The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 24, IfM!) BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NfNI 11 Accused Reds Begin Testifying Federal Judge Again Denies Request tor *l* Dismissal of Charges NEW YOUK. May li-1—M'I—Kiev- en ton US. Communist leaders op eneri "their defense yesterday afte Federal Judge Harold H Medim refused t o di.siniss consptrac charges ns'aipst them John W. dates, editor of Hi Daily Worker and one of the del endants. was the first defense wit ness to take the stand. Gates and the others tire charee with eon.sphing to advocate 11 overthrow of the United Ktali Government. The Roveriiment rested its ca last Thursday after 123 days of evidence and argument. JuclRC Medina on Friday denied a defense motion for a mistrial. He repeated the denial yesterday. Also denied were motions for ae- nuilinl. for dismissal on grounds of insufficient proof antl to strike out testimony c.iven hv imdeicover a- tfents planted In Communist ranks bv the PHI Gates. 3f>-year-uld York Clly. said he has been editor of the Daily Worker sine" Ifl-ll, He was born Saul Rci:eiislieif. he testified, hut legally changed his nanu' In 1032. ^ Impressed With Itrds IF lie was the son of Polish-lion ' immitjiaiits who were naturalii'.ed American Citizens, he added. Gates said thai ns a boy he letl fellow-students 'it a Man!>-*tlan Public School "in nledcitif* allegiance to the United States at assembly periods." He f-ained scholastic honors as a boy, he testified, won essay cou- lesls. sold newsnapers and "even \voikcd for a Judge onre." Gates said he first flirted with Communism as a lfi-vear-ol(l slu-i dcnl at Ihe Cilv Collece of New' Seatt/e Po/ice Experimental Camp Provides Alcoholics with a Chance Instead of a Cell Hy 1'rcil '/.avattrro MCA Staff Corrf siunulent S K ATTl.K. Wash. — INEAI — What most of these men need Is 1 diiinee. That's pnu'.tlnUly all they •ver needed. And we're here to give. t to them." said .Seattle. I'oliee Korncant Ross Burr. The men are nlchollc*. nml the ehanee Seattle police are giving them Ls a sentence at Hie department's rehabilitation camp the Ouwaunsh Vulley instead of In jail --a chance that today leads to joos for many of the men. One of the first to l>e organized l>y a municipal police force, Seattle's camp is an experiment in the correction of one of today's major social problems- chromnlc alcoholism. Although most police and medical authorities agree II Is a disease, intoxication is sill! classified as a crime by city and state statulcs. Sealtie found that nearlv 70 per cent of the police effort and expense was being devoted lo combatting chronic alcoholism. Hut nothing was received in return. Men were picked lip off the streets and senteced to jail. Alter lying in a cell from 10 lo 90 days, thev were released lo go on another bender. Police decided to do somelhlnB , constructive to end this usless York. He repd Comm"nlst hooks and . lj]11( , anrt lhc cuy - s attended debates In which Reds took part, he exnlained. Later, Gales testified, a senior student. Max Weiss, was suspended from eoll-L'e nflni- he onenlv oiwiscd compulsory military I raining. Communists sprang to We'ss' defense j and dates said this so impressed j him that he joined fie Young Com- GM Announces econd $10-$40 Auto Price Cuts OKTKO1T, May 21. r.