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Modesto, California
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FAOE MODESTO SKPT. 1P3J Confesses Kotf 4S, plrlurrd below, ii to hive teiifttwwd ViUlnc axed niunMi tu hex ruomlnr house at in ubirh twelve men have ditxt jnyiilferiomiiy in recent ynurs. State ComtiiBder Calli For Qovarntasat Bonds To Provide Employment (Continued From Page 1) sons, and point out their un-Ajner- icsn actions," McNamara said, BUSOTESS SESSION'S LONG BEACH. Cat. Sept 1--OPS -riiitecdlng the thlr- ittnth annual convention of the Callfomja Department of American Legion, settled down to consideration of serious buslcexa Tired and weary from parUeipat- ios' to s- colorful four-hoar parade yalfcrday afternoon and slaying ap after midnight to witness the competition between drum and corps from all parts of state, the delegates faced iJiree seulons to-day.

Eearller in tie day U. S. Senator Johnson delivered a sUrrinfr address to the convention delegated in which be criticized the govern ment for what he termed its fail ure to deal vigorously, with the un employment He said tha if conditions STOW worse this Win to "no alibi will satisfy the American people." Protection Vital as much the duty of tiir government to protect the. people internal disorder and strife, he said, aa It IB to protect them a foreign foe. Gcarhart, state com.

the delegates thai seven to eight million-cf our 'people jobless we must not waste time In gathering statistics or pretty, yellow-back pamphlets." Following IB Commander Gaar- discussion of the. unemployment problem: of the most Important ol problems, If not the one of Importance, Is that of With seven to eight millions of our' people Jobless ---asking'for notbinY.but a chance -to work--we face a Winter of aad -want for thousands 'not only for men, but for -women and innocent chit "We" must not waste time' In 'gathering'statistics or data, for yretly. yellow-back 'pamphlets. Jobs iSatut Jobs must be faced "by ah armed anemy 'acrpas the teas, we did heiltate, but: raised "COCflOO.OOO 'and threw 6very cent of thit sum Into' the bal. Muit Be Daring '1n the.

crisis of this day, we must not jbe. It has been suggested' by a noted pub" billions of dollars raised; tn'rpngh the Issuancefof Kovefninajt bonds, aiid that the fcjoney procured be distributed Jobless r'i 1 services-' the form of 'rendered in fiBe.buItdlng of. public This -'seenis to offer" hope of jcertaln success. the adoption of this or a iiimllar. plan, we will soon return to 'normalcy.

Prosperity jts napplMsn aad contentment Tand bless pur land," -'SThe'X'pmen's auxiliary of the' legion' adapted national defense, pensions widows of World War veterans universal draft for all Americans age. Hotel Men Favor Dry Lavv Changes Sept of tba Volstead act to permit sale of light wines and beer 'under-, governmental control: was recommended In a vote taken to- the Sacramento Hotel Men's Association. Ten hotel men voted favorably oh a motion placed by Edwin 'JV Bedell and the members said they w.ould ask. the etate organization to do likewise. The motion" 1s to be carried to 'the National Hotel Men's Association.

Alleged Members Of Kidnap Gang Jailed Sept. -Three men, believed to be other members-oJ, the'gang'which kld- M. Rosenthal, -young millionaire broker of Lawrence, held him prisoner seventeen days, were arrested Sn Manhattan to-day. 'Foar alleged members of the gang had. already been arrested to-day, two-in Neward, N.

and in Atlantic City. San Francisco Egg And Butter Market SAN -FRANCISCO, Sept. --Wholesale producers prices: Butter--95 score, 29o; SO score. 37c. crmle.

0. a No. extras 28'Ac; U. S. No.

I extras -(medium), 23'4c; U. S. No. 1 extras (small), 14VC. i SAN FHAKCISCOj Sept.

1 Butterfat, t. o. b. S(fn Francisco 31c. fancy riut Me: Oregon triplets, (It ihoula be noted that to 6 the San Francisco price of butter fat the dalnrren must bring protSuce to the express office, an- pay to San BYanoJsco SAN'FRANCISCO, Sept.

