The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1931 -Society Calendar '•i'-'f.' • ~ Tutsday • . ;'-Mri>. C. R. Babcock will cnter- •tain the Tuesday Contract club. ~ tfrs.--'.Sam . Manalt Is "hostess to the • new Tuesday Bridge club. The Entre Nous Bridge club is masting v>1th Mrs. Thurmsn C!cm- 6nB. : v - ' . "Mrs. T. G. : Seal Is entertaining the,YO!ing' Matrons bridge club. Mrs. 1 W. D.:ch»mblln Jr., Is hav- 'imj the Tuesday Luncheon club. ... Wednesday .' - VIE: fiubc-rt, Potter Is having the Matinee Bridge' club. - ; Tho belprilam arc meeting ntthe 'Hotel Noble with Mrs. O, W. Mc- Cotton and Linens Among Those Present at Weddings Bits of News Mostly Personal V .;„•• ' • "Thursday ... The. Young Matron's club 1s nieet- iVlug iwith Mxs- W. P. Veazey jr. J.. Mrs. Ross b. Hughes will have : thi-Thursday Luncheon club. •:, TheiJewish: Ladles' Aid.society 13 • ; meet&g with Itfrs. Jack Applebaum ;\vllh Mrs. Sam Floui-man also host-: ESS. '..'-.' . . Friday •-• (the American Legion; Auxiliary •'• •niJHfieet at the home of Mrs. G. G. \CaudTli "with 'Mrs.' W. C. Higgin'; sorX.'also hostws, ; i: ni— • Saturday' •••''• Thiio will be e- story hour at the =, BlyhiviUe .library at 10:30 o'clock, i. 1 ! Scrfc'ty Meets. '. :•/. |fjre :Wonmn's missionary society . of "the .Yarbro Methodist church '-,'• met^iJThursday. alternoon at the cmi'j;6h'with nine members nnd one ;. visitor present. i After the opening song, Mrs. G. J.""Walker led hi'prayer nnd Mrs. .D. t'. McCauley conducted the devotional taken from tbe 37th Psalm. Jtis. K. H. Hood gave the lesson from the book "Tho Training of the Crusaders." Class to Meet. | The Beta Chi Sunday school class of the First Presbyterian church will have tha election of officers in a meeting tonight, 7:30 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. J. Ncal Gcscll. '-.**« Compliment HouseJ Guest. /. "~'S?es Virginia and-.Louise Bour- Ribbons and Old-Fashioned Curls for Little Misses . laral^'ere; hostesses .'to. a .bridge party;''. Saturday evening especially ccmplimenting their houseguest, Miss EUzsbcth Conley ot Memphis. In the bridge games Miss Evelyn Blythc won '. Jjlijh . Ko.rc .prize, -.bath salt*. Low .'Score • j'awjird . went '• : -to' . Miss Marjorie Martin \vhb .rec'elv- ed a pin holder,!, Mlss.Mtiry,' Frances Stacy i wori . & -'de-corn ted "powder . pufl fpr thVcut prize,. , of r\or)or d th est After Uie bridge.'games-a-delicious lunch-was served : and dancing then enjoyedjiintll midnight. The guest-list included Misses Evelyn Blithe, Ruth Butt, Sue Butt, - Annie Laura Evans, Peggy McKeel, Marie Leggelt,.Huth Eleanor Tucker, Sara Nnnn, Doris Secoy, Marjorie Martin, Sunshine 'Adams, Marjorie Stewart and Mary Frances Stacy. Will Hold Nightly'. .Programs This Week. In on 'effort to stimulate in terest-in quarterly conferences -held throughout the southern Methodist church the Lake Street .church congregation lias arranged- a novel series pi programs for this week which deal,with the conferences. Beginning this evening, at 7:30 . o'clock a program is to be .presented through Friday evening in which various members of.the church wll ..represent "districts and of officers] of .this state. There will be no | collection 'taken. ...... 1 For the first program there will be the singing of familiar*'• songs, prayer "thf Bishop"; song ' "O, Hajppy Day"; the election of a conference secretary; the opening message by "the Bishop"; reports from BY JOAN SAVOY NBA Service Writer If you are debating just what type of bridesmaids', frocks-to Imvc for an Easter wedding, or Just what to wear to a smart wedding reception, or some kind of romantic party in the not-too-dlslant future, the do'luxe cotton and linen party frocks are probably the answer to the question. . -.