The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, MAY 23; 1939 Retires As School Teacher After 26 Years In Classroom Halifax Youth's Defense to Be No Memory Of Slaying IIAUFAX, N. S. (UP) — When slight, pale, soft-spoken Charles M. Welsford, 10-year-old prc-mcdical student, is haled before the king's liencli next month to answer to il charge of murdering his fattier, il is expected that he will enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. According to police, who admit they are balllcd. as to why the "model son" shoidd have slain his business man father, (he youth feels he has been under the influence, of demonic forces for many months — influences which made him leave his bed in the middle of (lie niglit to rob again and again. He hns talked at length with police. For hours on end ii c has re- ealeil (hem with ivolrd stories of the supernatural powers (hat hiiiint his existence, taking him from his home in a trance, later perhaps to leave him in the middle of the city, his arms laden with articles whose source he asserts he hasn't the least idea. Shiying- Occurred March :il And il was these stories .which led him, on Ihe morning of March 31, to lake a revolver from his desk. From that moment he remembers nothing, he says, until lie heard his mother scream and found himself by his father's bed, the latter dying from a stream of bullets from a revolver which, jjo- ..... _. .. .,„_ ... ..„„ lice say, was the same which lie everything. Mrs. Webster has the • '-' llre of an invalid husband and her own health to consider. She (AUK.) CQUniEll NKWS LIFTS 1 Df IIREfll II] .st'lioolrdrjin fiirrn-cll. Mrs. J. ][. Wrlttfrr ... I There'll be a new fcachcr in \ oom 201 at Sudbury School next' ! fall, because Mrs j 17 Wchdpr i t i i-iiiAi -n VM.U.SU.I, .1 UunI;), ijjni sunn Kind y, midlc-agcd -woman who has [ schoolroom, the but ule be lischlcf of imy little spent more than a quarter of n century before the blackboard, has decided to retire. Friday will be 'ier last day. Measured in lime, 26 years Is not so long to follow a profession, but the wear and 'tear of a job is not ••—.', -in" nj\, faun; IVIIIVf t J1L earlier look from ils resting place. Intimates o( the boy and family friends say that Mr. and Mrs. Welsford and their only child were inseparable. Bnt on 'the morning ot March 31, two bullets from the boy's revolver tillered the brain of the father as he lay sleeping. Another bullet lodged. in the neck of Mrs. Welsford, while two other bullets were, buried in the pillow between the father and mother. The youth was Quoted as saying in a signed stalement: , "I woke up and looked at the clock. I have an illuminated desk clock. It was around u o'clock, I think. I remember getting out of bed. Then I walked to Ihe 'drawer of my desk, look out the gun. I didn't do anything to it except pick it up. Remembers Hearing Scream "I didn't examine II in any way . holies that by retiring 'now and laking things a bit easier -she can prolong Ihose years ahead. The teachers retirement act will make this possible for Mrs. Webster, who will be the first Blytheville teacher to take advantage of the benefits of this measure, Although the amount she w|l! receive each month for the rest : o'f her life under provisions of tc net will not be great, it will enable her, with some extra work, to live In modest comfort. She plans to supplement this income by serving as a subsli- ' sncl by oilier part liilc teacher 'lime work. Teachers who take advantage of 'he retirement, act are paid a rionllily amount based upon their iimual pay and length of service. Retirements have a way of bein" sad. ana Mis. Webster's will not and then the next thing IH-einetu- bc without Its little heart tugs. ; b"ei"%a& a' slicrtind a"-'-woman's •Aflc;: t .all ( ,/tlie habits -of- years are Krrpnm T rmntrt. i+ .»,.,.i i _ i not-,casily broken. She will miss the 'COURTS . I guess it must have been - my mother's scream. I was kneeling beside Ihe bed of my father and mother and you know How his forehead looked." While blaming incidents ol thnl night lo "ciucer spells," Welsford says he has no iden ho'w long 'he has been subject to them. "1 can'"t tell because it only happens that 1 know certain pieces of what I have done and I don't know whelhcr I have done olher things that 1 have ' |? • •..-•-.