The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1949
Page 11
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY Bv J R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople EGAD/I'M KEENLY V I'D ALMOST OUT TO UEA SOOR 8«T- OV6R -TH* _ HECKLING OF DOT-* DUZY gOSTIKJe W4TO,! RftGES IS A HISTORIC AMERICA PRNlLEGfe WAS TO VJuJ B\ — ft) SVT ItJ t«e rial A F6VJ STOCKS FOR THAT ^^^^^^^^?o*r p Replacements Keep Berlin Airlift Going FfiANKKURT. Germany. (fl'i—Jl takes 888 engines to keep American airlift planes zooming throUBli the corridors to Berlin. Ah 1 force main- tpivince crews work on a 24-how-a -ijf, seven-days-n-wcok schedule. Dtirlng January they made four engine changes a day on airlift planes. It takes nearly two days to install a new engine. Each weighs roughly 2,400 pounds. The average life of an engine is 192 trips to Berlin. The steady grind of three-a-day flights to Berlin quickly wears out engines—and many other parts. But as a part, wears out It is replaced. So the planes do not wear out as your automobile wears out. Air Force officials say not a single airlilt plane has been scrapped —except those which have crashed —during the gruelling months of supplying Berlin with food and fuel. An airlift plnne plods through the corridors to the former German capital for about four months before it is shuttled baclt to the U. S. for overhaul. It flies an averaee of eijlit hours a day. Some days it will be in the air 12 or 14 hours. And some days It will squat on the ground for overhaul. The pilots and crew inspects each plane dally for defects. After about 12 trips to and from Berlin it gets what the Air F«rce calls a 50-hour inspec .Clout 150 items on the plane are checked. Rfad Courier News Want Ads cnmiuiiD IT MH MIVKr. IMC Treat Your Watch To A New Check.Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices rilE STORY) the !•!••«. H*r*lm* I. Har4l*t > »f 1k* !•!•• l • mtorm klla Ikr ItlnB e t« •««» B1 tkr 4««T. IX •'HEN they were all m the main I SillwcU flexed his muscles, looked around. "Whiskeyl" he HOT aaid. He snatched '** drank deeply. bottle George Bascombe had lost his glasses He blinked painfully ill the light. Harding said. "This girl Is hurt. I think it would b* belter if Hie rest at you went to the kitchen. Mr». Warren will get you what you need Miss Cosgrove can help me. We'll have to see to that leg." room and all could '• Harding ENRY GOUGH HARDING made a neat job of th; band- unbarred Uw door and * gujt at wind pushed a staggering girl Inside. "She's hurt!" Bea snapped. Lilly Warren reached the girl first, put her arms iround her. "The others—outside." the girl gasped. "Please help Lhem." The halter and shorts she wore were shredded, ner blond hair matted, sand ailed. Harding and Mabel Jones went out into the windy dark. Bea Cosgrove raw Lilly Warren give the newcomer a drink, saw th« change of expression on her face when she looked up at her benefactress. Lilly Warren said sharply, "Be quiet, you're all right now- Just be quiet." The others, accompanied by Harding and Mabel Jones, entered. The two men were George Bascombe and Fred Sillwell, and the girl carried between them was Mollie Stark. Nona McGuire, the girl who first came to the house, gave their names. Fred's principal clothing was a bulging money belt, while George's once white pants were stained anc .n rags, showing the source of the 3 lood -stained Mollie's thigh. Harding relieved them of their burden, carried the