The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1936
Page 2
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MGfcflW) - BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS r-'RIDAY, AUGUST 7, 193,5 Miss Nina dldwHI W«ls • Herman Matlhews. Announcement lins been nude of the 'mnnlagp of Mlbs Mildred ;Cild*el) and Hcimnn Mitllicws, which was Eolcmiitjscd Sunday mcming. The Rev W V. Womack, pastor of the First Methodist church, said the ring .senlce at •• his ' homo at scvoii- o'clock. ThVtnldc wore a \Uiltc tailored silk suit with while accessories. Inunccllalcly aflor the cerempny Mr. Matthews and Ms bride left, for a motor trip to Dcmer, Colo, and oilier western points. They p'nn to bo away two weeks The biWe, who is Iho daughter of Mrs. KliiaCaldwell, Is n member of the turn of Cnlduell Beauty shop. -She has lived here /Or n number of years. Mr. Matthews operates a farm at Flat Lake. » * « raslcr-Umiiirc -.Ahead of Game PASADENA, .Cal. (UP) — Tlic Hcv. William K. RouciU>, pastor of the Cl\li(oiiilP, Pj(ei.b!J!crlan Synod, called . upon to umpire a ball Gnmc, had the misfortune to have a ttircc-bagecr pass directly through his btitnv hat. which he \\as holding In hlb hand Fellow ministers immediately passed the hut to repair tl)e damage, collecting SO for a new hat, when 11 later deu'l oped that the one mined only 5150 four yeais ago. cost Bits of News Mostly Persona! Mrs. Cecil Shane and daugh- ler, Miss Patty, have gone to Hot Splines to join Mr. Shane who Is there for three weeks. Marcus Evrard Is attending to business In Jonc^boro today, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph A. Gliucn, of Indianapolis, Hid., will arrive Saturday, to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs, Kdgar Uoium and family for ft week or ten days. Miss Uiita Bishop, Mr. and' Algie Bishop line] Mrs. nifihop nml filmily M. go Friday from Albany, Ga,, where they spent a week with Mr. Rob- crson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. n. l t . Roberson, and other relatives. Mrs. Marvin Chappelle and mo- llu-r, Mrs. J. II. Stewart, have eone lo points of Kansas for a visit with relatives. Mrs. Aaron 'nosciillml, formerly of Ju>re and now of Kcnncll, was! In Ihc city yesterday. ; Mr. and Mrs. E. D, Ferguson, iiccompanled by their daughter, Mrs. liobert Smart and son. Bobble, of Richmond, Va,, have returned from Kansas 'city 'and ether points where they visited relatives. All went up scrcrii! weeks ago, except Mv. Ferguson, who joined (horn later. Joe Applebniun ' has returned Horn St. Louis, where he bought Boorts for his store. Jcisee Slitt Is recovcrlnij from and Miss Golden were roommates Missouri. at Hie University Day Limbaugli of Jr., who hat> • — ' -WUKKU-V' SUNDAY SCHOOL Ll!:SSON==--^ = — . Saiil 'Converted "ahcl.Commissioiiecl BY VVM. K. GII.ROY, D. I). Kiltlor of, Advance Jesus Mild concerning His fore- niimcr, John the Baptist, that ol 'men torn of women there hud Never risen a greater than he. Yet greater than Johii wns the Here In Paul's case outward miracle seemed to more wllli Inward prompting, In the change wroiiRlil within him. As he went on this journey of blllcrncss to Damascus suddenly (here shone linrecl him emotionally for \\lia was about to happen. When Ananias visited htm, laid Ills hands upon him, iincl reslorcc his sight, Paul understood tlu nicanliiB of Ihc exnerlencn. itf been alk'ndini; a cotton school at Memphis, Is homo for the remainder R. N. of the .summer. Brasher and Mines. by several days Illness caused displaced vertebra. Mrs. Homer I*. Elder, of (roll, Mich., has gone lo Forrest City niter n visit with Mra. Eiila lliilledye, Mrs, Elder ivns formerly Mrs. EiiBcne Uutledge. Daughter Born. .' A daughter was born this morning at tlie Blythcvilte hos- • pii«l to Mr. and Mis Vicloi Stlll- uell The baby has not jet- been nanied. t '..