The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1946
Page 4
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BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNK 10, 15MG ?! BLTIHEVILLB OOUBDUt NKW» oa - JAMES 't. VERHOHT, Editor TBOMA8 R, ATKINS. AdVCTtlstnt MtMftr Brery Attc 1004 apt u teeoad dan matter at tb* po»t- at B^thevllle, Arkama* under act of Oco- October ft, U17. Bored by Uw United PTMI . SUBSCRIPTION RATM By writer in the city ot Blytoerllto or any Btfmrtmn town vbere carrier anrriee K main- talned. Me per week, or Me par Booth. By mtB. within a radii* of 40 BflM. tUW per yea>> *2J» (or §U month*, »1.00 (or three month*; by man ouldde M mile IN* payable la adTanee. OPA and Prices Congress this week is faced with the difficult task of deciding the fate of the Office of Price Administration. Before the Senate for action is an amendment-riddled bill to extend the life of the OPA. Friends of Ihe OPA contend that the bill with its powcr-reslriclintr amendments would lie no better limn outright death for the agency which claims a lot of credit for keeping prices down during the war when scarcities otherwise would have had prices soaring into the stratosphere. Foes of the OPA and countless others—who perhaps could hotter be classified as clear-thinking Americans interested in allowing the unalterable law (if supply and demand to function still remember the many mistakes made by the OPA. It is to the credit of the OPA that some of its officials admit that the organization has done "same good, and also made some mistakes." It is easier for the average American to remember the blunders than it is to see the good that was done, or to accurately measure the conditions which inigh't existed had there been no OPA to tell free citi/ens iii a democratic land what they could do, or not do; and, when it wanted to, act as judge, prosecutor anil jury in the trial of those suspected of violating rules ' and regulations. It is no wonder that the OPA is one of the most despised orgnni/atimis ever set up within a .democracy, and it would be hard to weigh all of tho good it has done and contrast, it with the harm that has come from blunders within the agency. It is hard to imagine that the idea of price controls could work effectively if competent help had filled all' of tho' jobs created to make OPA orders and try and enforce them. It is harder than , ever to visualize succeess for the agency when honest citi/ns found themselves penalized in many ways for trying to make price controls and rationing function. And right hero in Arkansas we found the poultry men of .two of the biggest poultry producing counties in the nation on many occasions crying their heads off because of the low ceiling on broilers. They cried that the price controls were ruining (bo industry. They got the ceilings raised, and tben howled for higher ceilings or no ceilings at all. They got (be latter and then they howled again because it was not long until Ihe law of supply lllu ' demand brought flu: prices down. The poultrymcn howled loud; this time for restoration of the ceiling. They got it, and tho consumer is now paying more (ban lie might otherwise have to pay for poultry. Only this spring Ihe strawberry growers in Arkansas yelped long and loud when they learned the ceiling which had been set for berries. They cried on the shoulders of their congressmen and obtained a higher ceiling one day and no ceiling at all the next. The price of berries .skyrocketed for a few short days and then dropped to levels where the white-collared guy—Ihe forgotten man of loday—could buy a few. Whatever Congress does with the extension bill will be wrong in the minds of some. I'Yiunds of the bill arc asking for a death sentence for OI'A or extension of Ihe program under a set-up which will give it a chance lo function. Let's have the showdown, and have it quickly. Election-Year Solicitude During the recent Senate debate on • draft extension there were echoes of a sentiment heard freiiucntly in both houses of