The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 6
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?- < . "'•' PAGE "SIX ' ' BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1939 BET1ER HOMES Building Industry Develops Techniques Making Such Condilion Possible Reversing a trend characteristic of oilier peiiods of great liome construction activity, . lhe building industry lias devised techniques which permit progressive lowering of small-home prices without sacrificing deshable standards of planning and construction, Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald said. In spite of the active demand for new homes, lhe value of new homes purchased with PHA-insiired mortgages decreased from $5,018 in 1037 to $5,530 in 1938, Mr. McDonald said. Increased Properly Inspection. This lowering of valuations during lhe year was accompanied hy a marked increase in the number of ploperties Inspected during lhe course of conslruclion, a practice which assures compliance with plans nnd specifications approved by the FHA. "One of the major reasons for the increase in the volume ol home construction is (he steady advance made by thc : coiistniclion industry In the production of good small houses, pi Iced to sell to families of moderate and low incomes," Mr. ; McDonald sold. "In past yeais, lhe Industry too often concentrated on houses priced to sell to lhe small group of families receiving incomes of $3,000 and more. By overbuilding for this group and falling to supply an adequate number of smaller unilSj builders sometimes' glutted the market with unsalable properties Improved Designs' "An additional factor contributing to lhe stability of the present home building market is the improvement in the standards of design and conjunction being cm- ployed by the industry. Honest pioducts lo be sold at reasonable profit have hod ft marked effect ni»n the lohime of sales. Assured that the iiouses offered for snlc are sound in plan . and 'located in neighborhoods which' 'will' withstand blighl, more people have been \\illmg to undertake lhe purchase of homes." Shoddy Building Discouraged By Grade- Marking Ruling The Federal Housing Administration regulation making crade- marXing of lumber mandatory Home of Unusual Design There is Hide (hnl is con- vcnlio'iml alioul (Ilia allraclivo d'curgia tiiiiue, Iml Us must refreshing Hole is its unusual approach. The stairn lead lo an entrance hall, which opens into Ihi! large living room, liesides (he Kcreencd-m porch, (he house contains three ample- bedrooms, dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen, ami balh. Taking advnuiagc of the natural slope, the garage is located beneath the porch. The Federal Housing Administration insured a nioi-tgnge of $»,700'on this home afler ofticiuls had assigned il ft value of $7,125. Slf OF tl Local Bodies And Industry Urged To Tackle Problem While the Government has supplied In (he FHA a mechanism which ran encourage an enormous amount of sound building al low- :-r financial cost lhaii ever before, this, in the opinion of Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald, docs not solve lhe entire problem, "Tile ultimate solution falls upon others," he declared. "Those who must nid In solving this problem are stale legislatures, which can revise obstructive mortgage and foreclosure and mechanic's-lien Jaws; local and municipal building and zoning authorities; the building industry; labor; real estate mm; financial institutions; and Industrial corporations. "They embrace mo:t of the elements upon whose propel' coordination our whole national economy depend!;. Without intelligent in- msl, understanding, and active participation on the part of all Iliesc elements, the problem of building and financing adequate shelter in llils country can never ;e 'solved." FLOOR* PLAN 5 C ALt John C. McHaney Home Remodeled, Decorated Mr. and Mrs. J.olm C. Mcilnno}' 5 „, ,..„.„,;, nmnnniory in ', mv ° bCCI1 lm l"' ovi "S lh ^ '^1- Micliigon will "do more to ellnil lleilcc " l 1021 West Waliuil slreel nalc shoddy building ami ,,hcc by Uie l ' omodl!ll "B of ll!c Wtchcn, competition on a more even basis rcrirr[lll S c '™»t- of the downstairs than anything lhat lias happened 1 ' 00 , ms ' J* 11110 " ° r a i™^J ««<» since the enactment of biiildin? rcl1ccoratl «S. flic house lins been codes by the various imiiilciral nm c more ""vcuicnt and allrac- ilies," declared p. j. currier head tive by tlie h "!