The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 65 BEYTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS !«•• THX DOMINANT NEWBPAPEK W NOHTHEA 6T AHKANBA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Ely" 'lie D*lly News UlytlievUle Ocurter y f ..-' < Valley leader Blythertlle H«»1<S m.YTllRVlU.B. ARKANSAS, KK1DAY, JUNK 1, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KMS EXPENDITURES BY DEBTORS ' 5T[[L, TEM STRIKE STILL mm Johnson Tells Slecl Workers to Present Specific Complaints. WASHINGTON, June I. (UP1- The dove of peace hovered uncertainly over the ste?l avJ textile industries today as Recovery Admin- Isiartor Hugh S. Jo'r.nson, In word.", of challeiige. to!tl the slecl uuioiis he would go tlie limit v.-itli them "if they ijnt dov/n lo cases." Answering slrike threats from steel union leaders, Jo.'.nson infer- enlially warned them to chart r • careful course. He- told them, contrary to claim, that they ha-.l cited • no specific c!)=e wiiere th=lr col- ; lective bargaining deimimls were refused, and suggested, also inferentially. lhat a board to \\ekl opinions of cpposins unio]i faction? • mi^ri solve their troubles. The textile situation, made ominous by threat;iKd walkout o( 309,000 machine workers, remained unchanged. Johmou conferred with Tnonias F. McMahon. prebideut of t-e textile workers union, w'nu saicl the workers would leave their machines Momlay nnU«s the NRA ic- fcinds Us orders reducing machiir hours 25 por cent. On leavuig j-,hnson's office McMahon said anv statement would have to colne from tbe administrator. Meantime George A. Sloan, chalr- • man of the cotton textile code authority, conferred with Johnson. He . warned thai a texlile slrike would, destroy every benefit accruing to '\ the cotlon indnslry under : . NRA. Johnson said he had iio;5pecial plans for settling the steel .dispute. ;• fe does "not know whether members of^lhe^on., and^ gtel iiistituw ,-- 7.U1 .be.summoned--,13"the wh'.t: House, as reported, au-l li? d'nl'-' • be promised labor leaders ;-.c would reopen the steel code. He admitted a solution mWu I: sought alcng lines of the Detroit automotive workers settlement. Rumor of U. S. Buying Sends CoHoa Up $1.50 NEW ORI.KANS; June 1 (I.'l'i — :r:;:(j.i luturf.s ht.undrd loiv/jit- 1 LI ii-lnr :illil J half :i Lai.- !i-il.ii I! ilw l.ii:.iial usdiu; jesji." Hi-.- n«5 tin' KinjH'ish: "No Gentleman!'' 1 ii>fis '.waruieii Kilo Ihe inl on : lli:i 1:. the ;:ovi,:ini-l'.l ;.H '.'I--1 .1 m.iiln!!-:i- '..-SO.'.OO Lilies to l'i\-' r;,u n. tin- 1:1-1 cly :iiul ..»;)..''>• '.•.t}]k Itir 1 t'.xli'c mj!!-i wherr- •i.-ii'..! .M.PI..U. \-/:.ile tht^c- li-j:..l:, weix- ',•'. .i-:i..tjiud, ihev ... -• jLilf:L>. •; ic .- :i •• '.' bullrl. t. •.-',:•. 11.; ami I.L- i •.!•;«' :'i yoina MI -• ir.i-ly |:a-.- nu -.vliLlr- day .oir.;. i;;.x System lias Nol Kept Pace Wilh School Needs, She Declares. (HplMiKu-i v.'rr? pro vpnln^ in ibn nr.n'Lit 1 . int-n: otorLi'jc-s oi UK- sc)iuol at I he ciLy ai:<Hi- I-cr llic ijcli "vitali^uc!" coiv.- ain. ML;s Wililc Stock Prices MEW YORK, June 1 UJP) — .Slocks broke rather Easily icxho when the prolonged rise in grain suddenly came lo a halt. In !