Western Reserve Chronicle from Warren, Ohio on May 6, 1868 · Page 4
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Western Reserve Chronicle from Warren, Ohio · Page 4

Warren, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1868
Page 4
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WARREN PLANING MILL, V - . . AXD ..- . DOOR, SASH, AND BLISD FACTORY. 3mZ PROPKIETORSOF THIS OLD AND WELL KNOWN CON-eera. (established by Judge Spear, in 1618) located few rod. south of ths Mahoning Bui ad Depot. near tha corner of i " TVTA-rKT AND CJ.JSTJ1Lm STREETS, take pleasure in informing thernblie. that they Bar. lurf , J fijf .''"".Jl"? mortringalll kinds of work io their line : havi V lately sdded some of t latest . a4 -pWved and anr-roved mechiBBry now made for wood working in us Tanous branches, uiun as, none bat the beat ... i tj " Idt . MICHIGAN CANADA PINE, i. the manufacture of DOORS. SASH. BLISDS. Ac. we warrant all work madeby us. not t. be excelled by any manufactured, and being thai prepared to do work, we are enabled to with .ay and all ncms. whewer located . Havirarnrchased a large etoekof Ptot Lnmberof the rations grades, direct from the msauiaaturers in Michutan. we will sell tne same ROUGH OR DRESSED. Framing Timber, Joist & Scantling, ,f th. bt ,nality. promptly and at the bwt price. We aUo w particular attention to CUSTOM SAWING & DRESSING, kindi of work in our line, and to till orders tor MATERIAL FOR BUILDINGS, complete, from roof te foundation, whether for the humblest dwelling-, or most modern palace. We hare cTarrthinf in the lumber line wanted, and AND WILL SELL AT THE LOWEST PRICES. We hare a food stock of UOOR3. SASH, BLINDS, FLOORING (all kinds) CEILING, ROUGH LTJMBEB, ", bare wood mneinee and ateeaoi-e to do enr work. We sye "right vb " with Oar Kill, Material and Price, ready to fill orders promptly and low. Remember the place. "XTJ" TOSJVT XT a A TTXJJ& MILL," In the Maanfaetnrint portion of th city (to be) near the Oil Mills. Grist Mills. Rollins Mills. Woolen Factories. Machine Shops, Foundries, Csrriase and Furniture Shops, and in the bttfl- ess part el the town, a few rods south ot the jianoninc iepor. March 11. 1868-tf T. M. A BELL & CO. Lumber Merchants & Manufacturers PROPRIET ORS OF THE NEW PLANING MILL, Near Atlantic & Q: W. Depot, Warren, Onio, TtTB HAVE NOW ON HAND A LAEGK STOCK AND COM- If ptete assortment of 6eamned Lumber, and are prepared to sell in the ronrb or dressed order on short notice, any desired quantity. -Also to saw at our Mills hare and in Pennsylvania any quantity of bailding timber, en the T.i-r7-- o.n3. ""Xsot Live rrlxLOixalo- h'mgles, lath and Building Material generally, will be kept on hand in larre quantities. BUILDERS, COME A.1ST SEE US. Mayl5.1867-tf T.M. ABKLL CO. DRESSED LUMBER, W.PACKARD & CO. Ayer's : t Hair Vigor, For restoring Cray Hair tr its natural Vitality and Color. A dressing which is a: onoe agreeable, a-dlt'ir. siud ciroetual lor preserving die lintr. Faded or gray iw'-i- . toon restored t,i i original color WttJi the joss and titshness of youth. Tliiu Lair is iiiick- Ja 'Ai'" ik'lic? hair eliecked, and buld-u.--s rie::. ihouli not always, cured liv use. Noshiug can restore llie lui'r v.-ii.-r? tlie' follicles aiv 'eslroyed, .r 'Jamil's atrophied and derated. K-- atMi as remain can be i-ved lor u -tu:ni-s lv this application. iHStead t louiin;: th.j hair with a pasty sediment, it uiii keep ii rleun s:iid vigorous, lis iMvtiioua'i use will prevent the hair t'roai turbine ray :r lailicg or!', acd tius.'(j iL-uiiy prei:ut buldness. Free tlio.-.- lieii-'.erious snbsiuuees which i.ni: nun j'A pi.":'.ions diineroiis aud i'l'iirin:!- ; liie h;iir, the Vigor can n-i'v b-ufu b.it tvt hai-ui it. If wanted i Tii-Ti::V tor a HAIR DRESSING, invliiu'f rUe can !' found f-o desirable. I'cii:tin:ti7 uei'.liL-r oil nor dye, it does !.;. .while caiabric. and yet lasts hjm2 it the iiair, giving it a rich glossy v aiid a gratelul perfume. Prepared by Or. J.'C. Ayer & Co., I'ptnu ti. m Analvtical Chemists, - ' sjaica $1.00. For Sal by HOTT. STRATTOK EAPSOOD. AprU 8. 1860-ly : r.i.' ':.' : -ii- i. : .- .I'l'.'-.Rcil ;:, in ' t-v,kv :uu:ilryanu niina? ..a ik, i uiis o.'M bu cici.-iit p;irp.u:.e fill. lli; obvious ri-tt. fj09taal wsi!-lv Umb nay ":- ; : ! . r t'wt it wired uiu.a: Unx wit : a-u kw tit it it ruret their neijrii'.Nvs ami I ri .-, u-l ..It k .iw t i.lt w!.Jt 5 owe K or ul,v:- i that itaerer f ' ! tiini.i'--h any tauiiorBi-.,'i-rti.l I eiruiM-iir We Irari t:oaa:iiN upon Ufa-end t -if Tjii -i! ' or thi-ir remar-table ruivs -i t:ie ( .':; uii 'mirMMA, LHit such i-aiw ar known ia rrr-. b?. ...ilioo 1. and we ni-wl n.t piilili-li t.K in. Aila'H'l I all and cundilUi in all rli.u:-.'- ; o''iii:.'i ontii-r ralomel or any dcleti-.-ia y?. tkrr niaf he tlcra with safrty toy anyiHly. ih -tr r-i 'TcVml pi-efiwi thi-io cvei fixh and liial.i.'5 t . " n pliaot to take, while limn? purely vef laWe j.j hnrui ran arise from tlieiru in any quantity. Th operate by tiier mwi-rful infiuence on the fcitei o:d viwiera to purifT the bloo-1 and stimulate it ii.tr. u.-ilihT n't ion remove th obstructions of the .nvojusli. iHMH'li, liver, and otlu-r orjans cf tbe . w. , rnioriav tiiuir irrej-'alar action ti health, and W i..rrectins. wherever ihey exi"t, fii-a ilerange- tu.-iibi ai a- lite Hrst origin of iis."-ie, 'Miuuie ihf."it.'m4 arc iriven in Uie WTaner on IS iioa, for u-.i laUon inj; omijliiint-s whicli these i'itl rl":ly cure: 'o- l.wMTai or Kwiliaet)a. I.iMlec !. . I-AiirTtor and BJow of A)erjrr-, lh-y Veiuld be lak-n Tno-leratflv to Ktimftiiil? the storo- e.-h nti refciv lis hciHhr touc and action. . jT J.tver C'onwplBtwt onrt kh Tarioii pyrnp-t'.iii'i, Itilloit. Ilriail'arkv. kick Hradacae, iaiinilirrOor' Cirew NicLaeM, Bilioas C olir an j AH!ta FeiTM-. tiu?v shoiihl lie jii-m-nBNlv Pilii'J (r oaeB cas. tn correct iheli -eased .iciun i -move tne oosirucu.ns iu.-n cause ii, frr Diirulcrr or Piarratnrat, but one mild i c.'nn-iJv required. t o Kt.-uaiili". K.it. Crarel. Pa1rrt tclioi. of Br Heart, liia ia cba ait, f.uirk and .(, they should l cxinlinuookly tnLrn, as rnitii--e-l, to change tlio diseased action of th- m stem. With saca cuaage those oompUinta di.Hitar. Fr nropy anil Droawlcal Swrlliae they su4-tilit be uiken in large an.l i'retiuent doses to pro-;ln;-e ibeer7i-rt of a drastic puirc. Vnr ftepnreMloa a lare dose ghoulit he taken as it pro'tu -l s the .ieirol ctTect bv sympathy. A' a Jtifurr rill, t!tte one or two fUls to pro. m-.K lvT.