Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 23, 1978 · Page 19
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 19

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1978
Page 19
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The weather Readings for Tuesday, August 22, 1978 MINNEAPOLIS HEADINGS: (Yesterday) Hlh KilstltY ti 7 .m. 7i percent Preclpltatlen: 24 hour ending 1 p m Tract inchn. Tom Jen. to dan 10 St inches. (Tealay) Sua rises 2 a m., sets 107 p m HUM phaw Full Moon. Rltet 11:10 p.m., wit 12 24 a.m. COMMIMTIVI TIMPMATlmCi (24-hour period endme al 1 pm ): High 12 (7 p.m.). Low eS (S am. I. Vaar ago high 74, low SO All-time high (or August 23, V m 141. All-time low lor Augult 23, 41 in Mtl. HCATINO UNITS AanOay. August Jl, Wl Haaling unlit art uttd in animating fuel corrsump-llon. Tht daily liggrt rttltctt the dtgrtM by which avtraga lempereiures want btlow as, tht point at which annual haaling it gtnarally considered ntc- Tuetday'i temperatures: auary. Cumulalivt llgurai raport healing unlls tlnct July 1. Daily healing units. Zero . Same dale last year. Zero. Normal for this date, I. Seaton total. 12. Seeson total on same dale lait vaar, 27. Normal tea-ton total kx thit dale, IS. COOLING UNITS M a4 Monday, August It, ma. Cooling units are uttd In estimating fuel consumption. The daily figure reflects the degree! by which avtraga Itmperalures want above as. tht point al which artificial cooling it generally considered necessary. Daily cooHng units, 10. Same dale lasl year. Zero. Normal for this data, 5 Season total, S7S. Season total on same data last vaar, eM. Normal season tola! for thit dale. SI3. a.m. 1 temp. 72 p.m. 1 temp. 74 Forecasts: Twin Cities: Cloudy with a chance ol showers or thunderstorms lodav through Thursday. Winds from the southeast al IS to 25 miles per hour today. Highs lodav and Thursday In the middle lot Lows tonight near 70. Probability of measurable precipialation 40 percent today and tonight. Minnesota: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today through Thursday. Highs today and Thursday 70 to W. Lows tonight SS to 70. Wisconsin: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today through Thursday. Hight today and Thursday in the SOS. Lows tonight la the upper 50s 10 the middle 60s. lewa: Cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today through Thursday. Highs today and 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Noon 66 65 68 69 69 70 70 72 73 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Midn. 79 80 81 82 80 81 80 79 77 Thursday In the Ms to near W. Lows tonight ki the middle Ms to near 70. Nerrh Dakota: Parity cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today through Thursday. Highs lodav and Thursday In tht middle 70s to tht lower Ms. Lows tonight in the 50s. South Daketa: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms lodav through Thursday. Highs lodav and Thursday in the Ms lo the 90s. Lows tonight In the middle 50s lo the upper 60s. Mentane, last ef me Divide: Cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today through Thursday. Highs today 70 lo M. Lows tonight 45 to 55. Hight on Thursday 7S 10 15. Today's regional weather forecasts SSMilyW1irf1wtrKyit'tNiiNywy3WWSWlCT August 23 Ofair Cloudy 3 Partly cloudy rsVimbgrt indicate range ofhirjf! temperatures Quasi HI Snow Fog 0 Showers LHoriuw SFratmgoViizle r showers Winnipeg International fans I Devfe V jC I Grand (3 iForks fjg J? 7580 6575 7580 Duluth J a,9T r y s- 3 I Brainerd fv- 8085 CD ' nm "J 8085 7585 CJ .. . ( i I 7580 Aberdeen SI. Cloud iml , i.r-1 1 cTesI Eau Claire 8590 rra flFSl taW'"" an 8089 8085 , VB590 ir 'SI Wbrthngton RochesleiYLa ( If" I 8590 J ! fcrossp fX 30 8085JJ ) la0j v s- 8085 Wason V. Lr &ouCity Oly V Upper Midwest H High temperature reading in tht 12-hour period ending al 7 p.m. Tuesday L Low temperature reading in the 11-hour period ending at 7 p.m. Tuesday. P Precipitation in the 24-hour period ending at 7 p m. Tuesday. T-Trace MINNESOTA Twin Cities air pollution indexes Artorne amounts of suttur otoude (from coal and os twrg.cartrjnmoroiudt (from motor