Modesto News-Herald from Modesto, California on October 14, 1929 · Page 10
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Modesto News-Herald from Modesto, California · Page 10

Modesto, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1929
Page 10
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Ib-October 14-15.1929 Modesto News-Herald _^^^^____ --^-^--[^--p^p-^--^--^^^--^^^_^_^---T^^_--------j^-jy-p^ ^ ·i|m|!ii»i^»^u^^y^^gj^pigj^jr^iey^[tp^^jmy|«^i»iM«i»-^^^^^^iyp^p^^^^p^^^^^^^i i i -*- r -|jJ| L i r--Qr if *' ''·· " Modesto, Berkeley Elevens Battle To Scoreless Tie Stockton Tarzans Blank Modesto Gridders, 7- Strong Offensive And Fight tTctfl Last Whistle; lane Of Invaders Weak; Xngols, Frame And Perrba Show Up Well CCORIKG a touchdown in the third quarter, the Stockton High School football team defeated Modesto here Saturday by a wore of 7 to 0 in the opening G. I. F, game of the season. Taking the ball in mid-field, the Tartans advanced it on a H*ries of reverses to Modesto T s eighteen-yard line. Felix then went around right ecd on a reverse to scow. PANTHERS OFFSIDE *- - · - B«e3U«$ the Panthers vrer* off xe oa t h e ccaverajoa, the 1 StocXtoc'c liae was weak. Tims trier time, Xodesto smelted tteir Felix and George^did caoit of the boll toting* for the Tarzan*. · JngoJa, Franc and Perrinl made ^he most yards for Modesto. I1BST QUAKTEK BpokwaUer' kicked off to Felix '" en the tecryard lice. On three plays, Felir took tho plgsKin to the forty-yard stripe. The Trmns | * pudisd iq the Panthers' thirty-yard j - BtJcka by Frame : piishsd the ball ". - to ' where he fumbled , _ Trhen .tsit hcfd. : The Blue; recoy- $$· ."ered. · Felti; quArterbaek, made- ten ;-·· yards on a triple criss-cross, Stock- S tra Kicked. - -f x -: ; ,Tottng fnlJowid with a punt to ' ' SwJeJctoa'a rweaty-yard Uce. Felix , fumbled . tvae run bach to his , ?^J-. ibnrteeh-yard marker. C-iV-" : -' \Peitsities~ cave 'Modesto' the ball rT'Y. on the twanfy-thres^yartJ line, In- ·^ Kbte returned a Tareau kick to the ?i~.' fifty-yard Jnarfter. Ferrlnl iamb-' ;/ M on a char-*e?intb ih» line. VTfee *£?'·";- Blues .recovered ; and attempted a t£V- Jdnjj pass.- which was 'Intercepted T~- · " by Ingola cri - tfae tblrty-flve-yarti t : ;i-_ line and raced back to the forty- V^ tiro-yard stripe.. ·.. *·-,,' *»- After twc, 'plays,. .Toongr- Kicked r.=-; : ^iprty-fiv yards to: the Terrtn fifr r"~ "-"' teen-yard uarfe. Felfe fumbled, i £;:. . "bttt /recovered .EnS was; downed lh; yf~ :. Ills' tracks... Reverses toos the ball j !'.- to-the \tw3ritjM»sht-yard line. The ;; jgnsrter" eaded .with' the "pigskin la ; ' . - Stockton's possession. , Stocjrton, 0. Score: Hoi . . ^^yFeHk tore-otf five yards 'thrtrogh ! ;. iaekle on- a -.reverse- · Stockton : .Jdckcdi-- Ingots returned, to. the ,. thirty-yard line. .".Two plays, fafled -. to" multe any fain. Toons booted ';-t6 Stockten's thlrtyfrffe-ynrd -line. .· jwhereXSeorge fnrabled and Modes' be' pejial- . fi'- penalty ; :cfteclced Hodestb's first real scor- - iltreat. ' · ' - " · '· · ; ' ' ' ' ^t--'- 'ed.- fifteen ^ yards. : ; ' Stars 'Win 1929_Title Sheilepback Hero Of Series; Pitches Final Victory, Hits Homer LOS ANGELES. Oct 14.