Congress during the long and generally inglorious postwar discussion of this measure. That .sentiment, usually expressed in shocked and sanctimonious phrases, was to the effect that it would be a terrible thing to subject teen-age boys to the rough, degrading atmosphere of adult Army life. We wonder if any of those congressmen ever expressed another sentiment to the effect that "'the Army will make a man of" Johnny. Of course, Johnny or Tommy ran tbe risk of being wounded or killed. He was taught to kill other men. Hut no one seemed to think it particularly callous or heartless to suggest that "Army life will do So-and-so good." We don't even recall any congressmen compplaining specifically then about the danger and degradation of Army life upon the young. Now the tragic necessity of killing and the risk of dying are over. Yet many veterans of the fighting arc still in service, away from home and family and children, many others have been returned at the expense of our defensive strength, because some congressmen have wrung their hands at the awful possibility of bruising young sensibilities by exposure to Army life. It is doubtful that this election-year solicitude has won many votes, or impressed many voters by its sincerity. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typa* Except Caaew DRS. NIES&NIES CHnto 514 Mai«. BIjrUttTllte, Ark, RMM ml Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 22GO WASHINGTON COLUMN Curb On Government Spending General Duty LUCY * AGNES HANCOCK Coprrislit by lucy Agtwi Hancock Diitritiiittd by NEA SERVICE. INC, j recover from his astonishment, Snlly hnd entered the room and shut the door behind her. Her cheeks wore red and her eyes \vith mirth as she deposited the tray on a table and went to prepare her patient for her breakfast. . STORYi Snllr M«T»i»r«, niirnr lit UntnTi >!«• ..... rlnl l. ovrrhrjir* .Vdritin lloldfn Hrr «if liriuu nn "npplr liccn . the ll piny I* nncry hr misr Snlly fcna riilnt'c hrr o« urmn VMnkrN It m ll:ill«»ck hat i'Tr*lcrt. Mm. il !>«• n 2lffiCMlC patient. -T^HE .resident was with the patient when Sally returned - from her errand. "I was next door," Doctor WiV- louEhby tolil tier as lie examined {he patient's chart. "Definitely on the mend, Maynard," he announced, his voice low. "Yon might give her a portion ot cereal — oatmeal or wheat gruel, whichever; she prefers. No cream and but little sugar. We don't want her to lose any more weight," "Stop muttering, Doctor, and laic for breakfast trays and she lincl tlic diet kitchen io herself. She made tho Rruel, sweetening nnd seasoning it until it was almost appetising, brewed a pot of ten, sliced lemon thin, cut crisp toast inlo small \vedi;os r placed the whole on a tray and snitched daffodil from n box ot flowers that had just arrived. She was humming softly as she reached the elevator with her burden nnd stopped Quickly when from behind her n hand reached and pressed the button then took the tray from her. A sixth sense told her it was Doctor Hailock and she stiffened resentfully. morning. Blithe Spirit!" he greeted her as the car slid upward toward them and slopped to let them enler. "Who's the lucky patient? Mm'm'm. This smells good. 1 never cared for Jalk so I .can hear. I'm not dying gruel before; but I could so foi am I?" Mrs. Hobhes spoke (this concoction—served by you, Sally." "It's for Mrs. Hobhcs, Doctor," Sally told him coolly. The elevator slopped and the young man stepped aside lo let her precede him. Sally held out her hands for Iho tray; but he motioned her lo go on. 