vermes. partoJaiaa l dun) and oudants loionel are recorded tor the 1 hours endng at 2 p m yesterday and reported as low. moderate. reji or unhealthy. Raednge are taken m downtown Mrrteaposs. downtown Si Paul and at University Averue and Mwy 280, St. Paul rtghett levels are shown, along with stations rerxrtingeucriieYele. Buffui dKaide ICarbcricmCTicWTtVliculafea IQxidanls Low High Moderate Low Downtown Downtown Downtown Downtown Maineapoai MUneaooM Maineapoee Mryieapoks Weather in other major U.S. cities Tetter! TemerreWs Yesterday Perecait Parecast Le HI Pcpn. Sky Le HI Sky La HI Aibooueroue 42 17 Tsirms 40 M Tstrms 40 to Amarmo tS 2 . ptcidv M W Ptcidv M fj Anchorage 44 73 Sumy 4t 44 Cloudy 4t 40 Ashevltle 45 04 Sunny 41 04 Sunny 43 17 Atlanta 7 12 Ptcidv M M .Picldy 41 M Atlantic CRy e4 7 - Fair 47 M ' Fair 49 M Baltimore 51 IS - Sunny 40 M - Ptcidv 43 0 Billings 54 7 .12 Picldy 55 75 Ptcidv 55 12 Birmingham 74 - Haie 71 W Here 72 93 Boston 40 74 - Sunny 42 12 Picldy 44 74 Burtolo 55 M Sunny 57 02 Picldy 41 M Casper 42 U Picldy SI 12 Picldy SO 13 Charleston, SC. 74 as - Sunny 40 I Sunny 70 91 Chevenne St 79 Picldy S3 II Picldy S2 71 Chicago 59 14 04 Sunny 4S 19 Picldy 70 9 Cincinnati 57 12 - Sunny 42 17 Ptcidv 44 17 Cleveland 41 II Sunny 59 12 Picldy 12 15 Dalias-FI. Worth 77 95 .25 Ptcidv 74 99 Picldy 74 91 Denver 45 19 - Picldy 12 19 Picldy 59 14 OesMoinet 70 95 - Ptcidv 75 19 Cloudy 72 M Detroit SI 15 - Sunny 40 It Ptcidv 43 It El Paso 73 3 ptcidv 70 94 Picldy 41 92 Fairbanks 49 54 01 Cloudy 4t St Cloudy 44 St Greal Feus S3 71 .24 Picldy 41 75 Picldy 50 M Honolulu 74 It Sunny 74 II Sunny 74 It Houston 74 92 Ptcidv 71 95 Ptcidv 70 95 Indianapolis 57 14 Haie 43 M Ptcidv tS 90 Jacksonville 71 II - Ptcidv 71 90 Ptcidv 71 91 Kansas Cily 72 9t - Sunny 73 95 Sunny 73 95 Las Veees 71 99 Sunny i9 94 Sunny 44 e Los Angeles tl M - Sunny 51 M Sunny 40 M Louisville il 15 Haie tl N Haie 72 12 Memphis 44 19 - Picldy 49 91 Ptcidv 73 93 Miami Beech 7t 13 It Tsirms 71 II Picldy 71 19 Milwaukee 42 13 II Ptck)v tS 71 Ptcidv 64 M New Orleans 7t 92 4.77 Ptcidv 77 92 Picldy 77 93 New York tS I Sunny 45 It Fair 45 77 Oklahoma City 71 91 ptcidv 73 91 Pickfv 73 100 Omaha 74 93 - Sunny 72 94 Sunrtv 71 94 Orlando 75 93 Plcldv 74 97 Plrldy 74 93 Philadelphia 47 17 Ftlr t4 17 Fair 14 17 Phoenix 79 107 - picldy 71 102 Plcldv 77 102 Pittsburgh S3 II Sunny St 14 Sunny SI 14 Portland, Me. 51 II Sunny SO M Sunny 49 72 Portland, Ore. 57 tl .13 Ram St tl Shwrs 57 71 Raleigh 47 14 Sunny t3 M Sunny tl 90 SI Louis 59 93 - Sunny tt 92 Sunnv t9 92 Sail Lake Clfy 74 97 - Fair St 13 Fair S4 II San Antonio 74 93 Sunny 74 94 Sunny 74 95 San Diego tt 71 Sunnv tt 7t Sunny iJ 76 SenFrencltco 54 IS - Fair S3 44 Feir 54 47 San Juan, PR 71 92 M 71 90 Haie 71 90 SI Sle. Marie 54 75 - Cloudy SO 75 Cloudy 55 72 Seattle SS tt OS Shwrs SS 47 Shwrs 55 69 Temoa-SI Prbg. 7t 93 J4 Ptcidv 75 92 Plcldv 74 9? Washington 45 It - Sunny 45 92 Picldy tl 93 Temperatures ere overnight lows and daytime highs. Reported precipitation It for the 24 hours ending el 7 e m. yesterday (Minneapolis Time) M indicates Information unavailable from National Weather Service. T indicates tract. H L P Twin Cities 17 15 Alexandria 71 51 Bemidii 77 55 . 70 Duluth 70 SI .01 Internil Falls 64 41 .01 Redwood Falls 90 tt Rochester 14 62 St. Cloud 74 il WISCONSIN H L P Eau Claire 13 44 Lacrosse 91 tl Madison It tl Wausau 79 44 NORTH DAKOTA H L P Bismarck 77 54 Dickinson 70 57 Fargo 70 50 .07 Grand Forks 49 45 Jamestown 49 51 Mlnol 7? 57 Williston 75 SI .02 SOUTH DAKOTA H L P Aberdeen IS St .11 Huron 95 41 Lemmon 7? 