Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1987 · Page 46
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 46

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1987
Page 46
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o Page 46 PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS Monday, Oct. 19, 1987 MOVIE REVIEW ' r t. Horror-Film Sequel Has Little Prom-ise Sins of the past are returning to haunt the theatergoers of the present v. a ' IN 15 IlVJ - F - m nr.- a 4 'if ' " ij - Hi i jmrtiim hi tlSfflJrfliWllTll1! r M I lijft Vi, iiiijiiUmirriiiHiiri ?ni .- tiaiii-'iflilli AtiiWwinWTi-ir-n r i i Staff Photography by 6. Lole Grossmann Rosemary Moffatt, 5, gets ready for fashion show yesterday with help of designer aunt, Theresa Moffatt Flynn FASHIONS Continued from Page 43 to both wholesale and retail customers, according to an event spokesperson. Charlotte Andrews, a designer from Haverford who makes one-of-a-kind evening clothes, attracted praise and purchasers with her heart-stopping midnight blue and emerald evening dress. In the 2 p.m. fashion show yesterday, one of three held for the public, the audience seemed as interested in the new designers' works as it was in the well-known names like Danny Noble, Jones New York and Nipon. New designer Toki Koyejo of Sick-lerville, N.J., rented an exhibit booth for the first time to get exposure for Toki's Designs, sophisticated day and evening wear with an African-European flair. Her reviews of the event were mixed. "The turnout of buyers wasn't as good as I expected because most of them are in Europe," she said. "But I get a great response from the people who came this weekend." The event offered the public a chance to see fashion at close range, to see the newest ideas and meet the designers. It is organized by the city representative's office as a vehicle for focusing attention on the Dela ware Valley's apparel industry. "I came because I wanted to see how Philadelphia is dressing the world," said first-time visitor Irene Washington, a former local model. "Seeing the latest trends in fashion and hair gives me a lot of ideas that I can use." The event began two years ago in Memorial Hall but quickly outgrew that space with its 900-seat capacity. Still, some visitors longed for the intimacy of Memorial Hall and the event's charming air of artisans at work. "This Civic Center is a little cold. There's no atmosphere," said Francy Altus, 23, who attended with her 72-year-old grandmother, Beulah Axel-rod. "But the fashions are wonderful. It's good to see the city doing this." Philadelphia Dresses the World is ensconced in the Civic Center for the near future, according to Lenora Berson, special projects director in the city representative's office. She declared the three-day event a "fantastic success" but vowed to have more radio advertising next year and, ultimately, to help create a designers' show independent of City Hall. "One step at a time, one step," said Berson. "But each year, I feel I can do a little bit more with this event." "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 11," a horror film starring Michael Ironside, Wendy Lyon, Justin Louis, Lisa Schrage and Richard Monette. Directed by Bruce Pittman. Screenplay by Ron Oliver. Running time: 96 minutes. A Samuel Goldwyn release. At area theaters. By BEN YAGODA Daily News Movie Critic - A H R ello Mary Lou: Prom Night continues a trend started by "House II: The Second Story": horror sequels that have clever subtitles and have nothing to do with the original film. Other than that, there's nothing remotely interesting about the movie. At least the original "Prom Night," produced in 1980, can be credited with starting the career of Jamie Lee Curtis. "Hello Mary Lou" can be credited with nothing other than providing temporary employment for a group of untalented individuals. For the record, the film uses an idea whose original power has been thoroughly defused by the fact that it is the idea used by 90 percent of all horror films the sins of the past coming back to haunt the present. In this case, the chief sin was the accidental