The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTIIKVILLE COURIEH NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 19-15 l/i'ijWg-',', MiIdr^Burke Wins Mat Bout ,, Women's Chomp Beats • Nell Stewart; By id Overpowers Bennett : As far as Nell 'Stewart and 'some i3W excited local mnt tans are concerned, Mildred Burko Is entitled to her claim to the woman's wrestling championship of the world. As a packed house looked on In amazement Miss Burke successfully defended her laurels nnd protected her undefeated record by blasting Miss Stewart in straight falls as a Jeaturc of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling show Monday night FloJfr'lByrd joined the champion In the victory brigade with a well carried 2-1 decision over: George (The Biter) Bennett In the finale. Despite R gallant, hcart-breaklnp try, Miss Stewart didn't stand mucl of a chance against, the bcautlfn ring queen. She gave everything she had in an effort to snnp the un broken string of successes enjoyec by the champion but just dldn' have enough to offset the suiicrio generalship'and skill that has car rlcd Miss Burke'to the top of Ih ladder and enabled her to remal there for almost a'decado. 'Criariipton Traps Foe Miss Burke took the Orst fall in . exactly 10 minutes. It was pretty rough going diiring those minutes. Yes, there was hair pulling, lots of it. And more, they bit each other. They threw punches with' reckless abandon, exhibiting many of- the tricks and stunts common to the men a la Bill Canny and Red -Roberta: ' l DOPE BUCKET BY J. F. FBIIND SENDS COXnOI.UNCES "Kipper" walker, Carl appeared to \ received a very, very sad letter have the makings of one of the Ills week. ... It was from Mas- real truly great backs. nut cr Scrgt. Carl Hughes, stationed football \vas Just not cut out for n England with the 333rd Sin, him, apparently. . . . He tried and Comp. S<|. IIF (Al'O 035 '.', I'M, tried Imi'd to come through. JVC) . . . Evidently, Carl, hnd Possibly he tried to hard, list received news of Ihe deaths At nny rate, he never reached the of Capt. Ciih'ln (Hickory Nut Head) i expectations of the coaches am Moody and Tech. Sergt. James fans. (Babs) Roberts, the former Hlythc- /Ille High school foolball slurs who .ost their lives In service accidents inly a week apart. . . . Not nc- luainted with their respective families, Carl asked me to convey Ills leepest sympathy and sincere ?ret. "Blytheville's loss is Immcnsur- ible In the deaths of "Babs" and "Hickory Nut Head", he writes. . . . "No city anywhere coul[] have bad two men oi higher calibre. "Both of them are gone forever, but never will they be forgotten. "It is most-difficult to put in my id that ole "Habs" and "Hick' gone. It is ci'rlalnly n shock to Of all the boys that Blythevillc. 1 jh school has ever boasted In oolball none showed more prom- tlinn did Carl. . . . lilg. fast, II bi;>i;. along the lines of liyran But In basketball, well that's n far different story to tell. . . . He hnd everything there nnd how he did shine on the maple floor! ... In my book he rates one of the greatest cage prcppcrs I ever mw. Too bad he did- re- n't have the football foundation, as well. . . . His Master Sergeant rating Indicates he is doing all right in tlie army, doesn't it? The'" Infantile .Paralysis Fund Is $66.31!. richer, thanks to tlie generosity of'the'fans.who showered the ring with coins, urged oh by Tom -F. (Doc) Dean,, master of ceremonies, who again used his gift of' gab 'for the Junior Chamber of Commerce which is assisting In this.worthy drive. Tlie title'holder was forced, to ca on her experience to gain the uppe -hand with the redhnired mean who was on to the tactics employe by the villains. Caught in tlie thro of an airplane splii Miss Burke ma rieuvered her body, to check the wh in the middle'and'get set for tl fall. When she came "down-tlie tra was sprung arid-Miss Stewart w caught with a neatly executed bod pin. . - ; - .- • -,. Takes No. Z Matching.blow for blow with t tiring challenger who vainly-wo out herself in ,the initial fall, M Burke needed: only six minutes make it twb'in'a rowV.Shc turned dangerous'crab'hold "attempt into ao'ubje jack knife which pinned M Stewart so securely/ that Refei Meroney could have lolled off a hi dred,'instead of only three.' i The Byrd-Bennett battle ran t to.expectations. Billed as a proba battle to the : finish "between evenly matched toughies' II pro ,t that with the niRued Byrrt tak- j advantage of a lapse to take e third and deciding fall. The mutch was lied at- a fal iece and lhe clock was ticking oi minutes towards the hour and i alt lime'limit.. With both glnnt owing no signs of weakening mi