- .-.. . • Cottons'.and- linens, Incidentally, have scaled the height' of fashion arid ore right In the social register, so to speak/ You \vjll, .make no mistake'YboVtl-casting V«? <!ye bi them. t Nothing, on enrth could be datn tier, prettier or more quaintly modern and utterly beguiling than seme of these new creations. Thei have a romantic quality all their own, usually touched with color against white, In tire form of flowers, or embroidery or sashes—thai which nothing on earth ever wa: more ronmnticl There are two types of costume that would more than fill the. bll alt the fussiest function your pring social calendar holds. One family. the new organdie frock, thcr Is .the-eyelet linen. If It Js a.spectator wedding gov,-n on are looking for, for what prom- cs to be a beautiful spring wcd- ing. there is a white organdia rock, with ravishing embroider; n red nnd n ed velvet sash. ThL ins a.fitted waist and skirt yok< and' a circular .skirt below it lha iweps to the flo'r. .There are tlgii ileeve at the elbow with flaring clr cular flounces below. Just enoiig' color to be spring-like. And.w-hltei which Is'the most bewitching colo any woman can wear. A type of gown perfect for the bridesmaid is an eyelet embroidered linen frock with quaint light bodice, puff short sleeves, a full long skirt and a lacy velvet sash with a, cute little nosegny at the waistline, A hat matches, with flared back front brim nnd long, trailing back brim. The square neckline is just the perfect touch. In while tills is adorable. In pastel colors, delectable, Mrs, J, Cecil Lowe is In Memphis this week witli Mr. Lowe, who underwent an operation for append! cllls Saturday at the Baptist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Moon will' siicnd tonight in Memphis with tlieir son-in-law, J. Cecil Lowe, who Is at the Baptist hospital. The Rev. E. K. Latimcr, Mrs. M. T. Moon, Dr. F. D. Smith and Mrs. C. M. Maddox have returned troni Memphis where they,accompanied J. Cecil Lowe who was. rushed there Saturday for an operation for appendicitis. Mi£S Rosa M. Hardy anil Mrs; Ira Gray were called to I'nduciih, Ky., lost night by the serious illness of their mother who was stricken with bronchial pneumonia while visiting there, She lives at j Gates, Tenn. Miss Willie A. Lawson and Mr. and Mrs. Jiminlc Boyd ( I drove Ihem to the Kentucky city, returning' this morning. Muss Ell/abein Conley has returned to her home in Memphis after visiting Misses Virginia anil Louise Bourland for the week-end. The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Newsom, of Tunica, Miss., were guests of the Rev. and Mrs. E. Z. Nev-' som and family for the week-end: Tho two pastors are brothers, Mr. imd Mrs. William Lang and daughters, Misses Sarn, Mildred and Pauline, accompanied by H. lorros, of St. Louis, motored to Icmphis' Sunday. Mrs. E. M. Bryan is in Bismnrk, Io., this week visiting her son, Dr. ". M. Bryan, nnd family. The Night Bridge club is being entertained by Mrs. Joe Clifton Watson nt uer home In Caruthersville, Mo. . Mv. nnd Mrs. John Whitworth if Osccola, simil Sunday.with Mr. and, Mrs, J. E. Whitworth nnd i Chic Cclfi'urcs for llic very young tell .-» story of new Iiair-ribboiisanil how they nrc worn en longer luir, z-, it now is groHii. (Lett to rljjlil) l-'or the little girl with very thick, straight hair, a centerjiart, tt jth small ribbon bows over each ejr. For the wistful little Rirl «1lh fine eyes, a jcod brow or a cute little cowlld:, the hairnn be nulled b«k, tied with .1 big l«nv alnn itie crown and ::1! the li:ilr hang doiui her buck. For n child with irregular features, part on the less-good side and secure with a huge bow of. rtcro alive ribbon. For the little curly head or for parties for others, a ribbon undiT the liair ,-iml tied on top is cule and ingenue looking, 'ihe buiitleau hair ribbon keeps the hair back and is an ornamental touch to anv little face. BY JULIA BI,,\N$IIARn .NKA Service Wrller NEW YORK.