The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLVTIIEVn.LR (ARK.) COUHTKR NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1949 Summer Is Time For Social Ease Sociable Gatherings N*«d Not be Halted As 'Too Much Trouble* Warm weather needn't call a haJt. ia sociable gatherings. Let in formality be the rule for summer entertaining and use every trick you know to keep food .service simple. Suppose, for example, it's a bridge luncheon on the agenda. Keep 't cool; keep it en*y. And you'll wind up with the feeling that the besl WAV to forget the weather is lo surround yourself with friends. The luncheon menu mfjiht Include s molden gelatin salad which can b« made the day before. Green spears of asparagus laced with strip? of bright red pimento in a layer of shimmering lime gelatin would be pretty. To make the iaiad, niix lime gelatin according to the direction on pankape, subsiimiing one- for that Secrets from o French Chef Show He Caters to the Women fourth cup lemon j amount of water. Pour a layer of tile mixture in (Jie hot-torn of a shallow rcciagular pQirrhun fiirim- eJed pan. OhJU riiii] firm. Now m- rangfr canned aspara^u^ spears in j bundle^ of three n?lks on the layer of gelatin. Arrange stnu.«; of re<i pimento acros* p;u-b Immllp (« slve the effect of bnw.s. Spate the Inn- r riles of a.iparagus so rhr<f path win' b* onf rectangular serving of sulruL Carefully pour a Mule i>f ihP Eela- tin mixture around thp aspm-n^iis and chill to se.t lUe a^pii. Poviv in remaining f tat in mixture and i chill in refrigerator until fitm. To serve, cut with a silver knife . beLweeti the asparagus bundles and j lift out onto crisp lettuce with ai spatula. Seivie with well-seasoned mayonnaise. Garnish with wedges ; \v ompn of hard-cooked egg and slices of sweet pickle. Serve the salad with tiny bakery rolls, heated in the upper part of an enameled double boiler over hot Bread Spreads // knives, jelly glasses, paraffin ami j labels are items which will trtke' f • m '. of m us \ piescrving iwed.s. 1 r rUll| For cooking jams and jellie.v LI.SC a I • laree porcelain cnnmrled .saucepan i ll/' i II • Jj inter USCOC|C, or saiice pot, The .shiny g]a.s.s sur- M;»ke the mast of luscious fruits ul b^vilcs during their briel .^a- iii •;>- pulling up suinc jars of bright jjim- and je.llip.s for next ivin- UV.s fujo\;npjH. Currants, ia-:pbL'i- rijv,, pliiur. I'herrie.s, pearlies, apri- rous ant- grape.s are a te\v °* ilir- m;'M_v pas.sibililies for bmi<lm« ILJI an ir.iCMT.stiiig array of ",spre:»d* ror breadv" Ettjuip'ncni needed for mufcuiK jfiins itnd jetties should be :<s.-einl>- Ird convcK:tnily so that ;t will he ready for I.IM* alt through the .sntti- mcr, A larse kettle, a lari^e saucc- piin. ;i \\fKidf-Ji s|x>on, i bags for .siraining Jelly, HCC of enameledwnre Is rcMstunt to food ariils ami cannot affect the color or flavor of Iho jam or jelly. It is cn: : y to ]•(*!«o\'e the Iruil colors from enameled pars. too. Wash filial in hot soapy \v;it>v , remamin<> stains by tilling the titen- ! .''il with vati'i and add in p about three tablespoons o! r.'hlorino bleach to each ciuarl of water. Souk 10 mhnitc.s: then rinse. I'o arid variety to 'ho jam and jelly s-jpplv. try this recipe lor Pluni Conserve. Il l.s easy to make and the addition o' cliopped mi us give.s an enticing flavor. I'lnm C'oiiscrvr- 'I quarts O^mson phims '.i teaspoon cinnamon 1 Lemon, j'Jicc and grated rind 1 oranjs.f, juice and grated hiul 1 cup nut meals, chopped V/'AKli phmus. Remove pits and cut Into small pieces. Combine all in- except nut meats In a. large enameled saucepan or sauce pot. Coalc. Mining frequently, uiitil eit and clear. Stir in chopped nm meats Jusl before removing from the heat. Pour Into hot sterilized glasses; cover with a liiin layer of paraffin. GJ..I.HI pumui.s, v, 1'iirs a (fill '.vhiti both a small French m':s' a liirle difr just ijclo\v lip. Hr-'s one of fhe '.vrirld's must rptJiMtbiar)!e chef* He is ciuff chr*f of the new Fjenrh luxury liner. Tie tie Francr. atid Is a fh?va!lnr f of both Ihe Lecion d'Honncur and Mei'ite Mn rii hue. "One of i lie reasons for my ,*uc- • cess," IIP ex plain?, "is that I cook j for wornnn rather than for men. water. Tart jelly, bowls of celerv sticks, carrot curls and radishes and lots of hot coffee complete the main course. Finish off with ball.s of ine cream topped with fresh strawbcr- ries or pineapple. r W nni to keep iheir fig ,, re p lirc rjlslie.