The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 23, i'93i) : (AUK.) COULMKK NEWS 1MB THf WAHT-AW-/M (AN T Af WfiD H) MISS TH£M '"' "'*' ' <L ' PAGE SEVER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION My. rale per line for consco'u- livc Insertions: One lime get line , 10c Two limes per line per day....OBc Three limes per line per dny..,OGc Six limes per line per day—05j Month rate per line ,..GOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 15o Minimum chiuie 50c Ads ordered lor three or sis (lines and slopned before expiration will be charged for the number of times (he arid appeared and adjustment of bill uiadc. All Cl«ssifj«l Advertising copy siibmiiled by persons residing outside of the city must, be accompanied by cash. Rates may be .easily computed from above latilc. Advertising ordered for Irregular ^Insertions, takes the one tinie rale. No ^responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect, insertion of any classified a'd. quality tiU'd service In ixilry prodiicls. Cattle free 6t Bang's, In best of plijvdcol condition. Call Mrs. Grace Ixjwcry. 002-J, for llalsell's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country liuttcr, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection .encouraged anytime. HalScll's Dairy Promised Laud, Home a ': Foi- Reiit 3 room unfurnished apartment and bntii, newly decorated. 112 Chlck- iisnwba. Call B10-W. 23-ck-lf :i rooin .r.urnujhcd apn'rl'mciil. Mrs. 0. II, Whi'i'k'i, SOD liearn. 23ukJJC 1 room furiiisjicd or unfurnished. 210 W. Cherry. ' aS-pk-'fl 5 room house will] ball) near Sn;l- -biiry school. No litciiinbencc. W. B. Tlioinpson, 418 So. Lake. 23pk30 2 or 3 roo m furnished apart nidi 1. 700 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf 2 inifiii-iiishetl rooms. Liglit aistl walej-. 51C Chickasmvbrt. 20-pk-27 •t room furnished house. Reasonable., Call between 4 and 7 P.M. 1413 W. Main. ' 20-ck-27 I Bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. Me- Mullln. 15-ck-tf ' I Coihfortable bedroom. G25 W Main. Phone 277-J. 15-ck-0-i5 2 bedrooms. 102 Davis. Pli 385 : 13-ck-tf Sttire building arid residence combined. Good location for grocery ant 1 , meat market. 040 Lake St. See Dr. .!. A. Shllba. Plidnc 410 or 418. 12-ck-C-12 Attractive front bedroom. Beauty"•est mattress. 003 \V. Main Pb. G12. 10-ck-lf 2 room fur n is lied apartment, downstairs. 1315 W. Main St. 0-ck-tf For '_ Rent—Comfortable furnished home for the summer. Mrs Gco. Cross, 300 South Lake. : , -9-ck-tf One. fmrii beftraoin. Twin beds 1000 w. Ash. Cnll.-MS-W. 3-cktf 1 Newly decorated 3 room furnished anarliiieiit.. 108 w. Kentucky. Plionc 683. 25-p'k-5-25 2 room nirhun'nt apart'incnl and 2 soiitli ucdrobins. 