--tr»-- The Hollywood Stars, a team -which could piaca no better than fourth in the first half of the Pacific Coast championship cpllt season, tut ·which forged ahead fast In the final hntf to finish oa top, to-dav pos- league championship Reds, who New Leader I Will la M Klilefer. Jr, ws» apt pointed man»£er of the St. I/iuI»- [ Bromw for tfa* next Uirw jeaw, : ! been oAsii*aat manager. sessed the title. The 3 tho first hal? end pushed .Hollywood hard for second half honors, bowed to tho stars in the playoff series v?hlch ended Sundav with a · spectacular 8 to 3 victory by Oscar J Vitt's sheik?, f 15-000 Seo Game - After" dropping . tha first two games of the playoff Hollywood triumphed with lour straight wins to bring tcS owfier Bill Lane his first pennant after-a score of years in coast baseball here and at Salt Lake City. Ths -whirlwind finish was staged before 12.000 fans at WrlgJey Field; who raw the star? pull out of a S-3 tie with a (spectacular five- run assault In the eighth Inning. " Fr*nk Shellenback, " " hurler, cinched the hero the championship series by pitching his second straight win and hitting his third home run of the playoff. Holding the Missions to nina scat- TROJANS BEAT HUSKIES, 48-0; D. C. SCORES 14-0 VICTORY Gaels' Coach , tion of Kuute football his won l Utlle SL MST5 J S CtvUr-f. Thundering Herd Blasts Anynj Hopes Washington Had Of Winning Title By FSAXK a GOBiilE (Associated PKSS Shorts Writer) WASHINGTON 3TAIn."3J. Seattle. OcL 11.--Tha thundering Washington Saturday, and with a chain of lightning" la Northern Washington to-day, and with a mighty loar blasted the Pacific Coast conference championship chance of the University of Washington. The powerful Trojans t trounced the Huskies 43 to 0. 1 Alter spending the first twelve minutes of the same with their backs against their OWD goal posts, tha Southern California warriors led by their dynamic quarterback. Russell Saunder«, burst into a mighty battering ram. The thundering herd stampeded up and down the field, scoring touchdowns virtually at wilt Four were gathered Jn quick succession in the second period, two more were added in the third quarter and another was counted just as the final gun sounded. Trojans Surprised The Washington Huskies pounc- I _. M ed onto the gridiron primed to the \ FlTSt Contest For Local Team i minute. They caught the Trojans ID Stanislaus flmrotv ' b *" a«rp*Iso and worked the ball, ^ ·;·. PJSfei Good Defense Played By Clubs In Close Game Bucks And Oaks Within Oae Yard Of Touchdown Oa Two Occasions; Atwood EeeU Q!t Snappy Kim And Halts S;me By Pretty Tackle By JAMES ALGAR i Varsity Defeated By Score Of f Li Modesto American Legion Bucks and the Live Oaks : 18 To 0 And Lightweights Iciub o: Berkeley batiled io a secretes* tie here Sunday aiter- 12 To 6 : nooa a ft ? r both'clubs had worked the bail to t!:e orw-vard line : TL-BLOCK. "ocT H.-I 3 i«-o ,- ^TMZ the courseof tUe eici!ing game. j hard roagbt ;**« here Saturday | ^ J£* °£, W £J S £* p«ci£S?f »T A V H F Tl ft If j afternoon in which the players j took the bsl! down to Berkeley 1 ! ! |U 11 I |\H I I A III T " fe^-'^M I Pup-' lost Yo" the 'toil LIsh-.M-clghts I he pis«Wn to Inside Uje "five-yard j ' f ' ,-'· 4--I ' ;. c : mark. The henw and iightlr.s Mo- V--r W":;?;! j *- I0 * . . , dfslo line lightened up and held ; ' ./-··»·**· · c *Pte:n Trobrldsc made two of ; lil:c . a br!ck wa!I . iar 5''J-'-3f " ELEVEN, 14-7 ·-.M;! i ond and or.e m the third quarters. I --., % " . SS3 I both on lino plunges. The, third .