The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
Page 2
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•LR8BTILLB. OBI.)! DQBIHE FRIDAY, JUNE 1,-1!>34 A Darling Miss For the Films •Apt rtteafe !T» mn Fri_. .-"Lorinf Others for Clxri»t's Bake" will be the topic- for dlicus- jdon Sunday evening at the Ju&t fttend's 9. V. P. U. »t 6:30 o'clock. • • If Ut Annie Laura Collins U In with Ui*se p*rt* being cU* by members of the union: -The Objects of Our Lore," Bill Crowe; "Our Enemies," Miss Bobby Je»ruw Bl»ylock; "The Motive* of Our Love," John Holland; "The Blessings of Love," Jlmmie Tip* ton; Ai a special number U T. Moore Jr., will play "a piano s*lec. typn, "Mazurka Sleganle" by Va- are urged to be It's Up to the Women BY MKS. FKANKLIN D, KOOSKVEL1 A Kind Word for Husbands All members present. Edgar Herrlck mid son, Bobble, will (gave Monday (W Hardy tor several days slay at Camp Rio Vis 'u. I Mrs. 3. 3. Slernberg Is visiting I relative's |n Oklahoma. City, Okla If a woman Is younn, prctty'ed by the mUtrcsB SQ that she upon li«r return she will b« at BitsoJ Mostly Person*! =WE£KLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON* Jesus in the Shadow of th Cross clpthes mean a lot U> her, while It Is doubtless most Impor- keep* her own part of the house tidy, and when 5l» enters the for thq older woman to bo kitchen to give an order, or do scrupulously neat and If possible, I soine piece of work, she does not Attend Eastern Star Rally II rid Ifen. : 'More than 200 members of Hi? prfler of Easient Star |n the 15th district attended the annual school 'of instruction and demonstration •here yesterday and last night. Mra. [Caroline Spoaenbarger of Arkansas City, grond lecturer, conducted Ithe meetings, assisted by Mrs. S •R. Began of Luxora, deputy district lecturer. - Representatives were from Joncs- •boro, Monettc, Lcpanto, Marked Tree, Wciner, Wynne, Wilson, Os- ctola, Ncttleton, Manila, Huffman, . Leachvllle and Blythcvllle, There were 60 who took instructions in the morning session and 'Ust evening a special team gave •new degree work of the order, 'Addresses were also given by L. !K. Tucker of Monelte, grand wor- •tny patron; Mrs. Sponenparger, •»lr$. J, T. Alford of Blytheville, Grand Martha: Dr. Ira Kills of Monelte, sentinel: Mrs. Began, and ;j! B. Sunn of OscEOla, grand mas- . ter of the Qsceola F. and A. M. becomingly dressqd, she will prob- feav« behind her a ably not be as interested in clothes [for somebody else to thelr own sake as the younger won'an. In one respect a revolution has been going on In this country, and 1 think It Is going to spread more »nd more. We arc coming to count largely on modem Inventions, which simplify the work o< running a home, and very llltlc on anybody else's manual labor outside the family group. 1 think wlwrc It can possibly be managed one maid Is a great boon even tq ft family of very moderate income, but the fact thut more and more young women must care for tUelr own something which I of necessity children consider •Members making up the special ! , team uwd last evening wcrti: J.Worthy Matron f^clth of Ncttlq- .ten, Worthy Matron HUi of Lepan',to. Associate Matrpp Werner of Jonuboro, Associate Patrn Qua Qi JfanlU, Secretary Fannie Lacey of . 'Leachville, Conductoress Starr oi Wynne, Associate Coqductoress Elof M°nette, Marshall Thonip- great value to both the children and the parents. If a woman does her own work, the vital thing for her to do is to organize It so well that when her husband returns home she Is not an exhausted, human being, but can still meet him with a smile ind enter into whatever Interests he may wish to discuss with her. If che has a domestic helper In lier household, she must remem- trail of work do. Then the household will run smoothly, the maid will conic to her for artv|ce and she will soon mid If she does lier own part of the work, that (here Is no shirking on the part of those who work wllh her. It is always better for people working in an office or In