er the sledge hammer Ijetittn .ilch they unleashed, there wci clinlte signs that the affair woul ic caught by the timer. Finish Comes Suddenly Then it happened, ns rjuicrk as ash and like a boll from the bin Coming qir the ropes with the spec nd agility of an enraged wildca Byrd Ihrcw a punch from the Hoc t landed Hush on Bennett's unpr ccled chin. He was knocked colder! iian un Eskimo .sentry, an easy nark for the body pin. The boys dispensed with all for- nality and went righl lo work on ach other at the outset. Bennett ook the first fall in 2-1 minutes after a bitter fight that featured evcry- hing from biting to slugging with »th playing lop roles. A scries of Irish whips softened Byrd and set lim up for tilt 1 body pin. The second fall was even rougher and tougher than the first wilh Bennett at his biting besl. George effectively used his choppers lo put Byrd to rout. Even Meroney came In for a sample of the bridgework offense and he didn't enjoy it any better than- did Byrd. tint Flqyc eventually caught up with Geoi-g and forced him to surrender will a painful surfboard, preceded by urn strangles. UERI'CCTS INFANTRY "How about putting a plug In our column for the United Slates nny Infantry?" writes Corp. John . McOlll direct from the Pacific ol spot—the Philippines. . . . Af- er all. they've fought the war all ver the world and In the SWPII e.sides, and have done a good Job f It. . . . My outfit (the 8lh 'holo Recoil Sqdn. APO 72, % PM Frisco) came into the Philippines few dnys behind the Invasion and , was a bit rough for a while, icfore 1 ever came up here I haa lot. of respect for Hie Marine; iml Infantry. . . . Now f bav helluva lot of respect for them . . PLENTY nUSY—Tn the hits tic and bustle of this war buslnes overseas Staff Sergt. Lee S. Dun can pens that he has found liltl .line lo play ball in England wit his 435th Fighter St]d., 419th Fight er Group (APO 558, %PM, NYC but recalls with fond incmorie those great" in'tile ell .Softball league nnd looks fonvar (o the time when he and the're. of tlie gang can come back ai lake up where thcv left off. . . Louis Not Sure About Retiring But He's Sure That He Wants To Fight Billy Conn Again OTTAWA, Canada., Jan. 20 (UP) —The toys who like to pick professional boxers apart have finally located a flaw In the champion of them all, the Brown Dombcr, Sergt. Joe Louis. Several weeks back the heavyweight king Innocently rcmarkct lhat lie would like to fight Bill) Conn one more time and then, wli or lose, retire from the ring. Pinned down by a circle of spor hounds, the chump insists ihn what he meant didn't exactly coin clde wltli what he had said. He'd like to fight Conn, the cur) haired Pittsburgh boy who gave hin one of Ills greatest title fights, In for the part about retiring, wel lot of things could happen tha ould make him change his mind Louis didn't mention specifica lhe "things" he was rcfcrrit o, but It could be a matter of bat I lo fight to get the decision over the stubborn, hard-working engineers of (icorgla Tech. Tlie stars of Die game were Jack Think', veteran Kentucky forward, and Uick Collier, second high scorer on the Yellow Jackets last season, who ]>ut on a regular 'scoring duel. Tingle swished the net (or 21 wlnts. while collier transfixed Hie loop for 18 markers. Records Give Arkansas Edge Over Rice Owls "We over here In lhe ETC hnven' had much time to piny bnll. bi when I come lioinc I will sltirt another "Oltl Man's" team nnd ho] to be nljle to gel some of the bo I hnd before. ... We had n .swc binicli. . . . Pliiyccl under tlie name FAVKTTEVILLE, Ark., Jan. 24 UP>—Those fellows who believe i ccords and such give Arkansas a over Rice for the comliiB week nil basketball scries at Houstoi 'exas. with the Southwest Confci nee championship J the chief pri/x? Bui the saner observers are toss ng the record books out of the wii ow and nipping coins In an cffo o pick llic winner. For the benefit of who lie levc llial past performance!) mig lave something lo do with plekii his week-end's winner it might nteresting to note that the Arkan>ns have scored 299 points iirfour onfcrcncc games this season. And Ulce Owls have tftllicd only 241 What's more, the Knwir- »cks have a 74 and 38 game point verage for ollense and defense, espectivcly. The Owls have a CO and B point game average tor offense ml defense. So, looking at Ihose igurcs, the Ranorbacks should down he Owls. , And If lhat Isn't enough, here's •mother Interesting note: Rice lost to the Oklahoma Aggies 42 to 28 In the second round of the Oklahoma City All-College Tour lament. The naowbacks then lus to the Aggies 43 to 34 In the finals 3olh teat Oklahoma University- Arkansas