-Vi- (leuerul olots CToiluinititin yi'.sli'i'itny im- lUiH'cd n $111 lo fid reilnetlim in e prli-cs of nil its piissenpei ul tnu'ks. elfeelive Inuni'dliilely. Tin- pi'h'o reductions were <;M's L:(HK! in nil lines of pi^seiiKer cur.s llie lust thiw months. On Koh i (lir company icilnced pas* ir prices $l(i lo sin und trlnmu'il nek piic'C.s tlmuuvmd by us LI s $15(1 Lu some lines. Yc'Meidny's aniiouiu'eiiK'llt emu urn C K. WilMin. Cleneval Mnkns ro.sidi'nl, \vhi) s:ikl the price re- itrtlim cnineidul \vlth a ilnwnwiil (I (Ljnsljiionl im cast of living nUo\v- ices 1*1 In 1 piild dnvllln the next Inee inonlhs i><: ciM's $:tU.WO ull- Hile hourly ruled find snliiricti ein- itoyes. ap Smugglers Take Much But Bring Little me Inlc- nul of JH[);LII as fliiiince mtnl.slry UK' simiKtllUK 0|>- rnlnistly sMi! Illegal l:i]>!in In l ; Vhruuvy "liniint us" were jiusl half mch. mil Lm'luded i uleii.Ml.s. chUiuwiue. hl- lexulcs. inedieluc.s und loois nr.hl in Inclnded ML^.II'. >er, nil, leal her, lexlimes m'mcy. The Dnwamish Valley camp was opened last year on land donated munist League in 1931. by the Seattle Police Athletic Association and financed by supluf funds from Ihi-r city departments It was Muffed bv carefully selected Dolicc officers with special training handling alcoholics. Fifty prison- Ri-luiliililatlon camp inmates are aide's experiment. Oiililiuir nork siral ability. Jiibt ufteu m called patients, not prlsoni'is. in Sr- (aliuve) is assicned mi liasK ul lihy- iien wln-n they leave t'iiin|i. (licliiw.) Hollywood ('mitlmii-d hum page II. nil IVIib.h sli. mid mv: "I round il I silile In he Delilah !>>' ilay ami ;MulhiT Hldkli.ird »lien \ ^ol home a( ulclil." CiMitMiy I'tck. once ci.l up mole k\'.i\>. llnin » \vutei nil-Inn M 11 kills' picnic l»y IliillnuxKl's slndlos. hus ; only live more dims In dn brlovc licciiiniiitt 11 Ire*' man. | He owes Wainel Hriilllers Hun i and M-G-M line. A! incseni lie's ciiinplcHiiK li's deal with Vox t» "Twelvi- O'nnrl: HlKll " Clinics llie day lic.s live lie Mil s lie'll iiull llw unifies for n year ol two mill llrmi itji a Dload'Aily s1in;e play. He ti»!il me-. "1 miss ll.osc nndiencCK out nl." ye Is tlie name o! town In England, aa aacUol \Vlille 11 inse nmuimu'r- lu, ;ni|K'in1mi'HL u.-. I he Nnvy. Mllttlieu I, Sullivan wlio rcntly with a liliisl "I Kei'ie- u| Deli'tiM- .]ohi)'on Cm hall- auk im I hi' Nuvy's super :ili- cinller. IM' Whe]iilolol. regarded as friends and advison. Given a balanced, healthy diet and regular hours, they were soon In good physical condition; Since a chronic alcoholic usually surfers sUiri'd to normal heallh beEu enpi-d. he now has a chnurc to talk it over with a sympallu'lU' advisor. Ollen the answer to some distiubiiiK question, and some concrete help in solving it. Is all that i al no Navy Ottering 8-Week Training for New Men MEMPHIS. Mny 24— iA\— T h e Navy u'anls to give 100 men in the mid-South area eight-weeks taste of Navy life this summer—all expenses paid The Naval Air Reserve Training Unit at the Nnval Air Station here announced plans to give selected men with no previous military experience athletic traln'n«f and the "feel" of the Navy and Naval Avia- . •rs, all serving from 00 to 90 days for drnnkencss. were moved to the camp. There the designation became "patients." For the length of their sentences. the men lived and worked, not under a jailer but with men they and escape thumnh lunger necessary. other .ispccl.s of his problem can l)e I when the fiisl tironp's M nlcnces solved. The men ale nol erKldled' tieared an end. unions ami welfare ner handled as crrins children, aucncles weie cimlaclcil for Jol) They have vigorous outdoor work lo perform in kecpinp; ivitl 1 their condition. After physical reconditioning comes mental' rehabilitation. Kach man is Interviewed and qtn'Mioiied concerning his needs and problems. If he has