The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, Other Results In Negro Section Of County Fail- Announced The Armorel negro community booth was awarded lirsl place a! the Mississippi County Fair held here last week. Second place went to Biylheville and third to Carson. Amrng the special features in I he negro exhibition house, were the Uve at Home booth of the family of Henry Davis of Birdsong, supervised by the PSA, and the pniUry store exhibit won by Blytheville with Armorcl, second, and Orider, third. Judges of negro exhibits were Eula M. Peebles of pine Bluff, stale superi'ls:r of home economics; Mrs. Ciissa If, Lawlali of Little Rock, slate homo demnstration agent; Mrs. Lncile H. Kennedy of Marion, home demonstration agent of Crll- tenclcu county; Mrs. U Christmas, local demonstration agent- nnd aLsi Of at. .Francis camty; C. J5. Wood iird, a teacher trainer of vocation;) agriculture; Hcsterly Hanklns, vo cationa) teacher of Mari:n; p.nd the Critlciidcn county agent. First, second and third places ii the. men's division arc as follows D. & p. u C:tlon. Clear Lake Osccola, Dell, Stoncville cotton Blytheville, Grider, Armorel; Rowden cot ten, Osceola, Armorel, Carson. Cottonseed, .Slionyo, Burdetle Burdetle. White non-pr.clific corn, Wilson Armorel, Armorel. Yellow non-prolific corn, Carson, Grider, Luxcra Prolific corn, Luxora, Burdettc Promised Land. Soybean sheaf, Burdetle, Dell Victoria. Oats sheaf, Burdette, Wil- .s:n. Alfalfa liny. Armarel, deal Lake, Armorel. Soybean Hny, Clear Lake, Burdette, Armorel. Oats, Armorel. Wheat, Armorcl. Lady Peas, Armorel, Aunorel Cars:n. Cow peas, Osceola, Armorel, Armorel. Whippoorwill peas, Blytheville, Hickman, Buiaf tie. JJ. Crowder peas, Armorel, Biytlieville,' Hickm'nn. Silra Lima Beans, Osceola, Blytheville, Armorel. Cnlfci beans, Armorel, Armorel, Promised Land. Laredo Soybeans, Burdettc, Bird- stng. Yclloiv soybeans, Blytheville, Promised Land, Hickman. McCou- pin Soybeans, Grider, Armorel, Osce:la. Jumbo peanuts, Armore). Spanish peanuts. Burdette. Any variety peanuts, Dell, Number Nine, Number Nine. Irish. Potatoes, Burdettc, Armorel, Hickman. Porto Rico, Osce- ; oln;f Osceolaj- Burdettc.' Watermelon, Hickman, Birdsong. Armcrel: Pumpkin,- .Luxora, Armorel, Blytheville. Cushaw, Number Nine, Ilickman, Round Lake. Hnm, Shoulder, Middling group, Armorel. Grider, Orider. Ham, Osco:la, Gritftr, Cfrldcr. KhoulclCf, Armoret, 1, 2, 3. Middling, Grider, Osceola. Armorel. Bacon, Armorcl 1, 2, 3. Sorghum stalk, Armorel 1, 2, 3. Ribb:n Cane, .Carson, Bur- dctte. Osceola. Sorghum Molasses, Victoria, Birdsong, Round Lake. Slnick articles, Promised Land; Clear Lake. Hane made radio, Number Nine. Home made electric lamp, Armorcl. Broom corn, Gridcr, Blytheville, Victoria. Home devictvi, Victoria, Grider, victoria. What nols, Osceola, Grider, Armorel. Heifer, Armorel, Bunlclte. Bull, Burdettc. Best pen of chickens, Armorel, Armorel, Dell. Barred Rsck hens, Hickman; Rhode Island Red hen, nrmorel, 1, 2. White Wyandotte, Armorel, Biythcvillc. Wliite Rock hen, Grider, Hickman. While GianJ hen's, Qsccbla. pscecla. Turkeys, Armorcl, 'Armorcl, Dell. Ducks, Orid.c'r, BlylhevillD. Geese, Clear Lake. . First, second and third places in the women's exhibits follow: "Hime Demonstration Canning, Promised