The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY. MARCH 2, 1931 ULYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Senators Say Goodby POBLICJFFICERS Alexander Has Bill to Re-, move Liability for Public Funds Lost in Banks Representative E. 11. A!;xr: ir of Blythevillc has Introduced in the slate legislature a bill which v:-ouVJ relieve piib-ie clficfrs and cluii bondsmen of liability for public funds lost 'through insolvency cf any bank between S;ptcmi)jr l, 1930, and the pas«ise of the aci. The bill. H. B. 494 follows in full: "A BILL FOR AN ACT TO BE ENTITLED, 'AN ACT TO RKtJSVE; CERTAIN PUBLIC OFFICIALS FROM LIABILITY IN CERTA1H CASES, AND FOR OTI1EH PUR- I POSES.' BE IT ENACTED 15V ",..'.£. ' GENEBAL ASSEMBLY Or 'L A:. \ STATE OF ARKANSAS: "SECTION 1. That wherever any public officer of this jtnle 'mis -:le- ' posited any public funds in their, iands in any bank doing tushv-ii! in this state v:lii:h dcixx-it liar-j been assured by bond or bonds, an] j .said funds so deposited have been I lost in pail by reason of tile iiiyjK- - ency of any tank occurring b.>- . twcen September l, 1930 and the' passage of this Act, such official or officials and their bondsmen shall be and arc hereby relieved cl any ami all liability for said public funds. Provided the provisions u! this Act shall not inure to tin b:-ne- fit of any officer or person who at the lime of depositm™ such funds in any such hank knew that such bank was insolvent, and provkierl further than this Ace stall relieve personal sureties on the Ixmd nf such bank, but shall In no way relieve any bank or surety company from accounting for any of said! funds. "SECTION 2. Because ol L h e drought and financial depression occurring in the year 1930. resulting in the insolvency of a large number of banks creating liabilities upon public officers through nn fault of their own and mnUn; il \ a Republican and a difficult for them to further discharge their duties as such officers while such liabilities exist, an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this Act, being necessary for the preservation of the public-poace, health, and safety, shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage," "I Said, I'm Glad to See You!" PAGE Violent Gales erne! Heavy Snows Grip Large Part of Continent. PARIS, Mar. 1 cUP) — March Iraqht the's worst storm to Europe todny r.s im ari'a extending ficm Russia to central was whipped by snow, wind am! rain. fno-x covered most of the Drltlsli ~c'.i!> and hnlf o! France, Many Niouiitiiin villages were Isolated. Re-1 ;.trls tr.lil lv;o tliirrts o( Il«Iy was 1 .n (h: trip at tile ctcrm. ' nr.^ronds were blocked In Uciir r.n'rk r-.n'J Russia niv.1 trains were [ cif-lnyed in Gtrnmny, Holliuicl. IK'l- j ;.i:m und Trance. Tv.Tjnty fishing! v'nr-s were reported mtsMiig in tho • North Sen and English Channel. | 'l!ie emirs crew of 1C 1 aboard a ihlJng lrav,!cr was.believed drown-. at oir Rosi-iirnrty, Abertieeiuhire, £cct!i>.i>d. One ncdy was washed upon (lie beech. Violent B«l« In the Irish Sens L^Riis'.i Ciuumel handicapped tcn'. 4 .:icntnt steamers Eiml kept smaller bcnls in port. The en'e uacticd 70 miles per hour In the i!sh Sea. Bern- Inches ol snow vas recorded ix«ar London. The United States Senate loses several ot its most colorful figures with the departure ot these six members on March 4. along with seven others. They are: (1) J. Thomas Heflin of Alabama, whose desertion of the Democrats to fight Al Smith in 1928 cost him re- elcctloB in 1930; (2) Senator Fuinllold M. Simmons of North Carolina, 17-ycer-old jDcmocrat; (3) Charlec S. Deneen of Illinois, defeated for the Republican renomlnatlon by Mrs. Ruth Hanna f.IcCormlck, who lost to a Democrat; 14) Coleman L. Blease, colorful South Carolina Democrat; (5) Guy D. GofI of West Virginia, mimormire; (8) Frederic H. Gillelt "of Massachusetts, 80-year-old Kcpubllcan. hree Negroes Fined For Grocery Thefts Three negroes were fined $10 each on charges of petit larceny j Quarrel Between Couples Blamed for Wounding of West Memphis Man. STRAWS IN BEER STK1NS CHICAGO. (UP) — Steins for drinking Tibetlan beer lire equlp- >ed with permanent straws, or hav. 1 icuthpieces in their handles, a col- eeticn of drinking vessels put on display at the ttc'.d Museum 'of latural. History revealed. Other ups are made from the liorns of vlld yaks. Tibellans use them for drinking arak, n liquor similar to IplBPE | France and Italy Reach Agreement [o Abandon Building Competition. PABIB. Mai. 2 (UP)—Tlic naval aci-or<l readied . between France, H:ily mid cir.'at Britain regulating mval coiutrucllim MiUll 1936 nnd avoiding a uiitldliii; race between race