a family problem, is out of work, or feels physically handi- Buttoned Up Singapore's "Dying House" Checked; Now Requires Doctor, Nurse's Care SINGAPORE— i.'l'i The door nev- the ailini; one up (lie u«ly steps will or shuts on a "dying house" in appear at his side. Then, this sl- Singapore's Sago Lane. lent fellow will lift the body over Once iti.sidc a "House of Great his shoulders and carry It down- Suffering", as the Chinese call the stairs lo I he T, altina morgue. He nightmare institution, ciaht ol ev- has done the same for ytais. in a coffin.! their sentences loday often liave j waitillM for them when thry UIE discharged. They go [lolll camp U work. len arrivals go out A joint ho.spital-moi'tuary. this product of ati aticient yui>ei'stiiioii and vmspeakablc honsing contiitions in Singapore's Chinatown Is a hi>me misery und human despair. Centuries ayo, Chitie.-se legend grew thsl death in a house lured bad luck to it for all time. Today the chief tenant.--; (sub-letters^ of the ci'owdeti wooden buildings that hundred.--; of thousands call he 'it- drive out all -Aho seem at death's door. There is nothing to 'top them from i;oing to a government hospital to die, but the Chinese inherently distrust western institutions Almost a half century nuo. the , first dyinn house WHS .started as the i result of lack of dfreiH housmp In i Hf). they are cvpn mnre u M a^lc necessity. The housing shortiiRe has becon^ nu>re rt eu I r. The British ijovermnei^t of this crown colony has sought .somehow (o lessen the IIOITOF of these j houses. It has set up a licensing ,sys- [ Icm, ordering daily vislls by phy- I ! sit-inns, a nurse [or rvrry four in- j j mnte.s. clcam-v promises ami the : ; name nf "Sick Receiving Houses." j The dying pay S4.75 for n mom- | tnt o r a month stsiy. There Wu't j much profit from the sick loom. ! However, the operator srlls The cof- with their rules and regulations fins the wreaths, the flowers, joss j There is always Sago Lane, a half j .sticks*, and paper, tile candles anO j dozen or so houses whose doors hundreds or other filings required are ever open und whose rules are fo| . a Cn | ncse funeral. He gets his very few. share of the pay to the corpse- And when a man dies, the same j d,.,,..^,^ brass tamls. gong and stocks' fellow who sal so stolidly j CJ . mLKll orchestras, as well as the' PIANO TUNING and REPAIR The (inly I'LltlTX"! TUNINt; by STKOIKH'OXN between Memphis and SI. I.iiuis. WHY TAKi: I.KHS THAN TIIK BliST'.' RADIO REPAIR I un all modi-Is xantl makes— dour liv a I.IOI'.NSKD rt-pai e\|ierl—i;Vi:i(V .101! (illAlt ANTi:i:i). WHY I'AV MOItl I'dlt LESS? Music Ir.struments and Supplies An>'Ihiii^ frnni ;i pi< k U h;is-, vuilin. Sheet music, ret, onJs—jusl rvurylhing. BROOKS Music Store 1(17 10. Main — Tel. «I i;all slu-et ronfllsion: 1JKO ootnm' u new Tim Holt led. "Trouble in Texas." One ill ,- villains Is Cilcn McCarthy 'bill i relation lo the mllHonun e). M MEN WHO KNOW BOURBON PREFER ANCIENT AGE •Say It ... With FlowM* THE FLOWER SHOP •;; illcncoc Hulldlnt Phone 4491 at 2741 SKCKKT (it Rothrock's EXPERT Proscription Si'i'vicc ROTHROCK D.'dG CO riioxf. lira MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH 'Vexl! CliHiuiel CatfUh Tiled Chlckfii Hmi*l Purli Kn.isl Heel Clilrkrn * Sttntk A , Three nm»ln( Gnvy Special HOI IXKiS Sp«eiol 15C CI.UH Sli:,\K. FK. FRIES IS* Clinl«- •f-B.mts A Sirloin. friends Meet and Kal" the NIC'.dE STAND Vickie Salibn, Crop. 10:i W. Main ul ARC-'! Venetian Blinds of at the open door waiting to help lion. The Navy will pay the men S75 a month and rurimh their uniforms