The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 3, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF N6R 1 WffiA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST' VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 107. BlytheVllle courier Blytheville Heiaid Blythcylllu Dally Nows Mississippi Valley leader ARKANSAS, TUKSOAY, OCTOBER 3, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Says Peace Proposal Would Be Studied In Light Of Past Events LONDON, Oct. 3. (UP)—-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain told tlie House of Commons today that the Na/i- Sovict, '"threat" could never change the determination ol the allied powers to (-'rush Hitlerism but that if peace proposals are made "we shall certainly examine them." But the prime minister declared *- : lhal the peace proposals expected in Adolf Hitler's speech lo the Reichstag lale this week would be examined and "lesied" only in the light of the Allied determination lo end the "Intolerable" nss nf force in European affairs. Ills statement indicated rejection of any terms the Nazi fuehrer is believed likely lo offer on tlie basis of the Polish conquest. "The responsibility for the war FIRlil [SITS IN F IVatches French, 'Repel Nazi l!ffoi'i\to Regain Wooded Hill rests on those who conceived and carried out a policy of successive aggressions that menaced the very security of all Europe," Chamberlain said in an attack on Adolf Hitler. "It can neither be evaded nor excused." . Emphasising . previous stalemenls that the Allies would never again Hayti and Kennell Firemen Aid; Water Supply Fails For Ti; imc Comptroller's Office Predicts 200,000 Increase Over 1938 Total LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 3 (UP) — The stale comptroller's office predicted today that the increase in poll tax receipts Uiis year over 1038 would approximate 20.000 on trust ".mier""biit"fiiat 'they would Hie basis of reports from 57 counts. Tlie first of counties to repart deal willi the German people on a just basis, the prime minister said that Britain could not accept mere assurances- from Germany. "For .that government loo often lias proved in the past that their undertakings' .arc worthless when It suits (hem that they should be broken," he poinled but. Indicating that elimination of Hitler from the German government was a necessary prelude to peace, • 'Chamberlain said Hint the only British answer ' to the Nazi-Soviet agreement was to continue "what we are doing—mobilizing all resources and strength of the British empire for effective prosecution of the war." "No threat would ever induce this country or France to abandon the purpose for which we entered upon this struggle," he said in reference to Nazi hints that the Heti army might nid Germany. Hitler's Plaits Complete BERLIN, Oct. 3. (UP)— Ado! Hitler has completed his plans fo the next phase of the war with, three part program, it was under stood today. . : . , jjazi..'sourcCji.indicated Hha't.'ll had 'outlined" t'h'is plans' fully t Count Gaieazzo Ciano, Italian foi eign minister, as follows: ]—A "peace-offensive' 1 in an fort to induce Great Britain an Fiance to; call off the war on h and Josef Stalin's terms. 2—Military action in event t) "peace offensive" falls. 3—Reorganization of eastern Ei rope in agreement with Russia and incidentally Italy—as the n suit of the Russo-German part lion of Poland. A break in the "peace olTenslvi v,'os expected wilhin the next !'