-T h J?. u .?5? untn 3£ Icatae in the last period when f" bat ! ltd on Obu lander ran around left end !' e v m » ol i 5 after th* ball «·» within ten yards j £r Modesw FOOTBALL RESULTS Oil Even Terms the game tho elev- ! Tv .SkY-i.Sn'fSt'gS; to"£ i "*"«*_«: Midshipmen i Desperate Forward Passing · divci u;_ ijjij nca niuii;i icu jtvi\ia ; , . ,. , - ,, j of tha goal Mitchell and Hoobyar j *$*{*£* J^^£*te? Penalties totaled i Modesto and j Of No Avail r icr heM p. 1 Atwood. Hand. H to 7 afc |fac ^ 1 Atwood. Hand. H to 7 victor' over the Navy ye ; ,, ,, . . . . , Peterson and Powell did most of terday. fonvanl parsing in tho me Bu.Idogs lost a cnance to j jjj ft ba » totine 'or the Leelon- closing minutes proving o? no score in the first quarter when I na|res Smith, RiLweH. Richmond avail in the midshipmen's attempt Sevan?, quarterback, intercepted j and Dav|g car ' riei i the oval for the t to tie the score. Seventy-ihou- Lodl pass and . [ yards. Ke was tackled when -K ! fifteen yards of Lodi's Hne. I The opening lineup o* the ! sily teams was: Lodi -IthJn Berkeley eleven. Opening the same with a flfty- flve-vard boot, Lally kicked off to var- i the "Berkeley five-yard line. The Oaks returned the pigskin to tered hits. He have been unscored upon but for two circuit clouts ^hlch accounted for the losers three' tallies. It also brought Snellenback's victories for the.sea- son .to twenty-eight. . ' '····'.. .MISSIONS ' ' -. · AB F. H FO A E . . . " The "Tar^ sans ^ were ·.smeared^.:- and:-. Gecrge "^Wcfed'^outvof -..bbcads to .-give^Ho' . . fh; f c a l l ' on .tne ' : ' ' - Blue goal \ttftar two Incomplete 'passes. *Hie;TarsaK3 riernrnea with a. pant ' - ' - s - . - , ' s thirty-yard U .i -"i8oSi"raai.R--bac!t: r tefl yards. ' Line tocir it to Stockton's foriy- t-yftrd_'- marker.- -- " " . . " . . . ?· A . b^afifcl : pass, - Malrfaea4 io ,v- JSneiBati-HsirVBy.lpat fbe baD on ·". . · ie Itwenty-fonr-yard Hoc: MrpOe* i : to" on^e ajaln .was la B. position" to '^ KOTO.:- Penalties for incomplete - ' · --- not Modesto bach on Stock=. thlrly^sht-yard line. ' Mtiir- barf pasted. · : - . . : · . ' . ·· ~? -\ '-rBath .teamg had 'opened up with an r aeria.T «H«c)c as the gun ended halt Score: UtoSesto 0, Stock.-C."-'^ . . : . - . . · . . ' -. ·":· * · · · . . *WT :Hr8t . . . . . Kp QUARTER- . ._ \ -TStcc3rton received ; the -.kickoff. -TheCtwp: teams exchanged.' punts, 7.. then the Tanana tbob r tba ball on ' e r a * ' forty-yard 1 - mark. ' . ' ; -raiT b y Aiihcr ' pat · Uie '' ".Btoes oti the" local's twenty-yard :Hnei. Feux, OD a. triple reverse, fsS- lopsd Uirogb the Modesto ieecond- acfens* to a: tonchdown, ; the : of tte ^anic. George's try. . for point «a» blocked, bat "the fixStn were off sMb and the es- ;": '-; .tne f»ini was awarded to Stockton. ···' "/-B eichanp^ of punts after the : ;k!ckoJCf pave .Modesto tho ball It .--,,- "-was advanced to.ihc visitor's forty- ^'T.jwd -line. ,A pass, Muirhsad. to y Sacmelson, , netted eight · yards-j . . ' !Frame:i«ik the ball to the" twenty', Tire yard caark on the next tvro . ; playa. Felix intercepted cue. ofi f. Moirhea^Ts passes os his own | "L- tveiyft-ytrd lino ead raced .'to the! '- - tsranty-Qve, The quarter ended i idth thtt baH in Stockton's pcsse ; .sio'h. Score: Stockton 7, Modesto : - . 