The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTIIKYir.LK. (AUK.! COIJ1UE!! NKWS Zuppke and Lowly Illini Writer Warns Big Ten That j Illinois Has Been Great Giant Killer. BY L. S. Harry) MarPHAH, ; National Football Rctcrcf | Things oren't going so well at tl^ ' University of Illinois this full. | Ab- ut every five years they twvo i n disastrous teason nl Clintniinlgn. The Army Is eager lor the opportunity to <rRFe bluer memories o! prevkus encounters wl'.h the Illini. \ The material at Illinois Is very ordinary except for a tew like Bev- . ry. Yariuskus and Captain Hobln- | son. This year's squad Is com]x>scd • of rophom-rcs and 1023 reserves. As a result, Illinois was beaten by Northwestern and Michigan. In splt> of all this, don't be In too much of a hnrry to "count 10" on Illinois tills rcnson'. Glance back over the records first, And pay particular . attention to the lean years at Illinois and to the iwr- fTinanccs of her mediocre teams. In 1916, Illinois did not cut any figure in the Conference race. Minnesota had one of the mightiest teams tl» West ever saw anil defeated To\va, Wisconsin and Chicago by a combined score of 170 t^ 0- No football critic has been able to explain how that Illinois outfit, defeated th.~ Gophers H to 9. In 1921, Ohio State- hadn't lost ft single same. Illinois had failed to win a single Conference contest. In the final game Oln'T Slat} was a cineh and the Bold footballs emblematic of (be championship had been ordered. Final score: Illinois 7, Ohio State 0, and 'another Buctoye championship dream I shattered! | In 1922, a hopeless nutnt from | Champalen handed Wisconsin an 1 unexpected Jolt. In 1925, the- Illini i were defeated by Nebraska, Iowa j and Michigan in turn, only to go East and whip Pennsylvania, conquerors of Yale and Chicago and undefeated for two years In the East, 24 to 2. • • • No matter how ordinary tr-tf material, nor how disastrous the season. In some one game the Illini rose to the heights, played football that was little short of llv: heroic, and accomplished the impossible. That's a football tradition ai Illinois/ and It has been Influenced in its development by a forceful personality- Wherewith is introduced, In this corner, at HO pounds, '"Fighting Dob" Znppkv. The ability to inspire ordinary riaterlal to perform "way over its head" up'n occasions, is the mark ct a great football coach. And In that one particular the All-Time All-Amcrican Is little Hcrr Kuppke. himself, der Burgoiralstcr von Champaign. \VED.\KSIUY. XOVKMRKR r, BRUSHING UP SPORTS Woodivorth of Northwestern, n guard, doesn't use a. headgear. . . Tom Lleb, former line coach nl Notre Dame, says tlml Is how Cannon won All-America honors lasl year . . . but we saw Camion tackle about a dozen guys behind the line . . and still think we'd have seen him even IT he ha<l been wear- Ing a headgear . . . Duke Slater, the famous old Iowa tackle, Is playing wllh the Chicago Cardinals pro team this senson. . . and he has plenty of .cot- ball lell. In his system-, loo. . . Victorio Campolo eiliier spilled the beans or he was kidding when he arrived nl his South American homo the other day with the word that ho was- going to fight Stribling at Miami this winter . . . The rumor that Freddie Lliulslrom may be traded by McGravv is more than just chatter. ALONE OF SAILED OUT OF BoSTcM Ori k VOVAGE AROUSiD T^E 6eTs IGNALS BV LIP READING Pop! Gor.s Stanford! things have been hap- nrnhiK on the, gentle reader, wlwrc 1 the once mighty Slanfard 'ooltall team coached by Pup Wav- \ IM i~ v/us exploded toy Howard Joni'.s' I Trojans the other day like a child '. i.Mi:sts (in empty candy sack. I Til'; 41 to 12 drubbing admin- , id by Southern California was ' tl ' '.\cjrsl. defeat u team of Pop's has ; 1 HI-tallied in 30 years. as nearly as 1 i an remember. I think it was in ' ! 