an operation had been attempted for her relief. Gideon C. Harding, the Democratic candidate for Superintendent of the Poor, won the confidence of the people of this county by the faithful dis" charge of his duty during the three years he held the office. He is known to be honest and competent and he ·will receive a very large vote. The people of Ehinebeok are not enthusiastic over Mr. Morton's candidacy. He has not won the respect and regard of the plain people of t h a t locality. When a candidate for Vice President, he carried Ehinebeck by eichty-three plurality, while other Eepublioan candidates carried the town by 133 Negroes-- a*--Soutti--Christian^--K-. Anything But a Christian Mood, BT UNITED PRESS. PBINECTON, Ky,, Oct. 22 --A race war is threatened in South Christian, as a result of the lynching of Tillis Griffey, colored, who raped Miss Berry. The negroes are indulging in threats against the whites, who are sleeping on their arms. NOT IN IMMEDIATE DANGER. Sick Headaches Life-Long Troubles Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. *--·-" ~~4 t " I have been tron? tied Trttb. sick headache, since I was * cMld. Doctors and remedies all did rna no good, nattl I read about Hood's Sarsaparilla and thought I ·would give It a trial. Fir* bottle* cured me. I shall alwayl be a ·yraHa friend to Hood's Sarsapatrllla and I do not know ·En. Xjizzi* Per»on anything better for a ftunlly medicine. I hava also used Hood'i ··· ^ A Sarsaparilla CABftON * TOWN**. CLOAKS AND CAPES. That we ehow the variety, quality and style, and at the lowest prices, Oar Dress Goods stock is popular, bscau^e it deserves to be. We will welcome a visit, tbac you miy make comparison. CARSON TOWNER, No. 11 WJEST MAIN STEET, MIDLETOWN, BUSINESS IS BOOMING I Because We Carry the Stock at Prices Right, OVERCOATS, OVERCOATS! Suite and Eitra 'Pantaloons, for men, youth", boys and children. Hats, Hats, Caps, Caps. 611k Hat?, (iloves and Hltteas. all qnals:iei. men and boys. Underwear-Underwear, all trades- A complete stock of Gents' iurnlshicts. Cardigan Jackets and Jersey Coats. Is ia full blast. largest stock ot Foreign and Domestic Outing*?, Overcoatings and Trouser- ings In the Uiy All the latest novelties Fit ana -workmansaip guaranteed. Mr. Bodgers pleases alt Now is the time to leave roar orders, bilk Hats ironed free at JOHN E. ADAMS'S, Leading Hatter, Ulothier, Mercians Tailor ana Gents' Furnisher No. 41 North Street, Middietown. Mood' ! JI M.^+WJi The Press of Europe Too Hasty In Treating the Czar as a Head Tan. BT UNITED PRESS. BEELIN, Oct. 22--A semi-official dispatch to the North German Gazette says that the press has been too hasty in treating the Czar as a dead man. It adds that his death is not expected in the immediate future. Vegetabla Pills and think th«m tlia best" URS. I.IZZIK FEKSOX, Bos 122, Hamlet, New York. | Hood's 8*rsaparilla is sold oy all druggists. 11 ; «lx for »5. Prepared only by C. I. Hood * Co., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. Hood** Pills cure all liver Ills, constipation, biliousness, slclc h»»'.lache, indigestion. SPECIAL TO-DAY. 1 case all wool Dress Novelties, in ten ehdes, st 2 .6 per dres-, (good value for $4). 10 pieces all wool Tricot, black and navy, at 82 10 per drees. 10 pieces fine all wool Henriet- taa, 10 shades, at $2.69 per dress. 1 case Blankets, white, 49c. 1 case Blankets, grey, 49c. (Last season's price 75c.) GEO. KETCH AM (successor to Crake DeWitO, dealer in FLOUR, FEED, GRAIN, COAL, ETC. No. 15 Mentgcmery street Middletown, H. Y. We are selling the greatest bar- all kinds of Underwear we have ever shown, grey, white or red. gains E. Ctoc 39 NORTH ST« One of the surest signs of confidence in the business f u t u r e is activity in real estate and building enterprises. The Herald notes that the feature of the real estate market In New Tork, last week, was the demand for properties in the business district on which to erect new buildings for business uses and for lots up town on which to erect fine residences and apartment houses. FORTY DEAD, THIRTY INJURED- Terrible Results of a Colliery Explosion at Aiilno. BT UNITED PRES3. BUDAPEST, Oct. 22 --Forty bodies have been recovered from the colliery at Anino where the explosion occurred, Saturday. Thirty persons were seriou,?lv injured. FOUNDERED AT SEA. BY UNITED PRESS. LOXDON, Oct. 22 --The Italian barb. Giuseppina Allaml foundered, last evening, between Cowes and Beachy Head. Three persons were drowned. "William Lake, the brutal murderer of E m m a Hunt at Albion, N. Y., was arrested, yesterday. He was hiding In a barn seven miles from the scene of his crime. He left In his room a lurid letter in which he said that the girl had proved false to him and that he intended to kill her and then