-'siiuo and relieve the stomach. An oe -:a.ional loe Mimulate the rtoraach and bowels m to ha-aUliy action, reuorea tne aptietite, ;id invia'orau-s the aybtem. Heoce it is often ak-vantiiv.u where no serion deranrement exists. ine vtio ftts uUablv weil, ouen fimis that ailoso .J'thew put nukes hfm fe.'l iteciileiily better, from Umir doaoMB anl renovating effoct on the di(v-nve apparatus. DB. JT. C.AYEB CO., I'mrtUml ChmimU, lOTTELL. MASS.. V. 8. -A. or Sals by HOTT. ETRaTTOS k HAF0O0D. April S.186S-1B. KING'S GRAY HAIR. iBthpAnuBosiAtUatRiniaad4 tx Iii the Aubbosia that Hlng made. This Is the Man who was bald tn vrita bow has mm lorka, thy ay. l!u upd W Core that !t la the Axbcosu that liiintfdc. ""TV". TtU is the Maiden, handiwme aad bald and st'ilfc.i. WliT) u'ow ha raron lueka, tlwjr r. . ; ' lie ti a-rt the A MBBOSia that ltiag IT I ICW FHX l" Fnrwm, who, bT tV1 wmr Jl.irnt- um uuaeB, nuaaBome Boa To tin; man once bald nd nT, Itut who now ku rmveu locks, thrj a. S i i fay, TW-iuk be -nted the Cnr that lay - JU 1.1; IO iUCJf UUUC, Csj&ie Tliis 1 the Bell thnt rins irar -" V -. i. r To arr oee the people tad and gov i7il"cto tliis fnct.wlpeh h'-redoei Jay . iv TvT If pp would not U hUd or pray : ;vr- i'Ktke AMLM.Qi.lA thai liipg mtide. L E.TUEBS & CO PHOPHinnss, Peterbor3 NJI Dr. JULTAS HAEMOK", Vholenle Agent. Warren. Ohio. Far Sal br Hovt. Ptratton at Einrood. War ren. . A. Smith. Warren : D. k H. C. Baldwin. Fowler, and by Ururcists veneraily; Kot. 13.1667.- s IMEW YORK Clothing Store! Ia AiilrrMa V alnpp's Hew Black, one door South of atcLain's fiaak. Main Street-Warren, Ohio. D. SI. LAZARUS, (Scccissob to S. Beeg, k Col I kave just returned from NEW YORK, with a tott Large Stock of Ready Made Clothing, HATS. GAPS. VALISES &0, GEMLEMEVS FLRXISHIXG GOODS All of which I now offer to the public, at prices even lower than before the war. Look at some .of my prices I Good Business Suits at $7,50 Nice Casdmere Suits at $12,00. $15.00 1 $18.00, Fine Black Suits at $12,00. Oood Lined Satinet Pants at $1.73. and ap-wards. White fhirU, BI.25. and ail other good in proportion. GIVE ME A CALL,. i I and I will prove to one and all. that the best bargains are to be ibund at the Nev York Clothing Store. MT MOTTO .S. QVTCK SALES ASDSMALL PHOF1TS, 7f B I am lint for the Royal Eule Yok Shirts, i he best made aad most perfeot nttias enirt bow in the market. D- M- LAZA.BUS. . April 15. 1868-m. Hair Jewelry, Braiding:, &c. ES H. C. TAYLOR. tlanufaetnrer and Dm1p t TTa ; T.w.t Braidinr. Carls, Waterfalls, Chinons, 4cM Smith k MeComb s Block. Main Street. VVar- ren. Ohio- N. B. Highest Price paid for dark kajr. oep to, isoi u rpROTTY HORSE POLKA. X By the same Bother, with a bandsom lithorraph title pace. Price 60 ernis.jast pnb- n.nea, at avuu' nuutLaiuiiav. 7 THE CHROMCLE. A Lon ow thi Babpac. The fol lowing unique specimen of lore letter is published in Lynchburs (Vs.) paper: " Koanok Cocntt, Va., March 20. C8 I)it M-ss L- It U by the in- tiaibel band of providence that my mentle Idies has bin conglomerated upon the unblolted and unsofisticated face o! love, couiu iuo vuu-of conscience alleviate me a single Mali?sium of a mine an in thy favor 1 WOUia commeuH pormj raim Teen at such a lavish rate as to drown the rath of heavens horrizonic artillery shal cease to vociferate to the constina- tion of the iodic before my love snai sease to be extinguished. Xo brighter does the mid day sun alluminate My desponding heart than the hope of one dav calling you mine oh. that I could . J. . 1 f ' t 1 3 At L pluR Irom me eiysiunj dpiqs oi uuugui the most butiful timed flower that ever grew on the emanuel banks of concep tion cloUica in tne language oi wo noble guard mercury. It would fale to give you eaven an onadequate Idie of My ever deep and lasting loove oh in to the ocion of language an from beneath its unchanged waves 1 would Ex Dress to you a lovers charged hart quickly to you would I return the fountain ot my soul, on mat i couiu unlock to you with the keey of knew-born words I would peas it out like levy of my depe an lasting love an may each & every brease impart to you a full assurance or your everlasting lover. Dear miss wi'.t though on the reception of this tender me a line or too in return for I am very impatient to here from the mj love. If this Meets with vour Approbation answer without Prowcrast' nation and give me a fare investigashun. your frew lover Jacob Tins ell. How the Great Dailies abe PaisTEn, Few persons are aware of the fact that our Drinciple morning journals are not printed directly from Ike type, but from stereotype teken from the regular forms. The whole time consumed in making plates of the four psges of the - ew ioik oun is aoout iweoij minutes. It is accomplished thus Each psge is made up in a seperate form on a table in size and height expressly adapted to the purpose; the legs oi this t&oie are lummuoa mm castors, and as soon as the form is lock ed the table is rolled into the stereo Ivm room. The form is then removed to the moulding table ; the latter has a hollow iron bed which is filled with steam, as heat is one of the require ments in facii'.tating tne operation. After the right temperature is attained, the form is removed again to the im- nosinc table, and two or three sheets of a peculiar kind of paper is laid over the surUce of the type, ana tney are then beaten down with a brush in the same manner that printers proceed in taking a brush proof. The form is then again carefully slid upon the moulding table, another and heavier sheet ol paper placed over the first, this is cov ered with a wet blanket; the whole lipped under the press attached to the moulding table, and the power applied. This is done almost instantly, when the form is again run out, and the paper peeled on is a complete ma trix of the whole form.