which *ould forct to lnuca$e her naval lorcas under the "Escalador clause" of the ten,, don Irenty. This clause'made-It possible- for Britain!: the United Statfs or Japan to resump bulling II any of the three '. signatories to the full treaty;considered its prsi- tlcn threatened by ' n naval pro Bram o( other powers. . Foreign Minister Arlstlde Brland announced the tsrini of' tlw tr pr-uer agreement would not be revealed for several daye as England wished to confer with her dominions first. . SI.UMP SAVES, PAIR AUMOSY BRIDGEPORT, conn. (UP)-DUO 'o business depression, Edward' tKv cuul Italy was approved to- Lawrence and Antonb Lawrence ciay by the council of ministers. . told the Judge, they were unabl< 1 The iicc-iid win be Mibmltled to ta lcc(; l ) U P alimony paymnitxl- Tne '•.:ir!!nu-rnt ai soon as the 1 United COLltl too)t cognizance of tho busi- Suites mill Japan adhcro to the! 11 *" slump and reduce] their limltlni; construction 0 f! Ecll edulo of pajments onc-Ki"; fiirlliiT wuitlilps to W.OOI) tons (Or I less The threat of n naval con- sti-i'ctinn rate which would have, upset His London naval treaty was removed until I33C when another conference Is, to be colled. Tin- ngrreiiieni crowned a yenr of uci Imoiilo'.is ncuctiations domln- nted by the jxisslbllliy Unit l-'ranqe and Italy would begin a building DUKE HOME TO BE RESTOHED DURHAM. N, C.' (UP)—Plans arf under way to restore the home'of Wn»!ilni!tcn Duke and lils corn Benjamin N. Duke nn] Jamjs B Ouke, pioneer tobacco manufastur u*. Mrs. Mary Duko Ulddls, New York, ilauchter ot Benjamin DuU has made restoration possible. • 'l:i.:. embrace .marked the Hireling of Henry Furd anil Thomas A. Eal- scn wiKn the two old cronies got togi'lher analn ot Forl. MeyeiE, Flu.. the other day. The automobile magnate arrived unhcrulded to begin his tinier vacation. Edison hns been bually uignscd in a continuation of his experiments to derive rubber from goldenrod. TABLETS TO HONOR IfKROES VOIiKTOWN, Va. .<U1')— Two tablets In honor of Prenoh and American eoldters who served at Yorktovm in the battle which ended with Comwallls' surrender, will be unveiled at the Sesqulcentennlal ceremonies next October. They will DeJivmd WhUky In Ilc.irsc ' PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—A ncv; method of traiibiwrling liquor Cfims to light with the arrest of Thomas W. Bryan. Police raided a lions; anil found 300 gallons of whisky. They found a card giving Bryan's phone number, Upon calling the be erected on the site of the Na- number, Bryan rcsixwdcd and pro- 'JMWI Yorktown _inpnument. They j duced four pints of whisky from 'under the scat of » hearse. will cost about »3,000. Cold! / rebuild Ftu and Sickness your , : STRENGTH Every spring countless thousands taka S.S.S.— fAo purely vtgctable tonic — to build buck their red-blood-eello ga ftaA thev m^y have th»t new .•trmqtk , which makes for a keen appetite, iin> flesh, a clear skin and greater resistance against infection and dlMUS. You, too, will wnnt Jo take SIS.S. '/or this very reason. Select tho larger eiie as it holds double the quantity and represents a price savin*. ' take S.S.S. Tonic by^Judg^W. D. Gravette in jxjMce " " ot ""-'"I"" -H-.-M:-M«rran~w E s flned one dol-'-.M L !ne_?»an and woman, the, woman fa" sister-in-law of Coriey• Burns, were sought today in connection with the. shooting ol Bums late yesterday following a quarrel between lar for illegal parking. was. fined $15 for public drunk •Miners- Ekron News Notes Miss Wyonla Ford spent Wednes day night with Miss Llla Glover Twenty-Nine. Mr. and Mrs.' Onley Stone at tended a party at the home of Mis I Carry Bailey on Twenty-Nine Sat Ma. Hartsneld had as his Sunday guests Melvln Cook and family ol Gosnell. Mrs. E. L. IVanks had as l:er Tiiicsb Sunday, Claude Steward and family of Blythevillo. J. P. Morgan had as his £11331 Sunday Mr. Simpson and daughter. Miss Jessie Jewell o( Twenty-Nine J. E. Brady and son, Junior, T« atizensEleCt . ri^jTcur.n.Manon.Ar,, 13 Officers m This Town today sald iie was hunting MISS! Fronle Greeb of Marlon and her i NEW ASHFORD, Mass. (UP) — Though only 10 parsons turned out tr> vote at the annual town meet- Ing this year, 13 citizens were elact- ?fl to town offices. This was ac- Dell, were guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Onley Stone Saturday. Will plover of Oosnell was the Ford Sunday, • Justice Ed Walker of Blythevillc ''of his son, ChucL complished by electing same residents to two offices. New Ashford is nationally famous as the first town in the.CDan- ; and county officials an explanation try to report in presidential elections. companion on an automobile ride ! with Burns and his .family, and a ' man known as "Red." J Mr S . EmmeU Teaford was Uie Burns was brought to a hospital guest of hsr mother, Mrs D R here severely Injured. He was par- 1 Stone, Sunday. alyzed from the waist down- 'and | Tom Henderson of Clear Lak» FIGHTS NEW DIVORCE LAW RALEIGH, N..C.