The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1949
Page 10
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• FAGB TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 24, 19.19 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Duly r»t* pec Un» tor COHMCUUV* Minimum ctiirt* ............... *U° 1 Urn* p«t line .......... • ..... JSc 1 umw per tine p*r cUy ......... 12c 1 umt*. per line per daj .......... ttc • Ume* per Line per d*y ......... 7c 12 tlm*» per nae per day ...... 5o Montb per line ........... .. JWc Counc tire average words to the line Ad ordered Tor three or sli times «nd •topped Oeiore eipirailon will be charged ror the numwr ot Umes ihe ad »pp**red ind adjustment ol bill matte All Classified Advertising copy submitted oy persons residing outside ol the city must be accompanied by cash Rate* may easily be computed from the aboTe table Advertising oraei far irregnlRi inser- tiotu lakes the one time table No responsibility will be taken loi more than nn« incorrect insertion nl •ny clt&sltled ad All ads are resinctM to then proper clautllcauon style and type. The Courier reserves the right to edit or reject any ad 6IUU1O 14 hour write* Make your PLUMBING FIXTURES modern btuall dnwu oayinetu B*l« iHA L. C. UOLL1SON PHONE «I & SV« repair wntcnes • II Kind* MOURB'B a and jewelry ot t-ioa KAS'I MAIN laundned. • trctcurd PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blytheville or 407 Osccola 5-2 pk-G-2 Mate your nnme [>reUj fn xptri Ki]» Clean ing Service PEERLESS CLEANEttS fnnnt 2WX Blytne Apartment for Rent 1, '2 or U-room apis., furnished or un- lumisnea, newly decorated Conveniently located. Ph 25U b;lti*}ik-W Kent sundei'K Refinish your wn floors. Kent an electric under from Wards. Ecunom- caU F'-fo instructions, Mont- ornery Ward 4-7 ck U 3 room unturnishcd apartment No »mnl] children 400 Broadway I'h one ana oatb furnished and electric rrlrise *- ijimoo 4!20- 'J room Inrntslifd njinrtnipnt Rt 401 IJliy. Inquire at 517 B. Lalce. 5.2J-pk-25 Three room furnished apartment. VR cant Sunday. Phone 3440 5.21-pit-25 3-room furnished »pt. Electric klttrli- »n. Frigldalre. Adults only. 10& W Kentucky. I'h. 3309. 5 21-]i 3 room unfurnished apartment. Sy c*mor* Street. See Arthur Cochnm North 10th Jk Dixie SI. 5;^J-pk-2 2 bedroom, nicely furnished apart meni, hlock from town. Adults on I] Writ* P.O. Box 45. 523-ck-3 3 room furnlBhcd apurtmcnt. Utilities Purni&hed. Immediate possession, Ph 1440. 5,23-ck-2 Business Service Directory Lawnmowcrs Sharpened Henry Weslbrook's Stiop MB chin IMS. Welders. H lucks m ^Ub Korth in aireet Uay enon* 4)61 N1gUl ATTENTION FARMERS for your custom lertillzlnK will lydrous amtnimU call 2655. Typewriter TYPEWRITERS imyai. ainith, coion* *no tletni oti portable DON EDWARDS I'hc lyiiewruei IIV N Second St for Sale, Misc. Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR COr «•• can 111* all your needs. C5*t genuiD* part* from nur com- plet« Una. KLLIS POOLK. OWNER A: OPKRATOH South. Highway 61 at Steele Uo PbOD* Steel* 49 Ll)12-ck-U 8.5 H.P. Sea King Outboard Motor in rvcHlPtit condition. Will deiu cull J^C'J clpys or 229B lights. Onl rrKRon for soiling Is tlmt 1 iftrgcr molor. S21 Hnby CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main s ULilsion Phnne UKI Don't endangei <roui incully with ftultT tlre»—BUY LEE TIRES : fl:J Minnow TIB E K» U U HRWks ~l have HUKVS REUADLE HYIiniDS in «loc*t Evenly graded well Lcenttd R[in germination nl y'/Vo Ctili ni write me lor youi sceu ctirn ucctls Ruyintuid atrin^cr, Hi l! «ns b!8 'I nil Smitn SI KlgHwRy I'hon* 3»86 4,2!)