- A preparation of French chalk is now applied to the surface of this paper, when it is placed into the mould, the hot metal poured against it and the plate almost instant ly iormed. It is now removed to the planer, is cut. routed, and iustified.and in a few minutes is on its way to the nress room. These plates are cast in the exact form required for s cylinder press, and are about half an inch in thickness. PLOEENCE ! LOCK STITCH, REVERSIBLE FEED SEWING MACHINE, Hakes four dfSersnt and has a perfect Self-Ajusting Tension. the best in WOULD! FAMILY USE, Greater Range of Work, with leas O H a. 3ST C3- I INT O- than any other- MAGH IN E! INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN, AND MACHISFS FULLY WARRANTED. J. E. BKOCKWAY, Agent, P. 0. OrangBTille. Ohio. Alaa, agent for the lVamb Kaittlng Machlae. Aprlls.l6fl-lyr NEW 'DRUG STQEE! Main St.. Warren. O. E. H. ALLISON & GO., Have opened a Drag Store in the buildinc formerly occupied as a Har-aesa Shop, one door south of Porter's Bookstore, and are now in receipt of a fall assortment of roods, jnut purchased at the lowest ash prions, and will besold according It. E. fi. ALLIS03 i CO. Jsa.29.186S. DUT GOODS! SPRING ARRIVALS! A.E.AXDREWS&SOXS are opening daUy, an extensire Stock of Spring Dry Goods boocht before the reeest adranea. which for eheapneas and qaality will be louna unaarpi sod ia the market. 150 PIECES OF Choice Spring Style Prints, Will be sold at the present NEW YORK COST PRICES. DKESS GOODS, in endleas yariety and at prices to correspond with the times, mote NEW HOOP SKIRTS have arrWed; JTEW PATENT ADJUSTABLE SKIRT is pronounced by the knowing ones, to be the most charming thing oat. Corsets! Corsets!! Those who hare worn the CELEBRATES French, 54 Bone Corsets, sold in Warren only by Andrews k Sons, wil wear no other. All sizes kept constantly on hand Ladies Sacques! SPBISG STYLES OPENED TBIS DA Y. Also sa extensire assortment of SACK IN C S I TRIMMINGS, GALLOON'S, BULLION A BUGLE FRINGES, GIMP." B UTTOSTS. and in fact all ef the noreltias of the Season. FASHIONABLE SACQUES made to order, on short notice. We take pleas-are in informing tha that we hare secured the serrioe of a Fashionable Cutter, from ths.CITT 07 NEW YORK, who has had eight years experienoe ia . CITY aTJCX.JSJJDH1. Our Stock of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, ANU DOESKINS, will at all times be found of the moat latkunm-iU Strt; of the FINEST TEXTURE, and of the cheapest price. Those desiring a FASHIONABLE SUIT at reasonable prices, plesss call oa AKDRKWS A SONS, and those who desire to pay dmhltpri am. Pass OK. CARPET! CARPET! ALL WOOL iyORAISAT !.. EXTRA HEAVY ALL WOOL ISGRA IX A 71.-15, and others at corresponding prices. A.E. ANDREWS & SONS axe the sots AtenU ia Tra mball Coanty. for TL. J. ROBBERTS Celebrated Patent Parabola Eletlro Plated Gold bxnutked Grmnd darn Warranted not to eut ia the eye or turn ap at the point. LADIES TRY THEM. AprU 15. lflOS-tf Special Notices. ITCH! ITCH!! ITCH!!! SCRATCH! SCRATCH!! SCRATCH!!! in from tea to forty-eight hours. Wbcitok's OtBTtfsvr eares Thi Itcb. W n ati. 8 Ol xra r n r Whkitos's Oiithkt euros enree cures cures hAI T Kaaca. TctTIB. BBBia'slTca Olb t-oacA. Wbito's OiaraaxT WlllTIM'S "IBTBUJIT Wsumi'l OlXTUT cures EraBT aii.0 orUcaoaLiKS MAOIC. Prica V) cents a oav. I) mail. fiO cent. Ad- dres H KEKS POTTER. No. 170 Wathingua atreet. Bostoo. mum. tor sale nr ail Uruggists. Sept 25. lo67-l Tr. CLIMAX. Page's Climax Salre. for Burns. Scalds, Scrofula. Salt Rheum, Sores. Broken. Breasts, Frost Bites. Chilblains, Stiogs.Braisea.Cots. Swellings e whether bdob maa or beast, ia tha most wonderful article arer produced. Other food articles alleviate; this cures. It allays inflama-tion. subdues pa n. and heals without a scar. It is worth its weight ia gold to any family, and should always be on hand. It is warranted to do what it says every time. nofatt'a Life Pllla A Poor nix Bitters were first used ia private practice ia 1825. They were int educed to the public in 18 C since which time their reputation has extended, until they have a sale in excess of all other Cathartio and Purifying Medicines. Thara is hardly a family among civilised nations who hare not personal evidence of their beneficial effects. Their great suceess ia owing to theironiform reliability ia cases of Consumption, Bilious and Stomachic diseases, whether of long or short du ration. They are entirely vere'able ia their composition, and harmless to the gentlest infant. One ingredient opens the pores of the skin BBOtheris diuretic; and stimulates proper action of the kidneys; a third ia emollient, loos ening phlegm aad humor from the lungs; other properties are warming and cathartio. and cleanse the stomach and bowels from anhealthj secretions. Their combined effects, is to stimu lata the impaired functions of tha system, and to produce aeofr. It is not asserted Moffati' Pills are a can all that they will c nre all com plaints but asder ordinary circumstances they may be relied apon to cure Nervous and Sick Headache, CostiTeness. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Jaundice. Liviravd bilious Complaints. Colds. Scurry. General Weakness. Ae. They are expressly made for these diseases. Millions upon millions of eares can be cited. In no single instance has a eomplaint ever come to our knowledge, where they hare not operated as recommended. The printed circular around each box fully explains the symptoms and effects of each disease, specifies treatment, furnishes evidence, sc. Wa briefly refer to Eer. D jv id Elder. Frank-lin.N.C, who was curedof Dyspepsia. C.R Cress, of Theoike. Ill, cured of Liver Complaint. H. Hooley, of Springfield. Pa-, had Scrofula-and had to ase cratches : was cared in three week. James D. Dolens, of Adrian. Mich., cured of Bilious Fever. Rev. Henry Graham. Presbyterian Church, Gananagua. Cal, of Fever aad Ague. Bev. Ed. H. May, Twenty-fi'st New York, of Bheumatism and Piles of 35 years standing, Ber. Samuel Bowles, Editor of the Si ring-field (Mass.) Republican, was cured of terrible Costivenesa. Hob Ed. Webber, of Bumney, N H. of Liver Complaint. ete, ate. A box of Moffat's Life Pills, with full circulars. Ac, will be sent gratis to any Physician or Clergyman, oaths receipt of two three cent postaga stamps. Moffat's Life Pills are 25 cents per box. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters. $1 per bottle. They are sold by all respectable dealers throughout the continents and the Islands of the Ocean. WHITE at- U0 WLAND. Proprietors. Successors to Dr. John Moffat, aad Dr. Wot. B. Moffat, 121 Liberty Street, New York. Uay29.1867-a.o.w. Some Folks Can't Sleep Sights. Very many suffer from genera debility, others from weskoesa of the stomach and inability to digrst their food; some have creeping sensations along the nerve fibres, or paio in the back, with acbiDgaod weary tbrobbings of the limbs. Thontaad of ladies suffer through long years from what are called S'saaLiCoHrLtiBTS caused by the relaxation ofmusoie and ligament that attend deficiency of vrai force. Thousands of Business men, overworked in mind and body, nse up the nervous luid, and beoonio unfit for duty or the enjoyments of Hie. Excesses in youth, and the terrible effects of fever and ague involve shattered constitutions and the failure of the general fuctioaa of health, lo sufferers bom ail these cauM. Dodd'a Xervkne aad Invlgorator, offers sa invaluahlt boon a natural and efficient recovery of lost powers. No person, man. or woman, eufierini Irom any cause, ean anord to neglect this reuudy. Toe Nervine will be found te possess an equalizing and nntritive principle. It alia. irritation and like sleep promotes tbe secretions of the system. It has affinity wiih the N lavocs Fisbes. and supplies them lor the wasa that is constantly ukirg place. Like wholesome food taken tnlo the stomach, it undergoes rapid digestion, invigorating in its process bedigeetiTe organs, and producing a Calmneea and Tranquility anknown to any other preparation. It contains no opium or hafheesb, and so far from producing costivenesa ii will be found an efficient cure for eonstipatisn, and has obtained a wide renown for this peculiari.y. Waal People Buy. "Dear Doctor : The last medicine prescribed by yon I and Bill say that Uooo's Ntavmi aD IsviGotiTuB is al that it is claimed to be. I feel like a new mm; the aching of my limbs is all gone; 1 sleep nell; have a good appetite: and feel stronger than 1 ha v. lor manr year, past." (ContriOBIed by Dr. A. 11. Tucker. 26 Clintoa-st, Brooklyn. N.. "J. bavs used tie It savins, and find myself much benefitted sy it. particularly in tbe in-erease of strength and cure uf those trembling eeosaiions. My etivenesalao seems to been-tirelycured." lUuer to Dr. Tucker. Ths medicine ysu oruered (Uobd s Hibvisi) we save taken three bottles of. It u a great thini. My wile says sne bad rather have one botteolitthao fsny doctors, bhe is certainly better. LencrrboBa cured dnn I feel the drag-gins down su much; bowels move easier, and in better nervous condition every way." a B. Mastib. Cthier Ulenn House. Long Branch. K. J., states that Dodo 8 Nsaviss has cured him of chrome weakness of the elouiaeb, dm nose and sick bean acne, and greatly suesgthened his whole system. Djvib xUbt.hob. 3 btate-sL, Brooklyn cured of chromo muscular and nervous dobiiiiy Johs biB0T. Brooklyn, i". l says: Io regulate the boweis witnout producing cathartic e3ect. quiet tbe nerve . and tone up thesys-tem.l have never used anything that equalled UuDa's Atavina." - W. F. lKaas. Isq- Eastford, Conn: "My wifebaa sufiercd for seventeen years with extreme nervous debility and m.ntral pro.trati jn. she was induced by a. mend to try Dr. J. H. Duns's NsaviliS iB lnvioosaTOB. and by its use a now restored to perfect health Dr. 0, C. ioBI.Charlestwn,MaM: Incases of great nervous debility, sot confined by any meats to the female sex. although from ih. greater delicacy .1 the femaleotgauitation more com gob than among men. I employ Dodd a Kiaruts aid Isvisobatob with ue happiest effect. It exceeds in tonic power anything that I knsw of. wntle its actions upon the bowels is all ikatc.B be desire i." Dodo's !. savin iisd IsviooAaroa is employed in the Massachusetts Hospital lor the luaneat Taunton. f or Personal Tcatlmoniala. To suras of General Debility. Indigestion. Sleeplessness, Kidney Ctmpiaint, Wind Colic, and Female Complaints in their own famines, we refer, with pcrsiiasioa,to the followinc gea-tlemtn in this vicinity: h W, Ball. esq-, i if'b Avenue Hotel, Jf. 1 . W. B. Bones, tract Houm. N.i. Jobi Williams. Polioemao, B. 1. J. W. Picxct. esq . t:iintoB-st.. Brooklyn. Dr. 11. A. Tccssa, Clinton-eU Brooklyn. J.S. Wsiout. esq-Jers ; City. Hob. Wabbss Lbass,o Broadway I,. Y For sale by all druggiia. Pnce 1.U) per oot- U if. B. STORF.R t'O-. Proprietors, S. Y. August ZL Ae:.lyr. JEBOME T. CAUPMLL, PtALXR IS . , . GEO CEBITS, PB0VISI0NS, Flour, Feel, Fruit and Vegetables mnT ttv rVERSlGNED has open- JL ed a lanre and superior assortment of the above named roou- "".."' ""-rT A no-th of McLaio's Bank. Mam be. Warren. 0. Customers will find a NEW AND FRESH STOCK from which to select, and at as low figures as can b. purchased elsewhere. Give us a call, and a, will take pleasure in waiting upon you-J. T. CAMPBELL. Warren. Sept & 186T-tf a. r. SAGra a. a. bocse. TREES, TREES, TREES, THE ATTENTION OF FKUIT growers is lld to our extensivestock now ottered for tha fail trade consisting of APPLE, PEACH, and Dwarf Pear. Black Walnut, Evergreens. Urapevinee. Ae. ... Our stock of trees are tha Caret aver grown ar brought ia this part ef the county, 'loose wishing to get s good bargain should not fail to give us a call tefore purchasing elsewhere. fromptand earful attention given to i all orders. SAGKH BKOd A UObSE. Kortb Rnatol Nursery. April 15, 18et-tf Bristolville. Ohio. CARD. TIT S. CLAKK. 11. D., LATE of lTJ. , the 6ao of M etcalf A Clark. Warren. 