The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
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Served by the United Press '•: -.-.!•• - • • :.--••-. ' " - : : . -^'-^^?^^ffp^p^ XE ' COURIER NEWS ^ """"" 11« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHSXBT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 297 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald. Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley leader. JHl.YTill':VlU;E;'AKKANSAS, MONDAY MAUCH 2, '1931 jBINQLE ' SLAYS NEIGHBOR 1 PowerWorker Gets 6,600 Volt Shock • . £ '• f ...'.• Ft TO WE L HFTER31-2 I Next Time Rex Will Have Ink Instead of Gas Philadelphia's Mayor Little Hope Held for Restoring J. E. Skinner to Consciousness. At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, three and a hall hours after 6600 volts passed through his- body, physicians and employees of the Ark-Mo power company still were attempting the resuscitation ot J. E. Skinner. .35, member of a power company line crew.. Skinner received tho ' tirrillc shock while working, on the-power, company's private te:ephorie - Una near the local 'plant this morn- Ins, about 11 o'clock. According to power company employees, Skln- rier, who was handling the phone line without gloves, allowed .the line to drop across a €400 volt high tension line. ... Tho wire dropped from Sktn- , ner's hands either after the current had. been .automatically shut off or from' the force of 'the shock. His body swung helplessly In his safety belt on- the pole and other linemen mounted the pole bringing him to the ground. Efforts to.revive the linemen .were started Immediately but little hope of resuscitating him-was held this, afternoon although power company employees recalled Instances where similar methods'.:' were successful over longer periods' of time. Hurricane Hit* Fiji ' 'Jiland for Tbird Time •FIJI- Islands (UP)—The north and east portions of Vitl Levu island, largest of the FIJI group. was.«wept today by a third hurricane two • weeks. • The hurricane, within -less than fully as severe as CHICAGO, Mar. 2 (UB)—Rex Wright believes In being prepared against a hold-up, especially when the first of the month comes on Sunday. He alv.ays carries a $500 check (It's a, trick) anil a fountain pen that contains tear ga» instead of Int. . , Two men held up Wright and his wife Sunday In their rooming house. Wright was prepared as usual. First he handed them the $500 check. He explained that a friend had put tha money in a safe, giving him the check as security. "Now I'll endorse It and you can tak* It to my friend and he'll give you the money." he said drawing the fountain pen. He. pressed the. button and instantly the room was fllled with gas anci' everyone including himself began to bough and cry. It was as bad for one as another so the weeping bandits took Mrs. Wright's' Jewelry, |400 worth, tied Wright aud "his wife to a chair and kicked them in the gas filled room to weep 'and talk about! Wright's preparedness Idea until | help arrived. : ! Mrs'.- Wright :i3 understood to I ha\e done most of the talking. | Big Hearted Wife . Helped Husband to Win Another i LONDOlf," •-'Mft'r. 2 (UP)—The "slrdnge-'tnle of. n wife virlllirg' love ftinous wife because he could nel- pttters for her husband to lib bli;- [llicr reai} nor write'was on record :.l 111 Old Bailey court here iodny. ' j •'lfi'1920 Wllllnm Georxo Chapman | iniirrled M|-,s Venetta Stephenson. . I Pour years later h; also married ! Ethel Frances Tolberl without the i'l fcimality ol\ divorcing his first wife. "Best love forever until we return to ashes," iiUd one of the letters Miss Tolbeit'received dur- In; the oourlshlp. It later was developed the .two women cues had been goo;i friend:) and. when wife number two learned of wife number one she collapsed In tho court room. .Chapman pleaded guilty and was sentenced to. nine years Imprlson- ;mcut on a bigamy charge. Girl Flyer Lost for Week Found Beaten, Bruised Senators Act Today Following Appeal by Arkansas Member. WASHINGTON. March 2. (UP) —Holding a raggedy-dirty pair.of farmer's overalls before the senate, Senator Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, today obtained passage of « joint resolution directing that 55.000,000 of the present droutli relief funds be loaned destitute farmers 'without security.. Caraway obtained passage of Ills resolution a few hours after the agricultural departnfcnl had UU- pntched by fast trains 10.000 appll-•'tcrey, cation blanks for food loans to of- flees In St. Louis, Memphis an Grand Porks, N. .D.