< * Nazarene \V. M, S. Has n Meeting. The .Woman's Missionary Society of the Fiist Chuich of the Nazarene met Thursdaj afternoon for t lesson in the" study book, "Missionary Pioneers." The H present heard Mrs. \V. E. Trlplclt. «ghe'the lessdii. Mrs. 'Henry Rylee oifeicd'wajei, Mis O. A. Burthen icad the scilpluio fiom the sixth chapter of Gal.i- tians, and 'Mrs. Rylee spoke on Pern. , » * * Classes: Complimented. Milton Grahain aiid. Alvin Hultman, teachers of • young men's classes In the.,Sunday school, of the Hist .Baptist' church, had paily for the members lust night Memphis tomorrow for the cral of Mrs. Lillle lilshop, wife of (he Rev. W. A. lilshop, form trly of here, who wan killed when struck by an automobile iti .SI Louis Wednesday afternoon. MKs Kula Bishop Is a stcpdaiiKhlcr and /Ugie Bishop n stepson of Mrs. Hfshop. Mrs. O. 0. Redman went to Hot E|,rl]i[:s today to spend three weeks. ' •Frank Alford, of G'lmithmvllte,, is' n patient, at St. Joseph's hos-| Ml '- llni1 Ml> «- O. M. Wilson. They pltal, Memphis. ™ HI ,™ . lK ™..' 01 '. " month except Susie Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irarinnn Taylor, went 16 Dyersbiirg Wedhcs<lay for u vis- It with her aunt. Mrs. Cecil Lee, and Mr. lice. Mrs. Lee motored over lor her. ~~ . ; -; Miss Ellen Bnyncs, of llnytl,' in Mr. and Mr«. c. and Mrs. Gertrude II. Williams Hooper, ol Monlcbello, Ciillf., me ijiicsts of Ci, Hlilrcy and Grorjjc Merrill Jr., and Mrs. Riilli Flintcy. of Morlcy Jiioturcd if, St. l.oiils Wednesday. Mr. HiTishtr will huy for Ijrasli- cr s \vlll Drill! slore while vlull nlrillvcs. the ladlea Christian disciple who shared the glory of the new dispensation of (irace and truth. Surely could not be bct- MKs Kcva Chllton has accepted ,1 pwltlon ns ' bounty op;rnlor at Pnniy's licaulv shop. MiFi Mary Ellen ;I(alncs was taken i,n Hie llar.llst hospital j n Memphis Wednesday for treatment lor erysipclls. She ' ' ter excmlilllled than In the apostle Paul. As John was the greatest of all who came before Christ. »io I'aul would seem; to have been the (greatest of all who came after 3Ilm. - . .. . around him a light out of heaven. Just 'what the manifestation was we do not know, hut so violent was the shock that I'aul fell earth, as he heard a voice sayli love. Would God that every oivr, esl, but misguided, man michf have a similar experience! Hornets occasionally build ,, Mts In strange places; one colony built <i nest. Insicle an empty corn shuck "Saul, Saul, why persccutcst thon knew that he had been against the truth, and with all the Intense earnestness and sin'°.eerily of his liclnn he gave hlin- "S, Mlf lo the new faith. me?" : I'iiul exemplified the power of the new gospel in clmnglnK men. He did not coinc. gradually, . or cnslly Into (he Christian .why, BS 'did .the disciples who had first gathered around Jesus.' Saul evidently believed some divine Interpretation had come upon him, because he