-• been entirely unconscious of or D ttns dock eted on liot," police quoted him. The revolver he had in his possession, and the weapon which fired the filial bullets, was stolen from a gunshop. He admits that, he has been in thai shop "hundreds" of limes while under supernatural power's. He remembers invading the Forrest Building, girls' residence at Dalhousie University. Furthermore, ho believes it likely that he was Ihc masked intruder found in the room of one of the coeds of the King's College dormitory, being sought by police at the time they were called in on the murder investigation. Jlc has no idea where his large coilcction of to.v and real pistols came from, he told questioners. on a charge of driving while under (he influence of liqtnr. Head Courier News want arts Mother Charged in'Baby Slaying Sobbing wit], grief, Mrs. DorO- thy Newman, divorcee, is shown as she was arraigned on murder charges three weeks after her hWly born baby was found "dead in . San Francisco hotel. s that sometimes happen in a Playing children nt 'retess" a7! (he, experiences that go with Ihc dim- cult, job o[ (caching. . "Yes, I hate lo ciuil," .she ad- mils, "but I feel that I've been on the job long enough and 1 hope lhat by retiring now I can live longer." Mrs. Webster has spent 16 years of her long teaching career in Ihe tilylhevillc public sc |i CD ] 5ys icni. All but three years or this time she has been a teacher at Sudbury where she has had (he same room. Before coming lo Blylhcvlllc, Mr. and Mrs. Wcbsler lived in Mississippi. H6 was in Ihe lumber and mercantile business. She V SA Finds Wi-itlcn Oplion- aj L'c n s c linc'Ou rages Tenant ImpVovcmenls John and Mary Farmer and Iliolr family, tenants on .some •Ili.OOU farms in Arkansas, Ixiutsliuiii and Mississippi and several thousand landowners will brealhe a s'lBli of relief (Ills fall because they will not bo confronted with (he yearly inov- in|, p problem. Feeling lhat reA clients would IBVIMI betcr opportunity lo become lave to move from one farm to 1111- olhcr each year, Farm Secmllj Administration ofllcials In Region VI (his year have sold tenants and landowners on the Idea of hav-' Iny .written, said T. Roy Reid, regional director. "A'muml moving from one farm to another costs the average tenant or sharecropper family ubmit SSO n year ami (lie landowner loses dlreilly or Indirectly at lenst the same amount, n survey O f die Nation reveals. Uy effedlng ||i e Ionics we believe that lenanls mid owners have saved nboul J l.GOO.OUO In Ihls region alone, if we use Iho national average as n basis for the estimate. "Saving of the money is Just one way of conserving the resource ol the tenants tmd Ihe landowners and one of Uic ninny benefits of Ihe written fnrm lease," said Mr. Held. "The lenses mean Unit llio tenant will be able to plant cover crops to conserve the rented soil arid lo c'uViuh H. Such n practice means Increased returns during the following years. To ihc landowner II .means thai his soil Is being well led—thiit fcrinily Is being reslored and not mined. if the tenant has a written lease on a farm for a period of a year— with the privilege of renewing It each year, (t provides nn inccii- 110LDE\^ERYTHINO - By Clyde Lewis 1 PAGE? FIVE- "if my liuslmiul llivi.s will, .you j,,.,i ignore him-hc USM f lo iry llml wjili me!" , tive for him to make his home taught, in the Jefferson County' " lo '<« attractive and inspires him' peculiar almosphere ol school, the she inn "obtain a biight-cyed children who bring her-work and it will ilowers and olher little gifts, the deserved .rest. Agricultural School at Union Churcli, Miss., and al Pearson School ill Jackson, Miss Sotne years ago Mr. Webster was stricken "with arthritis and has been In ill health since. Naturally, Mrs. Webster is thankful for the teachers retirement plan. It's pretty hard to save nny money for the future from a teacher's salary. The profession doesn't pay big money and by Ihe time you've paid living expenses there's nothing i c ft. But the rclivement act will provide a /measure ol sc- einily for (he future for her if part time her n well- j Cheating the Sun Several routine cases have been disposed of in immicipal cmirl during Hie past two days. Robert Jones wno was docketed on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, was found guilty of a charge of du, lurbing the peace. Simon p. Marshall was finer! ten dollars on a charge of pelit larceny. C. A. Montgomery was docketed State Opinion Defends Wife's Maiden Name 11A RTPO R D, C'omi. (UP)—A married woman is not compelled lo lake the surname of her h'ls band, according to an opinion of Harry I,. Brooks, assistant attorney general. The.opinion was in answer lo a query