The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST, 7, 1936 Spoilsmen Welcome Move Liberal Regulations on Game Fish. Jack Dempsey, Restauranteur, Was Hungry Once on Broadway ELYTHEViLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Tills is the first at a serks of peiruna) articles by twelve Howes, Including M a j o r Marc Connelly, Kate Smith and others. BY JACK DEMPSEY j NEW YORK. — H was Iwenly- MEMPH1S, Tcnn, (UP)—Sports- odd hectic years ayo that I first i ten are repairing their rods, reelaj eame to New York, accompanied 'HI nuns In Joyful nntlclpalloii] by Jack Price, n couple of worn I I happy hunting grounds in Ar- j suit-cases nnd live bucks, "lisas since tlie fish and gam?, We landed, two forlorn but, ommlssion of (hat slate lias re-; hopeful figures, in Grand Central' Ifi'cl ilsh and game laws. j Station, and ankled over to fifth' "lie new edicts removed all Avenue. Here n hansom cab drew' <-d seasons on crnpplc nnd! up to the curb and the driver mi and raised the limits on hailed us, thinking we were u wine fish taken In Arkansas! fare. But Price didn't understand val er.s. I tills; he thought the driver knew Fishermen may now catch 15 him and, dropping the suitcase 'apple, 25 bream and 15 bass n llc was carrying, he plunged forks', or they may bring back nn ward and made a grab for the 'sortment of 40 game ash for cabby's hand to shake It. we day's cateli. | The cabby asked him what the lilack bass, large or small mouth, *>\g idea was, nnd Price replied iay not be possessed or retained "'at he thought. Hie driver knew from March 1 lo May 15, inclu- live. Unss must be 10 Inches or more In length. Grapple, while you!" shouted Iho cab•~.i. ... ,^,, b *... u... k / i j,^ J VMIIH; man. "Why, you hayseed, nobody crch, calico or striped bass must knows yon!" e six inches or more In lenglli. I That wasn't so encouraging, and we went on our way. Across from the Iflppodrome, we found dinky sort of place where we Pish must be measured from nose- .lp to lail-llp. It the angler has a yen for goggle-eye and sun perch, he may :a(ch 25 a day; trout pike or jack salmon has a limit of six a day. In the last 15 worths, the game -BminKslon had rcdfced limits to nich an extent that many anglers Id nol feel it was worth the ime and expense to go fishing in Arkansas. Grapple limits, for ex- iniple. have been 10. Under the revised laws, the deer season opens the second Monday n November, closing the follow- ng Saturday, and opens again December 20, closing January l. limit for the Wild turkeys may be hunted the same dates as deer :uid from April 1 to 30, inclusive. Two gob- olers is Hie season limit. Twelve birds per day is the bag limit on liiail. which may be hunted from December 1 to January 31, In- ;lusive. / . ' j ' «•; Squirrel season is from Kay 15 •o June 15, inclusive, jnd Oct. 1 :o Jan. 1, inclusive, with n bag limit of eight per day. rwo bucks is the ieason. nail Wins Over Truck IjACOLLE, Que. (UP)—A HOl- tcin bull engaged a five-ton truck in combat on a highway 'nere ami won. The bull was being driven -vitli several cows when it sighted 1 crimson truck and charged hentl- m, sending it into a ditch. river and a passenger were inured and the truck damaged, but :lie bull escaped unscathed. a hired a little room. Every time I'd go out -on the street, I used to llattcn my nose against the windows of the restaurants where food was displayed, and my mouth would water like 11 garden hose In action. Straps of Food 1 managed to start training at prosperous Broad- Billy Ghrop's gymnasium. Tom I w *y buslrtoss McArdle was making matches tor Billy Gibson's Fairmont A. C., and he told me he thought I'd make a pretty good fighter if I stnck at it long enough. 