55 Mobridge 74 57 .20 Pierre 93 S7 RtpidCitv 17 tl Sioui Falls 90 19 Waitriown M St Canada N L P Calgary el 37 Edmonton 73 43 Montreal 79 55 Ottawa II SO Rtgma 43 W Toronto 79 41 Vancouver tt SO Winnipeg 57 37 World Oowviiiont madf Tuei-dav, August 77, lt'l City Time) Tem. Aberdeen 1pm 64 Amsterdam Ipm. 73 Anker 3 pm. 77 Antiffua M M Athens ? pm 14 Auckland M M Beirut 2 pm. 12 Berlin 1pm. II Birmfnonam 1 pm, 64 Bonn Ipm. 75 Brussels 1pm, 71 Cairo M M Casablanca Noon 79 Copenhagen 1pm. 7S Dublin 1 p.m. 5 Geneva 1 p m 75 Hong Kong I p m. 91 L'Sbon Noon 16 London 1 p.m. 66 Madritf 1 pm 90 Malta 1 p m. 17 Manila I p m. 75 Moscow 3 pm. 73 New Demi S p m 16 Nice 1pm. 79 Oslo 1pm. 64 Paris 1 pm, 75 Peking Ipm. 77 Rome 1pm. 12 Saigon I p.m. 79 Seoul 9 p m. 79 Sofia Ipm 73 Stockholm 1 p.m. 70 Sydney 10 P m 52 Ta.oei M 91 Teheran 3 pm 95 Tet Aviv M I? Tokyo 9 pm II Tunis Ipm. 12 Vienna 1 pm, 75 Warsaw 1 pm 72 Today's National Weather Service forecast Suppkw) by tne Asaor.wtnd Prm& Latin America OcduoedZr Z Stationery ea eta ata I- igures snow iwyi temperatures expr-cted today Reln (JJJJJSho-. ?jSnow fFsurrks. AJrttow City Time Temp. Asuncion I a.m. 54 Buenos Aires lam. 41 Lima 7 a.m. tl Montevideo M M R deJaneiro lam. 73 Highest temperatures recorded in the 24-hour period ending el noon Tuesday, August 22, 1971 Updated reports Taped weather reports about the metropolitan area and Minnesota, revised every hour and broadcast 24 hours a day, can be received on the Weather Service radio station, KEC-65. which operates it 162.5S Mhz on the upper FM band. City Acapulco Barbados Bermuda Bogota Cuiiecan Curacao Freeporl Guedoieiera Guadeloupe Havena Kingston Monlego Bay Meiollan Merida Mexico City Monterrey Nassau San Juan. PR. SI Kilts Si Thomas. V.I, Tegucigalpa Trinidad Vera Crul Tama. 91 at M II 95 90 90 71 M II 90 90 90 90 72 93 n It 12 N IS 90 5 15 El I'HClJH ssm .rivrtirrvrKinTut.. AWKJMflflXft-M . -STL Entertainment Arts Liggett begins 'Rock-n Easy' radio assault with WLOL-FM By Neal Gendler ' Staff Writer Bob Liggett has landed troops in his promised "assault on Minneapolis-St. Paul." Sunday, his new announcing staff transformed low-rated "beautiful music," WLOL-FM at 99.5 into "Rock-n Easy LOL, FM 100." On Sept. 13, venerable WLOL-AM at 1330 is to become WRRD, rounded off to "Big Red, Radio 13." "We've made a major commitment to this format," Liggett said of his FM sound, which he called "soft rock." He spent nearly $70,000 remodeling WLOL headquarters at 1370 Davern St., St. Paul, adding two FM studios with new equipment. He said he's hired nine people for FM, including two women announcers: Marsha Huey from WAYL and Karen Wong from KQRS. Aimed at people 23 to 35, "Rock-n Easy LOL" combines "a kind of music and presentation not found in the Twin Cities at this time," Liggett said. He expects to gain listeners from across the spectrum beautiful-music to contemporary stations 1 V Bob Liggett but he insisted he's "not taking on anyone head-to-head." "We expect to be the station that almost anyone can listen to; that's the way we are in Lansing, Mich., where we use this format," he said. "Rock-n Easy LOL" is programed locally by Buddy Hollis, a Twin Cities native hired away from a Saginaw, Mich., station that drove Lig-gett's Flint station from No. 1 to No. 4 in a year. WLCL-FM is not using a tape service for music, as some do in the crowded Twin Cities contemporary-music market. Liggett will manage WRRD and has hired program director Dave Donahue, who programed country stations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Cleveland. Liggett is installing an audio processing system that he expects to double the station's perceived loudness. '"Big Red' seems to be a name people can relate to, like Big Red gum and Johnnie Walker Red," Liggett said. "We give away Johnnie Walker Red to agencies and will give away Big Red gum" and pens as promotions, he said. He uses the same theme for WRDD, his country AM station in Saginaw. Liggett, 35, invested his disc-jockey savings, around $28,000, in a radio station in 1970. Now a millionaire, he runs eight stations from corporate headquarters in his home near Lansing. Minneapolis Tribune 5R Wed., Aug. 23, 1978 Disco fever gives pain to planners of contest Saturday night fever turned into a Tuesday night headache yesterday for the management of the Prom Center in St Paul. "The Biggest Disco Dance Contest Ever to Hit the Twin City Area," scheduled to take place at the center last night, was canceled yesterday morning after promoters did not pay the cost of renting he center for an evening, according to Dick Clay, a spokesman for the center. The contest, one of the richest In the cities' history, caused