The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1947
Page 15
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, MAY 8, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bern a i/* 1 * P " Utl * * 01 COBB * cut >*» I* lAiiuiuiuu churl* . BO« i tluiM per Une 1B C ^ timed ver Hiia y»r A*y , ia c J Jfues iier lino per day g c « uwea per Una yer rlay ~__ 7c *- times per Hue ter daj I QC J»!i;riih iier Hue POc C'oimi five average word3 to th« Hue. Ad ordered for tlirca or nix tittiea and •"I'lJCd before expiration will be charg- for the miinliei of times the ad ap- Siiii adjust iiibiit o( bill uiado. '^ -willed Advertising coyy sub- i residing outside ot the - -- >uii>anfo4 by cash. Hates uny bo easily computed from the above la Lie. Adveitlslug order Tor IrrecnUr luier- MVEI- lakes the oue time rate. W'j leKlionalbillly will ba taken lor raoro thau oue incorrect Insertion of auy i-lansLrird ad. 9 x 12 01*011 rutf. Cull 5308 afler :, : :ILI .. aim. city must li For Sale BAHY CHICKS V<isilru|i[3 A £13,75 liei fcnnilrefl -Titn Hnnvri Slum. 3|5-ck-lf Ti.AHY CHICKS -rlifii-,1 fhn-ks, Fust Ermvlnn and >,| Niy.-rs. Cnslun. hiiti-hinc. Uril w. Itklnrk lluii-hei-)-. N.irlli 01 KhwiiJ-. I'huiK. 317'2. 4!]l-ck-tf IUI. .10 & r>2 gallon Norge elect ric heaters arc now availahle at 1'lantcrs Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements arc available for ;.ny power lines. 4-21-ck-tf For Salt tlirrp room*, LiH-Uulinn ordlur »m! siov.-. I:. ,1. Ark. TiiO |ik-i:i MRRCKANTS ,'dn ftivo you iJiitmdiato ili'llvorj- on double iluly luoit c.tK'B in suj- Icii^'llis. Also_ tiax-t 1 bovcm^n coolprx, walk-In ni'ls. llut^-hrr fiujijilios. Also Mills Cum pros so rs. rtiuno Doll, 2'iM. POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts* to any height and under any conditions. Hlytheville Machine Shop, .1-12-ck-lf \\ irfil, r>-;ii|y lur liuyi-r. )iniui-<4i;ih- litiKjii^siiiii. Aljstriit-i iitU>. ]'u,'.'il (•> -Si'tl. .lark TipMn, lt,^:il IN MI.- lii..l,.-i, .M:uula, Ark. 'Mi ik-'J Ivory IK.'. Cjill ,r. KnyJiiniiil Hi.". i>r IS:t . r .'ll-j>!:-'J <>Ji- w> ! car 1 r;ul.-r. |.riiriioji)1 v ii.'w- Vi ].ri.-.-. Xi'itith lM>rlitl>lf ra.lio. '-.. in if,-, d.imu I "OiickiT 1 ' (;iii!.k.-.i •• • •all :in m. ;. 7 i>k-] i 'TMK- 7 'l'i c.>ri,ll;i.,ii 1 - -I u'rH«-'l PiKliLU- murv. |'|,r A. .li-nkiiiK, Slt'f-l... Mo. 11 !;.ri!M> i.lywiNnI l J( ,a|. Miirlln Motor 7,2 h.K I ( lii (11 « aii^t). i-JOS Holly. 4!ifu-nk-r,|io rrurk an,I Trat1«<r limits inmlp to onlt-r, H..-IH. mm- in N-lin-k. H.-iiry \Wst- l-r.i,,k*bf ^hop -^^;, N. First Si., iiliiuic :il> L^. ri>ri!i.-rl>- ]>^u .Shuil's Klid|». (•hop >- -HI. ir,^,,,,] 2- v , ; , \ .1,1 wiiin-> bull. l'r.|"TS .1. C. .Ullis. It.into 1, ^ 81). lllyll,,-vill.. 1'i.lllMj HI.I. l[2i-ck-S|9 Pi,in- "wlKit riimi-s iialnriilly. Kins F» Il.'iil^ l-ain'l im.l \V:i[l|,a],iT ^lorc. ,,I,.T. All "I ilimrnsiiin h:iv,- IM-V'I r,'.hiri' t | li, fiirnLi.| \.li.i ,,,t)i.