replied, "Who arc thbu, Lord?" The The grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ, had laid hold of him and thl>l - filled his life with an abounding John Mr. and Mr.s. by'-Her ^mother -Mrs I'l'"' 0 ' res l' OIKl «l to . the Mas' ' jl?'' s teachiiiK and to the cliarm 'of His personality. There was Wells'' and Mr. mid Mra. Hugh. Lewis Ktid mid Myrnn, flip will at thejChurch. The 18 present heardvn- nmsl- ^ ir-^'MlulcnllA"^ a patient at the Memphis St. Joseph's hospital. ' Mrs. ll. 0. Dent and daughter, Wayne, of Caiullieisvllle, who formerly lived here, were In Hits city Wednesday. Miss Myi'tls I,cc Gilbert and A. W. Stevens have returned to thelv home In Texarkana after spending n week with Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Gilbert. Miss Gilbert is Mr. Gilbert's Mr. sister, and Ed Ilardln Jr., for brief visits In Memphis wllli Mrs. li. p. Hammonds and in Maiden, Mo., wl S, Ij. Howtlen. G. Nash and Ney mint have Mr. and Mrs, returned from York, Pa. a business trip to I • I' llayli Socicly — Personal daughters, Wanda left rhuisday on a motor to Wive11) n whole thej vis-It Mrs low!-, (.oiisln and In band Mi and Mrs J W Ennls Mrs Wells daURhlci Miss Hatlle Fern Lutes, Is 'already in .Wnvcr- ly hating left two weeks'iaio Miiy Jann Shipton wii gIVrn a blrthdas pnily by hei iwienta Mr. and MH 'I hiinuluy her fifth lilrllulny. Old West FORT \VOHTir. bhlpton lictiirn.s Tex. (UP) — Hi si lepoits from police at the Frontier Centennial . here read like a page from n frontier .cbn- Tndtaii drank •and two blue- reply tiiou was. "I .ain licrfiociitefit." Jesus, whom Stricken with blindness, Paul continued his Journey 'to Damascus. The bllndiiesi, with his three days of fasling, , may pre- ORDEfiS TAKEN FOR "BEUNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FHBE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley 1109 .Chlckasawba Phone 182 and son. of Greenville. Miss., will iirrivc Salurday ntglil to siiend twn weeks, wllli relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Carney Lasllc have laKC'ii the S. Joseph house on \V. Main St. . Mrs. olio Koclililzky and son, Morse, have rclurnrd to their home In. Columbus, Miss., alter a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. Boss D. llnehes and family. They formerly lived here. \ s John Miles Miller, of Memphis, is here for n week. and Mrs. James II. Bell 'cal program'^ reat'irlng' 1 "liusical!A ml dangiitcj-, Uclsy,' went 'to Romance" f\ "'•"'•' l I.Clarfcsvllle, Tcnn., yesterday where _.......' ' ...I" Favors ' were Individual "I'op Eyes" on Ion of appTe pies. Bachelor Club To Sponsor Dance. Len :-Bbwdcn and his. Melody Masters, a %cll known ncgio 01- chestra, \\ill play for u dnnco in the .Blue Room :tit the Hotel Noble heic the evening of August 18 The nflalr \\111 be sponsoical °( by the local Bachelor's chib. The' orchestra is comixxsed of 15 piccto "and : Is .well .known , in the easl, lliry will spend a week wllh Mra. Hell's slslcr, Mis. Joslali Forl, and family. Miss Hazel Keller, of Cnrulh- crsvllle,' is a patient at the Memphis riapllsl hospita). Mrs. A. w. Matson, of Gideon, Mr. mid Hvs. and children, who Sacramento, Calif., six inonlhs for henllh, lelurnrd Guy Chl;on hnvo beeii in for the past Mr. Chilian's here Tuesday; proved ni something 111 them that fceriicd almost immediately lo move them lii loyally to Hlfn and that led Ilieni lo