The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVB BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Air Force Guided Missiles Pose New Problems of Use WASHINGTON, Sept. 1«. (AP) — Ttw Air Force has created Itself * bundle of problems along with Its new guided missile, one of the "fnn- t«tic" new weapons mentioned ear- Uer by President Truman as being to tht American arsenal. Some of these problems are as complex as keeping an enemy from taking over guidance of the missiles. Game are as prosatc as forming per- •onnel organizations. la announcing yesterday (hat a flying, guided bomb called the "Matador" and designated as the "B-61 pilotless bomber," was In production, the Air Force hart nothing to say about the methods used for steering the clipped-wing mls- «lle to its targets aunlnst enemy troops or fortifications. However, official photographs showed antenna customarily u.sed for reception or transmission of radio or radar impulses which (1) show the control station the missiles' location in flight, and (21 actuate the guiding mechanism of the missile. Control Must Be Kept "Hie public announcement that •uch a missile Is ready for combat Implied also that the Air Force must have reason to believe it can retain control of such missiles \vhito they ar« speeding over enemy ter- Witness Claims Boyle Got Loan Diary-Keeper Says. '. , National Chairman Helped Contact RFC WASHINGTON, Sept. U. W(— A diary-keeping witness told senators today that William M. Boyle, Jr., helped arrange an RFC loan for a St. Louis printing firm early in 1949 after three previous loan applications by the company had been turned tfown. John E. Toole, an official cf the American Uthofold Corporation, offered this sworn testimony today before a Senate subcommittee investigating charges that Boyle, Democratic national chairman, Influenced Reconstruction Finance Corporation loans. Boyle has denied that h« arrang- td loans for the St. 1 Louis printing firm although he said he did some "legal work" for it before he became Democratic national chairman. • Toole gave hfs testimony after the subcommittee released denials by Harley Hise and Walter U Dunham, former RTO directors, that they ever had been Influenced by Boyle to make any loans. Both directors said in closed-door testimony yesterday that the RFC did, however, get well-paying jobs on the boards of directors of some RTO borrowers for persons recommended by Boyle. rltory. Developers of the guided missile are known to have given great attention to methods which would foil an enemy attempt either to Jam the radio frequencies over which the guidance signals are sent, or to seize actual control of the missile by use. of greater power at the same frequencies. If this could be done, the enemy might either divert the missile from Its intended target or actually turn It around and head it bac£ to strike at the original launchers. Combat Has New Meaning In combat with the new weanons, the old "command of (lie air" expression will have an added mean- Ing. Not only must air domination be maintained by superior num- Gross to Face Psychiatrist NEW YORK, Sept. 14. (AP) — A lawyer for two policemen nccuscd In Brooklyn's police graft scandal said today that he will clemnnd a psychiatric examination of the prosecution's chief witness, gnmbler Harry Gross, Fred Kaplan announced In court that he will make such an application to County Judge Snmtiel s. Leibowitz after the selection of a Jury In the mnss graft trial of 18 policemen is completed. Rocks fly East, West BERLIN, Sept. 14. (AP) — Fifty West Berliners and east zone Communist police threw rocks at each other last night in a brief border fight, West Berlin day. police said to- PROMOTK&—James L. Bnrtwur, Bon of Mr. and Mrs. \v. C. Barbour of BlytliLrville, who has been serving with the First Marine Division In Korea, recently received s field promotion from master sergeant to second Lieutenant. Lt. Barbour Is at present en route from Korea to his homo here. 82nd VERSE (Continued from Pag« i> tending to overtrading." However, there was no OPS, Some of that messHge would sound fnmJliar to the current 82nd Congress. The President cnlled lor Improved, reciprocal trade relations with other countries. He noted the outbreak of another revolution In Central America. He couldn't persimde anybody to take the Job of commissioner to China —It only nnid $0,000 a year nnd carried no expense account. "Numcrious frauds continue to be practiced upon the revenue, by /(Use Invoices and undervalu- ations," he reported. Those folks were cheating tit the customhouses—the Income tax hadn't been invented yet. The parallel wasn't quite com- •plete. With the Mexican War safely concluded, g o 1 d discovered in California, and the Civil War an unsuspected ten years In the future, tlie dean of the house, Joshua R. Glddings of Ohio, cleared his throat on opening" day and s ft id: "I embrace this opportunity of congratulating the honorable "secretary of state and the President upon the beautiful workings of their peace measures—thin quieting of all agitation." DeLoncy /$ Indicted BOSTON, Sept. 1-1. (API—Denis \V. Delaney, fired by President Truman ns Massachusetts collector of Internal revenue was Indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges of accepting $12,500 from individuals to influence his official decisions. SUNDAY & MONDAY CATTIE DRIVE COCOK rfX THE STORY OF THE GREAT SANTA FE Sforri ""JOEL bers or quality of fighter planes but the command of the radio waves themselves must be assured. An Air Force spokesman told reporters the B-61 is a true guided missile. It is not, he emphasized, a concerted conventional plane made into a "drone" aircraft. — its pilot merely replaced by remote control. The B-61, he said, has no provision for a human occupant. The Air Force and the Navy have several hundred "drone" planes — converted fighters and light bombers — used experimentally and In training. Glossary Listed A glossary used by the Defense Department makes this distinction between a drone plane and a guided missile: "Drone — a remotely controlled aircraft." "Guided missile — an unmanned vehicle moving above the earth's surface, whose trajectory or /light path Is capable of being altered by a mechanism within the vehicle." There also is a substantial difference in speed. Virtually all the drones now in use ore planes of World, War n vintage, slow b y present day Jet standards. Guided missiles, whether the Jet- powered type of the B-61 or rocket-driven missiles, operate at speeds ranging above that of sound (761 mites an hour at sea level) up to more than 1,000 miles an hour. 1 case of the big, high-altitude experimental rockets, speeds higher than 3,500 miles an hour are reached. Obituaries Rites Conducted For T. L. Robeson Services for T. L. Robeson. 85. were conducted this morning at the German Funeral Home in Steelc with the Rev. David McPeak of Blythe- vllle officiating, Mr. Robeson died Wednesday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs Eva Shelton of Steele. Other survivors Include three sons, Richard Robeson of Blythevllle, Fred Robeson of Poplar Bluff, and Jake Robeson of Woodland Hills. Calif. • • • Morion Gowen Rirei Set for Tomorrow Services for Marion Marvin Oow- en, formerly of Lcachvllle, will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at Providence Baptist Church ncnr Leachville. Mr. Gowen died yesterday at his home In Canalou, Mo. The 76-year old man was a larm- r. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Bran num Bowen; a son, Arthur Oowcn of St. Louis; two daughter.'!. Mrs. Monde Gunter of Hornersvllle, and Mrs. Mildred Parks of Parma; and a step-son, Andrew Ncal of Cnnalou. The Rev-Allen B. Sulllvand of Morclumgrwill officiate with the Rev. Mr. Lidell of Hornersvilie assisting. Burial will be In the Horn- ersvllle cemetery. TRIDA'Y, SEPTEMBER 14, BE YOUR OWN TRAFFIC POLICEMAN—The lives of school children depend on your skill and dramatize the imDortance of extra safety precautions In school areas. CHAMBER Two Drunk Driving Coses Being Heard Hearings lor two men on charges of driving while under the Influence of liquor were continued in Municipal Court this morning. Hearing for p. M. Ford was continued until tomorrow and hearing lor Wilbnrt Hargett was continued until Monday. '(Continued rrom Page 1) i» possible, Mr. Phraner explained. He also advocated a uniform excise tax to be collected at the point of manufacture and the abolishment of the current "exctse tax hodge-tJodKC." .. . The NAM feels that an increase in personal taxes would endanger initiative and federal sales taxes would be dangerous because the cost of administrating and collect- Ing would be tremendous. . Dr. Neal Bowman, also of the NAM, is instructing the group public speaking and public relations so Itat they may be better salesmen of the free enterprise system. He had E. B. Thomas, assistant to the president of Arkansas-Mis- 'Pioneers' of East souri Power Company, give a demonstration talk utilizing pointers Mr. Bowman had given earlier. Mr. Thomas spoke on "Encroaching Socialist]" nnd the remainder of the group criticized the speech. Mr. Btjivman wound up the morning session by speaking to the men on the psychology of idea communication. He" gave examples of how to use eye-catching, interest- holding demonstrations to punctuate addresses. Profll Distribution Discussed During yesterday afternoon's ses- Qfficial Tours Malaya Estates PENANG M')—V/arren S. Lockwood. chief of the Natural Rubber Bureau in Washington, thinks rubber planters in Malaya are doing a good Job. Lockwood, touring Malaya to urge the production of more rubber powder for road-building said here "If every American would take the trouble as myself to visit Malaya ami see for himself the magnifi- cient job being done in rubber estates under severest odds, 1 am sure the American government would realize the vital importance of increased use of natural rubber." Lcckwood is going to Indonesia after completing a 12-day tour in Malaya. Control 'Low Still Under Fire WASHINGTON. Sept. 14. (AP) — A meat packer's representative told Congress today the controversial Capehnrt Amendment in Ehe new economic controls law is necessary to help wipe out what he termed a serious black market In meat. Americans for Democratic Action, on the other hand, called for repeal of the amendment. ADA sale the law, as long ns the Capehart provision is included, offers DO rea protection against inflation snd ib "bound to\rob" consumers of basic living standards. Gigantic Military Bill Wins Senate Approval WASHINGTON, Sept, 14. tfPj—A gigantic military spending bill carrying $59,508,009,6 3 0—n ea i Jy two billions more than president Truman