The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1944
Page 3
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^WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1JM4 iharge Oiiicer f ilh Shortage VPI Accounts Short 119,000; Army Major Accused By Auditor [RICHMOND, va, ( June 23 <UPI •A former faculty member, now a •ajor In the Army Atr Forces has "wncharged by the.Commonwealth Virginia with the $20,000 short- e In Virginia Polytechnic Insli- •te accounts. iTlic loss was revealed by an Jidlt of the Aeronautics Deparl- •ent ami Blacksburg Flying Serv- ''Recounts. Slate Auditor L Mc- fcrthy Downs lists, four charges kalnsl John H. Wright, former |reclor of the department: ipetting the Commonwealth to T>ue checks to "apparantly bona He" persons, who In turii cashed Be checks and turned the proceeds 1'er to Wright; buying equipment •id selling it to the state at grcat- w.. prices; selling stale-owned prop- |ty without turning the money er to tlie treasury, and that lii mncial transactions between the iacksbnrg Plying Service and the federal Government, lie "personally Inefited." [A special committee of the VPI Board of Visitors is considering |e charges brought against rlght. •Among incidents listed by Downs •as Wright's insistence to VPI •ilhorities that Federal Govcrn- •ent contracts necessitated buying I cabin airplane. The state comp- •ollcr issued a $12.000 check to ISt. Louis corporation to pay for lie'plane. Downs says that, it was •ter determined that the purchase |'ico to Wright was only $8,000. [efiatorial Race Jaims Interest i AM Four Candidates Down To Business Of Seeking Votes [LITTLE ROCK, June 2s <u.p.)— tiree candidates for U. S. Senior are preparing to formally open lielr campaigns and a fourth lans to appear in Little Rort this kek. I Mrs. Hatlie W. Caraway, seeking I third term in the U. S. Senate, 111 speak al Russelvillc tonight. [Governor Adkins will open his Inatoriiil campaign with a stale,- •ide radio address tomorrow nlelil 1 8:30 o'clock. • Congressman J. w. Fiilbright, Imdiftate for senator, will make formal opening in Fort Smith btiirday night. His address will •so be broadcast over n state-wide •dio hook-tip Solurday. IGoloncl T. H. Barton, who is luring the state with his Grand lie Opry, will have the radio •c/upe in Little Rock for a per- Irmance. Barton will also give a "•natal-Mi campaign speech tonight. ihoe Company [resented Deed b Plant Site I CAUUTIIERSVILLE, Mo., June 27 |At an honor luncheon, the Brown fcoe Company of tins city was tcn- -'red the deed to the factory site, lie luncheon occurring on the iac- Iry'.s 10th anniversary of opera- Ion In this city.. At the time the loiory began operations, the a-ite Jas pu'iniscd provided the facsovv Biyroll for the 10-year period ex- ledcd $750,000. At the luncheon. 1 Ictory officials slated the payroll |r, the 10 years would surpass the 1,000,000 mark. I Factory officials present Included l)hn Bush, president of Brown Shoe D.; Walter H. Ekin, general su- •n-intendcnl of the company .inri .ther of Hairy Ekin, local factory liperinlciidenl; Carl Parker, per- Imnel superintendent; John Mc- Irackef^ cost analyst; George I'.rong, concession manager, all of f.-, Louis; and Harry Ekin, local •ictory superintendent, and Earl •iinpson. department head who I arted when the factory first opened. I Elmer Pea! delivered the wclcom- ig address, and Bill Ciilbrcalh, •inlor Chamber of Commerce prcsi- ;nt, acted as master of ceremonies, beakers included Mr. Bush and Kr. Sampson. HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Oglesby As Told To Mcnno Ducrksen Discipline Pays, We Learn At Alder-shot, as we saw the regiment fill out am! begin to grow, it seemed almost like it child Qrowmu from infancy. Wo were supposed to be a Bren gtin order platoon but sit first we had a few Bren guns, no Broil gun curriers at all, no trucks and in fact it seemed as though we )m<! nothing with which to fight such an'Army as the Germans hiul at that time. ' As