The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 3, Sportsman's Body Found In Ritzy Club SAYVILLB, N. Y , May 8. (UP) — Theodore Jackson Knajip, 56, wealthy; Ken- "York stockbroker and , widely known racing figure, was found dead yesterday, apparently of a self-inflicted shotgun wound, In ills vooin at an exclusive Long Island club. Knapp, who had been married recently to Mrs Gladys Peabony, New York and a i> Francisco socialite,! suffered a heart attack several months ago as a result of which he had been forced to curtail his Activities, and it was believed depression over his ailment might have caused him to lake his own life. Knapp. president of the Queens County Jockey Club, which operates Aqueduct race track, had none to the'. South Side sportsman Clul/ nt Great River, Long Island, Tuesday. He did not appear at dinner Tuesday night, and his bodj^ was found across the bed in his room by a friend yesterday. It appeared thai he Vmd shot himself in n small adjoining dressing room, and then had staggered to the bed. The gun, with one shell fired, was found in tlie dressing room. Picket Service With No Smile i Ends Don't Sleet CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (DPI —A survey show.s that the average unmarried veteran at Harvard University exceeds his $05 government allotment by $3G and the average married student-veteran exceeds his $90 allotment by $49. Eddie Ti tinck. His "voice with Denver, be that months, demonstrates what smile" niiiy i>c u protest in his placard says. bcliiiU of striking Co., telephone, workers for whom he ptclu'Ls— ':i' it may it's past feeding linn- and and the youngen picket in the line Is just plain hungry. — (NBA Tclcphcto) Copyright by Gweri Davenport; Distributed by NBA SERVICE, INC deep breath. . THI-: STOHY: After SiiHy cTuroK Mmxrir, VU'ky trujM'.cr* d tin lit cil Ms love. Slu- iloi'M.'t Wiinc in It'll Ihvlr fjitnlllfs ju»t yi-l. Sitplili; InvIU's Uii: llayioc* iu trn. half XXIII AT half past three Godfrey Mansbridgc felt hungry agnin. It' was pnvtly the -sen nir, nnd partly because meals wore tlie only things to look forward lo in EI day of almost total Idleness. Marcel had his art, Basil his piano and his book, Sir Char 3cs his household duties, but Godfrey had only liis memories. Ho took n short nap after luncheon and then went down to the drawing room to see how nearly tea was rcndy. Sir Charles had carried in the tea service and napkins and Sophie had arranged a vase of brilliant annuals on the piano, squeezing il in among the picture frames There was no one in the rooir except Bridget, the maid, who wa^ errfptying ash trays and straightening up. Godfrey paused for a inomcn in .the, doorway to watch her unobserved.--Her flesh was firm ant comely, .her hair still dark am abundant, although he judged sly must be'in her forties. She hat changed--from her heavy cotlon uniform to a long-sleeved blacl one with sheer organdy collar nn> apron. -"Can I help you?" he nskec softly. She looked around, slarllec "Oh, it's yon, Mr. Mansbrklge, sii You did give me a turn!" '"May I help you?" r ' ."Oh, no, sir, thank you. Th : is my job." She begnn pUimpin up the sofa pillows where Soph had squashed them down befor lunch. "And you do your job very \vc' too/' EC:'.l Godfrcy in a tone : ££i i je?.'?'i*= it would have surpris* Marcel, could he have heard ".We* ve b cen in ast corn!or t a b re, considering." He crossed Hie rpot tu stand by her side. "I \c to see a woman working about house. So domestic. And this tie apron—" He touched the gandy bow nt, her back and al- wed his hand to linger there. Vs. vastly becoming, truly il is. ich pretty ruffles!" * * o * BRIDGET, her honest face a deep scarlet, pulled away in con- sion. "Please, Mr. Man^bridgc," ic said in i\ lo'.v voice, "not that twecn the drawing room and the iophic," he .said at .si. . . She drew Godfrey." "Kxeusc me, ma'am," Bridget began, trembling. "Excuse me, sir—" Suddenly she burst into violent weeping and rushed out Sophie, her hands pressed lo her scarlet face. Big Business Blazing Trail To Depression DURHAM, N. C. May 8. (UI>)_ Kinll Hieve, president, o[ Hie Textile Workers Union of America iCIOi. yesterday charged that big business ',ut,s "totally disregarding" thp wi'lfnre of the avcru^c consumer and "blazing tin: trail" toward a depression that "will make 183:t look lik l; 11 picnic." Kleve .said Con<>iTss had become a "handy tool" of business interests whii.'li are "concerned wholly with hinher profit.