-M: tiailing wheat broke five U. si; irinls a bushel from the day': htelis ar.d closed olf 1-^ ceni H ir.ore than a LCIIL a biishe! Iro-- ihe previous close. . c tocks won oown wit it ;'i!d losri-s rnn"-:d tj than three points. A T. and T. 112 I- 1 Anaconda Copper 13 1- Ikthlchem Steel 30 1- Chrysler 38 I- Cilies Service ? 5- Coca Cola General American Tank 35 1- Gcneral mcclric General Motors in>ernai:ou:i! Haivc-ster Middlesve.M Cti'ilii's .. Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds T.xns Co U. t. Mei-l 19 330 30 33-1 23 3- 2U 73 718 17 IS 'JU 1-2 >) New York Cotton NEW YORK. June Cotton cltsed steady. opnn hig 1181 1 (UP) - :l.te]Ui?3l[ Of ^L-Hf.oX ]!OW Of KllLl' I-.r.ok, itelivirai her iceonci cun- :ii.uc. mem :itJilrL-ii> lo lijis ;,ic.u.p, is thi- was Ihe b|:;al:ir when ill- itnb:r:i v.-c-] - e yi lull.ak'tl horn imui liiih itliLol lour yiMrs u_u. Tlu-re uciu utro lalks iiii.hji 1 uf slLXIc'nts. hi -.iilnition ) Ihe a'.vaidiu^ of honors. i:it:c- ucucn of members by liyron lorsc, prcsiclcnl of Ihs c,ass, inui- CL»| aeleclions, and the i dijjloiuas. t MitcliHi JohiiR won/first lionors, liars, 1 Margaret fchaver- nml An . 'pini-tfina tltti- for-stconil l'."(l'Mi. c _s borrls-XJuii^hii "won luur- n honois. Uvion M^rbe i-c..-.,i,. lie fcciMKe U'Auru. M;£s! ir, .the Liijlith jucdal, Mtsj Jo Litlk>, Ihe Public Spea.-;- awar.-i, mid J.lltchrll Joniii, ilificaks for c-^callit]^ in til- hip, tcliocl ip and vervice \VCIL J iiwurciL-1 slud^'jls: .Mi.^:.-! J^ne Ko^ti- :<ir. i.i Hoiiglas. Mnriiirci Litlle. -Mm tin Ann Lyncli. liussell, liu/. Thninpcwi. Amu Mae Jones and Muhloii Mcllwaln, J]'.. lMttCIIL-11 /.Uilll.i. Liauiel Booiu', Robert bre Fisjiir. ion l.ciLti, N. i,. M(.']i.L]-il, u r.. 3'jen. Taider. LtUoy Browu, Du..^-.i Oaii.-it. w. 1'. FitzjLTuia. Jim Chisholm. John McDovv,!.. ia, U>ro;i Mur c. Jo:m i-.o.._n.i. M. F. Uroanl.-e. Jr.. 1.. L. Hab.l.. Gordon Hnmoy :nul Ijentlcy Cravv- lord, det-euwd. Miss Ln-.V£cn discuiscil reasons lor lack of money lo carry en '.clicols properly. She cil-.d (He .ni.'iT:!SiN;, pLip'^latioii. the incr^p.s- ing :uimbi-r of pupils alU-ndin; schools nml colleges and the t.v jjanci.iig i-irriculutn. She com- menlcd l''.U the tax .s>si('m Ims ;.ot impiviv.d as as Ihu- .'cliijo! 1 * :iml Him Hying to get moiioy n the ran has caus-'.t be remedied ^fotlcni children are toing Irain•il U Imvo indtvliiiial iiloas :uiJ o use what they learn instead o. ncmoriziii; what is in the te.\l ooks. Mia LawEon sa;d in uis- cussing (he Improvements consimu- ly being made in modern ."-duo I'ciupcrulurcs Above 100 Reported Today by Many Norllicrn Cities. CHICAGO. June 1 (Ul'l — A blistering heat wave brought ilciilh. staggering crop loss, and untold iiillering lo tuitions of iln.- mimlvivcbl today. In C'lic-iifO. where the mercury .stood ut 101 nl noon. Ihe BI.I.II market Uuiinc a maelstrom 01 ,i\ .U Li,.. •flu- >i..-.!k of 101 In Chk-ajo broke all lum records here 10i uiis lime- of year and recalled Ih n.aik of ICti set ycsterdv Hi £>'• Paul, an nil time iccoril. ! : il\ale lilimuL-.s showed t'.i lev,'..'-i L".;t crup since IDu7 an. 1 M;:;|-|.iy curtailed wheat crop. Ijili-r n the clay ill.- U:iii,j.i- ., ,1, .,jiica 6 o ro-c to '.yi. Ol.iei .1. :; lo.iiy Tit 1 ..: ..... IL2; Kf.ncihii, \Vis., 1011; Mad.'. n. Wif... ICO; iiavi-npon. lowi. iL.i. biirSiiig. 