from the Stale Denial Commission whether it was proper tor a woman dentist to be Vegislercd In her maiden name. "We find married women luminaries in slatccraff, lileralnrc, science and the alls, but carrying on in their maiden names, and note no objection to married women so dotng. nor can we find any legal basis for such objection," Brooks wrote. "We doubt that there is such a thing as a legal name under our laws or that there is any mandate in our statutes! compelling a married woman lo take and to ei-e.iter achievements, to the- owner such care of the property mc.ins less repairs and n (creator income. • "In Mississippi county 2-1!) fn'riri families have written lenses, said Harold Spiccr, RR Supervisor. "We feel lhat the Flexible Farm Lease, which has been compiled by the Pann Security Administration, is one of (he easiest means of bringing about a belter utider- stnridlnn between Ihe owners and the tenants of. farm problems. We know from experience .thai 'boUi ; profit by having their nerccmciU in a written form. "Landowners In this county, who arc Interested in giving lenses to their tenants arc invited lo call or wril« the-Farm Security Ariminls- Iralion offices here," salrl Mr. Spi- ccr. "We have an amp leaves and we shall be „.,.„ lv „plain Ihe details lo Ihe owners ami Icnan' " There's Gold in Mini of Ohio Cree'k; si. Niiggci. Like Grain of Corh Agi-icultuval Item Is Center of 'C'b n t ro vc r sy In House WASHINGTON, May 23 (UPJ- 'I'hc house toddy moved toward a .showdown on -Its ecoiiouiy clilvc. Led by Ihc economy bloc, n arMm UBht to send the 51,218,650,011 iiBilciillmai approprliitlon bin back lo Ihe nnin-ourlnllous coinhiltlcc thei than lo rely on n schiHc house conference committee to «hUl(Q down the »B3,000,000 ndd- c\l bv the senate. 'flic house rules committee y'cs- lerday reported a proposal to KCIHI the bill to cbntcrcncc— Uic cus- iy practice, beiiiij lo send bills lo cfliifeiciicc by inianlinoua c'on- .scill but Rcpi'csciitntly'o CluVc'nce Cnimtn, chnhJiinn of the aRrlc'ul- Imol ,i|)|)iO|)rlfilloiis sub coniinlttec lold I ho mlcs commUlco thai lie could never «ct uimnlmom consent >f the measure, ICccnonn leaders contended Hint llio bill wci'o sent to conference Ihc house could not vote scp- <un',cly on senate mnciYdmenU In(he npproprlnllnn. Stray P up Pnma DORM '4 GtahJN&fe Headache , BOSTON (UP) '- A stray prlm\ ' donna pap. addicted V singing rot Its Eupiwr, gave ixrilce at (he Mat- npan station o. headache »hll e '-4 lemporary giicsC there. "3 tyf*, -SPeyHIo attempts • , -yo aempts moibfht police running' with loocl But mtei 'doitnfng the food, 'the pup began another aria, Mute food More ni^as. , I'Why police called it 'a 'day and stuffed their ears, uith cotton, OWBNSV1LLB, O. (UP)_There',s gold alonu the rock-strewn bed of Brushy Folk Creek on Iho farm of Edward Tllus in this ru^cd hill country an miles northeast of Cln- climntl and Titus hopes to llnd onoiiRh of it (o mate himself a small fortune. Prospectors havn been findlut,' .Ihe ycllou- moliil In small (luiinll- llcs ever slnco the lueitiorablu morning six years ngo lhat 'lltus noticed a filliil of n bright 'parttclo "This limy be the year," thev say. "The gold Is here. All we've Bol lo do Is find It," Named Assistant Attorney General near the water's ci!(;e w lill« slroll- IB with lils wife. "Quick, bi-injT mc „ j,,,,,]" i, u Osccola Society — Personal Aubrey Anderson, nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Anderson, became ill of an enr in- itcUon len days ago. He ! 3 nDW unproved but will be unable lo return to school this lerm. Black rings around eyes o( Mildred Black. Louisiana Stale Normal College co-cd—but rings ol value. She wears new eye- shades, developed by fellow- studcnl David Scolt, which work on principle ol camera lens- shade, allegedly cut out more than SO per cent ot light rays. harmful adopt the surname of her husband." Masonic Lodge Will Meet Wednesday Nighl Cbfckasaivlw Lodge, 134, will meet In regular convocati:n in (be Lorlgc Ifall Wednesday niglit at V M o'clock, il was announced i 3 . day by Nclll Heed, Wcrshlpdil Master. There v/'m be work in the Fellow Craft dc«rce, Mr. [iced said ns ho invited all visiting Mas6ns to attend. . handle Irirgc tiuantllics of gravel In a day's time can put the prospecting on a profitable basis, he believes. ..According to previous tests, the irnvcl ns;ays 10 cents lo $3 a cubic yard, bm TjtiK snya 'If! value soars as. high as 155 a ynr<( In good spots. The richest pan Tllus ever has taken out of Ihe creek con'titliicd :t5 goO;l -sized Hecks worth n dollar or two, The largest nuggcl was the slffl of n grain of corn, Neilher THus nor his friend, Meyer, has made any appreciable amount of money .since Ihcy began .working the discovery. They have sold most of It us sou veil lore n'nc'l samples lo business interests. Biit both or llie'ii'i arc optimistic about this year's prospects. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshes! Stock Ouarantccff Be. 1 ?! Price* iirby Drug Stores 1/ow Rales Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges , called. Titus scooped up a hnml- Inl of mud and |>laccd It in the pan. A few mlnules of shaking and there lay a hundred tiny specks ol I Bold. I The discovery aUrncicd wide at- 1 (ci)Uon and mimy men vMlort Owensvllle to seek the B old. /Muonu Uic (irst wns Kyle Meyer of Untu- vln, O., n friend of Titus and a machinery expert. Meyer rigged up a liume-'mado contraption to separate the gold particles from the mm). Later, business men from nil over the country brought the newest ideas in machinery for p| ice: mlnlni; near Titus' fnrm |and— iluicc boxes, ruckers and < stationary rllllcs. None worked lo complete satisfattlon. Several men from Cleveland me rnachlnciy which Is su salrl Mr. Spi- llrlll BlH8 machinery which Is sup- iplc supply of l )osc<l lo ''c «n improvement on the ie glad lo ex- "fluipmcnl used last.year. Iliit'Ii- le owners nml " ls ls doubtful about iUs efrecllvc- To Ask Millions Of Dollars Damages From Union and Individuals Cfclvert is the largest selling whiskey in the world Ins Is doubt fill about iUs e icss. Only a mnchlne which lvc- can 0 Jolm Uogyc, nfeove, nssislant counsel pt the S.E,C., wus nom- inaled by President Roosevelt'to succeed firicn McMahqn as As- .S-islant Atlornoy General. rtoKim' Ji.'is been active in liid S.EC in- vcslioallon of llio TrnnsamorJen Corporation, western inveslitiont firm. Foi/nded In _i«25 by Lothii'ii'e grandson of Charlemagne, the irril- vnrlly of J'nvln, In Italy, Is '(lie olciest Institution of lehr'nliig In Ihe world. Clintn'n L. liisram Jlldff. liiyl'licv'i'l'lr, AIUUN'SAJi and iMrsSOURI •J.'ITM! 'M'Ni'Ms. T1TLB. IX'SUKANCK. i'i'U COVIiHAGI-;. May M. ((/(>) -Republic Slecl Corporallon announced • today that It was nilnitn $7,SOO,000,000 dnmwc suit "gnLl Ihn COngi-csn.of lutl.usirial breni /allons,. the .Steel Workurs OiVa i n 1 !, c V mnll . li!t1 ' JoVl " L., Lewis, I'lil.l Mp Mlirrny iiiid plhoi-s 'as n s3°' ^ " I ' m '° SIUC1 " sll '' lke ii) '.'oniimiiy X'hhrfcd' Vhiit Its lorn of business mid extVhordlhnry expenses re-suHIng from the -jtrikc hud cost II $a,S()0,000. -H nslts tnrie- foltl iliiiunBCs, us provided .by (Ho Clnylon aiiti-lnist net. : H named '100 Individual strikers and iinlon officers In Olovo- Iniul. Youugslown, Warren, Nlles, Clinton mill Masslllin, nil („ Ohio ns.defcndnnts. ' Thp suit was to lie 'Illed In federal < llslrlet court here, it "shitl 'tliat iiiilnwfiil ads of force, Inllmltla- ilon, tlii-enls, vlclcnce, destruction of, properly, • Injury' to-titeiiis and cbstriicUon of commerce lo and from Ihe plnnls we're part of n con- splrncy tu comjicl the company lo sign a proposed collective bnrsnin- intr conlracl with (he S WOO" Cnlicn's "Itacnc" IILFXI . — 90 Proof—GS'/ a Grain Neutral Spirits... (j/livrri"Sj>ctiaf'ntfNDm W/IBUI- —3d l>roof—7!Xft Grain Aeulral Sfirilt. . . Cnpr, 1<)39 Calwl Distillers Carp', N. Y, C. WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices living lo Our tilyihevttlc or Gosncll Gin R. 0. HUGHES GIN CO. Of A BI6 COMPLETE LINE'/^-TON to 3-TON IN THE SAME f>mt BRACKET AS THE MWER ^J2 LOWEST-PRICED TRUCKS BIGGEST BODY FOR THE MONEY 78V Jt 48V Firsl National Tteuk B!dg, Ulylhcvillc, Ark. Authorized MOIJR;>J;C I.nan S'llicilors for Tlic I'niilcntlal Ihsursncc Company of Amcrira CLARENCE H. WILSON D 000R gives you the. longest wticethaso ...Hie ton/scsi hoJy, nnd the. only picku'p body widccttotigh. forslanHnrd 4-fl,-vvWepack- ages. It's the only Irnck with completely riis'l- proofefl body, cab, and olher enameled metal ...t!;e only.tine with supef-toiigli Amota Steel in vita! ihiils...aiid an engine especially designed for '/i-ton liaiiling 't6. iiisurq iiiaximuin performance and economy. Yet Dodge Is priced right between "iho other, two." Put Ihcm ;.sj(ic-hy-5ids,and ypu' tLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. RAY WORTHING'lUN MARKED TREE MOTOR CO., ,1 lI7-U9,Easl Main SI.' riione SSS AUTO SALES, Kwinett,

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