murder of Mary Lou Maloney, the party-girl 1957 prom queen at Hamilton High. Cut to the present. Potential prom queens are dropping like flies, and nice-girl Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Peterson) is starting to paint her lips red, make lewd re marks to the priest, emit the occasional growl and use quaint slang like "Swell" and "See you later, alligator." "Peggy Sue Got Married," meet "The Exorcist." While the plotting, logic, scariness, dialogue and characterization in "Hello Mary Lou" are below average for the genre, the special effects are average. Unfortunately, they take so long in coming that you will frequently find your attention flagging. If you see the film in the same downtown theater I did, you can occupy yourself by trying to separate your foot from the floor. Parental guide: Rated R. Bad language and an unusual amount of nudity. inflUlf All-Male Cinema AUUnli 2026 Sansom 577-9684 Com. Daily 11 AM-AAid.; Sun. I PM-Mid. 3 NEW FILMS Every FRl.-Call for Titles IMP lUnnODH C Henry Ay. ni'iii nnuunnn $2.95 Free Park-IV 2-213J nc Twt-Lite ShowLtd. Seals Senior Citizens All Times BEST SELLER (R) (6:15 im VI n) SURRENDER (PG) 830 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) 6tt 12 951-8:15 HELLOlAARV LOU: PROM NIGHT I (R) (6:15 S2 95)-8 30 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-I3) (6:30 $2 951-8:45 DIRTY DANCING IPG-13) (6:30 $2 95) NO WAY OUT (R) 8:45 DANCERS (PG) (6:00 2 951-8:15 AMC ANTHONY WAYNE II MoL' () OK Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats onc fc-.W Senior Citizens All Times 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-13) 16:15 S2 95I-8 I5 BEST SELLER (R) (6:00 S2.9S)-8:00 IUP DIGU C U' 3-2088 Free Parhino Xnlk DmKiI 3 l'i MSDv'itwn., Rl 61) fine Twi-Lite ShowLtd Seats fiAr 4X 39 Senior Citizens All Times V.M DIRTY DANCING (PG-13) (6:15 S2.95I-8 I5 BEST SELLER (R) 8:30 SURRENDER (PG) (6:30 12 95) FATAL ATTRACTION R) (6 00 ( I2 95)-8:15 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) (6:30 2 95)-8 30 THE PRINCESS BRIDE IPG) (6:00 12 95) -8 00 AMC BRYN WiWR II Ta? Lancaster Pike W. of Bryn Mawr Ave. oftc Twi-Lite ShowLid Seats eonr Senior Citizens Alt Times L.93 THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) (545 J295H 00 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) (6:00 & J2 951-8:15 AMC BUCKS COLONIAL 2 1 The MarketWace-St. Rd. At Bustieton Pk. fine Twi-Lite ShowLtd Seats flnr Senior Citizens All Times LM SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) (6:)5 S2 951-8 30 THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) (6:00 gj S2.95I-6 I5 AMC CHELTENHAM TWIN Cheltenham Shopoino Cenler 576-5750 Twi-Lite snowLtd. seats en nr Senior Citizens All Times C.M IARY LOU: PROM NIGHT H (R) lZ.95)-6;0 S (PG-13) 12.951-8:15 $2.95 HELLO H (6:00 (O) BIG SHOT: (6:15 AMC CITY LINE II $2.95 77th 8. City Line GR 3-2045 Twi-Ltte ShowLtd. Seats fine Senior Citizens All Times NO WAY OUT (R) (5:30 $2 951-8:00 BEST SELLER (R) 8:15 SURRENDER (PG) (6:00 g) $2.95) AMC EATON CINEMA II $2.95 Twi-Lile ShowLtd. Seats fine Senior Citizens All Times NO WAY OUT (R) (6:00 S2 951-8:15 BEST SELLER (R) (6:15 $2.95) SURRENDER (PG) 8:30 AMC GATEWAY 3 fJQC Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats fine l.jJ Senior Citizens All Times ft..) THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) (6:30 $295)-B:45 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) (6O0 $2.95)-8:15 SURRENDER (PG) (6:15 (a, $2 951-8:30 AMC GRANITE RUN 8 1067 wePk Located on Baitim're Pk bet. Rts 352 & 452 fine Twi-LHe ShowLtd. Seals fine Ji.jQ Senior Citizens All Times SURRENDER (PG) (5:15 6$ $2,951-7:45-9:45 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) (5:15 m $2 951-7:45-9:55 OUT (R) $2 95) 7:15-9:55 iANCING (PG-13) i S2.95)-7J0-9:45 DANCERS (PG) (5:00 $295)-?:15-9:30 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-13) (5:00 $2 95)-):00-7:15-9:30 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) (4:45 $' 951-7:15-9-45 HELLO MARYLOU: PROM NIGHT (R) 15 30 $2,951-7:45-9:55 Reduced Matinee Every Wednesday NO WAY (4:45 (a) DIRTY 8 (5 15 AMC LEO MALI 2 