a recruit J resolved to be * And I was battling "a handicap too! for the American .volunteersbad acquired a bad reputation hi Britain. Many of them sickened and tired of the thing right quick when the early enthusiasms and tho newness of the thing wore oil. Even back In Canada they had been deserting Sergrt. Oglesby " n(i goi " 6 b:lck and Canadian governments had never tried to' prosecute any of the men nnd had let them go. but to the British and Canadian people il had looked bad, especially for volunlccrs, I Visit Headquarters I was sent to headquarters and taken before the company commander. Major Hayhurst, In civil- Ian life lie had been a dentist. He was a crack officer and a marksman, haling won the Bismay cup for his shooting. "I see you arc an American," he said, "and I think your patriotism is very high to bring you over here to fight. I am going to put you lit a platoon where you will get. a chance to show the men of the Canadian forces what you arc." He said nothing about deserting but I could feel what lie was thinking. I decided that here was one American volunteer who would stay with 1 them. On my first leave I went, to Luton, Befordshire, to see friends l had met in Canada and who had come across. People everywhere were most friendly and tried to do everything for us. I remember a lady on the street a complete stranger, calling out, "Hello, Canada, is there anything we can do for you?" it made me feel good Inside to knew that people were so friendly. I was having a grand time on leave, visiting friends, taking their little boy to the zoo, and looking the country over, but I kept hearing about the great Battle for Brl- ,tain which at that^tlmc was raging in fun*Tufyr"~You could Hear the planes overhead and in the dls- nien had finished cleaning the!equipment they were marched Into the field just for n few minutes, long enough to dirty up (lie equipment and make another cleaning job necessary. "Uisdplhifi 1'aj.s" Sometimes the men resented this rigid discipline and complained about it. Capt. McCorkcll was aware of tills and culled the men together one day. "Men." he said. "I know what you have been thinking and saying. You think I am not a good soldier because I inn too tough on you. But someday, when you sec action, you will sec that I am right and that discipline pays." And despite his tough (.mining the men learned to love Capt. McCorkell at the same lime they were hating him. Any of .them could 1 -go to him with their troubles or fo:- advice and he was never too tireil to listen to them. Thus, wlille the men grumbled and complained, they were nonetheless proud to have him for a company commander and we re, pro lid of the brisk, company they wcVc"mimi- bers. of. It took Dieppe to 'prove Capt. McGorkell was right, for I, hate to think of the panic the men might have gone Into If it hadn't been for their rigid training. TOMORROW: An unpleasant incident. Conner/ To Operate CARUTHERSV1LU5, Mo., June 28 — The Cariitliersville scliool- comiiiunity cannery will be supervised this year by Mrs. John S. While. The cannery will operate each week day except Saturday, from 8 a. m. until 5 p. m. Those using the cannery will li c .required to bring their own cans and vegetable.';, iinti do their own work. A charge of two cents per can will lie assessed, to defray operation expenses. Notice of Sale of Personal 1'ropcrly and Real Estate. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator" of the estate of Lela Blythc, deceased, will on the 20lh day of- July, 1944 IM- tween the hours of-9:00 o'clock In i'iaiii;a uvLTucita ana in me <iis- »"*•*-" "•»• num.