0. has loea'ed a Bristol eekter, where he may be found stall hours when not professional ly engaged. (April & lM-tf. MINE. My heart has wandered In the chilly air. Circling around my uoy s centle flame. Which ever sweetly glowed, yea. glowed tha When I was mr. and when, in dumb despair. I turned away to ease the pain wrought there : Alaa. poor heart: 'twouia struggle nara w t Am. The wildred love it bore my Udy fair. How fearful thrlled the souna ot nor aear nam. I But I have felt a hipiinwe to-day As sweet aa all was outer, ana a Dsim Has soothed mycruel wounds: gentle play Uftbought is minca dear, delicious calm : For I h.v-n th. lov. Mailt weellv shine While her upright eyes weriremblini into mine Melange. The first bus in America was Col urn bus. A skillful pickpocket always takes tilings easy. Hope is tht drestn of those wide awake. Jests, like sweethearts, bare often sour sauce. Keep yourself innocent if you would be nappy. Good expectation is better than bad possessions. When was Noah in America I When he was on the Ark-and saw. David's sling did not make Goliah 'dead drunk but 'stone dead.' Happy are they that hear their own detractions and can put them to mend ing. The dandy who makes the greatest Sourish isn l always in atlourshmgcon dition. Waste of wealth may be retrieved ; waste of talent rarely ; waste of time never. In the morning think what thou bast got to do; and atnicntasRtnysell what thou bast done. Longfellow says that "Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume oi the week. Oat West, instead of asking a man "What will you drink ?" they now say, "Nominate your poison." Why is a dog with a broken leg like a boy in arithmetic? Because he puts down three and carries one. If a flock of geese see one of their number drink, they all drink too. Jlea are great geeee. Enjoy the glory of the sun, ind not put. out your eyes by trying to count the spots upon bis lace. "Bobby, why don't, vour mother sew up your trowsers ?" "Because she's at the vestry, sewing lor tne beatben. A hypocrite may spin so fair a thread as to deceive his own eye. He may admire the cobweb, and not know himself to be the spider. A young man who recently took unto him self a wife says he did not Gnd it half so hard to get married as be did to get the furniture. Ther is more help to your soul in one moment's conviction that God, look ing on your personality, says, "I love you," than in all ordinary experience, Avarice in old age, aaya Cicero, is foolish : for what can be more absurd than to increase our provisions for the road, the Dearer we approach to our journey's end. Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what win and preserve the heart and secure comfort. Xew Advertisements. BOOK ASr.lTS WA-TED-For -ur authorised illustrated PERSONAL HI-4-ToRy OFULTriSKS.S. BRUM, by Albert D. Kichardson. Aothornf Field, Dungeon and -cope." and "B-iond fa JfiMtesippt." Material gathered from personal observation in the Field and through channels opened by Gonoral Orant himself, A live, original, sparkling work; containing important documenu and Letters on Civil and Military mattery, since lbs war, never made public. Filled wita Engravings. "eeU the best." For circular, apply to AMERICAN PUBHaUUSU J0 Hartford, Conn. ac;lts waivted. In all part of the Union, for ths Life Cam-paigns aad Battles of Sen. ULYSSES S. GRANT! With an introduction by Benson J. Lowing. In oneoctavo volume, over 50t oaf ea. well i I n trated. Prospectus books ready, rjend for a cir cular betnr. engaging el.ewhere. Addreaa LEOTARD BILL. Kew York City, or CUAS. BILL. Chicago. Id. AGEST3 WANTED FOR THE HISTORY thfe SECRET SERVICE By CES'I. L. c. BAKES. The astoanding revelations and startling disclosures made in this work are creating the mo.t intense desire in ihe minds of the people to obtain it. Is onicial character aod ready ule, oombia ed with aa iBcres-ed eommiasion. make it the best subscription book over published Send forcirculars and seeour terms, and by it sells faster and gives better smtiifaction thn any other wnrk. AddreasJuNESBttOIH-ERS dr CO.. Cincinnati. Ohio; Chicago. Ill, or Su Louis, Mo. BOOK AGENTS WANTED FOB THB SIT BOOK. IVIoxi of oxix-Timo' or Leading Patriot' of the Day. An ele-gantoctavo volume. richly illustrated with IS beautiful Me.' Engravings, aad a portrait of ineautaor, mrs. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. Agents say it is the best, and sells the quickest of any book they ever sold. Home are takinc 2H0 orders per week. It will outsell Twcfc Tom't Cabin." We employ no general agen's. but pay tjrirn eommis.ion. Old aaet.U will appreciate this item, bend for circulars giving full nar-timilara. Address HABIFoRD PUBLIsHINd COm llartford, Ot. WANTED AGENTS FOB Bingley's History of ANIMATED NATURE 1200 Royal Octavo Pages. 1200 Fine Engravings Prioo Cnly &a,GO. Tbe Cheapest Book ia the world. Exclusive Territory and tbe largest commission. Circa-lars giving lull particulars, terms, etc; also our fine posterwith U) sample iUulratioa.sautfree on application. Addreye ZElULER, M'CtJRDT k CO.. Cincinnati, Ohio. MED ictlL I LLU HI I NMI olil Fear Magnificantly Illustrated Medical Books, containing Importaat Physiological la-formation, for Men and Women. sent fre. on receipt of iicu . by aridressing OR. JOHN VAN-DKRP0CL.Ko.30 Clinton Place. N. i.City. CARPENTERS. V0:; Practical Books on Arcnitectnre and fctnir Building. A. J. BICKNELL A C0 Publishers, Springfield. 111. Patent Offices. In veil tors whi US to take ont Lettari Ptit r advised to cudsI wiih AL'KIV xfc CO Editor of the Somttiie American, who hire pi-operated cUims before the Ptttent Office for orer Twtjnty Year. Tbeir Ateeriefta end Earo-peao Patent Aveoer if tbe meet exteosire io in the world. Charges leu than any other reliable agency A Pamphlet eontaioing full instrtte-tionito nTent.n. sBt(trat.. A handfOBie Buod Volam, eontaioiar 15-0 Meeaniral enrraTinrsand (he United Stale CenfUi by Cuuntiea, wita Hint and Receipts for Mechanic J. mailed on receipt of 25 cents Addr MI-NX k C037 Park Row. IS . Y CTBE TOrSREI.F of DEBILITY. SEX-UAL Di-KASivx Ac Send your address on stamped envelepe and ask tor circular of "Pa-tholoffy." Direct A MEttlCAN SEWS CO, 121 ISassaa st Htw York. nOODSPEED'S SWy&ZKz T ine pen of Ink. The best thing is tbe world. II Sample sent for 10 ct. $10 a day guaranteed to Agents. Addreii J.T.PRICE k CO.. 37 Park Bow, ii. V ROOFING SLAE. The subscribers are sole At'-U for the sale of SLAT K from M I D D L S HLANVILLB Ap.tCM ION'. fE.S'RHVN CO.. AMbRlCAN CO.. NATIONAL CO., and are prepared to supply SLATES uf all kinds ia snv kinds in any part of tbe United States at abort n.tice. J. W. OibORN at JiARIiS. Albany, ii . Tn Varoh 1. 1. M'OTHING LIKE IT IN MEDICINE. Ahixurrtothepalate, a painl-ss evacuant. a gentle stimulant to the circulation, a per-piratory preparation, an anti-billeus medicii.e.a stomachic a dieurettc. aad aa admirable general alterative. Such are the acknowledged and dsily proven properties of TaRRaM X EKrEK-VXSCaNt APtRIEXT. gold by all Druggists. O C ft per month (Baranteed ts agents erery ijAJKI where selling our falmt Evrlattn evBry- lUff ilttatie Cluthrt-linn. Write for Cireslars to the A-verican Wire Co., 75 William SU IS. Y or 16 Dearborn tit , Chicago, UL Xew Advertisements. WAIVTED. TO MAKE AS ARRANGEMENT with one good man in each eountv. to sell bv samole. B new and useful article that everybody utes V, oW: '"r terms addreat Bev. W. u. U. FISK.PituWgh. fa. 1TAHTIB Tmm-di.tely. AliBSTS to soil 1 1 mj new rsteal a4vertllaK(nnBPa A rare chance f .r making money otfired. for particulars address, with sUmpJ. M. WILBUR. Cleveland. 