0 . - . V * ' - · " · - ' " " j V . FOUBTH QUARTER : . v'la excbanges of punts, the ball 1 ' vras- battled back and forth be; - twsen ibe two twenty-yard marks, i . . · · : StccitoD tcea began a series of Sherlock, Ib Bciitt. cf- ..;. v £ciY..i: Kelly, ^f; : Hoffman. To tali'- \ ·Using'" many, posses, the Orfis- tlmba High School football team of Newman defeated the Modesto High School Stanislaus County League eleven. In the first county league game at the local turf here Saturday ~by a score of 7 to 0. Newman made most of her yardage around the Mcdestc line. Instead of through it Fumbles at critical moments helped to defeat the Panlhfcr team. Hill, CiccarelU. Turner and Bare did most of the ball carrying for the Modesto- eleven. After the Jdckpff. itodesto failed to make-first down on the forty- yard line. Netraian took the ball | Modesto goal Modesto ·lightened UD and held Newman on the five-yard line. Kill kicked "put to the fifty-yard line. into tha enemies' territory before j was but a few minutes' old. Falling to gain more than a yard, Saunders punted from his - I ' M ; Volfler .. Bicwett . 22-yard line. The kick was par- Uaily blocked and -Johnnv Stom- beugb, Washington halfback, caught the foaJl on the Trojan 34- yerd line. ' Coacfc Enoch B^sshaw saw a chance to score and sent in his spectacular halfback. Merle Hufford. to replace Pulvery". After three Huskies .line smashes which gained seven yards Hufford took the ball a»ld raced around right end to reach the U. S. Q. goa! ! LaSalle Struckman KTX*. .Cunnlnfihara . BGL Sergis ... C Johnson BlIL H. Scrgis LIIK K. Faez Nfcwmaa twenty-yard then . pass I 1 5 0 9 2 0 0 Q-. 0 o-' o o i i 2..a 0 3 0 0 0 0 o a Lee. BS ........ Bcr'katt, 3b ... Funk, rf-cf :... Green. If -. .96 , J . S - M ' . 1 S 1 HOitYWOOD AB a H PO..A E 5 0 2 - 5 3 1 5 0 3 0 2 1 3 1 1 1 8 0 3 0 0 Hsats, Ib ....:. Baosler, C JIalomir. 3b .... Shellenback p . Cook .V. Jtamler, r£...... Albert, If........ ... 3 l 1 0 1 0 1 1 .Totals ..... .....37 S 14 27. 3 1 K£llr bitted for Nelson In nlctb. HoddaTan Jcr Baldwin In ninth. Hoffmiui batted for ulull!g;«a la ninth. _ . I Cook batted for Green In Albert ran for Cook i" is-ioni .....o o o o o i ; Hits ....... 0 0 1 o 1 1 3 i 2J- Hol!ywooa-...0 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 «-- - S Hits ..;..-.! 1 2 0 3S. 0 5 ·-- 14 .InnlaCT pltcbefl -- By Cole 7 1-3.- hargD defeat to Cole. At bat--Of J Cole . 3!. Bits-- Off Culo 13.' . . Kcnfe -- Off Cole 8. Runs responsible for-^SfciiUeribadc 3. -Cole 5. Struck oat-- By Stielior.back 6, Cole «, Kelson I. Bases on oalia-- Off Ebellen- back 1. pitch--Cole. Home rtms--Sbelienbsck. Fine, Heath. SI a d e. ' Twc-base hits--Basler. Slsde, Irfs. Heath. Sacrifice "hit-Funk. Rnns batted in--Shellei:- lacK, Flr.n, Heath «), siadc 2). Ramler, Aialoner. Lee. Doiibl« plays --Barkett io Maloney to Heath: Baldwin to SfcerJoc!-:. Tlmo of game --1:57. Umpires--Powell. Sweeney and Cady. Bay City Eleven Becovers Fumble And Converts I*br 7-6"" Victory Over Foes MERCED. land Athletic 5; wjhich took her to the tbirty-five-vard mark, snly to lose it ba downs. Stockton, as the game wi? closing, attempted two" ufisses, both cf tvalcb were incomplete. Stock'tca punted deep Into Modesto territory. Two long passes by - Mol head to FrsJMr and Emerson pat, the Panthers on the Stockton thir- i season. I line in a desperate rally. Boofcwalter wcs sent in and flve passes in succession tempted. All \7ere i: tfc* 5m;i oa Stotkicr.'s «ty.twn]tog" Sic^e^^ pomtrcerrcto^re- yard Sine in Vodecto's possession. | covered the ban for tb« vlrfors. Fbal Score: SSocktoa 7. Modes- Merced scored a touchdown in completed a . . - - . , aaa gained twenty-seven yards on a long run down the oide lices. Hill of Modesto tackled tho receiver on the threeryard ·marker. A buck put the .ball over for the oclv score of the in the first quarter. GBLFIBURNE! Patterson-Newman Team Defeated By Score Of 83 To 10 TUELOCK. Oct 14.