- . Edna May Cooper, mm actrc.* a FflTtlf NIL Alleged Advances by Vic-H (im io Mrs. Cartwrjgr^l Blamed for Shooting.^! OSCEOLA, Ark., March.. 2.^*1?, Crawford, 63-ye<ir-o]d engineer;, at 1 the Osccoln. Cotton Oil mill.-.died' hi the Methodist hospital, Memphis," at 11:15 o'clock last night, nwj hows after F. vV. Carl«Tlglif,.prcimi.- Incut hardwire rherchant'of Osce-:, olti, Inflicted a fatal "pistol :!w'o)j|Sd, In the man's stariach and a. naci Injury, to his right leg, before .o. ccrs, whom. Canwrlgh't followed ?$,' serve n warrantee hod previously'' sworn out tor Crawford's .arr. could disarm the man. ' '-.. ..,"/".'-. Cartwrlght, 60-year-old memoat of the firm Of N. O.'Car'twrljhtifi& Third Blood -Transfusion Planned Today :in';E,ftort : ",to Give Her Strength; -•"• The condition of Mrs.. Ethel'"'M. Wilson, executive secretary of: the local Red Cross, who ts critically 111 at the Memphis Baptist hospital, was unchanged-today. Of the 20 persons who have of- thelr blood for transfusions the two which preceded it, brought rainfall for the period to more than 100 inches and added devas-ionly two have been of tho desired latins; thrnughout the Wah'ds. Kit-i type. Clarence Holder and hts wife, cept that, the death toll' 1 of the hur- Mrs. Ruth stiiwell Holder, each ricanes • has mounted, little was gave a pint and Mr. Holder Is in known about the extent of the Memphis today for a second trans- damage from the latest disaster, .fusion of the same amount Tri- Repeated floods resulting from' weakened condition of Mrs Holder heavy rains' hampered relief work-mates. It Impossible for her to K iv» in the stricken-districts. Destruc- j more blood, physicians said yestar- tion of crops Including American fa v pineapple fields was practically complete. Little Rock Motonnan Foils Would Be Bandits UTTLE ROCK, Mar. 2 (UP) — Two would be negro bandits lost In their race with a street car operator here last night. Paul Grlmnvtt, motorman, Here's what a battered hat, a' worn cbrduroy ; work suit, a red bandana handkerchief and-a false mustache can dp jo. the Chief Executive;? America's third largest -city. : A"•'modern "Harun ^Hfcrry.'-Mackey- adopusKt}uV, dtsgulsivtq^ilS houses" .in a first-hand investigation of ,:. . . ... city's unemployed. Suffers Broken Ribs -When Kim. Down.on Broadway Last Night. ';' "".,' : Because of .the scarcity of of the patient's -type many friend; here are . offering their blood il j needed. Already tests have bsen | made of the following: Dr. W. A.i Grtmmett, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ste-! vens, Mr. and Mra. Robert Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Holder, W. H.'StovaU, E. 'M. Holt, Mrs. John H. Long, Miss Luclle Holmes, Miss Althea Edwards, Dr. Carl Nles, Mrs. Nell Moulder, Roy Hogon, Lon Ho- Three for $1 Bandit's Quotation on Kisses SAtf" FRANCISCO.' Mar 2 (OP)—The latest value placed on stolen kisses Is three for ?1, police reported today! i The "petting markel" quotation was-glicn by an amorously inclined bandit v;ho held up nnd robbed'Al'Brown of'$2.50 while he was' seated in an automobile with Miss Nina Wolfe, 23. ' "The bandlC said to me, •Pretty jweet kid you got here. Got any money to take her out with?'", Brown told police. "I told him he had taken all my money. He It Used Miss Wolie three times, then 1 gave me back a dollar." . Mrs. Howard; Proctor, local club- woman was .Injured, perhaps seriously, her husband, Howard,.Proctor, and .their daughter. Robert- •ulses-when car,, driven Holllpeter, u year old i daughter; of Mr. and."Mrs. Rusfi " ' HoWpettr,_ l»st night. -.' - '-;. s TnTaccIdeW'ocHirred "about 9!1!) walk- pnvement^ to- on. Broadway, • Today was the first dny for receiving applications for governmen 1 f loans under the JSO.OOO.OOO appro ^latlon approved' two weeks ago by President Hoover .. for-, '.'rehabilitation of agriculture." Farmers inus. have security for-thesc. loins. • .