-pk-5!2y KtSi'find 3. Save Trouble For So/«, Heal tttat* Hotice Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U lDi«re*ted m Buylnc or selling •** Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Glencoe Blclg. Phone 819 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled nimals picked up fre« of barged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe- ille. -Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 4 L 21-clt-t.21 GIVE lh« old LlTlng room tulle new Jea&e on lire, clean with Pin* foam DKAL'S PAINT STORE OVR on Htway (J) North Acrow fi L::IIII] Mnullrle 50 uy 150 deep 11000 I'h 2«57 5118-ck-U <D A; 8 Slorj 5:l«-pk-30 3 room house. Practical! new. Completely furnisliec ?;!200, Will sell without furn iture for $2850. H. C. CAMPBELL Plione 4446 or 2930 5-21-ck-t Nice 4-room house on pavement, icr lot, will carty O. 1. loan. I(J Ruom Hoiihe. npar Central Schoo .nrKC lot. Priced J6.000. Terms, BERT ROSS — Realtor 209'i West Main Phone 2415 or 3816 521-ck-M Personal ram? Blnut* b Si'ULllO Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-M For Sate, Cars & Trucks Ua« c»r 1941 Cherrnlet. 5 coupe, r»dlo A; he»ter Ntw tires S)10-ck-t: Private Mooms Ueclroam, convenient J^!5. till W Mam Uedroomjt BLythCTllt* Hotel Ph 953 coinrortablc. cool bedrooms, close in Uim mil; 310 W Walnut 4127-pk'S|XI Good contlHlon 308 N s;n-rth-t( Pri 5::i Loons Money to Loan Do you nerd • toan to repair or re- Model V No down payment, no rnort- SBC*, no rwi UIM, FBA APPROVED RAT1 5% ASK FOB DEI AILS Max Logan, Realtor 3034 Lync* Bulldlni Blytheville Ark AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Service General Contract PurchaFt Corp 106 Boutb 5tb Phont €03 4115-ck-tl Services Laundry work rough dry or finished Quilts &• blankets. Do extra Ironln; Willie Bell Green. Ph. «09. 5.24-i>k-6.24 Two 750x16 « ply ttr«s with lubes •\a, extra nrnvy tiuiy wheels 101 41 nru 47 l-'nrd pickup Pli 3172 AllO-uk-tf 5 Hnrfif-power ovitbourd motor 10 OOL plywood boat, Ph 43UK, 5;lO-ck-Ll Soybeans Rave your old mirrors re-&Hvercd at Steel* Mirror Srmp Phone 8FI Slcelo, Uo. »,10-pk-6|10 State-certified, Grade A (Blue Tag) Ogden soybeans $3.50 per bu. Sliite-certi Tied, Commercia Grade (Red tag) Ogden soy beans, $3.25 per bu. Non-cevtii'ieil (from ccrti fied seed) ORden soybeans |3 per Du State-certified, Commcrciu Grade (Red tsig) Dorlchso No. 2 soybeans, ?3.25 per bu PbOHP 702 HALE SEED FARMS Bw.lctte. Ark. -1-13-ck-tt Dortchcoy No 2 Seed Soybeans The highest yielding bean n the; :nunty .-oiitcst lust fall. Rccli-ancd and sucked. Only £2.75 '' C1> Ru 61 Implemcnl Co. iNurth HiKhwny Gl Phone 2142 4-15-ck-tf 5[l!>-|>k 26 BLYTHliVlLLli REALTY SPECIALS 2 story Drick sinru building Modern living room-LHisines.s or olflcc. ground tloor, CL-iiicr business section. Price*] only suatJU \ new tionieA wilii UiUli $!JtHKJ tc ztlvooin tiomc.s near Centra! cJtOOL 54.5UU niul iV.UOO For aoincs, lots 01 Imsines* PHONE h'iELD 2I1LH Concession trailer. IxM. cc[iii|>p« Witt) iiojiforn. pcuniu. coca-coin tiox uotiic ROS aiove mid nainbnrBui i;rlll nlso built in winnow tun Write Clarence H Williams. Prnlrlr. Mo. RENEW OLD SCREENb with Sherwin-Williiims Scree Kiiaiuel, they'll last year longer! Only $1.05 qt. Build- 'o "i downtown sacuflce for qi , Cape GlrHtclcaii L-ovclc Ultt anoi tiirnrcipiin will ale Write aox ^51 Missouri. rocc y and gnruttt with living tors lx)t WU x 210. Absiratrt on proper ly J^.UUO IH> aiul invoice Unnnon, Hives. &,o. stock. D D 5|18-plt-25 Nice 4 room 1 yc.-\r old Ren soundly priced 2341 Cnrnlyn Street. 1 J-rooin house. 1 4 -room house lot iau ,\ SO'. WOOO. H. D. Cowle owner. Inquire Acle J nines Store. Hcdrooni with kitchen privileges. Z rls or couple. J'lione 2423. 5 19-ck-$il9 bleeping room. Kitchen prIT.leges. 2 rJs pre/errcd Plione 2511. 