-!" HP accused Congress of being "so preoccupied w n|, ( | O |ii|; a job on labor" that the government had disregarded housing, extension • of social security and other "vital social legislation." Rieve spoke at the annual convention of tlie American Feder.i- tion of Hosiery Workers, a TWO A affiliate. The union leader said tho signs of depression wp.rc already apparent. The building industry has already collapsed, he declared, and "soft goods" industries, such as textiles, hoisery. shoes, etc., were- beginning to foe! the impact. He blamed the trend on "monopolistic I>H; business" and its "greed" for higher prices and profits. "For instance, the textile Industry increased profits after taxes more than 1.000 per cent during the past decade.'' lie said. "Man- PincMH's profits in IMC were S30.- 000,000. In 19'10 they were $300,000,000." Tf the same ratio were applied lo workers, he said "the average annual wage would be $8.000 instead or S3,ooo." FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy 01 at Slate Line hone IMythcville 714 Dr. W. C. Grice Veferinomm BACK at Dell, Ark. :ur," he murmured pl*n3'fully. Tim maid sic])]]ccl backward lo /oid him, bumped into the softi ml, losing l^or baiaticc, s:it dnv.'n it abiuplly. Godfrey pros.secl ovward to lean over her, smilitiK- his hiind crime down on I KM' nee, she jumped up mvkwardly, early knock ing. over the tea 'linfJSj and slatted lo make l^ci - scape. "Don't bo ill n hurry, my denr, : i said, pulling out a hand lo ntch her urin. "Have you any dea how many women, far •ounticr and more bcnuliftil than •on, if I may say so, \vould give 0 years of Iheir Hves to bc'wliere •ou arc now—in the arms of CIixI- roy JMansbridsc?" lie attempleti o suit the action lo the words Drawing her back to his side. "Truly, Mr. Mnnsbridge," Brid;ct begged fcitrtiiliy, lv l don'l lhin' ; ynn'd bcUcr tonso me no more have iny work to do. I'd bc^ be goi ng n 1 OIIR—'' Tu rn i tijf t avoid his insistence, :.he c:iut;h sight of a drift oE color that linnet been in the room bcfoi'c. "Ol —Miulamo van Kyck," she wins per eel. Godfrey dropped his hand slant ly. After a dreadful mo ment's hesitation he turned hi head with deliberation io i&ok a Sophie, who was motionless '"FHERE was a moment of silence " before Sophie turned slowly to follow tho maid from ihc room. v Sho found Bridget in Ihc pantry, pressed into a corner, her handkerchief hold up lo her face. "I must apologise," said Sophie sliffiy, "and, assure you suc]i n thing will never oi-eur ngain." "I'll leave ionighl," Bridget sobbed. "It's like they snid, 'C ou^hl to hnvc listened to Ihem.^ Sophie kli:I r. cr t i!;e wom- ii'.'i firm. "Kow wait a moinent. lca?e don't leave. 1 don't sec how ' •o could mnunge without your le.'Jsant fnco around tlic house." liridyet wiped her eyes. ^'1 i on Id have known, 1 ' she said. They all warned me." "Who warned you of what? 1 * In her excitement Bridget burst iiit, "Mr. Halhnway and Carrie vho works for Mrs. Bagot, and all >f them! They s;iid it wasn't a Icccnt Christimi house ;iml I'd night not to stay. But I told them 'ou'd been so kind, and I was ond of Miss Vicky nnd Sir Chnrles, . . ." She sniffled, twist- hcr hnndlcerclHcf. "But they verc right, I guess, it's not a decent place— (> l f beg your pardon," said Sophie, thoroughly angry as light suddenly broke upon her. "I think foil hud better apologize." Uridpet slarcd, opcnmouihed. 