- ;,ftiT i1 O S Itiilli^nn. f \V. Cam], .Miniltrif. I'lmnc- :l:lc)9. , KARM LAND We have several cash buyers who failed to get locater Isisl full. WiM buy now, subjoel to posscsiiion Jan 1st, 1<)IS. If vim want to sell or trade your farm, see, write, or call: Riales T,aivl Company Phone .'5322 Office across from City Hal in Hale ISlclg. Hlyfhevilie, Ark. —lirokcr— Russell E. Uifjlcs —Salesmen— , Hen D. Hanmcr & II. !M. IJcck ^ 29 ^ 15 ir ilr1*>il nr Kiln .Iri.'.l y.-l!,,w (.itie iiiinl'i-r .ill t)im>-n-i«ns Hrtiv.-r,>il )iy truck itr r^r ](-:i.l tn1« ]•:!.!. r Hro*. A- Lnnii T.niiil-i-r Ci>., \VK*-, li-r MI<" H I'lioiu- :ioi^ i»r :nr>*i. r.'^-i'k-'J •itffry nml jiHMt MiarU't 1 — 12 ( i)ts|ilny Iniv lunl wftlk-in Imv. AH ' 'in >w " shirk ". flioiic (If) lira mi 1 •(»pcrv. Hi'Ni!i- Mi». a-|.l{-l .. PLUMBING-HEATING .. >ATII FIXTUItKK. KITCI1KN KINKt WATKIl ilKATXllS Kli'Clrlr. :,r.,l A,:II,I:^I i.' Oil SKI-'I'lf: TAN'KS Si-vvcr Til... Cam. I roil jil|,<> nn,l Till and' fillinus. ATTIC! i WIN P!)\V I'ANN ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & HEATING 1913 W. Main l>licmo 67.' BLYTI1EVILLE (AKK.)_CX1UUIKK NKWS Services PACK * Service * Repair PHILLIPS Complete stock of softbull eiiuipmcnt, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price Sfi.'lo, S«.!)5, SS.95. I'lantcrs Hardware. Inc. r> 5 ck tf for Rent Xiri. lii.ilroiin>. Allio fan. W:iliiu1. I'll.,11,' ai9(i. llpilrooiiis. Phone D5'2. Nice bedroom, close in. UIO Wnluut. nvi' pniii^hiii.; vnu don't UPCil T Trailu i,r «i-ll if nl .Sivnii Shop. 401 E M»in. I'hitiic S59. 4130-ck-ll 'Two cane porcli rockers. In frond condition. Call 27SG. 5-G dh tf Rctlc)' Feed your Chick Cox- ilral in masli (n help prevent coccidiosis. Costs ten( a Chid:. We have t'o\itr<»l, a Dr. lless pro- duel. Woods Drug Store, 221 West Alain. I'hone 507. 7-ek-tO -s. lie,.." M nstnrc for rnulcs, liorsoa imil cnllle. 1-liono SCtl. 4|2!l-i,k-l5^'J Hi'ilroiini. Kilclit i'-S. S17 Cliick. CoinftirUtlc room. Call 2C7"i 4120-|>k-5|12 I^i'ilrooin nonr town. Phnnc 2087. 40 Arrcs at Innil in front of lovro Cn<V or crop. ,1. C. Kills. ltoi;lc 1, -Nnx HO Illytlicvillc. Phone GM For Sale of Trade I'rcssuro Cnntpr • no IliliiL- fur lilmv-i- niiinrv KlIuTI Huffni 40) K. Mnln. 1'honi- .",: Tr.uli In 1928. American farmers l a cnsli income of $10.500.000.000 ns compared with only S4,32B.OOO.- 000 in 1932. Tiir L'ianl inetooi- which Ktrnck !ii Siberia in 1008 created an nir v-.ive which blew the water from rivers nnd lakes. HOME SERVSCE ! & STORAGE CO. ! is pleased lo announce that j Mr. Richard Holt | has joined our staff as " vavpeiiler and inaintoimnce. ! man. Call us to do that" ! j<ili you can't (to 1 or don't, J ,vant fo do. J Telephone 2801 MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 fllihl'ioi 1 ' , T ,','j""".''!' 1 . t"."™"!:"' J - .""', ri'itir-,.