5,21-011-25 Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W ASH SI GLENCOE HO'IEI BU1UI1NO • B-ca-t: Wonted to Buy Duple nurthwest aJd« Vrue F. O. BOI 15V Oil". SliB-pk-JS *or nlgliest prices bring youi c&lck- ns lo Furcell'i Urrtcery 125 Lilly tit W» buy uoed lumttur* 2690 Help Wanted, Male T. 1. SRAY MOTOR CO. USEO CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Sertan, has clean fin ish, good tires. A bargain price. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long Wheelbase model In excfllput shape all around Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet li/2-Ton Truck with Army | body. i j ri(:od to sell. 1948 CHRYSLER Windsor 4-door Sedan with Hylander trim, light grey color, has radio and air-conditioning system. A demonstrator with very low mileage. 1947 Chrysler Coupe equipped with radio. heater, and good tires, black olor. A bargain at the price. 941 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door Sean, blue color . . . new paint ob, motor completely recon- USED TRUCKS Finest Selection in the South - - - GET 'EM WHILE THEY LAST! . 19-115 Chevrolet Cab-over-Engine 2 speed axle, 750x20 front, 825x20 rear .. . A-l in every way . . . only $799. 19-14 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase Cab and Chassis . . « $795. 1916 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase Cab and Chassis . . • $995. 2 19-17 Chevrolet Short 2-speed axle, good rubber, motors in A-l condition. The price is right. 19Hi l''ord 1 '/2-Ton Short 2-siieed axle. A good one . . . S795. 1911 Ford 11/2-Ton Long Wheelbase, body special . . . $595. 1<J39 Chevrolet l'/ z -Ton Lung Wheelbase Cab and Chassis . . . $595. 1917 Chevrolet 3-1-Ton Pickup Truck, a beauty . , . $1295. J91G Chevrolet 3-4-Ton Stake body, one owner . . . Si!95. 1946 Dodge '/2-Ton Pickup with cattle rack, clean . . . ?S95. 1940 GA1C '/.-Ton Pickup Truck . . . only $495. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Kemcmher, You Can Always .vlake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnul t'hone 578 Experienced man for sales work in local store. Write Box NOP ',<. Courier News. a-24-ck-27 itioned, good tires. Guaran- eed. Foi Rent ers Supply, inc., 797, Blytheville, P. 0. Box Ark. Ph. 5-17-crc-U New k-iUlicr hand loo Led pnr.sp. uof- icc mnic, rt ta lies. UUHLIK. thro 1947 CHRYSLER 1695 4-door Sedan, driven less than.., 20,000 miles, and in excellent,^ condition. Has radio, heater, and seat covers. 1940 Buick 4-door Super Sedan, mtilor. lires, and body in top condition, lias radio, heater, and seat covers. 100% G. I. LOAN MR. G. I. YOU CAN OWN THIS NICE LITTLE HOME FOR CLOSING COST. $161 w iiunul or book shell, I'll ..,.,. ,, , .. s-2(i.ct-27 ! 3-1. Modern 0-rootn home & biith, 3 bedrooms, l'/2 story, nice kitchen & bath. Extra large cluscts <Si storage space. This house is well built and leas Ihan a years old. North \Vosl part of cily 1 block ut'f I'ricK Otllcc space Located 2nd. tloor. front of bullcllilB. 110 South Stli Street, aero: street from Midwest Ice Cream. Gas neat. Will Lease for fta Ions as tcnan deslrC3. TOM LITTLE REALTY Phono 861 5 24-CK-2 t Sriul Curler Trullcr. '46 MOUcl. iidc [wards 11HK)'^U llrts like tli;w sell oil terms. LlA!KrAlN C»ll Ulijmlcllcr AUC Cub Co Ptionc S'i4 l tiomu^hbrcd Omul uns I ucrK* on\ V> tcola. ,\rK . I'll 'J^7 IJ^nc pupa SVcbhci. Ov MocEcrn npts A: cablaa Dy week .ninth L'att service Lnal Boy courts '11 ail 5llO-p*-1| room. Phon \varenouse ^D x W on railroad eld ins MiQwefit Dairy Product* Pb 444 i-'lasn cameras tor all OSTtENb STUDIO occa&lon O-ck Uooni luls oC wallpaper. uli pa|)cr to cover the avuratfc sixc room. Bonier in- cludcd. One week only 'J'.tc Moulifonicry Ward. o-iIO-tk-27 tlcculc Washer. Clicap. I'lionc li52J. Oood t-ontllUou Have store b\tlldlng located 419 We lain. 25 ft. Wide and 80 ft. deep. Ca rented on tlat rent or on percc age of snles. Will Lease for as long pc od AS you desire. TOM I.ITTbE TIEAt/rY Phono S61 5.24-ck-M bus linii. See or call JOHNNY MARR Phoiu 4111 or 2596 11^ South Second St. 5-4-ck-tf 1940 Nash 4-door priced low. Sedan, exceptionally clean and 1936 Buick Coupe with good tires and good motor. Equipped with radio and heater. 