103 Davis, nhonc :tB5. I-ok-tf Furnished room entering into foiilh. Bcaiilifcsl Maltrcss. Will Blve 2 meals a day. 818 Chicka- sawha. phone fi,3o. 1-da OfTic'e ropiiis, Siidbiiry B'nildiiij. Rep Graiihin Siidbury. ?.7lf Crnsley Elcctm Refrigerator. 5IP. Colcirtaji liistrliU'CaS K.-inqe, fib. Baby Bed an dmnllrr.w. $f>. Porcii Glider. ?5; Lawn Sotlce nnd two chairs. $3. Lawn Mower, almost new, Si. chest of drawer's,' si' Moore's ; S-room Cabinet Heater, S20. Call anytime. 113 W. Ken- lucky St.. 'J2-ck-22 One S-room lioure. George M. Lee. Phone 32B. 10-ck-lf nccpiuiilioncd hiolors. Ford «M.50, Chevrolet 557.50. \rttlv'cxcliaiige of old motor. D. W. Crauford, Dell, Ark. 3-pk-6-3 Mules for sale cheap. Delta Ini|)Ic" iiicnt Co. . 2'l-cl:-lf Dair Adills A'uiiin Fl'tgliis K.islcr ROME (UP)—The Ala Llttorlo Airlines has Inaugurated u new ~i"i dny service from Home to Addis Abiibn. There nrc dally trips to Asmara aiid Addis Ababa tind lil- leiiml'e (rips .every other day via IJessye Attrt Gondar. and Board Comfortable I'ooms. Reasonable rates. 112 E. Cherry, phone S02. ; , 8-ck-tf Redecorated south bedroom. Couple preferred. Plione 626. 2-cktf Lawn Mowbi's Used Lawn Mowers OMi: IN KXCKU.IMT CONI)i- TJON SHOUSE-HENRY HAlimVARK OO. riioiic 35 Minnows Fbi- l3al<i Minnows, and fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-5-25 A B CAR Ictt Is warned lq a|)|icnr In the Chancery Court fov Ihe Clilekn- iwbn nistrtct of Mississippi Cotlil- ,.', Arkansas within thirty (30) <!nys and nnswrr (he cimiplaint of Ihc plnlntllfs, w. O. Johnson ct, al. Wline&s my hnnd us cleik of said court nml seal .thereof, this Blh day of May. lD3i1, HARVEY MOR1US, ' Clerk By Elliiibeth niyllie, D, 0. <Eoal) , 8-H!-23-;iO . Goldfish MJimoivs B. F. Brogilbn, 310 l)o«Ean KINNOW& i COCK ItOACHES <iarl Dimion. Cor. Railroad * Ky. Personal Ariiisq Slli'gglsli t.ivcr, wnrk o'ff Ihc bile, lo rid yourself bt constl- patlpn, .gas pains and that sour, punk fccililg. Take one bnx of .KIKBY'S' ACi'iVE uvEii riti.s 25c at nil Kirby Stores. Position -Wanted: Elderly lady desires position HS w hoHsckeci;cr. Box L. W,' Coii'rli;r News. . ii)-i)k-24 tee ' JOHN BUCHANAN Waiitoti QDiCR of the Courier Ncivs o'f April, 3 and 13. 5c .pniil for cricA liaper of the dates stated. Courier Ncivs office. . .hairy. jhVtio'r tnwi Ii«.i|)cs MARTENS PERRY. O. (UP> — Two-year-old . ihilli Mogg was run over by a Fcnnsylvnnia rijilroa'd freight train, bVit escaped injury. Knocked between Uip rails, two locomotives passed over 'her, trie wheels iitisslns her body. Avcmt iii'e cijicMSc^of tc'pnlrlrij; your iirrsrnt oir. Trade il 'now •liirine Viiir 15-iIiij- l>ii--Srniiiiicr Sii'Ic, n-hilc we nrc nblu to givo y.rm more nil ytinr prcsciii chr llinii we ever will iigiiini See f liese Bargain Sjieciais today! 3'i Clic'v. Tudor .