the home to work with you and not for you. In this nm'.tur of the household, whatever your clrcum- lUnces may be, organize accord- Ing to the disagreeable they may be, cut your cloth according to what you have, decide first very carefully what you want out of your Iwme life, and then Insist on achieving It. Many people, however, feel that this change In domcslic employment situation for the flirl& and older women alike. A great many people feol that [or middle-aged and older women UiLs Held of domestic activity is one which may very profitably lie developed. I should agree heartily if we could put this occupation of domestic aervlce on the plane of any other professional or industrial occupa- companled, by her daughter, Mlu Helen Alice, who has been ftttend- ng the University of Oklahoma at Norman, Mrs. R. W. Campbell in leaving today for her home In Dallw, T«y. after spending two weeki with her daughter, Mr*. A. Mierrow, and Mr Mterrow. Mrs. John Sawyer jr., of Caruth- ersvllle, has arrived to spend several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. C, S. Steven* and family. Siw has been visiting in Pine Bluff Mid was met In Memphis yesterday by Mrs, Elevens and daughter. Miss Mary men. Mrs. H. A. Suilth went to Little Rock today for several days stay. Slie accompanied Miss Willie A Lawson who returned home after spending a «hort time here. Mr. and Mrs. C. W, Afflick and two children are visiting relatives of Mr. AftTlck in centralia, Mo. Dick White is visiting relatives In Paragoutd. Mrs. Marvin Nunn and Miss Adele Langston motored to Oxford, Miss., today for Miss Sara Nunn who Is returning horn* after at- T«t: Statl. MilOJ iCethsemane, praying earnestly that i was still conM«nt, ind all .the dis- BY WM. E. G1LEOY, D. D., ith* cup may pau from him: but |olples-Joined him in asserting their Editor ol Adnaee ]w|th «uual earnestness accepting unfailing loyalty. The shadow of the crow was'the Father's will, whatever it may upon Jejiu and his dlsctpk*. J«- be. sus understood It. For some time, Thus we see Jesus with his dlS: apparently, he had realized that his earthly mission was moving toward fulfillment In tragedy and sacrifice. It Is not easy for us to diKem 01- reconstruct the human process of development In tlw mind of Jesus. We are so accustomed to think of him as omlniscknt, and clplet in the shadow of the cross. The dbciples did not understand what was luppenlng or what was impending for them all. They may have had In mind the triumphal entry that Jesus had made Into Jerusalem a few days before; and How soon the warning of Jesu:> was Justified! Witli great weariness Jesus went Into Gethsemanc in player. He was "sorrowful and very heavy," and he poured out' the burden of his Iwart to Peter, James, and John—theythreo disciple* whom he might expect to understand him and sympathize with Mm. they might naturally have con-1 H was then that he went a little I we so Inevitably associate with him eluded that the coming of the farther and alone in prayer poured divine |X>wers, that It Is not easy kingdom in earthly splendor and out his agonizing petition that the for us to grasp the reality of his power, for which they had looked, humanity, that the divine life in j was about to be realized. him was a life" lived In the flesh. Apparently they did not at all The New Testament expresses understand the words of Jesus this concerning his early life when I when e warned them concerning it says Jesus "increased in wis-1 the trials that would come upon dom and stature and in favor with'them. Her namw'a Aune Darling and death. Ood and man." But this normal development was true, also, of his later life. Apparently It wa^ as his ministry progressed that he began gradually to realize that th* fulfillment of his Father's will and purpose would be in his own sacrifice and It's a fitting one, But, even to the last he struggled gives ample proof. That's a cou- 1» a human way against the Idea, ber that she Is dealing with ajtlon. human being, ami it