1WXJ that one of Pup's teams al j 1 Carlisle was belled out of the p:c- liire by Cf liimbla, 40 lo 12. * * • Is Pop All Wroiif;? I-up may have mack; a few mistakes In his career. It may have! been wrong for him to call in the niwrlcrs and lei! them before tlw BiiiiK' with U. S C. that this tenm w;is the dumbest lot of clucks he j m-r rnaclicd, adding that only tl 1 -.; ! Tio)a::s exceeded them in intellectual b.ishliilness. It never has a very i-nliiiary offccl u|»u football play- ' ! t-is lo dt'cHire them dumb or broad: ,-ast that they lack the necessary i llj:htlni: qualities. ! Hut 1 cannot help thinking Pop j .•-ixike tin- truth about the 1930 Stanford team. In llw game 3i;uinst U. S. C.. the Stanford line- i nit'ii did no 1 , light, 1 am told, and ' nut only that, but appeared to be ' j f lightened, al their opiwnents-j ,1-iiEht is a vi-iy bad substitule for! little. He should have said Hint ilu-y call the forward wall, where i:nvv anil then hnpalitcness Is glaringly apparent. * * * Too Darned Smart I liih'.k, however, that Pop might h-.ire exi>and?d on his remarks a link-, line should have said tlmt per year per athlete, it was dis- inis year's Stanford team Is com- covered, the sums being borrowed from a fund set up for the psor but noble grid performer. * » * . What .Might Have Been The Farrohs and the Papr-s who were charged wit-h professionalism The Higher They Go WIFE 'GUARDS CONDUCTOK LONDON, IUP>— A buss conductor testified In court his wife was so Jealous she rode for hours on his, buss to prevent him from becom- • Ing overly friendly with women passengers. ROADS [WORTH S20D.OM RALEIGH,' N. C. (UP)—The North Carolina highway system, knkown the world over, is valued al approximately $200,000 by Chas. Ross, highway commission attorney. The state has an 8,197-intle system. Even Zuppke's, entrance intc this world was colorful and dramatic. His, parsnls, residents rl Milwaukee, were rclurnlnirfroni a trip to I w n n mosl O f t i, D colm i y Fcal Australia where Zupp made his first t omls connected by paved or hard unexpected move. They stopped t'.ie | surface roads, beat. Herr Znppke was born in Germany. . I STARTS BOW AND AKltOW Zupp has been (iccuscd of being HUNT conceited. Pcssibly this Is because UT1CA, N. Y. (UP)—Armed only Zupp believes in himself and likes with bow and arrow. Dr. P. A. Mc- to talk. During breakfast last fall Alpln of Utica plans to invade the Adlronrtacks next month in quest I of deer. Dr. McAlpin will be one of young men r.a smart that they are dumb football players. 'That may sound paradoxical, but j it tan be explained. Autnit three years a(;6 Stanford 1 passed the ruling that only 350 '.Irc-shmen would be admitted an-' mijilly. including Ihe ladles. Tries.:; olhcr u ig Teil , ., r ,! • ?'" , u "P cr !loowlng back regretfully these- days nothing like tem)! of their classes in IUBM | a i tlie college athletic cITorts.V/lmt " saps they were! Instead of playing in the Big Ten. they could have gone to the Bij Six and put themselves away up in the bucks. Kansas wns ston"rl out of the Big Six the other day because I31g Jim Dansch. hardworking backlield artisan. ' was athletes. Big umbrella firms an' said to be advancing halfbacks and quarterbacks as -much stipend Big Jim receives for his future surance clforts. » « « Taking Chances Umbrella manufacturers are i shortly after the close of the tea- son, he discussed with me cnUsge . faculties, Robert Zuppkc. the Nor- of n party of eight. He hopes to die man, the national parks, Bob convince his companions of the j practicability of bow and arrow hunting. sci:ool during the tour years they ' .r.tontlcd high school. Stanford is iio>v operating In. the third year of ; that system, and, while things are : i.i::iiH along swimmingly in the sci- Vnf labcratories and cngincerin!; 1 closes, the gridiron isn't so hot. .Stiinford is improving the brain LM:IS of a number of smart young • -uple, no doubt, but it seems thai these intellectual giants do not rn.ikc good football platers. It is j