< days, to be followed by a Reichstag meeting al which Hitler" proposed, on the assumption that Britain and France would reject, the terms of the Nazi-Communist partners, to deliver a "peace ul.tnma- tum" Nazis intimated that final preparations for Hitler's campaign were discussed during Ciano's visit. Cito have taken outline of the ive a total of 265,813 receipts !s:ed. All 75 counties last year is,ed 337,371 receipts and it was ex ould send this year's tc bout 357,000. Counties reporting included: Independence with 5,315 receipts ils year compared wllh 4,126 last ear; Jackson, 5221 this year and 220 last year; Phillips, 5,058 this ear and 4,309 last year; Mlssissip- , 11,337 this' year and 8,306 last :ar. Issuance of poll tax receipts ceas- d at midnight Saturday under revisions cf a 1839 legislative act. The former closing date was June J. Bryan Sims, deputy state omptroller, said "several Ihou- arirt" persons were given irregular eceipts because the supply of regular blanks became exhausted bc- 'ore the deadline and collectors vere unable lo" obtain additional mes in time. in Greene county, fcr example, ,234 receipts were Issued oniblanks :oughtVal.a drug store! .; '' "'' CAnUTHERSVILLE, Mo,, Oct. 3. —Firemen from three towns fought for four hours last night to, save the Perry. Coopcrmun FurnltuVc Exchange building In a $35,000 fjre'. which almost proved more disastrous to Cai'Uthei'Rvlllc's business section because the water supply gave out for a short lime. Smoke from Hie fire, discovered shortly alter 12 o'clock, also damaged a number of nearby business firms, Among these were the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation office and Western Union office. The building, owned by A. I Nelfind, was damaged about $10,000, according lo fire Chief Victor Malloure, while an estimate of the damage lo contents ' plnced at $25,000. The two-story building, whicl housed the new and used furniture store had a number of of flees and storage rooms on tin second floor, was entirely destroy cd except for the walls, along with ils contents. Discovered , in the rear of th building, where some artificial ga was stored, it was probable tha the flames started either from th' gas or a wire short circuit, II i believed. : While firemen of CarulhersviUi Kcnnett and Hnyli we're using te lines of hose to fight-.the flame a motor broke at the water plai and water from a reserve tank c the Dillman Industries was ex liaustcd lor 15 minutes before il motor was repaired. Medical Group Will By HAI.I'll Mi:iN/l".N' UnlUd 1'ri'ss Corrcsiwnili'nl . WITH THK FRENCH AllMIKS N GERMANY, Oct. 3.—FrcnclVtDul cnnaii troops fouglit hi tha ruggoil ills of Ihc Warndt, forest t:day foV ossesslon of heights ilointnntliiK lie rich bill now paralyzed Ssia'r nlley. , . From n French regimental cb- crvntlon post T looKod d6\vn,.!nl6 iic- valley where there Imvt 1 .. Iwoii epcaled—(Ail so far In', a, sniall cale— attacks und ccunjcr Htthcks ,s (he French pushed ! tlio,. Naul customs holisn and It wns repulsed nfler brief ffghliiiR. 1 lipard first llin .shaip rattle of a VYeni'h machine film and Ilien thrfliijl) HIP trees lo thn east came Ihn deeper tone of Na/l imirhlm 1 guns replying. Tlie Frcm'h farther dnwn Ihc line Joined In mid Iliere was an exchange) of tiro nfler which Ihe Clonnan guns censed nml the shcotlng dlod out. '!'«« Ocrmans were killed In the attack and .several men on bolh skle:i were wounded. I cam« liuro wllh iho flrsl cor- BELIE POCKET advance troops back an'd>WJiert respondents allowed by the French ortay the German:; sought .-to! regain u commanding; wooded; hill. lo visit ihc righting frcnt In Saar valley. The valley once was A pair.?! of about .50 Nail sol- the source of 10 per cent of Ocr Ill-Falccl British Freighter's Crew Reporl Sinking Near l.ra/ilian Coast Hers iittncked Ihe French advance Ines In the Warndt ricn'r. the Qer-. nan village of Lniilerbaek. •.; .. The thrust was made less than ninny's steel bill today It lies dead und Idle with even the Naul nrmy jinlleil back, the Siegfried line In the distance over hills and only 100 yards frcm the•'French obser- ! pul«k holding the mined bridges , T atIon post In 11 former German over Ihc Sniu- river. nAUTA.,nra/ll, Oct. ' (UV)-Sui'- vlvors from Mm Drills!) si earner Clement, who landed here toilny, said Ihelr ship was sunk yesterday by a German armed valder which Ihoy l)dlove<l lo lx> the 10,000-ton nockH biUllo.ship Admjrnl Scheer. Sixteen survivors from Ihn Clement, ull In good health, wcrfl landed by u llrnnlllair resouo vessel. For u lime they were forbidden to lalk bul later tlioy were permitted to say tlial they believed that Ihe German pocket, battleship shelled and sunk ihc Clement. 