Is well for i( iwurs, wages ana conditions her to try everything herself before | cauUl be bctlcr regulated, and If she lay* town her rules tor any- ] the housewives could be trained as one else. I tiavu a theory that, uu- we ll as the maids, then I should dor our modern system In which! feel that Into many average homes of Trumann, Organist Clan TUfocd of rwceola, Adah, Mrs. Dan Dodd/of Manila; KuU), Mrs. Ann . Elickmon ot Blythcvillo; Esther, Mis. Ellis o! Monette; Martha, Mi*3 - Yejina Loflin of Huffman; Electra, . .MJSS.Selma! of Trumann; Cpra Lee Coleman ol Bly- i, and Sentinel 0. c. Koonce ot LeachviUe. • * • Qmb Ha» Final P»rtr O? SamsKr. Vil-The Mki-Week bridge club, which ..meets, each Thursday for a lun- chec'n and bridge game, had its : final party of the summer sei .this week whep. Mrs, W. L. Hor- ''• -'ntr was hostess. •• She had the members, and two ^guests, Mrs. Clarence Vollmer and ; Mrs. A. B. Falrfleld, to play cards in the morning with Mrs. Harry W. Raines, winning a kitchen se\ /end Mrs. Palrfteld, a handkerchief .for the. prloes. ; A two-course menu was served ;>t small tables decorated witl • -coreopsis, "-Comptuneots Niece. .. ' Miss Melba Foster, a member of - this yearv graduating class of the ; city high school, wa* guest of honor " .*t a bunco parly given by her aun.1, - .Mrs. OUie Foster, Wednesday eve' : Sing. i '.'„• The 12 guests, were presented fa- .-vprs of corsages tied to tallies whloh had, sUhpUDttes cf sweet girl grad- yuates en them. Red and white, the ..high school colors, were used in 'the refreshments of a molded salad) • served with, sandwiches, cake and ; iced tea. ' Miss Sara Ann Eskridge won perfume in a handpalnted bottle for ['high score, Mtss Dorothy Krutz received bracelets for the traveling •award and the guest of honor was ' presented a gift. !-.-: « * • - -.Bljtheville Pevpfe Arc To Atkni Jwiesbora Daw*. .c A rumiber of Blytheville p'.o-Ie . are planning to attend tho dunce •in Joneiboro next Wednesday evcn- ';ing for the opening of the Hotel It Is rare for anyone to have more than one mild In the house, If a young woman will systcmallzc hqr own work, she can greatly assist whoever Is orklng for her. For Instance, If when she gels up she immediately puts her bedclothes to air, it will save either her oi' her maid the necessity of coming up to do It later on, or of miking up the bed without airing. Habits of neatness can be form- come treat help and comfort for mothers, and Into a woman's life the possibility of new Interest and occupation when lier usefulness In more strenuous work his come to an end. TOMORROW: Ike EUerl;. Fart Time fw (Copyright, 1933, by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt; distributed by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) Wins Medal Hornersville tract tbe 18-year-old rnlna Is and we see him in the agony of clutculug, after It was given court approval In Los Angeles, it calls for scveu yearn ut her services In tlic dims, her salary rlslue to S1250 a week for Ilia flual year. When he suggested that even tlteir faith and their loyalty might fail they were, naturally, Indignant. Had they not given up all cup might pass. Then, coniiu? to the disciples, he found them asleep, and there Is sadness in tils words. "What, could ye not watch with me one hou?" H was not of himself, however, that he was thinking. He was thinking of all that would test, these disciples in the great life and work to which they had committed themselves, and his concern things to follow Jesus? Were they| wa s that through watchfulness ami not equal to any emergency? I prayer they misht find strength to There is a touch of reproach in j conquer temptation and to subdue the protest of Peter "though all I the weakness of the flesh. men shall be offended because of- thee, yet will f never be offended." Even when Jesus had assured Peter that he should deny him, Peter Robbed, Evicted tcnd.lng the University of Missis ppi this year. Minnie Lee and Billy Leggett have one to