forsake ail for their part In the new kingdom. * * * liut with Haiil It, was n different matter. As Saul, the.. name Klven him before his conversion he shared the popular hostility to the new fallh. He' stood by, watching the g'arinc'nts of those who stoned Stephen to ' dcatli, /and here, in our lesson', we have 'n picture of him threatening slaughter iignlnst ' the disciples, •prohiE to the High Priest and asking letters of aulhorlly to the synanos's of D.imajcus, so that If he found any that were of the Christian way, men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem. Could such a man . of .Intense prejudices and violent hosttliiy to the new fallh be brought uh^_^__ . dcr Us power? it would seem ')—At the ago of 11tllp ' slu "' t o£ ft mir ?clc Iliat such i Tempos!,; famous llll " B coultl ha Plw»; yet again SPECIAL ilable's hook. An too much rtrcwalci'7 coals put him to bed. A youth was arrested In Pioneer Palace, replica of an oldtimc dance hall; for carrying dangerous weapons. n«i nere Tuestmj Mr. Chlllon Is much improved i lic-aUli. Mr. ni-/ Mrs. n. ]!. Uarko- vlU'. motori'd lo Memphis Wednesday. Mrs. llnrkovlt/. will rc- cci\c a medical examination at Or. nmtncr's clinic. Miss ,lc\vell Saltcrneld of Clarc-l more. Okla., is here vislllng in the hcnie of Mr. . and Mrs. Dawslc Cariingtoh. Mis:; Mary * Frances Cook of Porlagcville Is here visiting hi the homo of Mr. and Mrs. .J. W. Cl olden as 'Ihc euesl of ihelr LONDON <UF) -71,..Miss Marie I'.'nsiish stage actress, Is about to become a Him star. She has been engaged for her' .ilrst,' film by Pall Mall Productions and a leading pirt in "Moonlight Sonala," "'M." Pacler- cwskl, noted Polish' pianist will also appear in. (he 'film. 666 checks ' MALARIA In :i daj-S , COLDS first day ; Headache, 30'; .-Liquid,' Tablets Salve, Nose Drops .minutes Try "Il«b-My-Tism"— * • .. • World's Best Liniment lias been admitted to Hie Me 'phis' Methodist hospital. hcl Mrs. James C. Hale, on, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hale for several duys They arrived Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. b. A. Koherson ntnl son, Jesse Ijsu-on. relumed " LllXOKl Society •— Personal daughter, Lucille, \vill return home wllh him. Miss Mnbcl George !ias return- jCd from a six weeks visit In Urn- I ver. Col. She war, accompanied i home by her mint, Mrs. Sam Rll- i chcy, and [laughter, Isabel, who Miss Addc'George has returned i *'"' vis ' t '» 'ho George family from a sk weeks visit in Pcnsa-I/ or scvcrnl days before returning cola Pla, and Bay Minctle, Ala. | ' lo lllcir holllc i" Birmlnghnm, Mrs Tom Catrts and joung son, A1 ^ r „,„, M[B _ _,_ R UM ^ went to Memphis Monday (o mr nrvaiigemcnts for biiuBliig homo Mr. .Gainings' father, Dr. Ci.-illi- liigs. Dr. Galhitigs' condition h ronicwhat improved. He rccenlb underwent n very serious opera lion. The trip home had to bo made in an ambulance. Mrs. Louise Hudson McHcnr left Thursday for Avon Park, Fit She will be the house circsl dl Mr. and Mis. Edward Cvabtrco lor two wcetLS. Tommie, returned Monday fiom Hughesulle, Mo, where they lunu been \isiting in the home of Mi. the -' past two Callis' - mother for months. Mrs. A. J. Lynch came lip from Memphis last week-.end and visited her. husband, who .has returned from Hint, Miciv, for a short visit wllh homc folk. J. C, Seals left Sunday for a \i£it in. Pontotoc, Miss His mother, Mrs