whimpering and nearly unconscious girl to the long table. II age. He pressed down the adhesive, snipped an end. and put the scissors m the tray &ea Cosgrove held. "That should do It. 1 hone there wont be too much of a scar. Nothing else wrorig I can nnd." Mollie Stark lay on the table. The white cover beneath her body was bloodstained, and her tan was undermined by fatigue and loss of blood. she stepped forward dutifully. Miat Stark'i eye* opened Por just a few seconds Ben looked lu- lo them. She recoiled Involun- Inrily. "Not you." Mollie said. Her eyes hall closed again. "The nice man." Harding bent down. He tried U> kiss her forehead, out she moved and ne found her lip* Instead. Mollie's arms tightened for an instant behind his neck men relaxed and dropped to the ood. "Sleep now," she announced. "Safe." Harding stood up. He watched Bea pull up the covers, tuck them loosely around the patient- He put a finger to his lips, moved toward the door on tiptoe. In the main room. Miss Co»grove cleared away the instruments, and folded up UK bloodstained table coverings. Harding stood staring at nothing. "She's .-weot, isn't she," he said at last \ IW In MA SIKVICl. We I M KrQ II • FM "What do you mean, I buy too much? The only thing w« ev»f quarrel about is money, so we're really better oH broxo!" HECKLES AND HIg FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEE f i! ^i * -iS GOSH.Ifcf'R* UH--SAY, : ,T. AS YOUR WVHN, / NO SIR. L SHOULD [SARO3M 'UISCII.LA'S !'<)!» The Sni Mier HY AT, VEIliMKBR Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFI S >leit Driifai ... ltd UIM \\\\\ M All Work Guaranteed From behind the closed door to he kitchen came a faint clatter of stove lids, the scrape of metal pot xHtoms. and the low murmur of voices. Bea took a clean sheet from a chair and spread it over the girl. Henry Harding looked up. 'We'll put her in my room. I can use the next story and be handy if she needs anything. She wLU sleep soon from the morphine." "You did a good job," Bea said. "It was necessary for my plan to know something of medicine and surgery." Harding said shortly. He picked up the girl. She opened her eyes. "Mollie feels better. All and bandage around dreamy. You're a nice man to make me feel better. 1 like you." "That's a good girl," Harding said. He put her down oo his cot Bea had made ready. The girl straightened out, sighed deeply. Her eyes closed. "Kiss me good night," she murmured. "I guess she means you," he told Bea. Miss Cosgrove knew better, but IJAT11S, a green gown for Nona McGuire. and overlarge Harding shirts and panu (or the men, improved their appearance. Fred and George tossed blame for the accident back and forth, "Yackety yack. yackety yack," Nona said impatiently "For the last week on the Gullwing, 1 had to listen to you two argue. Can't you let up here?" "Sorry we bore you," Fred Sill- well said. "1 still say we should have taken on more fuel," George insisted. He kept blinking, trying to sec without his glasses. "If you'd started the auxiliary when 1 told you," Fred said. "If I'd gone down to start it, I'd have gone on down," George pointed out. "No, we should have had more fuel." "More fuel?" Npna snorted. 