Oxford, Mlsi.. to spend a loath with their grandparents; I Mrs. Harry Brown, of Harmon- ale, Mo., accompanied by Mtsses larle Leggett, Irma Laura Barnes, Louise and Virginia Bourland moored to Memphis today. Crawford Greene Is attending to usiixjs in Memphis today. Miss Beta M. Hardy will go to lates, Term.. Sunday for » visit before (olng to Fayettevllle, Ark. wlwr* she will attend school at .he state university, other mem bers of the city schools faculty who will also go there are Misses Monta Hughes and Haael Sample and'.W. D. McClurklrj. John Mah»n is in Atlanta, 6a where he will ooiuult his phyiidan and will also take an examination al Oeorfla Tech where he was at- tenduif school -when his back .'was browen In an automobile accl«ri two months ago. He will probably' penniless after a model tad Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kennel and Edwin Cope left Monday fo Cape Olrardeau to attend the sum incr lerm at State Teachers col legc. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Llndell Bag ley and Oily Matthews went Sunday V> Grastcy, Bellinger coiu^'.y to spend the day with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burkson have returned from a two weeks aulo trip which carried them to Toronto, Canada, and Amarillo, Tex. They were accompanied by their son-tn-taw and daughter, Mr. anil Mrs. Hoy Scabaugh, o( Jackson, and their younger daughter, Miss i Edna. Mr. and Mrs. Will Barber and i son of Dexter were here Sunday visiting Mr. Barber's sister. Mrs. i\V. C. Wright, who has been ser- have the cast removed while there "".sacked bar atudlo, Louise Bry- bm will wear a brace on his back ^l^?,^?,^^ 51 ,.^.? 1 ".^^ for an extended tutw, , Mrs, T. J. Manan, Mrs. Byron Mono and son, Byron, spent yes-. terday In Memphis. They were ac companied home by Mr. Morse's sister, Mrs. Hal Holt Peel, who came over for the graduation exercises of the. city high school, aa Byron was preildent or the class. She is reY turning home today. Oecar Hardaway Is in Memphis for two days. Miss Lottie Health has gone to Pine BluM, Ark., fot an extended vlalt with her aunt, vlfe of William C. Bullllt. imer- emn ambassador to Rusala. is hown Just as she was evicted rom her Paris studio. She also i the wilow of John Reed, the radical. ers of her two table bridge club ncl an extra table of guests, com- 'limcnting Mrs. H. A. Behrens, wr.o clll leave soon to join ilr. Behrens n St. Louis, where they will make heir home. High score club prize was won >y Mrs. J. D. Smith and Mrs. S. L. Oiadlsh won high guest prize. The honoree was presented a gift. i • • « Mrs. P. M. Sangster was the honoree at a surprise birthday party Tuesday evening when her daugh- .ers, Mrs. Clyde Cagle anjl Mrs. Gil Mastin. entertained a number of ner friends to celebrate her s tietli birthday. Mrs. C. C. Bowen won the prize awarded in a comedy contest, "Givins the Best Advice to Mothers Mrs. Sangster cut the big b.lrth- tiay cake, which was served with ice cream following -the evening's entertainment. The hostesses were assisted by Mrs. Sangster's granddaughter, Miss Mildred Cagle, am Mrs Gate Driver contributed voca selections to the evening's enter tainmenl, a"s did little Misses Bettye Sue and Shirley Mastin, smal granddaughters of Mrs. Sangster. Holland News Mrs. Sam Booker ind daughte: Miss Ajene, Mrs. Lloyd.Booker, Mrs Henry Ladd, and Mrs. Arnold Harris attended the celebration at Shl- _\oh, Tenn., Wednesday. Little Vernon McCord, 4-year-old on of Mr. and Mrs. Varley McCord, i very 111 with colitis and whoon- ng cough. Mrs. Cecil Wise oi Paragould, rk., and her children spent a few ays visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kifer. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Devoro of Cape Girardeau came last week for few days visit with Mrs. Devore's Barents, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Co- oon. Mr. Devorc returned to Cape- Glrardeau Tuesday but Mrs. Devore emalncd for a longer visit. A. P. Wilbur Is 111 with colitis and whooping cough. Charles cohoon and Louis Yates eft Wednesday* for a few days vis- t with friends at Columbia. .Roy Glover and family went to Dexter Monday. A second and third time Jesus efl Hie disciples and came back and found them asleep. Then with the hour of fate at iTand, with reproach subdued, in sadness he bade the weary disciples sleep on or to arise and go with him, lor the betrayer was near at hand.. 'are RUGS And Carefully Compounded Prescriptions are Our Specialties. -Ask. Your Doctor. Fowler Drug Co. R. N. Hill - J. M. Fowler Registered Pharmacists Osceola Society — Personal Jeanetta Jean Sebaugh, Old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. 1 111. Robert Bond Sebaugh. b winner In a contest ! Tcl \, wa f among puiills ot Miss Minnie Lcc!^ r Jones for practicing the plnno. Shci" will be fiven a medal al a recital: ne\l Friday evening at the clly high' who has been for Three Little Nieces ' Adopted^ McMulliiu Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McMullin have becomo "Daddy and Mollier' by adopting three little girls, who havo already arrived here to make their home. Betty, 10, Juanila, 7, and Peggy. 5, are daughters of Mr. McMullin's sister, who recently died in ™ \ St. Louis. Their name, "Brcwsier," was changed by the court to "McMullin". Frank Moore was taken to the school auditorium, Jeanotta Jean, who has been tnV- 1 B«» -01, ,d' rcUlr ' lcd home that night. . 2 mlnutefdalls^which was more- Mr - a "<t Mrs. Earl Rulfin. Mr.|Cope, who accompanied them on :•» new dining room, "U Noble's Patio". , '• Clyde McCoy and his 16 piece 'orchestra will play for the dinner dance beginning at 10 o'clock which will te followed by a 12 . act floor show al midnight and % bullet *upper served o'clock in the morning. McCoy yho is widely known as a t-uni pet rtayer, arid his orcheslra made a national tour on tlw RKO ; circuit after haying played ?t in .Terrace Garden of the Hotel Mor risen, in Chicago, and they hav finished an engagement ar th Brown hotel in Louisville. Kj where they broadcast over th NBO network. « • * *•* Ttteutt T. Have Picafe Hembere of the Just Friends B. Y. P. U. of First Baptist Chure we' asked to e present at th efaarch at 7:30 o'clock-Friday cv ntog for a hay ride. cr parents lor fulfUUng ccrti uireme.nls In piano study ay tomorrow for the benefit of the Blythevllle band, directed by Ev- retl McDowell. Proceeds of the alTalr will be used o purchase uniforms for tlie members. hospital Tuesday for! hart been called by the serious ill- but hts condition was "ess ol Mrs. Charles Stevenson, daughter of Mrs. Glass, who died Wednesday o last week. Mrs. found to be so serious that he was Mrs. D. T. Hay ward of Dayton, O., who is visiting her mother, Mrs. Georgia Grider Williamson, and her aunt, Mrs. p. P. Jacobs, shared honors with Miss Nan Frances Warren, of Tyronza. hcmse guest ol Miss Catherine Harwell, and Mr* Jirnmle Gregory, who has reccntiy come from Newport to make her hcme in Osceola, at a delighlfu' afternoon bridge party when Miss Harwell was hostess to 12 friends at her home here yesterday. * High ecore prlTe was won by Mrs F. A. White, Mrs. Charles Cole man cut consolation favor, ant each ol the honorees was presenter a gift. Oilier giiesls ivcrc Mcs dnmcs C. J. txwrance Jr., Hal Jackson, Godfrey White, (Uilh Cnr lisle, Hugh Dillnhun'ty, D. S. Lanej and Miss Marjorie Doyle. • * • Mrs. L. Howton entertained mem .... .. .. _ ... ... Mr. and Mrs. Bart Oarrctt ol Miss. Mabel Tiimln enjoyed a triplPISBott. Ark., and Mr. nnd Mrs. to Memphis Sunday. Dr. E. G. Cope, Mrs. T. W. Glass mid son. Charles, nad daughter, iss Zctla, returned last Friday om Mansfield, Ln., where they C. W. Cook and little daughter, of Gideon, were here Sunday, the guests of Mr. and Mra. E. Allen. Wortley-Alexander. Mrs. MelElna Hayes Worslcy and Joe Alexander, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alexander, were united in marriage Wednesday. The Rev. H. A. iimbrough, of Luxwa, performed the marriage