--Turiock Country Club golfers defeated a joint team of twenty-one piayers trom Newman and Patterson yesterday on the Turiock course by a score of fifty-three points to ten points. Score: Turiock A. A. Austerland 3 A. H. Hansen 2»i H. R. Wlison 3 A. G. Croweli 3 . H. Hooker 3 H. H. Samiielson 3 Franklin Powers 3 . R. B. MacQueen S EM M. Huson ..:... 24 O. H. Olson 3 B. J. Kovats 3 H. W. Htckenbacher 3 Paul M. Ahlberg 254 David P. Lane 0 W. A. Wherley 2 A. EX Neuman 3 C. T. Walker C. C. Carlson G. a Keith A. A. Caldwell B. P. Laws.. 2fswman" Fred Powell G. S. Woten...; E. Van Wagred J. V. Gouriey J. D. Sullivan W. S. Thomson: IX D. Schroy , 0 , 0 . 0 . 0 0 E. J. Beall .................... 0 Chas. B. McDuffie ....... . ____ '.i M. M. Fulltrton ........ W. H. Tinnin ........... Stanley Joseph ..... H, Lorenson ........... G. B. Klddcr ........... Charles Cardoza ....... PACIFIC COASX Modesto Hl£h School 0, Stockton HiEh -,. Sacramento Junior 'Collcce 21, College .of tha Pacific 7. . Stanford Fresh 0, Santa 'Jlara I Burnett Frosh 13. Prultt · Cr.Ufornln Polytechnic Collcee Oberlnnder ... 19, Santn Ana Junior College 7. I M. MetUer Q Evans Santa Sosa Illgli School 13, An- ·. Trubridje FB Sntchi'll any U. i San Slateo Junior CoUeso 25, [ 3Zmin Junior College 0. Pomona 69, La Verne 0. Montana State IS. B. Y. U. 12. Idaho 10, Montana 0. Orrgoa Normal 12. Chico State 0. line, but he had stepped out of ! Oresron 34. \VllUamctte Unlver-' bounds oa the 17-yard line. ! iity o: j D. S. C. IS. Washlnslon Huskitsi |0. 1 Stanford 57, U. S. L. A. 0. ' ! Sacramento High 13, California i Position Turiock j the tnlrty-five-vard marker, and on ... BEL Faranm 1 * ^rfw cf b--ck« took Th» ba!l ' air Saturday, California's Bears plucked a 1^0 victory over Washington State Collage when repeated onslaughts on tho ground failed io crumble a powerful Cougar line. While 40,000 spectators cheered, the Bears rushed their northern rivals down the field in the first half to twice leave imprints in scoring turf. . A touchdown in the first period- was followed fay another in the second. The crushing first half drive of ths Bears cajne In good' time for in.-most of the last two periods the team from the north was charging goalward in thrilling but futile efforts to retaliate. First .Conference Tilt It was the opening coast conference gam.e for the two teams and in turning back their opponents, the Bears removed one of the most formidable elevens of the northland. Blocked on tho line by tha ponderous Washington State forward wall, California turned to the air with good results. Midway in the first period the Bears recovered a Washington State fumble on the letter's 35-yard line. Lorn shot a long pass across the field to Norton, who. galloped two yards in the clear, to cross the line. Beckett place kicked the try for point The Cougars came back with a drive that brought rhsra to Califo 1 -- nla's 28-yard line but their line plunges failed when within striking distance. California held for .downs. An intercepted pass pa«d the' way for ths second touchdown in the'second period. California had reached Washlugton State's 10-yard line but lost the ball on downs. Center Snags Pass Shortly afterward, Medanicb, wno started at center instead of the Bear captain, Hoy Riegels, bobbed up to snag EHIngsen's pass. iiedanich ran the ball five yards to the cougar 28-yard line. A pas;. Rice to' Thornton, accounted for [· fifteen yards, but the Bean were setback five yards for offside. ' Two bumps at the Cougar line were unavailing so the Bears stated their chances in the air again. ·The toss was true, a twenty-yard flip from Barr to Rice, and ths latter slid over tho goal line. Beckett's place kick on ths try 'for point was blocked but California gained the point because Washington State was offside. SONORA, Oct 14.