'We should have had a sailor along." "We hit the island right on the nose didn't we?" Sillwcll demanded. "You've got something there," Nona admitted. "But did you have to hit it so hard?" (To Be Continued) BOY, IS HE GOOD.' THAT'S THE THIRD TIME HE'S "STOLEN TONHGHT.i . COf-H \**1 •< *t* 5tRVICi. I1C. ,4 t.'l''l!tL, |f OH, POP.' CARLVLE'S LISTENING TO ONE OF CRIME PRO6RA,MS.' VIC FLINT Jeim Wins n Hound HY M1C11A1CI, O'MALLKY and ItALl'H LANE FIRST lit READWHATS INSIDC .VE'LL SEE WHETHER YOU HAVE THIS. MR. CHANNEL NOW WfLl SEE WHATS IN HERE THAT'S SO P#KKHK TO VOU. FOO CHANNEL WASH TU15I1S 1C* HafflitiK! HY I/ESMK TURNER. STRAWGE E&SPIKC? NOISES HfWE RECENTLY BEEN HEAEP HJ THIS BW1DING LME M NIGHT, TAO. - SIWCE 6LL POORS MiD WINDOWS TO j THE GROUND FLOOR WERE BOARDED J UP, RU OFFICER RUSHED UPSTAIRS BUT FOUND NOTHING I! THERE'S NO INSIDE STMK FROM OWE FLOOR. TO THE OTHER. &O HE TORE THE BO&ED0 OFF A DOWNSTAIRS VYIWDOVY AND SCACcHED THftT TIOOC THOROUGHLY WIIHOLJT FINDING MWIIIINO SUSPICIOUS 1 . ! You Are Cordially \ Invited to Visit The I Accessory Shopj ; Feminine Apparel ' I Mahel Hogan Jessie Srite Hotel Noble Bid*. Blytheville, Ark. Save : • Time* Money* Labor 1 • Plant Sinkers \ ACID-DELINTED ) Cotton Seed j L K. ASHCRAFT CO. ! Cherry <t Railroad Fhnnc 4493 FOR SALE ConcreU culvert*. 12 Inch to 48 inch, phiin nr reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocki cheaper than lumber for burns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Tlione 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. HWW...UO P1ACE UP T>W> UOtlE DOWM- HEPE WHERE MJV-/S1WE5.WHERE1HE ONE COlHD UIPE!/ NOI5E5 HAP SEEMED 10 COME FKOM'. UOC BUGS IH1NNY My Turn MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 Rent a Camera Tor Color Pictures The ideal waj to remember special occasions. Also olher types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 \V. Main Phone 3(147 PORKY SAID VOL) ) THAT'S COULD HtLP ,/ ^Y RACKET. MS VJITH MY I ELMER.' RELAX TWOUBLES/./ ON TH" COUCH AN 1 START SPOUTIN 1 .' ^ .STUDEBAKER 1 Phone 888 ['hone 888 THE TERMITES ( ^A MEAN ] ] 60T INTO MY WE....ER... CANNVJOT CWOPJ YOO AIN'T AND WUINED/GOMNA HWE IT.' , -^( NO CARROTS AT ALL? ISNT IT TEWWISLE ? WHAT SHA.U I DO? GET OFF TH 1 COUCH AN' LET SOMEBODY LAV, DOWN) WAT'S REALLY 60TJ TROOBLES/ AU.KY 001' lip 1'iiliciil, [toy! HY V. T. HAML1N Service — That's Our Moffof We spare oo eBort in providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service, which means extri con venlence to you Feel tree to call on us at any time Prompt-de livery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance lor Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HDKE Appliance Co. CHOOSf FROM THE FINEST In Value • In Price C o m J9J8 Sttirlelmker Land Cruiser, has overdrive, heater, mu! only !5,U(1() miles. 3!HO I'lymoulh l-d(H>r Sedan, completely overhauled and has new paint. 1938 Chevrolet 2-door . . . lots of service left in this car. 193R Chevrolet l-door, good sound hotly and A-l mechanically. 19ifi Sludelmkcr Vi-Ton Truck, in really excellent Condition. 1JM1 Chevrolet Vi-Ton, a good servicealile pickup 393!) Dod^e '/j-Ton, clean and in good shape. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Fritndly Studtbaker Dtmkt^ RiilrnaH & Ash 'STUDEBAKIR' Uisr?. ll^V / JUDGING ( I'M SATISFIED VvE'KE BUSY ON / PVOM OOPS I \r'S THE BHST, BETTER \\AVS J0 FT. EXPEDIENCE. \ SHOKT CF I LAUNCH <7c7CK"~ •' U TO SAY YOUR X ATOMIC / THAT'S ONE \ KOC«ET fOIEL I R3VVE5:.' / Or THE -x^ \$ STKONS \ A ' PLANS ' - , m , v ^ ^ /v> V IT REALLY HIA-.' SHOULP Sf^/E FUEL- ON PAPEC, /I BOOTS AND HER UUDDIES Kosie 1'ccks BY EDGAR MARTIN .W\VAOVAt VViCVi \ "W£> "W\t , Wt <\SYCEO ^-1 \T" TO J^

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