0. WANTED, AGENTS (A.uiui sssutitMi. Thia ma chine will stitch, hem. fell. tnca. .nil, ...l aina, oratu h. .mirMu.r m a nou saperior Banner. Price onlT ?1S. Fullv w.rrntl fo five years. M ill pay for any machine that win sew a strooger. more oeautitui. or more elastic seam than eurs. It make, the "Elastic Lock Sti ich." Every seoond atitoh eaa be em aad still the cloth cannot bo pulled apart with- ut tearing it We psy Agents from i'i toaiiD per mootb and axpeuaea. ot a commission from which twin th.t am-runt oa. H. mad.. AddrMia 8ECUMB CO.. PIT.TsBL'BGB. PAorBOs-TnS. M -SS. ejaatloa Do not be Imposed upon by other n.ptiM n.lmi..onTar1hlMaoast-iron HI AC h I S under the same name or otherwise. Ours is tha only genuine and really practical cneap ma ehiaa manufactured. Sortli Americam Steamship f Through Line to' California. via Panama Railroad. NEW ARRANGEMENTS SAILING FROM HEW TORE OS THS Stb and 20th Every Month. Or the day beore when these dates fall oa 5a-day. Passage Lower than by any other Line. For informatioo address T W. Carrtagtaa. A (eat, 177 waas at., a. , W. n. WEBB, PrefidenL CHS.DA"tA.Vics Pre. Office 04 hxchange flaee. fl. t. THOMAS H AGNEW. SWand 262 GREENWICH ST.. N.T. ns rednced tbe nricen of Teas. Coffees. Sara's. Flour, and all kinds oi Groceries from 10 to 20 percent. Bent JspaaTea.! Beat English tsrvakfnat Tea, ai. Dl-miid veleas lea. 9s. 1.000 bbla. r lour, all gradea. rom $11 upwards. itlwOgAl. Molaasee. all radea. from Hie. upwards. Coffees, roasted and croon J. lo. to 4oc Queers, all grades, at refiners 'prices, bb 1 everything nsed ia every family cheaper and better lhn anv store in New York. TlioMAS R. AGNEW occupies his own store, owns the property, and has no rent to pay : imports and beys exclusively for easb. never gave a note ia his life, consequently be can undersell any house in the eity. Of) "CAPITAL onry required to oomneeoce OrCeJ the very profitable butine e of Stencil Cutting. Tools and stock of ins best quality and all the neces ary information turoieoed by M. I. MEIUALF k SOU, 11 Union 6L. Boston. Una. Grnitnl 4'nrloalty rth lata Ccatarj WONDERFUL ELECTRIC F13H: Itpleaes aii! By taxil for 10 cts and stamp: 3 for 2o3. Addreas tbe inventor, KAlilAN HALL. W est Milibury. Ms9- sta Agents wanted in every part of the world. MUSCLE SAVED IS iT.OXEY ISUDE. EVE1Y 9TA17 WHO USES AS AX SHOULD BITT A RED JACKET. COLBURITS PATENT. With it, wita Baaaa la bar. ba will da anothlrd mora work, sham wills nay ather is. Send Si for one to fry, to LIPPIVfOTT at BAKEWELL, (sols maiiis.) PITTBCRCrH, PA. There is BO bambug about this: to any one askingwe ean send copies of letters from choppers, proving our elaim. t- Club together and get your store-it eeper to send for one d'isea neatly packed ia a box Lndispensible for Ladies IS THB . . SEWING GUIDE, a beaurlfol article for the assistance of ladies in band sewing, not only protecting the finger from the ugly prick of tbe needle, but, being provided with a rib. tbe stitch's ars made wiih EXACT RKUl LARICY. and ineeeaeed rapidi in. Italsu keeps the roint of the neadieia perfect euoditinB. For all kinda of eaiorotiicriag and er.it. beting it is taeafaaoe. TbeUl'IDh. is elegantly silver-plated, and will sell at eisht to every ladr. Sent to any address, by mail, oa receipt of 26 cents, or solid silver, for 75 cents. Agents wanted in every town. Terms and sample fur 25 cent. LiWeral direount to tha trade. Address MLEd MANUfti CO. ii Water St.. Boston. Mass. SIR Jahss Class's Fibalb Pills sre cooa- erteited. Genuine have name Jib Moass ea wrapper. For important circular address Jus Muss. New York. WE SELL FOR 0.E D0LL1B, G OLD and Silver Watches, Sewing Machines, Silk Drees Patterns.Carpets.Dome.tic Goods, Me. CIRCULARS BEST FREE, giving fn 11 particulars, or ten check sent for One Dollar, describing tea different articles which we will sell for OXE DOLLAR EACH. Splendid inducements offered to Agents sending aa ciuha. Address, LABOtTE k BABBITT. Xo. 83 Sudbury Street, Bo.tou. Mass. ARE C01ItVG And will present to any person sending as a club in our Great OXE DOLLAR SALE OF DRY AND FANCY GOODS. A Watch. Piece of Sheeting, Eilk Dress Pattern!, fcc. Ac. Proo of Cost. Our inducements dnrifigtbe past few years have b-en large. WE NOW DOUBLE OUR HATES OF PREMIUMS. 0r Meads will nwk&ilj tide ear Preae-tts for SO and 0 C'labnare w mere than eqaal la value te CI a be ef CO aad 100 respectively ofetber fi arFleasje X3a.xilia.o."5a Aar Dersoa orderina eilherof theClnnameB- tioned below, can have their selections of pre- I m.nma nmnntll n.iw.ii.. Mlh.ii.t ua iiue. FREK OF OJTE D6LLAII Far a Clab af SO. (3.) One of the foflow-ing articles, vis : beiaine dress pattern, fancy e -lored bed spread ; lis) view Turkey moroooe albom : yards sheeting : striped cashmere delaine dres pattern : h iney comb quiit ; all wool square shawl, set solid guld bosom studs ; ail woil laacy cashmere peats and vast pattern ; gent's hair guard chain guld trimmings: silver plated chased butterdish; stiver plated 5 bottle revolving castor, -on feet ; set snperior at eel bia-ded knives aad turke: worst-d promenade shawls; ladies' loag gold plated chaio; 1 adits' gold doobl, riog; gnu' heavy chased solid gold ring: solid black walnut work box or anting Beak: extra ouality balinoral skirt: set jewelry, sleev buttons te match; Tiiia and bow: gents eardiaan jacket: splendid ebony 1 date, ivory trimmings; superiur Turkey morocco shopping bag; ladies' Sign balmaral boots Few a Clabaf (t r-Ona of the following articles, vis: BlaekoreMorcd alpaca drees pattara: poplin drew pattern: ons piece of Bleached er brown sheeting: engraved, ailver-ptated.d bottle revolving castor; d 1-2 arda saperior oaah mora tor pants aad vast pattern: extra heavy huaey eombquilM two fanoy colored bedspreads; pair gent's call boots; 4 jda. tar-man' good wool frocking: lancy caanmere plaid dross pattern ; beat quality balinoral skirt : rosewood braaa alarm dock: ladies' all wool eloak pat'arn: silver-plated cake or card basket; lur mutforeape: ladiee' iabionablB wool double shawl: splendid rlaapwd lamiiy Bible, Vm2 record t,aao of eosravings; 3 yds. double lath water proif cloaking; set ivory handle) kuives. with silver-plated torks; set tirer tor aa: one set lace eortina. Far a Clab aflO. (l.