1. (Spc- clal)--Potalutas paying Oloan 25o; dirty extra 23c; mediums. 13c; poawoes, lOc chex I5c. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1--Quotations to retail trade by Poultry Prorttiesrg Association of Central California! Tjarira Former Modesto Man In Trouble Over Leg Wound FRESNO, in a city nearly 100 miles fit-in Ms town to get fhot by the police to-day wu the cause of a say the least, situation was shot in tho ifg Formation Of Improvement Friday nioralns when ht ran fjwaj District Considered; i aviators from a aiif-gt-d tius iir.ur.ty by (Modesto Drum Corps Fails To Place In Finals' 1 II I ft I A 11 I I i "ail and di-pu-y Thf lirum am) Lui-lo corps of Mo-; Is-hi-iiUs had foi the fsto Post No 74.

Anieiiriin IrfRlon.I to qualify for the dais K'AviatOrS Involved In Ship-; who iiailfd iiim Cost Large Chitiatowi. Yesterday the police weie to tit EKiwuing home whsre thti iIms for vounsr man and his fEtiier, B. T. 1 Piping of latfral Mo. 4 of tht- Uo- Downlne, were In nolwsoms dpeio IrrlKatlon DUi-li-i within in.

agrtcmcnt. It the troy-i-iiv "-muni ble was that county ho 6 pltuli cll refuted further to tiejit Uie youth's gunshot wound because lie bad not iived here two years. HK former residence wu Uodecto. The Downing withed thftjifsernoon" boy to return to Modesto for treat-j Tentative plans for -i ment. but since the Injured you! sipellne wa unable to walk a block he posed a hike.

The squabble mu settled tern Jjjials tt the Mate competitioa a Krfcfll JIondEiv. Post Mu. 15 of Corning; plhrrd firit in cliu.ri with Brrr.a: Jino Post third. Witt-1' ment Of Planes For Chinese Rebel Group ANGELES. 1- Isouvjllv and Santa Cruz josts tiedi couiny jail, federal ai.thoritic'.

1 t)ie third jilact nr.d Monlcrry Penin-! If Indicated that a thor- t't'l 1 a period of api'ioxiinau-ly yeaii. at a joint of city officials and Irrigation aUitlet directors Mondey SHOI IN BAM Ventura Officers Wounded In Gun Fight With Automobile Thieves VENTURA, Sept. One man was killed and two officers were wounded in a running battle with two automobile thieves near Oxnard to-day. William Mojrls. 29.

former San Francisco sailor, was shot lo death and Cmidd Hall, 27. San Francisco, was captured and charged with assault with attempt to murder. Chief of Police. Joe Kerrlck of Jxriard with two other police ot- 'icers In one car and Sheriffs 3eputles William Clark abd Wll- lam fitly tar. In another gave chase a speeding automobile without Ights.

Kerrlck fired at the tires and Morris and Hall, later Idcnti- ied as the ''bccup'ants of the spced- ng car, which had been stolen, re- urned the fire, wounding Kerrlck the right leg. After nearly a score of shots were ixchanged the two men stopped heir machine and fled on foot aorris, already wounded, was shot hrongh the heart as he ran. Hall was. captured an hour later In a field. Ho had talk.

Three Youths Jailed By Stockton Police STOCKTON, Sept. 'ouths, one of whom escaped from he School of Industry at lone, were jailed' here to4y on charges, of Officers, art conliriuinir their iftveati- determine if the trio was mplicatBti )n a series of five drug; tore holdups recently. Tho men are Edward Da Leon. L. Rogers, 24,.

and George Russell, 19, Preston school scape. A charge of highway robbery has ieen placed against them by James dassio, who claims the trio took lim for a ride Thursday, evening tnd robbed.Jiini of his clothes and money, beat him arid left' him onscious in the dry bed of the Calaveras River near the College of he Pacific. i iporarfly by taking him in a poli to the city emergency hospital but to-day the young man we wondering how he would be ab; to continue treatment on his lei. (since the family is virtually 1m i poverlched neither the city no county health agencies appeara en thuelastlc about treating him- Farm Board Called 'Huge, Costly Lemon (Continued From Page 1) greatest number, which is tho object of all government" Problem Of Belief The problem of form relief, said, has been dealt with in eon gress not aa the farmer wanted handled, but as "tl9 city men decided it must be hsadled. Th farmers asked for the equallzatlo fee.