considerable interest among disco dancers. The winning couple was to have pocketed $1,000, the runner-up couple $500 and the third-place finishers $200, according to newspaper advertisements. Ticket-holders were told to return tickets to the place of purchase for a refund, Clay said. For die-hard dance lovers an alternative was available: A square dancing club was holding its regular Tuesday evening meeting in another part of the building. Clay said. Singer Montserrat Caballe gives audience plenty to cheer about By Bob Lundegaard Staff Writer A small but loyal band of the opera faithful turned up at Orchestra Hall Tuesday night to hear Montserrat Caballe, the best dramatic soprano extant, kick off three programs of "Great Moments in Opera and Song." Only two-thirds of the hall's 2,500 seats were filled, but you couldn't tell it from the reception accorded Caballe for this evening devoted to Italian opera. When people start shouting "brava" before the singer has uttered a note, you know they came to cheer. Fortunately, Caballe, dressed in a flowing black robe that made her look like Yvonne De Carlo playing Katisha in a road-company production of "The Mikado," gave them plenty to cheer about. She chose her arias more for their dramatic expressivity than their showpiece effect all the Verdi numbers were from his later operas, for instance so they had their quiet moments as well as some extremely powerful high notes. Caballe was equally effective at both, including one breathtaking passage from "Vissi D'Arte" In which she slid ef- Guindon Richard Guindon Is on vacation. His next cartoon will appear Aug. 30. fortlessly from loud to soft without a tremor. Another incredible moment was the forzando in the middle of the Willow Song from "Otello," for which there is no preparation. It's the musical equivalent of accelerating from zero to 60 without shifting gears. The audience showed Its appreciation at the end of the aria, which is followed by an 'Ave Maria," by giving her prolonged but respectful applause. To do more would have been to cheer for a prayer. Each aria told a different story, and Caballe conveyed the nuances of each, whether it was Manon's anguish at finding herself alone in the desert or the effervescence of "O Mio Babbino Caro," in which a young woman tells her father about her new love. Even an impromptu bit of throat-clearing before her encore evoked a round of handclapping and a stentorian (if chauvinistic) "bravo." The encore, a sweetly appealing version of Mimi's first-act aria from "La Bo-heme," demands a Rodolpho to sing it to, so Caballe coyly chose conductor Leonard Slatkin as her associate, turning her head slightly in his direction. The orchestra under Slatkin was slightly shaky in some solo passages in its first number, the overture to Rossini's "La Gazza Ladra," but performed admirably thereafter, culminating in a rousing rendition of the overture to Verdi's "Sicilian Vespers." In between it played interludes from two other operas "('a-valleria Rusticana" and "Manon Les- ft Montserrat Caballe caut." It's too bad that an area that packs Northrop for the Metropolitan road companies can't draw a larger crowd for one of the premier singers of her day. Presumably the season has something to do with it; to many people, opera and summer just don't go together. , Plenty of tickets remain for the other two evenings in the series an all-Wagner program Thursday night and an evening of French opera on Saturday. Willie Mae Dixon, leader among Minneapolis blacks, dies at 40 By Peg Meier Staff Writer Willie Mae Dixon, 40, a leader of the Minneapolis black community, died Monday of cancer at Mt. Sinai Hospital. "I don't know of any issue she wasn't involved in," said Spike Moss, director of The Way. "Black studies, opening the news media to blacks, fighting for minority Inmates, civil and human rights cases in the courts, problems in rent and plumbing and welfare, opening the schools to black teachers, scholarships, prison and parole. She did it all." She was on the staff of the Legal Rights Center, a privately funded program that helped poor people with their legal