The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE; TWO- T BLYTHEVILLE, (ARKj-COURIER... NEW" TUESDAY, OCTOBER-. 3 r 1030 COUH1KK NEW*V rOMPLlMKNTAltY ZICKBT This 'TW**« W1U Ailiun Su»i« WaWrop i Companion RITZ THEATER —U 'BEAU GtijTE' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia - CO PR. 1»» 6V MA SCCTICI^ INC. T. H, RtC.U. 5. PAT. Off,- ExecuUve'B5ard',"sudbuo' «hool mqellng 2 •?<>'o'clock, at school fo;- lowed by geneFal meeting at three Weftne^day Bridge.\luVj, Mrs/'Jaines, B Claik, entertain mz Town suitl Country club " THURSDAY'S EVENTS , Mrs Ha,rry W. Halnes enteita)n- ing MJd-Weel?, Bridge club Prosperity dub meeting with AJrs v ,Mose Slimaji at hei I,u\ora home^ 2 -30 ojclock The Delta Contract club meeting with, Jvfrs 'W. D McClurkin Mrs 'L t L Hiibene; baying Thurs d.ay'Jiaess.ert, club, Mrs: Charles Alford entytaining Thursday Bridge club at Rustic Inn Doubje Four clu> meejlng with Mjrs . W,' S,, Langcjon. " S -FRIDAY'S EVENTS Elrnwoorl " Qe'metery association nieejing with Mrs. Neill Reed, 2 30 o'clock "ladies' Bible class, Fiist Methodist church,' meeting 1.30 q'clock, •Kith, Mrs V. M Brlster. Elilctt .Fletche; chaplej, United Daughters of Confederacy, sponsoring 1 benefit bridge party, 2 00 o'clock at country club SATURDAYS'S EVENTS American AssoclalUn of Unlver- •• sltv Women having luncheon mect- || m»'at 12~30,o'clock al Holel Noble Bits of New§ Mostly Penpoalt A. b. ;ucst"of Qf Altus, Okla,, la.ljic. "ill's, liistpt, Mrs, W. 'A, Hold Christian. Church Meeting At Osceola Today -. OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 2.—Paul D. Kennedy, Little Rock, Secretary- Director .of Ihei Arkansas-Louisiana vhrlstiai) Board of Missions, and^umu, niu »v^». v«<in • -• —o--* 'vlrs. Bertha M. Fuller. Secretary of, of Truman, and the. Rev. W'. ft. Arkansas Christian Women's Mis..-; Walker, -pastor'at Newpci't.' An stonary societies are the principal | Important feature of the afternoon sneakers, al the annual.'cpnyenlKn| session'is IP, be the address by a of Christian churches In north.- ret timed missionary, >ast district of Arkansas scheduled ^ The. Hey^Louis "Saunders, Chris,'o meet'in Osceola today al the t| n ,'j pastor: at'Hiirrison and former first Chrjsllan Church,; It. Is a "- pastor'of'Hie Qfceoltv church, is slons to be held durlns thc day, .he Rev. Qecrge Villanls of Para.- gotild ' will conducl, the, afternoon devotional and the Rev. A. R. Adains, Christian pastor at Marlanna, in charge of the nights spiritual rnessflge, Evangelism and extension conferences will be conducted by the Rev. J. Moore of; Para- BOUld; the Rev. John K. Gregory Forrest City mul Osccola will be Three Lota Girls To leard, followed by a srrmon by the "'•• Rev. George W. Patterson ot Ely theville. ArrangcmenU In charge of the Rev. Bickfoid an* Mrs. R. M. "Theie was another of those crank letters in the mail toijny- —guy wants to know when you've going, to pay his bill... rUUVin»J_ I'VtS'V^*-*** ' Solemnized Saturdaj The marriage ot Miss Margaiet McPheeters and James Followay was'solemnized. Satuiday night at 9 15'o'clccK at the home of the Rev J. O Vance Trie Rev. Mr Vance icad ^c service before Me. ljolloway> parents and friends of the couple Mr and Mrs Followay will make fhcir home here wheie Mr Tollo- v,ay is connected, witli the