Land, Grider, Birdsong. Tomatoes, Armorcl, Gridcr, Blythc- ville. Beets, Hickmau, Armorel. Osceola. Carrots, . Biylheville. Armc- jcl, Hickman. Beans, Biylheville, Osccola, Gridcr. Corn, Blythevilie, Gridcr. Armorel. Peaches, Ilickman, Armorct, Armorcl. Blackberries, Blytheville. Armorel, Ilickman. Pears, Arm:rel, Osceola, Hickman Plums, Blythevillc. Armorel. Hickman. Sausage. Armorcl, Biylheville, Grider. Roast Beef, Armorcl, Carsen. Stewed Chicken, Gridcr, Birdsong. Hickman. Roast chicken, Gri- tier. Birdsong, Arm:rel. Pear preserves. Blythevillc. Gridcr, Hickman. Strawberry preserves. Blythe- | villc, Armorel, Birrisong. Blackberry jam, Biythcvillc, Hickman, HicKmau. Strawberry pam, Bird- sond second. Grape jelly, Blytheville, Grider, Armorcl. Blackberry jcllj', Arniorcl. Blytheville, Burdelte. Apple jelly, Hickman, ' Biythevillc, Ificknian. Cucumber pickle, Armorcl, Gridcr, Bircts:ng. .Peach pickle,' Armorel, Gridcr, Uirdsong. Dixie' Relish, Armorcl, Luxora, Biythc- villc. White Loal Cake, Hickman, Binl- toivg.' Biythcvillc. -Yellow loaf Cake, Blytheville, Dell. Hickman. White Layer cake, Armtrcl, Hickman, Armorel. Yellow layer cake, Carson, Armorel, Armorel. Deviled Food cake, Blytheville, Armorel. Sugar ccoklcs, Blytheville, Blytheville, Dell. Loaf of bread, Armorel. Grider. Parker House Rolls, Gridcr, Blytheville. Armorcl. Soda biscuits. Blythevillc. Oildcr, Biy- thcvillc. J'ilicw cases. Blythevillc. Hickman, KurcieUc. Luncheon .set. Wilson. Armorcl. Dell. Towels, Wilson. Hickinan. Burdetle. Childs Dress— '.'. year—Arinorbl. Blylhcville. Dell. Childs Dres,s-0 to 12—Armorcl, Bljthevllle, Blythevllle. B;ys pa- i Jamas,. Blythevllle, Armorel Uoys suit, Armorcl, Blythevillc. Costume slip. Blj'Uievllle, Armorcl. Gown Armorel. Lndics pajamns, Armorel' Blytheviile, Anucrel. ' Negligee, Armorcl. House dress Hickman, B!rdsoi% Armorel. Church dress, Blythevllle, Birdsong orlde • smock, Blytlievllle, Arm.-re), Blythe- villc. Housecoat, Sho.)j<o. Osceoln Armore).; Crocheted sweater, Arm"-' rel, Blythevllle, Elionyo. Crochcte'd Bedspread, BlyUievillo, Armorel Ml. Knitted sweater, Blylhcvllle Htckman, Hickman. Pieced Quilt' Wilson, Hickman, Armorel AI>- pllqued Quilt, Armcrel, Hlckmon. Blytheville. Antique Coverlet niv theville. Birdsong. ' J " Candlevvlck spread, Hurdotle Birdsong, Armorel. Embroidered' spread, Hickman, Dell, Burdettc Braided Hugs, Sliouyo. Armorcl' Hickman. W.-.vcn Rugs, Hickmnn, Blylhe- ville, Hlckmnn. Tow sack rug, Burdette, Armorel, Wilson. Any tvoe rug, Blytheville, Number Nine Carson. Mats, Victoria, Victoria. Butter, Hickman, Armorel, Gridcr Cheese, Grider, Hickman, Armorcl Lord, Hickman, Armcrcl, Osceoln' t-ggs, market, Hlckmnn, Hickman Grider. Selling eggs, Armorel, Hickman, Grider. Apples, Biylheville Osccola. Green vegetables, Biylhe- ville, Burdette, Hickman. ! First, .second and third places in the boys' exhibit were as follows: Gilt, Armorel. Boar, Armcrcl. Fat, hog, Carson, Carson. Cotton -ninple and seed, Carson, Burdetle Hickman. White c-.rn, Wilson, Armorel, Hickman. Yellow corn, Grider, Burdette, Carson. Black eyod peas, C|.