—The littlest Miss kind'of ribbon the child wears, determines how the hair is cut. Moreover, there is a subtle distinction in Americas are growing quite as tern- < hair ribbons for dress a:id hair rib- inlne, in their small ways, as their |bo!is for play days. Nothing isdres- long-haired, long-skirted Mammas. 1 sicr than the all black velvet or Chic coururcs for children, as spomored by the smartest shops catering to wee girls under 12, show that bobs are grown long enough to reach ihe shoulder, many a youngster now has curls made mound Mamma's finger, in the good, plci-fashloned 1 manner, and hair ribbojis bloom atop the smartest heads this spring. Tlie Dutch bob belongs to the ast decade, pert bangs are backed y a hair ribbon and made to look emure, nnd no head looks quite S31 that doesn't grow Its hair at east below the face line, and the ewcst, smartest cuts are really Icng air, cascading around the shoul- crs. ' Hibbou Determines Hair-cut Just how to wear the hair ribbon s. It would appear, the crux of this hliig In hair-dressing lie young. For of COWED the way •on put the ribbon on, and the and tied o:x top of the licnii t-i hdtl tho curls out of her IH'.'.o Mr. and 1 Mrs. T. H.- Haynes spenj Saturday and Sunday in Cairo, 111! having beeai called, there by the ser rlous illness of Mrs. Hnynos' inother Dr. J. A. Anderson is returnlni to hla home in Joncsboroe this afternoon after conducting quarterly conference at the First Methodts church. He has been the guest o the Rev. and Mrs. P. Q. Rorie. Mr. and-.Mrs. Lee-.Me dl In'have; as tlieir guests for n week Mr. Med-. lin's parents, Mr.' and Mrs. C.'F.; Mcdllu-of Bauxite, 'They enter-'* tallied with a-family reunion-Sun- : day of the two families in compli- Ghiny black satin In bandeau effect wit ha Jaunty tow on top and bangs on the forehead. Maids, polka dots. Roman stripes and gaily coloder monotone ribbsns are the usual cvery-rluy stylus. For parties, little..Miss Milady may match up her slippers in a paslel satin -taffeta ribbon, or wear a dainty Dresden flowered one. The ribbons proclaim to the world that from now on, from the head down, little Americans are to be ladies, dainty Indies, not Tom-boys or hoydens! Not- that a good hair ribbon ever kept a good tree climber out of the highest branches—but certainly what tho young will wear this spring indicates that they are supposed to deport themselves like ladles. Among tho new ways to do young of lx>rc over each ear. This is flue 1 all means it should be allc.vou t:> for thick hair that is difficult, to | curl, with only a ribbon up keep fixed. The bows can bu tied | underneath the curls in the tick, tight enough to hold the hair in place. Second comes the old-fashioned | This Is a gocd dress-up coiffure little girl's type, of coillurc that; for many children. Try it en a pulls the hair back fro:n the fore-1 plain child, with straight, 'ruicv lead, runs the front part through | unattractive hair, and it often, soil- a ribbon bov; atop the ci-owii of, ens the face ta have Ui2 llttto the head and then lets it all fall j banjs and certainly tho tok'-atap onto the shoulder. This is excel-1 the crown is flattering. 