canning factor}' • » » Plan Banquet.' Plans fpr a. banquet to be given Thursday, Oct 26, wcic made Yesterday ajlernoon. at a meeting ot 10 members of. the" Woman's Missionary spcietv pf the Lake Stiee Methodist church jestcrday ajtei- noon at the church : Mrs Gcprge Shamliii v as leader of the ""de'\otfona,l After grpup man's Missionary Union of the Fiist Baptist, church liad 4 business meeting at, the church ycstei- day aftemooii when Mis J B, Webslei giue the dcvUlonn! on •> Prayer" v The meeting was opened wllli the repeating of thc watch.vord lor thc year Piayei 1 ; were offered by Mis T R Shepherd, Mis S. M Hood aiid Mrs R L. Rccdcr Mrs. H, H. Bio.ks was In chaige. nali Zola glnc Co «f: Jure his nro national Hclulions. club, Zcla Tall Zola, Scnbbord and Blade and En-. alt s, ii p 1J^, »^i v- '>«', "*«.M, •••. -,-••-:• o~ of the biihinesb sss^lon ' After Mis Wnltei Bishop had B'ven a talk on 'Personal Seriice,' Mrs H H rrilzins snug a solo, "R:se" She was accompanied by Mrs, Murray Condition Of Cooter Man Is Unchanged Cooler, \vhp. was, critically Injured when, a, gun. shot penclnUed his. neck- l.alc. 'Sunday, Is unimproved 'today/lie Is at the Walls Smart, Scout News Boys - Girl; Of the dnotlony Auer grou Trcop Orgaililcs Dinging, Mrs Qeorgc- Dislngcr read, Th|J G[l] ^ t Ucop of Jlmlor -^the scripture frqm the nut chap- w whool vuls olgan | ZKl \ved- ler of First Corinthians, Piajers nes((ny fthen Ule mt , n ,beis met at »ere offered by Mrs A S Dcen l hdl scout loadBl . were" offered by Mrs A S Dcen schoo , ft and Mrs J M Goad, The mcdita- M|s ,. Hl> ,- n tlqn, "Gpd Qlve Us Memcrles, was read by Mrs. Geerge Shanks, The B nd"sciibe~'for~eH~c~h of' the thiec group w dismissed with prajei by'Mrs Shamlui at then, scout leader Miss Helen Louise Hoop A negro, known only as "Robert" wlio Inflicted the wound, is stll sought by officers -who., believe he has fled;-to" Memphis, or Claims dale, Miss., whore, lie is said lo Invi esldcrt- before he, went, to near Cocter t-wp.months., ago. The shooting, which, cllmnxecl an. rgumciit over some whisky, took >lace at a negro bear place cpei- ated by Erncs.t. Mpsby. Luxora SBoy Chosen As Cheer Leader Edward Worslcy, son or, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Worsley, of Luxora has been selected cheev leajiev at Ark- ansa.s, Slntp. CoUcgo. In 'Jonesboio \yhere he attends school. Miss Alice Saliba, who was announced Saturday as .having bcui " ' ' ' cheer leader, and £lcct Officers p:ra Lee Million! was elected president pf the Brooks' Junloi girl's Auxillai-y of the First Baptist church at a meeting Mqndaj afternoon a_t the church Other pfflcers chesen were. Frances Shouse. vice president; Marguerite Graham, -iqcretarj, Beverl;, Jane Hanson, treasurei, Mary Louise, urogjam chairman, Irene Rice, reportei" B P Woods- son, personal service The meeting was xlcsed with prajer for missionaries in thc foreign fields ',«;*,-•»" J. Ew»ig Is " ••--*- the' groi.p pnUo | S ttere oan ,jn scrv( ; n-, Other onlccis aie. 3tlckj)ion, and bi:othcj:s, A. S. --,,,.. niid other rciitlycs.