§12 '35 .Ffli-'d V-8 fii(im-....5Hl! '35 i'lyrrinulii Tmtor... .?t,S7 '37 I'VrVl V-S fiiiiot; .S.')ii'2 '37 Ford Dclui.xc Tiirior ?:i!ll '38 Fo'ril V-S TViiibr.V. :§.i't:'j PHILLIPS Motor Comparly 5lii A. I'hoiiij <• FOREIGN StAflESMAN 808 liearn Street. G romn cotliise school. $1250.00 Oasli. ffrnls for S30.00 month. MCI) W. Ash. Corner 1'nt 15x110. G rdotn cottage with ri fedro'onn. No iwving or scirer tax. Rents at $30, Price $2000. $500 cash. JSO.Oa inonlh. - . 123 E. .Vine. I'rciiy. biin»alou\ Pink of condition, $850.00. \ ' 300 N. 5tt). stucc<l hungalQW. hard- •wqod floors. S2BOO. $250 rash, S20 month. 213 Ougan, 5 room bungalow. $1500. $200 cash. $15.00 month. 116. W. Davis—5 room cotlaje $1500. S200 cash, $15.00 moiilh. £01 Chickasavvba. Corner lot, 5 room cottage $2000. S200 casli fiO month. 232 Dtigan—B room collage on "or- ner lot with colU\?c in rear that rents for $7.50. P)rire $1250. S200 casli $12.50 month. ' 12 N. Kifth-5 room cottage $1250. S2CO cash and $12.50 moulh. C% Interest oti above houses. Thomas I.and Co., Sole Agls. 20-ck-2a For Sale or Trade 1G3!1 Plymouth four-door sedan. Call 534 alter five^p, M. 23ck27 1 Edou.Vnl , Kurppean slaiejinan. 8 He is an . official of ——. 13 Maritime. M Ohc who delivers goods in trust. 15 To disencumber. IGp.dlc'r gariiiciit of an Eskimo! 18 To rcboutid. 20 rnr.ldisc. 22 Brcahwalcr. 23 Knding for iiouns. 24 Janridicc ., remedy. 27 Se.-i (ale. 30 Useful p 33 Gaseous clcnvmt. 35 Tare 3G A I it lie. 37 Pound. 30 Quadruped. •iOShip term. 4ll3ch61d. Aileron., •11 bistihcitvc Ahsft-'cr to Previous Puzzle UicoricK. 46 To suffice. +7 Subsist. 49 Ka'r aivay. 52 A lally. 5[> Being. . 57 Korrn of "o." 58 Glncicr dc(>psit. 'C^ And. G1 ills official . title (pi.). 65 The present European ^^^ afTccls Jiis country profoundly. VERTICAL 2 Amidst. 3 To bnil. •I Measure of . area. 5 To immerse. C Not suitable. 7 Frightened. 8 Musical nole. 9 Cereal grass. 11 Neither, 12 Blood money. H Pressurr . mc.isur'ctnent. 15 His lai\d is a (pi.)- 17 Part of lype. 10 He is also^-^of war (pl.). 21 Nothing. 25 Aionasiery room. 28'Company (nlibr.). 2? Armadillo, ZORcd llowc'r. 31 Cravats. •32Pnrngr<iiiH. 3'l To. rcciuire. 38 Ribbon ornament. « Gar.ellc. 45 Courtesy . title. 48 Half. 50 Lawyers' charges. 51 Person .. opposed. M Autp. .54 Single thing, 55 Over, 50 Wliirlirihd. GO RailroAd. Bl While. 02 North Cn'rblin.i. IN.THE CHANCERY COURT VOR TI113 QlUCKASMVrU D1ST1UCT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, AR, KANSAS. ' W. O. Johnston and his wife, Lee- biile Johnson; Hdnu llu 11 man Jfarrlson, Milrvln Huffman nml Ills wife, Annie Ilitiliiiiin; w. il. glbi-nll, A'diniiilsttittoj' of tli'p cs- Inle of Fnnnle linii'inan iilalr, Plalnlllfs, vs. W. M. Hums; Annie Hlalr j'lb'.v- lelt, -' 1810. . j dalcd Jnnnnr.v 7. mil niid Hiippie- mental Iteiinlnlli.n No. l!) ellcclivt July 10, 1!)I17. • (Jruwi'ord M, Noble Ily Jessee K Blltl, Mar. IN TllK DlfiTlUCT COUH'J 1 Ol-' TllK UN1TEU STATUS l^ll Till! JONEailOlJO 1J1V1H1ON dcrciujnnU, WARNING OUUKIl . "" "• ^"" ' uiuiKrnini The defendant Annie nii\lr liow- jl.»,vtn«yille, AikiinsiiB), No. 2031 I Ic U'ill-i\n/l In ,»».. !.. »!.