• By nightfall .th^deportment expects to have thousands of •application* from destitute farmers. Caraway's resolution' 'which'- goes to the house revives the drouth relief controversy which has taken up the major portion of- the closing session. It would direct' that $5,000,000 of the H5.000.000 feed.' seed and. fertilizer appropriation b^ loaned without sccurit?. : \ ' • ' The overalls 'which were mice- 'o'clock as the Ing on the street ward their home nearlng the end of his run when' 8*°. Addlson Smith, Mrs. J. F. Len-, two negro men pulled the trolly tl and • Miss Cora. Lee Coleman. i pole off the power "line In an effort Twelve of these went to Memphis! to stop the car. The pole bounded yesterday. en and off the line and every time j Mrs. Wilson, who has been 111 it came in contact Grimmett would' from Influenza and complications I open the throttle. The car leaped p for ten days, has a rare disease In j forward and at every burst of ] which all her blood cells have given ! speed the operator would outdls-1 away. A nervous breakdown from lance his pursuers. [ overwork while attending to her du- When he gained a sufficient lead. ties in the drouth relief program ' Grimmett opened the front windowj aggravated the Influenza which! placed the forward pole on the, caused her critical illness • i power line and, continued on his; ! ray. He did not stop on the re- : i tura trlp :_ ! Liquor Defendant'- ' old ! jimmie Boyd to Amusement Place, Kos- v j child, enthal Will Open Store. ' there being no. sidewalk at .that point:' According to . Proctor, he noticed a car approaching liirid _through the' .rain . without lights" and. warned his .wife and child to step .close to the.curb. Young Driver Frlfbtened In a moment the .car struck i Mr. Proctor, hurling him Into .the. | air and thru hit Mrs. Proctor, bare- HaVCj'v brushing aside their .five year "'•< child, Robert Anne. Another 'Betty. Louise, had safcl) Threc new businesses will open shortly. All of the establishments are lo be located in the block bc- iwssn the railroad and Second street, on the south side, where there have been four vacant buildings recently. The former home of Saphlan's store Is being remodeled for an amusement place to be known as "Jimmle's . Play House". Jimmie noytl will own and ' operate the pool tables, checker and domino crimes along with n lunch counter, 'fhc p:ol ts-bics will be on the main floor ->vh:ic- the checker and as a patient In a Mon- Cal., hospital after belli sought by police for a week.. Wil Bobble Trout she recently broke t'.i world's endurance refueling fllgb record for women;' but wns snld t Imve been . dlscourngeil recently b lack of financial returns from tt- flight. from a- carefully wrapped package " - ' Oar»way, "drmptd "Tll»t .was o-«r , 'his ' chair. ' er, > reputaljle.-honejt .white, man/ fee said. "There «e many like him who cannot, give -the security dq- mknded by the Mcretary : of ajrl- culture for.gove'rnment : loaris. fl was this morning foihially placed under arrest on a .warrant cjiargf" Ing flvst degree murder. Last'li^nt iic.remained at his home here, ^yol-s untnrlly uiitisr guard of'officers.'-!;; * Threatened Mrs. Carlwilsht.''y'-;' Advances .mode by" Crawford 't<?, ^|.