hem? discovered that smart stu- cicnt-; nnkc dumb gridiron heroes, if .sudi can be. lvre are two kinds of football plnycis. it seems. There are fool- ball players who are students, and there arc students who are football! ulny.:rs. Pop has his hands full of i a squad of students who are fool- ball players. And they can't- seem to nuke Old Pop's wizardry work, iljybe they are too imaginative. . ' Iduring the Iowa cmbroi;Mo with the j gamblers, too. Look at, Ihe drought s must beiwc had last summer. But there's having faith in the college boys. Besides, who knows. Ihere may be somewhere on the coast a 200-pound fullback who i- a born umbrella salesman. The umbrella people can't afford to pass up polcntinl live wires. It might, strike you as odd that the umbrella and insurance people never are exposed or criticised HOME THEATRE WEDNESDAY 'MGHT Smith - Willis Stock Company presents 'What Anne Brought Home' A Comedy Drama. charged with receiving S15 per .for paying the leader in the trigo- month for his toil. Of course Ihe Jioiiielry class n little somtHhin" stipend Big Jim received was said to have been paid by an insurance firm in consideration of policies that view of what he may do liter leaving dear old Oglewash. But , that can be explained very easily, j numboi Big Jim would sell after his college You have to have some football ex- j days were over. '- perience to sell Insurance. As for Whal gamblers these insurance umbrellas, well who wants nn um- pnople must be! • .brella when it Isn't raining? A real okl -fashioned home comedy, filled with huigh.-, U vo potions and a goodly of tense moments with - . Vaudeville—Orciu*tni btlwetjii acts— ; i Kansas Loyal Kansas, we are told, sticks to her employes, too. Last year when Iowa was shown the gate, she washed her hands of the crime by detaching herself from the sullying influ- It is estimated that there are be'-on 7IK1.COO and 1,000,030 trappers In America at present. How WARNING OltDEH J. \I. Russell is warned to appeal- in the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the cause there pending wherein Peoples Building Loan Association is s>lainiiff and Tho-gamo isn't leap Iroz; it's football ihe way some of the boys on the. coast play It. This photo shows Herman Metller, Santa Clara's star h'a'lfbsck, trying to go over (lu> top of '"Mc«sc" Garrity, California fullback, "so he c«n get at, "Hank" Shaldach, California passer. . Judfeinjc from this plcliu-e, Shalciach musl have got his pass .-.tarted all right. ' ' ' ' ence of the money-grabbin? foot- About Union Scale For ! ball players. The Paces and Ihs Gridiron Heroes 1 .' ! Farrohs were bade "Scram!" But . There ought to be some sort, of : bleeding Kansas has announced standard scale for halfbacks, ends, that, Big Six or no Big Six, Big tackles and centers who die for: Jim will play, dear old Oglewash. Maybe the Suppose an insurance firm does American Federation of Labor could want to pay Big Jim a little J. M. Russell and Pauline Hussel! do something about it. j something in advance for the in- are defendants. Last year. Iowa_was rudely jolt- : surance he's going to sell after Witness my hand as clerk of said 'he leaves Ihe halls of Kansas? ' court, and the seal thereof, on this What does Kansas care about: lath day of October, 1930. tliat? i W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. Out on the coast, loo, it is said | By Harvey Morris!'D. C. the pay scale is higher than that i Reid. Evrard & Henderson, Iowa was accused of using for her ! Attorneys for P'-lntifT. .\'ot an idle moment. Show starts at 7:30 — with pictures—8:lo—play stai Is. Adm.