-« NtKC'lv Ol-' llUlll-'U iriYIW! -1'i^ OP TllK KASTB15N DlSTHirjT , OV ARKANSAS. I|i Uie Mulk'r of ) In M. B. Cos ) i; <>!•• ni.iNd pi' CATION i-oft utjiioii Notice Is. hereby given thill fhu lulersisiu-d has fllcd • wilh (lie Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas foi' )ieriiill to sell mid dispense vinous or .spirituous liquor* for licwrngc at re- tall on' the premises described as We Little Shop, Hotel Noble Hldg.. Walnut A Broadway, ISlythcvllle. Application Is for permit to I'C iKiucd for opcrallon beginning en Ihe first day' of July. 1030. nml 10 expire on the 30th il»y of June, LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory metlibd, adjusted, oiled—Picked ii|) & ilellvcrcd $1 ATKINS machine Shop & GnniKc > S. 2nt\ flume NOICK ()!•• OltllUlt n.\lN( 1'OK HUM! OllJIWr TO iiisciiAluii: TO TUB CREDITORS i AHOVK NA.MKD TiMU iiltenlleu of iho hisloilcnl recently by « muval minted In the Ciiiiliol by John Sloimt entry Thu inui-nl dqilcls John Uiotttfs Hiill-slmery actlvldcs. The ciiUIn, loriiled on Ihc hum of i>. II. Miullii, Ims been tc\eicd vvllh lion«l« initl is in n dlliipldated roiKlllluii. H l.s plamitd to te^loio M to Us fonlier «(«(« ulul AND OTIIKR I'AIJTlKfi IN IN-! 11 M ii stall) hlsloi leitl inoiuimcnt AiTordlnj; to Klike M'><Ji(in, srcrelriry cf Ihe Kitnsiis Stnte Ills""' Sofliily.. the hldionl Ls ,. . Thi'vc is u tunnel win l) (iOO feet IOUK «hieh LOimuU Ihe cabin vVllh a secret uUmiKC so lhal Hie fugitive slitus loiild -• a v>i- TllK t-iipc If Ihe place had bun Nolliv is hereby (jlvcn tliiit on the 20th ilny of Miiy, 10.')!), nil order was mudi; In Die nbovo fn- IHIed piwi-odlni!, nsiiit; Ihc 23rd ilny of June, iu:)y, »s llu- \ m \, ,|ny for- the nliii|> of olijecllons lo Ihe cllschunie of miu bankvulH Dated tills May as, IOJI1. i^. C.MULI.INIX, licfciTC In liaiikriiplcy, Kansas Will Preserve Joiih Brown's I)i<lcoiit TOI'KKA. K:is. .CUI't—The Kmi- wis Ilislotk'ul society pliius to preserve a cabin hideout iiseil by John Brown when bi^ operated itn "tm- dcrtirouinl nillwiij'" to Ininsport slaves t3 Iree territory. 2 Choppers $80 Each Delia ImpiehiGiiis, Ihfc. . 