'I'm going down to the end room,, and will carry it for you. Why don't you use the dumbwaiter, though I'm only too happy lo oblige," he said and began to laugh. "You missed a chance "Probably sounds better than it I there, my girl. You might have 'astcs," Mrs. Hobbes said acidly, j retorted that you were vising one However, I don't suppose it will —a dumb waiter, you know." kill me. None of the rest of the "it was too obvious," Sally said messes you've dished out to me, aad choked as she took the tray has. But it's the tea I want— f rom his h«nds. "But thank you, remember hot and with lemon. Doctor; Hailock—and," she said Better change that order, Nurse,' and don't be .long either. I know how you girl* get to gossiping—" Sally fixed, the tray for her patient with unusual care. It was | exclamation but before he could sharply and Sally smiled at her. -, ' "I was merely trying to give j you a surprise with your break 1 fast, my dear lady," Doctor Willoughby said soothingly. . "Umph! I haven't much faith In surprises, and I'm sick of dry toast and black coffee. I'll have lea this morning—tea with lemon and—" "Oatmeal gruel flavored with a little nutmeg. There—how's that? Doctor Willoughby asked enthusiastically. [quickly^—contritely, because she I would never willingly hurt anyone, "you are far from dumb." ~T\R. WIT.LOUGIIBY had gone and Mrs. llobbcs eyed her with a mixture of malice and curiosity. 'A man, I'll wager. Probably one of those fresh doctors. You were away a long time, young lady." "It only seemed so," Sally replied unperturbed. "The tea is hot—Ihe gruel delicious and the toast crisp. There! ComKirtablc?" "Where did Ihot flower come from?" the patient demanded truculently. "I suppose it will be on my bill. 'One daffodil—twenty-five cents!'" This lime it won't appear on your bill, Mrs. Hobbes," Sally promised. "You see, I snilchcd it from a box of (lowers Uiat just arrived. I didn'l look to see where they were going; but I'm sure hocver. it is won't miss t.his one. Isn't it lovely? Smell. Spring!" A smile touched the thin lips of the palicnl and for n moment the dark, sunken eyes sparkled with mischief. "Good!" she exclaimed. "It's the first time I ever put one over on the hospital. Did you make this gruel, Nurse?" and. at Sally's nod, she went on with the first show of appreciation, "Good—really good! I shall cat it all and the toast too." Mrs. Hobbes savored every oulMul of the gruel—eating it slowly to make it last as long ns possible. The teapot sent oft a tiny whiff of steam and every few minutes tlie thin hand crept to feel the brown pot. The bright yellow daffodil came in for its share, of attention and Sally felt that her first meal had been a huge success. > The fact that upon leaving the hospital two weeks later Ihe lady was loud in her praises of her nurse dclracted nothing from Sally's popularity with the faculty even if ii (lid nothing to soothe By PKTKB EDSON NF.i\ Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 10.—When the LiiKolletic-Momoney bill to reorganize Congjifss comes up for consideration sometime soon, there may l>e n terrific fight over two sections which would tend to make the government balance its budget and economize, whether it wauled to or not. All the executive departments of the government, plus the congressional group and all the labor ur- eaul/alioiis that supported the so- culled "Pull" Emplovimml Act Qf ID-IB, will be opposed to any such idea. On the othqr side, the advocates of economy in Congress, hack? ed by a strong lobby of anti-sjbv- crnmcnt-.spcndinn grouiw and taxpayers' protective associations, will go all oul iu support. The mechanics of this reorgan- .nllon bill proposal for compulsory (idget-balnuclns are a little l»- nlvcd, but take them n step at a me and they're nut too lough. I" miplified form, Ihe idea is this: At the beginning of every regular ession of Congress, four conunil- ees dealing with taxes and .spend- ng—House and Senale Approprla- ions Committees. Senate Finance ind House Ways ai)fl Means Com- nitlces—would meet, jointly to consider estimates of government receipts and expnniiiUa'!:s for tnc tnsuing fiscal yenr Within GO days or by April 15 at the lulest, tr.ese fair committees w.nikl i:c rcqnircc to report to lh.: House and Seu- alc on the gnvo.'imien'.'s financia oullook for the 12 months beginning i the following July 1. If these four powerful committees found that government expenses would be hi[;her than government, revenue, they would be required to submit, to Congress a "concurrent resolution" nnlhoriziivf nn Increase In the public debt by so many millions or billions of dollars. Until passed thls resolution, neither the Senale nor lie House Appropriations Committee would be authorized to receive v.