-Ona of the following articles, vis: 4 yds. doable width cloaking "r coating: 2 large, nee. bleached linen table covers, with 1 do, large sited dinner napkins to match: twenty-live yards splendid hemp carpet ng, good colors; extra quantity black ar altwea drees oat Urns; rxa-a quality poplin dresa patterns; one large piece saperior qnarity extra wniin sheeting: pair gent's call' boom beat quality: silver hunting-cased patent lever watch: one soten ivory handled staei bladad kaivea and forks ; silver-plated engraved six botilo revolving castor, with cat glaas buttles: splendid Violin, box and bow. eomoleta: sinal. barrel shot-ran; Bacons six-Barrel revolver; pair superior whr.e wool blankets: nice fur muf aod cape: silver-platMl engraved ice pitcher, with .elver: aeven and one halt yards all wool faaey c valuer a. lor suit; waadoiea H sen' beat Liver Eiaieaiora; common etue sewing and em-rotderinc macfauia: two kutv hAnv Mnk quilu; splendid taiBily Bible, record and photograph page. t or laxaar Clubs ths value iaereasai in tha same ratio. Catalogus of Goods aad Sample seat to say addreaa ties, bend money by leaiatarad letter. Address all orders to ALLEN, HA WES ft CO. 15 Federal St Boston. Mass. P.O. Box C. W bolesale dealers ia Dry aad Fancy Goods. Cnuery. Plated Ware. Albums. Leati., woods. AX ftL.Ac ! Sew Advertisements, LICENSED BY THE United States AUTHOIIITY! NEW ENGLAND Pawnbroker's Joint Stock OF rI REDEEMED GOODS, cosstSTixo or SILKS. SHAWLS. DRESS GOODS. LINEN GOODS. DRY GOODS. Cat tans, raary ttoexls. Albans, Blblea, Silver Plated nare. WrUekel Cmtery, Sewing Maeminee FmtiMr, ka. To besold st ONE DOLLAR EACH, without regard to value, and not to be paid for until yoa kuow what you are to receive, block valued at JJUO.OtJU, Salesroom. 30. Hano ver ;t-, Huston. The moat popular, reliable, prompt aad basi-Beee like concern of the kind. The best oi Boston references furnUhed on application. By patronising ihie salejroa have a ebaace to exchange your goods, with a large variety to select from. TERM3T0 AGENTS We believe oar terms to Agents are sup-nor to tho e offered be any Other concern. Take particular notice of Ihie . Our Agents are not required to pay ana dollar for their presenu. aa in all her concerns. At theend of each and n...h m- seot the Asegt sending as the largest amount of UUUCJ Ml .U1B U TITTY DOLLARS CASH! in addition to all other presents. And to ths elt sending next to ths largest amount, tha A I sum ot TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. CwHificates. sririnf eomplet decriptio of u-iieiw to w in d Kia lorooaaniisreaotA, will b void at th toilowtoc rata. Tea lor St, lb i ft? (with pr-BMot, fvtr butty (with p;M. Qt$d, un Unntlrwl (witti prtweat) $10. and at lb sot race tor I arc r elabs LOOK. Al TUliv li ANCk to ret Silk Dre.. Swidk Macbioe, GoJ-l Wtvch. or ome other cood artici of iAAlTalu. wuh bat rrj (itti lroanl aal n MivoM t th Agear . t'er a Claa ef I klrty, w will (iv th portoa Modinc it ihoir caoic of toe fultovinf article:Krint DrM Petusrn. Worsts Break liastabawl. WbiteLiaei 'lavbieefotb, Kmbo'scd Into la spread. 6t o( Staal-bladed avniro and Fork. Mt of 8iirarDlt ifvrkti. tiimt BMdel S'k PaivoU OM-Unndrad-r'ictura Morocco Paotocrapo Album, jfeslocAOt lrory Bundled Spant-ti oilk F.n, hio ivsa larga iid Lsioeo Towel ialiea' Morooeo bboptuc Ddf( aiaiia-if mu'1 iTncy Oaimoni ovtrt, Lsatiie' ootid oid Caliloraia iJiauiod Riof. iieat'a Piam or Knur! Gold Kiur lt eareu fioe, Ladie' 6olid black ainat H ritioc Irk. Ladies' ii'aaey t)Uci Waiuut Workboz.or a loll) UIOCK. t er a t la ef Slxtr. one of the fnlln. Ing article r Ka-ocy Catamere lre Pattern. Mtver Plated Card B-wket, fD-auD(lrd Picture Turkey Morocco Pbotnraph dlOvim. Laa ruler vui'U rat.C7 ruia n ooloo wUlveaiy. five yard Sbaeimf, Alpaca IreM Pattern, Jnrrved Silrer Plated eia HWvi Kevo.Vtiig Cator. Ka n Cloth Pan ts, and Vet P-vtiern. splendid ii a moral skirt. Set of Ivory Handled km Tea. wit Saver Plated forks. Pair of all-wool bl-.neu. Bran Alarm Cluok Kofewood mine, Splendid betvdea and Lined ?Uk Paruol aUadiw-tr splendid Morocco iravrhngtiac. Inirty tarda Print. ora Mareillte Quiit rr a Clet ef vite Hundred .Silver PUted Cake basket, fancy find Wod Loot rh-il, 'lwenty-dv yardd Uemp Carpetins. Forty-five yard fheetinic. bpiendid Alpaca DretM Pattern. iSi'ver buntinn' Ca-ied VVatcb, Sp i end id rauiily bible witk eleciLnt cteel En grhxvxug, Famiiy Kecord and Pbuturapa Page Poplin Urea Pattern, Kncrv biier-plated ice ritcher. oiendid Beaver CIot.k racta-m. isba'p KeTolver, fancy Caasime a Coat, Pant aati VarU fattern eaura Quaiit. bolentiid Ae- curdeon, Muc boa. On pair t ine uaina-k Ta-ble Cofaj with Una Doaea liimer Kairkina to match. 4W Vrnit or larger C7utW m Proportion. Tbif ia no Hnmbar Lotl err Gift EnUrtwise. or tale of ebeap 'eweiiy, but a tait fiuax sal of t nreueemea tooaa. OUR POODS ARB NEW AND HOT PECOND H AND, and we ffuarantee mora for tbe money invested, to an cn b bought at any wholesale store in the eoanty. Asent will plea take notice of- this: Do not send names but nuot ber your clubs ft om one up-wa-ds. Make your letter short and plain a tvraa- inlA. - Be.ureand send ra'-ncy amounting to $5,00 or mora by neiristered Letter, wmch can ba tent from any ofbee. Port Uifice Money Order or fiipred. for when seot ia Uis way you run no risk of loainc it whatever. Small amounts may be sent by mail but ba sure and put theia ia tha office cureiL Prepay all ezpressea. Wecmmo 60 rrvonn6Uj6r moteii oat. waif om prveairfurnM mre ra.n to vumrt u " end your addreas in faiL Town, t 'ounty and State. All certificates ire ro.i until redeemed. Ml aj. TBf.p-4X to. SO Hanover bU Button, Ma. V3- Send for Circular BOOK CAXTASSEU WAITED. la R NEW "PAHILY PHOTf GRAPH BI- HLb." yor terms, aiidms A. AMD. Hartford. CL WE ABE STILL MAKING A COMPLETE REVOLUTION IN A.DE. and selling averr dearHnrim sf DRY Sign FASCY