They ssked for the debentur plan. Instead they were given th huge' and costly lemon, the farm board, for which they did hot ask. Sptaklng of the proposal to reduce acreage and prevent crop sur pluses, he said: "I am apt saving that It shoul not Be done. But I point out that I Is easier said than done, and tha It has its disadvantages." Commenting on. the tariff, Gov Pinohot said he was ''a protection 1st, but the.

kind of tariff I believ in Is one whose good effects ap pear not only In the profit! of cap! tal and in the wages of labor, bu also In the returns uf the farmer The government has foreotten tha our country cannot prosper unles tha farmer not only produces wel but sells his crops well, and live well with, his family on the farm It is high time to keen that centre fact in mind." Sale Of Ship Lines To Dollar Directec Tho shipping board to-day directed the Merchant Fleet Corporation and the general-council to negotiate i contract with the Chapman-Do! lar-Dawson Pacific steani ship Interests for the sale of the United Stales lines. The contract as negotiated Ihalrman O'Connor salu, will presented to the board for Sip ne proval beiore final 'execution. O'Conn6r refused amplify -Shis statement, but it was interpreted as meaning the RooEevelt-Intcrna iional Mercantile Marine interests las -been eliminated in competition. 'or control of the lines. ADDRESSES REALTORS Legislature pertaining to real es- ate was discussed by Assemblyman B.

H. Zion at a luncheon of the Modesto Real Estate Board in the iotel Modesto Tuesday noon. Zion mswered questions asked by members of the board. William P. Andrews.

president, presided. ihelve their propoied customs un- on. it was discloted on higb au- hority to-day. The decision may be announced before The Hague court's verdict on the legality of the union, expected Saturday, is made public. Pormer Bank Aide' Sought As Robber LOS ANGELES, Sept.

A farmer employq of a I-os Anpeles bank was sought by deputy ihorlffQ and private detectives to- lay s.i the suspected leader of tho hree bandits who yesterday took 61..000 from the'Belvedere branch Security First National Slayer Confesses; Man In Jail 23 Years To Go Free 111., Sept L--(IF)-A erey-haircd life term prisoner sobbed and pressed a four- leafed clover to trembling lips yesterday when prison officials told him "it was probably all a mistake" and that he might soon go'free. JCBSB Lucas brolte down pletely when told another' man bad confessed on his death bed to tho murder for which Lucas was sentenced twenty-thrca yaars ago. "I mustn't be too sure, 1 mustn't bo 'too sure," the prisoner murmured. "Twice the pnrole board said they would let ma out if I would confers to the mnT- der and both times I Insisted I was Innocent" "I can't bcficvo It until I the sky from outside prison walls i again." Lucas had plucked the clover from the prison greenhouse. He works there aa a trusty.

"No, I don't bear any animosity toward George Pond," he said, "and if I do get out I'm going buck to Mount Cit.rmel where 1 have a lot of friends who have stuck by mo these twenty-three years. always believed somehow that I'd be cleared, but I didn't think the real murderer would confess." Lucas Is 64 now. Ho 31 when he was committed. He was sentenced after conviction for the murdur of Clydo Show-alter, Mount Carmcl stock buyer, slain In 1005. Continuous Concrete Pipe Guaranteed front Sluts 24-Inch, 80-Inch, 39-Inch ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK Give Too Figure" H.

Johanson CEMENT CONTRACTOR 701 Street TorlocJi P. 0. Box SIS fhara Tnrlock ,2591 I C4SE'EN A a i .00 HP HERE'S more real vailue in these fine shirts than we've since 1921, They're made by a house specializing on better shirts for boys at moderate prices, SIZES 11 TO PLATO'S I EstM 1879 Jft Clolhes ne will be drawn up by Frank Rossi, cily and P. J. Van ninklt.