>rovemcnls. of a large Delioit lumber company , , two Ilvma roo " ls ' whlch orl Bin discussing Uie recent rulin" ' '"""5' wcre ol1 ll * c c "st and west ' - •- - • .0.1 sicics of tllc nrst noori wcrc C | lnnEC(J ^ ,, b . •Building codes provide for construction safety and prevention of fire hnrards," he : pointed out "whereas PHA standards provide for lower maintenance costs and buildings of longer life, which are necessary foi sound investment and for the protection of long-term morlgnge loans. "The enforcement of the graclc- inarked lumber requirement under PHA regulations assures tile home buyer of proper grade lumber throughout the structure, not only where the material may be seen hut, more important, where it Is covered up by construe lion." The pa«sajc of the lumber (Trade- marking requirement, Mr. Currier continued, is an inevitable outcome of putting into practice the fundamentals of PHA procedure. Attic Studio Can Be Useful For Children The child who is developing an interest in painting, sculpture or other art can pursue his studies more readily in a studio which •may be arranged in unused attic space. The home owner who wishes to create such a room may obtain funds for the work from a financial institution qualified by the Federal Housing Administration under il< Property Improvement Credit plan A portion of an attic can be remodeled into an attractive studio room. Dormer windows may be added if there is insufficient light, or a. glass skylight may be used The room should be located so that the child may shiit it off completely from the rest of the house Walls and floors should be both durable and restful. They should be of a color that is easy .on the eyes, and the floor should be nble to withstand hard wear. Both should be washable. A large part of the furniture can be built in. There should be .shelves for reference books and cupboards for equipment.' Sometimes even the work tables can be built In, , lo the west side and thrown to r gcllier with a new wide opening, vhlle lhe dining room was moved to what was Ilic east sitting room. The front entrance \vns changed lo the side, so us lo be in lhe living room and a pantry wns added be- .wecn the new dining room and dtchen. The kitchen has new steel cabinets and other modern improvements, all of which arc in while with a touch of black la form a decorative nole. Oak floors were laid on lhe down- stairs'floors, except in the kitchen where inlaid linoleum was used, all of the walls were rcpajicrcd uxodwork repainted. Ceiling Level Of Importance To Homeowner The prospective home owner, laying plans for his nciv home is advised by Federal Housing Ad- minislralicn officials to consider ceiling height of the rooms, especially as it aitecls general construction ccsts. One of the chief features of homes erected in the lale SO's nnd early 1900's was the high lofty ceiling. Tliis was believed an aid in keeping the room ceo! Architects today lean toward lower ceilings, having established I1)C fact that any space greater than 12 inches above a window head Is of no cooling value unless ventilated. unsightly with dirt and water stains. Walcr. finding its way inlo lhe wall around the window frame, may work along inside Ihc wall and make a spot on tho plasler surface several feel distant. Because of this, it is sometimes dlfllcult lo locate (he source of trouble. Home owners plagued by this annoyance should repair the windows and then cover lhe damage already done by a thorough repainting. Bolh jobs are eligible, for loans insured by tho Federal Housing Ad- minislrnlion under lls Properly Improvement Credit Plan. The funds arc obtained from qualified lending institutions. Curved Base Solves Cleaning Problem The housewife frequently Is caused considerable unnecessary work In cleaning the linoleum surface o( a kitchen floor at points where the covering joins Ihe base of lhe wall. Federal Housing Administration officials poinl out lhat a simple modernization project will end such bother through lhe insinuation of a curved base. The Property Improvement Credit Plan of FHA provides u way for such modernization through funds borrowed from lending Institutions qualified under the plan. Falling Rents Often Halted By Remodeling Modernization of bathrooms r..... kitchens, ns well as olher timely repairs and nllemlions lo the property, often halls diminishing rentals tor apartment owners, according to Federal Housing Ad ministration officials. The wide dillerencc between the well-designed, efficient, modern fixtures nnd (he drab, inefficient, outworn plumbing which has been in use 15 or 20 years is often enough in itself lo Increase returns on apartment properties. Modernization work of this type may be completed -with funds procurable from lending institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration under its Propcily Improvement Credit Plan. , R«ad Courier News want afls. Poor Window Frames Cause Damp Places Damp spots frequently appear on the interior surfaces ol walls but conlrary lo the Impression or'some home owners, only in relatively few cases are they caused by leakage through the walls. Source O f the trouble is usually found around window frames which are poorly built' or Improperly weaUierproofed. These frames admit air and moisture, and the adjoining interior walls soon become Living-Dining