~(UP)—Mrs. B. Frank Mcbane, only woman mem-fl'his. bcr of the North Carolina House o£ | Thai Representatives, played a prominent part in defeating bills designed to loosen the state's divorc? laws. She's Bride of Baseball Star was unable to explain the shooting, was the guest of Tip Mangum Sun- His wife, however, offered police day. ' and county officials an explanation Ekron played their first bisrp' of the shooting, saying it occurred . ball games of the season the nisi when bandits overtook Burns' ma- wef-t. Wednesday thev plaved LV11 chine, forced Burns from it, robbed, [Friday at Lone Oak "and Saturday beat and shot him. fat Cornell. Ekron lost all of the The family lives in West Mem- . sanies. | A large crowd attended church the couple had quarreled '• servlcc3 «t Ekron Sunday. Rev. Wil- T.ith Miss Greeb and her compan- | Ilam . 3 0{ Lone Oak conducted the ion was corroborated by T. E. 1 5ervlc es. Burns, father of 'the wounded man I ,, The Eltron Sunday school noi- who said the holdup theory wasi w orv tne ro11 incorrect. - ' j ~~ ---- j There are especially manufactur- 'ed fountain pens for thos- who I write left-handed. Predicts Enforcement Uiider State Government ONECENT A DAY PAYS HI' TO $100 A MONTH The Postal Life & casualty In- riTTSBliRGH. (UP) - -Trans ler I of prohibition enforcement to state I and local governments, on the ba- I sis of the Wlckersriam report nnd j similar investigations, Is predicted : by Dean A. B. Wright, director of graduate studies of Duquesne University. "Our country began life as t. 'hard drinking nation' and a solu tion to the bindinj amendmcn: cannot be-had in one report." declared Wright. "As an authentic and unbiased report, the Wickersham survey should establish, Indirectly, the „ a new accident policy that pays up to S100 a month fcr 24 months for disability and $1,000.00 for deaths—costs less than Ic p. dr.y—$3.50 a year. Over 63,000 already have this protection. Men, women ami children, ires 10 to 10. eligible. Send no money. Simply send name, address, age, beneficiary'.; name and relationship and they will send this policy on 10 days' FREE Inspec- iion. No examineUoi - - i »u.,. ,.v V;A>U>I,,LE.I.UJI j o reouircd. need of local and not national en- 'This offer is limited, so writ" them forccmcnt," he said. i (odny. '—Adv. I Miss Frances Tobin. New Orleans! <iebutcnk. is now on h;r honey- ' mcon as the bride of Eddie Mor- ! ;an, former star lirn baseman of' :!io Cleveland Indians. Mrs. Mor- i ton Is the daughter of an old and | EKinlly prcmincn! New Orleans | family. Miserable with Backache? A Kati Bnck Often Warns oj Disordered Kidneys, A RE you Iraihcrcd wilh constant backache, blndilcr irritaliona andgruingn; nt night? Then don't take cliauccal Help yourkid- ncys >*ith DonnV PilU, Successful for more than 50 years. Endorvci) the world over. Sold by <!ca?eni everywhere. 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's: I. J. CLARK, 47 N. OAKLEY AVE , COLUMBUS OHIO lave •• mr Intyi.dMn't jet .1 tU^bouM .nd b^kKtamTd, i?fejl «m i« «nd •id- iiJn't ».U.^JIP ....... » -"-- "*y .,«ju«i »na D«CK»CI« made mt r«l wora out 8m Humble. I baj to pan Ihc ^crttlor.i four or five time, every nijht. trenj Mhc» er.d diizin«i blurred my light. My lUrnath wiscoioK tad I d' 'n 1 ' fctl go.1,1 « tit. DO.TI', Pil!, ,id mi cf i h j iiiiU". " '"** «=" ' "•-" • Poan's Pills A Diurtlic for the Kidney* I've ridden the Western Plains • .'— says Ghesterfield Jrfffryoifll meet me in the thick of a Broadway crowd' It's a far cry from the cow country to Broadway. But what it takes to make the broncho buster "open up" about his cigarette is exactly what you wapt in your smoke. Good taste— and lots of it! And that is first a matter of tobacco quality, never forget it! "What you taste in Chesterfield is riper, better tobaccos—not another thing—blended and "cross-blended" to a fragrant, satisfying mildness that is Chesterfield's own! TOR. NINETEEN JMIS, our Research Dcpjrtmcnt his kept intima:e rouch with every new development of Science th« could be applied to the minufactutc of cigarette. During this period there his been no development of tested value or importance to the smoker which we hive not incorporated into ihc making of Chesterfield cigireuu. Liggett &• Myers Tihmo Ci>. J Greater mildness . . . better taste!

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