1 managed to get matched with one Andre Anderson, next with. Wild Bert Kenny, thea I fought. John Lester Johnson at the Harlem Sporting Club. In that fight Johnson busted three of my ribs, and it was pretty tougli going' through the last few rounds. U wa.5 after this fight that I s»p- llie always h u n t r j Jack Dempsev Famous and Pastime Castoff Goiiig Strong With V-8's. BY J. I 1 . P1UKND On the basis of cold fuels and figures, it auccars as if Messers. II Joseph I'etorpljier Applcbnum, hlsh n mcqu! of the rumens store, and Wllloiighby Hemphill "Tiny" mover, pilot of the Pastime Ull- llard Parlor, mlsht have pulled a "skull" In ^radically jlvlns! nwny one Mr. James Smothennnn, ro- •'""' right Imnd pitcher of the pirani heavy weight tide, and today's man (above). ya stuck t' me you'd be wearin' (ii-mons? Lookit THAT!" Kayoeil by SUrefrifhit Well, It came our turn, and Kearns walked out onto the stage. "Ladeez gentlemen," said, "I am about to introduce the comin' heavyweight champcen of the world . . . Jack Danpsey!" Somebody gave me a shove nnd I found myself out on the stage. Kearns danced off, and I was left was with me . and so was my went back to the folks in Salt' " lcre - I tried to talk 'but could- l<ake City, and the next time I n>t make a sound. Just stood came to New York Jack Kearns tllere - They gave me a good hand, and then settled itowii to wait to hear what I had to say. The spotlight was put on me, and that, made it worse. Finally, when they realized I was struck dumb, they began to laugh, then perennial hunger. Hungering for Fame I liked the quiet of Riverside Drive in those days, and I recall wondering where the Post Office was, and being ashamed to ask for fear people would think I was a hick. Of course, when I say Riverside Drive, I mean the side where they have the park benches, not the side where the houses are. I confined myself to the bench side. with programs, out and yanked showered me 'Someone came „..„ .,„....,, me off the stage amid laughter. I wus so mortified that I broke away and started to run. I wanted to get far away. Tlin path I took led through 4)10 barroom that was attached to the theater, locked. I tugged at the knob, and the bartender came from behind the bar to open the door for me. Just then In walked two old Irish men who must have been stage hands. They leaned on the bar, and.'I heard one of them saying: "Be don-all. I've seeh Sulllvai and I've seen Corbett, and I've seen nil the rest of" thlm, but If this sonuvugun Dempsey can Iver become -11 champecn. I can make a watch I" That rang In my cars for a long time thereafter, and of evenings when I'd again flatten my nose against restaurant windows Mile: with food, I mmlc up my mind that if ever 1 got any dough I'd get In n business where I'd always have plenty to cat. Thai's why I have my own reslaurun now. It mnkes a big difference . . In the old days I suffered an appetite; today I enjoy one! NEXT: Benny Fields, the Ma Who fame Back. WE HANDLE THE HES'l MEATS OBTAINABLE We Guarantee Satisfaction. One Trial will. 'Convince You FREE DELIVERY CALL 67,'! PICKARD'S GROCERY IW4 Chlckasawba , . - - I' Tllc s| eddlng was pretty tough | lj>lt il 1)eill B Sunday, the door was If a.' picture. . turns oinXjiadly, Then one 'day Kearns - "• ' ~ — ' iroinm solves the problem by eat-' ng it. Baseball Results me and asked: to to make fifty I coun- Southcrn League Night games: Birmingham •), Memphis 0. Little Rock 3, New Orleans 2. Chattanooga 7, Atlanta ?. Only games scheduled. National League St. Louis 3, Chicago 2 lings. Boston at New York, ;rmmcls. Brooklyn ' at Philadelphia, ; rounds. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, rain. (11 ill wet wet American Ix-a^iie Chicago D-4. St. Louis 6-1. Detroit 0, Cleveland 0. Priladelphla at Washington, rain New York at Boston, rain. Arkansas League Jonesboro 9, Batesville 7. Newport 5, Osccola 1. Caruthersviltc 9, Paragoulil 4. "How'd ya like bucks?" "Who do I hnfta kill? ' tered. ! "You don't hafla kill no one" replied Kearns. "There's a thciuei down on the Bowery where they run what they call ''Sunday concerts' and they pay celebrities fifty bucks for appearing on the stage and sayin' a few words. Well, you're matched to fight Jess Willard, and for the championship, and that makes ya a celebrity." We lost no time in letting the theater know we'd be there. The I following Sunday we rode a street I car within a couple of blocks of the theater, then got off and walked, because we didn't want to let people know we didn't have dough for a cab. As we approached, I saw my name on the marquee of the theater "Jack It reatl. ... , , Then Kearns saw it, and swat- ing me on the back, and pointing to the marquee, he yelled- "Lookit that! Didn't I tell ya if Dempsey IN PERSON," There are 15,800 Banks —composing the present American banking structure. T HKY arc neighborly banks—their interests and their activities are based on those of the citizens of their Community. They have intimate, first-hand knowledge of IOCH! affairs, arc responsive to local financial needs and are diligent to aid in maintaining soiind local business conditions. In addition to this local touch which is characteristic of American banking these 15,800 banks are bound together by many ties of common practices and voluntary working relationships and associations. Through these means they interchange information and experiences that promote and broaden scientific banking progress and render service reaching beyond their own localities. This bank participates fully in H 1e field of inter-bank co-operation. Deposits Insured By The Federal Deposit Insurance* Corporation Washington, D. C. 55,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Jttylhevillc, Ark. ORANGE, ••-BO PROOF MINT, ••:•••-75 PROOF LEMON,- •••• -80 PROOF PINEAPPLE,-- -80 PROOF INVIGORATING . . REFRESHING .PREPARED BY ARROW DISTILLERIES, INC. PEORiA," ILL. DISTRIBUTED BV F. STRAUSS & SON, Inc. _^ . Little Rock, Ark. Bakery Specials ALL DAY - - FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY Baltimore Dip Cake, each 19c Walnut Bars, doz. 9c Large Mince Pies, each 14c Individual Pecan Rolls, each 2c Parkerhouse Rolls, doz. 8c Special for Butcreg Hour, 5 to 6 p. m. only, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Hot Donvits, Hoz He Hot Cinnamon Rolls, doz :. g c Large Jelly Rolls, each 6c Honey Pineapple Rolls, doz JQ C Walnut Wafers, doz 3 C Hot Plain Rolk, doz 5 C Special Altcnllon Given All Special Orders Blytheville Baking Co. VUAVV 11* ' *^ PHONG lit ^ Motor company Softball averages of the Coin- Softball league reveal since Joining the V-8s, notheiman has won seven while ""l>liiB n pair, with n club (hut it's (list six starts, for an 151' of .778. twenty-eight nits belter than Dan witrrliig- Pcisllme ace, and more than percentage points better than record of John Holland. l-':i- loiis standby, included are vlc- rlcs over McMuItln, Hoblnso:i ul Pnsllino In n low, Nol only ml. but he is iiltlltijt better lan .300. Not I, bud iwoixl for I'lisloll, eh? Emolheiiium will be Kiimiliuj for his I'lgiuh of the year when ho faces IMIIIIOUS store, his lust. c|.b tmi-vi-iioW More Joining tlie Motorists, in Uu> second game 01' n twin bill tonight at Haley Field. Pastime Dllllnrd parlor, out In frcnl by one-half u unnie over lievrok't Motor company, foim- 'rly Dotlnson Urug, takes on n irmkhible lav, too. iti McMullln-s dropplu losl avc pel Icn 2CO Hie n to in Oi Cl PAGE THftTCH Cosh eroccry, (o sort the i>vei>- Inj's eiiternitninciH oir, lieijln- nins ut. U p. M. I Tlie cue nrllsts eki'd out n B-5 gnmo from the Oroceis In I tlielr clnrili, iinil dtipllcnlcil! Hie trick, only by n 8-j lm ,r e hi, seven weeks later, 'fills will me rubber ijaine. Pinnons nnd 1'lillllps hnvo cn gaijod In two battosls. Uiu^r Hie colors of Hie l.ious olul). (h e now I'lillllps uroup were oulslu SBW |. 