111.. "'3; Cleveland. .i~; Vi::ct lines, Ind.. 1Q1. Crops Look Good In Spite of Dry Spell No iippredable erop damage has been sustained In Uiis section so mr during the current dry spell corcijiig io ir.osl oescrv^rs. Corn in some places lias .started lo :ho\v shjhi signs oi distress tiu coni.nueo to apiK-ar to &OCK. auv.iuli ye utniK-n.: me Ucyinning to Ice. Ihc <.:H'c..s 01 lh_- hot and ra.n- ius; cuiv-ii. A rain wiH'.lti JO n-ay. would prevent' acute oislress, II i:. bt-lii.\ tu. Wcstbrook Will Visit Dyess Relief Colony LITI'MS KOCK. June 1. (UP) — Col. Uin-rrnci' Weslbiook. assistant nallomil relief director, will nllenJ LI euufeienee here ni'M Wedikixluy on ll:e Ark;ums rural rehLiblllla- lion pviiKram, II \v.\s in mini LI red today ill Hie iillli'i' of S'.-ilu Admlnls- lialor W- It. DJC-HS. W llu In Aif'.' Cotond West- buxik will Inspect Hie 20,000 ucn rehabilitation colony bi-ln^ e.slnb- llslwd In Mississippi enmity, nyes: and K'lijnr A. lloilson. usslslnnt ad- inlnlflrulor, will speml llic week end looklny ovcv the colony prcp.Uiilbry lo West brook's visit. S'a'emciit Full-ell's on Governoi Pro|»sal "1 counled up lo six nnd ihen shook my linger rlghl nntli'i tint ugly, red pug nose of-his." Tin- nuse .ckiTcd lo—and pitsenl us the er:cniinter was rl>ciiL;<i— lhat of Senator Ilucy P. Long, when, as tliown lell. Mrs. Ann E. Plcasiint of Slireve^nrt. La., told n sennte committee |»nclerins an Invcsllgalimi of the 10:(2 Loulsiuiin i.pniiior car.i::nlyn. of n spat she hnd with Ihe "Klneflsli." Dlspluyln;; uiuisunl coiiiiiinnd of his temper, llu^y. '.j tliown, right, in the Wnslilngton hearing 113 iic :ist£-ntd lo Mrs. Plcii'mil. wife of a (urmer governcr ot Louisiana, describe him us "no gentleman." Aloilu "Suicide Sitter" Afraid He Was Double, Crossed by I Alameda Police. Schools F.xpccled. LITI'LE rtOCK, June 1. IUP)— Whnt I'juchers and school official of the state U'.lnk of Oov. J. M. Fu tiell's |iroix»c<l conslltulloim nuuMidment lo Insure grade schoo education for all children Is ex peeled lo be learned here lomor row ut the annual meeting of Hi Arkansas Education council. W. E. Phlpps, state commission er of education, had no shilcmci lo make lodny reynrdiny Ihe governor's proposal, bul said the council probably would mnkc some public slntement tomorrow. • All county examiners, many au- pcriniondenls, and one of every 25 teachers who are members ot the council nrc eligible delegates to attend the meeting Governor Futrcll, In urging th' proposed amendment, said tne slat! was Interested principally In tht .'CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., June 1 development of citizenship. By In- IIPVi-iTiMu*! 'tnncVfl^l mifj 'OTniiw^ SI. P. EXPECTS EFFOpPftl Message Contains Hint Thai Obligations May Be Scaled Down. LONDON, June 1 (UP)'— Fresl- lenl Rcosevell's war debt 'message o congress aroused violent imllg- nition among high governmental ilflcliil; loduy, and the. United 'ic« learned the cabinet had d?- icled not to make even h token layiiu-iu. on June 15 unless such iiiymcnt specifically exonerates . Urlialn from the stigma of dc- '(lllll. WASHINGTON, June 1 (UP)— A warning to war debtors Uat the United Stutcs would be swayed In war debt problems by the extent to which debtors diverted [heir national resources to expenditure-. 