'Me npolggize?" "I know you spoke in the heat of the moment," sciici Sophie, [ shall accept your apology. You have cert ;t inly been here long enough to know that there is no more thoroughly respectable house in the state of Maine. I shall consider the incident closed, and we'll say no more about il." She patted the maid's black alpaca arm and left the pantry(To lie Continued) RADIO REPAIRS 'j 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEU RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Cull 'for and Deliver FRED CALLSHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized' Motorola Uuilio S:iles arid Service 100 Soutli First St. "Mother says liar budget never failed—whenever it went haywire, Pop had to cut out some frills such ^ts golf and smoking!" FRKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By 1IKRH1LL BLOPSER Lots (o Learn Toil ay's Mr. ami free 5KJM Kccoril Mrs. J. C Ellis Jr. You , TMlMJi YOU RE zc\tiO To THIT GIPLS' lA'HINC? - DING * HAVE AW OF YOU BEEM -, INVITED? •"••wi @; /Weu-,wo--- NOT Yer.' ]THEif> CWJCE I BUT WHO EL.SE HAVE I WOULD Be A V THEY GOT? I WASHOUT 'iir^ WITHOUT us '. ^ BOATS FOR SALE Made in Biytheville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD Tlie, ideal boat for the liiR Lake area. Humlimdp, sfiinlj co/islriictinn'-only the best materials arc nscil in these b«:ils. Sec them NOW! Now on Display at The Biytheville Motor Compcmy Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building Klythcvillc, Ark. For tho General Practice of Office Phone 2131 Medicine Residence 2(535 C^i- Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 Norlh Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHA.S. RHTNER lili,I- WILSON SUP.E, Bur Tuey SAY THEY'RE INDISPENSABLE--WHATEVER THAT MEANS ' IT MEANS TMAT THEY'RE CSoiWS To our THERE AIN'T ANY SUCH AMIMAL/ YOU SET THE TRAP, HECTOR. 2 CHAMBLIH SAL Safes— Studcbaker —Service Cars and Trucks of Outstanding Quality and Economy if Expert Auto and Truck Service if Motors Rebuilt ic Electric Welding •jc Tractor Repairs We siicci:ilizc in (nick service, any make, :iny mndrl. Our I'.ninl and Knily Slioii is complete . . . bring your car to us for the hcst :t11-urouml work anywhere. C'ninplele Line of StuiltbaUcr I'arts. oilier makes, loo! NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL —We Have Several Good Used Cars For Sa!«— CHAMB R. R. & Ash Sis. LEX CHAM HI,IN Phone 21<)o B1U, Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie Out Our Way BKH i\no f^i .' WHY DOrVT I , B/\U.£r 1 • TlCVAl S : -"- By J.R. Williams DRPTT1T, TVJiG&S • A 8URSLP.R COULDN'T GET T'HfKT \'ASE ASVAV FROW'MRS. BRiXWPjIGASi ""' -" ESOWIT.'- __ . . BLOOD RUMS 'CtoLD TO -THlNSvC \ '..'... US& *l,l A E/XPONi-' IT'S osie WORE Tiwe ^T BAT HOR6ECOLLAR, f,\MOR: SOU BOvJ OUT LIKE A D/Xt^CEE WTH SPLIT Tlf- AND ADD TrilS TO Vt>U?.. STORE OF CURIOUS FACT 1 ; — MARTHA. \VAMTS N'ou TO j-' C0,\\& ^4o^^e.' , X .-;. WE'RE NOT SHOO'TIM' AT PICTURED OF MEN. AUMTIE., WE'RE JUST FRACTIC1M* CRiPPLIN' THEIR GUM HAND.' WELL, VOL) MIGHT A& WELL SHOOT THE MF;M, BECAUSE FROM ALL TH' HORSi= OPERAS I'VE. SEEM AWP REAU THKRt ISM'T A MALE. LEFT IM TH' 'WHOLE WEST WITH A VIAND LEF-T TO WORK WITH.' THE CITV RUBES WASH ri'HHs HOWRE VOU COMING ftlOWG. \ BEFORE I \ PETTIFEK '. ONLS TWO HOEE ] COMPLETE THIS, PWS TO RNISW. li= VOU WAMU I MISTER,I WAU CWIE T;W KE1H61E WD ANP- / PROOF THKT THES'EE STILL THWS EASV. VOL) X OKAM. BUT USE ' HOW THE GIKLS UHI5 PAPER, SO vMOVJBTiNs.J'H. GET Ini KNOW IT W-.S ^ NOTE FEO.'A UCP/HOT WRITTEN WO --( 10U FORCED HEE !/ \ TO WRITE'IN THW \. DIM1V 1 . WELL BUT- \ PICKED WHM'S VtROH& lU?^COLD 1 VJITH TOURVOic^r/isuess.. --'SO SORE I ''CAM HAEDLV V TALK-! DON'T TRS FLWIMS SIClir OU'lL FiMlSH THIS EUSt;! MVMHlLEi LEM CKEPS Tdn'^D T«EO.'A VW.ESE E^SV ViU GWli 3 t ::P. T"! Cauglil! v r t-i AMI.TS 1 T ,\>OT SO FA5T.CH'J>\/ I'LL XEY- SUT YDLS'RE FORGETTi^THE VIC FLINT nift'iciilt THINK V.E CANTWST HIM? I DOS T TRUST ANYBODY VERY fAR, EODIS--NOT WEN PROPO- MAKE5 5EN5J WORK THE 61RL SOUNDS SHE'S GOT AS MUCH IARCEHY IN HER HEftRT AS IELIX. THERE'S JUST ONE IROUBIE. KIFTY mm, YOU PUT OVER A (000 CXAl FOR YOUR5Clf / ALL GOTTA 00 IS WU. COWIE ANOTWT'U. K A CINCrt WHEN WE lUftHS WHATt W IT/ 15V JM1CHAKT, O'MAT.I.KV and RAIJ'll BAT DENVER'S GOT AN MONEST'N LOOK tBOUT HIM. A STRAIGHT GUY C4N BE HABO TO HANDLE-- EVEN 8V A C!£VER AT LEY nor Gel Out;'. There! Rv TOO LATE NO'"... E'l L HAP i A :inesoA,.. : ./' on. ! J LA IIAML1.N BOOTS AND HER RUDDTF>S Opinion OUT VSVit THCVt T3OV MtV^T DCO^l VOU DOM'l KNOVO R HIM1 Wi MI6HT 8t ftU RI6U1 ! BY KWiAU M t-Vt OLiO_

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