The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1953
Page 8
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PAOB BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKW» SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 1988 Communist-Wafdist Plot To Sieze Government Chrushed by Egyptians CAIRO, Kgypt (*>—The Egyptian vovernment announced today It has crushed t, Communist-Wafdfst plot to overthrow Premier MaJ.G«n. Mohamed Nagulb. Twenty-five army oMtcew and IS civilians were ur- Irnt«d u plotter!. Col. Abd«l Nasser, acting chief of •Uff, who sold he WM speaking for declared Communists and nationalist to Wafdlst par- ty members had engaged in a "preliminary conspiracy to create »edl- IKE i (ConMnwd from F*g« 1) bewt." Then he went on to say thnt "true defense .against commu- "we preach Unch with rth . comes when conviction and . "Ho man flying a warplane or with a defensive gun In his hand can potelbly be more importnnl ttwn the teacher," he declared. In saying that, he said h« was borrowing a phrase from his forth coming Inaugural ndclress. anc added that "possibly It Is not good public relations to express those thing! In advance." ' He said he told Columbia's trus tee* before he accepted the presl deoer at Ox Institution four ycnrs ago: "Yo« know, as far as commu nitm and any kind of traitorous doctrine to America's freedom concerned, I am Intolerant.. I wil not stay in any Institution whSre l~ean discover a known Commu nM. K we oannot get. rid of known Communist, I shall not be 1t» tru»Ues agreed with him TUtnhbirnr iakl. He exprcssc •ooftdencft that ttw vast majority ct.fcMobvn arc loyal Americans and be told his audience, "Ther< ••a b* tfaos« who unwittingly wil i you occasionally." -•-:- sUa«nt» •fertUr,. Eisenhower add IT: ftbbut 3>OQO applauding students tn th* rotund* o! the Seth Ix>w Me mortal Library. "A country is never going t< «J»t*Horat* an long as each mm and woman does more and think more about opportunity than h think* about security/' he said. If* added, "If there Is one thin for which trying to 'live, i Is th« rights and fteedom of th individual and his right to expres his honest conviction, no matte what It may be," At a dinner at the Astor Hole last night honoring former Den Young B. Smith of Columbia's : College, Eisenhower lold an ai dtence whjch included Supreme Col. Nnsser said no coup wai attempted, but that the conspirators were laying the seeds of rebellion »nd planned a chain oi disturbances on Jan. 23—at the beginning of a four-day celebration of the sixth-montli anniversary of Na- ,utb's liberation of the country from Cing Farouk and "corrupt" pollti- lans, Nnsser, acknowledged No. 1 man n tho Nagulb regime, said those ar- ated, included Fund Scrag Ed-Din ormer Wafdlst Interior minister and strong man In the party, Prince Abtas Hnllm. a .cousin of. King ouk, and Col, Rnshad Mehnnna whom ..agulb appointed and ousted fro ma three-mari regency council when Farouk was deposed. Six Fapeni Closed Six Communist newspapers have fien closed down and every known Communist arrested, Nnsser declnr ed. Dispatches to London newspapers indicated that Nagulb acted ugains the army men Wednesday and tha the story had been botled up In Cnlro by censorship for two days. The British press viewed the lat developments 'with skepllclsn and headlined the story with tin word plot in quotation marks. The torse announcement of thi arrests did not Identify the off! s or list charges against them but It promised a swift Investlga tion of their activities. In a dramatic nation-wide radl broadcast, Nagulb charged tha the political parties —• targets o frequent .charges of corruption a gruft—were a "grave menace I the counlrys existence. He adt cd that some "had connived wit foreign powers .and had engage In conspiracies. He did not nntn any foreign powers. Announcement of the arresl came only a week before the m tlon was to begin a four-dny cell bration of the six-month nnnlvc sary of the Army coup that oustc ^ Court Justlqes Willlnm O. and Stanley Reed: "I, am going to a 'Hew Insk. I ain : golng to a new tnsk where only the counsel of .such .wise men ns pearl:Smith, .only the prayers of a.united America, can make it a King Farouk Inst July. Nngnlb said, "A speedy Invesl gallon to throw tight'on the th facts Is now being conducted