GOODS. PLATED WARE, JRWKL- 111. iiiiniiia, mhju Ataijt:j,so, for tbe aaifona phoa of DOI.T.AH, Wa would impreje upon oar ptron that oar -moc it nnc eompesea or secnd-aMii tioods or Pawn Broker' anredeemed Stock, bot Good carefully selected direct from American and Karopea Manufactories, the greatar portion of woicn are aaafaetared Exclusively far aa, which f-vct enable u to offer oar customers better ads fxr th raoney thaa those woo pro-fes to be "ManufAc'nrert' Ageo-'s' or tban C4NBB0BrINBDIM ANY oT UK ft WAV. Tb nnoaralleled in area a of our buaais,ba eompeiiea us to remove to more spacious quarter : tberef T have leasad lor a tarat 0 vaars theermnt blvk. newly erected, at Nee. OS aa IOO Sammer Mreet. Wear the first woo have attempted tn make a "Kevelutioa ia Trade," by enabling the public to r-rocur goods in small quaatuiesat manufacturer price, thai saving the consumer three large profits mad ia passing through tha bands oi the Com miision Mercbanf.tbe Wboleaaler.sk Retailer- .nd Clabsof ten or aaora, with 1U eta. for each d-eenpeive ooa-k. aod the geuerua olthe elub will receive a present worth $3 to $o& ao oording to number sent. -W- SEND FOR 0U R 3TBW CII.CTLAR. If bare also mad arrangement with tha GREAT 0EIZSTAL TEA CO., ef Boetr.a. so that we eaa tarnish oar customers with other foods Goods aad their full liue of lr.AS at preoueiy the same terma io Asaots though dealing directly with the company, thus living an opportunity of snleciiot frum the various grades any qnaltty they may deaire. We also pay agents tne samroommuai ins aa allowed by tbe Company. bUnk lrm uf order, with price-list and "TUE ISA CUP." sent to any addreas. PARKER &.CO. No. 8 A lflu eiaaw St.. Boston. To the Ladies. We are agents for over On. Hundred Foreign and D'iiawiio Manufacturers, and are prepared to furnish the whole eoun'ry with Dry aad Fancy iood, Silk. Shawl.. Jewelry, Silver Wara,Fa niture. Piano. SewingM ichines Ac. dx at the-BBilorm price of OXE DOLLAR FOR EACH ARTICLE. 6end your eluba of lu and apwarda. for descriptive checks, showing what article can be ob taioedlorOne loilr. with lo cectafur each check. , Cirrnlars Sent Free. v " SBarge W BgeaU Presents worth from $3 to $400 sent free of ding clabs. Agcata Waatesl la every Tswa. CrsHXAH ek CO. 10 Arch Street. Boston Mse. ACESTS WASTED. POPLB in want of. and A gents who are selling all kinds uf sla JaaeblaeB, are requested to address me (wita sump) for greatly reduced prices and terms, i. si. Psassoss, box 4. Chariestovn. lasa. P E 3 Xe Y L VAX I A WHITE LEAD WRKS. HAVING KEBDILT AND EX-larred the above earned wnrxa. w are now prepared- to sjpply STRICT LV PUKJt WHITK LKAD. promptly ia qa'ntity. The brand of B. A. Kahneatnrk -k Co. Para White Lead, so larorablv known for tbe past twenty-tbur yere. baa beea ae closely imitated, that we have decided to change ic that thepub-lic and ourselves may be protected against imposition. The brand of that article in the future will be Ini a the opposite end ef tbe keg-: ' -A 1844. 0. PITT8BTJRQH fi PURE WHITE g LEAD. 1 FahaesiocL., U.sletl a Schwarti. For Sals by Edward A Smith. Druggist, Warren, and dealer in Paints. April 1, lScd-3u f SPRIAG CAMPAIGN, 1S6S. VACTROU-ACKLEY, ffi, Again call attention to their splendid stock consisting ia part of AMERICAN WATCHES. E. Howard & Go's Watches VAUTROT I ACXLEY WATCHES, Always warranted snperior tims-keepars. Gold and Silver Chain's, PURE SILVER SPOOLS, Diamonds & Jewelry. CALEKDAB CLOCKS, SETH THOMAS CLOCKS, SPEOTAOIiIDS, The best quality at reasonable Prions. TELESCOPE AD OPERA GLASSES, Looking Glass Plates. Silver Plated wars made for us and stamped with our name, better thaa any ather brand WILL BEAR ENGRAVING Consisting of PLATED CAES BASKETS, CAST0R3, BCTTKR DISHSS. ICS PITCHSBS. SILVER CARD CASES, BERRY 8P00SS. FRCIT KJIIVE3. CREAM SP0OX3. ioare. Remember that we "TntMrj.mm.Mm.jm.iuKrM? All goods to bs ss represented. Watch -work aad bngraviag always done by - EXPERIENCED W0BKME2T And warranted to give Perfect Satisfaction. T1UTR0T 3l ACKLEY, J. VatrrsoT, T. Ace i.st. - , Market Street, TrTarrcm Ohla, March IA. 186a-tf CROCKERY AND GLASS ST0EE. ALL PEKSONS WISHING TO purchase any Crockery or norsE hrjisihk goods, this Spring or eominr season, will do well to eail at it. 8. Pew's Crockery 6 tore oa wsac side of Main Street. I have jut received a TRDIKVDIOIS STOCK of Crockery dirwet from th, Potteries of my own importation, which will euabl, ma to sell in, same quality of goods much than leonld sell if I were te purchaaemy roods of jobbers or small dealers. I have also ia stock a great variety of CLASS WARE, of Buy patUrM. TABLE CUTLERY, ef all dissriptions, BRITANNIA WARE-LOOKING GLASSES of many sisaa. Table Matta, Spoons. Castors, All styles of TiAMPa, Fork and Spoon Basis ts, nTa.Sp&,ix Tea, Trays STONE, WOODEJT ft ; WILLOW WABB, A full line of Children's Carriages for almost any price. Sherman's Cafebratad Clothes "Wringers I bav, made amafsmeats te supply ths eoun-try with O.Ga-E2S. Pleaa Call aad exaaniaw saw Stack H. S. PEW. March 25. lS-tf A. A. ADAMS, (Better kaoarst aa Cel. ADAH40 Having retired from the odes of Coaoty Recor der, is now OPENING, An OFFERING FOR SALE, At the old Stand of JJETTERFIELD t PEW. os door Souik ef Oebora Bros., oa Mala Street. warraaunio. a eemiuot, stoca ot - . GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, CfoO., Ct30., fJtJO. HlS aamsirons trlmmitm. m.nA than pm kind, mr hartby n8pocfa.iy iorittxl to CALL AND EXAMINE c GOODS AND PRICES, before purchasing elsewhere. A word to the wise." Ac Can beat th, weWti oa Green and Black Teas. Sugar Cured Hams. Fab. 5. iya,-mo. Something New ! BOARDING MD SALE STABLES, TO TEE TRAULIA'G PUBLIC!! NEW STABLE!! HrseftTop r.rriage $5perUj. MESSRS B1SSETT & rilOCTOR, HaviBg engaged ia eo-mrtaenhia in the Livery business, and reflriad the Aostin Uonae bam, ib addition Ihe aid stands Market Sl aia bow prepared, at both places, to furnish the Si " " '''anint pubSJ First Clas3 Accommodations, Their Horees aad Baggies are as rood aa market afford.whil. their pViei? ""Z able as aay ia tDis section. n?-f,lK " "P?1 sKopDia, at the Austla House, at reasonable rates. A rood HEARSE A.D CABRIACES fol .7?' Ve had a , Stables. inn. g. ism. ASSSTT k PS0CT0R.

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