-, in -u:uu OCIOCK in tance, toward London, you .could thc fore rinon and 3:00 o'clock in tile hear the rumble of exploding bombs. [ Rftc rnoon offer for sale at the On the day it was reported that 185 dwellf ng house which is located at planes had been shot down over; No - 218 Eilst Davis Avenue in the London I decided it was time for citj ' 0( E'ythcvillc, Arkansas at Ifamed Scouf Executive I CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., June 27 •J. P. "Pnt" Patterson of this city •as been appointed field executive IT the Southeast Missouri Cotm-- I Lot Boy Scouts of America for lemiscot and New Madrid coun- Ie>, replacing Lcland Whytc, who •as resigned and taken employ- lent in Detroit' Mr. Patterson is •oS> In New York City for a special •coul Training course. I'emJscot Hearing Goal In Fifth War Loon Drive J CARUTHERSVILLE Mo., June •l—The Fifth War Loan Drive in •emlscot County is about 75 per• mt subscribed, according to an •tinouncement made this week by • arold S. Jones, county drive lialrnw* 1 TownsVulch have over-silbscrlb- their quotas include Caruthors- Ille, Stccle, Peach Orchard, and Ihule Sixteen. |Dr. J. L Guard Optomefr/st at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main me to get back to my training. I had enjoyed my leave, but I was ready ,'to go back to work. ' Equipment At I,asl Back at my base I found thnt some new carriers had arrived and the platoon was being split into sections for carrier training. Three men made a Bren gun carrier and each .man had to learn all three jobs. We learned to be driver, Bren gunner and carrier commander. We were taught that each man, in his position, was vitally important, and thai like the horseshoe nail which lost a kingdom, any one of us men If we failed ir. our duty, might be responsible for the loss of a carrier, a platoon, a company and finally might be responsible for a whole battle lost. Under our company commander, Capt. McCorkcll, training was rigid and discipline was strict. Before him his father had been a soldier and a rigid disciplinarian. Capt,. McCorkle was proud of his father. He too, was plenty tough, and insisted on plenty of spit and polish. Buttons and brass hnd to be kept shinect, guns nnd gas masks had to 5"WARIOAN Buy Invasion Bonds Spend what you save using Shibley's Best Flour. public auction to the highest bidder the following described real cstnlc and personal property: Lot No. 13 in Block No. a of the Highland Place Addition to the City of Blythevilie, Arkansas, and one lot of household goods contained In the dwelling • Up to $30 in cash and doe car- to/il of HumKo qivon io ifudio audience participants. • Tlier»'i comedy, muile, and in- ' formal eMerlainmenl for tho cn- t!r« family. Today and Eveiy Monday, Wednesday & Friday Over Tin KunKo Mld-Soulh Network STATION if DMt-NUMBER WJDX, lacVson, His 1300 WMC, Memphis, Tenn. ,., 790 WHS, I«ckson, Tenn. ,,, (390 KARK, Little Rock, Ark., , 920 WCBM, Oreenwooif, Miss, , IZ40 5;30 P.M. Guy Gean's SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer Big Tent Now Located Across From Nu-Way Laundry Afternoon and Nile Sessions SPECIAL For A Few Days 1 CASE COCA COLA And 75c Roltle Phillips 66 Furniture Polish—Both 1.39 Bring Your Empty Bottles POTTER'S STATEUNE SERVICE STATION BLYTOEViLLB (AjRS.); SOURIBR »E,V?B ho\isc slliuileil niion the nbove (tesciibed lot. The personal property will be soM to the highest bidder for cush, The pcrsonul property will llvsl 1» oircr- ed by scpnrnlc items mul bids received Ihcrefor. If ufler bids Jmve been received on the sepunitc Items nny person sluill offer for :ill of said pcrsonnl |>roperty HH amount ercntcr tlmn the iiKKi'CBnlc nniounls bill for iill of the separate items, such bid .vlll be accepted nnd the prouoity >old to such hlgliesl bidder. The real cstnte will be .sold to the highest and best bidder upon a crccl- t of three months, the purchaser Iwlng required to execute bond with ipprovcd security to secure the nuy- uent of his bid. Said sale will be made for tnc JUi|»se of paying (lie dobl« of said •stute under the luithorlty of mi or- Icr of the Probate Court for the ;iilckHsnwb!i District of Mlssisslj)))! bounty. Arkansas rendered on June H, 10>M. MAliCUS EV.'