90-Day Credit Clause Of'Cash And Carry' Proposal Under Fire WASHINGTON, Od, :i, (UP)—Sonata Republican leiwU or CharloH L. Me Nary of Oregon said today that ."qtiiet scntinioiil." is (lovolopinj* for iibniulonmciU of tlie i)0-day credit .provision of Uio administration's title find carry neu- tralityhill. McNniy expressed hli vlpvs lo ropoi'lorii iltlcr ccimta debate had been Interrupted for a day, by Ihe death of'Senator '.Logan;of 'Kentucky. The f,ennt<> melbilefly and Ihcn ic-Mscd In rc-pccl lo Logan. The debate will b? resumed tomoriow. II wai a mistake to put the MIF1L1 Says Recent Rain Can Help Them Recover Some Of Heart Ailment Is Fatal To Kentucky's Junior Senator WASHINGTON, Ocl. 3. (UP)— Marvel M. Lcgan. Junior senalo. from Kentucky, <llcd early today cnp lo the llvc-nt-homc program of at his home lierc alter an Illness Mississippi County fanners, the rc- Feed Losses Claim Supplies Subs PHILADELPHIA, Oct. :i (UI 1 ) — The Philadelphia liccord said today Ihn l rum runners of the pro- ilbitlon era now arc currying 611, food and drinking wnier to German submarines off the Atlantic coast. According lo the newspaper Iho force of former ruin runners reportedly has been augmented by skippers of freighters who hail been nmklnu "side money" by delivering part of their cargo submarines. Although tlie continued dry weather has been u serious handl- of llnec months. He was. .4. Death was caused by a heart ailment which hud kept the senator confined lo his Washington home most of the Glimmer. cent rain came In (Imc to enable fanners lo recuperate some of their footl and feed losses If (hey will act promptly, County Agricultural Agent D. S. Lnntrip said today. io the He was a life long Democrat and Oats, rye, wheat and barley .can before coming to the senate in ICJSlJ be planted both (cr winter grazing had practiced law and engaged in:': and lor a grain crop and rye, politics Meet Here Tonight Hc wns ''"-elected m IOSG for h meet nere lumgm ml lerm , n , he smnlt Kentucky all his life r.\hlcu Is the most hardy of winter his The fust meeting of the Missis-1 sippi County Medical association pJ w3r J fini-ilnn CA flf following adjtmriimcnl for the tawa * a "CrOOn, OH, UI Morrilton Succumbs following adjourn'mci months of July and August will be held toiilght at .eight o'clock a^ the city hall. 4 Edward; Gordon, 54, former mayor Lands For^;' Bridge Right Of Way Two Memphis doctors, Dr. Henry Q Rudner and Liyermore. have been speakers on the program..'TlVey will 'R"E"T. BeardenJr., of -Luxora:'/ " ' tors.jJi. ml " y qf Morrilkn, Ark,, : who died Sun-Vsccded al : the ur. (jeorge K. . is n brotlier i n law.' of-Johnbiounds iier nc,7 Bea V deh .. of Le'richville-and-the'-jte^TO'''^ 65 ' f!fv1 ^ Allmcyer Tells A. F. o( L. National Health Program Is Inadequate CINCINNATI, Ocl, H. (UP)— Arthur J. Altmeycr, chalnnan of the social security board, lold delegates lo the Mill annual American Federation cf Labor convention today that the greatest lack In the national health program was failure lo provide adequate incdlcnl care and sickness Insurance. "Some arrangement must be worked out, si> lhal people can make regular periodic contrlbullons inlo a common fund out of which tlie cosls cf medical care will be paid for''those.who are sick," he said. "The government has n responsibility. In this field thai cannot 'bo shirked.' Ho said Ihc social sccurlly board would continue study of Iho