| T, r i Vl | l( , .s kl rvU-y. 170 I-lli'Ufn I'll.,11, ,?;.)J 41^11 nli-.'i^C MONKY TO LOAN Do you nci'd H loan tn rep«Jr or remodel? No down payment, no morlKnge, no red t*pe. FHA approved rat« 6'''. Ask Jo.' detn.ilH. Mxi l.ojfnn, KcRltor, phone 2034. l-.viirh Hldjf., lilytl-.tTil _ U-2«-ck-t( r,''"! 1 : ..... r W...K. Illuok l.nylaa ' I.e( us sharpen nnd repaii your lawn mower, regard less nf. kind or si/e. (ie yours roiidy now, am avoid l|u> rush. We pick ti| and deliver. lilythevillc iMachinc Shop, 211 S. am St., phone 2828. .Ki-ck-tf r ii. uiinri, ....... ,1. Mi, nil, I). 1,-ims i' .I'Mi.-.l tall Mil d.i- li,.,. ..-.liiiinlu.i,. 41'^ I |ik .',;'-' I Mate Help Wanted AI.KSMAN • MAX WITH AMDI'l'IOX > A^v 1M In J!'.. No lir.' i-*L».| ifm'i> II.',.-I.MII>'. I'uv.'i Innil li.rrilnry. llrinv inc ii.-ci.niil, K« u| il I'tiinu-i: d,r mlniiu'i" liu'iil. \Yrll., previous ,'M"'i U n.'i'. KllH|isllol \l IN,oil.I,.. lU'fi'li-mi'S. II.IK lilM, n!u Cuimi'l Ni'VVS. .112:1 rk IF Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SiM T. L MABRY MlKKOIHtl HT. I'll. JGJ7 Wanted to Rent >t at li'iisl 1'jr. Ly :%n in 1iuvn ItlVlht-i-ill,.. niiiliil.l," fi.r |ii>rl!il,li' >li ins i-iiili. WriU' I'aiil l.r ........ Is. Ki or !i room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tt Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Iliway (il Phone 3785. 3 27 pk 5 2' •<<"'** For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. . Heafl Currier News Want Adds CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is your greatest asset. Chiropractic is the surest road to Health. An investment in a Chii'apmctic Health Service will add to your wealth of health." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalometcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Rldg. ' lllytheville, Ark. louse Moving. 1!5 years ex- pcrii'iH-o. I'k'iily 'of oi|iiip- iiu-iil. liefercncos. Leveling, i'oiindaliuii repairinjr. Vii'K'il li'oley, phone .'12!):;! 5 -^ )ilc li 2 • fini'li hnii.lry W.-ivh Ili'lil i|liill> mi.I M ml., i. It, H IV ; ,„ -,-ti-i Clii,); • Hc/p Wanted < VVc Guarantee \ \ RECAPPING j J ^ with ! ! Hawkinson Treads ; 1 Let Your Next Tires Be J i GENERALS I j • < Cost More — Worth More \ i ' —^ — ^-^ j MODINGER TIRE CO. i Ufl F. Main Phone Z2I1J Coolttir Plus. Cooling You flick a switch nnd -.\ cooling brce?.e comes Hooding through every room in your home! Frcth, healthful outside air is drown In through doors and windows nnd up through an attractive ccilinc grille or automatic shutter into a suction box in the attic. The COOLAIR FAN, mounted in the box. blows the air outdoors :igain through attic exhaust openings. See the COOLAIR FAN in our store; you'll want it Tor your home. Terms can be nnangcd. But don't wait, hot weather Is Just around the corncrl Coolctir . . . Made in the South For Southern Climate! The Tire You've Missed the Most IS HERE ONCE MORE! Fine tiro materials are back and KO IK tlic Now U. S. Koyal Air Hide, Hie tiro that give's safely and service. This jr>'fi>t ne\v tire K>VCS you these nutsfniuling features: •fc Greater Air Capacity •k No Lazy Rubber -^ livakc Action Tread •^ Wears Longer Get U. S. Royal's Air Ride Tire and get Uie best . . . You'll find them in Hlythovillc at: LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. 