1 ; on nnnnmcnts and other unproductive purposes was uttered today by President Roosevelt m a message to congress. Mr. Roosevelt's message did not recommend legislation. The message went lo capllol hill $17,000 In Bills Included in Loot of Pennsylvania Station Robbery. MmUts licKI np n-innll truck ilrlv- aL the Kendln^ station here loday and escujicd with three mnll touches, one of which container$17,000 in small bills. The holdup occurred the all school children he s" J t!io state can ilu Us greatest good. OAKLAND. Cal.. June 1 (DPI— Frrni: Eenii-tl, whu dei-ldcd lo blow him-splf up and lliui Ihuu^hl het:cr of II afl:~r clpbulin^ the issue wilh tin Alamcrtj poliiv lorce lor ill hours, was In Highland hospital for observation tu- <lay. 1 Bennett louOed his car with ! dynamite and nilro-glycemie. -.VLI-- cd (he rxploriics to U>o cwitciuu. and ihon pn-par.d to dli- sp, t- inciilnrly. Police discovered Iho mad scheme, persuaded him lo move his c.<r- load of death to a deserted sec- lion, and then sough tlo dissuade ilappicst of all spectators at the annual 500-mile nulo race at the him. The longer IIP less determined Bennett was to! driver. J. Hoy Slewail, was loading "- e wicks inlo his iruck. The bandits escaped In tin automoblli v.-lthout firing n shot. According to postal Inspectors, only one sack was registered mnll. The other s.ick.5 contained pack ayes &nd le'.tsij. Within two iv)Lrs after (lie robbery NorriKtown police found tlv r,n:! yioks in an abandoned auto- ncibilc. The mi.i'hes had been cul 7pcn npdTlllnd. II was believed Ihe bandits clanged cars nnd con- tliiiu-d their fllju. Postal Inspec- ifs d"nied n-|.ovls lhat the rcg- ••<• nil mall 000. ccnlalned S40.- blow himself up wife could collect, insurance iiolicy. "I gave up the so his invalid on his small idea when 1 Indianapolis speedway was Ihc mother of "Wild Bill" Cummlngs, Mnner of the motor classic. Shu Is shown nl left voicing her Joy could see my little girl in the crowd, crying and waving lo me." he lold the United Press. "Then there were the |>olic: no manner as years ni:o . " "•""• ' , ", .I a condition wlik-li ,m,,i ron !f s ° f a ^ T1 ! oy , ™\* rri ney d lake me lo ;i holel lo July Oct Dec Jan March May 2ft. New \'f\ nti 11C3 1174 1215 1179 1218 1188 1228 1193 1237 closed steady i low 11-10 1161 1173 1178 1187 1197 1223 al HSU. ni close lie. I 1!S7 urn 1204 Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June I (UP) — Cotlon closed steady. open high low elope July 1139 1177 1139 1166 Oct 1159 1199 1153 1185 Doc 1112 1210 1172 1197 Jan HDD 1193 1199 1201b March 11815 1202 11B6 iai'2b May 1193 — 1222b Spols closed steady at I17ii, up 3D. Universiiy Instructor Favored for Bar Office JKVP SPRINGS. Jill- 1 1UP> — -1cc:'!c Varn* ,>n. ins'iurtm- lie l':i:u.5;t/ cf Arkansas 1.... clio:l. was the out.sMn.-iim; candi- '. i .-;!. p lcr -' ;1 - v lo stccc.l Robjn E 01 i.itllv Hoc-: as vlce-ciir.iv- '' tV? Ar'-:n: :'as ix~r as cc..>V.-'i ey. acccrdiii.; to cuvcm I.'dulcd to t; c'-'.ne preside!!-. :i:crcrc'ir,7 Paul Jones of Texnr kiina. Lvnn lie-fleet Ion Hoscoe R lean up. but instead they took n jail. I am wond.rin' if llicy lie; in il when lliey said they vould get me n job. I bclicvcn he police bul no.v I am IcL-li;;? MUG again." list after Cummlngs. right, and his mechanic. Earl Eversaw, silting wilh him. had crossed Ihe finish line in Ihe lead. "Wild Bill." com- nig from behind after 425 miles cf the race, set a new record for the long grind, avrra^ing 10.