1' lent for straight hair and for a child thai has lovely eyes and a pretty brow, for it accents the features to draw the hair straight Last, but, not least, is the iiiiain*, little halo bandeau hair-rlW:«i siy!e of coiffure that parts t'r.e h?.ii down the middle behind the back from the brow. It is especial- i an d brushes it carefully, then ly pretty if there is a cowlick at makes a bandeau of gay ribban, one side of the front. | tying it on ene side. Often tills is Chic Via Single Hibbon fastened under the hair in he For the little minx who wenrsjback and now bow. at..all chows, her hair best parted on the side, This is a coiffure. Ih^Eiyes a child tin;' most world." and if a child's features are at all irregular (he chances are that a side part is more becoming, there is the one-hair-ribbon - coiffure. This holds the hair in place on the opposite side from the part. If the child has an unmanageable I child .-., the The variety'.of'ribfens to ba had this year-an'd^the'in'Hiifte numbers ofT'dlfferrtil^coirtiiiesTta be ucrketi girls hair comes the coiffure that cowlick, (his is a good place to part, I merely parts down the middle anrt catches " '- L '--'-• esch side with a small, tailored type It. When a child lus curly hair, by • bei.uikttraciiv:.' It . , .of experimenting until the perfect child's coiffure is found. Osceola Society—Personal iirs. W. Mississippi E. Hunt county's will discuss agricultural ment to their visitors. Mts. E. W. Exnm nnd Mrs. W. K. Baldwin, of Memphis, \vcre ucsts of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thom,s and family yesterday. Mrs. Ex- im b; Mr. Thomas' mother anrt Mrs. Baldwin his mint. Mr. nnd Mrs. John W. Snyder :iad as (heir guest for the: weekend Mrs. Clyde Patterson, of Ca- ruliiersville. Sam Tnomas is nttendlng to business In St.-Louis. Miss Sunshine Swift nnd Dr. W. M. Owen motored to Halls, Tenn., Sunday for the' funeral of J. T. Hawkes, father of Mrs. R. P. Nal!, who formerly lived at Armorcl. Series of BafTlingr Hanils—As Experts Play Them— j « • ARTICLE XO. IK BY CDWAKD C. WOLFE Member of the National i pionship Auction Team '•This is tho first of n. scries of! CO" difficult hnnds .prearranged by Carl T. Robertson of Cleveland, winner of numerous national bridge titles. ... - , These "set hands" recently siding elder- and the closing song. , d b the aucHon i, r | dBC Tbe public is cordially invited.. j exlKr £ > f clE \. elan(i to .test their Clnb Entertained The Sas .Nagra Rook.-Club was . entertained."• Friday.. atteriibpn by. Mrs. G. P..'-Ec'hols:-Brid"Mrs:.T.'.H.' Hsyncs at^lhe. Echbl^ home. •.' • The two' table's .of-members,, Snr > eluding one;.new member, Mrs. Joe! S. Diilahuntjv.: enjoyed, several' . games playtd at-.tables arranged in' ntng of theNMshrdlu CT.-;.VVP vbgk the St. Patrick rcc'.if. In the serving of the 'delicious refreshments . the same id«a was used with thc covers embossed in shamrocks, si- ] mllar to the tallies. • • » 1 .-. His Club ' j 'Miss Adah Danavant WBS hostess; to the Night Bridge club Saturday i evening" at: the home of Mrs." Marvin Robinson. I In thj games Miss Carolyn Pride i writer in (in actual contest, not- his cncc at bridge. Hunt! No. 1 necessity of removing possible re-entry card lengthy experi- ilhislrates thc thc only from the | skill in the play ot unusual hands. Many of the hands involved im- usiial coups, defensive squeezes, .Vienna and Desclinpclles coups. possibilities from a club woman's viewpoint at the monthly meeting pi,the Osceola. Woman's.Progressive c'iub Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. F. P. Jacobs will read"'a collection of original poems, a numbsr of which 'are scheduled to appear in forth- (CiniinB Issues ol current verse magazines, and Mrs. J. W. Edringtot: will give vccal renditions fo favorite songs. The meeting a-ill be held at 2:30 o'clock in the club rooms at the court house and hostesses will be Mesdames W. E. Hunt, S. M. Hodges, F. P. Jacobs