—25 and 50e. ed out of the Big Ten. It seems that' Iowa had been retarding her rapes ^nnd Farrohs and olher heroes of | the gridiron with trilling pecun- j I lary emoluments from time (o time.' These sunis ranged from S15 to SM Zuppfce, painting in oils. Kiuitc Recline, the heavyweight wrostlcrs, Confuscius, prohibition, and — our h-st ran out of wheat cakes before Zupp came to a semicolon. Zupp's language Is unconventional. A little dialect adds a touch of humor. H? delights in wisecracks. Zuppie's personality in football is expressed in the nttact. He rlis- likei the obvious, prefers hidden ball plays lo power, rev?ls in strategy and deception. Away back in Ifl'H. at Oak Park High, Zupp flashed a passing attack featuring lateral, backward and forward passes that was intricate and beautifully execuled, and yiiars ahead of the development of the game -in the colleges. You never can tell about Herr Zuppke. You never can be sure ab-.ut the Illini with Zuppke at Ihe helrri. An army of football rcouts saw Northwestern and Michigan defeat the Illini with case. But Army, Chicago and Ohio State had better not rely too much upon Uie CAVERN IS rOFULAK CARLSBAD, N M. .tUP)—Cav- ern visitors during last month are expected to far exceed in number the tolal of 8.532 who wont be- j nealh the ground during the same month In 1929. CHRYSLER SIX RITZ THEATER Last Time Today A WONDERFUL PFCTURK Does One Woman? Slip Make a Bail LOSES LONG CHANCE ; LONDON, lOPi- What was, r>- j scribed by the coroner as a "mili'.oii to one" chance caused the death' of Miss Olive Hope Noble, 22. of' laughing gas poisoning during an . ear operation. i DIES STANDING UP CWM CARN. <Moninouthsliirc>, Eng., (UP)—Henry Boxall, an old- age pensioner, wat fo'.ind drowned standing upright in a canal lock here. r WORKMAN SI-OILS BEER LIVERPOOL. Eng.. iUP)— Four thousand g.UiOiu o[ beer hi a vat .,„,..„ | Into which n workman lell, \\ere repels of thu football scouts about po HKd into ,,.. e Klver Mc . those games. ' '• One thing you can der^nd upon. Zupp will te pointing for somebody. The annoying thing Is that It's herd to tell jui.t which way' Herr Zuppke points, and when. FfN raiNTSHOP ENLARGED 'AUSTIN, Tex. tUP)— Enbrgc- ment' of a sniall print shop In i'-e T«M sUte prison at Huntsvill- hrf> been ordered. Prison Maiiajjt Lee Simmons lias visions of in- maxlfig It to take care of all stal; printing for which hundreds o 1 thousands of dollars are cxpectec annually. AUSTIN, Tex. (UP>— Twelvedayr unrestr»in«4 production of Texa available oU stcrage facilities it oil fields would nil every bit o' the United SUUs, U. R. Pcnr chiirman of a state committee or oil pro ration, told the state com mission here. Cutting gaTOlinc pric es will not stimulate conRinnptlon Xthft MM! : TChen Wishing Won't up, f. o. b. factory Record Low Prices MaJe STILL LOWER! A Chrysler Six at present reduced prices marks an altogether new record in six-cylinder automobile value. Think of Chrysler performance, Chrysler smartness and Chrysler quality being offered at such low prices—in i Chrysler Six that has the advantages of all the newer developments of Chrysler progress over the first famous Chrysler Six that six years ago j sold for more than twice today's prices. j Today's Chrysler Six has a 62 - horsepower high-compression Chrysler engine mounted on rubber; I'o-thcrm pistuns; iou.-. 1 swung perfectly-balanced chassis; self-adjusting spring shackles, hydraulic shock absorbers; (mict nil-steel bodies of dreadnought strength; safe, sure, internal hydraulic brakes. Here is value never before obtainable even in a Chrysler. CHRYSLER SIX PRICKS: Couf>e $745; Touring$785;Ro.itlster 1785; Royal Coupe $785; f Door, ^-Window Royal Sedan f?95- Allpricts f. o. b. factory {uirc whtel tquipment extra). Fowler Motor Co. Riylhevillc, Ark. The Final Solution How Locally. E££ect Thursday Paper Details Vfe From tht Harvard !'ri: . by Clevcs Kinkeatl. :A Vital, lrerncmlim< , that will j,'ri]> your :-;• I make yoiiv |jiilsi> -,; •).., Novelty Reels — jFksta—;iiui Cm 1 !;., : Case. Adni. Matinee---In -m atul lav Spanish Coming— Sunday —Walter Hustin VIRTUOUS SIX." mug in Memphis State. ; Monday in "TIIK Now run_ I,OHVH<

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