-. He. came. 3ui»- day l<). spend se.vcral days here.. Era_ Wright is HI of. malaria at her liotne. • Rouse Harp spent Sunday- in SI. V qul5 'with Geprge^ Hale. He .was accpmiwnieil. as far as St, L^uis by James Guard who., was. returning to the Northern llilnols : College of Oplomelry, at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs, James Puckctt.aiid daiighicr, Mary-Faith, of Jollier ni)d Mr. aiiii Mrs. J. P. Riphd and son, H. A., and Mrs. Friend's mo,-, Mrs. W. R. Brown, of LufkiiV, Tex,, who. • is vlt,ltlng them here spoilt Sunday in Rcclfpot. Mr.' Fripnd attended the aniiua) winter riiceUre of the Kitty League for which he Is official statistician.' Mrs, B. J. Allen and Mrs,. Aaron Peterson are spending tpday. in Wil- _ IPli with Mr. niid Mrs. Lpuic Har-' din, who are, leiivlng. this, week; for Mississippi t.p make their home, Mrs. T. E. King of. Tallulah, I La,, Is visiting her son, Ted Kiiig, and Mrs. King. Slie came Sunday and will return Thursday.. Graham Wrhhl spent the weekend in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wnrficlil ot W.est Palm Beach, Fin., were, the weekend' guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Blakkemprc. They stopped here aV, they were' en route to Hopklnsvlile, Ky., for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Glczcn ot Indianapolis, Intl. left tpday . after, spending- iwi 'and a half w.ecks iiere with Mrs. Elizabeth Greene 9iid My- and Mrs. Edgar Bonim, R. G: Allen Is attending to busl- icis in West Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickinson ^nd family, who 1mvq been/resW- iiiB at 1405 Chlckasawba aventie, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kirby and Mrs, Milton SLcrnbcrg left today for St.-Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Kiray are expcclcd to return tomorrow, but Mrs. Sternbert; will remain for iL wccK's visit with Mr. and Mi i, H Snphhn Mrs S P Clifton left Sundav 1101 nln" foi New Oileins to sp n ml i nionlli With hei daughter Alri Frank: Tomlinson, and Mr. T'pin- liiison Mil A C. Litllc Ins gone to Chicago 101 i vlsil bhe was ac compiled bj Mit MtGretii of> Lincoln, 311. , nouoced." by the Raitpr.. the -Rev ' ' j. M. ,. ,v,. »,^,.w w , | speaer a e yog 'The Rev, V- A. Hammond. Chris- quel aL. six o'clock based upon 1)1^ made 'to entertain 30.0. Ui Is. tlan pastor- at Forrest City. and. theme. "Youth, and;, the Church. "j '"'M supper is "'* * ° Wynne, will conduct the devotional Special music and messages from: of. the Mctljpdisl cliincu nn service at thc'flrsl of three scs- the, youth' of Blythevllle, jbncBboro, proceeds will go to the church. __ , principal be held at the Promised' Land school' building Thm-silay ; night, Oct. 5, it was announced today. The last year mor7 than ZOfl'people al- Attend Bible School ., „ ., Three Bly theville "girls" left yes- Rev Bickfoid and Mrs. R. M. ( & morning • tor Enid, O), Pitcher are being made or onp wl ' le j thcy w!J f a^M thc 'south- hundred perscns to attend. , ^juv^ o»i.^ n i r™ *ui^ «nm- Promised Land To Hold Harvest Supper The annual Harvest Supper will west Bible School . for this year. They were Miss Mary Frances Davis, Miss Naomi Wright and Miss Geraldlne Bryeans, The Rev. S. A. Merrill, pastor of She Assembly of Gcd church, motored them to Enid. affair has been given for 25 consecutive years, 0> aci US w»'t>i-m<i.iit;( ttiiu i'»*.t* | --iuv j*... ...~.