Room • Trend In Small Homes The modern trend toward combined living-dining roms Is especially adaptable to small homes nnd can be carried out In a number of ways. A dining alcove, tilted and furnished like the living room, gives lhe latter n feeling of much added space and makes It actually n functional part of the living room except at. meal times. Furniture in harmony with that ol the living room should be used in the alcove. Drapes, on a traverse, can be used on lhe opening X)f the alcove if the home owner decides il is desirable to have Ihe rooms disconnected during meal time. Combining the dlnlngT6om~an3 living room is an excellent space saver In small homes, as the space needed for the dining alcove can be used to make the living room much larger. Owners, of homes which have the disconnected rooms cnn combine them by removing the dividing wall. Funds for this work I m;,y be obtained from qualified [ lending Insllliillons under the j Property Improvement Credit Finn ol Ihc Federal Housing Administration. Special Repairman Is Sometimes Needed Because of, the extremely technical tmlure of electrical principles, only minor repairs to lhe electrical system and equipment of a- house should be undertaken by the home owner. Such lasks as replacing fuses, overhauling electric-bell systems, and olhcr minor repairs may be safely undertaken by the average home owner, but unless he has Imd considerable .training he should not attempt to disturb Ilic iiermaneat wiring or make extensions io the main wiring system. Work of (his kind should be done by an experienced electrician. In cases where the wiring system is obsolete nnd Inadequate, il is usually a good Investment lo install new material and n more convenient system. Funds for this Work may be obtained from qualified lending Institutions under the Property Improvement Credit Plan of lhe Federal Housing Adminis- (ratlon. CHATS WITH THE "In tlic Garden" Country Homes Are Helped By Remodeling Many home buyers throughout the country nre remodeling old countryside homes inlo more livable structures, retaining the original charm, according to Federal Housing Administration. Special departments of ma zincs derated to home interests have recently included detailed stories ami illustrations on methods mid results m such nctlvitic Cabled dormers and porches, as well as (lie Victorian jig-saw elegance of yesteryear, often spoiled appearances. Special treatment of these outmoded features lins improved the general appearance nnd desirability of homes today. Funds for such restorations, remodeling, and additions may 1)0 procured from lending institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration under its Properly Improvement Credit Plan. HOW TO KEEP AN ESTABUSH- I.AWN liEAUTIFUI, III our last chat I remarked that early feeding Is the best way. lo give your lawn (lie Jump on the weeds. I recommended using a complete pljiiit food, one that supplies all eleven needed food elements In scientifically balanced proportions. Early feeding lins nnother advantage, too. It happens before the rush of oilier garden tasks begins. 1 And there's no necessity to water In the plant food, because late! snows and spring rains take cflre of that. When the ground is Dinw- IOB. the soil Is in a porous condition. Plant food works down gradually and is all ready to do its work when the grass roots start growing. 'Jy early feeding, I mean just as the frost is out of the ground, aefore the grass starts to grow In Northern localities. Farther South, feeding should be done before permanent grasses start taking the place of waning winter grasses. Correct I'oor Soil Condition After you've given the grass a square meal, you can wait a bit, until the soil is dried out enough lo work. Then go after the places where the grass was killed last summer. Try to analyze what ;aused the trouble. If the soil had too much clay in it, so that, it baked hard and dry, spade in some sand or finely sifted ashes. If it was too sandy, you can fix it by mixing in heavy black loam, or peat moss, or well-decayed mulch, such as lust year's dead leaves and grass clippings. Then Mix in some complete plant food, one heaping tablespoon lo every square foot, or two quarts to every 100 square feel. Work the food three or four inches into the ground. Then npply the best seed you can get, and plenty of it. Hake it lightly into the soil, and water gently but thoroughly. And keep moist imtil the new grass has made good growth. When lo Itoll, Cut, anil Water Now about rolling your lawn. Once a year is enough—early in the spring, when the ground first becomes firm. At that time rolling removes the air pockets created by the frost, and pushes the grass roots back into the soil where they :an get nourishment. As for cutting, let your spring grass get three inches high before you cut it. Use a grass-catcher on your mower, because dead clippings form a mat that hurts the grass. And a word about watering. It's n good idea to water your lawn less frequently and do a more thorough job of it. Light waterings draw (he roots lo the surface and the sun may dry them up. Note: This Is lh e (irsl of „ series of informal briefs to to H .,. 