Irrlcatlon tnglnetr. It was said the approximate cost ol ciping the inside the city would run Into "many thousands of dollars." formation of an Improvement district In the territory near the ditch was brought UD. This would relievi ihc Irrigation district and the city of the burden of expense and place it on the persons residing near tho canal. It was pointed out that 7600 feet of the ditch Is Inside tht city. City Engineer Rossi said Tuesday that several new bridges have to be built across the ditch this year and the joint i.ieet!njr was called to discuss the advisability of piping the water under the streets.

Pipe that could he connected with the other sections in the suliv Post No. 43 wju, fifth. Olhfr awards In ihc drill anil buck- corps cvinprlllion follow: Class A drum fcr.d FirU, South Par-aden corps: a Post, last ct jjlot in ship flgbtlnp Hlrj.lani-s from lln- Uniu-J Stalt-a- lu tht- rfvolutu-n- nry government in South Chlnu to be made by them. The federal investlsation. it was c-nt American onii.

i5aywood Pc-st; third. Riverside fourtli. Post- fifth. Los AnKtli-s Diitrict. and sixth, San Jose Post.

PoaiUe act of conspiracy neutrality laws, convi-ntion; event the project is would be used. out City officials who attended the meeting included Mayor L. L. Dennett, City Attorney and Rossi. J.

Carlson Japanese Speaks Before Rotary Club Minoni TIno, secretaiy-'of the Japanese consulate general at San Francisco, spoke on Mutual Trade Relations Of Japan And The United States at a luncheon of the Modesto Rotary Club In the Hotel Hudson Tuesday noon. Dr. A. Ball was program clmirmana. The club decided to sponsor the Rotary troupe of acrobats in the city playground circus on September 10 and II.

The group save an pxliihition at the Juncheon. Germany, Austria May Abandon Union BERLIN, Sept. 1- and Austria -Germany agreed if the Bank. ADAMS DENIES GUILT Harry M. Adams, Modesto fiirni- ure storage plant operator, pleaded not jruHty to a charge the said pertained to alleged nonpayment of wages when arraigned Judge B.

C. Hawkins 1 court Tues- ay. Adams' trial was set for Sep- cmber 17 and hall was fixed at 150. The complaining witness Is Marjorle Crooks, 4K Colorado Ave- uie, Modesto. FKATERN1TY TO MEET Members of the Phi Sigma Chi Ftaternity will meet in the homo Loyal Hawke, treasurer of the Spsilon Pi Chapter of the organ- zation, on McHenry and Almond venues at 8 o'clock Wednesday 'Plans for a Fall dnce, cntetlvely set for October 10, will ie discussed.

FRESNO. SepL aid Bureau)--With heavy shipments arriving in the eastern grape market centers, prices on all v'a- rictles of California grapes took a sharp drop yesterday, the losses from Fridays' levels ranaiii? from cents to 27 cents per sackace. Thompsons lost 17 cents to average J1.62 per package; Malagas brought J1.42, down 4 cents' To- kays, at 52.02 per package, were 27 cents under Friday's price; Reii Malagas lost 17 cents to average S1.69; Alicantes averaged $1.13. off 27 cents; Zinfandels brought 85 cents, down 12 cents; Riblers averaged $1.89, a loss of 14 cents and Cornichons sold for 51.20 per package. A lota! of 161 cars cf grapes arrived in the eastern markets Sunday compared Saturday and Friday.

There the tracks Sunday, and 137 unloaded. The avlaicrs in custody are Floyd N. Ehumker and Winston B. Hall. They arreted yesterday on a telegraphic order fron; San Frar.clsco.

Issued by Superior Judge L. Harris. The arrests were made in connection with a civil suit brought by Julian S. I. IJang, a Chinese agent, to recover S101.S60.

the judge ordering the two men to post bonds of $25,000 each before being granted liberty. Cash Seized Liang entered suit for account- Ing and demanded return of the sum on the ground that Shumaker and Hall failed to complete their agrsement. Approximately S7S.OOO In cash was seized by deputy sheriffs yesterday when it arrived here by express, consigned to the two of live linff thrir of thf fcjrcf- with Llsujf. 1 tsiti thc-lr niovrinents secrecy bt-rause no repul.tblt ufacturi-r wo'jld fjpjO" piant-s NOTICE WATER CONSUMERS The heavy demands upon the city water system make it necessary to enforce City Ordinance No. 124, which provides that water not be used for irrigation except as follows a a June 1 and October 1.