1939 LaSalle 4-door Sedan, clean throughout and priced for exceptional value. 1946 Ford S-cylinder Super DcLuxc 1-door Sedan, a one-owner car in excellent condition, low mileage, has heater and seat covers . . . priced low 1947 Chevrolet 4-door FleetHne Sedan, has radio, heater, sunshade, white sidewall tires, a one- owner car in really excellent condition. 1937 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, practically new motor and tires, body in good condition. OTHO STAN FIELD W. J. "BILL" WUNDERL1CH Salesmen "When Ifetler Cars Are Built, Buick Will Boild Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Wihiqt at BroMlway Dial 555 for Servic* rovvpr Inun mower. Ciood condlUon. ynln. J^lxotjc 4263. ttltcr fi o'cloi'X. Iliive .six tickets for Auto races, liuliamipoli.s. May oUtli. These are reserved seats in the very best location. Call Tom A. Litllc, Phone SGI 13rick liousc, (j rooms, bath iiul halt'. Uosirnblc location. h. 3110. »-2-l-pk-27 we t ur ins n you « v ery ,n tioiiisnn Liminei Camp Mnuitrie Drive tou'U o« glad r" efnr* you txiught uw tbes* car* T..I.SEAY MOTOR CO 1^1 Kast Main St. Phone ^122 Save Money on These USED CARS Store rin ll ding—EH nipped. Shelving ron.Ucrb. 12 ft. me*t counter, cash register, scales. meRt block. Also modern 00111 on same lot. Phone 4'J67 or 3665. 5.24-pfc-27 for Rent, Houses New modern ISth St. 3-room house. 4H N. l 5.24-ck-27 Wanted to Kent +6 >7azci Sedan—NIC* Clean c*r 4/ KHIMI tJtdan—Fric« Rlgtil. 'IB Jrep, 4-wheel drive. •KUudbOD beaan—Ketu^inable Price * L t ora IXidor—Radio and H eater 11 Kord I'udor—h»ir-Priced Hijtit •iu foro ludor—i*nc«a to »«n *l cnevroiet i'lcKu^—Very Low Hrlcc Li/ Plymouth Sedan—It'n » BargaJn "•ib tiua&on Sedan—Yes. it rum 40 UcSoio Coup*—Frlce^ Lnw 61 MOTOR CO. t\Oiin Highway 61 Fticm* 2142 •2 or Li-room house. Ph. 921. 3;24-pk-3l Co lies Norlli-lO- Pb uni\irnisned or aemlfnrntshed 3-roons • jjartment wanlec Dy working coup!« occupancy not neertw until June 1 Call A A r'rcrtrlckFOn *t 4401 (roro 8 4[26-cU-Ll to i p m.; 575 kflei & pjn ill db U THE BEST VALUES IN USED CARS! HERE ARE JUST A FEW: 1DIS T'ontiac-Silver Streak . . . radio, heater, white sidewall (ires, 19-19 license . . . 51595. 1918 Ford Super DeLuxe . . . radio, heater, white side- Wiill lires. 19-19 license . . . 1949 license . . . $1495. 19-17 I'onliiic Streamliner "8" with radio and heater, good condition . . . $l!ii)f>. 1917 Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan "78" . . . radio, heater, and spotlight, driven only 11,000 miles . . . like new . . . only $1395. 1917 Chevrolet 2 door Stylemasler ... a real bargain at S1295. REAL TRUCK BARGAINS 1947 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase ... a real farm truck .... 750x20 lU-ply (ires, new paint, guaranteed motor . . . only $895. 1017 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase, 2-speed axle, 825x20 10-plv tires . . . looks like new . . . only §895. 1916 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase, 2-speed axle with 900x20 tires on rear, 825x20 on front . . . bargain ... S795. 1917 CMC 3-1-Ton Pickup with stock rack, low mileage, has 1949 license . . . 