-i.8G. 1 > miles an hour. Wilhelm Ibion Wins Veterans Leader Will Banners at Osceola Explain Bonus Outlook OSCEOLA. Ark.. June 1.--Seven- Leo Gainso of Little Rock, state ty-flvc members of the Connly Ban- coininandcr of the Veterans ot For- tlst Young Peoples Union met for eign Wars, will speak at the cltj the regular monthly rally at (he liall tomorrow night explaining the First Baotlst church in Osccob present status of the soldiers bonus lost night. and porspom for future Icglslatioi Chickens, Who Knew Voice, Solved Theit ST. CLA1RSVILLE. O. (UP)—A pair of "one-man chickens." who around the theme. "Christ Must knew their master's voice, solved j Reign In Our Friendships." The de- .1 scries of chicken thefls In which i votional service was led by Mrs. more than i.OOO fouls were stolen \ Leonard Pendcrgrast, friendship jeorge Harris, Former Resident Here, Is Dead The Wilhelm Union of Blythe- for benefit of war veterans, ville won both the attendance and Mr. Gnmso has recently returned the efficiency banners. T!:e program, presented by members of the Osceola Union.-was b-illt during Ihe past six months. | wilh t^e world was discussed by J. Authorities and owners prevl-'T. Driver, friendship with Chris nisiv had been unable to identity itbn people bv Cora Lee Turner Die birds. On a recent evening. 18 and the Rev. E. L. Co!c. pastor o! chickens were laken from Mr. ami Hie Oscrola church, talked on Mrs. William Daugherly and a friendship with God. short time later n similar number! The program was interspersed were sold to a Bethesda, O.. g:o- with music Including a vocal sob. I "I Found a Friend.' 1 by Miss Mll- ! I.iltlc Rocl: .is secretary- ccr. r-T-i-rn- na«. bell vcri ctnniii. I Kntcring the store. Daugherly] dred Cagle. Gov. j. M.. Kutrcil ond. Ally.I called "Napoleon" and a big red' -*tn. Hal L. Norwocd were amcng Ihe slalc officials al Icday's scs Wheat open high low ciuse July 103 1-4 106 1-2 101 1-4 101 3-4 Sep 104 107 1-2 101 1-2 10i 3-3 July Sept Chicago Corn open high low close 50 3-4 C4 1-2 58 3-4 58 3-4 Youth Seriously Hurt in Fall on Pitchfork "" rooster fluttered onto his shoulder. ,p a n er Production from Mrs. DauRherlv y 0 "^ "Aunt Mir-1 .11 lha" and a hen flew to her arms.' Pine Called PractlCabll After the pel chickens had Identl-, fled their owners, deputy sheriffs SAVANNAH. Go., June 1 <UP>arrested a man who allegedly sold New di Move rl?s have eliminated chickens to the grocer. MAOroLIA, Ark., June 1 (UP)— Claud Wilson, 16, is In n serious r.t his home, 10 m'les i-f here. tast fork anrl vat"". luid of oals three pilch George Harris, 78-year-old for- ner Blythevllle resident, died al Ills home at Walnut Hklae late last night followlnu n lingering illness. The deceased was In the cattle business here for a number ol years. Besides his wife he Is urvivcd by two sons. R. S. "Harlis and Gene IlarrLs, both cf here. Funeral services were held Mils aflernoon nl Walnut Rklgc. The' two sons went over yesterday aiu those from here attending the funeral today were: Mr. and Mr.i. Floyd