him- eelf.for life without her would be unbearable. He added that a search for his body would bo useless for " the waters of the deep never give up their dead." The people of Albion reasoned , however, that a coward who would murder and mutilate a helpless woman would not have courage to take his worthless life, and the effect of the lettfe" was only to naftke them mere active In the search for the murdere^ There wero tbreats of lynching when Like was THE CZAR BETTER, TO-DAY BT UNITKD PR.KSS. COPENHAGEN, Oct. 22--A dispatch from Llvadia says the Czar passed a good night. He is stronger, to-day. MORTON OR HILL??? a Bbl. for the BINDING fiT SHORT NOTICE SA3CTOKD * HORTOJC. HAVE YOU SEEN The display of Framed Pictures in our v. indowa ? When yon do see them and learn the prices, yon will probibly follow the example of others: -- admire the pictures, wonder at their lew price and bay because they are attractive. Why not tec' r« «ho-e yon want for holiday pre^ncs now? A choice lite ot Books, in fine bindings, for wedding and other gifts. Hanford Norton ! £ j§ JS ial Ja or br fb* tf'l Street. JEWELRY, STERLING SILVER aad everything belonging to a jewelry ebtabilfihment. Buckwheat Flour. aseodtf J. M. PHILLIPS, traoceMor to L. R, City Market, Corner North and Orchard Streets. IU kinds of Fresh and Salt Vaatx, Fr»«sh Ball and Smoked Fl»h, Vegetab e». Canned Goodj, 3T*ter«, Olams, etc. A fall eupplr of Lron SO TBOTJBLE TO SHOW GOOD BEPAIB- 1SG PKOilJPTLX Al'TJ^KDED TO C. J: GIERiNG, 7 XOBTH ST. -- 31IDDLETOWK. House of S rooms to let. 19 Cortland street REMEMBER THAT WZ ABE'HEADQUABTEES FOB Fine Soaps andlToi- let Articles PALMER'S Extracts, Etc. 8. T. GL1NEMM GO. CITY LAUNDRY. EZSA C, SAYEE M. A. HAWS3, Proprietors, Ko. 200 Xortb *treet Office Sa^erS cigar rto r e, No 12Korth * cail-d for and de tre?t. red free of charge R A. Goods OVER $25,000 STOCK FLOOR j food. You will elect the Governor of your own politi cal faith, if you have any, that ia as far as you are concerned; but there are differeaces of opin ion, and you know that differences of opinion are all that make elections, anyway; but when it comes to a question of clothing, especially winter clothing, that must protect you from a winter's fury there is but one faith, and with no difference i of opinion, save as to style and material. You all demaod that it shall be good and la or G. J. GIERING, JEWELER, f calls your attention to the f set of his re- * celling new eooda daily, eonslBtiag ot a- We invite you to inspect our stock of MEN'S AND BOYS' SUITS AND OVERCOATS! before making your purchases. GEO. W. -TOU1TG, Custom and Ready-Made Clothier we NO SPECIAL SALE. Cash Store. trust that we have merited the name of sellers of good clothing. We assert, and boldly, that no better goods were ever sold in Middietown, and none cheaper. Come in and look around, on overcoats, our particular pride, and on suite, compare prices with other stores and you'll find ours x the cheapest. You will never fare ill in our handfe T T · * i A 25 Nortl\ Street. I8aac Ll P feld dsw GREAT WONDERS. How our Underwear is selling. Our 50c. half wool has no equal. ii Eyes:: Fitted:: Accurately I with Spectaclss and Eye Glasses _: Co-9p©ratLv© Building Bank- Home Office 3O9 Broadway,lT©w "Z"orls City Loans money to buy or build homes in amounts from $1,000 to $10,000 to be paid for by monthly installments same as renf. The Co-operative Building Bank has nearly 200 branch offices in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Bhode Island, Maryland and District of Columbia. It now has nearly $700,000 already loaned on first mortgages. $13 67 per month pays for a seven-room house in ftboun nine years. $3 per month invested in the Oo- Operative Building Bank Thirty Day Installment Stock, as an investment, will net the nolder 51,000 m about nine years . The above bank has a branch office in Midaletown, with offices m Central Bnildmg, corner North street and Bailroad avenue, and are prepared to loan money immediately on good rentable home property, to buy or build homes, to be paid back by monthly installments same as rent. _ The above bank also has local branches established in Bloormngburgh, Warwick, Florida, TJnionville, Westtown, Johnson, Slate Hill, Otisville, Port Jervia, * ay For°circulars a aml full information apply or write to L. P. KNICKERBOCKER, Dist. Supt.. Central Building, Middietown, N. Y. " " Our random mixed at 35c., always We have added to our bargains a Will have a uew case this week. 50c,; cheap grades 19o. and 25c good scarlet at 60c , half wool, will compare with what IB usually sold at $1. Onr glove stock is now complete. Men's Leather Gloves from 25c. BCYB* from 20c. np. Men's Wool Sockt 15c.

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