b rclinble nnd honest men. Tim Inn cent will return to their posts an whoever Is proved guilty will gc the . punishment he deserves. In his earlier nation-wide dross, the Premier declared, have given orders for the most s vcro measures to be taken agnln every dissident or traitor atleinp Ing to. create, disunity within 11 ranks of a united people. By dissolving the political pn tics, Nngulb clearly showed . th his Army movement inlciuls to r build the nations political II completely. A thrcc-yenr tlonal period hns been slartc ho explained, during which "good constitutional 'regime, will be worked out. . There wns no reliable estlmntc of the value of confiscated party assets, which the Premier' said would be used for public welfare. omo major parties, however, cio reported to have been worth tore than a million dollars. Obviously referring to' British oops stationed alon^ the slra- eglc Suez Canal, Nagulb reassert- d his determination to "rid our crrltory of foreign troops. leet, Ice Grip tost of State sFayetteville Area Hardest Hit by Wet Wintry Blast . By The AMOclxtcd Fresi Slowly rising temperatures were ore cast for Arkansas thin after- oon and tomorrow but in the orlhwest sector o( the state a heath of Ice coated streets and W. C. Wood, district highway uperlnlendent, said at Tt. Smith arly today that bridge approaches •ere particularly dangerous and d vised motorists "unless they had o go on the highways, they (should lay off. Two early morning northbound ! rown Conch busses were cnn- cled at Ft. Smith but Inter sched- les were reported operating nor- ally. Utility lines In the area were naffected by the sleet and freez- ng ruin that fell on the state estcrday and Inst night. Elsewhere In Iho stnte, Hie frees- ifj rain' wna melting -. and no ireclpitaUon was forecast this (ternopn. Gilbert reported a low of 16 de- ;rces during the night. It was the Boldest rending In the state, ttic J. S. Weather Bureau at Uttlc Hock said. M Here ' Other readings were Fayettevllle 24; Fllppln 27; El Dorado 28; Valnut Ridge 2D; Ft. Smith and tforrllton 30; Newport 31; Batcs- 'llle, Fine Bluff nnd TexarScarxi 32; nnd Little Roclc 33. 32; *nd tittle Hock 33. Blyihevllle met a low of M. , The Weather Bureau said the Jeavlest rainfall wns reported at Ozarlc where 1.11 Indies fell. Commercial airline officials at Little Rock said most flights were running a little behind schedule iml R broken celling of 500 feet was forecast until 1 p.m. today. A Branlff Airlines representative said one flight wns grounded nt Little Rock until noon yesterday from a coating of Ice on the air- Generals Who Became President By Ray Ellis and Ed Kudlaty To £tauociot* HM party from corruption i Grant aimumtnfan HM GOP nominated dark-1 hone RuHmfod C, Hoy«. H« had the politicolS sony, being a thtee-time governor of Ohio ant o] general during rite Civil War. The Hayes-Tild<n3 tUctio« nulled in a tic, and HM Republican-dom- iita4«d d«ctorol cwnnrntioii de<lared Hayes the wiwitfofriwl>76«l«tiofl. HamperedIbya hostile CoMKtt, kit administration did lillle, but the Soun'cheefed him wSen he ordered the withdrawal otUiMW trace*. [• kcauM of a split in the GOP, James A. GarfieM ' •wo«ka£arty':i»fliinatio*andw«<lecte<linl880. He Nod oil enviable wtwd.of public servke—in.Hie K - state leg rsloture; in the U nion army o* a major geit- - tra\ and M the House 'of Reptesentotiyes. Four - ntoiiHis after his inougurat he waskilledbyacrozed - off ice-seeker. ) |- 17 taijomM Hofrijc* had efl ** elemenrs of popular appeol-Jw wos on the march to the sea with Sfctr-, man, he wot a gnndton o( President Willian HOT- me*. o«d« senator. hit he didn't have the quati- ties of a politicol leader, he couldn't inspire; as o' matter of fact, he repelled. The only ratable legislation to came o«t of his administration, whkh started in 1889, was tie Shimon Anti-Trust Act. Two Dell Men Have Problem ... Two Dell men have a problem- It Isn't'actually their problem. It's the problem of a man too sick to work but not old enough to' draw the welfare or Social Security compenjiRUon necessary to live on. The Dell men are Ed Hardtn and the ; Rev. M. R. Griffin, pastor of Dell Baptist Church, They have been aiding a man whose future 15 uncertain at best. This man, who is about 63 and hence not eligible for old age as- istancc, Is