1( . Uii about Hewers si-own by Blytlie- ville gardeners. Despite the rain and cool wwi- llier playing ii av0 c with flowers,! there are a number of expert gardeners who have fine blooms to display at this time. Among these are Mr and Mrs J. Louis Cherry, who deal' in "specialties" by having fine spc- clcs of (lowers. None are mure beautiful now than their early daisies, which were grown from seed. Besides the while daisy wllli a yellow eemer, which is similar lo the Simla daisy except that It blooms earlier, they have tivo varieties of painted daisies which are rarer. One is a pale pmj; a i, ( i the other is a deep pink, which is of a double variety with too yellow centers. Their climbing roses, tulips and peonies also have created much interest during the past few weeks. Because they live on a corner, at 202 Dougan avenue, the garden Is easily seen by passersby. sldewnlls requiring filling 'or covering; fire-stopping bclivcei) studs at floor line; application of wall and ceiling coverings to provide finished room; installation of partitions; new flooring. Most of these repairs or additions may be made with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions umler the Properly Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Shower Head Gives Added Convenience Attic Temperature Affects Whole House The need for insulation main- rials will confront the owners of many older homes within the next feiv weeks. The installation of louvres or additional windows to provide attic ventilation will also aid in lowering the temperature of the home. While working on the attic it is advisable lo check other features not concerned with keeping out heat but which should have attention. Among them: Mortar joints in chimney requiring pointing; cracks between chimney and A shower head on lhe end of an adjustable arm, providing proper height of shower for bolh children and adults, is one of the devices for the bathroom. In addition to proviomg a slmwer spray, the device will supply a steady stream to the tub \m«i a knob on the shower head is turned. The adjustable arm also makes the shower convenient for slinmpooiiig. Installation is simplified liy the fact lhat no parts are hidden in the wall, and various thicknesses of Ule, plasler, or olhcr wall materials present no diflicullies. Thn siio'—-- lieads may be put in lhe home wltti funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under uie Property Improvement Credit Plan of Hie Federal Housing Administration. Complete Line of Beautiful, Electric WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. Second Phone 314 For Convincing Proof that You Can Build A Belter Home At Reasonable Cost Visit the Houses Now Being Constructed By Us II is unbelievably easy to built) this .rear if yon can fiunJify for ;i KHA loan. Very little money is needed lo start, ;in ( | (he balance can l )c financed over a IOUR term with low interest vales. We urge you to lafce advantage now of easy credit, favorable material and labor costs anil ideal building weather. Let us help you build n new home this .summer. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ,10 J. R. Stovalls Move Into New Residence Monday Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sloval! nnd son, John Robert, moved yesterday lo llieir new suburban home on Norlli Franklin street The five room residence is con- struclccl of frame siding, painted white, ami is designed along Early American cottage lines willi a sun porch. The interior has modern built-in features in the kitchen and its walls art papered in gay designs. The new residence is on a five acre tract owiicd by the Stovalls which has nnother house on it. DELIVERED TO YOU AT ABOUT 6c PER TON Is any other commodity so cheap as "city water"? Here in Blytheville our customers use good, pure water delivered to thir faucets at an average cost of about 6c per ton. Certainly, pure., healthful., water... obtained through our facilities is your cheapest commodity. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" BEFORE AFTER Homes Luill years ago seldom contain features winch are essential hi today's living. However, most of ihem can easdy be moilerntecd. The above pictures show what can be dono at n surprisingly sma 11 cost. If your Home is worlh living in, it is worth modernizing., Why not ask us lo look at your bouse and give you the approximate cost of waking it more comfortable, convenient and modem. This iloes not obligate yon in any way. F.H'A. Financing for a New Home or Repairs E. C. Robinson Lumber Co.

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