and Bruce Ivy. The Woman's Missionary Union of tlie First Baptist church will observe the annual week oi prayer with daily cervices this week, be- ghinlng with a service at the church today held co-Incident with the monthly meeting of the County Baptist Association Workers Council and continuing through Thursday. core prize awarded Mrs. Reba Daidson of Uniontown, Ala., who is •isiting her daughter, Mrs. Charle: ,owTance Jr. Other guests included the hostess' mother, Mrs. S. E. Elliott, and her sister, Mrs. Harry Baldwin, both of Nashville, Tenn., who are her ;uests this week. Mrs. Roy Bramlett of Detroit, Mich., who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Guy Bryant, and Mrs. J. C. McCord of Trhm». Tenn., who is tlie guest of her sister, Mrs. H. A. Cromer. Delicious refreshments were served following the game and. consolation favor was awarded Mrs. E. S Driver.,.,'"' '-Mrs. -Guy Bryant Thursday" evening entertained the two table contract bridge culb to which she belongs and an extra table of players which included her sister, Mrs. Roy Bramlc-tt of Detroit, who is asifing her, -Mrs. Reba Davidson of Jm'ontown, Ala., who is the gue^t of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Low- ranee jr., Mrs. U L. Vnndervocrt of Kansas City, who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Hale Jackson, and Mrs. Jackson's sister, Mrs. Neely Bowen of Chicago, who is also her making an extended visit with -elatives in Osceola nnd Memphis, returned to Memphis Saturday af- 1 er a week spent with h^r sister, Mrs. Guy Bryant, in Osceola. Mrs. J. C. McCord .returned Saturday to her home in Triune, Tenn., after a visit with iier sls~ , Mrs. R. "A. Cromer, and Mr. Cromer, in Osceo la.Slie was accompanied by Mrs. S. E. Elliott anrt her daughter, Mrs'. Harry Baldwin, both of Nashville, Tenn., who are returning their homes after a visit with Mrs. R. H. Cromer. Mrs. Elliott is Mrs. Cromer's mother and i . , • i- • -. . Mrs. Baldwin -htv sister. - • Mrs. Ada-Butler-'has Wa' ill fcr he past Itfw days'with a na?.\l infection. .. Mrs. L. D. Massey, J. L. Ware! and A. w. Bowen spent Saturday In Memphis. Rub on throat; plesx some on tongue and swnllcwajitnicllj. W VAPOROB OVER'tZ'MILUON JARS USED YEARLY Mrs. R. H. Jcnes is the leader of Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Wood and I Monday's service and Mrs. R. H. children, of Memphis, spent Sim- Brooks is in charge of the service day with Mrs. Wood's parents, Mr. !to be held In Ihe church nurtltorium anrt Mrs. J. E. Whilworth. at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lucy McAdams is 111 nt her Wednesday evening service will be I dangerous opponent before finets Ing into Ihe other hnnd. Fortunately No. 1 presented no difficulty in the bidding as all con- home oniCliickasnwba avenue from a throat infection. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ben Harris, of Trumann, spent the week-end with Dr and Mrs. E. V: Hill. W. S. Lnngdon Is expected to return (edny from several days visit In Memphis with relatives. test ants bid and played the hand Miss Corn Lee Coleman Is in Wil- al no trump. West opens tho i son this afternoon for a meeting seven oi hearts, the fourth high-j of the county Federation of Women's club council at tho home of Mrs. li. H. Thompson, president. Mrs. W. Paul Marsh Is improving after several days Illness. percentage of hands where lhe[ The Rev. E. K. Latimer experts would disagree. In thcso i Memphis today on business. cst of his longest suit. More than 85 per cent of all blind_ opening lends are highly conventional, leaving only a small held in connection with the regular weekly prayer mceling nut membeis of the Sunbeam