~ -.. — . . peaker at the young people's ban- 1 tended and preparations we being ' ' 00 Ui Is «. WHY For quick relief from colil symptoms (akc MG Urintil • Tablets •• suffer frgm. Qolus'.' Kose Droys $6 A MONTH, Dowri Payment, Carrying Charge chosen us n juanlla Dun troop scifo.e, assist . Patrol One^-. Kathleen MoMasteis leadci; and Imogeno Duncan, scribe— Patrol ^Jackie- McGhcc, leader, and Jiiaiilta McMiillln, scribe; Palrol Thrcer-Franccs Blight, ieader, and Maxino Evans, scribe. , Tlie troop, nradc plans to have a nmrshinnllow loast Wednesday afternoon at five o'clock at the Scon Hut at Walker Park CYICW* Study —— I, Mrs James Hill Jr, revlc\ ed the I lirst two chapters cl the mission study book for this fall at lhe meeting of the Woimn's Missionary society,First MHh.dlst chinch yesterday afternoon at the chuich The'book is. "Through Tragedy to ...„_ _, . Triumph" by BTSI! Matthews Mrs I mence on Sunday alternoon a John' F. Remrniller -«as In charge —~ —-*—i- TI,~ •!,«„<« ^r »,» Final Sukkos Service To B<; Held Wednesday p.ncluilui- set vices fpr gukkps. lhe Festival of Bppths or. Tal).cr- nacles. will be held in Temple Israel Wednesday night, at eight o'clock. The sermon topic cf Rabbi Herman Pollack, will be "History in the Making," which will deal -allli the great man theory of his- Kry. Regular weekly services will coin- three other students have moved lo, 320 Chipkasawba At. The Hospitals isiylhcvillc. Upspital Mrs. J. E. Grimes, Gpsncll, ad-, mitted. A. A. Jenkins, city, admitted. Mrs. J, G. Jenkins, Hayli, admitted. Dean Turnbpw, Stcclg. dismissed \yalis liospl.lal. Mrs. J. E. Broin and sen, Ca- ruthersvillc, dismissed. I Memphis S'- .loscph's Hospital cd. Mi's. cf the J devotional which followed the business session; - * * * Stud) Group Meets Mrs. G. W, Rose was program leader at lhe. meeting of thc MLs- slon study group of the W. man's Council, First Christian church yesterday afternoon at tha church £he was' assisted in presenting the program by Mrs Edith McCo 1 who talked, on "Where. Others Fail' and Mrs. J. Norris. Moon, v,ho- •iubject was "Lives' That Preach \tader c irec o'clock. The theme of thc rmon will be "What Is the Cre ivc Life?" Religiais school, dassc 111 be- in session at 1:30 o'clock Christ." Mrs. L L Ward the devotional taken from the sixt chapter pi Isaiah which was fpl lowed VPith prayer. Mrs. J. Ceo Lowe, as missionary chairmen, pre sided c;cr the meeting which wa opshed Tith- a son? The grou was dismissed wub, the nussionars benediction. f t Ijate Buihwss Mc^li.. = Forty two members Of the W ra Gray, Jr. Najned Chemistry Assistan Ira .Gray. s:n of Mr., and Mr i:a Gray, Sr., lias been choseiy Sen or Assistant, for thc deparunei of Chemistry of Arkansas Sla College Dean U. F. Shpwallcr \\ ^ innotinccd. Besides majoring in the j ^"'""y'pg.^^rti^ilvctliil Mibjccl of CUcmislry. young Gray Iio»croii'cp,inwqisM>nc;noi, also stands highest in his class. He is a member of the Inter- Mrs. Marine Knott, Cnruthcrs- ille. ailinitled. Memphis Melhodisl. llospiliil Mrs. G. A. Mctldoth, Cariilhcrs- Ille, admitted. .Memphis Biiplisl HpspiUil: Mavis Jean Hardy, Dycss,. admit- Thelma ' McAlpin, Brags City, admitted. Constipation Relief That A/so Pepsin-izes Stomach Wlicu conr-lipiilion brings on acid.'mui- Rc?littn, tslwitiiig. dizzy six-lh. g.i?. con led tongue, sour task', and rad lircolh. your r.lomnrh is probably loailtxl up. with certain undigested (w<l and your bpwclsdon'l move. S(t yon nccxl liol l TO HIMSELF HES. GOT KVERYTHIffG A MAN WANTS- PERSONALITY, A WOHOERFUL DISPOSITION,' ~ , p£P-lil.