?Arm, Adnilnlstiiitor. OJ28 fc 7|5 Notice of Sale. (Arkansas). Notice Is hereby Riven tlml the undersigned morlgmjec In a mort|>ni;e executed by Jnincs Spence to lli» United States on the 21 day of March, 19-H and duly Hied in the ofilcc of the Recorder in nnd for Mississippi Counly, Arkansas; the snkl James Spence having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under (he laws of the Slate of Arkansas; piirsuunt to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of thsj Slate of Arkansas, will on the 20 day of June, 19-14 between the hours nf fl o'clock in the forenoon nnd 5 o'clock In the afternoon of said dale, at, Mlssco, 9 miles West of Wilson, :n Ine County or Mississippi, state of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the fallowing described Diopeity, to-wll: 2 Brown Horse Mules, l Brawn Jersey Cow, 2 liog.i 1 John Deere Cultivator, l John Deere Middle-busier, l John Deere Turning Plow, l John Deere Wiigun, I Oliver Planter. Witness my hand this the; 21 day of June, 1041. United States of America. By Robert W Downs, FSA Supervisor, Notice of Sale. (Arkansas). Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee In a mortgage executed by Joe Beck to the United States on the 24th day of March, la-i-l and duly (lied In the office of Ihc Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said Joe Beck having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption miner (he laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the nforcmenltoncch mortgage, mul by the laws of the Stale of Arkansas, will on the 29 day of June, 1944, between the hours of 0 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of snld date, nt Missco, 9 miles West of Wilson, in the Comity of Mississippi, Stale of Arkansas, offci for sale to the highest nnd best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: 2 bay Mares 1 Yellow Jersey Cow, l Black and white spotted brood sow, 1 John Dccre Ctjltlvntor,.! John Deere Mid- dlcbusler, l Oliver Planter, l John Deere Wagon. 1 JHC Turning Plow I Link Harrow, 2 collars and 2 sets of plow gear. Witness my hand this the 27 day of June. 19«, United States of America, By Robert. W Downs, PSA Supervisor. Notice of Sjile. (Arkmtsns). Note Is hereby given (hut the undersigned morlgiigi-c In „ « W rt g( , B c executed by John Smith to the Untied Slates oil the 411, day of Ajirtt. 1011 mul duly llltd In HID ofllce of the Recorder In nnd for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the suld John Smith having waived nil rights of up. liralsement.saiG and redemption mi- der Ihe laws of Iho State of Arkansas; pursuant to the iKnvors granted under tho terms of the aforementioned umitnage, and by the laws of the Slule of Arkansas, will Wl (| )c 20 day of June, 194.1, between the hours of 9 o'clock |,, ,|, e forenoon nnd 5 o'clock In the afternoon of snld dale, «t Mlssco, fl ml. west of Wilson, In Iho Counly of Mississippi Slalo of Arkim.sns, o/Tpr for snle to Ihe highest and best bidder for cash Hie following described properly (o- wlti -2 bay horse mules, l John Deere I'lanter, 1 John Deere Cultivator, l Shopmade Harrow. I Aven Mlddlebnsler, ] IHO Turning i>i (w ' 1 Avery Double Shovel, 1 1I1C Double Shovel, )>arllnl set of harness Witness my hand Ihls Ihe 27 day of June, 1944, United Slnlcs o| America. By Robert W. Downs VS!\ Supervisor. Notice of Sale. (Arkansas). Noll« Is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee In a mortgage rxenilMi by Charles Kills Mlllnwny to the United States on the IStii dnv of April, lO-n ami duly llled In the office of the Recorder In nnd for Mississippi Comity, Arkansas; Ihe said Charles Kills Milloway having waived nil rights of appraisement, snle and redemption under the IHWS of the Stale of Arkansas; pursuiiut io the powers granted under Ihc terms nf the aforementioned mortgage and by the laws of Hie Stale of Arkansas, will on the 23 day of June. 1944, between the hours of » nVIork in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of snid date, nt. Mlsseo. 