K E Gallop HOTEL PEABODY ANNOUNCES AN AUHAY OK SKNSATION'AI, ATI-UACTIONS !,KADIN(; OKK WITH GUS ARNHEIM And His Wcrl C'rcnanut Grove (jrclirsira OPENS TODAY WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF MOIti: IHR-TIitUi ATTKACTIONS On tlic G;ila i MARINE ROOF i\ ! EW LOW KAT12S SiiTfrlr. Rcoms frctn S.1.DO per ilay per person. Ucublr Konns frnin S2.00 per d.iy |jcr jicrson. rv;iuk \'icc and again in history men have become the disciples : of the principles Ural they have attacked. SATURDAY, AUG. 8 t CUP CAKES. Devil's Foo(!._ While, Mailed Jlllk nhd Hoii'ey Crcaih. Regular 2Sc antl 30c \\iluns. Do/. 15c SUGAR DONUTS Regular 15c per viiluts. Doz. 9c- Also other bargains.. Do not forget .(o gel a loaf of DAN-DKK BREAD. iMaltcs wbuderful to;ist. , Purity Bakery 10'1 W. ftlain Bl.vthcvillc, Ark. Before You Buy Any Outboard - Sec th« NEPTUNE ?. n. r. Single Cyl. (Olhcr Sizes to 16 H. P.) AHD T1RK & KATl'KRY CO. COOLEST SI'OT IN TOWN! TODAY ONLY PAL NIGHT Adults Admitted for Price of All Children— "Cm tired of this" —iliouli outraged Oscar. "Why not get Jome better tea for a change, inifaad of buying Ilia kind v.her» part of your iea money gcxi : for lo-called 'fr« promTumt'." WHICH DO YOU WANT "Free Premiums" or Better Tea? Musical Shorts —Admission— Miifiiicc—10 & 25c—Wilh le Tax iKlit—10 & :!5c— Wilh le Tax Saturday Only Cat-Icon and Serial—"I'hunlom Hidcr" with IJutk Jones Adni.—Maliiicc & NUlit—10 & 25c Wilh le. Tax —Continuutis Sbo\v5n"— Sunday - Monday - Thai's an important question; Because, Frank's Jy, we cati't afford to giye_ you "free pre;.; miums" andfat ! the;same-time give you the i- _ finer, more expensive teas that are biended •. '' in McCorniick's Banquet Orange Pekoe. For . ? your sake we'd rather, and we do, invest the '? money in better lea. Richer, sweeter tea that's •.free from.bilfcr after taste. Extra juicy tea that makes extra cups.per pound. Try it. , Your money back if you don't agree that, • iced or hot, it's the best you've ever used. McCORMICK'S ,»- EXTRACTS'." SPICES .iTEAS:. MUUAItDSi. MAYONNAISE jt^, z/incr Quali/y • ffiatr ^flavor OH THE PANTRY SHELVfS 05 GOOD COOKS ORANGE PEKOE HERE'S MOTHER BHUTUS1SK-SKO- THBIIL HIT FBilH 'ahilncuul JVcus, Technicolor C'arlonn and Xolclly Ailm.—iMalinrc * Xislit—10 ,t :i5e Vi'ilh li: Tax —Ccntinuoils Shtiwins— TUESDAY, AUGUST 11 — SI00.0(1 HANK N'lGHT! ! ! —COJI1NO SOON— 'youits FOR Tin: ASKING" with George Ilafl. "GKEIiN I'ASTUHES" wil'h Hex Ingram. 'DEVIL DOI.I/' wllli Lionel Harr.vDiorc and Maureen O'Slil- livan. "TO 3IAIIV, WITH lOVK" willl Warner llaNtcr anil Myrna 1.3v. "RHYTIIM OX TtfK KANOE" willl liiriR Crosby, l!cl> Ilurin :ii:A Frances BUY A TIRE AND GET A TUBE FREE! For 10 Days Only, Beginning Saturday, August 8th, We^Make This Unusual Offer Wmi EVBKY TIKK SOLD, REGARDLKSS OF SIZE, WG WILL GIVE A UKAV?-DVTY INNER TUBE ABSOLUTKLY FREE LEE TIRES If you need tires anytime soon wu revise you to take advantage of this special ten-day offer and save tljo price of the new inner tubes you would have to buy. These tubes, we are eriving away are guar- o.p.toed liig-h quality HEAVY DL'TM tubes. They will be given with either Goodyear Tires or with the ncy; line oC Lee Tires which.we have just t akcn on. j TEN DAYS ONLY - DON'T DELAY! GOODYEA: TIRES TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO.

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