Hargelt. Will Lane. Hatch Doan, Tom W. Jackson, H. A. Wicker. Joe Tanner, Uean t}ur,u and O. W. Martin. U Was Good News When Uncle Jack Finally Got 1( Pronouncement of Judgment h his favor didn't mean n thing to E. "Uncle Jock" Shlblcy, cafe operator, until translated into te lie could understand. Sliliiley was defendant in a municipal court civil action brought, b} Mury Dilrymjile, termer waitress who sought judgment for monc; allegedly due under a contract 0 employment. The court, holding that the plain till had failed lo eslabllsr. her cast by a preponderance of Lhc evidence ruled in favor of the defendant and passed to Llie next case.* Shlble patiently kept his seat and finally afier others hud died out of tf. courtroom, left, when the court, no tlclng his continued presence, tol him he might go. Several minutes later SV.IWey cau tlo-.isly approached n policeman I the city hall corridor and asked "Did I win Or lose!" as 13 foreign debtor* prepared to pay or default an aggregate Installment of 1174.647,439.19, due June IB. , Hit* Am* Expenditure* Mr. Roosevelt said tlw United .atcs would continue to expect ebtors to "show full understand- g of the American attitude oil ils debt" question." He followed miedlatcly with the warning re- irtlins diversion of expenditures. "The people of the debtor na- ons will also bear in mind," the message continued, "the. lact that. ic American people are certain o be swayed by Ihe use which cbtor countries make of their vnU&ble resource*—j»h«thir-'. such ' csourees would be applied!;for the tirpore of recovery^ well,as for no reisonable payment of the cbt owed to the cittaru of the", Jnlted States: or for purposes 'of nproductlvc nationalistic expendl- ure, or like purposes!" ' Reference v to "reasonable pay- nent" immediately raised the que.'i- lon here whether Mr. Roosevelt ore.saw a general ccailng down if debts or • whether he Intended 0 accept token payments June 15. 1= Debt to People 'The American people," he said, 'would not b« disposed to place Impossible burden upon their Ic-htors. but are. nevertheless in 1 Just position to ask. that sub- ilimtlnl sncrincc be made to m'eet these debts." The president throughout emphasized that the debt actually .vos owed to the people cf the United States and that »ny re- . •Juctlon In payment must add to the burden of the American taxpayers. "It Is for these reasons," the message continued, "that the Amer- ' lean people have felt that their, debtors were called upon to make s determined effort to discharge these obligations." Hopes to Make Pacific Fligh rom a trip to Washington and has atest Information available on bonus matters. All members of the local V. P. W are urged lo attend by Miss Carey Woodbsirn. clerk in tr.e organlza- i lion's office here, and others Inter- I isled are Invited to hear Mr Gamso. JACKSON, Mo., June 1 — Thi Ifaie of Mrs. Edith Menz, charged with complicity in Ihe murder of Jury Deliberates Fate oi Former Local Woman Father Scmmes Will Address Class Tonight Rockvicw merchant, rcsled with a c'rcull couil Jury here today. Trial of the .vcman, formrrl" Mrs Edith Cnidwell of Blythe- The Rev. Ollle Semmes S. J., of I ville. Ark., has occupied almret Jamaica, will give the commence-1 ihe entire week of court, The ment acldrws for ihe graduallng I CUS e went to the Jury Lite List class of the school of the Im-1 :it-ht. maculate Conception chuich this evening, 1:30 o'clock, ut the church. . Iiic final obftacles In the produc- lt on of pap^r frorri Georgia pine Packap, 16 Yfars In Mall Und opened the possibility of ray- MAHANOY CITY, Pa. (UP)—Art on. newsprint and similar prccl- Delpaz, of this city, recently re- 'vis :rr.m p:i.