9 miles West of Wilson. In Ihc Counly of Mississippi, Stale of Arkansas, offer for* sale to Ihc lilghcM, and best bidder, tor cash, tht> following described property, to-wlt: 2 Morse Mules, l Jersey Cow, 2 rolls 5-fuol poultry, wire, 1 roll of 2-polnt barbed wire, 1 shopmade Harrow, 1 Cultivator, 1 Wagon, l Avery busier, 1 TIIC Turning Plow. 1 Double Shovel 1 Avery Planter, l Streaker, 1 Cooker' 2 collars ami 2 sets plow gear. Witness my hand this the 27 day of June, 1914, United Stales of America, By Robert W. Downs, PSA Ku- pcrvisoi. PAGE THttEft Notice of Sale. (Arkansas). Notice Is hereby given tlml the undersigned mortgagee in n mortgage excculcd by C. C. Alsiip to the United Slates on the .|(h day of April. 1044 mid duly nicd In the office nf the Recorder In and for Mississippi County. Arkansas; the said C. C Alsup having waived all rights of apprnlse- niont, sale and redemption under the laws of the state of Arkansas; pur suanl to the powers granted uncle, the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of (h-j Stale of Arkansas, will on the 211 day offline, IfM-l, between the hour} of 0 olclock In the forenoon and r. o'clock; In the afternoon of saw RHEUMATIC PAIN H<!d'ml Sptll ,,„, OI,_Q,| ,i,,, | t Ho . Don t put off setting C-2223 to relieve pain of nmwiilur rlicnmiillsin and other rheumatic; pahiH. Cuiitian: Use only 113 directed, IjiiHlo liurchiise prico back If not satisfied COc and $1,00. Today, buy C-2m FR/ENDS FOR DR. PEPPER HE THtWKS •T WILL \ HIM POPULAR (lule, nt Mlssco, fl miles West of Wilson, in Ihc Counly of Mississippi, Hlitle nf Arkansas, offer for side to Iho highest bidder for cash, I lie ( 0 |. ImvliiK described property, (o-wlt- 2 Horse Mules, I lied Cow, I Jolii) IJwi'8 Wagon, 1 Avoi'jr Breaking Plow, l Mulluo Middlobuslcr, i Awry G'lilllvulor, 1 Avery Plnnter, 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear, Witness my Imtul tills the 'it day of June, 1914, United States of Ainei-- leu. Hy Kobert W. Downs, PSA Supervisor. Mississippi, state O f Arkansas, oftcr for snle t« Die highest mid best bld- der for cash, llio following described property, to-wll: l J31 II(! namo M ulc 1 Black Horse Mule, 1 Jersey Cow 1 Ciu-twrlghl Wagon, l Cultivator' John Deere Planter, 1 Bhopmadc Harrow, a pjirllnl .sets plow gear. Witness my hnnd Ibis the 27 day of June, 101-1, United Stales of America by Hobeit w. Downs, FSA Supervl- DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blytherllle, Ark. I'hon« 2S21 Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MF.G. CO. Ulythcvillc, Ark. Notice of Sale, (Arkansas). Notice Is hereby given that (!iu undersigned noilgngei! In n mortgage exeeuled by W. C. Oni'iier to the Unllotl Stales on the 10 day of March, lo-l-t >»<! <m)y llled In the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi Counly, Arkansas; the snld W. C. .lamer having waived all rights of mpriil.wim'iil, snle and redemption uider Ihe laws of (he Stale of Ai 1 - .-Hiisiis. will on tint 29 day of June, "J-ll, between (lie hours nf i) o'clock n Iho forenoon mid [> o'clock hi Hie iflvriuion of snld dale, at Mlssco 0 niles \ of Wilson, In the Comity if Mississippi, stale of Arkansas -Hci' for wile In the highest mid best sldder for cash, Ihe following de- erlbed prnpeily, lo-wll: a Ciray 'lorsc Mules, l lied Jersey Cow, 1 A'ht IJrott'ii Jersey Heifer, l niack- Hrood Sow. 1 John Deere Wagon, 1 Avery Middle-buster, l 1110 I'liinter, I 1HCJ Turning Plow, I Avery Cul- llviilor, 1 DIG Dniiblo .Shovel I Shopmiide Ihurow, 1 Single Stock. Witness my hnnd this Ihe '31 day of June, ifl-l-t, United Slales of America, lly Holx-i-t w. Downs, r'HA Supervisor. Notice «r Sale, (Arkansas). Nollco Is hereby given Ihul tin; uiwVralgned mortgagee in a mmlgagc executed by Clarenri! II. Jiidison in tlio Unll- C'tl Sillies on Ihe 7th day of April 1941 ami duly filed In Iho ofilcc of Ihe Recorder in and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; Iho said Cliircncc II. Jackson having waived all lights of appraisement, sale mid redemption under Ihe laws of the state of Arkansas; pursuant Io (he powers ijrnnled under the terms ol tho ufiireiuentloneii mortgage, and by the IHWK of the Stale ol Arkansas will on Iho 2!) day of June, io.