living at a rooming house here on a $15-a-rhonth welfare check' supplemented by the Rev.. Mr. Griffin ami Mr. Hartlin. The Rev. Mr. Griffin satd he has exhausted every 'mentis olf obtaining atd for the man. This man can't get more money from the county until he's 55. He has a heart ailment that prevents his working, and is barely recovered from 13 days spent ns a charity patient In a Memphis hospital critical condition; He nearest relatives refuse to support him and cannot be required to by law. Meanwhile. Mr. Hardin and the Rev. Mr. Griffin are finding the burden of supporting the man themselves growing beyond their reach. They thought maybe someone, somewhere, might help them 'solve their problem. CABINET GOP cm ft, Stnte Police headquarters ot Little Rock reported most high- •ays clear of Ice and no tvafflr fatalities as a result of the freezing rain and sleet. The .icy precipitation began Friday. About two and a half inches of sleet coated Mena, In West Arkansas, Friday night. Icy roads prevented the Ft. Smith High School basketball team from reaching Hot Springs for a scheduled game last night'. Six. highway accidents were re- 1) or led on Washington County's slippery roads Friday night but there .were no fatalities. Sheriff Bruce Crider satd lie expected sovernl roads .In tlie county to he ulosed If sleet continued to fall. There was some ice reported on telephone and utility wires In southern Arkansas but no enough (o cause any damage. Streets and highways were reported clear of ee. . The U. S W.calher Bureau forecast a low of 15 degrees In norih- cast Arkansas tonight but else- temperatures .will re- SERVICES SPENDING— President Truman has asked that the armed forces be allocated about $44.6 billion to safeguard the'U. S. Above News- chart shows the spending figures lor the individual services in the 195* budget along with allocations lor the current fiscal ' Hays Store Phone 2001 Deliver High Quality Low Prices Wayne Feeds Layer Mash 100 Ib. 4.89 I-ayer Pellets 100 Ib. 4.99 EKJ PclMs 100 Ib. 5.39 Chick Starter 100 Ih. S.63 Grower Slash 100 Ib. 5.49 Scratch Feed 100 111. 4.39 .16S Dairy F«d ... 100 Ib. 4.49 3Z% Dairy Feed 100 Ib, 5.39 CaU Starter Pellets 100 Ib. 5.79 Pig & Sow Meal .. 100 Ib. .S33 Pljr & Sow I'cllcts . 100 Ib. 5.49 .3S% HOK Bulsnrer 100 Ib. 5.f9 ;"• - . -_-„„,,,, .„., ,,, ,.,„ .'.v.-i ."n't.-- . .. ICO Ib. 4.V Horws Feed 100 Ib. 4.S; lUbbU PelleU .100 Ibs. 5.99 Do* Food 100 IBS. 8.99 WR Shorls 100 Ibs. 3.69 Polished Chops 100 Ibs. 4.10 . Lord Gets JN Appointment NEW: YORK (>Y)— Mrs. Oswald B. ,ord,, new U. S. representative on ho United Nations Commission on Human Rights, says she hopes to do ns well us her predecessor, Mrs Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mrs, Lord, named [o the U. N s^, since Mrs. Roosevelt's resig- >ntlon, \s president- of the Nntlona Senllh Council nnd chalrmnn o tho United Stales Committee fo: the U. N. International Children's Emergenc> f Fund. Read Courier News Classified Ads nain . the mid to upper 20s. Itgh~lhls nftcrnoon was forecast rom [he mid to upper 30s throughout the state except In northwest Arkansas where "near freezing .cmpcratures were predicted. Siamese Twins Rest' Comfortably MEMUHIS (/D — Siamese twin toys, unnnmed as yet. rested com- Cortably face to face toilny, nppnr- ently -recovering satisfactorily after a minor abdominal operation on one of them. The twins were born Thursday. lo Mr. and Mrs Jesse Sims in Philadelphia, Miss, They nre joined by n four-Inch band of flesh extending from the collarbone to the abdomen. Separation surgery is not being plttnncd at present, doctors snld, nnd further studies would hnve to be mntle to see if it Is possible. (Continued from Page 1) j. big parade. . tlon without opposition was set for an afternoon closed meeting 1 . Tonight, Summei'fEeld is giving a reception anil dinner for Eisenhower appointees . to thQ Cabinet and other new administration posts, and to congressional party leaders and their wives. Three clays of public festivities, culminating In the formal swearing In Tuesday, sinrt tomorrow. They include concerts, balls and a Former Kansas Chairman • 'Roberts' Is a former Kansas slate chairman. He wns made ex ecutive director of Elsenhower's national headquarters here a year ago when Ihc general announced he