^ that are Open-Fire Way Improved By Modern Cooks * OF FOOD"—Meet Gaston Miuerin, 200-pound chief chef of Irwr new lit de France luxury liner. Maijrit) '.veiKhs over 200, •,< hen put in the p;ni. Inlo ibis liquid, they at Id salt, pepper. . c onifr pa rs I c \'. la i a P I lea vt-s. t h y m e.. one clove oiir 1 or l\vn ra ri o!s and n . Uii tu- oni'm. If jio v. iiitp wine can be, ihon VSSP one or two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, deppndljjg on the si/e of the fish. ; Hoil this mixture for one hour When ready, place the fish in it. and allow to simmer over a very slow fire, or on the back of a co;tl range, until tender ff the fish is boiled rapidly, it will all break up in pieca- and lose its shape. Leave in ihe uiUil rowdy to serve This punching method can bt 1 used for FJets dp Sole Marjjuery. Bass a la Paysnnne. and Filets dp are .something to droniii about. His j pare the sole by removing the black skill \viih fish and fish s nut-PS IK i skin, inserting tlip point of a knifp famous round the world. So let's -muter ihe .^kiu near the tail; and lear his .scc-rel. | holdiiiR the piece of skin thus To Poach Fish: To poach fish | lifted with a cloth so it may not means to simmer fish, preferably j slip from (he ^rnsp. and lifting the in vegetable stock, to brine onl j skin up as far as thp head. :\ \ the flavor of Ihe fish. French j cutting it then. This will probably j cooks take equal quantity of fresh i IIP found an easier inctliod than j water and while wine, enoneb so , by the sera pins off HIP skin. the fish will he entirely covered ] Poach the snip as previously dc- I — [MTiberi, Then sarn:sh it with such tidbits as shrimp, mushrooms, truffles, <u mussels. After the liquor in which the fish was poached hiis reduced, smstui \vpll nnil stir \fnj vk-li." , •Rich or otherwise, the dishes the | fabulous Mngrin prepares foi H pas- ! sengers ahinrd tlip Tie t!r France i quick summer meal* Domino Brand, pure cane Sine* the days when early Americans cooked their foods over \ oppn /ire. roa^iing has been a favorite method of preparing meat. However, for modern home makers, roa.stitig tender cuts of bee/, veal, Irefih slid cured pork, lamb and meat loaves has become a .simple recipes for perfect salad drpssinas: \ K:isis<' Krriich Dressing i Ofukes ^i cup—st-rvrs 1) j Oj i e-h a 1 f ten spoon .salt. ' •• \ ea - : spoon sugar, l i teaspoon paprika, i dash IX'I'Pf 1 '- '- tenspnon dry mux- \ tard. '* cup eider vlneuar or Ic- mon juice. ] ^ cup .salad oil. Blend the dry ingredients. Add ihe vinegiT or lemon juice and slir or shake thoroughly. Add the oil and. shake or stir again .Always shake or Mtr Jiisl bvfore seiving. in about half ;i> much butter a.s liquor. Pour over (lie sauce, ami garnish over t-he poached fisli and broil imti! slightly broivn. In following th« very la lest meih- od. Reba Stagg.s, well-known home | economist, advises placing the meat! far. side tin on a rack in an open ro£.sunp pan. A rack—a recular cake rack will do—keeps (he meal out of the drippings and away from the bottom of ihe pan so lhat the heat circulate- 1 : freely, resulting in a uniformly cooked If the meat en I f orm-'i a na t \\ ra 1 rack s u eh as the standing rib of beef roast or po v k loin, a rack is not necessary. The meat is left uncovered, water is not added and with (he fat side up tlie melting fat rim. 1 ; over »rd throiiRh Uie meal to baste itself. The roast may be seasoned before, dilrinp or after cooking. It makes no difference as the salt penetrates less than a hall inch into the me;it. Slow cooking is quite important. It nipaiis more meat, better meat and fewer and better drippings. For \ Scrvts -\) I Three quarters uiip basic Ficiich j dressing. 1 h»rd-cooked c^g yolk, j [ 1 ^ tablespoons Worcestershire i j sauce. ! .• tca.spooti chili powder, 1 ' I green onion or scallion. 