act and w'ould undertake recommendation of changes "us the need do- vclcns and as .opportunity comes.' Policy couimlllees of the A. P. o U were considering rcsalnllons demanding JefiMatUc safeguards fm I'rcdit provision in Ihe bill and I hopo II ran bo knocked oul," Mc- Ntii'y s'alil. ' lit- stild llic public Iwd been "led lo believe" llmt the bill was to op- oialo on a stria cnsh nnd cauy basis. ,'Tliu public will not accept Ihe provision as wich," he conlinued. Here we have been Uilklrig aboul a 1 ?!) on the barrel head. Now wtf cicdll plan. Thai does not strike Ihc people of the country us being quite logical wllh cash nnd curry." Argue Appeal Of Mrs. Grace Goldstein KANSAS CITY, Ocl, 3. — The United Stales Circuit Court ot Appeals Icok under advlsemeiil yesterday Hie appeal of Mis. Jewell Lavcrno Ortiyson, 32, one-time companion of former Public Enemy . A , ..'; - t )H d No. 1 Alvln Karpls, fr m a. f ye-1 , t , , uhU jJ r ci ici«llon give grain, can also be used lo prevent wind eroslcn, he said. Alfalfa, seeded within Ihc next few weeks at Ihe rate of ubou,l 25 pounds per acre, can be Used lo give good results wllh northern grown varieties recommended, It Is said. Vetch, well inoculated,-should be al -the rale of about 2f acre for soil -building UTTLE ROCK, Oct. 3. (UP)— Gov. Baiuey said -today lie would sign deeds . to state owned . land which will be used as par I of .Ihe right of way for a bridge being built over the Mississippi rlvei between Lake Village, Ark., and Greenville, Miss. The governor's statement ' followed the rendering of an opinion by Attorney General Jack Ho't that land transfers for such project must be .signed, by the governor, stale treasurer and the at- orney general. "Medical and Surgical Significance of- Albumin in the " Urine" with Dr. Kudncr telling.of 01 the medical significance and Dr. CCC Loan Interest Rate Cut One Per Cen significance in his talk. Officers of the association have urged all members • to attend Ihls meeting tonight. | ,,... H ^.- Grs"m l 'e'Uolng''l' pxni. Essex rape, brciulcnst at r. bcrdon, prominent attorney •"*> ™le of from 10 to 15 pounds Morrilton for more llian 25 per acre, will furnish excel lent „,. grazing for hogs from January un- n . til May and will supper from 10 to per acre, it on a Mann Aol Mrs. Orayson, »lNs Mrs. Grace Qoldslctn, was convicted at Little neck, Ark.. October M, 1938, on n federal charge of Inducing n'j'oimir. woman to go.d'om Texas to Hoi I Springs where Mrs. Ctriiyson-cpe'r-' Secretary of Agilcultuye Henry A ated a hotel. She now Is serving a' Wallace announced today n reduc Iwo-ycar sciHcnce al Alderson, W. I tlon from four lo three per cci VftM woman's reformatory . ! cn, i\ Hn Interest inlci on, nil Conmiodit federal court conviction'''of consplr-.l Credit..Corporation loans to faim-, tcriO'haSbcrKfifpIs nl Hot Springs ••efs-bcc'ctlvo Nov. 1 i . ' wlille h<Tivas n fugitive from Ted- Wallace'. r:,llninied thai -Iho ie- duellon both on oillslnndliK? loan'; eral agents. who ' French Claim 24 Nazi Planes Wrecked to Mussolini peace Hitler already was drafting for ultimatum speech which the Reichstag session, to be held late this week. It was reported thai the Hitlei speech would be couched in concrete terms and would contain suggestions for n peace basis, and not merely be a generalized bid lor a vague peace. As Russia Ihrust its way further into the Baltic, Nazis increasingly indicated that Hitler had given Stalin a free hand there, in effect surrendering any claim to Lithuania as a part of the German •-sphere of influence." Stock Prices PARIS, Oct. 3. IUP)—The French nir force shot down 24 German pursuit planes during September, il was disclosed semi-ofticlally today/ At the same time il was said that the French lost eight pursuit planes during the same per'ed. Swiss Army Leaves Ordered Cancelled ZURICH, Switzerland, Ocl, 3. (UP)—All Swiss army leaves were cancelled today and Swiss fortifications were being further strcngtli- ned as result ot reports of new German troop concentrations. German troops were reported to je concentrating in large numbers near the frontier between Brisle and Scliaffhausen and al Vcrarl- bcrg. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Ocl. 3. (OP)—Colton closed barely steady- open . 921 . 888 Oct. Dec. Jann 873 Mar 859 May ....... 838 July 819 high 923 891 873 8G1 847 821 low 014 881 870 852 832 812 close 9U 832 8GOn 852 833 813 NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (UP)—The speech of Prime Minister Chamberlain in the house of commons today gave Wall Street another "peace scare" and brought a substantial decline into Hie stock market. A. T. & T 160 3-4 Spots closed nominal al 922, off 11 New Orleans Cotton Lions Hold Regular Weekly Luncheon Today Thirty nine members of tlie Liens club mel for n general business discussion at the Hotel Noble today when lunch was served. Plans for this month's program were discussed. the slate texlbook and racing coin-1' 1 " 5 been .eslimated. ; : ._. missions, visited here a'mimbcr of I' For' Improving permanent pas, years ago when Mrs. Gordon's .lures, the. counly agents rcconm)ci.ul father, tlie Rev. R. E. I, Bearden. «'? broadcasting of lope Clovci was pastor of the First Methodist seed on the pasture wllh no im- clm'rcli''•' ' •" ] Ihcr. treatment. II should be seeded -• -' , . • | at'the rate of from one to-.Unco '• ™: pcund.i per.,acre, - A mixture of is ana ^yjjn c nm | -ifay clover can also bo ' iiscd and Bermuda grass can be sodded where' Ihls Is found lo be desirable. . • : Although tin-nips should have Ixieii planted earlier, they can be sewn, no,v at the rate of two and I ' -i J I V 'J« -o one-half pounds per acre for bolh Limited In tviaence fo0(1 nnd fec(1 crops . Wm -ic uie most — p: pular variety is Ihe Purple Top KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 3.—A White- Globe, 0. mixture of Ihls man cannot be forced to breathe variety with Purple Top White evidence against himself, Municl- Milan and Seven Top can also be pa! Judge Thomas V. Holland nil- ,| 5C( ]. Farmers are being warned Culinary Expert at 84 Finds Work Interesting Victory 'Assured' • WASHINGTON, Oct. '3. (UP) — on. William B. Boiah (Rep, Ida.), 10 No. 1 oiator of those opposhig ic repeal ,of Iho arms embargo, my have' cost Ihe administration ho votes of ilx or seven "doubtful" enalors by his two hour speech of •cslcrdny nftcinoon, n prominent lonocratic. senatoi said kday. Thai Cbllmalc was based on 1m- jiedlnlc reaction lo Borah's apjxial for dofcal of President Rcoscvell's iroposnl lo substitute a title-mid- :auy program for Ihc piesent em- baigo en aims sales to bciiiger.nls. The Demooialio senator claimed thai the president sllll was assured of approximately a two to one vic- kiy. He said that admlnistratton- tondiiclcd polls showed 57 senators pledged lo vole for embargo repeal. The UBS ot ,a tew doubtful anil unlisted senators, he added, would be Innnatcilul. ' Isolationists, however, said their poll, as of today, showed: Thlrty-flvo for repeal, ,26 pledged against It, 13 who have said prl-' vntcly they probably will vote "no" bul do not jivlsU to b6 pledged, nnd 32 doubtful. '" 'Isolationists said --they nnd on future loans will snvc farmers several million dollars n year. Arizona Prison Starts Work-lor-AH Program HAWKEYE, la. IUP) — .lames Zoller, 84-ycar-cld retired grain dealer, believes that when lie dons ; his apron and Is barricaded In Ms FLORENCE, Ailz. (UP) - Con- Is lichen with pots and pans ho is vlcts of Ihc Ail/ona Bute PiUon, <- Ilin nvr>rrnip housewife Whore: IIOBlly 40 llllllHlcs escaped gieatly encouraged by the'receptlou given Borah's long argument. They -I weic seeking support for one of I'vtb possible moves: I—A motion to send the propped bill back to the foreign relallons committee wllh Instructions lo eliminate the cmbnigo icpcal sec- lion and re-draft the litle-and-' catry provision Jnto strict cnsh- and carry. 