Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 11, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1896
Page 3
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What Zoa ra won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. f. Keesltng and Bon F liber. butwithm the mcaa •Xcccp Substitnt Biff Four's Buildings at St. Louis to be Rebuilt at Once. WORKS AT~ CHICAGO General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. J. Q. Van Winkle, general supurin- teudeiit o£ the Big Four lines, and 'George K'tttredge, chief engineer, re- lumed yesterday from. St. Louis, whi'i-u they had boon to iihm for rebuilding the depot* awd vcmnd-honse destroyed by the tornado. Mi'. Van WMdc *nys the mow depots to be erected will cost $40,000 aud round-house .flo.OOO, Hut of course they will l>e much move taod- cm ana valuable buildings thnu those; demolished by the winds, «>ud "W ;U '° to bo located somowhat differently. which will necessitate Isbe UUiug: up of consldw-.ible low ground, and "-' «> c il! " provements be made by «n outlay of $Co,000 the company will be- satisfied. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. i blah standard ot excellence. Hani us'.-rs ot the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST: You will llnd It a valuable nssiswut in jour or-. lice. Address lor patvlcolats THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO MAjfUFAC-CUIOJKS. 2.10-2.J4 Went l»Uo St., Chlroso, 111. Drink HIRES Rooibcer when you're hot; when ••• yoitre.tlnrsly'; when callers come. AI any and all times • drink HIRES Rootbeer. DAILY JOURNAL p.eeciirtlon and social at the rink this evening. Almost a car-load of new straw hats fit Otto's. George Harrison brcdle" Landreth's seeds only. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Attend E. C. Mitchell's selling out clothing sale. Silk waists today at half their original value.—Trade Palace. The last shipment of watches from the Importer to Otto Kraus were tody's size. / Your Voy wants a suit. 1^. Mitchell* soiling out clothing sale the'plaa.. fStcvens's gallery at 414 Market •trfcs fellow open. Competent workmen. Wort guaranteed. • Natural gas bills for the month of June are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street : One swallow does not make Spring, bat one swallow of One Minute Congh Onre brings relief.~J. M. Johnston. Landreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed grower* for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison !• their agent In COM county. Do you want to.tnvest In gold mining stock in itue best gWd producing district in this country at Cripple Crock, Col.? If so, call on Jacob Here for particulars. TVabasih is credtted,Tvith the championship of Indiana Intercollegiate base ball league, fott<r»ed by DePauw, Purdue, Butler and Rose Polytechnic, the latter making a per cemtage of .000. DISEASES OP THE SKIN. Tie intense itching nnd smortinc; inci dent to eczemn, tetter. Bait-rheum, and othet nsantl allaed b MORE ASSOCIATIONS TO BE FORMED. The opinion prevails among Hie higher railway ollicisvls th;xt so much of a success h:is tin-' Joint Trnllic association become, that like -organizations will bo formed in. other suctions of the; coun- t.ry. The agreement 'has already shown, that bot,h railroad men and bankers arc determined to secure good rates, without rebates or without violations of MIC taierM;vte law, Mid for the first- tune ,i railroad tiufflc contract has been maintained absolutely intact, In sptte ot! Insufficient tonnage for aH the roads, No agreement could have had a severer tost and President Roberts and other expert raWKKHl men, who never had faith in poois, are wcH pleased wlth.fJie working of the association. '.Hie firs' "t-oiip oC roads TO announce a similar organization is expected to be the transcontinental, which have only been wait- . ing for this decision, before putting t™o effect the agrocmaint reached some time •igo The grangers arc expected to couw next, then the Soutliwwtonis wi\ finally Southern roads, nS nothing' can stand out a-ga-Uist the sentiment which exists among. bankers, rai!roafl men •mil scomity holders that railroad rates must be maintained at all hazards. They agree chat iw Gee-felon lias been or greater importance to railroads since Uie' famous granger decisions by -the Supreme court, Moreover, the new association win work hi perfect harmony, with the Interstate-commerce Commission, a very •desirable combination. M. AY. Ma-iwllcM, . superintendent of Mio Indianapolis & Vincennes, lias boon detailed to look afev. the extensive tormina! improvements to be made by the Poiinsjivanisx ana other vends centering at Clucago. The improvo-mont projected includes Uie laying of sixty miles o;f ti.