|.|, } x . Iween the hours oi 9 u'cloek In Ihc forcnmin and f> o'clock In the aflnr- nonn of snld date, at Mlssco. 9 miles Westof Wilson, In Iho County of N O T 1 C K Notice Is hereby given that the midnr.slgncd will within tiie time fixed by law apply to iho Commissioner of Ket'cmics of the Stale of Arkansas for a permit' to K ell beer Ml retail ,,t 400 W. Ash, Ulyllicvllle, Mississippi County. The undersigned states thai ho Is a cllken of Arkansas, of good moral character, (hat lie has never been convicted of a felony or ( ,ther crime. Involving moral turpitude' that no license In sell beer by die undersigned luis Iwcn revoked within live years lasl pasl; and |l m i, the undersigned lm, s aavct i mu C0|| . vlclcd of violating the laws of Ihls shite, or any «||ior alula, relnllnir Io tlio sale of alcoholic liquors »''• ». ». Thornton. Subscribed and sworn (o before me this 27 day of June. lo"i. ... ,. Oscar Alexander ">»"". , , Notary I'ubllc, My commission expires 3|14-1945, N O T 1 (! E Notice Is hereby given thai (he undersigned will wllhln Ihc time 'Ixert by law apply to the Commissioner of Kcvcnues ol Ihc Stale of Arkansas for n permit Io sell beer nl retail at Gateway * Hose 81,. lilylhcvlllc, Mississippi Counly Tho nndeiiilgned slates that ho is n of Arkansas, of good immi! character, Unit ho has never been convicted of a felony ( ,r other crlmo Involving moral lurplludo; that uo license to sell beer by the uuder- slifned has been revoked wllhln live yonrs lasl pusl; and thai Iho undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of Ihls stale or any olhcr slate, relating (o the Kiilo of iilcoliollu Ifcpuirs. D , „ Oenrgo Wilson. biiljsctllrcd mid swnrn (o beloie me this 21 day of June, i(U.|, ... , Oscar Alexander tf * ml1 Notary Pnblle. My commission expires :i|M|19ia WARNING ORDER'- < ' fit tho Chancery Court, Chtekfuiaw* ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Tony Slurgess,.Plaintiff, , ' " vs. No. 8840 Jenny May sturgcs, Defendant. The defendant Jenny May Slur- f ges Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- tilt Tony Sturgcs. Dated this 13 day of June, 1944 HARVEY MOflRfS, Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. C. Virgil Ch-conc, Ally, for Pltf. ' I,. E. Goldman, Ally, ad r,lU>m. When seen us a crescent, the iwnnel Venus seems brighter to us. tlmn when the complete disc la visible. - • Political Announcements Tti« Courier New* DM bem «H thorlzcd to announce the followlM . candidacies, lubject to tb« DMBO* ' oratlo primary in Auctut: BTATK KKI'RESENTATiyi ALENE WORT) (for re-election, Post No. 1) W. J. WONDEHLIOH (for re-election, Post No, 1) J. LEG DEARDBN (for rc-elcctlon, Post No. I) LUOIEN E. COLEMAH B. O, "OENK" PLEEMAN (Post No. 4) rilOSKCUTING ATTORNEY ' IVIB O. SPENCER ' MARCUS FIETZ (For Re-election) SHERIFF AND COLUOTOB HALE JAOKflON (for re-eleotlon) W. W. (BUDDY) WAT80H COUNTY TREASURES R. B. (BREED 8TOTT MI83 DELLA PTJRTL1 cocrm moat ROLAND QUEEN (for re-olcctlon) mVKilll' II. IILACKWOOO ' CIRCUIT COURT CLEKK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for rc-ckction) W omen's Hose 51 Guage Very Sheer 1 .22 (MMIT— ONKI'AIH) 45 Guage Sheers ... 1.08 42 Guage. Mesh . . ,, .1.18 ,', 42 Guage Semi-Sheers ... 1.01 42 Guage, Out-Sizes 1.08 42 Guage Extra-Long .... 1.08 — Tlmsc hose arc in nil Iho new Summer .sluulus. Choose yours whiles bi/ca arc in slock I Women's and Children's ANKLETS 25c 35c 39c A laiye selection In cotton and niyon. All wanted colors. Huarachos 2.45 Slr.cs- for women and children. Women' PLAY SHOES 2-95 3,50 3.95 Medium, low, flat heels. White, Iwlgc, red, blnck, blue, green. \ Women's White WASHABLE HANDBAGS I 95 A largo selection at this price. Buy An EXTRA BOND In June! Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Phone 2342

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