Properties on even num: bereii side of street may use the water on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and on odd numbered side of streets on Tuesdays' Thursdays and Saturdays. Properties on either side of street may use water on Sundays. ij By order of the City Couu- Ij eil of the City of Modesto. H. E.

GSAGG, City Clerk. Healthy Teeth, Promote Generc Good Health Mar.y IvJily 131s. which in years were at- tiihuiPd TD vital organs of ilio body, have btt-n found 10 hvf orlsJr.atrd in the I have coinc to ri-'ilize ihis and at tht iirt of a nervous, rundown condition, ihc-y in- into mouth hygienf. AJ: of your TfriJ: now may prevent serious ills in fyiuie. Os JUa Schroeder DENTIST Modeita Tbealer Phone 7S3 Kvenintfs by Appointment to sixty-two cars eighty-seven cars were 101 cars on Negroes Establish Free Job Bureau! In an attempt to help city authorities take care of the anticipated unemployment situation this Winter, a fres employment bureau fcr Negroes was established at meeting In the Clinton A.

M. B. Zton Church, 1024 Fourth Street. Monday evening. John Fowler Los Angeles president of the California United Progressive League, an organization for the purpose of finding.

employment for Negroes, was" the speaker at the meeting. A committee to register those seeking employment was appointed. Members include Rev. Jackson of the M. E.

Zion Church. president; Rev. S. E. Knox of the 3aptist Church, vice president; M.

Robinson Baker, secretary and Rev. P. E. Edwards, treaaurcr. iiw; Banks Closed; President In Flight HARRISON.

Sept 1-- (JP Nine banks in as tho A. T. Arkansas, known Hudspcth chain, closed to-day soon after Prosecut- njr Attomev Jack Holt received a elter bearing Hudspcth's name, vhlch said ho assumed responsibility tor their condition, and is in print, I'll The le-itor bore the postmark of 3t. Paul. Minn.

Holt took steps to call the srand iury .0 consider it. AcijregHtc deposits of the closed wert estimated by the state tank department at $2.000,000. The losing left only one bank in two counties. irtdcd "when this be in CanarJa." Start the Month Right! Many Are Preparing for Winter Phone 347 Safety First 9th MOBESTOFUELCO. CAN BE PURCHASED ON BUDGET PLAN No water to lift no tubs to empty.

Fits any size laundry tub. Gin be left there permanently or removed after using, as you wish. No bolts. No clamps. The Steinart Rile-Way Washer is not a miniature toas'hcr.

The capacity depends on the size of your lauharn tub winch in mmt cases is larger than the regular ulashins machine. 917 Eye Street Phone 1474 Modesto P10CIY i PICCLY 1 PICCI.Y i JWCLY Featuring Tuesday Afternoon and Wednesday PICCLY WICCLY CARNATION WHEAT FLAKES LARGE PKG KRAFT'S rimenlo, American, Swiss, Vclveete BEST FOODS GOLD MEDAL Mayonnaise 23 PINT JAE. WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP LARGE OMNY MacMARR MILK 6 MAZOLA OIL FINEST miJLLITT MEATS TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND WEDNESDAY BABY BEEF STEAKS, Sirloin, rib or round. LAMB CHOPS ibs. (ioniilno spring Iamb, HAMBURGER, lb Fresh ground, () cereal.

LEAN BEEP STEW, lb No bone or To 1'inloct Our Customers Wo Ucsorvc Iho niRht To Mnill EACON, half or whole, lb Fryo's Wld Uosc. BACON SQUARES, Eastern Stipar cured. PURE LARD. 4 Ibs. Strictly fresh--whito nasnow.

PEANUT BUTTER, 0. P. C. In bulk. ISc Wednesday, Thursday nnd Friday SALMON By the piece to bake, lb Sliced to fry, lb 186 Strictly fresh.

HALIBUT By the piece to bake, Sliced to fry, lb 23i TIGGLY WIGGLY Sffiffi OF MODESTO.

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