-9:n, Blylhevjllc, Clear Lake, B. Crowdci Carson, Armorel. Nancy Hall Potatoes, Wilson Osceola, Blytheville. Porto Rico Potatoes, Burdetle, Burdette, Luxora. Irish Potatoes, Birdsong, Burdettc Blytheville. Jumbo peanuts, Premised Land, Armore], Burdettc. Spanish peanuts, Biylheville, Carson, Clear Lake. Any vaiiely peanuts, Grider, Grider, Burdette. Barred Rock hens, Blythevllle, Carson; JiLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.).COURIER NEWS Prize Winning Negro Booth, peas, Blytheville, Half Moon News W. M. S. Meets, The Woman's Missionary' soolc ty of Ihe Methodkt cliinrh met Monday night will) MIS. Llghtfobt. Following me business session, plans were nmdc for a rummage .vnle lo be held Saturday, u wa! j iilso decided thai each member should work one day and the money made should so lu the missionary fund, ncheshmenls ol snndwlclies, served. cake iui Mi-m>fl( I'liity. Mrs. flvrl lU'ckcr WHS to n liu-gc graup Frliluy m 8 i,t »t n ieni iwrly. ice crcnm, snml- wlchcs and iced drinks were served. Proceeds were used for Uio 13. r. U, and cxjicmcs of the lin- manucl cliurch. of the most creditable was that of the Armorel Carson. R. I. Red he 'j_ carsori! Carson. White Reck lien, Carson, 'arson, Osceola. Hammer handle, Carson, Luxora. Clear Lake. Ax handle, Carson, Carson, Luxora. B:ok Ends, Osceola, Armorel, Blytheville. Utility table. Osceola. Biythcvillc Blytlievllle. Magazine Rack, Osccola, Blytheville. Plow point, Wilscn Osceola, Osccoia. Record books: On hc'gs, Carson, On cotton. Carson, Carson. On com, Carscn, Promised Land On 'eanuts, Promised Land. In the home economics girls exhibit, first, second nnd third places were as follows: Biscitils, Biythevillc. Gridcr, Os- cecla. Cornmcal muffins,- Armorel, , Jam, Luxora, Promised Laud Hickmau. Apple -butler, Carson, Carson, Hickman. Catsup, Carson' Hickman. Kurth Year Canning: Slewed Chicken, Promised Land. Carson. Chicken Stock, Hickman, Promised Land. Beef stock, Carson, Catson. Beef Roast, Cars:n. Carson. , Osceola, Grider. Nut Cookies, Bly- heville, Armorel, Grider. Cup Cakes, Grider, Osceola, Armorel. Health poster, Armorel. Pcur quarts of canned vegetables •uid meats, Armorel, .Blytheville,' l(i:> Four"'quarts of "preserves ind jams, Armorel, Biythcvillc Osccola. School dress, Blythcville, Ar- mcrel, Osceola. Church dress, Bly- hcvltlc, Osceola, Wilson. Sport, dress, Blytheville, Armorel, Osceola Pajamas and slip, Osccola, Osceola, Armorcl. Vanity set, Armtrel, Wilson, Biylheville. Luncheon "set! Wilson, Armorcl. Appliqucd quill op, Biylheville, Armorcl, Blythe- •ilie. Results in the 4-H Club girls xhlbil_ fellow : Roils, Car.soti, Gridcr, Grider. Bis- uits. Carson, Carson, Promised . Cookies, Carson, Carscn, Promised Land. Ginger muffins Jarson, Carson. First Year Canning: Berries 'remised Land, Burdettc, Cnrson 'caches, Liixcra,.Victoria, Promised Land. Fruit Juice, Hickman, Coron, Carson. Tomato Puree, Grider 'ictoria, Luxora. Second Ycitr Canning: Beans, Luxora, Premised Land, Hickman. :6rn, Burdette, Hickman. Victoria, oup Mixture, Luxora, Victoria, Gri- j cr. Creole Sauce, Luxcra, Prom- sed .Land, Ellcftmnn. j Third Year Cunning: Preserves, I -uxora, Promised Land, Gridcr. 1 . Goulash, Carson. Carson, six glasses of jelly, Promised Ltuitl Hickman, Hlckmnn. First Year Sowing:' Hand lowel, Burdetle, Hickman, Liixiin. Dish towel, Burdette. Hickman, Bur- dettc. Cotton suit, Carson, Carson. Combination suit, Carson, Cars:n. Pajamas, Carson, Carson; Lnxora. I Costume slip, Carson, Cars.n. Second Year Sewing: Dress. Curson, Eurdctle, Burdette. Made over dress, Carson, Carson. Brassiere. Carson, Cnrii:n, Costume slip, Carson, Blirrtctte, Carson. Third Year Sewing: Wool Dress Promised