would accept the nomination. He served under Sen. Frank Carlson (R-Knn), .whose -successful Semite "campnign he had managed in 1050. After Elsenhower's nomination, Roberts was 1 named director of or- gfinlxatton of the national committee. He also co-ordinated activities of the national committee and the Independent Citteens For Elsenhow- er. Roberts was born Dec. 14, 1903 at Oskaloosa, Kan., majored In Journalism at Kansas State and became co-editor and co-publisher of three weekly newspapers with his father and brother, J. W. Roberts, He entered Kansas politics Ip 193G as campaign manager for a losing candidate for governor. He was secretary to Gov. Phyne Rutner of Kansas for two terms. Roberts was an intelligence and operations officer In the Marines in .World War II, iiltaimng the rank of major. He moved Tram Topcka to Holton, Kan., in 1946. He Is married and has one son, Pat- 14 Reported Killed in Crash of C54 ST. JOHNS Nfld. (IF)— An Amer- cnn CG4 plane crashed one mile cast of Harmon airbnse at Ste- plienville, Nfld., last night • and first reports said nil 14 persons aboard were killed. ,' A U. S. Air Force spokesman at Harmon Field said the crnsh occurred at fl:07 p.m. (10:01 p.m., EST). The plane, attached to the Northeast command, was making B routine flight, from St. John's to the base. ' . All persons aboard were believed to be military personnel, the spokesman said: (Continued from Page 1) proves Wilson's appointment, he may raise the Issue In the Senate. This could stymie Republican efforts to get Senate approval Tuesday, Inauguration day, of all Eisenhower's Cabinet designees. A freshman Democratic senator, Gore of Tennessee, announced last night he would vote against Wilson's confirmation unless Ihe appointee gives up all of his General Motor's stock holdings. The Tennessee senator said Wilson has 2</~ '.million dollars worth of General ,-Motors stock and that the auto firm holds CO per cent of the. government's defense contracts on a dollar bnsis. "A Serious Question" Gore emphasized that lie did nol question Wilson's ability, integrity or patriotism, but he said: "'One must take notice that secretary of defense, Mr.' Wilson would be dealing in an extremely major way with the company in which he was 'retaining a very large interest. "This raises a serious question because it is against the law for an. official of our government to Rare Sky Show Tonight It You Can See Shy NEW YORK m — Astronomers nnd just plain star gazers: You can see a rare show in the western sky tonight when Venus will almost eclipse the plnnet Mars. Although an earth observer will sec them almost in conjunction, the two heavenly bodies actually will be more than 100 million miles from each other. It's the celestial degree as viewed from the earth which makes them seem so close DULLES rick. 18, Hollo n. who attends school in to gcther. I ENIWETOK There ftre 600 miles of horse and hiking trails In the OrcnL Smoky Mountains national park. ;TOU» HHtNtM.Y THtATUt Blythevllle Man Elected By Seed Dealers Group Paul Hughes of Blythevillc is Hie new second vice president of the Arkansas Seed Dealers Association. He was elected nt the close of the annual meeting of the organization Thursday In Little Rock. C. B. Ware of Pine Bluff was elected president and Jj. .T. Moss of Little NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Cenler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Phone 5S (Continued from Page 1) "leading 1 to possible disciplinary action or prosecution.' Navy spokesmen have' said .all personnel at the test scene were advised of security regulfttions. No censorship of mail' was established to guard against inadvertent disclosure of Information. (Continued from Page 1) for misunderstanding and bitterness. To the extent it mfeht be successful, H would Involve us in heavy, responsibilities. "Finally, the prospects for success .would be .very small indeed, since the problem of civil obedience is not H great problem to the modern police dictatorship." Kennari formulated, while he wns stationed in the'Moscow.Embassy as a U. S^ diplomat about the end of World, War.II, a "statement of the ."containment policy" which became' tlie basis • of United States policy toward Russia. The essence of the containment policy was to create k strength among the {ree