-as caught just in time, and which «hcmld bo stricken out or amended. It so happens that Sen. lioncil M. LaFolletle of Wisconsin, :vni (.'nnRiTss'man'A. S. Mike Munrcne;. of Oklahoma, co-chairmen of Ihe Joint Committee on Reorganizatioi of Congress, both supported lh Employment Act, and neilher ea be accused of being reactionary In addition to-this, Mike Monrou ey admits frankly' that this ide for checks on government spend ing is all his. He sold it, lo tin reorganization committee. COMPLETE INSURANCE SttiRVIC E I N ON E AGENCY AT Lower Cost United insurance Agency A. F. 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Lee Motor Sales, Inc. : HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured Honduran ambassador 14 Orange dye ilSHe is amhas- i sailor to the United States o£ 16 Rainbow 17 Certain • : 11) Rotate 20 Color ^21 Rely 123 Greek letter •24 Pronoun ! 25 Preposition ', 26 Typo measure 128 That thing !29 Severe ! 31 Filament :33 Ocean 34 Era 135 Assail ! 37 Box '40 Either 141 From 42 Paminutive Mlffix 43 Parent 44 Descendant 46 Deep sleeps 51 Apex 52 Knob 54 Medicate 55 Ricu liquor 56 Phantom 58 Laborer 60 Landscape 61 Surplus VERTICAL 1 Biblical name 2 Disquiet 3 Placed 4 Belongs to it 5'Near C Part ol face _ "i Responsibility, 22 Mars. . 8 So be it! •' 25 Cornered 27 Power 30 Worm 32 Insect 35 Studs 36 Amatory 38 Uses tobacco 39 Candles 9 Cerium (symbol) 10 Wander 11 Tumult 12 Pastry 13 Greet 18 Higher 21 Presents 45 Bare 47 Smell 43 Small horse 49 Bone 50 Network 51 Story , 53 Put on 55 Thus 57 French articl«| 59 Bovine quadruped Oldsmohile East Main St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 m m Out Our Way ByJ.R.Williar ,Tne young man gave a startled Norma Holdcn's wounded feelings. (To .Be Continued) >r consider nny ucnernl appropriation bill. I'HESmKNTIAl, lUUKIBT-HAI.- AN01NG ACTION IlKQUUtKO Action by "concurrent resolution" is specified because sucli n measure would not have to lii- signed uy the President to lie made c'- fictive. A further provision in tlie riorMani/atlon bill would, however, make tho President do some ccou- oniizini; on his owu. The pl;ui would require that, if on IJt'c. 31 the Presidi'iit should find that expenditures for Hie next MX months \vou!d excn-d rxpectc'l receipts, he must proclaim that appropriations sliould be reduced V a uniform percentage r.ulficient i^'l the government !v,;rh:i't back balance. Advocates of biKRcr ainl belter ovetiunent spending to e^p.\ud the utioual economy and >o rontri- u(e l« iirealcr prosperiiy rioiri liki' his idea even a little. The full- iti|)loyment economists :uv alrcnt'i p in aims ngoinst it .Tiiry cluin : is a dirty reactionary tnaneuvoi 11 kill (he Employment Act. Tl laim the rcorgniil/ntLon liill p!ai rculd Rive the [<nir ronservatioi -ongrrssional commilters i.n laxa ion and appropriations vrlo pow •i over Ihe recommendations ot tin irw Joint Congressional coinm'.i c-c on tlie Economic Hoixivl. set u| >>• the Employment Act. (ilM'ONKNTS DKNOVM'i; i>l!O- VISION AS KKACTIOXAKV Further, it is beiiii; cliarccd tha the LaFollcllc-Mouroimv (Nniimit lee put this proposal' jntn thei hill on Ihe reorKani^.alion ,,f cor Kress without hearings and will out cousuHlUK the Huilun nurea or any of Ihe olher exiriitivc de- parlmelils of the covi-rninenl. in other words, II. Is i:onlciulix| that Ihis Is a "sleeper" pr,,\i-,io n which. ' mfl FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS QR ANY ELL. IF VOU THAT Ui OLI'LL BE A CARTOON SELF IMSTEA.P F ^ CARTOONIST. OH. THIS? WHY. THI'S HE I PS ME &1T MORE. FEELIW 1M SIOW3 1M CAE.TOOM. WHY MOTHERS 66T GR-\V 3. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEV ILL BARK. ' • -WtoHe, 3646.0*42525 >ur Boarding House with Mqj. 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