2—A inbllon to strike out the Ada'Bearden Gordon, two sons i two daughters. -.'.' .Funeral services 1 were held ycs- erday al Morrilton. 'Drunkometer' Test ed today. Efforts lo to use n introduce testimony n ce ) )fvs ij from Lhe "drunkometer," a breath- Icstlng machine, for iiitoxlcams, were ruled oul when the defendant's attorney charged his client was forced to take the lest. Judge Holland held "drunkometer" tests must be made voluntarily If they are to be admlssable -as evidence. licc-icslslliig variety it a problem. Mnst year, aic being kcpf busy now lepeal section on the floor, and '^oUcMcarned' ll,e Ihlricaclos of under a "baby WPA" Inmiguralcd scml the l ';™ h ^ ci °, A™," v , f,, the cuisine when he rellred 18 by-.Warden Gene Shntc. to the housn in suustanuany years ii4lo care for-his Invalid -Sliulc said he was lnslllul!u K n present torn, wife, who died several years ago. work-for-all piogiam of "pick and - He derives jxirllculnr pleasure shovel and whoclbairow pushing Carolina Bootleggers from canning .enough food each for Ihc convicts "so Ihcy wont . C_.l.. sumincr and fall lo carry him think they'ie In a rest home" Adopt SmoKC carry through the winter nnd spring. The fcrincr grain dealer also "We are pullliig every one ; of men lo woik,' HID warden Mild. COLUMBIA, S. O. (UP)-Coluni- bakes, spcclalizhiE In cakes. , . . brcad and "We arc going to develop muscles Wn ijootleggeis nro illcklng up a I In them. They, are going to dig * ...... -.... dllchcs, haul dirt in the .wheel • barrows, not trucks, so lliey will . p • c J " "arrows, IUH iruuKiv so uiuy \vi» Marriage OCrVICC Stopped feel like going lo bed al night und Of l <u ' By Cry of House on COLVILLE, Wasl). (UP)—Lclaiul Wilson and his calalo, Jumbo, which Is a cross between a cow and a buffalo, have returned from exhibitions In the east. 'Hie trip was, made by rail. All Aboard For Germany NEW CHILEANS, Oct. 3. (UP)— Cotton futures closed slcady tcday off 50 to CO cents a. bale. Anaconda Cop 33 AESOC. D. G 83-4 Ecth. Steel 88 1-2 Boeing Air 26 1-4 Chrysler 89 5-8 Cities Serv <i 3-8 Coca Cola 110 Gen. Elcc 40 7-8 Gen. Mot 53 1-8 Int. Harvest. ' 66 3-8 Montgomery Ward 53 5-8 N. Y. Central 211-4 Packard Phillips Pel. 45 1-8 Radio 5 7-8 Schcnley Dist 13 Simmcns 231-2 Eocony Vac > 14 Std. Oil N. J 48 1-2 Texas Corp 46 U S. Smelt > 64 U S Steel 75 Ir4 Oct. . Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open . 935 . 901 . 884 . 86S . 849 . 827 high 935 002 884 870 849 831 LIVERMORE, Cal (UP) — That lltle, and apparently useless, warning which Ihe. marrying minister always gives lo the cllccl that if anyone knows any reason why the wedding should nol pro- sleep Inslcad of thinking up cf ,, Oberlin French House Under New Director OBERLIN, O. (UP)—A native spent \YU> 111L nuvml.ttj .i..w,..\. ..^v ,..-' cced "to stale Ihem now or forever French woman who has hold their peace," Is not always as eight years in Ihc United State, ciinnrnnnti-: ni It mav seem has been selected to direct the Miporimous as u mny stun. „...,,.. «-.,„„ ^..»««u «„,,..„ o,,« Spots closed steady at 913. oil 12. Livestock Chicago Wheat EAST ST. LOUIS, 111,, Oct. (UP)—Hogs. 10,000. Top 675. 110-230 Ibs. 656-665. 