9 | Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL 'oinnicrc'ial rofriijoriilU salcsinan. Kxi'iOlonl opportunity I'nr vim if you Can si'll iTl'riHi'ialion e((iiip. inonl. linnioiliiilu delivery I'liiilo Alnlnr Co., SU'Hu Mn. r> r> cU 12 For Hire " >i i'Ui'n,.i-! SAI.KSMAN MAN \\ >i \TK|> 'ANTKD KIIVV |.-iv:1i 1.11^1 Ml,' >•] Vpl v.1 to n:>U M. I.I,, Free Delivery Ca\\ PICKARD'S GROCERY rlinnc 2(11;? lOI'l Chickiisawlin Riinnini: 100 ynril:; In 10 spconcli ('qtiirt's :is nuu'h oxygon us \\a!k- fr a milt' in :i hulf hinir. Panama Hats Cleaned & Reblockcd r,os \v. • Plaster • Stucco © Concrete Phone 3998 Here's Where You Best lues A Big Group of Shiny Used Cars Are Yours to Choose. Our Prices Are Lowest Mill Chevrolet Special l)e- Sedan luxe .Town S«dau !!))() Dultixc Ford 4-Door I'.Ml DeSota Cusloiu Sedan Sedan lil.'l!) Ford Tiulni- Sedan 11)11 Dodue '-Dnor 1!M1 Clirysli-r IJoynl Sedan liCiS Ford Deluxe Tudor Ii)l2 l''i)rd Deluxe Tudor Sedan Trucks, we now have a few real good used trucks, 1 1-2 ton, 1-2 ton and 1-2 ton panels. • We Never Close^—Sales Dcpr/Opcn Until 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phono D / O 21 Hr. Service Scltarllnc Tlr«a I[ yon lived cjii (liu moon, you'd cc the iHirlh 40 tlini's brighter lum you now .set; the n\O(in. PRESCRSPTIOKS I'resh Stoi-'k (iuiininlccd liesl Prices Kk'by Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The TyjM:wrlU:r flliin" ROYAL, SMITH, UOKONA «ll(l UI:MINOT«N I'OHTAHI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONfi 33»'J (Every Trananutlan MUST BE eATiePACTOIlY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All ia i;.\ccn( C:mci!r| DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic BH M:\ln, Hlyllirville, Ark., Hhint Z9I1 Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 4D1 nnd your order wilt be on It's w:iy In record time. Our Floral Arrangements tell a complete btory FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Serrlce We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (BI.icl Williams, owner Glcucnc nidi, T. LSEAY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail j Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 iv'ala'o! Don't laugh so loud! You're making a spectacle o/ yourself! ATTENTION FARMERS 11 Wo havo received our shipment of Hoosier-Crojt and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange row to call for the corri you ordered. W» suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited, SEE US AT ONCE. BlytheviMe Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 j lie Who l.autfhs T,asl Gv AL VEUMEKI W What's the matte%\ 9 degr? Aren't you, it?"

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