20-11, when they llrsl collided. Jimmy Sinolherman wus trcutcd luiKlily In (ho Hist Inning of tlie second meottiiK. and Famous was netiln the victor, 15-0. Holland was the winner In both instances, LA JOLbA, Cal. i.yp) _ c!Uy nlred lite guards, accused of sjiemlliiK most of their time "loaf- Ing and poslJig," have been ordered to keep their reactive stretches of beach clean of seaweed mid oUi- cr liner. HARVEY G. COMBS FOIt Lieutenant-Governor Skunk llrromrii Mascot I.OS OATOS. Cal. iui>> - The Alma fire suppression rangers have adopted a skunk us a mascot As a consequence they have been able to nsoerlaln Hint n skunk loves liver nml apples an,| sleeps as i>cnca- fully n a roll of scecn wire as In a miliuw log. MORETHANAMILUON BOTTLES SHIPPED IN 30 DAYS 7&WN TAVERN Straight • ' Sensulioniil (Icinaiid luis {irovcil conclusively to Nntiomil Dislillerfl thai llie pnhlic i/ocs appreciate n whiskey of this uye ul this low price. If you Imv« yet to Iry lhi§ older, '{teller Tuvii Tuvcrn, ilcrn'l hesilnlc another minule! Try it toilayl 93 PROOF-STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY s f tncteaterffo 15 MONTHS SMOOTHER BETTER AN OPEN LETTER TO BOB BAILEY .-rl llnlli-r, M> "».•'«!• V 'niil'.i1' '"* Vim l.nvi' •.•in inn n rirtiibr wliMi "" ""l/Tl '" ) "",""' '. "'" " r i i, , , f ""' ' Ult ' •>' ml>«lill II) Irlu i!,, r III I "''',',' "''' ' '"''> "'»' I IIW n null nmlnsl n Ukiii* , i, v |MT"''|*!""| '\ "'"" " ' " n '" r l|nv.. ,li,,iv,, )„„ ,|, „ j | ,,|° rl "[||,| '„ •'•> wiui ihc. mi,,,. ,,r »„ i, » „ fc ><«i inhl II in 1 n < n , nl. r .,r '•"! noni. (,„», i..,",, ;,",;; r ,;", ,, . , , r n * r "« ll{ I M.Vn M i '' '" lliKll V,r, , 11 ". . '« i" 11 ' 11 N*r(U rhnrt,i II, a 1 „,„ , M,, k „, <»n»si. u r n, „„>!, ,„ „, h,r,,tn, I U,,. n,,,,, I,,!], stn[ , {lll , , ' ....... !• i" IM, „„ i, „,„ ,,,' , ,"7 'l'«l ......... Iru, I , , / ' i,,,, ,in ,,irrj ]!„!, ,,,„ ,, ,, l«r fan, ],,j,i,, i ,,„ | ,„ u . In liiiltMilT.t II,,., ,„,„,,„] i. tu, i ,„„ unni „,/;;"„" n. 1 ],, V „ , nr ,| , mi'nt.i Ifu 1 >i>u It. ^inrllillj Harvey G. Combs CANDIDATE FOH Lieutenant-Governor Vnur Vole li Karmistly Solicited TOM TBKRAI, WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR ME FOR GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS " Lnst Sunday the politicians held n meeting ill Little Rock for the sole purpose of handpicking a. candidate for Governor nnd in turn jam him down the throats of the People. I have steered clear of any alliance that would strangle my efforts as Governor to give Arkansas clean, economical, efficient government. Ed McDonald nnd Cnrl Bailey are content to throw mud at each other. Each says the oilier would make a rotten governor. Personally I believe both of them are right. While they are throwing mud I am trying to Interest the people in my program for a greater and belter Arkansas—a st.ile of greater opportunities for you and your children—for the average man and woman. I will be your governor—not the governor ol ft political clique out to capitalize power to their-own ends, l.will be your governor • to carry out every pledge in my plalform. My opponents sling mud—but, I am not looking at. the mud. I am looking nt tlie stars— tile stars that point a great destiny for Arkansas. I am telling the folks about my program of free text books for the children; Improvement of Institutions which take care of the- poor, the sick and the hopeless; encouragement to organized Vxr; old age pensions; sane economical government. . People of Arkansas—the government of Arkansas is your government—only l( yon make, it your government. Are you willing to consign 11 away for two years to one of the political cliques headed by Car] Bailey or Ed McDonald or Bob Cook? Or are you going (o keep il for yourseU and your children by electing me as your Iruslee—lo represent yon and all ihe people of the slnte?.. Your Friend, TOM TERRAL Phillips in ikts many oils .. bul reserves the finest crude, the most pntisuking and costly refining processes, for just one lu- bricinc—Phillips 66 Moioc Oil, Naturally -NYC guarantee it to the limit .is "our very finest qu titty " 30(< a <|tiart in cans. In bulk, (! il quart.

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