*" Cartwrlght arc -said ,to 'haye . started the.troublc.'betv,-ceri theljra men. Mrs. Cartwvlght .told ^offlW Unit Crawford, who lived acros'i'fiiq street, had nccosted'her. on sever' occasions" and once threatened r .iiif-: with a pistol. Fearing trbubje,..»b'e;: : refrr.'ned from tel|lng her luisband'"; ~" " 'ford's repeated• advances began to fcar\for he.r^w the hands. of "CrawtQtd.v-i^ Late. Saturday'Cartwrlgbt.isVstlcfi to- 1 have . found' Crawford... ln'_- : .t' " L ot .buuvford 1 until she beg life at the h 17J \f '- r> -• A- -,'-to- 1 hiive . found" Crawford... In"-le. tana JViay. Loope.r, r Appar-; qattwrigi>t .drivewaV^uici;".at; that; Nelson Has Bill to Give Chickasa\\-ba District Share of Highway Money A bill was to be Introduced In the state senate today by Senator child, accompan- ied'by Freda Secoy, a child.about her own age, was frightened arid failed to "stop her car. Sho. drove into a road which passes Into the Sternberg gin property am. S?«± ^*^- ™? isisr^TStaSTtota^ttaSlsr. for women, who disappeared a ago in" Hollywood, was identified.a . a patient In a'hospital, here..' "• Suffering from apparent' lapse 'of memory-induced by a. hard blow on the back of her: head, Miss Cooper could give no explanation' for her presence In Monterey. Besides the head wound, an ugly;abrasion and swelling,, the right side of the girl's | body is black and blue; as though she had suffered a severe bu'a'iin- or had fallen heavily.' .. . : ' .' Hugh .Onnody,'.physician c the- hospital, was not- inclined t believe the girl had .been In an automobile accident as the" body bruises are not accompanied by surface abrasions. . chlldren abandoned the car district of turnback money Mrs. Holllpeter of the accident and returned with her to the scene. Injuries Tiliy Not "Be .StrloM In the meanwhile Mrs. Proctor was rushed to the Blythevllle hospital In a- Cobb ambulance. Proctor gave police a description of the car and told he believed it hod Senator Nelson today withdrew a bill he Introduced for the same purpose last week when It was found that the measure would not accomplish the desired result, and planned today to Introduce another providing for apportionment of turn- back money between judicial rtis- domino games will be played on! be f n abandoned on the gin prop- tricts of counties havWrno-e than crtv ' Po!icc tou!ld the. machine and !„,,„. rf ,.L,™™_ „„*!;_? °' c than Uil Company With Knife. Manager Electric Current Tax Before Home Today H enry Milhorn, local manager of the ™»IPS Petroleum company, was attacked by an unknown as- the balcony. Thi; business will be opened Friday. I Waiter Rosenthal is . to reopen the Krw York store about March 10. The new business, .which is to be a Ladies' Ready-to-Wear shcp, will be housed in a remodeled b'jildinc; now being arranged. Associated with Mrs. Rosenlrp! vrtll be Mrs. Rcsenthal and Mrs, Allie icere preparing to pull It to police ^ k "-~~ '"rs when the girls' re- .. , . Sam ° tasis tween counties. and Dave-' Young,; : city : ma'rsha_., Walter•C6x,-"cqns1ible',- and"Baker-i Turner,- deputy sheriff, . went;j5cA serve-the warrant about 9'O'clock', last,.night. ••'•'- •'•' '-• -.'g!?.t. ..- Cartwright and'hls rie'phew, "J/jjrV Cartwr'lght jr., proprietor • of' : 'trie^ stout moil's r . _ _ . Lommiltee. Oays LommiS- sioner Blocks '.Reopening of American Exchange. Oil-filling ;liu imcers- b In the car a ;block, i from the Crawford hqme". Wtitle: Mershall Young was warrant to'Crawford, whp 1 swered the call to the door, 7 a shot" was fired from behind theima'rsKSli-' and-Crawford, struck" In the'sMhV? ach, collapsed. Young Carfwriiht-. grappled with his uncle, 'and-'sue- , ceeded hi taking the -pis'.to> away. 1 : from him, according to the officers!,' but the elder'Cartxright produced a second pistol nnd, fired a srtot i which entered Crawford's rlg'Hf.lej after penetrating J. W. CarlwrJs&l:' jr's.. hand-when he attempted.itb: gain possession of this gun also.'- •.'-.