Band nnc Girls Auxiliary oi the cVitirch under direction of Mrs. J. S. Mc- Canls and Mrs. C. E. Welch, wil present a program. An all day meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. Ada Umler will conclude the week's observance. At this meeting the morning's devotions will be led by Mrs. Ida Ti:ck- er'-and Mrs. M. L. Sumncrs. WEST. S-rA-S-4 H-K-J- 8-7-2 D—1-9-6 C—7-5 NORTH—DUMMY S-I-9-J U-9-S D-K-7-4 C-R-0-9-S3 SOUTH— DECURER S-K-Q-fi H-H-Q-4. D-VS-3 C-MO-4-2 ' EAST- DEALER • S—10-75-2 H-10-53 D—Q-IO! 8-2 C-K-5 A few of the principles involved is in cases, however, the . number of i Ira Wright, of Osceoln, spent ycs- nrgumcnts which arise are legloi because it usually means the losing or winning trick. ot an additional lerday with his sister, Miss Vr.i Wright, MLSS Mabel Hogan, who Is seriously ill nt Dr. Is'ies' residence. llani- Mrs. S .Diilahimty ct Blytlic- villc. who until recently lived in Osceolaj and Mrs. E. S. Driver of Osceola, delightfully entertained sixteen friends at bridge nt Mrs. Driver's home iicre Friday afternoon. house guest. Mrs. Davidson won high scon guest prize and each of the other guests was presented a . dainty favor. Mrs. iTraxton Bragg won high score club prize. Delicious refreshments were served following the game. * » » Ethel Wnyne Dent, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dent jr., of BIytheville, was the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Sheridan in Osceoln. Returning to BIytheville this afternoon she was accompanied by -Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Shetldaii, Mrs. W. J. Shsddsn and small daughter, Billie Fain. Mrs. Hu^h Hughey and small daughter, Sue Clay, returned to their home in Memphis this afternoon after spending the weok-end with Mrs. Hughcy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Love well. They were accompanied by Mrs. Lovcwcll wlio will visit in Memphis a lew days. Superintendent Crawford Greene nnd Coach Hiidson of thc Blythc- villc Hisli school, spent Friday and Saturday in C^ccola attending the senior high school county bnsket- "I began taking Cardui "A delicious salad course was serv- j bM tournament. Hospital Notes ed following the game and hijh i score prize awarded Mrs. H. A. Behrens. Mrs. S. M. Hodges cut consolation prize. Directly the first trick Is taken better tortay. she has teen conlincil with tht; heart queen, the dc-1 to her bed four weeks from infl clarcr should spend a few vnlua-1 matory rheumatism, b'.e moments in observing where [ the two hands will dovetail; how mp.ny Iricks he Is certain of winning ant! in what suit real dnllger'. • Jlrs. L. D. Massey Friday nfter- appcavs imminent. Admitted: John Rushim;. w. D. I noon entertained the two table con- The expert Immediately notes I Osborn and Mrs. Howard Proctor 'tract bridge club to which she b=- that the dangerous cards held by] a " of Blythcvillc. '' " „....._........=-.. Mrs. Roy Brnmlett of Detroit, who the adversaries nre the ace of 1 never have been met by the! spartes and the king ot clubs, nnd Architects Plan Attack _ ___ particularly the ace of spades. . luu - K longs. Mrs. James Driver won high score prize and .Mrs. W. n. Dyess. i who was tlie only guc.'t bc-=:drs the won the prize among the membersj sur.S-.v afternoon. The Methodist and guest, Mrs. Joe Cliftcn Wet-; churches cf Csceoli, Luxora. Wilson, of Caruthersville, whs was a|c on , Manila. Kei:;r. Dell. -Yarbro. member when residing here. j premise Land and two local con- The hostess served a delicious: gtcgalions were represented. 1'lale- . Miss Mary Cimimlngs. district JlrE. Walton will entertain the club members this week at hsr Missouri home. • -. To Have Party The altar society of-the. church president, was in charge of program In which the Hev. P. Q. Rcr.'