problems. The last four months she was on leave to the Minnesota Department of Corrections, where she was a case manager for a program working with serious juvenile offenders. For many years, she took In children and teen-agers who had no homes. More often than not, she had at least one child living with her. When she died, her home was at 1006 Logan Av. N. Dixon was born In Birmingham, Ala. She was convicted of prostitution several times in the Twin Cities decades ago. But she became interested in the legal process and in helping people, especially blacks, receive justice. When The Way was founded in 1966, she had a good legal back- 1 9 W illie Mae Dixon 197U photo ground, if not formal education and she ran the organization's legal arm. "She did more training of the lawyers than the lawyers did her," said Doug Hall, director of the Legal Rights Center. "One of her great strengths was helping lawyers understand a person's community and background. Her goal was that every person be looked at as an individual. Consequently, she was one of the first contacts that people made when they were in trouble." Hall said she got calls in the middle of the night from people in jail, and she never failed to go to them. She got pleas for help from people at Stateville Prison in Joliet, III., and the Georgia stale prison, and she'd do what she could, sometimes going there. "There are hundreds of people, mostly women, in the black community who are helping people," Hall said, "but she was the best." Judge Eugene Minenko of the Hennepin County District Court said of Dixon, "She was really a dear, dear person. She had very much of a feel for people. If anybody made changes in this community, it was she." And Neil Riley, a Hennepin County municipal judge, said, "We judges had great respect for her street knowledge and her respect for people." She is survived by a son, Ralford of Indianapolis, and her mother, Hattie Evans of Birmingham. Services will be at 1 1 a.m. Saturday at Sabathani Baptist Church. 3805 3rd Av. S. Visitation will begin at 6 p.m. Friday at Werness Brothers Mortuary, 3700 Nicollet Av. S. Burial will be in Crystal Lake Cemetery, Minneapolis. You can help Someone needs you. See the opportunities for volunteer service Sunday in the Family section, IrbuneJ Highway Continued from page 2B year, a so-called "taxpayers' revolt" against the high cost of government, a nationwide trend away from road building and a period of energy shortages, he believes the expensive four-lane highway Is highly unlikely. Southwestern Minnesota is one of many state areas that in past has been promised a four-lane highway by the state Highway Department. But economic realities caught up with many of those promises. Highway construction money has become extremely scarce. Unless a new funding source is found soon, the state will have no money to match federal highway construction grants. Hwy. 60 from St. James to Worthing-ton is, by some measures, the most heavily traveled two-lane road in the state. Business interests in Windom and Worthington have lobbied for years for an expressway. The highway has four lanes from Mankato to Madelia, and a four-lane segment is being built from Madelia to St. James. Recently, farmers around Butter-field, many of whom would have to sell land to the state if a four-lane highway were built, have strongly opposed the four-lane expressway. Both points of view were represented on the study committee which, after a year-long study, voted 6-4 in June to recommend a four-lane expressway. , , I News you I I can use WtXSKSha I I J in TONITE! I BASIE IS COMING! COUNT BASIE and his world famous ORCHESTRA AUGUST 23 8:30 P.M. JAZZ! Always Great NOW The Count is King! JuST 2000 TICKETS PRINTED Whtn lhay'n Oont, Thtn GONE TICKETS: AT DAYTON'S AND THE PROM prom! emm jrfrTHANHASSENx FW Nietltlf. eicept Mcmd.y 1 re nisisico Donurn UA DINNER THEATRE World Famoue Mualcof Hddlcr thcKpf COURTYARD rt "r ?F Smash : II&JI. m ' tplendtdt 1Ttt M -Mpli, Tribune PRONCQ. M Opera Houit? Nril Simon's Comedy Smash PLAYHOUSE Musical VS 934 1 525 ''' , fiy

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