by 54 to 51 and Rico by 4 to 28. But, that Rice setback wa lhe only setback suffered by 111 Owls in 13 starts this year. Arkan sus has dropped five of their 1 games. If you're confused, you aren't 1 yourself. It's 10 to one In anyliodj book that neither Coach Gene Lan bert of Arkansas nor Coach Joe Da vis of Rice will make a guess as the outcome of the week-end serle Road Courier News Want Ads. 3aird To Serve As President "or Travelers LITTLE liOCK, Jan. 24 (U.I 1 .) — Little Rock, advertising exfcu- ive, Joiin P. Baird, lias been elcel- (I president, of the Lillle Rock Jascball Company. Haird was elected to succeed Hoy . Thompson, who resigned, at a neetlng of the board of directors •md stockholders at Little Rock, •csterday. Willis Hudlin. Travels illcher-i'.'iach niul part owner, was elected vice president. Tlic VVi EVANSVILLE, "Ihfl. (UP) — The'l strength of Popeye the Sailor's ach was proven when grocer Arthur II. Lillieiikamp used a can 1 ' of spinach to thwart a would-be | 'obber. A customer entered the : store and ordered a cocoanut, tomato juice and then spinach. As Lillienknmp turned to get the spinach, the "customer" drew out a lead pipe, lilt him on the head and told him to stay down. But tin- grocer dazedly reached for the can | of spinach and knocked the robber out, Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than llridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 091 Osceola, Ark. ncomc (axes that the Brown Bon )er will have to make goo ( i on sheds his Army uniform. The news boys gathered in bo f champion Joe'"- statements, shu led them around a bit, and tlir merged with the opinion UmlLot ould change his mind faster th ic could floor opponents. The situation has the duratl icnvywcight king a little grogs, nil lie sticks by ins guns In nai ng Conn as the imin he wants to nccl most of all. Says Louis: "Conn gnve me one of my toughest fighis. lie Is n good boxer au ( | plenty fast. lie deserves another chance." The champ declined to venture an opinion on the outcome of the much talked about post-war "fight of the century." Meanwhile, In London, England, Conn slated that arrangement!! are already underway for his title shot at, the champ. Conn says. "I'll not, only lake Louts' title but I will give him a good licking." . Joe has refused to comment on this remark. He talked once, ant: look at all the hot water ho got into. Coal Co., if you will We also did some Surely inks all the of Tninlhiim recall. . . bowling. hlngs we did before the war. . . . :Mit someday and soon, I hope, this bins will be over. OUT SECOND TEST Many of the Blylheville boys who already had been returned to lhe Stales after a tour overseas are buck on foreign soil. Among thai long list arc Staff Sergt. Hugh Harbert, who Ls believed somewhere in cither Scotland or England; EMERGEN Sergt. Hunter (Dick) Burns, somewhere in France, (Co. G. 4th Plat. Inf.'APO 15004,TfM/NYC) andSc'rgt. nick Hiiney, in (the Pacific, (1943rd Eng. Ser. Del, APO 18120, •/„ PM, I'l-iscot ... Hugh served in the Middle East for almost three years. . . . Sergt. Burns with Co. M in the Aleutians for about the same length of service. . . . Sergt, Haney toughest of the going ftvy; Dipt. h»» called upon Arkansas people to ionitruct th« mo»t important United Stales . . . NAVALORDNANC PLANT •-•':'. " '.'':• AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of. newly developed and very essential weapon of World War 2 ... "ROCK TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! LABOR Enroll NOW! was In • Hie n Ilaly. . . . PROMOTEI>-Ifs Mill. (Jgi Victor Ivy now. . . . 'Hie only son of Snpt. Thomas R. Ivy and former softball pitching ace not only received an advnricc- I mcnt wilh the Navy but was rliatrgcd from Philadelphia to Port IiieiK'ine. calif. . . . He ha.v his yes fixed on the deep blue of the 'acific and hopes it won't be long »«'. ... He is attached to the 'oil Directors Organization at lucncme. . . . FUTURE CHICKS —P. T. Hancy. 'one of the toughest ttle guards ever to grace Chicks«iv football livery, writes from 'anama where he Is stationed with lie Navy (USN Net Depot-Navy 21 "r FPO. NYC) lo watch for wo more Haneys—his sons—in 1056 1057. . . . "They are growing '. . . . 