nations to prevent any expansion of Soviet- power, and count on either the eventual internal breakdown of the Communist system or its mellowing to a point where the cold war could be settled. During the election campaign Dulles assailed the containment policy as inadequate and called for peaceful steps which would put the free world on'the offensive and would exert pressures toward the rolling back of Soviet power. ntcr Into contract with, or have Innncial dealings with a company n which he holds an Interest." Morse said he believes the Wilon case should be decided "on a iasis of public policy," The Oregon senator satd he Is 'disturbed by the fact that as oi ast July 1 General Motors had $2,- OO.OOOjOOO of defense contracts ind of Dec. 1 close to five billion iollars." "That raises a question of Mr. Wilson's financial interest In the defense position," Morse added. Morse was knocked off the armed services committee several days ago. He became an independent, when he bolted the GOP duv- ng the presidential campaign to support the Democratic ticket, A commKtee member who asked not to be named told reporters, re- :iring Secretary of Defense Lovett had informed the group" that General Motors has asked for an increase in its rate of profits on government contracts^ The senator quoted Lovett as saying he was leaving the decision on the request to his successor. Sen. Byrti <D-Va), who told colleagues in the closed committee meeting yesterday he wants to see the Eisenhower administration succeed, raised the issue of a legal ban against Wilson. Wilson was quoted by committee members ns having testified he would not give up his 21-j million dollar stock holdings in General Motors nor relinquish a bonus of more than $600.000 and 1.800 shares of stock coming- to him for past services. Ele reportedly ialso said, In reply to a question of Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon C.. Johnson Texas, th^t he would not agree to step aside when General Motors contracts were before the Defense Department for decisions. Obituaries Rites for Dr. Grimmett Waiting Relatives'Arrival Funeral arrangements for Dr. W. A. Grimmett, who was 'found dead at his home here yesterday, remained incomplete today pending arrival of relatives from Louisiana who were expected to arrive tomorrow. Dr. Grlmmett's body was found by friends yesterday morning. Stricken by a heart attack, he hud been dead about 18 hours.' Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. Father of Blyrheville Man Dies on Visit Here John Sidney Johnston of Tuscaloosa, Ala, father of Ray S. Johnston, 708.Pecan Streei, died at Walls Hospital this morning. Mr. Johnson, who had been vislit. ing his son here, suffered a cerebrp? hemorrhage last Sunday. ..Services" } will' be conducted at Tuscaloosa Monday. MOX Show Starts Rock \vas named first vice president. Call Yields Stolen Loot HERKIMER. N. Y. (IP)— An anonymous telephone call led to recovery of S890 stolen from the railway express office in the railroad station here. The money was found less than 40 feet from the office In a public locker In tlie station waiting • loom. 'Entertainment M Its Best" SUNDAY & MONDAY His game is fancy women PIPER LAURIE -JUIU ADAMS XSSXSSXPPZ GAMBLE his fate i* lady luckl SATURDAY OH! SUSANNA Rod Cameron SAT. OWL SHOW "INVASION U.S.A." Peggy Caslle Gcrnld Mohr JOHN McMTK-PMl CWAMAGH KO ADVANCE IN ADMISSIONI Children 15c Adults 40e Shows Sunday at: 2-4-6-8-10 World Premiere of This Picture Was Wednesday/ SUNDAY & MOiVDAY "MONKEY BUSINESS" Cnry Grant — Ginger Rogers TUESDAY "PAROLE" All Star Cast Forget Washday Drudgery,, Send Us Your Laundry! LAUNDRY - CLEANERS RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY "REDWOOD FOREST TRAIL" Rex Allen 'lus "LiltJe Rascals" Comedy Weekdays 7 -.00 Sat. Sun 1 :00 Always a Double Feature SAT. OWL SHOW 'TROMBA, THE TIGER MAN" SUN.-MON.-TUES. -K An His GREAT lor AND An Kis Got DARNED GREATNESS! db, «<0 RADIO riC 2 CARTOONS SERIAL: Overland Mail — Kit Carson SAT. OWL SHOW Plus Cartoon Roar of Iron Horse Serial SUN-MON 'Double Feature —Plus— "DALLAS" Starring Gary Cooper & Ruth Roman In Technicolor Also Cartoon For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy GroeerU* We Deliver Call In 2043 -Come In 1044 Chick.

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