service. The bridegroom who is a m«m ber of a pioneer Mississippi county family, is connected with the Lutes grocery. Wb» • Uia P*tty Shane, a junior in toe city, high school, wu awarde tilt* . both Jontore tad union who take thtt '(abject. Tb« Wtoea't Minkmary toc>- 'Um * IU Wh« HMNidift and nrtt Baptot Barfkld Newi Mr. and Mrs. George C. Little Pete Strelf, Midge Nowell, Y. B Turner attended the boat dance a Caruthersville TueEday night. Jacx Hard In of Dallas, Tex., Is visiting his aunt, Mrs. W. A. An .:jrson. and her family for a fe weeks. G*orgmuia Little, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Ge'orge C. Utlle, is apcnci Ing several days with friends a Caruthersville, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. jack Hale, who hav recently returned here after sev _. . «r»l ysais h MUsUaippl, have con win:bate a ta< Ptetett redeoonii&g the!; oorna. ABeric*B Mitcry medal for This contest U open Mori Conphle Mmncnt NO BOWEL ABUSE To binuh logguKa, hcid»ch;j «nd other cowtip»lion ilia, ju* -deaUM your bowels of putrid w«ate witb Keen-a-mint. t!in ddiciouj diewing gum lautive that givea complete »nd thorough movement. It dpei this becauje you cber it Chen ing distribute* the laxative in- gredieQloCFeen-a-mmtunifonnli'throuxh- out the interlines to give you a "full," more natural movement Th.qt'a why Keta-a-mint U more complete, more thorough. Th»l'« why it nevet shocks the Byslem nor abtues the bowel j. It is life and gentle and non-irritating. Keena-mint because of its more modern act km eliminates any nect.«ity of experiencing tkat delay that «e« itart of putrid w<it>s aeeping tii/ai poijcni your jyj'.e "Way" U danf«jou»-<iVw FMn-a-mi for CDmtijiaUoD. He and ttc at druggiils. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FREE DELIVERY Specials for Saturday and Monday SNAPBEANS Home Grown Pound ENGLISH PEAS Home Grown Pound 7c BEETS Fancy Home Grown Large Bunch 5c CABBAGE New Green Pound 2"2 C STRAWBERRIES Fancy Quart lOc SUGAR Pure Cane. In Cloth Sacks 10 Pounds 50c FLOUR Gilt Edge. Plain 2-1-Lh. Sack 85c CORN FLARES Or Post Toasties 3 Packages SOAP OK or Sunny Monday 10 Bars 25c COFFEE Anchor Brand. Vacuum Pack Pound BEANS 98% Great Northern 5-Lb. Bags 23c MILK Evaporated. All Brands 3 Tall or (i Small Cans 20c SOAP FLARES Quick Arrow 2 Packages 15c Read Courier Nows Want Ads. PLAN NOW TO ATTKND THK RITZ THEATRE GRAND HOLLYWOOD PREMIERE TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY NIGHTS. JUNE 5 - fi Nothing Like It Evrr Before in Blythtvllle SEE Thirty-Five l^cil P«ept« Imper,on»te Ye«r Favorite Mevie Slars STARS Will Arrtre h« Frnnt tl Thtalre M 7:30 O'clock Amonf HowlUjchla »nrt Music. PARADK SUrs Will FanJe •« the SUgc at 0:00, When They Will Do Their Impcrsoratlons. • 15—Acte—Slnjinr—€omtdy—n.incinf—is -rON THE SCRKEN— SWrtey Temple in "LITTLE MISS MARKER" awl Counetks ky Nell's Beiuly Shop ky W. T. Barmtl M^ w co. hy Btll's Studio For Fmll.Detail* Call al Rlu Theatre Ask for Harry Heret«r, Director of Hollywood Premiere . cujode was a Famous Host in his day —and the hotel which bf ars his name maintains hia reputation • In modern Hotel Gayoso the Hospitality of the Old Souih and the convenience pf the new join lo make your stay ple»surab!»^and mtmora- ble. "Famous for fins food^iincs 1842." Toning* Up Treatments In ioecial R oo-i t io s-.. Ojtly 8s- icc;-q E<er- Hotel GtyoM Tuikith t o o r. c e - ««rv*d in , BRAN FLAKES Red & White Package iOc Rates as low a. HOTEL ONE OF THE FAMOUS HOTH8 el THE SOUTH Home o! |U<Ho Station W M C Free Parking' in G»rag« SALAD DRESSING Kings t'aste Quart BUTTER Golden Rod. Pure Creamery Pound 27 c OLEO Vallev Park Pound 12c FRYERS Fresh. 1'nll Dressed Pound 39c PORK CHOPS Nice l.can Knd Cuts Pound 15c COOKED SALAMI Pound 20c HENS Fresh. Full Dressed Pound 18c PORK ROAST Lean I'ound 12ic BEEF ROAST K. C. Brisket or Rib Pound Sic SLICED BACON Pound 15c SAUSAGE Pure Meal Pound Sc BOLOGNA Pure Mcnt Pound 12 AC

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