Bustleton-Somerton 677-7700 11849 Bustieton fine Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats fine H-N Senior Citizens All Times t.JJ DANCERS (PG) (6:15 $2 951-8:15 NO WAY OUT (R) (6O0 $2 95)-8:00 AMC OLDE CITY CINEMA II Z Sansom St. Walkway bet. From I 2nd tlQC Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats fine U-fj Senior Citizens All Times tt.39 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) 2:00-(S:00 $2951-7.30-10:00 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) 1:30-14:15 $2.V5)-7:00-9:45 $2.95 lllf UinTnuill Chestnut St. at Broad mult nuuiunn 215-567-7021 finr Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats Senior Citizens All Times HELLRAISER (R) l:3O-(5:30 $2,951-9:30 Pkis THE CURSE (R) 3-30-7-30 BIG SHOTS (PG-13) l:15-3:15-5:!5 $2.95)-7:15-:15 $2.95 IUP fiDiriU? I Cottman 8. Bustieton ttlllK UnLLHIIO B RA 8-7575 fine Twi-Lile ShowLtd. Seats fL.jJ Senior Citizens All Times Keouceo wiannee tooav BEST SELLER (Rl 1:45-14:45 $2 951-7:15-9:45 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) 2:00-14:30 $2,951-7:00-9:30 DIRTY DANCING (PG-13) 2:30-15:30 $2 95)-7:45-9:55 SURRENDER (PG) 2:15-15:15 $2951-7:30-9:45 THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) 1:30-15:00 $2,951-7:15-9:30 HELLO MARYLOU PROM NIGHT II (R) ):45-(5:30 $2,951-7:45-9:45 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) 1:45-15:00 $2.95)-7:30-9:45 I UP DlllPr Chestnut Street KI1IU I HinUL 496-0311 $2.95 Twi-Lite Show 'Ltd. Seals f) ne Senior Citizens All Times ft.JJ SURRENDER (PG) 1:15-3:15-15:15 $2.95)-7:15-9:15 AMC PREMIERE 2 Rl. 1 & Pa. Tok. Neshaminy Mall al Sears fine Twi-Lile ShowLtd Seats finr JX-JJ Senior Citizens All Times U-W FATAL ATTRACTION (R) (6:00 $2 951-8:30 BEST SELLER (R) (6:15 $2,951-8:45 AMC REGENCY M,,s' fine Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats Senior Citizens Alt Times 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-13) 1:15-3:15-(5:I5 $2 95)-7:15-:15 BEST SELLER 8) Fri. 12:45-2:45 lJ0-3:30-(5J0 $2.95(-7:45-9.55 $2.95 AMC SPRINGFIELD II lltl fine - Twi-Lite Show Ltd. Seats fine U jJ Senior Citizens Ail Times f. THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) 16 00 $2.95)-8:00 BEST SELLER (R) 8:15 THE BIG EASY (R) (6:15 S2.95) AMC 309 CINEMAS Ml 6-4551 Park Free N. End of 309 Expwv, Montgomeryvtlle $2.95 Twi-Lile ShowLtd. Seats f) ne Senior Citizens All Times 9L.JJ FATAL ATTRACTION (R) (5:00 Wj $2,951-7:30-9:45 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-13) (5:30 $2,951-7:15-9:15 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (R) (5:00 $2,951-7:00-9:00 BEST SELLER (R) 7:30 SURRENDER (PG) (5:15 $2 951-9:30 DIRTY DANCING (PG-13) - (5:30 $2 951-7:45-9:45 IN THE MOOD (PG-13) (5:30 $295)7:45-9:45 HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II (R) (5:15 $2,951-7:30-9:30 MNCER5 (PI DANCERS (PG) (5:15 $2951-7:15-9:30 THE PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) (5:00 $2.95)-7:00-9flO Reduced Matinee Every Wednesday $2.95 AMC WALNUT MALI 3 fi ne Twi-Lite ShowLtd. Seats LJj Senior Citizens All Times na way out rpt (5:30 S2.95)-6:00 HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II (R) (6:00 $2.95)-8:30 DANCERS (PG) (5:45 12951-8:15 AMC W000HAYEN MALI 4 1U 1-95 at Woodhaven Road-Route 13 fi ne Twi-Lite ShowLid. Seals fi ne V.jJ Senior Citizens All Times i.W DIRTY DANCING (PG-13) (5:45 $2,951-8:00 HELLOjMARY LOU: PROM NIGHT H (R) (6:15 $2,951-8:15 3 O'CLOCK HIGH (PG-13) (6:30 $2,951-8:30 SURRENDER (PG) (6:00 $2.95)-8:15 ART HOLIDAY 4200 Frankford Ave. (Ample Parkino-Church SI. Slop of El) (XXX) RATED RLWS (XXX) CONTINUOUS FROM I PM 4 DAYS ONLY EXaUMPfirlPREffiRE TAMMY LEE CURTIS stars in a beautifully photographed erotic and sensuous sex film. She has insatiable desires and craves sex every waking moment. An incredibly hot and stimulating story about a maid who gives the word "service" a new meaning. LITTLE AMERICAN MAID (X) 1:00-3:40-6:20-9:00 Plus: They will do everything to satisfy your wildest desires. A true labor of love. PLEASURE ZONES (X) 2:20-5:00-7:40-10.20 POSITIVELY ADULTS ONLY

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