1 clove ' gnrlic. i Sie\'e c£% yolk inio the French ' dressing. Blend the Worcestershire I sauce and chili |>ou'der Uigrther | and stir it]to the dressing. Add j the finely cut green onion or -cal- i lion—op and all. Jab a toothpick ' ihroufih thr garlic clove and drop i into ihe C jrpssiiife'. iVouli rejiiove the J garlic before seiving.» This dress- ! IIIR is bt-st made .several hours in advance, and at rue last minnlR i poured over a bowl of rsiuTiicinl lettuce. I.V I'opulur \Vrsternrr) One cup sour cream (commercially processed lype^. '2 green onions or scallions. 2 tjihltrspoous niiiy- veal, cvired pork r.nd lamb, j onnaise. •> or ^ tublc.spoons loiuou thp oven regulator is. set for 300P. | ji'ice, ]'i ounces d foil-v.uiplK'd Because fresh pork needs a hiphpr i trianglefi' Koqru-rfni-t-type chcp?p, remperf ture to bring out it< ' full SilU ftl| d freshly ground pepper to flavor it Is always cooked at 3SOF. laste For cooking time per pound S Finely cu t Inps and all of the homenu.kers should refer to a de- ' onions or scallions into sour cie.nn. pei.dftblr. tnne-table. A meat tlier- Ariri vnnainlnR ingrtxlifnts and MM- mometer is of -re?t in deter-l son Io ta - i;tp - All ° v ' to "ripe"" f»r muunv Mv correct dt-sree of cione-E' vrvera! h " nrs bcfoie S P'' VI »B- * tivc ne.v. It i5 ia-pLied in -he moat cut ] "" ^'^U-es of q isp lettuce, before cooking so ih;il thf* bnlb of] the thPi-mometet is not rwtmg m \ , Ou1s ,., na p ,- f ,dncc»= limit- r ns thp fat or on bone ar.d i? in thr cen- (hrin n , v othf , r slf ,, e in - br llllion ter of thp thicb.M part i>: th° ineai. ! \ ojiisbn- 1 in .-V:ra;- vipiti aturU i eight million prlis n year. CAMERA $2" Cool .Crisp Salads Need Varieties for! Dressing Recipes Courier Nous Waul A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT Cool, crisp s:* la o-. or couj^e "B-JI no better thsn its ckc 1 From Caiifoi'nt?., Hohi!Lg lettuce, come tho MACARONI PURt tG& SPAGHETTI AND 1 COUPON FROM Old Miss BUTTER fresh, pure - ib. 52c Bush's whole Green Beans No. 2 can 23c SUGAR - - - 10 Ib bag 89C The Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA - - - case 89c can 22c Sacramento halves PEACHES - No. 2 Swift's Jewel SHORTENING-3 ib. can 59c GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES No. 1 Red Washed POTATOES lOlb. bag43< Crisp, fresh, Michigan CELERY - - stalk 10* Sunkist, 432 size LEMONS - - - doz. Tit California Seedless GRAPES - - - 2 Ibs. 25< Plump, Fresh DRESSED HENS Ib. Tender, fresh dressed FRYERS - -'- - - Ib. Fresh caught CATFISH Ib. Wilson's Certified BRISKET STEW-Ib. Wagner Brand, 1 Ib. roll , PORK SAUSAGE Ib. Standard CORN No. 2 Can MOORE BROTHERS Highway IS West. Illyilicvillc FREE HCV-EZY «<>np»ii •BlUE^ IRH-EZY SAVES CLOTHES f MAKES /RONTNG EASY J Take this coupon to your Grocer and 'he •S.-V AVtdt* North Star PEAS No. 303 Can 10 C will give you I XCr. Grocer: ^ Citioa muit be filltd i FREE (nth (he purchase o/ ONE Pkg. KUTTYHUNK BLUING \ this coupon u ihr coupons 10u DIAMOND, MCDONNELL & co. ' " <o >ou nf One Onl for liandlini. r!m ihf ' »VPcannit on ihe btmom of >our [RN-C^y Mion "O" PhiU. 2J, Pcnna. f(-Ai«, r ixrt" Kounty Kist CORN De! Monte COFFEE Grated TUNA - ---tan27* Assorted flavors - - - 3 for Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEEK Dinner Pepper* Cm pepper move l i halves, !engihwi»«. Re- sccds and hbeu. Boil 2 minutes jiling water and 1 teaip. in It. siow (350° F.). Mix meat, corn !/i cup cheese. Mix »oup, mtllc, rorn liquid and remaining '/s t*n*p. ;alt. Mix ','* cup jauce wi(h me At tnix- ure. Put into peppers. Put into bak> ng pan. Pour a^uce around peppen. Top pep peri with remaining Vt cup chc«se. Bflke 20 min., or until ch««« \\ hgnt hro^'n, Mfllc« 4 >ervingi. *Cream of musnroom loup alio e*n be u»ed. PET'MTLK 3 cans 350 PEPPERS Ih 17 LUNCH MEAT ,,,55 Whole Kernel CORN Can 21 All famous brands A carload of suds Ige. box CIGARETTES cfn. $1.89 SUPER SUDS 23< Gerber's 3 for The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO--4Ib.ctri.75< BABY FOOD 25< Assorted flavors Liberty JELLO - - - pkg. 5< COFFEE--Ib. 41* A ft

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