• Dies on Operating TableCy*;": , Crawford, meanwhile rbusin'g- LITTLE ROOK, March 2. <UP)— i Doubt that State Commissioner [Walter E. Taylor Intends to allow Under the turnback law. as !t I tnc American Exchange Trust com- *"tJSh™b«i and disarmed before ho fired. | Crawford was rushed to the Mem- Commissioner phis hospital in a Swift & cb., % api-'. bulance and his. body returned'to Osceola foilov r 'lng his death^on the j court room was listening attentive- I.ITTLE ROCK, Mar. 2 (UP) —ily to tho testimony of George E<i- Attentton of the house of repre- i tress, testifying before Judge W. L. sentatlves was focused on the "kll-rJGnibb on a charge of violating the owat" bill tcday and efforts to;national prohibition act. amend-it developed Into filibuster-j "Have you ever been convicted ing which held sway when the noon on liquor charges before," the dls- rccess was taken. , trict attorney asked. The discussion arose when op-| "Naw," replied Est: ponents of the measure offered ain't teen convicted this several amendments after the bill er." Teas reported back to the house: -The Jury handed down 'without recommendation by the ' of not guilty, committee en public service cor-' Record Still Clean sailatlt at the company's office i Sisk. . - (on South Fourth street about 1\ '.The Famous store which BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Up)_ Th<; , ° c.ock lost night. The unidentified pcnded business s-vera! attactfr fled after slashing Mil- , 6C . is !o reopen soon In Its former ncrn «"css the fnce and neck establishment wi'.h Louie Isaacs with a knife. Milhorn was not as nini:a°er. Jce fc.iacs is o»ner seriously hurl. ' ot tho firm v , hicn C3rrles dry According to reports Milhorn | jco;'s. shoes and ready to wear. "^Jk 1 tn-ck^T^onnT! ^ """"H" 'Vn"?™ "" preparatory to rccuming d.liverie,: S^™ ££« m taMl vealed thc-lr IdenMty.' • now stands, a large proportion of : P""? lo reopen for business was..operating table two haurs'latef.'Fui Mrs Proctor sustained three MUslssl PP 1 county's share of the-, expressed here today following a ' neral arrangements are pending thS' bro-en ribs and a number ol m ° ne7 TOUld 8 ° to retlre roaa lm - "f 1 ? 3 " 01 " 5 con wi" l « m^Ung last return of . Mrs. Crawford," who, 1 " brutes and may have suffered pr ° ve . m<3 * dtst * Icl bonds In the Os- , nl « h t. • called to the. bedside of" a..sick-; Internal Injuries but hospital a™ """"district of the county. The law ! A plan submitted by tho com-' Brother in Klhgsvi.Ue, Texas, some: laches wcrn of the -oolnlon this provldes for tho withholding by the mlttee to reorganize the bank v ,-a«:«wks ago, Is en route to Osceola" momln? that her Injuries would treasurer of enough of each rejected lost Saturday night by the I °nd expected -to arrive Tuesday; not prove serious county s share of the turnback each commissioner giving rise to a curt | morning. Crawford's daughter, arid. year to pay 75 per cent of maturing statement from the committee yes- i onlv other member bf'hls 1 -imms^ Interest and principal of road fm- terday embodying a charge tha''diate family; will arrive this 'iitar? provement district bonds Issue:: Taylor had not considered the re- noon frt>1 " Slireveport, Li., where' since 1927 in that county. Such mi-.opening proposal on iu merits. -she Is employed as a stenographer. turltles now amount to about $75.-j .The committee has called a massi !n the s ^ndard"oil company's.of-'•'. f^ ^.f? 1 "' 11 "^ 05 " 0 ^ district, I meeting of depositors tonight at fl " s ,' "' .". i : V and nil! Increase in the near fu- \ which time it will make its final 1 Crawf °ra, who- has for '18 years "• ture, while there arc virtually no I report and "consider further "action i 1 " 62 - 11 «n«lncsr-for the Osceola .OU ; ..»„ -...,.,„.,,__ ,_ ths j 'I company, was regarded as a-good- No charscs have b-en ^referred Rgalns' the Holllpeter child and police stated that the Incident was c ] 0 - ec ( •rcss, "and I ! "".<!«'• Kl " ^'cs accompanied by hisj : hi , " d ™- :h!s tim3 eith- i mfc Dnd c! " ;d ' 1 *' Mi'horr ir.k; oiT'.cers that he was verdM tttlftcke d In the dark and hts a=- Heal'h Board Inspector 'Visiting County Dairies ™ The inspection of dairies in the poratlons, I The bill's opponents were sue-! Lee Wilson cfssful in passing two amendments .. which sponsors of thei proposed legislation to tax public utilities charged were designed to weaken the bill. Ted befori cover hi", identity, ascribe ii'i, motlvj fcr the atiack. ii= could dis- i *&' s P- Bradley Mllhom coulU! Tvlsv a AsN-villpl dR ' s ln MI «l«!pp! county /i*ilcVII.e| £pecte , inspection Usual Good Health! ""^ Not Interested Vote Immigration Cut WASHINQTON, March 2. CUP) —The house today went on record for a 90 per cent reduction of Immigration for the next two years, passing the Jenkins bill after one of the most bitter legislative struggles of the session. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., • Mar. 2 j (UP)—A rumor that R. E. Lee Wilson prominent Mississippi county plantation owner and banker had suffered a paralytic stroke i Word has been reielvad here of the death of John F. Bradley. 33, • if I OL i ni former Blythevllle resident, who in nlUSCle ShOalS riant succumbed at Ashevllle, N. C.. to. day. MONTGOMERY, Ala. Mar. 2' The deceased Uved here for o!<(hl CJP)—Governor B. M. Miller to- years before moving to North Carday received a telegram from, the dina. four years ago. He was a vet- here was unfounded, It was learned' secretary of Henry Ford saylnj eran of the World War. today. j Ford no longer was interested In w . ,„ ,„„, . . . . ,, ,. \Vllson has been here several 'he lease <;! the Muscle Shoals _" c . Is _ survuc d by his widow, Mrs. .o.uo u . ,.„. If Senator Nelson's amendmen; '• county "Is under way. Joe Garri- f 5 ad °P^d the Mississippi count-.! Era, of the state board of health | ureoa <* *otiM be divided between j at Little Reck, Is spending several the 7"?, districts on a basU of an-i ida-.s In Mfsslislppl county for a P°P ul «tlon, and aalomoblls rcjis- lo supplement trallon ' The Osceola districts shar of Mrs. J. E. Whitworth, died Sa the monthly Investigations' made would *° to P a >' Pfl'icipal and l:i ur^ay at her home in West Hele- by Ora Shonyo, health unit sanl- t * rest on r <>ad district bonds, bin Ar!c " from double pneumonia S" tary Inspector Ule Chlckasawba district shar had been Invalid for'two years would be available for malntcnanoo or construction work on county i 's roads not embraced in Improvement j WEATHER districts. There »rc only a few; citizen. His acticns recently,, .with reference to Mrs. Cartwright.-are attributed by his associates' to: t Sara Wcedman D , , __ _ «».. .wt.n.x* «j »u t*oav-ian» iu uti; vs at West Helena lna "«"« o' "Quor, to which he. i» . said to have tecome addicteii -.-Irt'-.' >frs. Sara Weedman 89 moth- t!l ° hst few montns - At the tlm«.' - - —- - •' '-is fatal shoatlnc! last ni'rtt, hi"' Intoxicated, according to ^ fn - : - Mule weeks vacationing and is said to fertilizer plant, be in gocd health. An unfounded rumor was circulated here several Bites Off Boy's Finger outst&ndlns In tho Chlckasawbi district. Bessie Griffin Bradley, three dnii|h- Govern* Miller had wired Ford &%» S£ M£ . L . Saturday asking him. to make a ray and Ernes' of Hlrkw w«i weeks ago to the effect the plant-,bid if the b'J| Is signed by Presi- { ML^d^ren« Bradty of^is ico^V cr was dead. dent Hoover. I city. COFFEEVILLE, Mhs., Mar. (UP)—Boxing tactics used on . mule today had cost Louis Me-! Nomec, 15, tho loss of a linger. 1 ' Locusts still figure in [he menu He was bridling a mule when of many Eastern peoples, who ea 1 thi animal snapped at him "like them boiled much In t>e HIT- a dcg." Louis put up his hand to as we eat shrimp. In Me::!c > • his face and the mule bit Insects arc eaten In great quonti T'"> two families were neighbors.;' llv'n" directly acres'; t^e" stret' from each other on Jo'rnsin avenue here. Mrs. CartwrlBht Is a sis- ' ter of Mrs. Virgil Greene of Blythe-' ville and also of Mrs. T. Wlls Davis 'now --T Memphis, formerly of Bly- 1 thevllle. According to the official weather r-bscrver, Charles Phillips, the rain- Imum •----• 55 degrees, cloudy with .OS "f -.-Mn.. Oi (be s^wc rfay The mound builders i family 'of rrts Inhabfttn? Australia and cer- ,'i S^nth S»a Islands, are unique inches 'p »*>•>' th= vc-'-inff -rf hatched fully [off a forefinger. ties, . ;8 degrees and the maximum', degrees, partly cloudy. - ^6 cr ,ell. from the tn»

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