« Dr. Charles )1 celvcd a package which he had Herty, famous scientist, announced mailed to his family 10 years ago today. Ed D. Cook, local attorney, who was a member of Mrs. Men?.'.* couasel returned here today. B. E. Alexander, another Blythevllh| attorney and member of doteM3| counsel, will return later. i 63 1-3 66 1-2 CO 5-8 eo 7-8 early luday. through his ;:sht arm i while he was a member of the Dr. "Hcrly's work as director of ri oulder. He fell from a. Army of Occupalion in Germany.lib? Rnvanmh paper art! pulp 'Vj- • • - the fork No cxplanntlon of the delay was orsiory has produced ncwsprln! offered by post office officials. trran the pine pulp. The Ucv. Fnth:r Ecmmes has lust arrived in O.',ce:la for an extended visit with his sister, Mr.-. Claude Pcrrln. and family. Fine4 for Theft Jiggs Ynrbro was fined $10 on a charge of petit lorcimy by Acting Judjc V. G. Holl.ind in mini- who paid his taxes and, through Republican Filibuster Holds Up Legislation WASHINGTON, June 1. (UP)— A Republican filibuster, which threatens delay to enactment of administration-sponsored legislation, broke out again today in the house. Under the generalship of Minority Floor leader Bertrand W. Snell. the Republican members forced a •oil call Immediately alter the house convened. The roll call motion, made >y Representative McGugin (Rep.. Kans.), consumed 45 minutes. Tht same tactics kept the house In session late last night. Little Rock Woman Heads Junior League TORONTO. Ont, June 1. (UP)— Elizabeth P. Taylor, of Little Rock, Ark., was elected president or the. Junior League at the organization's final session tod»y. She succeeds-Nfrs. John O. Pratt of New Orleans. Fiurlng the coming yeir, It was decided, two junior league conferences will be h«!d, one, m October, In Minneapolis, the second, In San Francisco. Conscience Tald $50 In Tain FATRFtELD. Conn. (UP)—The First woman to fly across the Pacific Ocean Is the distinction •ought by Lady Isabel Chaytor, »bove, London, Eiig., social figure and a noted flier In her, own right. She exptcls to ac- town tax collector has $50 received . company Cart. Harry Lyon, from some conscientious resident! American flier, from Brisbane. Australia, to San Francisco; when Lyon, wltlrBob Lapo S3 an oversight, failed to get a re- of stealing'cclpt. The money has been set co-pllot, attempts W travel. icipal court yester.lay a quantity of kero:-in-> from an'oil I aside until the taxpayer returns,! Itoro London 16 San Francisco ccir.p-iny :aick. j probably with a complaint. la 111 tolas hours. WEATHER ARKANSAS —Partly cloudy to- nl'ht and Saturdiy. Nfemnhls snd vicinity—Fair tonight and Saturday, KtUe ching* In temperature. The maximum tempcrtture h«r« yesterday was 95, minimum 60, cl«»r, according "to Samuel F. NoirU, official i-cather cbsarmr,

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