-a.cK hi- one. huge transfer yard. It is af vast; project, engineered by pronntoenit railroad men for a revival of tiic Chicago TJui'on Transfer company, and if carried to a successful end •will involve a radical 'chauge la the mebliods of transferring- freights. It means practically the abandonment at. •ill but one giroat transfer yard and belt line. Mr. Mansfield says the plaa Is lor. •taie Corpora Mom to purchase, one 'of the bolt lines circling C'hicago, and malte the tract of ground a great yard wliere all through trains entering ami leaving CMcago will be made up. The committee at the head of this great enterprise consists of Vilco President Harahnn, of the Illinois Central, First Vice.- President McCrea, of the Pennsylvania, and Ohi'of Engtacei- Wliitemore, of the. Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul,' When completed and In operation it will be the largest transfer yard In Hie world, say there to no question as to:c'ngmes 201 and 202 oil the Big Tout being the best locomotives running on American roads, F. H. Snort, secretary ana treasurer of the GincliHintl, Hamilton & Dayton, held that position forty-four years, with the exception of the three years ue was president of that company, he beginning sen-ice wtth t<he road In that capacity hi 1852. Under the requirements of the Interstate-commerce law all cars must be •equipped with alir brakes by January 1, 181W5, and tire weallWer ixmds are push- fag the Improvement to coniform to the law. The last reports show that out of 1,008,734 cure, but 200,027 aro equipped wiich air brakes. The Jotait Traffic association has decided not to im-ddle wtthi the question of Hie speiHl of trains. Pi-esidunt In-, galls, oil' tti'e ntg Four, took, strong grounds ngiiin5t HuJr nieddi'in.g witli that quesbion, taking the position that toos wMi- snperiur power, roadbed, n-iick sorvk-e and equipmeiit' should not be hiuid'lcapjied by any association. Hie road being given the privilege to make any speed consistent with safety. The iiisuranfo inspectors of .the Pennsylvania wore iin tilie ci,ry yesterday and liiade a.u i-nsi)ect.ion of the slwps, malt- in- in each ami evury depai-fcineut. a close inspection as to lire lighting ability, mtmbcr of exUnguislmi's. etc. • After their trip all around Master Mechanic rmmock had OTrfef Flreuiau K«-lin to give an alivnn and fhe fiix laddies i]u.!fkl.v ri^oiuled aiul had. two streams of water going over different buildings ki a short time. CONDITIONS FOR A CYCLONE. • . • •: / • _ .': • A Democrat Shows How the Political Currents Tend. "This free silver business gets clear avay with me," said one of flic best iuowu. Democratic loaders iu the State, vho tais a philosophical turn of mind, In'conversation with a .Tom-nail reporter •csterday. "There seems to be a spirit »f revolution at lai-ge among the i^oiile. ,n 1S02 tUis spimlit helped us, aiid Hie people started pell mell toward free trade, a thoory wtok-h I have never believed iu. In 1804 they do. nainded .aiioDher gwat cihango and started the peudMtam back the ather way even mow swiftly. This year the saimo spliit f.ouX'S to tilve front aud says; I was .wrong In 1802. Pro'teclikm was not the trouble, 'Gold is flic root of all eviil. We must down Uie gold and np with- silver.' Aud illic people ot our party follow this spirit like a Hock of sheep. It is a spirit of wares!!, v,he im- pationt anxiety for an iiumediate olunvge. It is the tlweau-e of socialisw. 1'OTi have a somewhat similar current oE iwlltfcaa aiir in yoiw paity. It malces for McKInlcj' a,nd protectiioii to the exclusion of all other ideas. W.hcn these t\ro ctiwenis conic in cowtaot tlu're is MUely to be a political cyclone, and I am " udeiing what will be de molfelied." • Tlio a.bove.,fn-jin the Indian a poll: Journal i-efws to Judge Dykeman ot •tikis ciity. iommencing Saturday May i6th. CllO 'lUiew^ LUiu»iyi. /«."«' •— and inore enirs will be handled in it ttan other railroad center In tlie n.t any world. RAILROAD NOTES. dent to eczema, vewsi, NUV-H«««I", ""- -••«» dfaenscs of the skin fa instantly allayed by owplying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment.' Many very bad cases have been permanently cured by .it. It -is equally Efficient for itching piles and n.fevontcrem- 'edr for sore nipples; chapped hands, chilblains, irost bites, and chronic sore eyes, •For sale by druggists at25 cenia per box. TryDf. Cady's Condition Powders, they _ ?.„* _.u«* n k/\»«n nnpclqwlion in bflu condi- Bngtoe.No. 455 is in the shop for repairs. Moron of the'blacksmith shop la off duty. _ P. J. Ru£E, a laborer, was struct In the eye by a wren<.4i slipping yesterday. George'sbjinBlln a£ Hnnttagton w.blle woa-ktng in a fii-e box was badly scalded by ft steam plug blowing out. 