asked—won unopposed Senate approval late yesterday, After foui' days of warm debate, he Senate passed the biggest single military money bill in history, 79 to 0, and sent it back to the House, which voted $3,473,292,340 less. Senator O'Mahoney (D-Wyo), who steered the measure through the senate, said a Senate-House conference committee probably would begin attempts at ironing out scores of differences early next week. Air Fund Added Biggest of these is an extra $5.000,000.000 the Senate added to beef up U. S. alrpower and carry on work on new secret w ea pon s. After beating down efforts to slash five or six billton dollars out of the measure, O'Mahoney agreed to a cut of $1,575,846,400 Just before passage. Senator Flanders (R-Vtl first lost WAR (Continued from Page 11 hoods showing above ground. The Marines in the east apparently were reaching the main Red defense lines. Dense fields of antipersonnel mines were reported. The Communists, both Chinese and North Korean, defended tiietr positions to the last. Hundreds were killed by bullet, bomb nnd jellied gasoline. The fighting was concentrated at several points from the Kumsong sector of east-central Korea to the higher hills near Kansong on the east coast. The toughest going was generally north of the "Punchbowl," an egg- shaped valley in the tall hills north of Tnje. This was the scene of the Marine advance. 49 to 28 In a move to hold tht tot*l lO-»55.000,000,000. Second Test Forced Senator Langer (K-ND) forced *. second test on chopping out »5. 000,000,000. That went down 61 to 29. Senator H. Alexander Smith <H- NJ) then moved to whittle out 5 per cent, or more than $3,000,000,000. He had support of Senators Ferguson (R-Mich), Case CR-SD), f. Taft (R-Ohio) and George < O'Mahoney suggested holding'trie cut to 2-1/2 per cent. Sponsors agreed and this went through on a voice vote. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Pacific. There are three cables across the Now Open All Night! •Sas& Motor Oils • Tlres-TireRepairs •Battery Service • Wrecker Service Phone 4453 ^^^^•^•^B ^^L^ PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba sion. Mr. Phrnner discussed distribution of profits ami popular misconceptions regarding "seemingly hu?e" corporation profits. lie pointed out that the profit margin on sales dropped during 1950 in spite of a record high corporate sales figure. 'Many politicians and labor leaders take the view that industry has large amounts of idle capital which It has amassed from its large profits. "Actually, a large percentage of profit must BO toward plant expansion and replacement. Statistics prove that dividends now account for less of the national income (on a percentage bnslst than they did in a comparable period of prosperity, 1320," he stated. Dr. Bowman followed with a discussion of mapping what he termed a "sales campaign" to blot out "economic Illiteracy." Today's sessions wound up the two-clay clinic which was sponsored jointly by the National Association of Manufacturers, the State Cham- Germany Take Castfc BERLIN <AP>—The East) German government has turned over to the Communist "Young Pioneers" a Hohenzollern castle In Dresden to be used as a recreation center. The Atbrechtsberg Castle, built a century ago for the brother of Kaiser Wilhelm T. has been used as a Soviet intourtst hotel-restaurant since 1945. The "Young Pioneers" are the age group from six to 14 from which Enst German youth graduate into the blue-shlrted FDJ. ber of Commerce and Blytheville's Chamber of Commerce. CONG BLOC Get Beauty Plus the Proved Protection if CEMENT PAINT Year After Year It Outsells All Other Cement Paints Combined Redecorates beautifully, scnls moisture out, protecls find preserves concrete block and other lypcs of block. Easy to mix—easy to use. Your choice of 12 lovely colors nnd white. 5-fc. pJry., wb'f., mc4«i ofcouf » gallon of paint. IColoti iKgMly higher) $130 G*t ftONDEX from Your RaooJor DeaUr O* fOK THI NAME OF YOUR NEAREST DIME* PHONI WESTERN UNION ASK FOR "OPERATOR 15" you this! Smooth, rounded, ^^^^s^ Bowl-inapt.) tub ST. C\ lor fjit,elc.inw.nS- lit *fl' ,11 ing. Dnint ilieif '&$.•' dry. Eajy to clean this V ---*3-'> Double wall* to Veep w,i!cr hot Jnd to protect the por- 'Celain tub. ...and this Super Duty Aluminum Wringer with lelt-ldiurtfns pr«l- iur« and swing- *wjy top l*ee etO . Fincit wringer o* my withvr. Th« ki$S es< dfiUnr in your purse is a Speed Qitfex dollar. Come in an<j let \uj prove 14. Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. A fellow gets plenty of these up here / when down here he's got plenty of AlTOW White Shirts! ARROW DART non-wilt, America 1 * favorite \vlnte iliirt AH HOW DALE JAnif »ty1c a* Dart, bal tsUd-finc liroadrJolh Sure, you're sure of niorcsigli-?igneJ pliotos when you have Arrow allirts in your liollotu <Ir.lwer. Women will licfore a crisp, clean, neat-filling white shirt, and wives hlc,^ the while sliirt llial launders like a breeze. Stock up today on America's favorite while shirls in your favorite collar style. I'lenly of extras besides flatlery: fine, jmooth broadcloth . . . anchored-on bmtom . . . Mtloga cut. "SanforizCfFMaheled, of coarse (le*« than \% shrinkage). Come in for yo >iurL, coUar-rtykJ far yo«J ARROW PAR •oh «iiread collar, K »r Frenc /9iMV ^AP4j^rM" ^^^Wpp fr^W*^ . FOK

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