1 want, one to be a full>:>ck and Ihe other a halfback. . . . Their names are Hilly and Buddy. . . . Noticed in one of the Couriers where some of the 10H Chicks were telling of some of their hard games. • J- I 1 ., do you remember (of course 1 know you do) the game we played against North Little Hock in 19M? ... i believe that was one of the roughest-toughest games I ever played in. . . . We tied them. li-G. I believe. . . . Our teams WOT evenly matched. . . . That was the only game I was ever hnr! in. ... A fellow by the name of Duckworth and 1 tangled in tlie 4th quarter. . . . And we were so shaken up that both had lo lie taken out of the game. . . . Drm WarritiRton and Bill Godwin iiM'd lo touch at me about It. . . I didn't sec a thing funny about Wildcats Edge Georgia Tech, Score 64 to 58 1!) United I'rcss As predicted by those in-lhe- know, the basketball game between the Rntnblin* Wrecks from Georgia Tech and the rar-iamcd University : of Kentucky Wildcats was a rill-snorting fire-breather Hint kept the 2000-and-mqre fans on , tile edge of the bleachers right up to Ihe final gun. The final score was G4-to-58. But It docs iiol really portray the contest, which sec-sawed back and forth. Kentucky's 40 to 33 score at half-time was about, the largest margin either team enjoyed. Aod at. one time, In the ilrsl half, Tech was otit in front by five points. But in between these spurts.vthc score WHS lied eight times audUhe lead change^ hands four times; Aiid the' Wildcats, considered one of tlie_ nation's top cage squads, really had" Poor Digestion? Sfli Headachy? aa SpurorUpset?:£]a Tired-Listless? a a Do you feel headachy and upset due to poorly digested food? To led cheerful and happy again your food must ba digested properly. 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MEMPHIS SINCE 1927 fL RELIEVE SORETHROAT duntoa cold... let alittlc time-tested VapoRub melt +f*f*t£C. in your mouth m* | \f V\ ^9 ... works find W VAPORU8 B. J. ALLEN Pkwe 2115 — Afenf — Hytfcenlle, Ark. R1TZI THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Bt»rii i at 7:3«. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Orwns 1 Show Start* 1:15 WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB t /. i. > '' * ' Tims and half for overtime. Food and lodg- f ^' r ing available on the job for workers at $1.00 : c"ci P«r day. Excellent working conditions . . . r i Help build thi* plant so vitally needed by our fighting force i. ' Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation > Furnished at Every • UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT S OFFICE IN ARKANSAS Vote Not Likely On Successor To Land is Feb. 3rd CHICAGO. Jan. 24. (UPl—It appears that appointment of a MIC- rosor to lhe late Judge Lnndis will have to wait awhilo. The American League, through its president. Will Harridgc, has Intl- itiaicd that it will not vote for a hifih commissioner al tlie mnjor Ifagup meeting in New York Feb. 3. Harridgc says there arc several reasons why his loop is holding hack " i naniini! n new baseball czar. I-'irst of all. the loop proxy says, We ot the American League want o sec what type of agreement has >ern drawn up to replace the old uajor league agreement." • yw an,B*w •ai*c*4 b M Men under 21 mutt li.ivt mtnor't ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! Todo marcha perfectatnente... Have a Coke (EVERYTHING'S COIN'O.K.) Last Time Today "DARK MOUNTAIN" with Robert Lowcry and Ellen I)rew RKO NEWS and SELECTED SHORT SUBJECT Thursday and Friday "HOLD BACK THE DAWN" wilh Charles lioyer, 1'aulclte (iod d:nd. Olivia Dcllaviland PARAMOUNT NEWS * COMEIH I Cage Tourney Date Set NEW YORK. Jan. 24. (UP)—The National Invitation Basketball Tournament will open in Madison Square Garden, New York, on March 17th. The eighth annual invitation tourney will run until March 25th, along wilh the National Collegiate Athletic ftssoclnl.lou Tournament. ,,. or enjoying a friendly pause in Mexico In the famed Xodrimilco gardens near Mexico City, the pause that njrcsbes with ice-cold Coca-Cola is an old established custom. When the visiting Yank says, Have « Coke, he's welcomed as a good neighbor, by new friends, young or old. Across the, border, as in your own living room, Coca-Cola stands for z refreshing interlude, a symbol of good \yill wherever it is served. »OTmt> UNDER AU1HOSUV Of THt COCA-COIA COMPMU' BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE . Coke= Coca-Cola It's nniurnl for popular n.imcs to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's wliy you hear Coca-Cola called Coke; CHICKASAWl West Main Near 21st St. at. slnrls 12:45; Sun. slaris 1:45| Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Conlinuous shows Sat. and So; Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "LUCKY JORDAN" willi Alan l.add ami "SWEATER GIRL' with Kddic Bracken New Theatei Manila's Finest What have you done today thai some mother's son should die fo| you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS- Wedncsday & Thursday "LAURA" with Gene Ticrney and Andrews Fox Xeivs & Short

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