5895. Above we've listed jusl a few of the many desirable cars and trurks which you can choose from at Lee Motor Sales. All haTC been reconditioned and are in guaranteed condition. Use our Easy GMAC Payment Plan. LEE MOTOR SALES OLDSMOBILE — CMC TRUCKS 311-317 Bast Main Blytheville, Ark id oiaple ciglit piece dining room Uu t let. :ablr »nii MX ttialr? pictc wtntc uiiu-uc suite L.c;titt- e sciXts Moo cm Wnlnut tn-ditxini mtc complete LJvinp; roiii^i ^ola V* o casinnrti rnairs Cocktail tattle ami o end table?. lUur rxips L"\vo llooi tups ivnct R two tjuiner liotni.Hc 1S12 Mcarn I'll 43tiU 5 lS-ck-25 k Cat lei i p 14 DO.TT Cal at* \vcrs f'lu'iie '11W 52-gal. Ifl-t7 \Vcstinglioiisc walcr healer. I'll. 25*J5. 2-plctc living room suite. 5-plccc nitc f.incttc vvHli leatherette Reals, one "ii 10. capacity coolcrator. complete ticsiiooLu Mine, one twin .icd compltlo, one baby carrlngc and & stroller. 115 W. CUeuy, ^•Jl-pk-•2S One Kiiprrfex Oil Burning KrMtldatrc JUcap Clan tic Grain, Manila. ,\rV;. 5 23-pk-30 For Sale, Real Estate V> rnlUion Ic«t timber <0^o cynrcu, balance oak. etc Also good 80 acre cotton tarm, niRhly developed J C CHA1UN ^^ANtl J A. AUK. j>l>oiiB 2iKJ ^1^^. . 4,19-pk-M USED CARS AND TRUCKS AT Wholesale Prices These cars and trucks »re in A-l condition . . . and JOB ftt * written gu:\rantcel 1!MG Ford -I-door, blue . . . n good car. IS) Hi I'ord <l-door, black color . . . very clean. 11)11 Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, a good looker, has new sen I covers. 1!)H) Ford 1'/j-Ton Slake Truck . . . ready to go. 11)37 Chevrolet, new i>:imt, new seat covers. 11)35 DeSolo 2-door ... in very good condition. 11)17 Dodge .1-Door Seditit. It's clean, it's good, it's priced lo sell. 11)17 Kord '/j-Ton Pickup in A-l condition. 1948 International 'A-Ton IMckup . . . ready lo go, the price is low. 1941 Dodge U-'Ion Pickup 1947 Dodge tt-Ton Pickup 1847 Koi-d Sedan Delivery 1946 Chevrolet Hi-Ion U>ns Wheclbase 1918 tnleruaUunal l',4-Ion Long Wheclbase Stik» PAY ON EASY TERMS Blytheville Motor Co. liioiulway £ Chirkasawba ['hone 4422 One 1948 Dodge l!/> ton truck stake body. Has been used about 3 months. I hav no further use for it. Complete with 1949 license. ?1650.00. See Charles Stemac, mile east of K. R. Crossing, Clear Lake Road. 5-18-pk-25 USED CARS with , New Car Performance ] Help Wanted BOOKKEEPER WANTED Have position open in our office for manager and bookkeeper. Good working conditions. Will pay top salary. Call Tom Little Jr., phone 4422, Blytheville Motor Co. 5-23-ck-30 Coal Project Brings Big Profit from Farm JOHANNESBURG —<.'Tl— Eleven years ago O. J. Bekker, « Johannesburg journalist, bought R farm on the Vaal-river, 40 miles from here for L17.500 (4300.000). He has Just sold it (or M5,000. Reason: the discovery of coal and the decision of a big Johannesburg mining company to erect a L15.000,00fl plant for making oil from coal. A large portion of Bekkers farm will also be used to erect a township house 20,000 Europeans and 30.000 Africans within the next five years-hut he will still retain his original farmhouse. The femal Ulcon i» l»rger than 1916 Ponliac 4-door Sedan, has radio and heater. 19-17 Lincoln Club Coupe, equipped with overdrive, radio, and heater. Iflll Ford Pickup Truck, has new tires. 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 1936 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan. 1936 Pontiac 2-door Sedan . . . special low price. 1918 Mercury '1-door Sedan, has radio, healer, and white sidewall tires. 1917 Chevrolet Fleelline Sedan, equipped with radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. 1911 Ford 2-door Sedan. 1936 Ford 2-rioor Sedan. and Many Others STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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