3J2 fioiiiii 2nd Now l.iinitvit »( lot North Sci-nii'il ADDING MACHiNE & TYPEWRitER SERVICE BUREAU 11ON HDU'AKDS, rri)|>rlrloi- All Aliilii-s of Iti'iniiil T.v|iciviil('rs, Adilliif. Aliichlifrs null Caiciilatiirs— i:<i|Mlilcijr— I'arls— I Educator Doubts Today Is The Age 01 Science ATHLN3. O <UI')-S|iwklne nl Ohio UillicMlly comocallon hcie, Or Anlon Jullii? cnilson, Unlver- Jllj Of Clilcrtgo lllljalo!o«(5l, cl'nl- ciiRtd the light pf this cciilmy to be kiiown 111 "(lie n KC of Science" lie sflld that iclatlvoly few ncd- l>lo make lincntloiis nnd dli>cov- J. L. GUARD Oploriielmt K Or \ilii ilc Oiitoiue- IrM In )!l)lW\ltlc s tidcil Corirttlj SEED CORN erics nnd contended that Way's Ilivenlloiis nrc mostly gadgfets W Sever-ill bushels of liybrfd 8,00(1 coin mown in N o w Mmlvitl Comity, Mo., loivn J3 viiHcly, priced lo cl»sc ottl nt $3 Also Imsliels of rc- cleancd Soybeans PAUL BYRUM 122 K. Main St. HOW LONG MNOK YOUIt C'AK |tA» AX Amu-Dtcd tori Lubrication" vrsj Theie is n difference It lubilcnlloni E\ciy place doei not hiuc lljo same standard* . nor can Oicy BUq y'o(i ths S|)cctal Ford LiibrlcanU midij Cilieclnlly foi Toid cars Get tha follovvjng: CHASSIS (Tor 30 biilj) M'HhlOATlON !'ie,sf,\iro aim Clicnse In nil nrcV fWic aim llHlngs Sidings, hood liiclngb, Oooi, Shiker Rlaies waxed, Dnoi Hinges Lubiicalcd, tlifdal ^Giciiscs In Unlveisal jTolnlj,, (,|)ccl,il Ittbilcnnl in blc'er- Inj; yeai nntl dlstrlbutoi cam. 1'ACK J'HON'r WHKEI,S Wash out hub nnd boatings, patk \vltli spcclill Foul sfioit f Ibci Sodium Soai> Adjust wheel bearings. All Above Scivicc Ji«tij,'iit In Crtmbliiiition. Ohly $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Phone Slio THERE'S A.BIG 6OUNT-T fdff. Vou,SCAR-fbOT, AM EASTtRM ZOO THAT WANTS VOU Alll'E-- So HERE SOE8/ A'I.I;RY OOP GET Mr- CAR; WERE iw OUR ALLEY OOP JMS mo HEAVE'Kl OWLV A^DD^u- Inn/i HiijA-r.' .,- ^-i ^ NluKHlliLE ->(i roM'i BMOW.BUT now Dp you.NS.IF ,7 GETS OUT OPPOSE HE 6Cn\TH/xr WE ARE IX^D UP Ikl A / RESPOMSIBLE 1RAIU WRECK FIF- ) RDRIHIS-'IHIS 7V MILES FROM /SO- CALLED APE" 1 OUR 1^BOI2A- / WE'LL BE, IM "™"' ^\ A-SPOT.'' 'fs ANi) TiRR «Ubi)JKS BY V. T. HAMLIA I'l'iK \Vuii(fj (o (Jo \Vi_th iian7ly ,.,/. WASH T.unns OH. IW! THIBTV OAVS PER VAGRAMCV/ riEASE, VERHOJj'OS, ftiU.ISW/GOOD-BV. " TO MV LITTLE 'OWEUOOLVU ? Wash's Tnnghcsi li OEfJVJ TO! ISVI'T \CHEER UP, WASHE. VT 6^P E|JOUSH Btw 1 \ I'LL BE IU AlL W A ME-JS LIKE THIS \ OtlLV ^0 DAVS. VJITHOUT VOU TA661US WU KIVI FOOL ME WITH A WAME LIKE/ 'EM THAT LOIJO, Hi CAM 1 I'THE SCIEI>':T!ST-JOH.'.RIGI-IT 1Ml5*AfAlJP,il-lP lo&iki r-ocui'i £,.X, A h ANV--lABLfe -TO f\ GLAP 7O, HAV& YOU AUVWAV; I'O BATHER ' BY UOY CKANB imry^ojouCi MNYWAV, Ay KrtlHt DIE THMJ PBETEUD 1'MA61RLJ ~L WOUT DO IT.' i WOHT!.i \NOUT! ILL 6WE MIECKLES AND HIS I'RIBNRS fZ THIMkOF THE fAURDER TplAL! THIUK . REWEWvBEP TO TAUV. 1M A VK>\\- STICKS AND, HEED TQUR COuHrRyS ff lhb i\Ian With fhc Net M 1O 7H5 TOLL OF THe cuxx IN i>iE OLO NORTH ST6ERE / ISY MEKIULL •IT IS THlRTEefJ O'r- • CLOCK ACCORDING 76 THIS LITTLE CUCKOO CLOCK 1, MA ! YOU SAY .IT'S..NOT A CUCKOO CLOCK , CM ? V/SU-, IF ITS WOT A UTRP cucKoo,, VVMV ooss rr ? , .

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