'E, A. Jackson and N. W. Henry ate taking a sixty dnys' lay off and will attend the convention at St. Louis. Mike Courtney and wife have returned to the city and are now at lixxme to their many friends on the Westside. The Southern road .has notified ns Western cotmectloms that 'It will not be a party to the aomweekers' excursions announced far June'O ffinil 23, nntl It will honor no cheap tSctets sold over INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE. Notes and Incidents of the Busiest Business in the Land. The woeful' destruction of life property resuming from the disastrous tovusido wtich swept over St. Loul and vicinity last week i ; s one of thost gruesome occurrences Mint serve • t< emphasize uhe -timeliness and value o Industrial insurance and give ri* c ^ an emergency in wlnid)- the enterpris- liv officers oi' Uie Industrial co-nipanies are quick to act. By far the largest cltenfaige'irniomg the taid.ustr.lal classes Iu .the "stricken section Is had by the MetropoltaB-iHs policy 'holders In St. Lonis numbering about 170,000, and In E:i«t St. Louis over 10,000. As soou as luteJligenco oi 1 tlie disaster reached President Hcgemftti tolegcmus were seat to -Mio company's three superintendents In St. -Lovnis and vis supei-in-' toiulon-t In Bast St. Louis authorizing .Item to waive the usual' maulremeiits of .forwarding proofs, of tlie dentils to the 'home office and a.waiilbhvij; the company's approval. iKtopting the quicker method oC paying <*•««» through the b-rancli offices iuiiuediatoly upon tlieir presentatfou, subject only to a satls- d.'ae»T,v idejitfficailiion of the life Jn- surcd.' Provision was also made to waive -flie .requirements as to the prp- auetkm of tilie policies and premium're- ceipt books where it was found they 'tad been destroyed or mislaid. Furhhe3TOO.ru a gentleman from the company's exeeu.uive division was com- utlssloncd to take -the first train to St. Loatis and to establish Ms headquarters there to reader such help as he eonld insure to potfcy holders the ful- ' tillmciit O't' their rishta and to extend gu'bsraatal Mp and eucouTOgcmen-.t to liio company's scores of ageiits who were i'ntemiptcd to. the regular anil mothodleail performance of their work, and whose incomes might in consc- quonco temporjdly be cut off or di- nVmi^hod. In fact nothing was omitted flha't coiild-be done within the bounds at wise and pnid«nlt business inanage^ mettt to consen-e exiisttog business and to give evlildenco ot substantial sympathy for those who had suffered bereavement in their households in consequence of this lawful visitation of the elements.—The Insurance Press. .IMPERIAL COUNCIL, NOBLES OF THE. MYSTIC SHRINE. For tbe above meeting, which will be held at Cleveland, 0,, June 23 and 24, the Wabasb railroad wlinseU -excursion tickets, June 22 and 23 at rate of $7.74 fov,<the roiund trip, not good for return after June 25th. • National Session,.J-unior Order United American Mechanics, Denver, Colorado, June IGth to 20th.-For this occasion th'e Wabash railroad names 'a rate of $32.80 for the round trip to be sold June 12 and 13. Tfckets can be extended so as to be good returning to and Including .July. HOWS THIS: We offer One Hundred Dollars ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. .We, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney for the'last 13 years, aud be lleve him perfectly honorable In all bus iuess transactions and financially abli to carry out any obligation made by tbi firm, . WEST & TRUA.X, Wholesale Drug gists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, KINNAN & MAllVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,' 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internal Iy, acting.directly upon the blood oa mucous surfaces of the system. Trie 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggi^ Testimonials free. And continuing for two weeks, we will place on sale. some rare bargains, In our Clothing Department. We have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at X)ST to close out certain lines. W e are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to all who are looking for , SNAPS Come and see us, we will convince you that no place In a city will be allowed to undersell us. No matteer -wbax they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, and have made a price that will do it. Our patrons are advised to take advantage ol . this sale, before it is too late. Sampte Do not forget that our Hat Sale of sample bats, *( SO cents on the dollar still conti uues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked np in this li no. Don't miss the oppor. tunlty. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. m MARKET STREET. A.. P. JENKS •PATENTS 1--0-B 1NDIAXUXS. ratenits have beau ksoed .to IndiuJia Vnventotts as follows: Henry W. Alvoy, Jloorckuul, spacing device W wire l'eiic*«; Sherman Ayers, Fomit-aijitowji, .'x-tenwible bicycle crank; August Bo-usser, Ft. Wayne. seliC-measniiiiis oil wag.om; James H. Bryant, Ciuwtoi*viB-e, roof gutter; wi»'H. Cloud and .T. V. Tnl.l, Kokomo. kliCe'polSshei", Guj). W. rarmor.Mcoi-cs- viffle, mtisic.loaf turnea-; Jonathan W. •Hncfeett, OlKuiestown,, aumlgaaiiator; Jas. W. Jacobs, Jeiioi-sonv-ille. vehicle wheel; Sylvester H. .Tones, Kictimoiul.- com plan-tar; Vincent A. Meimex, 121k- kirt, revolving vocktasr chair;. Peter Pfendoer. IVJ-n Lake, kiicben cabinet; ,Ta.mes,H.. Tomlinson, Torre bicycle lamp. DECIDED AGAINST McLAIN. Ln the Supreme court, the case of tlie, Cineimmnl, Induiwipolis, St. Louis^ & Chicago railway company- agaiost Fletclior McLata, appealed from, the Marion cmmity Supremo court, Uie de- cislou of tlie lowar court was reversed. McL.aU was :t passenger on Uie. train, comtogr from the East. Wlvile the to-ain was in motion lie tried to step off ami-sustained various injuries, for which be dcuifl.uded compeiteation. In the lower court he got a verdict award- in" Mm 4?5,500. In lite decision reversing this judgment, Judge Howard holds that the appellant was guilty of contributory negligence. DR. its linos on these dates. The big emgiaes of 'tile Garstang type runmtog on, the Big Four,, hauling the a trains from Gallon to ^ , aro making fine speed MC- wWi heavy .trains, and, : heayy - as iiit-se'ti-aLns-are, ttoe attaching of one Powders they or two ptfyatc cars docs not liffect their 'undvc^iu^?" IW .perceptlWy.-Expert .mechanics iuoing jiuj A^LIIU , . Republican convention at St Louis, .Tune 1C,. the Wabnsh railroad will sell round, trip tickets for meeting named above on June 12, 13, 14 and 15 good to return to anfl Including -June .21; rate 9S.2G; no stop : ove.rs allowed. . ' '' • •". C; G. NEWELL, Agent. : THE MODERN BEAUTY. , Thrlres on good "food: and jsuusMne, with plenty of. exercise In the open ajr Her form glows -with -health and her " ' face blooms Tvith its "beiuty. 'If Jier system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gmtle-anfl 'pleasant Syrup of Figs.-: Made by the- 1 California Fig/ Syrup Company. INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN, Perspective and Mechanical Drawln§t prepared for the Patent Office and *••• Commercial pUEjposes, * Drawings aud Specifications of Bit*- trical and Hydraulic devices preparrt, Including Alarm' Batteries, Brakw, Cond uctors, Cutonts, Electric LI«h»,, Magnets, Coils, Keys, Lightning Rodi, Meters, Registers, Recorders Swltcb- ho*rds, Telegraphs, Telephonic AppU- anccs,- Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, M»- "cbanical, Mercurial and Rotary Al* Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Al* and Water Elevators, Double Acting Drainage'and Force Pumps, Lift an* Oil Cups, etc. , :.i Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. lopnspoftf Vabst Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Sp*.ciai~Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. GOBIX FOR PRESIDENT OF PEPATJW. The board of trustees of DePauw un.iv6K5.lty in a-anual scsstaa .are considering .the matter of muting'Dr. H. 'A. 'Grobiln presidemt of the tastltutlou. Tliey ai-gue that Dr. Gobhi.ls noiv doing the work of the president, aud vlcft- presideiit, with the salary of yice-presi- aent; and' it 4s Ixardly fair for him to be asked to contln-ue for, another year without at least having tlhe honor of and the Increased a.utHorlty that the position of president would give him. NOTICE. ; First cwnirninlori. suits must be sold at our seMlng out clothitag sale. It will pay to see linear before buying elsewhere.-E. C. Mitchell, the Progress. •'. THE DELPHI BATHS. ' The Delpitan Baths of Delphi; Indiana in cases of Rheumatism, LaGrippe, and Nervous, Blood and Stomaeli Disorders, never fait/ .... AVOID CURE-ALLS. Zoa-Phora Is componndad solely, for diseases of women. In its sphere It has no .equal. Sold by B. F. Keesling and BenFJsher.- . • . ' • Ben Martin for vreddSng presents, . Do You Think of Painting YOUR HOUSE? If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. They will not spill or spoi! In the Children Cry tor Pitcher's Castorla, PorR and Beans are the cosiest things to any and ...emostdelichlful to <ai for tundieon out of doors. They satisfy hunger; al- 1 hot or cold. Can carry them In §"nd six «nis for sample can: • a meal for one. i CAMP PACKING «O -• M¥*^^~'' ' ' '

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