~POP THE: QUESTION • Heofs up fo 4 rooms • Radiant, side, c/oors Enjoy, the carefree convenience ot clean, odorless oil heat at savings up to $20! Famous Hi-Low burner heats up to 4 ( rooms! Radiant; doors open to warm, you in a jiffy! Fingertip oil control gives, just the degree of heat you want! Constant lev.el. valve prevents flooding! Coles control even draft automatically! Features cf $SQ Con!-Wood Heaters! ... MONTHS • H8qjs S.tooms V Cast-iron flrepot : '•You'd'pay^up to $25 more elscv/here[ for a coal-wood ci.rculatpr .with all those features I Has large he?.t-radi-j ating cast-iron dqmel Easy-tOTclean., rich, 'pqrcolain. 1 finish all over except- back I. Rugged, firepo.t'has. duplex ghitesl Double-sectioned,feed doorl All joints cup-fitted and cementedl; Installed in our delivery zone Fingerf/p oil confroJ Consfanf Level Vq/ve . to hc[i> mo. (t o . break up (asl thnl ricli vniliMSted (owl m yourstomach.aiKl I jsalivd Senna lopull ilic trigger on thuse lazy liowcls. So Iw sure your laxative aho coatains Pcp:-in. Take Dr. Caldwcll';. Lasiilivc, Ijccausc ili Symii l'c|>?iii lielps you gain thai vtwi- ilcr (ul stomach comfor t , wlnlc I hcl-a sntivc H APPY II U.I GRO.& .M.MKT. FRKB DEI4VERV 109 VI. Main St. Fhouc IS I lower o epsn o sso undigested protein [nod which may linger in your si orn acli, lo ca< isc bdch'vn g, gastric acidity »n<l nan«a. This is lio\y jKpsin- izing your stomach helps relieve it of such distress. At the same time this medicine wakes up la zy nrfvcs ami muscles in you r bowels to relieve your cciisti ixitirtn. So sec liqvv much better you feel by taking the laxative that also pats Prjisin to. wvrK oil that slo.rach diKbrnforl. too. liven fm r i druggist, t'jjay! Women of charm and popularity nro usually full of sparkling pep and vitality, which makes them attractive to others. Often-r-ainl especially m the caw: of those who are overworked, who tipeiul long hours Indoors and don't gel^sufficient sunshine and exercise, and whohave no appetite—the lack of normal vigor, HsMcssncss and "that'run-down f cclliig ' may be due to simple anemia, which Is caused by a deficiency of iron in thc blood. • Sargon, the famous tonic with Iron, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency in the bipod, tending to aid nature In building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you'fRCA like a new person, with new pep and, vitality anil a better appetite. Get a bottle of Sargpn tpilay al. our Hsk.'« you ivrc not entirely fatisfle'd, otter taking according U> directions, Ihp full pli.rchaic price will bi;"r.cfuri)R(5 wUhoul queatloii. kliby: Drug Co. More Features lhan Mo.ii.$20Ssfs!' A big 5-tube set—10'/ix6^x5/ 2 ! With, Automatic Tuning 1 Super-dynamic speaker! Super- heterodyne circuit! Automatic Volume Control! Approved by Underwriters. 6 Tubes! Av^omi Amazing tone fidel-," ity! 5" Super-dynamic speaker! Su- perheterodyne I AC. . ; Tuning! z -Motir-Mv - TwmJ 67U i, 105 \V. Main St. The Little Theater Presents--"HIGHT MU A 3 t -ACT PLAY BY EMLYN WILLIAMS * Ely theville City Hall -- Wednesday Night - 8 Admission - Adults 3Sc - Children 25c '____ : i •:'. : '

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