--A block kick i in the last quarter, six minutes be- the Modesto forty-five-yard stripe. Punts Exchanged After an exchange of punfs. Olson | Berkeley again kicked deep into L " Berry i the Bucks' territory. Powell punted S? Baktr out of danger, but Berkeley If- turned with another punt, and Powell kicked again. Modcxto tool: a punt on the IJve Oaks' forty-five-yard marker and brgan a march toward the visitors' goal. The aerial ronte, Atwood to Pet terson, netted eight yards. Bucks 1 by Hand, Atwood and Powell pnt j the ball on the Oaks' twenty-yard line as tte quarter ended. Berkeley then tightened up and took the ball from the Legionnaires. Another exchange of punts, then Harvey Hand intercepted a Berkeley pass on the visitors' forty- five-yard marker. Powell and Atwcod carried the pigskin to the opposition's twenty- five-yard line. A pretty pass over EAST Missouri 19; Iowa State 0. Dartmouth 53, Allegheny 0. 45, Bradley 0. Cornell 40. Hdiupdtm Sidney 6. Virginia' 12,. Stv-nrtfcinore 7. Grinnell 9, Mariiuetie 7. Lafayette 23. rLmhatUn 0. Davis-Elkins 7, Geneva 0. Gettysburg 7, Lehigb 7. Alabama 46, Chattanooga 0. Ohio State. 7; loiva, 8. Brown, 13; Princeton, 12. Columbia, 52; H'esleycn, 0. Nebraska, 13: Syracuse, G. i dole High School, by a scon ' 13 to 7. "e of . Playing before a crowd of several hundred people, in ganie to bo, played oa the home gridiron this season, both teams put on c good cTiibitlou o* football. ~ on = half. Except for cne^punf, the play did not pass Sonera's forty-yard line. Sonora'a score, came, in the second period when Oliver!, captain. sand fans SEW the game. The Midshipmen Ecored a touchdown at the outset and converted to lead. 7 to 0. Sec-saw play and punting duels left ths score there as the first period ended. Kotre Dame sent in tha fin=t strir p and quickly tied the score, carrying the ball seventy yards on a mixture of line smashes and passes. The tauchdOTVn came an a pass, Cariedeo io Elder, and Cariedeo kicked goal. Score Tied The half ended with the Ecoro tied 7-up, although Notre Darni again swept io -within a yard of another touchdown, the' flashy Elder being nailed on an csd run to stave off a score. There was no stopp] 'Ing dor . . ,, Notre Dame as she plunged down the field at the opening of tha third quarter, featuring the weaving Muiiins. But the Navy finally held and punted out of danger from her twenty-yard line only to get the ball back on her forty-yard line after Blullins had fumbled. The Notre Dame line was impregnable and Bowstrom get away another short punt, giving the Hockne men tar bsil on their forty-five-yard line whers they started to drive. Navy Takes To Air Backed to her seven-yard line by to the right corner of the field from Atwood to Peterson gained ,,_,, ,,.,,,,-.,,,,, .,,,,, ,,. twenty yards. Peterson was drag-1 Mullins' line smashing and Caric- ged down five yards from the goal. ,j eo ' well-ulaceu punt the Naw at- Po-.vel! tried several bucks and was tempted to gain by the air, aided one yard from a score. j by a fifteen-yard penalty. Caric- Atyrooci attempted an end run. i. The Wildcats had the edge the visitors throughout the first but the through Berkeley backs sifted the interference and Colsate, 31; Michigan State. 