meals and quarters for the two months. All the Navy asks Ls that lhc men be over 17. free dining the period from Jnne nib to August llth. and in good physical condition. D.umy Ka,ve sports the pcarl- butlon suit and cap that was given him by Mr. and Mrs. Bert Malthews, England's "Pearly King and Queen." in London. The Hollywood comic became an honorary member of East London's "royal" coslermonger families. Read Courici eiens Wanl Ads STEEL BUILDINGS I Have At All Times For Sale both new and used J h*vc luhn Deert- Fa rim 11 t-nrd and ulhci m;ikes 1 now have nrw Ford Ir^rtors and eci»ipmcnr rrad> loi delivery at dealers pric« I will Irarfe lor mnst anvlhlnc TOO have. Terms can t>* arranged. Sec F. C. CROWE 1 mile south ol tttaKgadoclo, Mo £L_^_: frut«>CI»«r D«»i»n lion dances. Such clean Venellan liliiids! Dust skids rigM oil Ktf^fl- Ttiis aluminuiti hcnils f(Jf ([tiick hrnsli^nis, simps hack inlu [icrfeel shape! l.iKhlcr, eiisicr lo opcrtile. Am! the licatiiy lasts! J'lwMit: finish wnn'l eliip or ctnt:k. FU-xn- linn i« fireproof, ru&t-|ni>i)f, v. collier-proof. Ciintfint-nifulf. only, Co mo ctitiusc from henniiEut col- errs . .. lirin^ window nica.i- t.ustinn - niiulr inily. Come 'Imnsf I ram licaiifirul coinr9 .;isk fin csthn:itr willnml BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Inc. \V II Tease .1. WilMMi llriiry Su. lliiv:i.v 01 Phone '£43 rl 1. Ill Im!. S* » . ntn nip .,'llr I'l 111 l> In. I'll (111 l«n ll»| 1 All.irol \»c i> nit Mv.ll v ...even Mli|ilr dl.ip. ind. lliii Sii.iiuhl VMiiili lv lli.iiilinn . . . nrn si . . distilled, iii.ilinrd in ilii. ( i.inmnnvM'.iUI in \t,.-. liti;ll M. mil. ml. \i" GUARANTEED SERVICE ON lonschnld • Air Ciminierciiil • Kailins—ItiTort) \\'aslifi-s • (las i We 1'ii-k Up * Deliver ( BACKS -IttOlT TAKINI I In- 111 nttlnn, IOOM oxford th«l itorK tiut "hug the ankt« M !• n snup HIU) comturtabie Kerc. Fbt- e*t H'ork ftt reMAonnbLe eoct. ANCIENT AGE ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. IIHI-^liK W Main I'll.insj iOI ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DOKTCHSOY NO. 2 SKKJ) ROYUKANS Re flciuietl. Ti'sti'd and Titled. I'UIC'B 12.75 Per I'.Hi) Stivhwin Support Price !)!)',« I'arity. sn.vlirans per acre hv |i]a[itlox Durlchsoy No. I, 'tu Ssuc lly BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1S(10 Wost Aliiiii I'hnnc 85H-857 WORLD'S LARGEST-SELLING 5-YUR-OLD STRdlGin KENIUCKr BUURBON imiiHT IOUHON mmr.[* IUIOOF ANCIINIACS DIVllltlNti (0.. irlUKFQJT, KT. RENT A CAR Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 \\ More leq room >/ SHEET METAL WORK Him mirk. hl(iw|ilpes. suiter all lyii i;all l.avlon. 8'i» 112 Nnrlli Klrsl. Kul expert work Blythcville Tin Shop ^VVK? Full U,.okl. Sp «(• • Ad4DIJDlt Id Titnj cul ind lirm ijl«>. <O p .J2'.20'<ri«llil. EXPERT SERVICE C. A. Taut Construclion Company .\lillinrl7Cil Draler for Butler Slrrl llniUling^ —General Contractinj r. O. H«x K:l Vhone * Blylheville, Ark. DODGE II LONGER on the inside . . . SHORTER outside BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY linwdwav & Chickasawha Phnnc 4422 Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage Furs, Woolens, Blankets and L)rap«» NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone -1474 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFT'S PREMIUM I BRANDED BiEF -&Hi/eJt-"<• We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 IMi-niv nt I'arkinR Spae* When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN 32 Year* Exjera»e» • On-Pent Paint* • impend) Wa»l 1'hiMW 4291

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