Land, Careon, Cm-son! C'stumcslip, Carson, Carson, I'rom- ised Land. Rolls, Carson. Carson. Promised Land. Biscuits, Carson, Carson, Promised Land. Co:kics, Carson, Carson, Promised Land. Ginger Muffins, Carson, Carson. REAL COFFEE—— ALWAYS FRESH "*jgza&*~~ ~ BUY A PKG. TODAY Demonstration Club News Notes Varliro Club Mccls Mrs. Ross Moore \vo.5 hostess 1? U members and one visitor of (he Ynrbro Home Dem:nslrnttoii club Tuesday afternoon wlicn the coin- imuilty fnlr was lielcl. After a brief business session dining -which fliml plans were mndc for the bo;th at the Mlssl5sl|)pl County Fiiir, the group .judged Ilieii- canned foods ami nceillc work nnd selected tlic best to ho i,| K ccrt I" tliolr broth. Ench wonmn lold whnt she could fm-nlaii in the wiiy of fnrm products and fresh vegetables. A invgo number of members reported the)- lintl dresses ior the dress review. During the social hour, Mi's M.-oi-c served » salnd philc with doiigliimts niul Iced ten. The next mecllnx will l>c at (he liimic of Mrs. C. E. IMfkcr Tuca- day, Oct. 10. Mrs. C. J. LIUlo will 1)0 co-hostess. A glnnl seaweed growing on the coast o; Cnllfoniln, the rnlliin To Have Itiivbc Friday nljjht, old fashloiifd llicre will be nil bjrliccuo u'l the home of Mr. nnrt Mre. lUreclwl . , Proceeds will uo to Uio Metliodlst church. Mrs. Hnn-y simiiryfcll lias been cnllcd lo DcrnHir, Aln., bccausu of Hie illiii'.s.s- ol her father. ^^/i, India Sdiideta, of BIvtb«- vllle, visited licr sister. Mis B p Ony, Monday. ' ' Mis Addle tngihm lelt Sunday for West Plains, Mo., to Msll, MI- Varied Subject* To Hold Bureau Interest The icccnl nudlt made of Mlssh- s!p|)l County books, progress of the Huml EicclrldcnUen Administration proitrain In the county nnd the [H'ogram ot the Mississippi county Pniin Bureau'for the coming Jlscal ytur will be discussed nt n meeting of the group Thursday night, 7:'jo o'clock, nl the niisllo Inn of Bly- thcvllle. This grout), which some timo ago sponsored the movement to secure electric current for rural families nnd started a campaign to put the county on n cash basis with the I'equesl llmt n cdmplclo nudlt bo made to nsccrlaiu tliu county's [Jiinnclnl slnliis. plans-to conthuio lls iictivilles In these two fields. Mutters of prime Importance win )0 (akon up at the supper meet- UK, accordtiin to Clmrlcs Colemaii cf Osccola, pre.sldent. «r'^T,—•" WM *>''K>W- r lia!*l| W. Godfrey has the "dkttnctlon ' being the eldest mtraber O f ti Spokane Motorcycle club. He 1$ ',* years at age. Godfrey started r'Wl Ing 41 jeara ago on a tiome.madj bo;th at the Mississippi pulm, |., the iciigcsl plnnt known ™^^'f groiig _.Judged often exceeding 000 feel In length. 1 •^^^^••••••••••M Exclusive Dealers For MIRRO Aluminum Ware See Our Complete Window and Inside-Store Display. Our Stock Is Complete. SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKB" ' I. \V. Shotisc I'honc 35 Wilson Henry World's largest selling straight bourbon! to fSOOF COPVSIGHr l?3?, SCHENltvl HtsflllEfS COWOPAFION, MEWVORi; CtuI Season after season MIRRO leads with prpvemtnta and features. Here's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to sauce pan* , .. miprovcmcnts designed eopccially for cosier clean, toil Only MIRRO offers all these remarkable advanced features, Stc them today. Su ' ^ SETS AND SAVE '"'""'"clary Price, <m 3-ficcc. 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