? was the principal speaker. Other numbers included n voice selection by Ernest Jones nnd a reading by Miss Marie Mcon. '» chance of ca P !uri " E rulo> thc decl!ltci . ' , ,, v, , 'dub members present, cut, on Ugly Buildings of U. S lcitl °" faTOr - ^ liclicio: ' s . ° course was served. WASHINGTON, (UP)-Tiie Am- of the Immaculatj Conception has; announced that it will sponsor a } Observing Week nf Prayer benefit .St.'Patrick..parly ?.', thoi Tre Woman's Missionary sociciy social hall March 17 when bridge!of the First Baptist church Is hnv- at no trump should po at onre for srican Institute of Architects the suit in which he has thc | planning an attack on ugly build greatest numerical slrcngtli be- ] ings at their soiircc— in blue prints twccn the two combined hands. • rather than finished Uructures. Naturally he favors the ciub suit.! Th™ institute will urge the for- If n ciub Is played. East will|malion throughout the ccuiury of help his partner establish tlie un-: nrchitet-ls' advisory councils to passl 7V7T~ fortunate hearts before the adver- j upon the quality of buildings be- taries have lost their only re- j fore construction begins. entry card, thc ace- oi spades. -- . — . _ Soiith< therefore, -proceeds toi PHILADO.PHIA. (UP>— Three draw this dangerous card before i voices, stilled by dc.ith but pre«rv- Mri. R. H. Cromer entertainer! the four table bridge club ID which she belongs at her co-.inlry home noon. Delicious refreshments v. crc 1 south of Osccola Thursday al;:r- Eervcd following the and hig'rt i and irt^ll sEM^ll First—-in ihe dough. Then in tne oven, You can be sura o( perfect bakings in using— 1 arid rook will be played- • • ' ] Many Attend District Meet ' More. .than, a .Viundred out oi tcsm mombcrs attended the district meeting ot the Epwcrth league at ! : fe " th«- Lake Street Methodist church ing three prcgrains this of j week in obEervins the week i prayer for ttatc missions. i Mrs.' Herman Walpolc will be leader of Tuesday afternoon's program r.nd for the closing meeting Wednesday afternoon Mrs. R. A Mahan is leader. cstablishing the clubs, after which jcd In wax, \uil {.p ihroush a game Is a certainty regardless of dlcUp'iono nl the linal dinner ct Why Let Your Skin Age Protect your skiii wilh this newj wcnderful Face Powder and let MELLO-GLO give >ou that youth- thc location of the king of clubs.-the Last Mill's club of West Phil- | ful bloom. Made by ;i new French If South fails to visualize theindelphia.. Ji.s! (o lest cut thc danger ot having West establish i orcis. which were made of pvpccss—slnys on longer, prevents large, pores, beautifies your com- his hearts while still retaining the,member when tlie club was orpin-' plesion. Docs not irritnto the skin ncc oi sp-ides he will be unable to.i/ed. t^e voices cf the thrr? or E' VC a pasty look. I'urr.-t face score the maximum on the deal.!members were heard at a sp::tali powder made. Try (Copyright, 1931, NEA Service, Inc.) [dinner on Friday the 13th. [and you'll love it. MELI.O-GLO —Adv. 7 25 ounces for 25c improved a great T [AST summer, my health was bad., so I began taking Cardui," writes Mrs. H. E. Slaughter, of Norman, Okla., whose picture appears above. "My mother Ivacl given me Cardui in girlhood, so naturally I turned to it when I felt I needed it. I felt run-down - and a general weakness. J had bad, di/^y headaches when everything would seem to dance before my eyes. My right side paiuui me so much, but since faking Caidui tlK pain Iws left me. I have taken several bottles f\ of Cavdul and have great 'deal." HELPS WOMEW TO GL-157

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