0. I Intercepted an Oakdale pa-s on tb- Erie, 0; Chancy, 32. i .-..--,_ ..... . . . . » - Aotre Dame, U; Navv, 7. Georgia, 15; Yale, 0. Viilanova, 7; Boston College, 7. ' Pitt, 27; West Virginia, 7. Army, 33; Davidson, 7. Georgetown, 13; St. Louis University, 0. Pennsylvania, 1-1; Virginia Polytechnic, 8. T I'enn State, 20; Stirjiiall College, 7. Boston XJ. 27; Vermont 0. Harvard, 35; New Hampshire, 0. Fordham, 37; New York University. 0. Duqaesne, 18; Albion (Michipm) College, 0. Chicago, 13; Indiana, 7. Vanderbtlt B: Jiinnesota 15. Purduo 30; Michigan 18. iforthwestern 7. Wisconsin 0. SOUTH Kentucky 30, Washington and Leo 6. Texas 27, Arkansas 0. Tennessee 52, Mississippi 7. V. M. L 13, Citadel 7. i Loyola (Beltimore) 32, Washington College C. j 1 p » -, Kansas City Wins ' Championship ides Between twenty-yard line, and trotted over the line. Woodhama, local lulioack, scored oh the convert Oakdale came back in the second half and scored on thalr second play after the touchdown. Ful- hum. captain of the Oakdale aggregation, made the goal OD a nm through a broken field. The extra on the convert was made. Oakdale threatened to score later, but tum- oled on Sonera's eight-yard line. Sonora punted out of danger and ·was not again in danger in that period. the Brownies* winning? score came half way !n the last -canto when an CakdaJe man took the ball off Leonard's too and crossed the i Ime. smeared him' for a five-vard loss- Berkeley took the oval and kicked out from yhder her own goal After being pushed back again, Berkeley kicked. Several Live Oaks in t erf erred -with Modesto's chance for a fair catch and received a fifteen-yard penalty. Attempt Freo Kick ilodesto chose to try a free kick, but waited too long after the referee's whistle and was penalized five yards. After the Oaks had charged too soon several times, McCart got oif a free kick, but it was low. Berkeley took the ball on the twenty and advanced to the iwenty-five-yard marker when the half cndcd. In the second half both teams punted freely. The Bucks were penalized 'ifteen yards for Iio.dlag and were pushed to their fifteen-, yard stripe. After Powell had hicked out to deo Intercepted Spring's Ion? pass in midfifild. A fifteen-yard penalty set Notre Dame back but Brill and Mullins recovered the lost ground and ten more yards In two plays. When set back by another fifteen-yard penalty Carriedeo vas forced to punt, a kick that went out of bnunds on the Navy's fifteen-yard line. Cariedeo intercepted a Navy pass on the thirty- two-yard line and Brill carried thi ball to Navy's nine-yard line as ih» third period ended. Mull ins Scores Mullins dovo over for Kbtr4 Dame's-second touchdown early iq the fourth period.. Cariedeo kicked goal. Notre Dame again rushed down tba field, bat lost the ball oa a ramble. Navy took to the air Jn a dcspcr* ate scoring effort, but failed" le penetrate tha thirty-yard sons. Notre Dame adopted a. defensh'a game, staving off the Navy charges and punting several times, keeping e« ESI ON com Little World Series Stanford And U. S. G. Grid Machines ROCHESTER. N. Y., Oct. 14.