140-160 Ibs. 575-650. Bulk Sows 525-585. Catlle 5200. Steers 8Kbl075. Slaughter slecrs 625-1100. Mixed yearlings & heifers 7501000. Slaughter heifers C25-1075. Beef cows' 475-600. Cutters & low cullers 356-450. Chicago Corn upcrfl The omcialing minister al the wedding of ftfiss Bertha Carlson and Milton Fisher had Just reached that point, when n neighbor poked his head In tile door and announced that there certainly were reasons why the ceremony should not proceed. "The house is on fire," he declared. .Firemen put cut the roof blaze nnd Ihe ceremony was continued.' Suspect Taunts Police; He's Quickly Arrested DROOKLINE, Mass. (UP)-Un- ablc^ to leave well enough alone, a man called police headquarters to tnuut officers for their Inability to solve a $35 rcbbcry at a bowling Obcrlln College French House, one of the oldest collegiate French houses In the United Stales. Mine. Guy Humphrey, 57, succeeds Mine. Marie-Jeanne Lahau- rine Johnston,' who came here when the French House was founded In 1827. ew poinlos fioin'lho lumy and lavy. The sUilc cdnr*(ibu!aiy chased a uspcct In a liquor tiansportation , use Inlo Columbia. \ ' "" "«„ When Ihe officers were within 15 feet of their qitairy, a heavy smoke screen was released Irom the car under suspicion. The smoke co\Cied the pursuing cai wllh a heavy oil, delaying the chase and blocking all traffic within a bicck . The constabulary disclosed that anolhei car equipped' to lay down a smoke screen has been seized in Columbia. Escapes Death, Is Fined KELLOGG, Ida. (UP) — Rober Graham of Kellogg was unlnjurcc when his automobile plunged o(I an 18-foot embankment and landed squarely In the south fork of the^ Coeur d'Alciie river, bul was fined ?50 on a reckless driving chaiijel alley. Police traced the call and arrested the man who called, Philip Growley, 30, and charged him with the Crime. Crowley, an employe of the bowling alley, pleaded guilty to larceny and burglary, and was held for Ihc grand Jury. Foursome Score 1, 2, 3, 4, • On Same Par 3 Hole HUDSON, N. Y. (UP)-Anythlng can happen in golf. A Hudson foursome, playing the Columbia Golf and Country Club'course, turned In these scrres for the 161- sards, par three eighth hole after n weekend game: Edward R. AWbcck. hole-in-one. Rev.- Sigmund P. Ols?e»ski, birdie two. Ait Wells, par three. William Douglas, (our. Clay Campaign liutlon Found AUBURN, N. Y. (UP) — While setting out plants In her garden, Mrs. Myrn V. Brown of Lcdl, dug up an old campaign button wllh the name 6f Henry Clay. 1845, on its face. The 94-year-old button was In an excellent state ot preservation. • open high low close I . open ; high low close . t . ,,. western Front nee 823-4 831-4 801-4 80 5-81 Dec. 493-4 497-8 49 49 1-8 U - S l ° Ue weslern " om M B y '8J 1'2.'83 7-8 803-4 81 1-8 May 523-4 523-4 51 5-8 61 7-8 'with the value- of mechanized equipment In modern warfare proven In Poland,, France rushes more Headed for battle, thsje rolling forts are being loaded on railway [Wears "somewiwrc In France." Hali Postcard Holds Mere 7,344 Words i ______ MT. VERNON, Wash. (UP) — When II conies lo the How-Many- Words-Can-You-Write-on-a - Post card contcsls, P. H. Krug'.can make a runaway race cf It. Krug disclosed. he once ' wrote 1,344 words on half a postcard In a • contest. Adults Llke.WPA Classes SPOKANE, Wash. (UP)—Reports showed WPA classes In ndult edu- catlcn and- recreation were exceedingly popular In the city and county of Spokane from October, 1938, to June 15, 1939. City altend- Eouine Pioneer in Clover SPOKANE, Wash. (UP)-Derby, a 29-year-old while horse that hauled the first wagon through Rogers' pass to Diamond Lake in 1916, is spending' his declining years en the ranch of George Ne- vUle. doing nothing but eating and resting. a'.icc totaled 93,703. 359,128 and c'cunty WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, -warmer tonlcht, Wednesday cloudy and warmer In east and cooler in north-, west portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday, slowly rls- inr temptratures. t Highly prized books made for) Tne niaxlmuni temperature here the early kings and popes were so yesterday was 74, minimum 3», i expensive thai t hey. actually cost, clear, acf:rdln§r to Samuel F. Nor-' I their weight In gold. rls, official weather .observer.

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