-- '.iP)--The star of tho American Association still remains on the mldfield, Berkeley began to threat- j the ball near mid-field for the ro en the Modesto goal with a march i rcainder of the that ended Inside the Bucks* three- yard mark. Powell kicked from behind his seal and tho Oaks begun another push. A fifteen-yard pass took the pij- skin to tha Modesto five-yard line. Once again Berkeley was in a position to .score with four downs to make five yards. Two bucks took the ball to the one-foot line. Then the American Legion line held like a stone wall and "Powell punted. Atwood THakes Gain Alter another exchange of punts, Atwood ripped off thirty-five yards through center, placing the ball exactly on the middle chalk line. Atwood's at- blocksd and hands of a Wins Pacific Freshmen PALO ALTO. CcL 14. UPi-- Menlo Junior College defeated College of the Pacific Freshmen 33 to 0 here Saturday, scoring in every quarter. Menlo will meet the Southern Oregon Normal School at Hertford, Ore., next Saturday-in their first conference game. Stockton Relay Teams Beat Modesto Relay teams representing the Stockton High School defeated the Modesto preps In two events hcid at the local oval Saturday in connection with ths varsity football game between the two schools. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1-J.-- IE--- , . . Two teams appeared to-day to stand head and shoulders over other Pa- ascendant where the ar.nuai bat- Stanford and University of South- thlrd successive year of the westerri University of California !s still In - Bucks held and kicked out'of dan the running 1 , but those who closely! S er little _ world s series has captured icllow tha game believe th A beautiful pass from, her own have but slight chance to overcome forty-flve-yard line took the Live J. M. Silveira ....... .. Patterson American Legion foothill team Merced 7 to 6 here yeiierdav la " tho hardest fought game of" the Merced center, mace to bad passes. recovered the ball T T . , *, tr.ii i selcs e!tv(!n «bich refused to step Umpire 8 BioW K.lilS asldc ** let Stanford's stalwarts r ai3 All \7ere iccomp!«te. the goal line for a touchdown. Captain Wcod -srsj successful In -~ r n 17 «--, ! PSSS, "Wfia crushed before an ava- lOimg iali "layer | lancne ° r ni - e Umchdcnms here PAULDIXG. Ohio. Oct. 54 (.*.- ' S*******-- The score was 57 to 0. yea fcsre IteaiT- cfculy d E=etse-- i elasdard. Painless Extracl.'ons as low as Crov/n and Bridge Work $5 tooth Bud ap ESOMO QU1NIKE at pace. Used ay Tr-arg- for orcr SpcclaJ Flesh-Colored Plates, 510 and apt eiliei set 6 Srove-s Laxative and flculty _ . . . , _ Callforcte la the firs!, big eagsKKzeat of the year between ' tht East and Far West. yperin, perhap?, has been adopting tha tactics (,i Connie Mack and Its ' a secret, tob:: In overcoming Franklin and Mar- fhall, Swathmore and Virpnia Poly !n successive Saturdays has not been calculated to toss any feai Dies From Injures ^ iard ISSSZfgfc PASSAIC y. J_ Oct. 14.--yp)-- Stanford's first score came after Thomas (Tuhby) O'Shea, 18, died f four and a half minutes of play. *^ 0 ,, a » TI L « ,. .. -'--hock SmaHinfT, Phil Moffatt and s to-day at Passaic General Hospital I Cl r j from ^injuries received during a i Phil Winnek -kd a fifty-five yard . for tackle slant From this point on it was a succession of touchdowns. Stanford held the ease in every department. ""heir twentv-'our first (JoA-ns were matched by" fight th£ Bruins. Four Cardinal with 145 and Louisiana State with 145. ! Of forty-seven major college; teams which have won two g«me3 · or more without suffering either · defeat or tie. only nine have not ] DR. WILCOX D3NT1ST C i f r a r t l n c and I'jOTthfm S p r r f n l l K t * 3»5 Tenth Slree* KodrTr Orer rennry'» Store QUININE ---^Tablels

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